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1h agocryptodaily
Putin Wants Blockchain-Based International Payments System
The Russian president has criticized the number of sanctions imposed upon the country by the west and has called for a payment system independent from external interference. Putin Calls Sanctions “Illegitimate” According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the global financial payment system is highly monopolized. He has criticized the west’s decision to impose sanctions on Russia following his invasion of Ukraine, calling them “illegitimate restrictions.” Putin addressed the financial concerns of international settlements facing the threats of sanctions due to the tense relations between Russia and the Western superpowers. He pointed out, “The existing system of international payments is expensive, the system of its correspondent accounts and regulation are controlled by a narrow club of states and financial groups.” “No Interference In International Payments” He made the comments during his speech at the International AI Journey Conference organized by Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, in Moscow on November 24. In the speech, he expressed that there is a need for a global payment system powered by blockchain technology that will be immune to the interference of banks or governments. His exact words were, “The technology of digital currencies and blockchains can be used to create a new system of international settlements that will be much more convenient, absolutely safe for its users and, most importantly, will not depend on banks or interference by third countries. I am confident that something like this will certainly be created and will develop because nobody likes the dictate of monopolists, which is harming all parties, including the monopolists themselves.” Bank Of Russia Going Pro Crypto Other than President Putin’s pro-crypto comments, the state of crypto in Russia has been quite interesting. Till last year, i.e., before the attack on Ukraine and the subsequent sanctions, the country’s central bank had been very strictly anti-crypto. According to certain experts, the Bank of Russia probably considered cryptocurrency a challenge to its own ruble fiat currency. However, with the changing nature of the geopolitical climate, the central bank has done a complete 180 and pivoted to a more pro-crypto stance, assumably as a foil against the imposed sanctions. In September 2022, the Bank of Russia reached an agreement with the Finance Ministry to legalize cross-border crypto payments. In fact, the Deputy Finance Minister even acknowledged the changing approach to crypto regulation, saying, “The Central Bank has also rethought [the approach] taking into account the fact that the situation has changed, and we are rethinking, because the infrastructure we plan to build is too rigid to use.” Furthermore, the Russian Central Bank is also looking at incorporating blockchain tech and crypto assets into its domestic financial system by working with lawmakers trying to modify legislation to allow for a national crypto exchange. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1h agocryptodaily
Best Crypto Under 1 Cent To Buy Right Now
Many investors regard cryptocurrencies with less than one cent value as a potentially lucrative option to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Indeed, several of these currencies are deserving of your attention and consideration. A variety of factors determine the potential of cryptocurrency. It could be due to the merit of the underlying technology or investment, the strength of the community and team, or even just the power of the marketing campaign. It’s why getting in The Hideaways before proper marketing start is a no-brainer. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is feasible to acquire such forms of digital currencies whose worth is certain to improve over time because they currently have the capacity to do so. Top 3 Best Under A Penny Crypto To Invest In In this article, we will discuss some of the top coins that cost less than one penny to buy at the moment. Dent (DENT) Users of Dent (DENT) are able to utilize eSIM cards and mobile data in order to connect to the internet. Consumers are able to retain ownership of the mobile data they generate and only need to spend for the bandwidth they actually consume as a result of the blockchain technology that underpins the system. Dent has currently amassed a user base of 25 million people and has a market valuation of $69 million. Right now, a single token can be purchased for $0.0007. Holo (HOT) HOLO (HOT) is an alternative distributed ledger system that can host platforms for smart contracts. In addition to this, HOLO is not harmful to the environment. Because of Elon Musk's comments on Bitcoin's energy use, sustainability has become an increasingly important topic, which has resulted in coins like HOLO receiving more attention. In