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Acala Token(ACA)

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6,308 BTC
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1h agocryptosrus
DeFi On Polkadot Just Got A Massive Boost
DeFi on Polkadot is getting a massive boost thanks to a partnership with Acala and Astar Network. Covered: Astar Partner With Acala DeFi On Polkadot Astar Partner With Acala Astar Network, which bills itself as Polkadot’s innovation hub, announced a partnership with fellow parachain Acala. Together they are launching the “Astar x Acala DeFi Rising” […] The post DeFi On Polkadot Just Got A Massive Boost appeared first on CryptosRus.
16h agocoindesk
First Mover Asia: Bitcoin Soars Past $24K on Favorable CPI; Governments Focus Too Much on Crypto’s Economic Importance, Australia Academics Argue
Professors from The University of Sydney say that as governments consider different initiatives, they are overlooking crypto’s social and cultural significance; bitcoin and other cryptos rise.
22h agocryptodaily
LongHash Ventures Launches Its $100 Million Web3 Venture Fund II with Successful First Close
Singapore, Singapore, 10th August, 2022, ChainwireLongHash Ventures, Asia’s first Web3 Accelerator and one of Asia’s leading Web3 venture funds, officially announces the launch of its $100 million LongHash Ventures Fund II. LongHash Ventures has received strong support from global investors and industry veterans for its successful first close. It has raised capital from well-known Web3 VCs, single family offices, and Web3 founders such as Hashkey Capital, NGC Ventures, Protocol Labs, Gnosis Safe, MEXC, Synthetix founders Kain and Jordan Warwick, Qiming VC founding partner Duane Kuang, and Astar founder Sota Watanabe, amongst others. The fund will continue to take in capital until the end of the year. Meanwhile, its accelerator arm LongHashX has recently obtained funding at an undisclosed valuation from Superscrypt, a Web3 investment firm founded by Temasek, as well as few large fund LPs including NGC. LongHash Ventures has earmarked its second fund for multi-chain Web3 infrastructure projects that support key verticals such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and the Metaverse. It will be investing in projects and teams from pre-seed to Series A. Thus far, LongHash Ventures has backed more than 60 projects, including Polkadot, Astar, Dodo, Coinshift, Acala, Zapper, Gnosis Safe and Balancer. LongHash Ventures Fund II will also be investing in the pipeline of projects graduating from its accelerator arm LongHashX. Since its inception in 2018, the LongHashX Accelerator has emerged as Asia’s leading Web3 accelerator. It is the go-to partner for protocols like Polkadot, Filecoin, Algorand, and others looking to accelerate the growth of their respective ecosystems. Accelerator alumni include well known projects such as Astar, Xanpool, and Lit Protocol. “By running both an accelerator and an early stage fund that provides hands-on support, our unique value lies in leveraging LongHashX to bootstrap the Asia ecosystem for the protocols that we invested in, as well as in identifying founders and projects with massive potential very early on, and using our crypto-native knowledge and resources to help the teams achieve their potential and succeed. The second fund will enable us to support more founders and through subsequent rounds,” said Emma Cui, Founding Partner and CEO of LongHash Ventures. “In addition, being geographically headquartered in Singapore with team members distributed across Asia, including China, Malaysia, and India, we are uniquely positioned to help projects scale faster across the Asian region.” About LongHash Ventures LongHash Ventures is a leading Web3 investment fund and accelerator collaborating closely with founders to build their Web3 model and tap into the vast potential of Asia. We have invested in more than 60 projects including Polkadot, Instadapp, Zapper, Astar, and Balancer. We collaborated with their founders to develop their projects’ tokenomics, governance, and communities. As Asia's first and leading Web 3 accelerator, LongHashX Accelerator has partnered with Polkadot, Algorand, Filecoin and others to build more than 50 global Web3 projects which have raised more than $150m in the past 4 years. We are committed to realizing our mission of catalyzing growth for the next generation of the Web. LongHash Ventures is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. ContactsSay [email protected]
1 day agocryptopotato
Astar Network Partners Acala to Boost DeFi on Polkadot
The DeFi program will unlock new opportunities and incentives for developers on Polkadot.
