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10 days ago cryptodaily
Logan Paul’s Doomed CryptoZoo Project Resurrected by DAOMaker
CryptoZoo, Logan Paul’s proposed online game project, was recently at the center of a class-action lawsuit after the YouTuber apologised to fans who lost money investing in the venture. Crypto scam investigator Stephen Findeisen, aka Coffeezilla, has now appeared on the Joe Rogan podcast claiming Paul is yet to refund buyers of CryptoZoo NFTs despite a promise to do so earlier this year. While investors wait hopefully for Paul to make them whole, a new project has sprung up to fulfil the original CryptoZoo vision – and it’s quickly gained a huge amount of traction. Dubbed Degen Zoo, this “Crypto Zoo redemption project” is the brainchild of Chris Zaknun, the CEO of the $200 million DAO Maker launchpad, who claims to have built it in just 30 days. From CryptoZoo to Degen Zoo Announcing the project back in January, Zaknun said profits would be used to cover the legal expenses of Coffeezilla, whom Paul had threatened with a defamation lawsuit, as well as victims of the scam. Two months on and Degen Zoo is truly motoring: the project is closing in on 250,000 Twitter followers and the first testnet version of the game was released just hours before its deadline on the 30th day of the challenge. The rapid build has been painstakingly documented on the official website, with the team revealing the venture “was supposed to be a joke project to show how full of sh*t Logan Paul is, but it became so much more.” Days after the release, the testnet saw over 3,000 active players make 30,000 transactions, marking Degen Zoo as a project to rival serious NFT and GameFi protocols. A month-long period of audits and bug-hunting followed as the community kept growing, with over 50 NFT communities onboarded. On March 6, it was announced that over 115,000 wallets had joined Degen Zoo’s Initial DEX Offering (IDO), with 54k holding between $500 and $2,000, 2k holding between $50k and $250k, and over 50 holding $1m or more. Within two days of the announcement video being posted, it had been viewed over 150,000 times. Although the initial plan had been to funnel profits to Coffeezilla and CryptoZoo victims, that appears to have changed: the Degen Zoo Twitter bio states that all profits will go to endangered animal charities. In any case, Paul appears to have rowed back on his threat to slap Coffeezilla with a defamation suit. An NFT Game with a Serious Message So, what is Degen Zoo exactly? In a nutshell, it’s an NFT game that incentivizes players to “kill” their animal and push the whole endangered-species collection to extinction. But why? To simulate capitalism’s devastating impact on wildlife, of course. Degen Zoo features a deflationary token ($DZOO) which is used in the game to obtain animal eggs and hatch them. Per the whitepaper, the overall objective is to acquire animal eggs, hatch them, oversee the evolution of your animal, and finally kill it to obtain income. Burning NFTs also raises money to protect real endangered species in the wild. Degen Zoo has clearly nailed its narrative, and a project that began as a two-fingered riposte against Jake Paul and other get-rich-quick NFT charlatans has transformed into a genuine viral hit. “Logan Paul and other influencers never has [sic] and never will habe [sic] the qualifications to build tokens,” reads a recent tweet on Degen Zoo’s Twitter. “As a community it’s our responsibility to not enable such people again.” It appears to be a responsibility the crypto community is taking seriously.