comparison to its all-time high value of $0.03157, the current price of HOLO—which can be purchased for $0.0016—represents a substantial discount. Shiba Inu (SHIB) Over the past year, the Shiba Inu (SHIBA) has seen an increase in demand. Shiba is a more valuable currency than Dogecoin despite its meme notoriety. In addition to this, its market capitalization is significantly lower than that of DOGE. Shiba Inu is an ERC-20 token that will be used on the platform, and the platform has aspirations to establish an ecosystem named ShibaSwap. Soon, ShibaSwap users can earn interest on their investments by staking their Shiba Inu tokens. The price of SHIB right now is $0.000009187. The Hideaways (HDWY) Is The Best To Get Right Now For a 90% yield in USDT and ETH, The Hideaways (HDWY) is the finest option for passive income generation. Because of HDWY's low market cap, you have a fantastic chance to profit from the token's anticipated growth in value by 2023. The HDWY token presale price will be far lower than the token's eventual listing price on an exchange, providing a fantastic opportunity for early adopters and investors. The price of one HDWY token is only $0.08. Using a cryptocurrency with minimal transaction costs can be helpful when making a minor purchase. In addition, new cryptocurrency investors are drawn to low prices because they assume this indicates the cryptocurrency is undervalued. In determining whether a crypto coin is overpriced or underpriced, market capitalization is a key metric to consider. Invest wisely! Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2h agocryptodaily
VRJAM Announces The Initial Exchange Offering Of Its Revolutionary Metaverse Currency, Vrjam Coin
London, United kingdom, 28th November, 2022, ChainwireVRJAM, the leading platform for Web3 live events, today announced the launch of its revolutionary new digital currency VRJAM Coin will IEO on the 30th of November via exchanges and MexC. VRJAM’s and metaverse crypto-coin is currently valued at $US40M and has attracted investment from 15 of the world's leading web3 focussed VC’s and investors. VRJAM first came to market with an ‘alpha state’ product in 2019 and then bootstrapped the business for 4 years, producing double-digit growth year after year. The founder’s tenacious approach ultimately grew the business to become a UK market leader for immersive live events, servicing hundreds of premium content creators and brands along the way. At the start of the month, VRJAM’s public content platform was released after 4 years of development and market validation, download the VRJAM platform app now and dive into the virtual world of 5th Dimension, or create an account on the VRJAM browser application to render a custom avatar and buy VRJAM NFT’s. VRJAM offers a premium content platform for high quality, immersive live events that’s been built based on years of experience servicing clients like Red Bull, Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri La, Twitch (an Amazon-owned company) and even the UK Government’s Creative Industries Council. VRJAM’s technology has also caught the attention of blue-chip tech brands including Google (VRJAM is a member of the elite Google Campus startup accelerator) and the world’s biggest game publisher Epic Games (Epic provided funding and financial support to VRJAM through the prestigious Epic Mega Grants program). The quality of VRJAM’s native currency has been firmly validated by the investments made in the currency to date which total $US2.2M in invested capital, a list of the VCs and investors who've backed VRJAM Coin to date include, NGC Ventures, Sky Vision Capital, DWF Labs, EnjFi, Ventures, Animal Concerts, AU21, Stablenode, Axia 8, Enjin, Eight Rings Ventures, Panony, TPS Capital and Oracle Investment Group. VRJAM Coin is somewhat unique in the web3 vertical due to its focus on the consumer use case. VRJAM Coin is also intended to be used by consumers, brands, and content creators to buy and sell products, content and services inside the rich, virtual world built on the VRJAM platform. This fact means that demand for the coin is magnified by its use by consumers and brands. By way of this extra demand, the token price is somewhat insulated from the storms of the crypto markets, offering investors a safer, more stable opportunity. The VRJAM platform offers a wide array of use cases for its cryptocurrency including buying and selling tickets, avatars, backstage passes, premium content and virtual real estate. VRJAM’s virtual real estate model is also unique and offers a smart alternative to the traditional ‘metaverse land’ investment modelo, find out more about this on the VRJAM website. However the most important part, of the consumer use case that VRJAM Coin addresses, is how consumer conversion from Web2 to Web3 happens. VRJAM’s user acquisition strategy relies on collaboration with global brands and content creators, whereby consumer audiences are offered free access