1 day agocryptodaily
Introducing SolMad - the hottest new project to launch on Solana
Set to develop on the Solana Chain, SolMad is an NFT collection in the Solana-verse where nomads travel in search of community, land and resources to keep themselves alive against the threat of extinction, global warming and natural disasters. SolMad will take its users on a journey of community-driven collaboration, collective building and togetherness. The Story of the SolMad It all begins in the depths of Gisana…made up of a community of tribes who are smart and handy, the SolMad face harsh weather conditions within the various ecosystems they travel through and live in. Amidst these are valuable resources and artefacts which they are able to mine and trade in various cities and towns on their travels. These communities, who move together in unity, work together to keep each other alive - which isn’t always possible. They risk their lives in harsh conditions to harvest powerful and valuable resources. Nevertheless, the SolMad tribes are a tight-knit community that always support each other. With their curious nature, the SolMad are capable of finding secret and forbidden locations thanks to their advanced navigation skills and tools. They often travel by foot or animals such as camels, horses or alpacas. They tend to travel by regular mode of transportation such as wagons, vardos or mobile homes too. SolMad are not stopped by anything; they even travel by water, often on canoes or living on barges. The SolMad often harvest or acquire valuable artefacts or resources, such as crystals or metal ores, silks, dyes and even figurines or statuettes! Depending on where they are travelling to, SolMad may even come across fruit, fish and spices too. These valuable assets are things that can be auctioned off for prizes in the universe through partnerships offline. Casinos began as a fun way to reconnect within SolMad communities, but soon talks of their fun and addictive games spread among the lands and led other travellers and tourists to leave the comfort of their cities and venture out to visit these casinos. Due to the kind and charitable nature of SolMad, the games are played fairly and for fun, though big, greedy cities oppose this largely. How it Works The SolMad is a deflationary collection of 10,000 NFTs. Like all great nomadic tribes, the SolMad is mobile. The narrative is one which is expansive, rich and will continue to grow into a wider world with unlimited capabilities for participants to not only collect and grow but also engage and have fun as a community! The SolMad are made up of four unique tribes: Panuk, Zuberi, Mira, Briar Besides that, the project will also have a maximum supply of 100,000,000 $BEADS, the currency of the SolMad communities as well as the utility currency within Gisana. The token will be quickly adopted for an endless list of use cases as the project continues to evolve. The SolMad goal is to develop a DAO focused on building and investing in the Solana Mobile ecosystem. DAO stakeholders will get early access to product testing, airdrops, and product betas. Roadmap The project’s roadmap may change over time, but the team take pride in being able to deliver a superior product in a timely and efficient manner. Their plans are as follows: Pre-Mint Community building Smart contract and project audit Build a pipeline of collaborative partnerships Mint Mint launch of the 10,000 NFTs Post Mint Secondary marketplace listing Announcement to the community about the project’s initial build priorities Community engagement (lore discovery) Treasury management begins Introducing staking incentives for future token product development The team also plans to launch future collections as well as potential token airdrops for participants. NFT Utility The SolMad team aims to begin building and investing in the Solana mobile sphere. To kickstart this mission, the SolMads collection will include the following utilities over time: Royalty deflation and LP backing A Solana mobile-focused DAO Raffle prizes IRL and auctions Casino - think gaming with USDC-dominated prizes at stake NFT asset purchasing and yield generation Resources purchases to upgrade Final Thoughts The SolMad team aims to begin building and investing in the Solana mobile sphere. The SolMads’ story is one that will be shared in the weeks to come. In the meantime, sit tight, and more secrets of the SolMads will be revealed as the mint day dawns ever closer. For more information, visit their Twitter here or join the conversation today on Discord here. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day agocryptodaily
3 Cryptos To Buy During The Dip Season: Dogeliens, Cardano, And Synthetix
