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0.00003616 BTC
Market Cap (Rank#145)
7,399 BTC
Vol 24h
893.392 BTC
Circulating Supply
Max Supply

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About Arkham?

The live price of Arkham (ARKM) today is 2.5183 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Arkham at 204,600,000 ARKM, its market capitalization stands at 515,250,658 USD. In the last 24 hours ARKM price has moved 0.2663 USD or 0.12% while 65,504,172 USD worth of ARKM has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of ARKM puts it at #145 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Arkham blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency ARKM and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Arkham (ARKM) is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that aims to redefine the way we think about digital assets. With its innovative technology and unique features, Arkham is poised to disrupt the traditional financial system and empower individuals with financial sovereignty. Built on a robust blockchain platform, Arkham offers scalability, security, privacy, and decentralization, making it an ideal choice for both individuals and businesses seeking a reliable and efficient digital currency.

Technology & Mechanism

Consensus Mechanism

Arkham utilizes a cutting-edge consensus mechanism known as Proof of Stake (PoS). Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that rely on energy-intensive mining processes, PoS allows users to validate transactions and secure the network by holding a certain amount of ARKM in their wallets. This energy-efficient approach not only reduces the environmental impact but also ensures faster transaction confirmations and a more sustainable ecosystem.

Blockchain Technology

Arkham operates on a highly advanced blockchain technology that combines the best features of both public and private blockchains. It leverages a hybrid blockchain architecture, enabling secure and transparent transactions while preserving user privacy. This innovative approach sets Arkham apart from its competitors and positions it as a frontrunner in the cryptocurrency space.

Key Features


Arkham is designed to handle a high volume of transactions without compromising speed or efficiency. Its scalable infrastructure ensures that the network can accommodate increased demand, making it suitable for both everyday transactions and enterprise-level applications.


Security is a top priority for Arkham. The blockchain is built with robust cryptographic algorithms and advanced encryption techniques, ensuring that transactions and user data remain secure and tamper-proof. Additionally, the PoS consensus mechanism provides an extra layer of security by discouraging malicious actors from attempting to attack the network.


Arkham recognizes the importance of privacy in the digital age. It incorporates advanced privacy features, such as zero-knowledge proofs and ring signatures, to protect user identities and transaction details. With Arkham, users can enjoy the benefits of a decentralized currency without compromising their privacy.


Decentralization lies at the core of Arkham's philosophy. By eliminating the need for intermediaries, Arkham empowers individuals to have full control over their funds and transactions. The decentralized nature of Arkham ensures that no single entity can manipulate or control the network, promoting a fair and transparent financial ecosystem.

Development Team & Governance

Arkham is backed by a team of experienced developers and industry experts who are passionate about revolutionizing the financial landscape. The team is committed to continuous improvement and community engagement, ensuring that Arkham remains at the forefront of technological advancements. Additionally, Arkham employs a decentralized governance model, allowing token holders to participate in decision-making processes and shape the future of the project.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

Arkham has a wide range of potential use cases across various industries. Its fast and secure transactions make it ideal for everyday purchases, while its scalability and privacy features make it suitable for enterprise-level applications. Additionally, Arkham can facilitate cross-border transactions, remittances, and micropayments, providing a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional banking systems. With its potential to disrupt the financial industry, Arkham has the power to empower individuals and businesses worldwide.

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

Arkham can be purchased on several reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. Simply create an account, deposit funds, and search for ARKM in the trading pairs. Once you have acquired ARKM, you can store it in a compatible wallet for safekeeping.

Wallets & Storage

To ensure the security of your Arkham holdings, it is recommended to use a hardware wallet or a reputable software wallet. Hardware wallets, such as Ledger or Trezor, provide an offline storage solution that protects your private keys from online threats. Software wallets, such as Arkham's official wallet, offer a convenient and secure way to store your ARKM tokens. Remember to backup your wallet and keep your private keys secure to prevent any unauthorized access.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Arkham has forged strategic partnerships and collaborations with leading companies and organizations in the blockchain and financial sectors. These partnerships not only enhance the credibility and adoption of Arkham but also open up new avenues for innovation and growth. By joining forces with industry leaders, Arkham is well-positioned to drive the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies and revolutionize the financial landscape.


Arkham has an ambitious roadmap that outlines its future plans and objectives. The roadmap includes the development of new features, enhancements to the existing infrastructure, and expansion into new markets. By following a clear roadmap, Arkham aims to stay ahead of the curve and deliver innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its users.

Risks & Challenges

As with any emerging technology, Arkham faces certain risks and challenges. Regulatory uncertainty, market volatility, and technological hurdles are some of the potential obstacles that Arkham and its ecosystem may encounter. However, the team behind Arkham is committed to addressing these challenges head-on and ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the project.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


Arkham boasts a vibrant and supportive community of users, developers, and enthusiasts. The community actively engages in discussions, provides feedback, and contributes to the growth and development of the project. Through community-driven initiatives and collaborations, Arkham aims to foster a strong and inclusive ecosystem that empowers its members.

Regulatory Compliance

Arkham recognizes the importance of regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency space. The project adheres to applicable laws and regulations, ensuring transparency and accountability. By working closely with regulatory bodies and adopting best practices, Arkham aims to build trust and confidence among users and stakeholders. In conclusion, Arkham is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency that combines advanced technology, scalability, security, privacy, and decentralization. With its innovative features and potential use cases, Arkham has the power to disrupt the traditional financial system and empower individuals worldwide. As the project continues to evolve and gain traction, Arkham is poised to shape the future of finance and revolutionize the way we transact and store value. For more information about Arkham, visit their official website [insert link] and join the vibrant community [insert link].
Arkham Price2.5183 USD
Market Rank#145
Market Cap515,250,658 USD
24h Volume62,213,111 USD
Circulating Supply204,600,000 ARKM
Max Supply1,000,000,000 ARKM
Yesterday's Market Cap527,724,832 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close2.313 USD / 2.5793 USD
Yesterday's High / Low2.587 USD / 2.2796 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.12% ( 0.2663 USD )
Yesterday's Volume65,504,172 USD
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