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Market Cap (Rank#455)
1,464 BTC
Vol 24h
124.156 BTC
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MetaBlaze Brings Immersive Storytelling and Engaging Experiences to Web3 – The Next Trend In Web3 & Play to Earn Gaming
Web3 is the biggest innovation for the online community. From the Metaverse to play to earn and NFT games, web3 is a rapidly emerging force in the world of technology and companies like MetaBlaze are bringing age old storytelling to the new age web. Web3 is a novel iteration of the World Wide Web, which integrates blockchain technology and crypto concepts like decentralization and token-based economics. Web 3.0 applications allow users to build, operate and own their creations. In essence, the goal of web3 is to give power to individuals rather than corporations. Web3 is fast gaining an edge in the global arena, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a huge part of the change. NFTs started as aesthetically pleasing or intriguing art that people bought, sold, or held in a collection. The progress in blockchain gaming has been very significant so far. Today, NFTs are a core part of crypto games like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Splinterlands. These blockchain games reward players with cryptocurrencies called GameFi tokens or NFT collectibles that can be used for several gaming activities. Several crypto game models include play to earn NFT games like The Sandbox and move-to-earn like StepN. The next trend in the blockchain gaming industry is storytelling. Storytelling is an innovative feature that increases the user experience for gamers and helps build a thriving community. This article explores how important and valuable storytelling is in blockchain games and how gaming crypto companies like MetaBlaze are leveraging it to further immerse its community, create virtual experiences, in addition to IRL events to further enhance the overall gaming experience, one that follows a narrative of epic proportions, potentially the first iconic story to have unfolded in the Web3 world. Importance and Value of Storytelling in Web3 2021 was very favorable for NFT games. The NFT market surpassed $24.9 billion in trading volume in, an explosive growth compared to $95 million in 2020. The rise of web3 has given creators opportunities to create, own and sell their digital items to their community. As we approach the end of 2022 – Play to Earn is poised for tremendous growth as we transition into 2023. In addition, another aspect of storytelling in Web3 involves providing the opportunity for collaborative narrative writing among a community. While this is popular in Web2 as fan fiction and YouTube creations, web3 takes it further by adding economic benefits in a scalable manner. According to the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands, Yat Siu, Web3 allows content creators like artists, writers, designers, and others to collaborate with community members on various creative activities. For example, Warner Bros. Entertainment launched a Batman NFT collection as a way to make Batman come to life for fans. Each NFT was designed to be a useful tool in creating the narrative for future DC comics. The NFT collection called the Bat Cowl Collection contains unique traits that allow fans to create unique looks in different worlds using their cowls. These newly created looks will now be used to create the stories behind the cowls. It's hardly surprising that traditional web 2 companies are pushing hard into the web 3.0 space. Popular game company, GameStop, is a good example. Although recent figures have been underwhelming,GameStop NFTs are a big thing in the crypto games space. Storytelling is helping web3 brands to empower both the creators and the community. Additionally, brand storytelling is important for companies to build an emotional connection with their customers. Let's see how MetaBlaze is building its ecosystem around storytelling. How MetaBlaze is Leveraging Storytelling for Brand Awareness and Experience What is MetaBlaze? MetaBlaze is a crypto gaming platform that is leading by example and is one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy now. MetaBlaze is a creative web 3.0 gaming firm that is rewriting the rule book of NFT games and play to earn economies – it integrates highly valued on-chain assets with incredible, ever increasingly immersive play to earn crypto games and dynamic social integration. MetaBlaze aims to build experiences, ones that become more immersive with each iteration of its journey. All MetaBlaze products, be it the games, the NFT characters, the artwork, and/or the experiences, follow a narrative of most epic proportions – the storytelling of the peoples of Galaxia Blue – a distant and mysterious place marked with heroism, villainy, adventure, technology, war, love, humor, violence, kindness, and most importantly, spes (hope). MetaBlaze is bringing the first revolving rewards pool to play to earn gaming, wherein participants can play to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Solana & more. The aim of the MetaBlaze team is simple. Design a compelling, engaging, and immersive gaming Metaverse with a long-term vision that will stand the test of time. In an industry fraught with volatility, MetaBlaze is poised to become a pillar of strength and sustainability. With a team of experienced developers, designers, and crypto-enthusiasts, MetaBlaze is quickly gaining adoption and recognition in the crypto community. If you're looking for a cryptocurrency to buy now, MetaBlaze should be at the top of your list. Galaxia Blue- The Story Behind MetaBlaze's Play to