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June 18
New widget USDT added to the base currencies
June 11
Table view for exchanges Table view for watchlist
June 10
Press ESC and tooltips appears/disappears function added
June 6
New menu and filters The size of Exchange blocks depended on reported volume by default
June 4
Spreads added to Market tabs
May 29
New coin widget
May 28
Performance optimizations “Markets” tabs added to the coin pages
May 23
New Exchange page New Group Click Press Releases page created
May 21
UI improvements
May 17
Bug fixes and performance optimization
May 15
New media sources added
May 14
New URL structure Bug fixes and performance optimization
May 6
UI improvements
April 30
Bug fixes and performance optimization
April 29
Bug fixes and performance optimization Missing logos of coins uploaded
April 18
Events page created
April 12
Bug fixes and performance optimization
April 11
Bug fixes and performance optimization New base currencies added - EUR, GBP, CNY
April 10
Auto Update optimizations CPU usage optimizations
April 8
Table view available for Watchlists
April 5
New coin card UI with updated charts (new UI with 5 min intervals included) Bug fixes and performance optimization
March 26
General Info, Advertising, Changelog, Privacy Policy, and Press Kit moved to the About section Widget speed improved Bug fixes and performance optimization
March 12
Links to Treemaps, Table view, and Bubbles added in header of site Treemap/Bubbles switch removed from filters Overall performance improved Bug fixes
March 1
Function added allowing for creation and management of several watchlists Exchanges sorted automatically by adjusted volume Mobile version performance improved Bug fixes
February 21
New API: the site’s backend and frontend enhanced to achieve better performance, faster and more accurate price updates
February 15
Analytics section renamed to Blog Mobile performance improved
February 14
Table view added, allowing users to choose between a standard treemap and a list of cryptocurrencies
February 12
New font implemented and the treemap view zoom function on mobile devices fixed
February 7
Watchlist created, allowing users to choose from a set of preselected popular coins and tokens
January 25
New graph for coin/token card Performance optimization and UI fixes
December 29
Coin/token card redesign Advertising page release and UI fixes
December 26
Analytics section release and first article publication Press kit release Migration from to
December 21
Exchanges display. Exchanges are divided into groups UX optimization: new header and navigation improvements News ticker improvements: more media partners added
November 29
Watchlist: from now you can customize and share your own crypto heatmap Redesign of navigation Minor bug fixes and performance optimization
November 16
Cryptocurrency Price Auto-Update, Coindesk news implementation and UX Improvements
November 2
Base currency filter on cryptocurrency heat map, UI improvements and increasing Performance
October 19
News ticker on heatmap, UI improvements, and Performance optimization
September 22
Bubble chart implementation, New menu design, Performance improvements of cryptocurrency charts
September 6
Calculation method improvements, Minor bug fixes
Algorithms optimizations, Improved heatmap interface and performance
Top losers & gainers, Share cryptocurrency widget on Telegram, Reddit, WhatsApp and more
Custom market heatmap period, Single symbols share
New Heatmap Design, Price Widget for webmasters