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2 days ago coindesk
SEC’s Gensler Rebuffs Crypto Complaints, Says Gave Ample Warning Heat Was Coming
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commissioner (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler argued there’s nothing special about the assets or exchanges in the crypto sector, and their backers can’t hide behind claims that their tokens provide utility.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Ankr Launches Enterprise RPC On Microsoft Azure Marketplace
San Francisco-based Web3 developer hub Ankr has officially launched Enterprise Remote Procedure Call (RPC) services on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace, following their partnership announcement in February this year. The service is intended to provide Azure's vast customer base with low-latency, globally accessible blockchain connections, aiding them in their Web3 project and application development. Notably, Ankr's AppChains, a solution enabling enterprises to deploy dedicated, customizable blockchains, will also be made available on Azure Marketplace. Initial offerings will include the deployment of Polygon Supernets with a promise of more blockchain ecosystem choices in the near future. "Through this partnership, we are abstracting away what is often an impediment to testing, deploying, and scaling Web3 projects seamlessly," shares Daniel An, Microsoft's Director of Business Development. AppChains have been part of Ankr's product line-up for a year now. These scalable, application-specific blockchains facilitate decentralized app development and project execution for Web3 organizations. Their popularity among traditional enterprises has grown significantly due to their versatile application potential across banking, institutional clients, CBDCs, gaming, and more. By offering AppChains through the Azure Marketplace, enterprises have a vetted and trusted platform to explore and adopt this new technology. Ankr's AppChains aim to overcome significant hurdles faced by enterprises, such as scalability, user experience, and the cost of hiring new Web3 engineering talent. AppChains provide speedy and affordable transactions, seamless user experiences, regulatory compliance, and comprehensive engineering support. These advantages could streamline the transition to Web3 for many firms interested in the digital asset space. Peter Stewart, Head of Infrastructure at Ankr, praised the collaboration with Microsoft and highlighted their anticipation for increased demand following the Azure Marketplace launch. Simultaneously, Kev Silk, Ankr AppChains Lead, underscored Ankr's commitment to facilitating Web3 accessibility for large businesses through this enterprise-grade chain solution. "With Microsoft's guidance, we will continue to innovate and improve based on user feedback and performance metrics. This partnership has been remarkable, and we are excited for the future of our Enterprise RPC service," Stewart shares. Ankr, as an all-in-one Web3 developer hub, offers an extensive toolkit to build Web3 apps and establish high-performance connections to over 30 blockchains. Ankr is an approved infrastructure partner for constructing application-specific blockchains on ecosystems like the BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. According to data from 2022, Microsoft Azure is the second-largest cloud service provider worldwide, commanding a market share of approximately 20%. Analysts predict that by 2024, global blockchain technology revenues are expected to reach $23.3 billion. Given this context, the Ankr-Microsoft partnership could be a significant step in catering to this emerging demand. The Ankr and Microsoft Azure collaboration represents an important development in the expansion of Web3, emphasizing the increasing importance of reliable infrastructure in fostering its growth. By facilitating the rapid deployment of customized blockchains and providing scalable connections to over 30 blockchain networks, this partnership could catalyze the mainstream adoption of Web3 technologies. Building Web3 infrastructure is akin to creating the foundational pillars of the next-generation internet. It provides the necessary groundwork that enables decentralized applications (dApps) and platforms to run smoothly. This not only enhances performance but also ensures that these platforms can effectively maintain the decentralized ethos at the heart of the Web3 vision. What's Next For Ankr and Microsoft Azure? Microsoft Azure's involvement in this endeavor is notable. As one of the leading cloud service providers, Azure brings extensive expertise in facilitating scalable, reliable, and secure cloud solutions for various applications. Its entry into the Web3 infrastructure space underscores the intersection of traditional tech giants with the burgeoning field of blockchain technology. In terms of broader implications, the Ankr-Microsoft partnership provides an excellent example of how cloud services can fuel the growth of Web3. Cloud computing, with its inherent flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, provides an ideal environment for developing and deploying dApps, smart contracts, and other blockchain-powered applications. In fact, the synergy of cloud computing and blockchain could serve as a catalyst for new business models and applications in the Web3 space. For instance, decentralized data storage and management, enhanced digital identity solutions, and streamlined supply chain systems are among the numerous potential applications of a blockchain-cloud fusion. Microsoft Azure, with its robust cloud infrastructure, has a history of fostering such innovations. The platform's as-a-service offerings – including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – have already disrupted multiple sectors. By extending these capabilities to Web3 infrastructure development, Azure could unlock new frontiers in the decentralized tech landscape. The integration of Ankr’s Enterprise RPC services and AppChains into Azure Marketplace, therefore, not only marks a significant step in Web3 infrastructure development but also demonstrates the potential of cloud services in accelerating the growth of Web3. As enterprises worldwide increasingly recognize the potential of blockchain technology, collaborations like these are likely to become more prominent, shaping the evolution of the Internet as we know it. Partnerships such as Ankr and Microsoft Azure's represent a critical step in this direction, bringing together the flexibility of cloud services with the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
3 days ago nulltx
Bullish Sentiment Around Bitcoin Halving: CleanSpark’s Strategic Investment in Mining Equipment
In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Bitcoin halving event has long been recognized as a crucial turning point, inspiring optimism among institutional investors and market participants. Even though the bear market is still going strong, CleanSpark’s recent purchase of 12,500 Antminer S19 XP Bitcoin miners is a prime example of the optimism and forward-thinking attitude that […]
3 days ago cryptodaily
Superman Released as Web3 Movie Experience