Earn Games The Blaziverse dApp (decentralized application) is the Web 3.0 hub of MetaBlaze's ecosystem. It's the platform where you participate in mini-games events and activities centered around the narrative of Galaxia Blue. Galaxia Blue is the core foundation on which the story of MetaBlaze's gaming ecosystem is based, and it begins like this. "In the year 2126, after centuries of unrest, the age of technological singularity led to civil war among factions of cybernetic armies.” The story continues with the arrival of the MetaGoblins on the SES moon, a strange and mysterious blue Moon with loads of Terranzinite crystal. The objective of the MetaGoblins is to find the best way to harvest the crystals from the treacherous landscapes of the moon and send them home to rebuild their dying planet, Glozark. And that's where the players come in. In the Metaminez players game, players can deploy their MetaGoblin NFTs into mine. Players are tasked with extracting Terranzinite crystals from one of four crystal mines located on the SES moon. In exchange for Terranzinite, players are rewarded with blue-chip cryptos such as: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL) & more. The MetaMinez game is one of several play to earn crypto games within the Blaziverse dApp. Users holding the MetaGoblin NFTs and the $MBLZ tokens will access existing interactive and immersive gameplays and upcoming creations. As with each iteration of game play – MetaBlaze will bring additional utility to all MetaBlaze assets, ensuring sustainable value appreciation, built upon sound fundamentals. The Next Big Trend Crypto gaming has already reinvented what players expect from their favorite games. Projects like MetaBlaze are leading the charge by providing sustainable play to earn crypto mechanics in their NFT games. Financial rewards will attract players, yet the attention to vivid storytelling and immersive world building is what will ensure holder loyalty and brand recognition, making MetaBlaze one of the biggest trend leaders in the crypto gaming industry. Forge a New Story – MetaBlaze Crypto Presale To join a visionary new story being written in the expansive universe of Galaxia blue, head to the official site of the MetaBlaze Token sale. The presale token sale offers passionate play to earn crypto investors a unique opportunity to be a part of the MetaBlaze story from its genesis beginnings. Early investors will enjoy the benefit of purchasing $MBLZ, the native token of the MetaBlaze crypto gaming ecosystem at the discounted price of $0.00015069, and will receive a generous 5% token bonus per transaction.This easy-to-follow guide explains How to Buy MetaBlaze. At launch, $MBLZ will trade at $0.0002. MetaBlaze has successfully raised raised nearly $3.3 million USD of its $4M targe, with over 2,000 participants eager to begin writing their own story in the Blaziverse. To find out more, visit the MetaBlaze site, or dive into the MetaBlaze Social channels and connect with thousands of other play to earn crypto enthusiasts. Helpful Links:Website Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
12h agocryptodaily
Top 5 Play to Earn Crypto Gaming Coins of 2022 
Cryptocurrency is taking the world by storm, and it does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Different sectors are now looking for ways to incorporate cryptocurrency and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) into their ecosystem, and the gaming industry is not left out. The gaming industry is no longer what it used to be and has advanced in many ways. Hitherto, players pay to play, but the past few years have witnessed a coming together of gaming and finance, collectively known as GameFi, the hottest thing in cryptocurrency in 2022. The cryptocurrency gaming company enables players to play games and earn Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs) alongside crypto tokens. A player can earn up to thousands of dollars by sitting at home and playing these games. This is made possible through in-game economics, built on blockchain technology. These crypto games, also known as Play-to-earn games or NFT games are built on blockchain technology and are done in two ways. The full game is built on blockchain technology, or only the in-game economy is. Examples of these blockchains are Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), and Smart Network. Most games are, however, built on the Ethereum blockchain, as the Ethereum blockchain paved the way for NFTs. For such games, you will need some Ether (ETH) to start; however, some play-to-earn games are free. These are known as free-to-play games. In Play-to-earn games, players earn by battling opponents, acquiring properties and completing gaming tasks, and acquiring in-game assets. These in-game assets are Non-Fungible-Tokens (NFTs). Players earn by buying weapons to improve a character, selling and buying NFTs land parcels, fighting and defeating opponents, staking NFTs, and performing many more tasks. With the popularity increasing daily, a series of NFT-driven games are being launched where participants can earn top coins just by playing these games. These games range from action games to adventure games to 3D role-playing games (RPG). With this variety, you are sure to find a play-to-earn game you like. These games are fast on their way to disrupting the traditional gaming system. Players can convert their earned NFTs into their currencies on digital marketplaces, and when they do, it can amount to thousands of dollars which they can use as they please. TOP PLAY TO EARN PROJECTS TO WATCH IN 2022 Crypto play-to-earn games are becoming popular and scaling in market cap, thereby raking in