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1 day agocryptodaily
Crypto Weekly Roundup: Ethereum Unstaking, Genesis And More
Let’s take a closer look at the multitude of ways that the FTX crash continues to affect market conditions, global regulations, and liquidity pools. Bitcoin The El Salvadoran Minister of the Economy has introduced a bill that will enable the Bukele government to raise $1 billion in order to build out its proposed Bitcoin city. United States Senators issued another letter to Fidelity Investments, urging it to reconsider offering Bitcoin to its customers following the total collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX. As Bitcoin continues its descent to a bottom and the rest of crypto follows, those with the money, especially billionaires, still hold on to their firm beliefs in the industry. Ethereum Ethereum developers have finally begun testing the withdrawal of staked ETH with the launch of a new developer network. The hacker behind the attack on the FTX exchange has started offloading ETH worth millions of dollars, resulting in a dramatic drop in the price of the cryptocurrency. DeFi MakerDAO has announced that it has passed a governance vote to remove Alameda Research-linked renBTC from its stablecoin collateral vaults. Crypto trader Avraham Eisenberg, responsible for the Mango Markets exploit, has seen his short position liquidated, thanks to a series of wild swings in the CRV price. Altcoins The United States was added to the list of regions geo-blocked from using an upcoming Apecoin staking service. Technology The deputy governor of the Bank of England has said that following the FTX crash, crypto must have regulations to protect consumers and the wider financial system. Business The United Kingdom and Singapore agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to boost financial technology (FinTech) trade and cooperation between the two nations. Binance, CrossTower, and Wave Financial are bidding once more for the grand prize of Voyager Digital and its assets. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has said that the turmoil in the market does not indicate the end for crypto; in fact, according to him, it is just the beginning of a new chapter. However, in a now-deleted tweet, CZ seemed to have cast serious aspersions about Coinbase and Grayscale. Singapore-based crypto lender Hodlnaut is reportedly facing an investigation by the Singapore police related to alleged fraud and cheating. Hackers targeted crypto venture capitalist and Fenbushi founder Bo Shen’s private Ethereum wallet and drained it of crypto worth $42 million. FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried will be talking with New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin at the DealBook Summit on Wednesday. Cathie Wood’s ARK Invest has taken advantage of the bear market and bought over a million shares of Coinbase this month. Genesis has claimed that it is in talks with investors and wants to resolve its fund shortage without filing for bankruptcy. Crypto hedge fund Grayscale has refused to follow the trend of disclosing proof of reserves, citing security concerns. Regulations A Belgian regulatory body has declared that BTC, ETH, or any other cryptocurrency generated by computer code is not classified as securities. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for tighter crypto regulations in Africa in order to stunt any further growth on the continent. Lawmakers in Russia are working on changing legislation to allow a national crypto exchange after holding anti-crypto views for years. NFT Leading toy brand Mattel will be launching its own digital collectibles marketplace on its direct-to-consumer platform, Mattel Creations. Football fans following the FIFA 2022 World Cup in Qatar can now buy digital merchandise to support their favorite teams, including “tokenized” NFTs of the most incredible goals. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day agocryptopotato
XRP on the Verge of Closing a Second Green Weekly Candle, What’s Next? (Ripple Price Analysis)
Ripple is on the verge of closing its second green weekly candle. However, there is a horizontal obstacle on the way to higher levels, which will be discussed further below. Technical Analysis By Grizzly The Daily Chart: XRP managed to recapture the 200-day moving average line (in white) on the daily chart after struggling since […]
2 days agocryptodaily
MakerDAO Removes Alameda-linked renBTC As Reserve Collateral