to magical experiences on the VRJAM platform. By cooperating with top creators and brands to offer premium content fans can't get anywhere else, VRJAM gains access to a powerful user acquisition strategy that turns the consumer audiences into account owners and coin holders on the VRJAM platform. A few brands and creators VRJAM already works with to activate live events and content on the platform are Animal Concerts, Polygon Studios, Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus & Avilla Brothers ‘Hardworking Man’ metaverse project, Roger Sanchez, Umek, DJ Craze, Jay Worra and Stanton Warriors. This strategy is enhanced and accelerated by VRJAM’s play-to-earn rewards program, whereby over $US20M in cryptocurrency will be distributed as consumer rewards and incentives to drive adoption of VRAM's technology. On the 30th of November, a number of key events will combine to create a successful market entry for VRJAM Coin including; the activation of VRJAM’s NFT marketplace via the offering of a range of super rare NFTs from top-tier music artists. The launch of VRJAM’s native.staking pools including farming pools and traditional, time-locked pools to give the VRJAM community opportunities to grow their investment and the launch of VRJAM Coin on 2 of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, MexC and The VRJAM Coin initial DEX offering is live now on 3 of the world’s leading IDO launchpads, Trustpad, Kommunitas and Erax. Head to one of VRJAM’s IDO launchpads to invest and join the VRJAM Community About VRJAM VRJAM is an award-winning real-time platform for premium virtual events and immersive social gaming. The VRJAM platform empowers creators and brands to offer fans inspiring immersive experiences that redefine fan engagement within the Web3 environment. Over the last 3 years, the platform has empowered some of the world’s leading brands and artists to redefine fan experience in digital space including Carl Cox, Ultra Records, Twitch, Red Bull and Fatboy Slim to name a few. These experiences are monetized using VRJAM’s native cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin and also by way of the creation of revolutionary new types of NFT’s that are native to the virtual world of VRJAM. The live experience features of the platform combine with elegant smart contract infrastructure and crypto native feature sets to create new ways for brands and content creators to render digital content and engage with fans. VRJAM’s community of partners, advisors and investors includes some of the leading brands in the blockchain space including Polygon, and as well as an array of top tier consumer brands including the world’s leading game publisher, Epic Games. Web Links Website | Twitter| Telegram | LinkedIn | Reddit | Discord | Instagram | Facebook | CoinmarketCap Content Links VRJAM LOGO Cinematic Trailer In-App Gameplay Video Metaverse Live Event Video In-App Images Header Image LeadAshley [email protected]
5h agocryptodaily
Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Bitcoin - says ditch paper assets
According to the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the economy is in a bubble and he suggests that investors “get out of paper assets.” DO NOT listen to what I have to say World famous author and billionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki tweeted some advice on Friday. He did however include the plea “Please DO NOT listen to what I’m going to say next.” In the present culture of suing over just about anything, he probably thought it was better to be safe rather than sorry, as he no doubt knows that only “qualified” persons can give such advice. Be that as it may, the entrepreneur suggested that investors “get out of paper assets”, and said that in his view “the world economy is not a “Market”. Perhaps he was implying here that the world economy is not currently acting like a free market and that there could be some manipulation going on. He ended the tweet by saying “I believe economy is the biggest bubble in world history”, and followed this with: “God have mercy on us all.” Many of you know I do not invest in equities, bonds, ETS or MFs. Please DO NOT listen to what I’m going to say next: “I would get out of paper assets.” The world economy is not a “Market.” I believe economy is the biggest bubble in world history. God have mercy on us all. — therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 25, 2022 Still bullish on Bitcoin The world famous personality maintains that he is still bullish on Bitcoin, saying in a recent interview on the Mark Moss Bitcoin Podcast that the FTX collapse was not Bitcoin. He said that many people in his age group were dismissive of Bitcoin, but said that in his view Bitcoin was “solid”. He thinks that Bitcoin may get to $1 million in the next five years but adds that he favours gold in the current economic climate. SBF-FTT-FTX: Crypto Code for “I see stupid people.” Stupid people who believe Brand Name Universities, can turn polyamorous wierdos into “financial geniuses.” BIG UNIVERSITIES are as corrupt as BIG PHARMA. SBF and FAUCI are both power hungry nerds. WAKE UP! We are being WOKED. — therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 28, 2022 Kiyosaki tweeted again this morning, referring to “stupid people”, “financial geniuses”,”SBF”, BIG PHARMA, and FAUCI, and ending with the exclamation “WAKE UP! We are being WOKED. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agocryptodaily