Iconic DC Super Hero Film, Superman, is being released as a multimedia living movie experience from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and Eluvio. The experience Includes 4K UHD Feature Film and Special Features, Interactive Themed Navigation, Explorable Image Galleries, Discoverable Digital Easter Eggs, and more. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, in partnership with content blockchain pioneerEluvio, announced the next instalment of the WB Movieverse with the iconic DC Super Hero filmSupermanWeb3 Movie Experience. The film is available for preview athttps://web3.wb.comand opens for purchase on June 9, 2023. The release ofthe SupermanWeb3 Movie Experience follows the 2022 first-of-its-kind Web3 entertainment offering‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring(Extended Edition)’ Web3 Movie Experience. The SupermanWeb3 Movie Experience is a multimedia non-fungible token (NFT) for fans to own and to engage with the 1978 Richard Donner film in a new and exciting way. Through dynamic menu options based on iconic locations from the film, owners can watch the movie in 4K UHD on a desktop, mobile, tablet or TV device. Viewers can access special features, view image galleries and artist renderings by notable DC artists, discover digital easter eggs, and sell the experience in a community marketplace. TheSupermanWeb3 Movie Experience will be offered instandard and premium editions. Standard Edition $30 for one week from 8:00 AM ET on June 9 to 7:59 AM ET on June 16 Includes an interactive location-based navigation menu,Superman: The MovieTheatrical Version, previously released special features and an image gallery featuring stills and behind-the-scenes galleries. Premium Edition $100 for 24 hours from 8:00 AM ET on June 9 to 7:59 AM ET on June 10 Includes three different variations separately available for purchase: Truth, Justice, and Hope. Each variation features an illustration of Christopher Reeves’ Superman from one of three DC artists - Ivan Reiss, Ben Oliver, or Bill Sienkiewicz. Each variation includes an interactive and explorable location-based navigation menu and three versions of the feature film –Superman: The MovieTheatrical Version;Superman: The MovieExpanded Director’s Cut, andSuperman: The MovieExtended TV Edition Additionally, each is debuted with previously-released special features, image galleries featuring costume and detail images from the Warner Bros. archive, and stills and behind-the-scenes galleries. The Superman Web3 Movie Experience will include a free voucher code for aDC3Super Power Pack: Series Supermanfrom theDC NFT Marketplace, offering three randomly selectedSupermancomics with rarities ranging from Common to Legendary. These packs are time-gated, open-edition drops, limited to one per account. New themed packs will launch every few weeks, so stay tuned for updates. Early access to all editions of theSupermanWeb3 Movie Experience will be available to DC Bat Cowl NFT holders at 8:00 AM ET on June 8, to DC3 holders at 11:00 AM ET on June 8, and toThe Lord of the RingsWeb3 Movie Experience holders at 2:00 PM ET on June 8. Michelle Munson, CEO and co-founder of Eluvio said: “For fans of this beloved and iconic film,Superman: The Movieis being released as an exclusive Web3 film and immersive digital collectable for the first time. As part of the WB Movieverse, consumers can easily watch, collect, and sell their film Web3 Movie Experiences on the blockchain in the Movieverse marketplace. For Warner Bros., and the broader industry, Eluvio is honored to back this novel digital sell-through experience for 4K films and premium video assets – all streamed from and backed by secure blockchain access and ownership on the Eluvio Content Fabric.” TheSupermanWeb3 Movie Experience will be available to the public on June 9, exclusively at, and can be purchased by credit card or cryptocurrency. To participate in this novel experience, fans can create a secure, easy-to-use media wallet that acts as a digital vault and enables consumers to stream and purchase content via credit cards or crypto wallets. Superman Web3 Movie Experience Powered by Eluvio Eluvio, a pioneer of Web3 innovation throughout the media and entertainment industry, powers the SupermanWeb3 Movie Experience. The Eluvio Content Blockchain provides a high-performance, simple-to-use, cost-effective Web3 platform built for content. It enables Web3 native media experiences, allowing publishers and fans to directly enjoy and monetizeshows, films, concerts, digital albums, digital collectables, interactive and metaverse experiences, and more. Content creators, and their communities, benefit from a significantly more carbon-efficient and high-performance alternative to traditional platforms for content streaming, distribution, and storage, including 4K streaming, ticketing, NFT minting, and trading of premium content. Notably, in this experience, the core digital assets and derivative NFTs are all on the blockchain, not just the token (NFT) itself. Warner Bros. Discovery Home Entertainment and fans enjoy blockchain-backed access control and content rights enforcement, scalable attestation of ownership, smart contracts that enable distributed royalties, and content experiences that can evolve. Eluvio’s Content Blockchain also provides a breakthrough in carbon-footprint efficiency in managing media, using blockchain technology, and on-chain content ownership. Through a novel compositional and just-in-time protocol, the Eluvio Content Blockchain does not make digital file copies. It significantly reduces network storage and usage requirements compared to traditional streaming and content distribution systems. It uses an eco-friendly “proof-of-authority” consensus, which avoids the high energy consumption used in computational “proof-of-work” blockchains. About Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) distributes award-winning movies, television, animation, and digital content produced by Warner Bros. Discovery to the homes and screens of millions through physical Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD retail sales and digital transactions on major streaming sites, video-on-demand cable, satellite, digital, and mobile channels. WBHE is part of Warner Bros. Discovery Content Sales,one of the world’s largest distributors of entertainment programming. About Eluvio, Inc. Eluvio( is the content blockchain for the creator economy. The Eluvio Content Fabric is a utility blockchain network for owner-controlled storage, distribution, and monetization of large-scale digital content. It provides live and file-based content publishing, transcoding, packaging, sequencing, dynamic and static distribution, and derivative NFTs minting for all content experiences. Examples of companies and creators whose content blockchain initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Telstra, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, WWE, The Masked Singer,Dolly Parton, Black Eyed Peas,Rita Ora, independent filmmakers, and many others. Eluvio is led by Emmy Award-winning technologistsMichelle MunsonandSerban Simu, founders and inventors of Aspera, a pioneer in digital video transport technology, and a core team of innovators. Based inBerkeley, California, Eluvio has received numerous industry awards, including the prestigious Engineering Excellence Award by the Hollywood Professional Association and has been recognized with 11 US patents. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
3 days ago cryptodaily
The Rise of Meme Tokens and How They're Driving Exchanges to Embrace Unconventional Trends 