MakerDAO has announced that it has passed a governance vote which will remove Alameda Research-linked renBTC from its stablecoin collateral vaults. The move comes after the team at Ren stated that the current Ren 1.0 protocol will be closed. Ren was funded by Sam Bankman-Fried founded Alameda Research. RenBTC Removed As Reserve Collateral MakerDAO, the issuer of the decentralized DAI stablecoin, has announced that it had passed a governance proposal to remove renBTC from its collateral vaults. The move was announced to reduce the stablecoin’s exposure to what the DAO deems a risky asset following the collapse of FTX and Alameda Research. RenBTC is a wrapped stablecoin asset developed by Ren Protocol, a project backed by Alameda Research. MakerDAO enables users to mint the DAI stablecoin by depositing excess crypto as collateral. In 2020, the protocol announced that users could deposit renBTC in special “RENBTC-A” vaults and mint the DAI stablecoin. MakerDAO announced the news in a tweet, stating, “This is an important notice to all RENBTC-A users. In light of the uncertainty surrounding the Ren Protocol, and following Risk Core Unit’s recommendation, Maker Governance voted to offboard the RENBTC-A vault type.” Community Supports Removal The vote on the proposal saw 100% of the MakerDAO delegates favoring the removal of renBTC from the collateral vaults. London Business School Blockchain, which functions as a MakerDAO delegate, stated, “With Alameda filing for bankruptcy and the elevated risk of renBTC depegging, we support offboard renBTC as collateral to minimize risk to the platform.” At present, there are several renBTC vaults on Maker. These have collectively loaned out over 850,000 DAI. With the vote to remove renBTC passing, these positions will be liquidated beginning the 7th of December, according to the approved vote. Maker’s risk unit added that the liquidation ratio for the positions will be set at 5000%, guaranteeing that liquidations will be triggered. Ren 1.0 To Shut Down The Ren project was acquired by the sister firm of FTX, Alameda Research, and began receiving quarterly funding from the firm. However, shortly after the acquisition of Ren, FTX and Alameda filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Following this, the Ren team stated that the current tokenized Bitcoin offering, called Ren 1.0, would be shut down. Ren 1.0 would be replaced by a new community-run Ren 2.0. The team has also put any new renBTC issuance on hold and asked users to burn the circulating tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and claim them back to the original chain. The team also added that the team would require additional funding to develop the second version of Ren. Any Risk To Ren? While renBTC is currently stable, Maker’s Risk Core Unit added that the DAO’s offboarding of the asset could lead it to de-peg from Bitcoin. Maker explained that with burning disabled, it had only a limited window to offload the collateral and minimize any potential complications. It further added that the protocol’s offloading from the RENBTC-A vaults does not represent any threat to the overall financial health of the Maker Protocol. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
3 days agocryptodaily
CZ screenshots today’s crypto prices for future reference
The CEO of the world’s biggest crypto exchange says that it’s not the end for crypto. He notes the prices today so he can look back at them in years to come. Changpeng Zhao, commonly known as CZ, heads up the Binance cryptocurrency exchange with a $76 billion daily trading volume, and 90 million customers worldwide (Coinmarketcap). On Thursday he tweeted that it wasn’t the end of crypto, but the “beginning of a new chapter”. He also posted a screenshot of the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin, saying “Just noted today’s crypto price for future reference”. It's not the end of crypto. Far from it. It's the beginning of a new chapter.Just noted today’s crypto price for future reference. — CZ
3 days agocoindesk
Binance Allocates Another $1B for Its Crypto Recovery Fund
Other prominent crypto players, including Aptos Labs and Jump Crypto, have also joined Binance's initiative.
3 days agocoindesk
Jump Crypto, Aptos Labs Commit to Binance-Led $1B Recovery Fund
Several prominent crypto companies including Aptos Labs and Jump Crypto will contribute $50 million to the planned $1 billion Industry Recovery Initiative (IRI).