World's Biggest Web3 Conference DCENTRAL Miami Going All Out for 2022 Edition
Florida, Miami, 25th November, 2022, ChainwireDCENTRAL Miami is thrilled to host a legendary speaker lineup and reveal a dedicated Fashion & Culture track, a “Day of DAOs”, the Minerva Circle’s Women’s Lounge and its initiatives in diversity, and a new immersive experience for its 2022 edition. Last year's event attracted more than 5,000 Web3 enthusiasts to Miami, making it the first and the largest combined Web3 conference ever. Regardless of current market conditions, the organizers have gone all out to top that this year and accounted for even more attendees by booking double the capacity. Returning for its second installment over Nov. 28 and Nov. 29, 2022, DCENTRAL Miami will host a legendary lineup with guest speakers that include producer, rapper and songwriter extraordinaire Timbaland; R&B star and Grammy-winning singer Miguel; UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping; former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp; and two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis. Also appearing will be "Tattoo God in LA" Romeo Lacoste, YouTuber Ben "Bitboy" Armstrong, and pro wrestler PJ Black. Together with the Fashion DAO and Jing Meta, this year's DCENTRAL Miami premiers a Fashion & Culture track. The new, full-day event builds on last year's edition, where DCENTRAL created the world's first dedicated digital fashion area at a Web3 conference. Taking place during Nov. 29, the ten talks and panels cover the latest in digital and metaverse fashion, culture and trends. DCENTRAL is also presenting for the first time DAO Summit, a “Day of DAOs” together with DAO Planet on Nov. 28. The more than six and a half hour of presentations cover a huge range of topics relating to protocol governance, including public goods funding, legal considerations and organizational models. Furthermore, DCENTRAL Miami, with the help of AllStarsWomen DAO, is proud to welcome over 130 prominent female speakers sharing their expertise in Web3 across all the stages and workshop spaces. Minerva's Circle — DCENTRAL’s new diversity initiative — is hosting a Women’s Lounge with support from Mythic Games that features a packed and exclusively female-led workshops on diversity, inclusion and empowering the underserved. As guests arrive at the James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, they are greeted by a 20-foot LED entry cube, but at the heart of the DCENTRAL Miami experience is a fantastical immersive room featuring three entirely screened walls that explore the intersection of art, fashion, technology and culture through immersive experiences, collaborative commissions, NFT drops, living labs and participatory design. DCENTRAL’s NFT Gallery, hosted in partnership with NFT frame company MetaSill, brings yet more surrealism to the conference and will showcase works of digital art pushing the boundaries and steering Web3 culture. Finally Binance Live, CoinMarketCap and Dextools will be live streaming main stage presentations from the eclectic lineup of guests, ranging from native Web3 projects, traditional finance, venture investing, influencers and other niches. About DCENTRAL Miami DCENTRAL Miami is a Web3- and crypto-focused event that takes place over two days in the heart of downtown Miami. The event unites Web3 enthusiasts, industry thought-leaders, creators, artists, builders and degens for a packed program of presentations, parties and networking opportunities. Scattered across the James L. Knight Center will be interactive art displays, product demonstrations and workshops hosted by representatives of influential NFT, DeFi, metaverse and GameFi projects. With a focus on community empowerment, the event embodies the ethos that makes crypto and Web3 special. Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | YouTube | Discord ContactItai [email protected]
2 days agocryptosrus
Why Bitcoin dollar-cost-averaging could be your best bet in current market
Bitcoin has continuously dropped over the last couple of weeks, largely due to the FTX crash Institutional investors like the Purpose Bitcoin ETF Holdings have not yet bought back despite the discount. The latest Bitcoin (BTC) crash has done more harm than good to investors’ sentiment. Those that have been closely watching the market […] The post Why Bitcoin dollar-cost-averaging could be your best bet in current market appeared first on CryptosRus.