Meme coins have experienced an unprecedented rise in interest and value. With exuberant community support, meme coins are largely associated with meme images, cartoon characters, and animals. Dogecoin, SHIBA INU, and the recent Pepecoin ($PEPE) are a few of the top-selling meme coins in the crypto space. These coins have gained thousands in price surges in the shortest period. Offering investors ample opportunities to make significant profits based on a small investment. The trending meme coin, $PEPE, barely a month after its release, reached a whopping $1.5 billion in market cap. And a Spot Trading volume exceeding $2.7 billion. This value, according to various reports, rivaled Bitcoin’s Spot Trading on the top crypto exchanges within the same timeframe. A testament to these coins’ ability to generate gargantuan returns for investors. $PEPE’s initial price at the time of launch was a mere $0.000000001 and with a total token supply of over 420 trillion. Since listing on top exchanges, the meme coin experienced a price surge of over 3000%. While it has suffered countless sell-offs from early investors looking to make huge profits, Pepecoin is still ranked as one of the top 100 coins (number 78) based on market cap, per CoinMarketCap. Again, substantial proof of its unprompted leap in price in the shortest time possible. The Role of Exchanges and How Early Listing Impact Investors’ Returns Crypto exchanges enable the seamless purchase of Bitcoin, altcoins, and meme coins alike. They are committed to providing customers with the hottest coins on the market, allowing them to become early investors. Now, why crypto exchanges are core components of the industry, obviously, their effect on the market continues to grow daily, partly a work of meme coins. How? These crypto exchanges understand the influence meme coins have on the market and investors. Hence why they are constantly on the lookout for the next hot project. To better understand the impact of early listing and how these exchanges actively influence investors’ returns, we’ll use $PEPE and LBank, and other exchanges as examples. Via LBank’s Articles Section, the global crypto exchange announced its decision to list the newly launched meme coin, $PEPE on its platform. Per the source above, the listing was scheduled for April 18, 2023, at 8 AM (UTC). LBank claimed the meme coin was a feasible, high-quality coin for its users. 12 days later, OKX Exchange announced its decision to list $PEPE. The result? An 850% surge in price. LBank users enjoyed a whopping 850% increase in their investment. Bitget Exchange also listed $PEPE the same day as LBank and since then (until the time of writing) has raked in returns exceeding a 5346% increase in price for investors. Substantial proof of early listing’s impact on investments. Besides $PEPE, the listing of emerging meme coins like $PSYOP, $GEN, $SPONGE, $AIDOGE, $BEN, and $RFD further shows the role exchanges play in price surges. According to available market data, LBank, MEXC, and HUOBI are at the forefront of early token listings. For the previously mentioned emerging meme coins, LBank was the first to list 5 out of the 6 tokens—$BEN, $PSYOP, $RFD, $GEN, and $SPONGE. With MEXC Exchange listing $AIDOGE first and HUOBI following behind. In line with this data, LBank also recorded the highest gains for these meme coins, except for $AIDOGE and $BEN where MEXC recorded the highest gains. LBank Exchange: $PEPE; 6387% $AIDOGE; 19364% $BEN; 313% $PSYOP; 433% $RFD; 216% $SPONGE; 296% $GEN; 716% MEXC Exchange $PEPE; 2259% $AIDOGE; 70429% $BEN; 353% $PSYOP; 0% $RFD; 138% $SPONGE; 0% $GEN; None HUOBI and recorded impressive gains—2710% and 2324%, respectively—for $PEPE. However, listing a day after LBank and Bitget cost their users over 2300% value increases on their investments. How Meme Coins are Driving Unconventional Innovation As these crypto exchanges compete against themselves by constantly searching for potentially hot coins, one thing stands out—their willingness to openly embrace unconventional projects. By actively seeking out new projects to list, crypto exchanges show their commitment to supporting peculiar projects. Although meme coins are loosely based on famous memes, animals, or characters, they have become an avenue for experimentation in the web3 space. Meme coins are continually pushing the boundaries of conventional investments and attracting a diverse audience. Comprising a community of exuberant individuals committed to contributing to the growth of a project. By fervently seeking the next big meme coin, exchanges are encouraging developers to keep experimenting and launching unique projects. Additionally, the rise of these meme coins is proof of the impact of the internet and meme culture. Memes have become a huge part of the internet and social media experience. And by listing meme-based coins, exchanges are tapping into a potentially replete environment with millions of global supporters waiting to be onboarded. Speaking about these meme coins and how they're opening doors for mass adoption, Johnasson Chen, co-founder of LBank reiterates that the pursuit of meme coins contributes to the resilience and diversity of the emerging web3 ecosystem. “Staying on top of the market for memes is crucial to delivering top-notch investments to our users as early as possible. The pursuit of meme coins also contributes to the overall diversity and resilience of the Web3 ecosystem. The inclusion of such coins alongside more established cryptocurrencies fosters a healthy balance between established projects and innovative newcomers, allowing for a continuous cycle of disruption and growth,” the co-founder said. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days ago cryptodaily
BTC Crashes Below $26000, Crypto Daily TV 6/6/2023
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Ethereum reserves at multi-year lows Ethereum token reserves on exchange wallets have declined to their lowest level since 2018. As of June 5, ETH reserves sit at 17.2 million Ether, a multi-year low. Atomic Wallet users hacked for $35M The crypto industry’s latest causality occurred over the weekend as nearly $35 million worth of various tokens were stolen from Atomic Wallet, a centralized storage and wallet service. These tokens included bitcoin, ether, tether, dogecoin, litecoin, bnb coin and polygon. Bitcoin dropped below $26,000 Cryptocurrency prices dropped after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission charged Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the world, with violating securities laws. Bitcoin fell more than 6% to its lowest level since March. BTC/USD dove 5.5% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair plummeted 5.5% in the last session. The RSI's negative signal is in line with the overall technical analysis. Support is at 26695.3333 and Resistance is at 27661.3333. The RSI is currently in negative territory. ETH/USD plummeted 4.4% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair dove 4.4% in the last session. According to the Stochastic-RSI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 1866.6167 and Resistance is at 1925.8567. The Stochastic-RSI points to an oversold market. XRP/USD dove 6.1% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair dropped 6.1% in the last session after rising as much as 1.3% during the session. The MACD is giving a positive signal. Support is at 0.5017 and Resistance is at 0.5629. The MACD is currently in positive territory. LTC/USD plummeted 7.1% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair dove 7.1% in the last session. The Williams indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 92.571 and Resistance is at 97.311. The Williams indicator is giving a negative signal. Daily Economic Calendar: US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock The API’s Weekly Statistical Bulletin reports overall U.S. and regional data relating to refinery operations and the production of the four major petroleum products. The US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock will be released at 20:30 GMT, the UK's 30-y Bond Auction at 09:30 GMT, Australia's RBA Interest Rate Decision at 04:30 GMT. UK 30-y Bond Auction The auction sets the average yield on the bonds auctioned off. Yields are set by bond market investors, and therefore they can be used to estimate investors' outlook on future interest rates. AU RBA Interest Rate Decision The RBA Interest Rate Decision is announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The interest rates are a key mechanism through which the central bank influences inflation. AU RBA Rate Statement Decisions regarding the interest rates are made by the Reserve Bank Board and are explained in a media release that announces the decision after each meeting. Australia's RBA Rate Statement will be released at 04:30 GMT, Japan's JP Foreign Reserves at 23:50 GMT, the US Redbook Index at 12:55 GMT. JP JP Foreign Reserves The Foreign Reserves are the total of a country's gold holdings and convertible foreign currencies held by its central bank. US Redbook Index The Johnson Redbook Index measures the year-over-year same-store sales growth from a sample of large general merchandise retailers. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days ago cointelegraph