4 days agocryptodaily
SBF To Be Interviewed At NYT Event
The FTX founder will be talking with New York Times columnist Andrew Sorkin at the DealBook Summit on Wednesday. SBF Announces Interview Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) will be making his first virtual appearance at a public event since the collapse of his FTX ecosystem. On Wednesday, the disgraced founder announced on Twitter that he would be appearing at the DealBook Summit organized by the New York Times on November 30. He disclosed that he would be sitting down for a chat with Andrew Sorkin, who is the founder and editor-at-large of DealBook at the New York Times, He tweeted, “I’ll be speaking with Andrew Sorkin at the Dealbook summit next Wednesday (11/30).” “Nothing Is Off Limits” SBF, who is currently under investigation by law enforcement agencies and financial regulators, is still holed up in the Bahamas, where his now-defunct crypto exchange is headquartered. Although he will not be physically present in New York during the event, a spokesperson with the New York Times disclosed that Bankman-Fried would be participating in the interview virtually from the Bahamas. Sorkin has also confirmed that he will be interviewing with SBF and has even insinuated that he will be bringing up several difficult yet pertinent topics. He tweeted, “A lot of folks have been asking if I would still be interviewing SBF at the New York Times DealBook Summit on Nov 30…The answer is yes. There are a lot of important questions to be asked and answered. Nothing is off limits.” The Downfall Of The Crypto Poster Boy Bankman-Fried had long positioned himself as the poster child of responsible crypto investing. He had been buying out undervalued assets, loaning money for bailouts, and exhibiting fiscal restraint. He has even lobbied US regulators and Congress members and advocated for a bipartisan crypto bill. However, this image collapsed when news broke of discrepancies in FTX’s balance sheets. The exchange’s native FTT token started plummeting in value. This tanked Bankman-Fried’s personal valuation as well, as most of his wealth was held in FTT. He lost his billionaire status almost overnight, with a 95% drop in net worth from $16 billion to $995 million. Soon after, the company applied for Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, and SBF stepped down from his position as CEO of FTX. Although he has been quite vocal on Twitter, the DealBook interview will be the first one he will voluntarily attend, albeit virtually, since the collapse. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days agocryptodaily
El Salvador To Issue Bitcoin Bonds, Crypto Daily TV 24/11/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Crypto mining firm Foundry buys some of Compute North's assets. Crypto mining and staking firm Foundry will buy two "turnkey" crypto mining assets with a total of 17 megawatt capacity from bitcoin miner Compute North, which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in late September. Why Binance Coin, Litecoin, and Zcash Are Seeing Double-Digit Surges Today Ahead of today's highly anticipated release of the minutes from the last Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, investors in a range of risk assets see notable surges. In the cryptocurrency space, this is certainly true, with many top tokens seeing double-digit gains in today's session. EL Salvador steps forward to issuing controversial Bitcoin bonds. El Salvador’s presidency dispatched a digital-securities bill to lawmakers, taking the nation a step closer to raising $1 billion via the world’s first sovereign blockchain bond. BTC/USD skyrocketed 1.6% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair skyrocketed 1.6% in the last session. The Williams indicator gives a positive signal. Support is at 15373.6667 and resistance is at 16699.6667. The Williams indicator is currently in positive territory. ETH/USD skyrocketed 2.9% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair gained 2.9% in the last session after rising as much as 4.2% during the session. The MACD gives a negative signal, which matches our overall technical analysis. Support is at 1056.0533 and resistance is at 1183.4733. The MACD is currently in negative territory. XRP/USD gained 0.9% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair gained 0.9% in the last session after rising as much as 1.6% during the session. The Stochastic-RSI indicates an overbought market. Support is at 0.3414 and resistance is at 0.3953. The Stochastic-RSI is signalling an overbought market. LTC/USD exploded 10.8% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair skyrocketed 10.8% in the last session. The MACD gives a positive signal, which matches our overall technical analysis. Support is at 57.7567 and resistance is at 77.5367. The MACD is currently in the positive zone. Daily Economic Calendar: DE IFO – Business Climate The IFO Business Climate index is regarded as an early indicator of current conditions and business expectations. The Institute surveys enterprises on their assessment of the economic situation. Germany's IFO – Business Climate will be released at 09:00 GMT, Germany's IFO – Current Assessment at 09:00 GMT, Germany's IFO – Expectations at 09:00 GMT. DE IFO – Current Assessment The IFO Current Assessment regarded as an indicator of current conditions and business expectations in Germany. The Institute surveys enterprises on their assessment of the current business situation and their short-term planning. DE IFO – Expectations The IFO Expectations are regarded as an indicator of business expectations for the next six months. It is based on a survey in which firms rate the future outlook as better, the same, or worse. JP Tokyo Consumer Price Index The Tokyo Consumer Price Index released by the Statistics Bureau is a measure of price movements obtained from the retail prices of a representative shopping basket of goods and services. Japan's Tokyo Consumer Price Index will be released at 23:30 GMT, Japan's Tokyo CPI at 23:30 GMT, Japan's Jibun Bank Manufacturing PMI at 00:30 GMT. JP Tokyo CPI The Tokyo Consumer Price Index released by the Statistics Bureau is a measure of price movements obtained from the retail prices of a representative shopping basket of goods and services. JP Jibun Bank Manufacturing PMI The Jibun Bank Manufacturing PMI gives an early snapshot of the health of the Japanese manufacturing sector. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days agocryptodaily