2 days agocryptodaily
Three crypto giants vying to buy Voyager Digital
Binance, CrossTower, and Wave Financial are bidding once more for the grand prize of Voyager Digital and its assets. Three crypto firms are in contact with Voyager Digital as they each try to offer a bid and terms that will be to the best advantage of the bankrupt crypto lending platform and its customers. Binance makes an offer Binance.US, the US arm of Binance, will make another offer after its initial offer was rejected in favour of FTX. Now that company is out of the reckoning Changpeng Zhao’s company will once again prepare a bid for Voyager. Zhao has been prominent among those trying to bolster the crypto ecosystem after the massive implosion caused by FTX. He recently announced that his Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative would receive a further $1 billion to add to the $1 billion already pledged. CrossTower seeks to benefit the wider crypto community CrossTower is keeping its cards close to its chest, but the crypto trading company does say, according to CNBC, that its revised offer will “benefit both the customers and the wider crypto community.” CNBC also reports that CrossTower wants to put together a crypto recovery fund along the same lines as Binance, but the company stresses that it is not there to compete with the Binance Web3 Industry Recovery Initiative. Wave Financial wants to “reinvigorate $VGX” On the minds of many Voyager investors is what will become of $VGX, the exchange token, which worked along similar lines as the Binance BNB token, offering discounts on trading fees among other utilities. The Wave Financial bid takes this into account. Matteo Perruccio, president of international for Wave, said that his company’s former bid sought to reinvigorate the $VGX token. He also shared with CNBC how to attract customers at a lower cost, saying: “We also had some, I think, pretty clever ideas about how to bring traffic at a much lower cost of acquisition at a higher per customer balance, which were the two big problems at Voyager,” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days agocryptodaily
Russia embeds crypto into its financial strategy
Lawmakers in Russia are working on changing legislation to allow a national crypto exchange. Russia is closer to making a complete 180 degree turn in its views on cryptocurrencies. The Russian central bank had always viewed crypto with a jaundiced eye, and appeared to have favoured a ban. However, in December of last year a thawing in the frosty perspective of the Bank of Russia began to take place, perhaps after conversations with the Kremlin, and its Deputy Chairman announced that regulation, rather than a ban, had become the preferred option. Things have continued to change since, no doubt in no small part due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the West. It’s now reported that both the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Russia now see eye to eye on crypto. In an article on Coin Telegraph, Sergey Altuhov, a member of the Duma Committee of Economic Policy, was quoted as saying: “It makes no sense to deny the existence of cryptocurrencies, the problem is they circulate in a large stream outside of state regulation. These are billions of tax rubles of lost tax revenues to the federal budget.“ Head of the same committee, Anatoly Aksakov, was quoted by Reuters in early October as he gave his thoughts on cryptocurrencies and a digital ruble: “The topic of digital financial assets, the digital rouble and cryptocurrencies is currently intensifying in society, as Western countries are imposing sanctions and creating problems for bank transfers, including in international settlements” He added: “If we launch this, then other countries will begin to actively use it going forward, and America’s control over the global financial system will effectively end,” Opinion The Russian warming to cryptocurrencies is very likely not because of their ability to give freedom to its citizens, but because this freedom to transact will potentially give it a way of circumnavigating the sanctions put in place on its banking system. It would seem rather contradictory that a system based on the ideals of freedom and sovereignty for the individual should be used by a dictatorship, but when freedom of payment is the issue, then any State or individual should be at liberty to use it. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days agocryptodaily
BinaryX Releases Concept Art for World Building MMO CyberLand
Singapore, Singapore, 24th November, 2022, ChainwireBinaryX has confirmed that it is working on a new free-to-play, play-to-own game, CyberLand, an open-world MMO powered by blockchain technology. The team just released the concept video which gives a first look of the terrains and features of the game. Free-to-play, Play-to-Own CyberLand marks BinaryX’s official transition away from play-to-earn models, and is their first-ever play-to-own game in the metaverse. As a play-to-own game, players have a high degree of freedom in resource production. Players can choose to develop their own assets, construct their own buildings and farm their own products and materials to build their empire. These assets can also be fully traded on the open market. The team wanted to make a game that is not only visually impressive and entertaining to play, but also lets players create value incrementally, so that players can feel a greater sense of ownership and be able to enjoy the game for much longer than the typical Web3 games. The Story of CyberLand The player’s journey in the game begins in a pristine open world with rich natural resources. The player must then explore the vast lands to find resources, invent technologies and develop their land to survive, and eventually build an empire. The game is similar to traditional 4X strategy games. Players get to write their own stories and determine their own fate within the game. Players will face off against dangerous monsters within the lands. The stronger the monsters, the more precious the resources. Players must fend against the threat of monsters while collecting resources. The Four Lands of CyberLand CyberLand currently consists of four terrains: snowfield, plains, desert, and swamps. Each type of land has its own unique resources and is guarded by different monsters. The resources are not known to the player at the beginning of the game, and it is up to the player to search, mine or hunt their own resources. The name of the game is asset ownership, which means that the player gets to own the land that they purchase as an NFT. 100% Player Driven, Off-chain Trading Economy The game consists of an in-game trading marketplace which is completely off-chain. All transactions of in-game resources can be completed within the game without incurring any gas fees. They can also be transferred to on-chain assets and can be traded on DEXes and CEXes respectively. The marketplace is also completely player-driven, which means players can