Scientists propose quantum proof-of-work consensus for blockchain
Boson sampling was once considered a problem looking for a solution. Now, it might be the bridge that brings quantum computing to the blockchain.
9 days ago cryptodaily
Mass media outlet compares crypto unfavourably with AI
Crypto bashing in the mainstream media continues unabated as Reuters writer bigs up AI at the expense of the crypto sector. A mainstream media narrative Mainstream media generally appears to back the narrative that crypto has no intrinsic value, and that it will go to zero much sooner than later. This is the narrative put out by governments, bank leaders, and global traditional financial agencies. Everyone has their view of crypto, and both sides of the argument have prominent economists and financial experts with widely differing opinions. However, what is not in doubt is that the large mainstream media outlets are gunning for crypto, often with little fundamental sense behind their articles. For example, an article published today by a Reuters columnist expounds the view that the current “AI craze” leaves crypto for dead, and states how AI is gathering momentum while crypto is gathering dust. No one can deny that artificial intelligence (AI) is arguably the biggest technological breakthrough that the human race has ever seen. The potential for this technology is as breathtaking as it is alarming. Crypto and AI complement each other However, comparing it with crypto is quite ridiculous. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. Both have their place, and the two of them complement each other, as can be seen with crypto projects such as Render, Ocean, SingularityNET, and others that are harnessing the power of AI. Crypto is either extremely misunderstood, or there are malicious actors involved in trying to drive this anti-crypto narrative out to the masses. Of course, in calling a spade a spade, the vast majority of cryptocurrencies will probably eventually fail and go to zero, but some of these projects are revolutionary, and this space is coming up with financial innovations such as DeFi, NFTs, payments, and many other uses that can change our world for the better. Bitcoin is an exit from debasing fiat currencies Bitcoin is the preeminent cryptocurrency, and it serves as a hard money exit out of the failing fiat-based monetary system. Artificial intelligence with properly defined boundaries can complement this people’s money and be used to make life easier for all. Just throwing mud at a technology is never a good idea. Balanced arguments are always needed. Crypto is a technology that seems to threaten governments, banks, and central planners in general. Being able to have total control has become the raison d’être of governments instead of being a servant of the people. Crypto challenges this misuse of power, and it is to be hoped that AI will not be used to strengthen governmental oppression of freedoms. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
11 days ago cryptodaily
Diversify Your Portfolio: Crypto Trading Meets Traditional Instruments with Exness Trade App
At some point in every trader’s journey, the concept of portfolio diversification becomes a mainstay. It’s a mandatory lesson for life if you’re interested in having the best shot at success and having that elusive result only a small portion of traders end up having – more profits than losses. In today’s world of high inflation, increasing interest rates and strained geopolitical tension, opening positions across a variety of different asset classes is more important than ever. The Exness Trade App makes this task seamless and convenient. As a one-stop-shop platform, the app offers the entire A-Z trading journey, from sign-up to withdrawal. More importantly, it offers a diverse range of instruments, including a bountiful selection of cryptocurrency CFDs alongside the more traditional markets. Unlike some other trading apps on the market, Exness Trade provides a comprehensive trading experience for anyone looking to put their eggs in as many baskets as possible. Why having the crypto trading option matters Exness opens the door to the next level of portfolio diversification – the ability to spread your capital across a very wide range of crypto prices against the USD, Gold, the Aussie Dollar, and more. Exness Trade App gives access to all of the broker’s cryptocurrency products through its MT5 trading accounts. That means you can trade the price of 25+ crypto CFDs on offer against the US Dollar – from the biggest market players in Bitcoin, Ripple, and Ethereum to the lesser-known 1inch, Polkadot, and Elon Musk’s favorite Dogecoin. Exness is also one of the very few brokers who offer you the opportunity to trade Bitcoin’s price against metals like Gold and Silver. Beyond having access to such an impressive portfolio of cryptos, trading with Exness Trade App comes with a whole slew of features that can propel your crypto trading to new heights. Features for an immersive crypto trading experience What makes the Exness Trade App really stand out is the way it allows users to monitor and analyze their trading performance, as well as its customization capabilities. Since there is such a large collection of cryptocurrencies on offer, you have options to tailor your app experience so that you keep quick track of the cryptos you care about. For example, in the Performance section, you can analyze your overall trading history for instruments like BTCXAU, BTCUSD, DOTUSD, DOGEUSD, and ETHUSD in terms of profit and loss by looking at different time periods and time categories. Four different time periods – 7, 30, 90, or 365 days – and three different time categories – General period, Time intervals, or Data slices – help you perform a deep dive into your profitable and non-profitable historical crypto orders. Sifting through all the instruments in the app is made much easier by the three different ways you can view them: Favorites – you can tag any crypto instrument you’d like as a favorite, such as BTCXAU, DOTUSD, or DOGEUSD, and it will be grouped here. Popular – a category that is automatically updated based on the overall number of orders from all Exness traders. See how popular crypto trading is with other traders and adjust your strategy accordingly. Top movers – a list that is refreshed every time the app is loaded, featuring 10 instruments with the highest percentage of daily price changes (top five bullish and top five bearish). Keep an eye out for any big movers in the crypto market here. For the ultimate personalized experience, crypto traders can