Blockchain-based assets like cryptocurrencies have paved the way for seismic shifts in the investment and financial services sector globally. As per Deloitte's 2021 Global Blockchain Survey, around 76% of the respondents claimed that digital assets like cryptocurrencies are likely to either replace or evolve as an alternative for fiat currencies globally over the next 5-10 years. The sentiment is mirrored by the rally in cryptocurrency prices and the launch of new products. Promising benefits like high returns that are immune to external factors, data privacy, and low transaction fees, these assets are disrupting the financial markets with global applications. For rookie investors who are looking for cryptocurrencies that could yield good returns even when crypto prices are going down, Dogeliens (DOGET), Cardano (ADA), and Synthetix (SNX) are good options. Here's a brief description of their key features. Dogeliens combines meme community power with utility In an effort to replicate the success stories of digital goods derived from dog memes, Dogeliens aims to catalyse the cryptocurrency universe with its niche features. Users can look forward to accessing cool DeFi features on the peer-to-peer platform without any interference from third parties. The open-source platform is built on Binance Smart Chain. The decentralized platform also has its own native token, DOGET, that can be used for a host of transactional purposes like staking and yield farming and also to earn rewards and voting rights. Users will be able to purchase it on presale. The platform's unique feature is that it takes a playful and engaging approach to users' experiences, right from amusing names of features to witty references to dogs, the platform is fun galore. For instance, the platform will offer free educational resources and courses to its users on blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrencies via its two initiatives, University of Barkington and Dogeliens Academy. At the University of Barkington, users could enroll themselves in a diverse program to learn everything under the sun about NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology. Meanwhile, at the Dogeliens Academy, users will be able to access a well-managed virtual classroom to educate them about cryptocurrencies, their scope and the course content would include informational videos and articles. A few areas of the facility would only be accessible by paying a fee or by token holders, but the majority of the facility would be free to use. The platform aims to donate 3% of the earnings made on each transaction to its charity wallet. At the end of each month, the Dogeliens community members would vote on the charities to which the assets would be sent. Cardano: Empowering developers with high-performance dApps The Cardano platform uses a proof-of-stake consensus protocol to enable its users to deploy scalable dApps. The network has its own native token, ADA, that can be used for staking, yield farming, and a host of other transactional purposes on the platform. Token holders also get to decide on key proposals concerning the platform's future development and how the treasury funds are utilised. ADA Token holders can earn rewards by participation either through their own stake pool or by delegating the task of staking to a third party. The quantum of rewards earned by a user depends on the number of tokens that are staked. Synthetix: Permissionless futures trading The platform enables its users to create synthetic assets with decentralized features and grants them exposure to real-world assets on a blockchain system. This way, investors can look forward to permissionless and hassle-free derivatives trading on blockchains. Users can also leverage Synthetix's liquidity and debt pools to get optimal prices with little scope for slippage. Synthetix members can use its native token, SNX, for any transactional purpose that they might encounter on the platform. Investors can earn weekly rewards and collateral with their staking activities. Dogeliens (DOGET) Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
1 day agocryptopotato
Nas Daily’ Academy Partners With Web3-Focused Invisible College
The new crypto academy will focus on the rapidly evolving web3 landscape.
1 day agocryptodaily
Invisible College and Nas Academy Leverage NFTs As An Admission Pass To Web3 Courses
Non-fungible tokens can provide tremendous utility to those owning these assets. Nas Academy and Invisible College take this concept further into the mainstream. Its new set of courses can be unlocked with an NFT collection, providing access to over $2,000 in educational material. Accessing Courses With An NFT Collection Enrollment in courses and educational content has become normal, even if technical issues may arise from time to time. Sometimes, users and students might not be able to access the content due to login issues, the system not deeming one eligible for access, etc. Those concerns can be circumvented by tokenizing access to courses through non-fungible tokens. More specifically, Nas Academy, the creator tech platform, will conduct an interesting test on that front. With the help of Invisible College, the team will let Decentraliens NFT collection holders access over $2,000 worth of course material. The educational tools will span various topics, including NFT investing, video editing, and crypto fundamentals. It is another solid example of how NFTs can unlock utility and offer quality of life improvements. Nas Academy CEO Nuseir Yassin explains: “Web3 is more than just a compelling topic for courses. We believe NFTs can reinvent the way students consume online education and allow people to own a piece of the internet. That’s why we wanted to partner with a visionary community in the form of Invisible