trade their land on the marketplace, and determine prices of land and resources by selling the goods they produce from their land in the marketplace. The game also mimics the actual trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the supply and demand of resources being sold on the market directly affect the prices of resources in the marketplace. CyberLand will use $BNX as the main native currency. $BNX can be used in the game for buying land, or as a reward from player participation in leaderboard competitions. Upcoming Features In preparation for the beta release, the BinaryX team is working on developing more cool features for the game, including introducing SocialFi features where players can create, manage, and upload monetized content on a shared network while expanding their empire. The team is also working on an on-chain wallet for seamless cryptocurrency transactions within the game, and designing new playable areas and maps for future DLC releases. “CyberLand is our attempt at making Web3 games bigger and better. The industry has built a bad rep for various reasons, but we hope that CyberLand will be the first of many great games on the Web3 ecosystem. The team is working hard on the beta version of the game so that players can try it and see for themselves the potential of new free-to-play, play-to-own games. We thank everyone in our community for their support and we’re here to stay.” - Chun Sim, Global Head of Business Operations and Development of BinaryX. Watch the concept video here About BinaryX BinaryX is the GameFi platform behind play-to-earn games CyberDragon and CyberChess, both of which run on the BNB chain. BinaryX began as a decentralised derivative trading system. The team gradually evolved into developing decentralised video games, and is now transitioning to becoming a GameFi platform offering IGO services to bridge Web2 developers to Web3. As one of the top 10 projects on the BNB Chain, BinaryX has a vast community of more than 100k coin holders and 17K monthly active wallets. It is also one of the largest metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with more than 400 million in market cap. BinaryX also has a token, $BNX, that has consistently demonstrated strong performance despite the bear market. For more details and information about BinaryX, please visit BinaryX whitepaper About BinaryX deck Find us on social media: BinaryX | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube | MediumContactCommunications LeadSammi [email protected]
4 days agocryptodaily
El Salvador tables bill for Bitcoin bonds project
The El Salvadoran Minister of the Economy has introduced a bill which will enable the Bukele government to raise $1 billion in order to build out its proposed Bitcoin city. Bitcoin bonds The Bitcoin bonds project, also known as Volcano bonds, was an idea initially introduced by the Bukele government back in 2021. The plan was to use the bonds to raise around $1 billion with which to build a Bitcoin city at the foot of the Colchagua volcano. The hydrothermal energy that is emitted by the volcano would be tapped and used to supply a crypto mining farm. After some delays a 33-page bill has now been submitted by Maria Luisa Hayem Brevé, the Minister of the Economy. The bill will establish a National Digital Assets Commission that will oversee the regulation of all parties involved as well as the public offering process. According to an article on Coin Telegraph, the bill could in fact be approved before Christmas. Obstacles for El Salvador El Salvador made Bitcoin legal tender back in September of 2021, and the country has accumulated around 2,300 bitcoin at a cost of nearly $104 million. However, since that time there have been many obstacles for the Bukele government to overcome. Not least has been bitcoin’s vertiginous drop in price. It has lost around 77% in value since the top in November of last year, and given the contagion from the FTX fall-out, it might well fall even further. World financial bodies such as the IMF have called on El Salvador to reverse its Bitcoin stance, but President Bukele has resisted so far. Be that as it may, the bitcoin price will need to go up if the Central American country is not to default on its debt. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days agocryptodaily
SafePal Sets Record User Sign-Ups Following FTX Bankruptcy Filing
The biggest collapse in crypto (FTX insolvency) this year sees the demand for non-custodial wallets spike to record highs. SafePal, a self-custodial wallet crypto management platform, sees record sign-ups to its platform this week following the recent insolvency crisis on FTX. Announced Wednesday, the crypto wallet provider reported user traffic to the site has increased over 10x since November 11, as users fondle over new solutions to crypto custodial firms. The ‘unexpected’ bankruptcy of FTX came as a shock to many crypto users with over $8 billion in users' funds lost by the once third-largest crypto exchange. Over the past fortnight, cryptocurrency users have removed their crypto assets into non-custodial solutions for safer storage of their coins. As users learn the importance of self-custody, SafePal has become a popular choice for many crypto holders as the platform offers a decentralized wallet brand built around security and user experience. "The recent FTX situation has taught the industry an important lesson about decentralization and transparency,” Veronica Wong, SafePal CEO stated. Additionally, SafePal also reported record highs in the number of sales for its web3 hardware wallet during the month of November. The flocking of users on SafePal shows the increasing approval by crypto users to favour non-custodial wallets over centralized exchanges, a trend Wong expects to continue in future. “As more people realize the importance of taking full control of their assets, SafePal will become one of the major web3 gateways for the crypto masses,” Wong added. Launched in 2018, with backing from Binance Labs, the venture arm of Binance, SafePal has grown into a comprehensive crypto management platform allowing users to store, manage, swap, and trade their crypto assets. These non-custodial solutions minimize the third-party risk, allowing users to be fully in control and own their own assets. The numbers by SafePal are nothing short of outstanding given the recent recession in the crypto market. Over the past six months, the number of users on the platform exceeded 7 million, covering users from more than 196 countries across the globe using its hardware wallets, software wallets, and browser extension wallet products. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
5 days agocoindesk
Binance US Steps Into National Politics With New Campaign PAC
As campaign mega-donor Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX compatriots vanish from U.S. policy circles, their absence left a void in the crypto industry’s political involvement. Part of that may be filled by the U.S. arm of rival Binance.