set up personalized push notifications on the Exness Trade App, as well as bid and ask price alerts, for specific cryptocurrency CFD instruments or events. Multiple alerts can be set up for a single instrument, such as BTCUSD or ETHUSD, and the app stores a history of your alerts until you decide to clear it. This way, you’ll never miss a minute of the crypto market action that you care about the most. Beyond these stand-out features, the Exness Trade App also offers more standard, but extremely useful, tools to help you navigate the crypto markets. Things like margin, swap, and spread calculators, economic calendars, trading signals, and the latest news help you hone your trading strategies, while different chart layouts, popular indicators, and the ease of setting up take profit and stop loss orders help to sharpen the technical side of your trades. Trading the more traditional markets for next-level diversification Besides cryptocurrency CFDs, the Exness Trade App also caters to traders interested in more traditional markets, or those looking to diversify their portfolio beyond just crypto assets. Users can access a vast array of CFDs in forex, metals, indices, energies, and stocks. Metals, for example, include a range from the most popular Gold vs. USD (XAUUSDm) with an extended swap-free option, to the rare Palladium (XPDUSDm) that you won’t find with many other brokers. This kind of versatility applies to all the other asset classes, allowing traders to capitalize on a multitude of opportunities across different market sectors and adapt their strategies according to changing market conditions. Exness has built an app that ensures a comprehensive trading experience, whether you’re a seasoned crypto trader, a beginning trader, or anyone in between. To learn more, visit and get all of the app’s specifics in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
11 days ago cryptodaily
Token That Will Explode in 2023 and Why You Should Watch It
Over the past few years, the creators' market has evolved remarkably, characterized by a consistent pattern. Within the realm of Web 2, many noteworthy projects have emerged, each leaving an indelible mark on the landscape. Among these standout platforms are the illustrious Patreon and Cameo, which have garnered immense popularity and achieved astonishing billion-dollar valuations. These platforms have revolutionized how creators interact with their audience and play a pivotal role in redefining the perception and value of digital art. Also, they have sparked an unparalleled surge in recognition and appreciation for artistic endeavors within the digital realm. In the dynamic landscape of web3, where numerous projects have sought to harness the potential of creators, many have encountered difficulties stemming from their exclusive reliance on cryptocurrencies. This singular approach has often proven to be a stumbling block, constraining the growth and reach of these projects and ultimately limiting their audience. However, amidst this backdrop, there emerges a shining example of a project that has adeptly embraced both the rising creator trend and the transformative power of cryptocurrencies - Paysenger. Paysenger, with its array of ground-breaking features, provides a compelling chance for creators, experts, and their dedicated audience to forge meaningful connections. Within this innovative platform, creators are afforded a multitude of avenues to monetize their talent and engage with their supporters on a deeper level. Creators can produce captivating content that resonates with their audience, test the waters of the NFT marketplace by selling unique and coveted posts, participate in paid chats that facilitate direct interaction with their fans, and provide exclusive access to premium subscription-based content. All of these transactions and interactions occur within the ecosystem of Paysenger, fueled by its native token, EGO. Furthermore, Paysenger distinguishes itself from most SocialFi projects through its ability to seamlessly transition from the web2 era to the transformative landscape of web3. This smooth transition empowers Paysenger to overcome the inherent limitations often encountered by web3 initiatives, setting it apart. The founders of Paysenger are deeply motivated by their overarching mission to facilitate the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and introduce cryptocurrencies to a broader user base. EGO Token: Seven Convincing Reasons to Invest in It in 2023 Impressive Growth and Influencer Campaign In August 2023, Paysenger will set off on a large-scale campaign by forming relationships with great business partners in Europe and the United States. Thousands of influential people would be involved. They'd support the platform's goal by telling their loyal fans about the great product and the interesting EGO token. Extraordinary Quest for Unique Artificial Intelligence In a world where creativity and technology go hand in hand, Paysenger's creative team sets out on an innovative journey. With the help of Dr. Tamay Aykut, a former Stanford professor, Paysenger forms a unique relationship to develop cutting-edge artificial intelligence. The Paysenger AI enables creators to add their unique style to their work. This AI opens a symphony of ways to make money through a complex web of neural networks, giving creators a stage to share their artistic vision. Transcendence to Mainnet and the Soaring Token Demand Stepping out of the world of test tokens, Paysenger reveals its plans to move to the mainnet. As much as this new step would improve the platform, it also signals a rise in the demand for the EGO token. The EGO token enters the limelight as the test token tEGO gently disappears. Notably, the Paysenger community is excitedly waiting for this transition. Consensus with Leading Cryptocurrency Institutions Paysenger has also caught the attention of big names in the crypto world. Well-known companies like Polygon and ConsenSys are now actively supporting it. Polygon, a pioneering company known for its scale and ability to work with other systems, is behind Paysenger. This gives Paysenger an air of scientific savvy. This relationship also expands the platform's powers and makes it easier for creators and fans to thrive in a system that works well. In the same way, Paysenger gets support from its partnership with ConsenSys, a leader in blockchain innovation. Astounding Founder's Backgrounds As the story of Paysenger develops, the backgrounds of its leaders bring the project to the forefront. One of them is the brilliant owner of Unlimited Group, which is worth a billion dollars and is a respected partner of Visa and Mastercard. This remarkable history gives Paysenger a strong base. It also gives the platform useful knowledge and a wide range of development, which set the stage for the rise of the EGO token. Exquisite Reinvention of NFTs Paysenger uses a transforming approach to change the very nature of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). A prize every week is very appealing! The most popular non-fungible token is given the EGO token. This new way of doing things goes beyond just buying something. It turns the ownership and purchase of NFTs into staking. Expansive User Base Propelling Ascendancy Paysenger has more than 500,000 users and more than 50,000 respected creators. This busy hive of activity demonstrates that the community is adopting the EGO token well. It's no doubt that Paysenger has won over the hearts and minds of hundreds of thousands of users. The platform's large user group, including many creators, fans, and innovators, shows its appeal. In Summary The upcoming switch to the mainnet will be a big change for Paysenger. It will open up many new options and put the EGO token in the spotlight. Investors are excited about this big technological step because it promises better functionality and a better sense of security. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