VRJAM Reveals New Project Supported By Epic Games Ahead Of VRJAM's Coin Launch
London, United Kingdom, 24th November, 2022, ChainwireLeading immersive live events platform VRJAM today unveiled an exciting new project to empower artists to perform live in the metaverse, powered by the world's no. 1 game developer, Epic Games. Epic Games have supported VRJAM's work on this revolutionary project by way of an 'Epic Megagrant', made available to the company to help power the development of a software solution to activate live performances inside 3D graphical apps and games, thus enabling VRJAM's live event tech to be accessed by developers and app publishers using Epic's own 'Unreal Engine' software development platform. Other recipients of financial support from the Epic Megarants fund include industry leaders Pixar Studios, Cambridge University, and The Jim Henson Company. VRJAM's cooperation with Epic Games follows VRJAM's recent announcements of partnerships with major companies and brands, such as interactive metaverse concert streamer Animal Concerts, Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol Polygon, and Martian 3D mapping company Mars4. This announcement heralds the launch of VRJAM's native cryptocurrency VRJAM Coin which is scheduled to launch on the market and cryptocurrency exchanges on the 30th of November. These achievements alongside the receipt of an Epic MegaGrant all highlight the potential and capability of VRJAM's solutions. The software solution that VRJAM is building with Epic's support is a live performance toolset that empowers content creators to publish real-time computer graphical content on a wide array of platforms using advanced motion capture and CG avatar technology. By combining the power of Unreal Engine's suite of photoreal asset tools with VRJAM's creators and partners, the project will engineer experiences that rival reality in every way. In the future, VRJAM plans to engage a wide array of high-profile Epic developers to integrate with their live events platform thus creating an interoperability solution for games and apps in the Web3 vertical. This remarkable combination of technologies will create metaverse events that offer an unparalleled degree of authenticity and realism, allowing fans and performers to co-exist within a single, hyperreal space, thus bringing fans and artists closer together than ever before. At the heart of this experience, VRJAM's native currency VRJAM Coin will exist to create new ways to value and monetize these live experiences using the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. VRJAM's native currency launches and becomes available for trade on cryptocurrency exchanges on the 30th of November, to get early access to purchase VRJAM Coin head to the Enjistarter Launchpad and secure your place in the VRJAM community - To find out more follow VRJAM on Twitter ( or check out the VRJAM website, – About Epic Megagrants Founded in 1991, Epic Games is an American company founded by CEO Tim Sweeney. The company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, and has more than 40 offices worldwide. Today Epic is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology. Epic operates Fortnite, one of the world's largest games with over 350 million accounts and 2.5 billion friend connections. Epic also develops the Unreal Engine, which powers the world's leading games and is also adopted across industries such as film and television, architecture, automotive, manufacturing, and simulation. Epic Games has committed to providing financial grants to creative, noteworthy, and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine, and to projects that enhance the open-source 3D graphics ecosystem. Grants range from $5,000 to $500,000 and cover a variety of endeavors from game development, architecture projects, and film production, to academic uses and software tool development. About VRJAM VRJAM is a real-time platform for virtual events and immersive content creation. Our platform empowers creators and brands to offer fans inspiring immersive experiences that redefine fan engagement. VRJAM works with the world's leading content creators, celebrities, artists, and culture brands to redefine fan experience in the digital space. These experiences are monetized using VRJAM's native cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin, and also by way of the creation of revolutionary new types of NFTs that are native to the virtual world of VRJAM. Twitter Telegram Discord Instagram facebookContactMarketing LeadAshley [email protected]+310627165641
4 days agonulltx
Oryen Network Most Bullish Presale 2022 – Invest into the staking platform alongside Chainlink, Aptos and Binance Coin
Bullish momentums are the highlights of any investment venture, and when it comes to the cryptocurrency niche, presales are the best opportunities to generate excellent returns. Oryen Network is an auto-staking and auto-compounding platform, the first of its kind in DeFi. The platform is experiencing its most bullish presale in 2022, due to its incredible […] The post Oryen Network Most Bullish Presale 2022 – Invest into the staking platform alongside Chainlink, Aptos and Binance Coin appeared first on NullTX.
4 days agocryptopotato
DCG Subsidiary to Acquire Bitcoin Mining Facilities and Other Assets From Compute North
Compute North had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in September.