10 days ago cryptodaily
How Decentralisation is Democratising Virtual Worlds and Gaming
In the early days of the internet, the world wide web was a wild west of information, with centralised institutions controlling both the flow of data and how online experiences should play out. As internet technology has advanced, so too has our ability to decentralise and democratise the web, often to great advantage. Today, terms like Web3, Metaverse, Decentralisation, Democratisation, and Virtual Worlds are on everyone's lips as we explore the possibilities of a more equitable, immersive, and fairly-distributed digital world. Now, blockchains, dApps, NFTs and Metaverses are at the forefront of this movement, creating new spaces for us to explore, collaborate, and create in ways that were previously impossible. These digital playgrounds are not only part of the solution, but they are where like-minded thinkers unite to map out the next wave of ideas. “Web3”, “Decentralisation”, and “Metaverse” are more than just buzzwords - they're the building blocks of a newly democratised digital world. The Key to Decentralising & Democratising Virtual Worlds In decentralised virtual worlds, governance is often handled by the community itself, rather than a central authority. This is done smoothly through a combination of apps like Telegram, Discord, Signal, and the use of the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO). This means that players have more say in how the world is run, from the game's rules to the distribution of rewards. By giving players a voice, developers can create more engaging and inclusive experiences, while DAO governance motivates the players to become crucial to the evolution of the metaverses they use, through voting power and reward models. Another key aspect of decentralisation, and one that draws in huge numbers of players, is the ability to earn real-world value from their in-game activity. With the rise of play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, players can earn cryptocurrency or other digital assets by participating in the in-game economy. This has the potential to create more equitable and sustainable virtual economies, where players are rewarded for their contributions to the community, paving the way for digital meritocracies. It also helps to create players or users who are engaged for the long term, driving them to become champions of the game and stakeholders in its success. Where Else Can We Find Models of Democratisation in the Metaverse? Governance and earning are the primary methods, but making games more inclusive, engaging, and fair, is not as simple as that. Developers must immerse themselves deeper into user psychology to understand what drives digital experiences and makes players feel more like a part of the community than a client of their service. One way of accomplishing this is through avatar and asset ownership. In a decentralised virtual world, digital assets like skins, weapons, and other items can be traded on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) NFTs have the potential to create new revenue streams for developers and players alike, while offering genuine, tangible ownership. This aspect is core to undoing the preconceived notion that we must buy our way to success in the gaming world, spending huge sums for downloadable content and asset packs that have no resale value. It’s not just virtual assets either, in many metaverses, you own your characters and have the option to sell them, trade them, upgrade them, and experiment with different styles and strategies based on their attributes. As you evolve as a person, so can your character. In the metaverse, there will be nothing stopping a dragonslayer from one Metaverse racing F1 in another. The blockchain offers far greater autonomy for players and their avatars and in the future, players will be able to take their assets and avatars with them across different games and platforms, creating a more fluid and interconnected virtual ecosystem, where players can truly shape their own destinies. What Does a Decentralised & Democratised Metaverse Look Like? On the verge of reimagining what it means to be a metaverse is Heroes of NFT’s “Luminoria”. Having already had great success in the NFT space and with PvP play-to-earn games, Heroes of NFT (HON) are set to release a metaverse like no other. Beyond futuristic graphics, a thoroughly developed storyline, functioning tokenomics, and a huge community already playing their games and taking advantage of their DeFi tools, HON has something other metaverses can’t compete with. A real plan for democracy. Community-first and transparency have been core ideals of this project, started by a group of real-life friends who wanted to take their childhood affinity for trading card games onto the blockchain. From their original idea, to a fully-functioning metaverse, this has been a journey that has brought them a great deal of buy-in, respect, and community along the way. It’s brought them closer together as a team too. They shared every milestone, went into depth about their personal journeys, and actively manage their flourishing communities. At the same time, they have handed over power and ownership to the community that allows them to dream, in the form of tokens, governance, and a considerable ambassador programme. Now, with a team of ambassadors, a growing community of enthusiasts, and a huge amount