11 days ago cryptodaily Revolutionizing Crypto Mining with Profitable Cloud Mining Solutions
Traditional cryptocurrency mining has become more challenging and less profitable because of the various factors. Expensive equipment, high electricity costs, and increased complexity has put miners in a difficult position. Due to the fact that traditional mining methods come with significant risks, there’s no guarantee of making a profit. Fortunately, there is a new solution: cloud mining. It really is a game-changer. The Challenges of Traditional Mining Traditional mining methods for cryptocurrencies have presented several challenges. They include rising costs, the need for extensive technical expertise, Unpredictable and Unstable Results. Rising Costs and Technical Expertise Traditional Cryptocurrency mining is expensive and requires technical expertise. Miners need to buy specialized equipment, like GPUs, which can be costly. As blockchain technology advances, mining becomes more complex and resource-intensive, requiring even more powerful hardware. This increases the overall costs of mining. Moreover, operating and maintaining mining rigs requires technical knowledge, which poses a challenge for newcomers without technical background. Unpredictable and Unstable Results: Cryptocurrency prices are highly unpredictable and are subject to rapid change. The market is known for its instability and volatility. It makes it challenging to analyze and understand its dynamics, therefore affecting mining profitability. When prices go up, mining is profitable because mined coins are worth more. Miners can sell them for a higher price and make a good return on their investment. But when prices go down, mining profitability decreases. It can even become unprofitable. Miners may struggle to cover costs like electricity and maintenance, leading to potential losses. Cloud Mining: One-stop shop for all traditional crypto mining solutions, a pioneering platform, is revolutionizing the landscape of cryptocurrency mining with its user-friendly approach. By offering cloud mining services, provides a hassle-free alternative to traditional mining methods, addressing the challenges faced by miners. Unlike other platforms, stands out with its simplicity and playful design. Despite its cartoonish appearance, the platform offers a reliable and professional service. Users can easily purchase miners and tools, enabling them to engage in efficient and predictable mining. The website is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even for those who are unfamiliar with mining. Furthermore, goes beyond mining by incorporating five entertaining mini-games into the platform. These games are designed for user’s enjoyment and provide additional rewards, adding a fun and interactive element to the mining activities. With its advanced mining infrastructure, evolving platform, and the incorporation of enjoyable mini-games, provides users with an efficient and enjoyable mining experience. Any user can seize the opportunity to earn substantial profits, while navigating the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Catmine's cloud mining service for CoughingCatCoin offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for newcomers to get started. Upon signing up, users receive a free miner and are rewarded with 0.004CCT after registration, allowing them to begin their mining journey with immediate bonuses. Even before the official launch of the platform, has gained a substantial user base. Since September 2021, the website has been operating steadily and is now undergoing a large-scale expansion of its capabilities. To date, users of have collectively mined a total of 41,613.16 CCT, showcasing the platform's effectiveness and the success of its mining services. This impressive user base and cumulative CCT mined demonstrates the credibility placed in as a reliable and profitable cloud mining platform. Users can anticipate even more chances for successful mining in the future as the platform continues to grow and improve its capabilities. With 95,356 users in total, Catmine has established itself as a popular choice for cloud mining CoughingCatCoin. To encourage users earning more coins, Catmine offers an enticing referral program. Users can invite friends and receive 10.82% from all their purchases. This gives any user an opportunity to increase the earnings through referrals. In addition, the platform rewards users with bonuses and gifts on a daily basis. So, the user can get a mini-miner with an infinite lifespan, CCT rewards and a reward equal to 20% of the user's total daily mining. In addition to its lucrative referral program and daily rewards, Catmine boasts the presence of an exclusive cryptocurrency called the Coughing Cat coin (CCT). Since its launch, CCT has demonstrated a remarkable track record of stable growth, making it an attractive investment option. It's important to mention the mechanics of the platform. Users have the option to buy miners, which have defined parameters in the Inventory section of the platform. By purchasing a miner, users can start mining the Coughing Cat coin (CCT). To illustrate the platform's potential, let's consider an example of purchasing a current miner at the prevailing rate and calculating its payback period and profit in dollars. Suppose a miner is priced at 2 CCT, equivalent to $4.36 at the current exchange rate. Based on the past 12 months remarkable growth of 830% in the CCT rate, it is projected that the miner will generate approximately 6.96 CCT in a year. If this upward trend continues, the user could potentially earn around $125 (please note that this calculation is approximate and requires up-to-date data from the website). This example demonstrates that mining with not only yields profitable results but also demands significantly less initial investment compared to traditional mining methods. The CCT coin holds great potential for future development and increasing investment attractiveness as Catmine continues to evolve and expand. The platform's constant development efforts ensure that CCT is poised to experience significant leaps in value. It's important to note that the conversion rate for CoughingCatCoin (CCT) to Bitcoin (BTC) is 1 CCT = 0.00008106 BTC, allowing users to understand the relative value of their mined coins. It should be considered that this reflects the rate at the time of this article's publication. However, it is worth highlighting that the cryptocurrency market is highly dynamic, and exchange rates are subject to constant fluctuations. Considering the consistent growth trend of CCT, it is reasonable to anticipate that the exchange rate will soar to levels many times higher within a year. This projection underscores the potential for substantial returns on investment for early adopters and investors in CCT. With its user-friendly interface, free miner upon sign-up, generous referral program, and the potential to earn significant amounts of CoughingCatCoin, Catmine's cloud mining service is an attractive option for individuals looking to engage in hassle-free and profitable cryptocurrency mining. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
11 days ago cointelegraph
Buying a bank won't solve crypto's debanking issue: Binance CEO
CZ highlighted examples such as regulatory complexity and capital requirements as reasons why he isn’t keen on Binance buying a bank.