College. We are excited to build together to help educate and bring the next wave of users into web3.” Such a hands-on experience with web3 technology will put non-fungible tokens at the center of attention. Although the idea of using NFTs as a standard for content ownership and accessibility isn't new, it has yet to be implemented on a large scale. Invisible College members with a Decentralien NFT will explore this new frontier spanning nearly two dozen web3 and creator courses accessible through Nas Academy. Web3 And Education Make A Powerful Combo As the hype and enthusiasm surrounding web3 continue to reach peak levels, it is an excellent time to focus on the educational side of the spectrum. An exciting technology stack is always interesting, but ample use cases must exist. The partnership between Invisible College and Nas Academy confirms those use cases will come to market. Invisible College Co-founder Nick deWilde adds: “Lately, there’s been lots of debate about web3 use cases. The way we see it, combining a catalog of high-quality courses with an NFT collection is a fundamentally new way to empower students to own their education. And there’s no way we could have pulled it off without web3 technology. We also needed a forward-thinking partner who was willing to innovate with us. Fortunately, the Nas Academy team are just the type of crazy dreamers who could help us expand our vision and make it a reality." Both parties will deepen their collaboration by onboarding leading web3 instructors to create additional educational content for the platform. Ultimately, Invisible College wants to position itself as the biggest web3 learning library on the world wide web, across both the web2 and web3 iterations. Using NFTs as an "admission pass" for education is a very exciting frontier and the opportunities are virtually limitless. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
2 days agocryptodaily
North Korea is using crypto hacks to fund nuclear arms program
The US is becoming increasingly worried that North Korean hackers are helping to fund their country’s nuclear weapons program. A UN report found that North Korean hackers stole more than $50 million in digital assets between 2020 to 2021. According to a report on The Charlotte Observer on Tuesday, up to a third of stolen crypto funds are being used to fund the North Korean missile program. Anne Neuberger, Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology, who was quoted in the report, said: "That's a major issue, whether it's attacks against cryptocurrency exchanges or use of information technology workers in various countries." The UN report stated that crypto hacks were targeted at cryptocurrency exchanges in North America, Europe, and Asia. A previous report on the situation from 2019, outlined that North Korea had managed to raise $2 billion from very sophisticated cyberattacks aimed at banks and crypto exchanges. More recently, in April of this year, the FBI said that the sanctioned North Korean hackers known as the Lazarus Group were responsible for the $620 million hack of play-to-earn crypto game Axie Infinity. It seems that North Korea has mainly targeted cryptocurrency platforms given that regulations are still mostly lacking, and new projects are launching all the time with code that is sometimes not audited or has not been tried and tested. According to Jenny Jun, a political science Ph.D. student at Columbia University, North Korea was using its cyber capabilities for “political and economic espionage”, and that it was carrying out coercive and intimidating tactics in order to ensure the “survival and continuation of the Kim family rule”. Jun stated: "Even before the [emergence] of cybercrime, North Korea maintained an extensive illicit network to generate foreign cash, which was controlled by the Kim family to placate a small circle of elites, engage in repression and also pursue expensive weapons programs such as missile and nuclear programs," The Biden administration is countering the North Korean threat in cyberspace, and is working closely with other actors in the region such as South Korea and Japan in order to respond to the threat. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days agozycrypto
Solana’s TVL Was Propped By Two Brothers Creating Multiple Fake Online Accounts In A Sham DeFi Ecosystem
The Macalinao brothers may have played a central role in Solana’s meteoric rise to the top after ingeniously faking multiple developer activities on the network.
6 days agocoindesk
Master of Anons: How a Crypto Developer Faked a DeFi Ecosystem
The Macalinao brothers used a web of bogus identities to create the illusion of a dev community, juicing value on the Saber protocol and Solana blockchain. Now they're moving to Aptos.
7 days agocoindesk
DTravel Completes First Smart Contract Vacation Rental Booking
After months of reworking its product and user experience, the Web3 vacation and short-term rental platform is building out its site with greater autonomy for both renters and hosts.
8 days agocointelegraph
Mental health support prime for decentralization, say academics
A shortage of mental health services in the future could be solved with a Web3-powered mental health support network, suggests academics.