of transparency about everything in development, they are ready for the next step of democracy. Virtual real estate. The upcoming land sale will not just give players the chance to own a little slice of their metaverse, it will give them a key to the kingdom and a seat at the table. Upon purchasing land, the buyer will be able to stake this unique virtual space into a 5-year plan that will return their investment. Unlike real-world estate where it can take decades to pay back a property loan, in HON’s metaverse, you pay upfront and the staking rewards pay you back for 5 years until your investment is returned. In the meantime, you can turn your land NFT (which is really a futuristic apartment) into your own, customising it and making use of your creative expression. For other projects looking to democratise, the use of community-sourced ambassadors, transparent reporting, and an open-to-the-public land sale with staking rewards are a few innovative ideas to do so. Democratised Digital Experiences: Enjoy in Your Own Way Democratised and decentralised metaverses offer players the chance to enjoy gaming in their own way, not having to fit into a box or be limited by the fixed dynamics of a game, as has almost always been the case. Whether it's creating new content, participating in the game economy, or simply exploring a new world, players can engage with virtual worlds on their own terms, and with greater depth. This new era will not be without its challenges. As developers embrace new models of governance and monetisation, they must also be mindful of issues like security, privacy, and inclusivity, as well as ethical and moral dilemmas. The benefits of decentralisation and democratisation are designed to be shared by all and ensure that virtual worlds remain safe and accessible to everyone. One thing is clear: the possibilities are endless. With decentralised technology and virtual worlds, we can create a more equitable, sustainable, and engaging future for gaming. So let's roll up our sleeves, dive into the Metaverse, and see what the future holds. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
14 days ago cointelegraph
Hermès asks court to halt sales of MetaBirkin NFTs following recent jury decision
The court filing from Hermès on Friday stated that Rothschild had continued to promote his NFTs even after a nine-member jury found Rothschild liable for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and “cybersquatting.”
14 days ago cryptopotato
Here’s Why US Senators Don’t Want Teens to Access Facebook’s Metaverse
The senators cited Meta's record of flawed social media platforms for children that have failed to protect them from inappropriate content.
17 days ago cryptodaily
Understanding Zero-Knowledge Proofs, ZK-Rollups, and ZK-EVM
Zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) have been a hot topic in the blockchain community, with many upcoming releases and new applications on the horizon. As a cryptographic tool, ZKPs are a formidable ingredient for decentralized, provable, and private communication. How ZKPs are used and whether they actually preserve privacy is highly dependent on the product’s use case and implementation. In this article, we will explore the concepts of ZKPs, their applications in different use cases like rollups, ZK-VMs, and ZK-EVMs, and how it all relates to Dusk. We also delve into what scaling and virtual machines are from a high level. Locked Boxes and Secret Words - ZKP Intro Zero-knowledge proofs are a way of proving that you know something. However, the superpower of ZKPs lies in the convenience of their verification, rather than the proof generation itself. In fact, the verification of a zero-knowledge proof is so potent, that it can be used to exempt the prover from disclosing his knowledge. Zero-knowledge proofs provethatyou know, or that a transaction is correct, notwhatyou know or what a transaction was. Think of it like a game of 20 Questions: imagine you're playing with someone who is trying to guess a secret word that you know. Normally, you would have to tell them the word if they guessed it correctly, but with zero-knowledge proofs, you can prove that you know the word without actually revealing it. Rather than revealing what the answer is to prove that you know it, you would have a cryptographic proof that proves that you know the answer, but not sharing what the answer actually is. However, sometimes privacy is not the point. Say a complex calculation takes a lot of time to be performed, for example calculating a high number of permutations of DNA, or computing the end result of executing millions of transactions. You can simply provide a ZKP of the correctness of your result and let verifiers skip the calculation and validate that proof instead. In the context of cryptography and computer science, zero-knowledge proofs can be used for a variety of applications, from enhancing privacy to scaling, voting systems, digital identity verification, and more. What makes something zero-knowledge? The requirements to be considered zero-knowledge are; completeness, soundness, and zero-knowledge. Complete; if the statement is true then a verifier will be convinced. It is sufficient and needs no additional proofs or work. Sound; if the statement is false, no amount of cheating can convince the verifier otherwise. Zero-knowledge; no information is leaked and all the verifier learns is that the statement is