12 days ago cryptodaily's VERSE Token Now Available for Trading on Kucoin
Tokyo, Japan, May 29th, 2023,’s ecosystem token, VERSE, has been listed on Kucoin, a top-tier cryptocurrency exchange platform known for being the home of crypto gems. Trading is open now, with the initial pair being VERSE/USDT.A milestone moment for, this first exchange listing for VERSE is significant because it amplifies the token’s reach and accessibility to millions of users around the globe.VERSE fuels's ecosystem by gamifying and incentivizing onboarding and engagement. The goal is to bring the advantages of cryptocurrency to more people and to fast-track the world’s transition to a more inclusive financial CEO Dennis Jarvis said, ", we believe in creating economic freedom and expanding access to opportunities by providing the tools people need to buy, sell, and use cryptocurrencies. We are proud to introduce VERSE, a token that supercharges our mission. And by listing on Kucoin, we're making it easier than ever for people to trade VERSE and harness its potential."By facilitating rewards and serving as a utility token, VERSE enhances users' experiences within the ecosystem and beyond."VERSE reduces hurdles, making the onboarding experience for newcomers seamless, fun, and rewarding,” said Corbin Fraser, Head of Financial Services He added, “We’re in the process of making VERSE a multichain token, which will increase its utility. This is something that exemplifies our commitment to freedom of choice, a core value that permeates everything we do."Since its inception in 2015, has evolved from pioneer to established leader in the crypto industry, hitting the 40 million self-custody wallets milestone earlier this month. The Wallet supports over a hundred cryptoassets across Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Bitcoin Cash, with more chains coming soon. By providing 24/7 support, vast educational resources, and an award-winning news portal, has proven itself as the world’s gateway to Bitcoin and beyond.Kucoin, a platform where 1 out of 4 crypto holders worldwide trade, has consistently been a preferred choice for discovering hidden gems. Its 27 million registered users across 207 countries and regions demonstrate its widespread popularity and credibility. In celebration of the VERSE listing, Kucoin is hosting a VERSE trading contest with a lucrative $40,000 prize pool.For more information about the VERSE listing and trading contest, visit Kucoin'sofficial website.About is committed to making Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone. From offering educational resources and timely news to providing intuitive self-custody products, empowers individuals to explore the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and the future of finance.Follow on Twitter for more information.About VERSELaunched in December 2022, VERSE is’s rewards and utility token. By incentivizing and gamifying engagement in the ecosystem, VERSE’s mission to onboard the world to crypto and accelerate the transition towards a more inclusive financial system. VERSE also powers’s decentralized exchange Verse DEX, where anyone can trade permissionlessly and earn yield by contributing to liquidity pools and with Verse Farms.Follow VERSE on Twitter and Join VERSE's official Telegram channel for more updates and additional information.About KucoinKucoin is a global cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 750 projects with 1,300+ trading pairs. Known as the "People’s Exchange," Kucoin boasts an extensive user base, with 70% of its users hailing from Europe, the Middle East & Africa, and SEA. Recognized for its excellence, Kucoin has received accolades from TokenInsight, CoinMarketCap, Forbes Advisor, and The Ascent.ContactHead of MarketingAndrew [email protected]
13 days ago cryptodaily
Crypto Weekly Roundup: Multichain’s Deafening Silence And More
The radio silence from the Multichain team following days of outages has left users searching for answers, with the protocol currently holding $1.5 billion in total value locked. Let’s find out more. Bitcoin Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has said that he believes the crypto space could see the beginning of a bull run after China Central Television aired a segment on crypto. Ethereum Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin's recent blog post has raised concerns about the potential risks associated with expanding the scope of social consensus within the Ethereum network. Ethereum recently implemented its Shanghai/Shapella upgrade, which has been ground-breaking for its investors. DeFi The Aave community is mulling over a proposal to launch its V3 on the Coinbase-backed Layer-2 blockchain solution, Base network. Pioneering DeFi protocol, MakerDAO, has initiated a vote on a proposal allowing its delegates to maintain anonymity and keep their whereabouts undisclosed. Altcoins The lack of communication and updates from Multichain’s leadership has amplified rumors, leading to significant unease and uncertainty among protocol users. Technology The Solana Foundation has announced the official integration of a ChatGPT plug-in developed by Solana Labs, marking the official integration of AI into its network. Hardware wallet provider Ledger has announced that it is pushing back the launch of its key-recovery feature after mounting criticism from the larger crypto community. Business According to court filings published on Thursday, Crypto Consortium Celsius has won the bid to acquire bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last December, the Bitcoin mining company, Core Scientific, is now set to finalize a restructuring plan which it expects will net at least a $46 million boost. Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini has revealed that Genesis parent entity DCG missed a $630 million loan payment due last week. Regulation US Senator Cynthia Lummis has pushed back against the Biden Administration’s proposal to tax cryptocurrency miners, stating that the administration is picking “winners and losers.” Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has recently introduced a series of stringent rules that are set to reshape the landscape of virtual asset trading within the city. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has made promises to protect the world of digital assets while simultaneously dismantling the concept of a central bank digital currency (CBDC). In a recent announcement, the European Systemic Risk Board emphasized the need for measures to prevent excessive leveraged bets on crypto assets. Germany’s Banking Sector recognizes the vast potential of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies by exploring related innovative applications across various other domains. Crypto exchange Coinbase filed a writ of mandamus against the US SEC shortly after the regulatory body stated it was in no hurry to respond to Coinbase’s demands for regulatory clarity. Global policy forum IOSCO on Tuesday released the first global approach to crypto asset and digital market regulation. Japan has announced the implementation of new anti-money laundering measures for cryptocurrencies to combat increasing fraudulent activities in the industry. With the UK seeking to become a crypto hub, the Winklevoss twins are advising the government not to let itself be influenced by the politicization of crypto in the US. Cryptocurrency exchange Bitget continues to make strides toward becoming an industry leader by securing a regulatory license in Poland. The Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission has issued an advisory warning to the public, asking them not to invest in Gemini’s Gemini Derivatives product. A welcoming embrace from French regulators has led crypto exchange OKX to opt for making France a central base for its operations. Malaysia’s securities regulator, the Securities Commission, has ordered cryptocurrency exchange Huobi to cease all operations in the country. The South Korean Prime Minister, Han Deok-soo, has called on high-ranking public officials to disclose their crypto holdings, with party members unveiling a new bill on Friday. While speaking at the final day of the G7 summit in Hiroshima, President Joe Biden clarified that he would “not agree to a deal that protects wealthy tax cheats and crypto traders.” NFT The Binance crypto exchange has launched an NFT loan feature, which will allow users to use their NFTs as collateral to borrow cryptocurrency. Renowned entrepreneur and digital asset advocate Gary Vee expressed his belief that NFTs have the power to revolutionize the ticketing industry. Web3 ConsenSys, the blockchain technology firm behind the widely used crypto wallet MetaMask, has addressed recent rumors claiming it collects taxes from cryptocurrency users. Dispersion Capital has emerged from stealth mode and announced the launch of a $40 million fund to support startups working on infrastructure for Web3 projects. Security Cybersecurity firm Unciphered has claimed it managed to hack the hugely popular Trezor T hardware wallet manufactured by Satoshi Labs. Decentralized crypto mixing platform Tornado Cash recently suffered a significant attack when a malicious proposal recently subverted its governance system. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
16 days ago coindesk
Norway Should Consider a National Strategy for Crypto Regulation: Norges Bank Report
The bank says lawmakers should take advantage of existing regulations that cater to systemic risk and enforcement action for example, as well as stresses the need for crypto specific ones.
17 days ago coindesk
Japan to Enforce Tougher Crypto Anti-Money Laundering Laws Next Month: Report
Earlier this month, global financial crimes watchdog FATF urged G-7 economies like Japan to lead by example to implement its controversial "travel rule" for crypto transfers.
19 days ago cointelegraph
AI-generated image of Pentagon explosion causes stock market stutter
The fake image was shared by a verified Twitter account masquerading as Bloomberg and went viral after being amplified by real media outlets.
19 days ago cryptopotato
The 8 Events That Shocked the Crypto World
Despite its rather short history, the cryptocurrency industry has gone through some real shockers. Here are some examples.
30 days ago nulltx
Interest in DigiToads (TOADS) Remains High as Lens Protocol Introduces Bonsai, a Blockchain Scaling Solution for Social Media
DeFi companies are coming up with new developments to provide greater security, faster transactions, and more earning opportunities for crypto traders. For example, DigiToads (TOADS) is among the top listed altcoins to watch out for even during the presale, and Lens Protocol has developed a new L-3 decentralized social media scaling solution. DigiToads (TOADS) Continue […]
31 day ago cointelegraph
US lawmakers hold EU and UK as examples of crypto regulation in joint hearing
With the European Union coming closer to passing the Markets in Crypto Assets framework and Kraken in the process of investing in the United Kingdom, lawmakers are taking notice.
35 days ago cryptopotato
Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak Gives Dangeours Tesla Cars as AI Example Gone Wrong
Wozniak believes Elon Musk's Tesla is an example of AI gone wrong, adding that the vehicle could kill.
39 days ago nulltx
Pepe (PEPE) Rose 21,000% in 4 Days, DigiToads (TOADS) on path to do the same
If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss right now, it is the meme coin price rally of the cryptocurrency market. In the recent past, there has been a surge in meme coins that have clocked impressive positive price action. Take the example of Pepe Coin which rose by over 21,0000% in just four days. […]
44 days ago nulltx
As Filecoin (FIL) and Polkadot (DOT) Prices Stagnate, Is it Time to Switch to Digitoads (TOADS)
The cryptocurrency market is volatile and constantly on the move. While this volatility can bring significant returns, it can also lead to losses, and the current DeFi market is a prime example of this. After a brief hype, both Filecoin (FIL) and Polkadot (DOT) are stagnating, and even Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a dip to […]
46 days ago cointelegraph
5 real-world applications of natural language processing (NLP)
Chatbots, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text summarization and machine translation are some examples of real-world applications of NLP.

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