5 days agocryptodaily
$100m EOS Fund Aims to Usher in New Era for OG Blockchain
Image source: Twitter The recent announcement of a $100m war chest for EOS projects caught the crypto community by surprise, not least due to an otherwise gloomy picture in the markets following the collapse of FTX. Just two days after FTX and Alameda Research filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, EOS Network Foundation (ENF) CEO Yves La Rose took to Twitter to let the cat out of the bag, promising that the $100m ecosystem fund would be ring-fenced for investment in purely EOS projects. With the dust having settled on that announcement, how will this significant capital investment position EOS in 2023? Particularly given the increasing competitiveness of the space, as new blockchains like Sui, Aptos and Midnight vow to take the fight to OG networks like Ethereum, Cardano and EOS itself. Funding From Within According to La Rose, the goal of launching the ecosystem fund is to make EOS the number one choice for web2 businesses transitioning into web3, and for developers keen to launch new projects. Interestingly, the ENF founder also suggested that the $100m was merely starter capital, noting that the Foundation expects “to grow the size of the fund significantly as we continue to foster positive relationships with crypto VCs.” The fund will be exclusively managed by a newly-created VC, EOS Network Ventures (ENV), a long-mooted pillar of the ecosystem first cited in an ENF report at the turn of the year. In accordance with this community-centric approach, the capital was tabled as a multi-signature proposal on-chain, with a majority of EOS Block Producers green lighting the move. So, what can we expect from the fund? Since the announcement was made, we have gained a better understanding about how the capital will be deployed. In a detailed FAQ, ENV explained that it aims to attract capital investment and deploy that capital for the benefit of EOS as a whole; projects it is specifically seeking to target include those related to blockchain gaming (GameFi), the metaverse, eSports, NFTs, and fintech/DeFi. The FAQ also clarified that both the EOS Network Foundation and EOS Network Ventures will operate as independent entities, following distinct but complementary mandates to serve the EOS blockchain. An essential component of the fund will be a buyback-and-burn program, intended to drive value back to holders of EOS’ eponymous digital asset. “One problem we’ve seen all too often in the crypto community is a misalignment of incentives between VCs and the community,” says La Rose. “What makes EOS Network Ventures unique is that their incentives are aligned with the EOS community. As a result, ENV has a vested interest in helping the EOS ecosystem.” As to the personnel tasked with vetting and backing web3 projects, that is yet to be decided. In the aforementioned FAQ, it is stated that the EOS-focused VC has not yet been formalized, with the early priority being approval of the fund itself. In the coming months, the EOS Network Foundation will recruit experienced financiers to manage the fund, with existing EOS Fund Management (EFM) multisig members acting as both custodians of the treasury and limited partners in the VC. A Watershed Moment However you slice it, this fund is a major statement of intent from EOS and a necessary step if the network hopes to grow and succeed. As La Rose says, making $100m available for projects in light of current market conditions is great news for the smart contract platform first launched in 2017. 2022 has been a banner year for VC investment in blockchain, and other networks have unveiled similar war chests over the past 12 months; most notably the NEAR Foundation’s $100m fund announced in September. The key, of course, will be for EOS Network Ventures to back the right horses, winning web3 protocols that drive people to EOS instead of its countless competitors.
6 days agocryptodaily
Sui Blockchain Recruits Ankr for RPC Capabilities
Sui, the Move-based blockchain founded by a team of Meta alumni, has brought web3 infrastructure provider Ankr aboard to provide RPC (Remote Call Procedure) services. The landmark partnership will make it easier for developers and projects to build on Sui’s permissionless layer-1 network, which recently launched its first testnet Wave 1. Ankr, which specializes in connecting developers, dApps, wallets and exchanges to blockchains, will help Sui reach a bigger audience according to its Head of Product Josh Neuroth. “Sui’s new technology and Move-based development, paired with Ankr’s easy connection to the blockchain, will create a building environment that is easy and intuitive enough to open the doors to a growing set of new developers and projects,” Neuroth predicted. “We are very excited to support Sui so Web3 developers can build faster on what is shaping up to be a promising new ecosystem.” A New Dawn for Sui Ankr’s release of an RPC connection for Sui will essentially allow web3 developers and dApps to interface with the fast-growing network, making request calls and receiving information returns that mirror results they would get by running a full node on their own. According to Neuroth, Ankr’s high-performance RPC node infrastructure will make it much easier for projects to build on Sui, which describes itself as a “boundless platform to build rich and dynamic on-chain assets from gaming to finance.” Designed to facilitate instant finality, low latency and human-readable signing requests, Sui is built around a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. It is one of two projects that splintered off from Meta’s ill-fated blockchain venture Diem, with the other, Aptos, having already inked its own deal with Ankr in October. Like Aptos, a project with which it is destined to be compared, Sui is pitched at developers of DeFi protocols, launchpads, DEXs, NFT platforms and crypto wallets. At present, the Sui team is busy collating feedback from developers, node operators and builders on both its devnet and Wave 1 testnet. Although no date has yet been set for the launch of the Sui mainnet, Ankr has committed to publishing additional documents, features and tools when the network goes live. In the meantime, it is hoped that Ankr’s geo-distributed and decentralized Sui RPC will empower Sui-curious dApp developers to put the blockchain through its paces. As well as providing infrastructure to blockchains such as BSC, Fantom, and Polygon, Ankr offers a suite of developer tools including Liquid Staking SDK, Web3 Gaming SDK, and AppChains As a Service. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days agocryptodaily
Is Genesis Filing For Bankruptcy?