8 days agonulltx Ecosystem Registers Almost 830,000 Visitors and Sets New Record
The (Native Token: $RACA) ecosystem hit a new record of visitors on its metaverse and Web3-facing platforms. According to its month-end report, has had 829,599 visitors since its inception between Metamon Island, the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse, and the ecosystem’s native NFT marketplace. ($RACA) ecosystem has sustained substantial growth since […] The post Ecosystem Registers Almost 830,000 Visitors and Sets New Record appeared first on NullTX.
8 days agocointelegraph
Textbook publisher wants to use NFTs to skim the used-textbook market
The academic textbook publisher hopes to capture a portion of secondary market sales on digital textbook sales by assigning an NFT to each title.
9 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Daily - Daily Crypto And Financial News 02/08/2022, Ripple Sold Almost $500M Of XRP In Q2 2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Almost half-a-billion. Remittance network Ripple has sold more than $400 million worth of XRP in the second quarter of 2022, emphasizing the surge in demand for the XRP token and its On-Demand Liquidity service. Honduras attracts crypto investor tourists with Bitcoin Valley. Santa Lucia, Honduras has launched the Bitcoin Valley initiative in conjunction with the local Blockchain Honduras organization, a crypto exchange, and a local university. Launch of iFOREX crypto trading platform. iFOREX, a leading global financial broker with offices in the British Virgin Islands, recently launched iFOREX Crypto, a mobile trading app dedicated exclusively to the cryptocurrency CFD trading market. BTC/USD dove 1.2% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair plummeted 1.2% in the last session. The Stochastic-RSI is giving a negative signal. Support is at 22601.3333 and resistance at 24557.3333. The Stochastic-RSI is currently in negative territory. ETH/USD plummeted 2.9% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair plummeted 2.9% in the last session. The CCI is giving a negative signal. Support is at 1614.2033 and resistance at 1786.3433. The CCI is currently in negative territory. XRP/USD dove 1.7% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair fell 1.7% in the last session after gaining as much as 1.7% during the session. The MACD is giving a positive signal. Support is at 0.3651 and resistance at 0.4057. The MACD is giving a positive signal. LTC/USD dove 2.0% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair dove 2.0% in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 57.511 and resistance at 64.091. The Ultimate Oscillator is currently in negative territory. Daily Economic Calendar: AU RBA Interest Rate Decision The Reserve Bank of Australia announces the RBA Interest Rate Decision. The interest rates are a key mechanism through which the central bank influences inflation. Australia's RBA Interest Rate Decision will be released at 04:30 GMT, Australia's RBA Rate Statement at 04:30 GMT, and Japan's 10-y Bond Auction at 03:35 GMT. AU RBA Rate Statement Decisions regarding the interest rates are made by the Reserve Bank Board and are explained in a media release that announces the decision after each meeting. JP 10-y Bond Auction The auction sets the average yield on the bonds auctioned off. Bond market investors set yields, which can be used to estimate investors' outlook on future interest rates. US JOLTS Job Openings The JOLTS Job Openings is a survey to help measure job vacancies. It collects monthly data from employers, retailers, manufacturers, and offices. The US JOLTS Job Openings will be released at 14:00 GMT, the US Redbook Index at 12:55 GMT, and Spain's Unemployment Change at 07:00 GMT. US Redbook Index The Johnson Redbook Index measures the year-over-year same-store sales growth from a sample of large general merchandise retailers. ES Unemployment Change The Unemployment Change measures the absolute change in the number of unemployed people using seasonally adjusted data. A rise in this indicator has negative implications for consumer spending. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days agonulltx
NOAA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) announced their researched trend conclusion that the crypto market continues to innovate, develop, and build more capabilities gradually, despite the current state of the crypto market. Therefore, Citizens of have many reasons to celebrate in 2022. Dr. Tracy Fanara, the SpaceX Moon Travel Mission finalist, has joined RACA […] The post NOAA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
9 days agonulltx
NASA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) announced their researched trend conclusion that the crypto market continues to innovate, develop, and build more capabilities gradually, despite the current state of the crypto market. Therefore, Citizens of have many reasons to celebrate in 2022. Dr. Tracy Fanara, the SpaceX Moon Travel Mission finalist, has joined RACA […] The post NASA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
13 days agonulltx ($RACA) Announces a Live Concert With 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses (Native Token: $RACA) recently announced on Twitter (@USMVerse) their first of many live concerts that will be held in partnership with Apollo Theater on August 5th at 12:00 UTC at the USM Bowl (coordinates: “4650,4350”). The live Seiyuu concert will feature 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses: Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta. USM […] The post ($RACA) Announces a Live Concert With 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses appeared first on NullTX.