5 days agocryptopotato
Digital Currency Group Owes Genesis Trading Arm $575 Million by May
The parent company of Genesis owes the lender $575 million after raising money for share buybacks and investing.
5 days agocointelegraph
Crypto Twitter reacts to Binance CEO’s deleted tweet about Coinbase’s Bitcoin Holdings
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong indirectly addressed CZ’s tweets as “FUD.”
7 days agocryptosrus
Binance makes moves in hardware wallet industry with new investment
The cryptocurrency exchange Binance is making a move in the hardware wallet industry, with its venture capital arm investing in the cold wallet platform Ngrave. Binance Labs has made a strategic investment in the Belgian hardware wallet firm Ngrave and will lead its upcoming Series A round, the firm officially announced on Nov. 21. Founded […] The post Binance makes moves in hardware wallet industry with new investment appeared first on CryptosRus.
7 days agocoindesk
FTX Japan Preparing to Allow Withdrawals by Year-End: Report
The Japanese arm of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX is preparing to resume customer withdrawals by the end of the year, according to a report by broadcaster NHK.
9 days agonulltx
Oryen Network is Open To Investors Of All Experience Levels, This Will Put It Right Alongside Maker And Pancakeswap
DeFi was created to make it easy for the unbanked masses to access financial services. Today, some of the leading projects in this sector are Maker and Pancakeswap. Pancakeswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that allows users to buy and sell tokens from each other while providing liquidity via farming. In exchange, farmers receive rewards. […] The post Oryen Network is Open To Investors Of All Experience Levels, This Will Put It Right Alongside Maker And Pancakeswap appeared first on NullTX.
10 days agocoindesk
FTX Ventures Was a Disorganized Mess With Missing Financials, Bankruptcy Documents Say
The latest documents claim that the venture capital arm’s funds were barely tracked.
10 days agocointelegraph
CME Bitcoin futures trade at a discount, but is that a good or a bad thing?
CME Bitcoin futures briefly traded at a 5% discount, alarming analysts, but what does it mean for BTC price?
11 days agocoindesk
German Banks' Crypto Interest Is Limited as Industry Is Plagued by ‘Crooks,’ Regulator Says
Germany’s Bafin has issued just four crypto custody licenses, said Mark Branson, who also sits on the supervision arm of the European Central Bank
11 days agocryptopotato
Brian Armstrong Sells Over $1.6 Million in Coinbase Shares
The sale of assets took place shortly after another wave of layoffs at Coinbase.
11 days agocoindesk
Market Maker B2C2 Offers to Buy Loans From Genesis Crypto-Lending Unit
The lending arm of the crypto financial firm Genesis halted customer withdrawals earlier Wednesday, citing the impact of the collapse of FTX.
12 days agocryptopotato
Genesis Halts Withdrawals for its Lending Arm Following FTX’s Collapse
Genesis Global has paused withdrawals in the wake of the FTX Fallout. Gemini Earn is also affected, but the company reassured assets are backed 1:1.
12 days agocoindesk
FTX’s Bahamas Arm Files for Bankruptcy Protection in US
The move on behalf of, based in the Caribbean, is the latest legal move in the crypto exchange’s collapse.

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The live price of Armory Coin (ARM) today is ? USD, and with the current circulating supply of Armory Coin at ? ARM, its market capitalization stands at ? USD. In the last 24 hours ARM price has moved ? USD or 0.00% while ? USD worth of ARM has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of ARM puts it at #1358 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

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