Genesis has claimed that it is in talks with investors and wants to resolve its fund shortage without filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Filing Not Imminent Crypto lending platform Genesis might not be one of the dominos that toppled over in the aftermath of the FTX debacle. The company has refuted reports of an imminent bankruptcy filing. It has been in a $1 billion shortfall due to its significant exposure to the defunct crypto exchange FTX. Earlier, there were reports that the firm was having trouble raising money to cover the shortfall and was considering filing for bankruptcy. Although the company never announced a bankruptcy filing, several people familiar with the matter claimed so. However, in a more recent turn of events, a company spokesperson has refuted these claims. According to them, the company is continuing to explore other alternatives through constructive decisions with creditors and has no plans to file for bankruptcy as of now. They stated, “We have no plans to file bankruptcy imminently. Our goal is to resolve the current situation consensually without the need for any bankruptcy filing. Genesis continues to have constructive conversations with creditors.” Genesis Needs $1B Emergency Loan Genesis’s misfortunes started with the downfall of the FTX crypto exchange. The lending platform, which had around $175 million locked away in its FTX trading account, experienced a severe liquidity crisis. According to reports, it had extended a loan to Alameda Research, accepting FTT tokens as collateral, which plummeted to zero after FTX’s collapse. As a result, the Genesis team had to freeze all withdrawals and start considering its options. The company was approaching major investors like Binance and Apollo Global Management for a $1 billion emergency cash loan. However, Binance, which was considered a significant potential backer, turned down the investment. As of now, the company is still attempting to raise funds but might need to go the Chapter 11 route if all other options fail to materialize. Where Does DCG Stand? Industry-wide shockwaves are still destabilizing companies and firms involved in the FTX mess. Grayscale Investment’s Bitcoin ETF, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), is another such firm that has suffered in the aftermath, with its shares dropping by record percentages. Both Genesis and Grayscale Investments share the same parent company, Digital Currency Group (DCG), which already had to bail Genesis out after it was exposed to the now-defunct Three Arrows Capital (3AC) a few months back. Will DCG have to come to Genesis’s rescue once again? What about its own financial health? The questions are building. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days agocryptodaily
Top 50 FTX Creditors Owed $3.1B, Crypto Daily TV 22/11/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: FTX owes its top 50 creditors a huge amount Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX owes its 50 biggest creditors nearly $3.1 billion, according to a court filing. The exchange — which was worth $32 billion earlier this year — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, after a week of liquidity crisis. US court approves deadline for Celsius customers to file proofs of claim. A U.S. court has approved collapsed crypto lender Celsius' request to set a deadline for customers to file proofs of claim in the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. Celsius' motion, approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York last week, requires customers to submit proofs of claim on or before Jan. 3, 2023. Crypto lender Genesis says no immediate plans to file for bankruptcy Cryptocurrency lender Genesis said on Monday it has no immediate plans to file for bankruptcy, days after the collapse of crypto exchange FTX forced it to suspend customer redemptions. Shuttered AAX will close out derivatives. AAX will close out derivatives positions as it attempts to return to normal following a hack, the Hong Kong crypto exchange said in a statement. The exchange has been shuttered since Nov. 13 after a malicious attack made it impossible to verify customer balances or allow withdrawals. BTC/USD dove 4.0% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair dove 4.0% in the last session. According to the CCI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 15845.6667 and resistance is at 16959.6667. The CCI is signalling an oversold market. ETH/USD plummeted 3.6% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair plummeted 3.6% in the last session. According to the CCI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 1077.8333 and resistance is at 1258.6533. The CCI is signalling an oversold market. XRP/USD dove 1.1% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair plummeted 1.1% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal, going against our overall technical analysis. Support is at 0.3349 and resistance is at 0.4092. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. LTC/USD plummeted 2.8% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair dove 2.8% in the last session. The Williams indicator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 58.2667 and resistance is at 66.5467. The Williams indicator is currently in positive territory. US Redbook Index The Johnson Redbook Index measures the year-over-year same-store sales growth from a sample of large general merchandise retailers. The US Redbook Index will be released at 13:55 GMT, the US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock at 21:30 GMT, the Eurozone's Consumer Confidence at 15:00 GMT. US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock The API’s Weekly Statistical Bulletin reports overall U.S. and regional data relating to refinery operations and the production of the four major petroleum products. EMU Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence is a leading index that measures the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. EMU Current Account The Current Account measures net flow of current transactions, including goods, services and interest payments into and out of the local economy. The Eurozone's Current Account will be released at 09:00 GMT, the Belgian Consumer Confidence Index at 10:00 GMT, and the UK's Public Sector Net Borrowing at 07:00 GMT. BE Consumer Confidence Index Consumer Confidence captures the sentiment that individuals have regarding the economic activity. A high level of consumer confidence indicates a stronger economy. UK Public Sector Net Borrowing The Net Borrowing captures the amount of new debt held by the U.K. government, i.e., the financial deficit in the UK national accounts. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days agozycrypto
Collapsed Celsius Sets January 3 as Deadline for Filing Claims Following Court Ruling
The US bankruptcy court of the Southern District of New York has approved a request by insolvent crypto lender Celsius to move the Proof of Claims submission deadline to January 3, 2023. The directive targets individuals with claims against Celsius Network LLC and its seven affiliates- listed as debtors in the ongoing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. […]
7 days agonulltx
Investors seek refuge at Oryen Network after FTX,, and crackdown
The once-respected cryptocurrency trading platform FTX filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11 due to severe liquidity concerns. Following this tragedy was a discovery by analysts that 320,000 Ether had been transferred suspiciously between and, raising more concerns about the security and viability of these two companies. As a result, confidence in […] The post Investors seek refuge at Oryen Network after FTX,, and crackdown appeared first on NullTX.
10 days agocoindesk
Sui Network, a New Blockchain From Ex-Meta Employees, Launches Its Testnet
The competitor to the Aptos blockchain said that developers can continue to use its devnet.
10 days agocoindesk
Bitcoin Holds Steady Over $16K Amid Widening FTX Fallout
Bitcoin has been trading flat this week, even as more companies admit exposure to crypto exchange FTX, which has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.
11 days agocointelegraph
Breaking down FTX’s bankruptcy: How it differs from other Chapter 11 cases
The FTX bankruptcy has left creditors, investors and industry experts questioning what will happen next — Here is what we can expect.
11 days agocoindesk
Voyager Token Surges on Report Binance to Offer Lifeline to the Bankrupt Crypto Lender
Voyager filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in early July, citing more than 100,000 creditors and as much as $10 billion in assets and liabilities.
12 days agocryptopotato
FTX’s Bahamas Entity Files for Chapter 15 Bankruptcy Protection in the US: Report
The stunning downfall has prompted lawmakers around the world to closely scrutinize the company and the industry at large.
15 days agocointelegraph
Sam Bankman-Fried denies rumors that he fled to Argentina
SBF stepped down as CEO of FTX on Nov. 11 after initiating Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in the District of Delaware.
16 days agocointelegraph
'Need to update my LinkedIn' — FTX Ventures head resigns: Report
Amy Wu’s resignation followed the news 134 companies associated with the FTX Group would be filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 11 in the United States.

About Aptos

The live price of Aptos (APT) today is 4.4526 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Aptos at 130,000,000 APT, its market capitalization stands at 578,836,671 USD. In the last 24 hours APT price has moved 0.0216 USD or 0.00% while 82,484,100 USD worth of APT has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of APT puts it at #68 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

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Aptos Price4.4526 USD
Market Rank#68
Market Cap578,836,671 USD
24h Volume70,904,949 USD
Circulating Supply130,000,000 APT
Max SupplyNo Data
Yesterday's Market Cap622,223,900 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close4.7647 USD / 4.7863 USD
Yesterday's High / Low5.0151 USD / 4.6596 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.00% ( 0.0216 USD )
Yesterday's Volume82,484,100 USD
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