millions for investors. Play-to-earn games are here to stay; because of this, more play-to-earn projects are being launched. Some play-to-earn projects are being developed in 2022 and will soon be the talk of the crypto world. One of the top five play-to-earn projects in 2022, which may turn out to be the next big gaming metaverse, is MetaBlaze . Currently in the final presale round for its MBLZ token, the company has raised over $3.2M, boasting over 2,000 holders. This P2E gaming Metaverse gaming platform follows a narrative deep in the depths of Galaxia Blue. Where participants can play to earn Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Binance (BNB), Solana (SOL), and more. MetaBlaze is launching a series of NFT-based, strategy-driven P2E games leading up to the release of Magnum Opus: MetaBlaze’s 3D role-playing game built on Unreal engine 5. It’s Blaziverse dApp serves as the hub to its ever-increasingly expansive play to earn gaming metaverse. Another play-to-earn project to note in 2022 is Genopets, a role-playing mobile (RPG) gaming project which utilizes the move-to-earn mechanic to blockchain and helps players stay in shape by exercising and rewarding them. The game is based on the Solana blockchain. Players receive crypto rewards in the form of NFTs as they participate in physical and in-game activities. To earn in Genopets, the player has to install a GPS app on their device, and as they move, they generate XP to develop their pets. These pets are NFTs that can be traded in the Genopets NFT store. Additionally, Genopets is a free-to-play game. Dustland is an NFT-driven strategy game to watch out for in 2022 that also implements the move-to-earn mechanic to blockchain and is a part of the fitness metaverse that rewards players for running. The game is about the Dustland, which was left after a solar flare scorched the earth and consists of a ramshackle of pirates, ghost towns, and seven settlements. The players are to run for resources, find other survivors, discover the secrets of Dustlands and try to save the future. DOSE is the utility token of Dustland and the OliveX BVI gamified fitness ecosystem as a whole. Another play-to-earn project you should keep an eye on in 2022 is Blast Royale, a decentralized gaming system that allows you to earn as you fight. Players fight against each other in a "last one standing" survival match. It is a kill-or-be-killed situation. In Blast Royale, players choose the part of the map they are deployed into with the pre-selected equipment. Players of Blast Royale must also have up to three different items equipped to play a match. Players can also find equipment such as ammo, health packs, armor, and other items on the map. Blankos block party is another interesting play-to-earn project for 2022. It is another NFT-driven, vibrant open space multiplayer game fashioned like a massive block party. It focuses on custom art and design with a significant focus on having fun and inviting your friends to a party game to enjoy. The NFT obtained in the game can be traded in their NFT marketplace, and currently, the game has garnered up to one million players. GameFi is still in its early stages and has just started to bloom because of its many potentials. There are many P2E games and more launched by the day, and you will find one you like. These games are developed using blockchain technology, which means players have absolute ownership over their digital assets within the game. Blockchain gaming is revolutionizing the traditional gaming industry, providing a means for players to earn through engagement and fully own all assets. GameFi is one of the fastest growing sectors within the crypto space, and you do not have to be a gamer to hold the crypto gaming coin. GameFi is fostering vast new earning opportunities for cryptocurrency investors, where the non-gamers seek to benefit from the tremendous growth of play-to-earn crypto ecosystems. GameFi (Gaming Finance) is one of the trends in the cryptocurrency world right now, and because players can earn real money by just playing games, it is increasing in popularity. It can be surprising to know you can earn up to a thousand dollars regularly just by playing games, but technology is fast improving, and it is possible; therefore, you cannot afford to be left behind. The market cap of P2E games is increasing yearly, and these play-to-earn projects are what the crypto world should watch out for in 2022 and beyond. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
157 days agocryptopotato
MetaBlaze (MBLZ) ICO Round 93% Sold in 24 Hours, NFT Collection Release on May 8
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] The MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) initial coin offering launched with a seismic bang. The company opened its second ICO phase on April 20th and has since reached 93% of its fundraising goal on the first day. This comes after the first round ICO phase that began in late February and […]
159 days agocryptopotato
MetaBlaze (MBLZ) Announces Second Presale Phase is Now Open as of April 20th
[PRESS RELEASE – Tortolla, British Virgin Islands] Today, April 20th is a big day for cryptocurrency investors and enthusiasts. At 12 pm UTC, MetaBlaze (MBLZ) will open its second ICO phase, presenting the final opportunity to purchase MetaBlaze tokens at lower entry points. This event comes after the successful completion of MetaBlaze’s first ICO round, which […]
216 days agocointelegraph
3 reasons why Bluzelle (BLZ) could be GameFi’s next unicorn project
BLZ is positioning itself for the next GameFi surge by launching its own play-to-earn game and integrating with emerging networks like Cosmos.