14 days agocryptodaily
Geopoly Launches Alpha Version Of Blockchain-Based Game
Geopoly has announced the launch of a blockchain-based alpha version of the game, which will be playable via desktops. This is a game in which players can interact with the blockchain along with their respective Geopoly non-fungible tokens while simultaneously enjoying the gameplay and earning an income at the same time. Moreover, NFT holders who are actively playing the desktop game are also entitled to receive $GEO tokens on a weekly basis as compensation for their time and efforts. In addition, Geopoly also has a mobile and freemium version which enable users to play the game for free. Afterwards, if the players wish to do so, they can even ‘win and earn’ by shifting to the blockchain version with the same credentials which will allow them to pick up right where they left off in the desktop version. In terms of what it is, Geopoly may hence best be understoodas an economic simulator which enables people to rent, purchase, improve, and actually sell estate as well as business assets based on their geolocation. Geopoly has been constructed through a system which relies on both off-chain and on-chain layers which are then utilized to provide users with a real-world-oriented dynamic, immersive and memorable gaming experience. What else is there to know about Geopoly? Beginning in July, the ‘Geopoly Auctions’ market shall open, allowing players to sell their NFTs at a price they choose while others can bid on them for a minimum of 24 hours. The NFT will then be awarded to the highest bidder. This is a brand new and exciting way for NFT holders to sell their non-fungible tokens and profit, in addition to also being able to buy an NFT from another player or through Geopoly itself. This month's auctions include landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign, Ponte Vecchio, Flame Towers, London Eye,, Seul Tower and Maracana Stadium. Moreover, a number of popular NFTs have already been sold including the likes of Louvre Museum and even world-renowned stadiums such as Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Old Trafford, and Wembley. Furthermore, Geopoly has recently partnered up with NextNav, which will provide the technologythat Geopoly shall implement into its framework in the future. This shall include NextNav's 3D geolocation functionalities, allowing for more dynamic virtual experiences linked to users' real-world environments and leveraging location verification in order to confirm transactions as well as interactions within the metaverse. Essentially, building the metaverse requires 3D geolocation technology. With that in mind, NextNav's technology would not only power in-game experiences, but it shall additionally be a critical authenticator of location-oriented activities such as exclusive exhibitions, NFT scavenger hunts, and transactions pertaining to digital land and real estate. Last but not least, Sebastian Borget, one of the main advisors, will also be working with Geopoly which is additionally a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). Sebastian is also the COO of The Sandbox (SAND), one of the most popular P2E metaverse-based games today. Past accomplishments and future goals Geopolywas released on mobile in 2018 and was included in the list of the four most innovative mobile games on iOS by the Apple Latam team during the soft launch period. Additionally, it was chosen from 1,700 applicants from 37 nations to take part in the 2019 Global GOOGLE Indie Games Accelerator. Geopoly has also collaborated with Seedify, Enjinstarter, Poolz, and NFTPad by Trustpad to launch the public sale of $GEOtokens, which can also be earned through Geopoly NFTs. It is additionally supported by leading blockchain platforms such as GD10, AU21, X21, Polygon, and various other notable entities. Lastly, within 48 hours of its launch, the private sale had reached its hard cap of $3 million. This achievement demonstrates that investors regard Geopoly as a platform with great promise to become one of the biggest gaming hubs within the blockchain space going forward. In terms of future goals, Geopoly will continue to develop and improve their product while also expanding their player base. In order to make the game more fun and exciting, the team is also working on introducing a PvP mode, where players would be able to attack each other's 'Branches', steal non-tokenized resources, and defend their own territories in this upcoming new game mode. About Geopoly Conventional finance-based simulation games have various flaws because only publishers tend to reap the rewards. In such situations, gamers usually only act as end-users who buy in-game items with no opportunity to earn rewards outside of the game. The industry has since been transformed by the innovative usage of blockchain technology, which allows all kinds of assets within the game to be successfully traded for different tokens which may be subsequently turned into fiat currencies. Geopoly, with its groundbreaking gaming ecosystem, is among the platforms at the forefront of this new digital revolution. Geopoly has selected Polygon as the foundation for its on-chain game. Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain protocol which provides scalability as well as low transaction costs via the Ethereum blockchain. Now, thanks to the launch of the aforementioned alpha version, Geopoly is ready to take the next step as per its official roadmap. For more information and regular updates, visit Geopoly’s official websiteand the Twitter, Telegram, Mediumand Discordchannels. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
15 days agocryptodaily
Wonderland Founder’s Controversial Return To DeFi
Wonderland (TIME) founder Daniele Sestagalli has announced his return to DeFi with a disconcerting tweet. The Return Of Wonderland Sestagalli has been away from the DeFi market for a few months. In January 2022, the industry witnessed the downfall of the Wonderland DeFi platform due to the scandal associated with the protocol’s treasury head, Michael Patryn. Sestagalli had openly quit working in the DeFi market following this incident. He had even declared that the “Wonderland experiment is coming to an end.” However, on July 26, Sestagalli announced his return along with that of the defunct DeFi protocol. He tweeted, “Wonderland is back with more tech and less talking. I am back too. And I don't care if you like it or not, TIME is now for MAGIC to happen.” Video Teases TIME, MAGIC Comeback Sestagalli’s tweet also included a short video that teased his followers about the comeback of the Wonderland protocol. The video contained a cryptic voiceover that narrates, “Wonder, the land of wonder. You’ve forgotten yourself, bro, and so you’ve forgotten TIME. You have grown immensely. Remember who you are. You are now a ‘frog,’ and perhaps, the true explorer seeking to rebuild the one true realm. A grain of sand isn’t strong; an avalanche of sand is much stronger. But what is moving sand without the one who spends time with it? Such a waste. Consider this - in the line of time, when the forest awakens, the nation of frogs will prevail. You have decided and this isn’t over.” The post did not reveal any further details about the nature of the comeback. However, the mentions of TIME and MAGIC indicate that the Wonderland native token and the Abracadabra-based stablecoin Magic Internet Money (MIM) could feature in the comeback. The Michael Patryn Saga That Took Down Wonderland The Wonderland DeFi protocol was built on the Avalanche blockchain network and was launched as a fork of Olympus DAO in late 2021. Soon after its launch, the protocol hit its peak of $1 billion in assets under its reserves. However, trouble started when the news broke that the protocol’s treasury head, who used to identify by the pseudonym Sifu or 0xSifu, was actually Michael Patryn, the co-founder of collapsed crypto exchange QuadrigaCX. Unfortunately, Patryn was also a convicted felon. Apparently, Sestagalli had found out about Sifu’s true identity and criminal past but opted to remain quiet, all the while allowing him to continue his role as Wonderland’s head of treasury. When the community caught wind of this information, all hell broke loose on the protocol. Patryn was formally ousted from his Wonderland role by a community vote, and the TIME token crashed. Following another deeply divided community vote, Sestagalli decided to shut down operations of the Wonderland DeFi protocol in January 2022. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Chipotle Launches Crypto Giveaway With ‘Buy The Dip’ Game
The limited-time stock market manipulation game will give away $200,000 worth of cryptocurrencies to various players. Chipotle’s Crypto Marketing Popular Mexican food chain Chipotle’s latest marketing efforts are focused around the rallying cry of “buy the dip” of the current bear market. The restaurant is tapping into the large intersection of crypto enthusiasts and the gaming market to launch a giveaway-based game with a total of $200,000 prize money in crypto. The game, which is also referred to as “Buy The Dip,” is a web simulator game and will encourage customers to use crypto as payment at Chipotle. The restaurant has started accepting crypto payments at 3000 outlets across the United States as a part of its partnership with the digital payment service provider Flexa. The cryptos accepted at Chipotle include BTC, ETH, AVAX, SOL, DOGE, and 93 others. Addressing the campaign, Chipotle CMO Chris Brandt stated, "We want to build the next generation of Chipotle fandom by connecting with the Web3 community. We're excited to bring positivity to the crypto conversation by empowering fans to 'Buy The Dip.'" Chipotle had previously also conducted a crypto-focused marketing campaign called ‘Chiptocurrency’ back in March 2021, where it gave away a total of $100,000 worth in Bitcoin and the same amount in free food. What’s At Stake? The game itself requires players to track a fictitious crypto chart as it hits peaks and dips into valleys. The target is to invest or ‘buy the dip’ when the asset price drops, referencing the current bear market, which many investors are utilizing to rake up their market share by purchasing crypto at record-low prices. Players will get three chances per day to participate in the game, which will last from July 25 through July 31. The cash prizes will be broken down as such - five fans get $2000 in BTC per day, five fans get $1000 in ETH per day, five fans get $250 in SOL per day, 20 fans get $150 in AVAX per day, and 20 fans get $150 in DOGE per day. Players can also win 1-cent guacamole or 1-cent queso blanco dip. However, the prize money will be upped on the final day of the campaign, July 31st, on the occasion of National Avocado Day. On this day, five fans will win BTC worth $5000 each, with one lucky fan winning $10,000, another five fans will win $1000 in ETH, another 25 fans will win $500 in SOL each, another 75 fans will win $150 in AVAX each, and a final 75 fans will win $150 in DOGE each. In total, over 500 players have the opportunity of winning crypto during the entire duration of the campaign. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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CBDCs will be the all-controlling tool that leads to central bank tyranny - bitcoin is the way out
With 105 countries now investigating the potential implementation of a CBDC as their preferred form of currency, it is looking increasingly likely that the attempt will be made to make these digital units of currency the new way of transacting. Does the population have any idea what this can lead to? Global wealth transfer As all fiat currencies continue in their race to the bottom, with ever-increasing amounts of them being injected into the economy at the whim of academics based at the central banks, the wealth of the middle class is being sucked out and transferred to the hands of the elite few. As for those at the lowest end of the scale, during the Covid pandemic, 100 million of them sank into extreme poverty, at the same time as the steepest increase in billionaires on record was taking place. All according to the World Inequality Report published this year. CBDCs to replace existing currencies So how are we going to accept CBDCs if fiat currencies are continuing to fail? They are just another form of the same thing right? In a way, yes. Central Bank Digital Currencies will be foisted onto the public as a digital form of the dollar, pound, yen, yuan etc. They will just take over from physical cash, and also from the current digital forms of currency on mobile phones and credit cards etc. However, there is one incredibly important difference in the CBDC form of digital payments as compared with existing digital currencies. CBDCs will be programmable. For central government this is perhaps wonderful news. For many decades central banks have used the incredibly blunt tool of interest rates, and more recently quantitative tightening and easing, in order to try and tame inflation. Nevertheless, as history tells us, the central banks are either too early or too late to raise or lower rates and they are almost certainly the cause of the boom and busts that world economies have experienced over the years. The shocking truth A CBDC provides the central bank with a direct line between its wallet, and the individual wallets of every citizen. Therefore it can manipulate the economy even down to the micro level. So why is this a bad thing? The technology can allow the central bank to decide what citizens spend their money on. It can put a time-limit on how long the individual has to make a purchase, before the money disappears. And in the worst case scenario, the bank can even turn off the wallets of certain individuals or groups if it is deemed that they are not acting in the interests of the State. Freedom with bitcoin Bitcoin is the complete opposite to the centralised control of the banks, and it allows all who purchase it to own their money, spend it how they wish, and transact with whom they choose. It comes down to a titanic struggle between completely centralised power in the hands of a few individuals, and the decentralised choices that owning bitcoin can provide to everyone. The mainstream media is in the hands of the central planners, and so the public is likely to be blissfully unaware of what is coming. It is therefore hoped that bitcoin can do its thing and prove that a completely decentralised asset is a far better bet than one manipulated by human hands. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Jason Calacanis Is Right About ‘Grifting’ Crypto VCs (but Confused)
The famed podcaster and angel investor draws the line at naming his friends.

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