252 days agocryptopotato
MetaBlaze Announces Phase 1 of Its Metaverse Ecosystem Roadmap with Token Presale
[PRESS RELEASE – Wilmington, Delaware, 17th January 2022] METABLAZE has officially announced the upcoming Presale Offering of its unique BSC-based utility token, $MBLZ, which will begin on February 14, 2022. METABLAZE is an up-and-coming project with an emerging roadmap that is set to rock the cryptocurrency world. What is METABLAZE? METABLAZE is a fast-growing decentralized […]
318 days agonulltx
Helium Price Up 11%, Is HNT Ready for a Breakout?
Helium price is up 11.81% today, making it the third biggest gainer on, following Bluzelle and Decentraland. At the time of writing, Helium is trading at $54, which was an ATH that Helium hit 3 times in the past week. Let’s take a look at what might be causing HNT’s recent price hike, and […] The post Helium Price Up 11%, Is HNT Ready for a Breakout? appeared first on NullTX.
318 days agonulltx
Bluezelle Price Up 28% As Team Announces Integration With Metaverse
Bluezelle price is up over 28% today, making it the biggest gainer on With a market cap of $110M and a 24 hour trading volume of $111M, this is still a relatively small project. Lets’ take a closer look at Bluzelle and see what all the hype is about? What Is Bluzelle? Bluzelle is […] The post Bluezelle Price Up 28% As Team Announces Integration With Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
326 days agocointelegraph
Bluzelle launches mainnet decentralized storage for NFT content
Bluezelle's mainnet R2 file storage system aims to provide a decentralized alternative to IPFS.
365 days agocryptodaily
Three Next-Gen Blockchain Projects Framing The Future Of Information Technology
While still at a nascent stage, blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) have emerged as a potent catalyst for disrupting antiquated business models. Over the years, innovative blockchain solutions have barreled their way into the mainstream market, positively impacting several prominent sectors by bridging DLT with real-world use cases. Blockchain-based solutions have proven themselves as transformative for many global industries, including IT, real-estate, web technology, finance, marketing, IoT, and many more. As the underlying technology continues to evolve, entrepreneurs worldwide have come to realize the intrinsic value of blockchain’s distributed nature, peer-to-peer networking, security, and transparency. By incorporating blockchain, businesses can cultivate more transparent and open environments and automate many existing manual processes. Several innovative and promising blockchain projects have successfully merged traditional business models with open-source and permissionless technology throughout the last few years, laying the foundation for a more inclusive world where everyone is afforded access. That said, here are three next-generation projects that have established themselves as prominent contributors in helping solve real-world challenges using blockchain technology. The Airbnb Of Decentralized Databases The Bluzelle project, popularly known as the ‘Airbnb of Databases,’ aims to set a new benchmark for the decentralized internet by a decentralized database built on blockchain technology to collect and secure data using distributed ledger technology. With Bluzelle, anyone can store structured data and use it for dApps via smart contracts without any censorship while ensuring maximum scalability. Built with Cosmos SDK and based on Tendermint’s Byzantine Fault Tolerant technology, Bluzelle has emerged as a potential powerhouse that can play a significant role in shaping the future of the decentralized web. Due to the decentralized nature of Bluzelle, no central authorities oversee and manage its operations. Instead, the Bluzelle system relies on network participants to rent out their redundant storage with other users, allowing them to earn compensation in BLZ tokens, the native tokens of the Bluzelle network. One of the most significant aspects of this innovative project is the absence of competition with other existing decentralized storage solutions. Instead, Bluzelle offers an ecosystem that complements existing programs like Golem, Sia, iExec, and Substratum. Accordingly, Bluzelle’s objective is not necessarily to remove legacy databases from the market but instead set a new standard for blockchain technology. Raising The Bar For Data Sovereignty To New Heights Developed by BOTLabs, a German blockchain company, the KILT Protocol is one of the first blockchain projects built on the Substrate blockchain framework. The team behind KILT brings forth a novel solution that addresses data privacy while giving users better control over their data. The KILT Protocol claims itself as an open-source blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign verifiable, revocable, and anonymous claims-based credentials in Web3. With this technology, users can prove their identities online while bypassing the need for companies to collect passwords and user information. As of now, users need to provide a heap of personal information to sign-up for online services, products, apps, and more. The existing market relies on OAuth2, which big brands like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon employ to centralize user data. With personal data stored across these brands, the user loses control. Moreover, centralized data silos are prone to cyberattacks, leading to situations like identity theft and misuse. KILT Protocol establishes a permissionless standard for managing credentials in a decentralized format. This feat is accomplished by facilitating a universal model that allows individuals, objects, and organizations to claim random attributes validated by trusted entities before claims are stored as self-sovereign credentials (certificates). The platform already supports several real-world use cases, including its recent DeFi project with Polkadex and Fractal, DNA testing project with Degenics, and the national digital registry for distributed energy resources for Germany's Federal Energy Agency (DENA). Bringing Smart Contracts Into The Outside World PARSIQ, the blockchain monitoring and workflow automation solution that connects on-chain and off-chain applications. It offers various blockchain monitoring and analytics tools across industries while supporting both B2B and B2C models. The platform extends its use case not only to the blockchain world but also to the off-chain universe. Parsiq's applications do off-chain jobs such as tracking transactions for compliance purposes, financial accounting, and crawling for insights from competing blockchains, among many other roles. Smart Triggers, which rank high among PARSIQ’s essential features, are effectively smart-contracts deployed into the PARSIQ environment. These triggers play a critical role in extending the functionality of on-chain smart contracts into the outside world, thus supporting a range of real-world use cases. External blockchains typically trigger a Smart Trigger. However, it can also allow for the creative combination of the classified events, which can be observed by replaying transactions through the PARSIQ's instrumented virtual machine. PARSIQ recently partnered with Autonio Foundation to enable Autonio’s NIOX trading suite to make informed decisions in specific areas using Smart Triggers technology. With this feature, NIOX can seamlessly connect on-chain and off-chain data to create alert systems for complex trading strategies based on specific triggers. Several top projects from both Web3 and Web2 currently rely on PARSIQ's middleware, infrastructure, and data processing solutions to offer blockchain-based real-world solutions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

About Bluzelle

The live price of Bluzelle (BLZ) today is 0.082825 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Bluzelle at 340,999,973.84 BLZ, its market capitalization stands at 28,243,352 USD. In the last 24 hours BLZ price has moved 0.002202 USD or 0.03% while 2,268,000 USD worth of BLZ has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of BLZ puts it at #455 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Bluzelle blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency BLZ and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Bluzelle Price0.082825 USD
Market Rank#455
Market Cap28,243,352 USD
24h Volume2,394,668 USD
Circulating Supply340,999,973.84 BLZ
Max SupplyNo Data
Yesterday's Market Cap27,793,500 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.079304 USD / 0.081506 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.081506 USD / 0.078282 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.03% ( 0.002202 USD )
Yesterday's Volume2,267,999.50 USD
Mining Info
Hashing algorithmScrypt
Pools (known)?
Pools Hashrate0.00 H/s
Network Hashrate0.00 H/s
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