true. The key feature here is that no information is leaked and all that has been proven is the validity of a given statement. For example, if I want to prove that I am a student and am eligible to receive a student discount, the only information the verifier learns is that “he is eligible for the student discount”. They don’t learn where I’m studying, what I’m studying, when I started studying, and not even if I am actually a student or I acquired the eligibility through some other means ( honoris). Just that I meet the criteria. From Traffic Jams to Lunch Rushes - Blockchain Scaling Scaling refers to the ability of a network to increase the processing power of its infrastructure by adding more operators. In decentralized networks, however, it often happens that increasing the number of nodes (operators) results in a much slower capacity to process transactions and increased costs. Think of it like a busy highway: just like how traffic can slow down and become congested on a busy road, networks can become congested and slow down as more users join the network and start using it. This is why the capability of scaling is paramount for a blockchain. You can think of it like a restaurant during the lunch rush. Networks capable of scaling are like establishments that can increase staffing, equipment, and space to keep up with higher demands without customers experiencing any significant degradation of services or higher costs. On the other hand, the networks that are not equipped for scaling are like expensive but poorly managed restaurants where customers get continuously turned away, or have to wait much longer to be served during peak times. In short, if a blockchain is not able to scale it may become slow, expensive, or even crash during peak load. There are several different types of solutions that can be used to scale blockchains. One approach is known as Layer 2 (L2) scaling, which involves creating a secondary ledger that is meant to redirect traffic away from the main blockchain, known as the Layer 1 (L1). Think of it like a subway that runs under a busy street: just like how the subway can sustain a much higher load of travelers than the street above, L2 scaling solutions aim to increase the load of transactions that can be processed by a blockchain without congesting the settlement layer (the main layer or L1). Although the concept might be simple, there is no single implementation that satisfies all cases and researchers have proposed a variety of architectures each presenting different pros and cons. The main ones are State Channels, Rollups, Plasma, Sidechains and Validium/Volition. These architectures normally complement a so-called network partitioning strategy, which involves processing batches of transactions in parallel. The most popular partitioning strategy is called sharding. Sharding involves dividing the main blockchain into smaller, more manageable pieces called "shards." Each shard processes a subset of the network's transactions, which improves the speed and efficiency of the entire network. These subsets can be created based on proximity, processing similarity, or random distribution to balance the workload Sharding can be compared to a restaurant with multiple kitchens, each with its own chef, servers, and maître D. Each kitchen is a shard, calibrated to efficiently serve a specific number of tables. Customers are distributed evenly among the available tables, so each shard can provide the same high level of service without being overloaded. Ultimately, all customers’ payments end up in the restaurant’s bank account, which in this example represents the settlement layer. Similarly, sharding can help to ensure that blockchain transactions are processed quickly and efficiently by breaking the network into smaller pieces that are then presented and settled on the blockchain’s main layer. Exploring Rollups and ZK Rollups are currently one of the most popular scaling solutions for blockchains. They work by aggregating a large number of transactions off-chain and then submitting a single transaction to the main blockchain that represents all of the off-chain transactions. Think of it like a grandma preparing a large batch of cookies: rather than baking each cookie individually, the granny can prepare a large batch of cookie dough and then bake all of the cookies at once. This helps to save time and resources, while still producing the same delicious result. ZK-rollups, or zero-knowledge rollups, are a specific type of rollup that use zero-knowledge proofs to provide additional security guarantees and, in rare cases, some privacy. In a ZK-rollup, transactions are bundled together by the rollup and processed by a smart contract on the main chain. A prover generates a proof that the transactions are valid. This proof is then submitted to the main blockchain, along with a small amount of additional data that is needed to verify the proof. It's worth noting that most ZK-rollups don’t provide any privacy guarantee since they use zero-knowledge proofs for the efficiency of their verification, rather than privacy. Validity rollups, which is the more correct term for most ZK-rollups, simply bundle a large number of transactions together and submit them to the main blockchain as a single transaction, by using zero-knowledge proofs to verify their validity. Technically speaking, they only use the completeness and soundness properties of Zero-knowledge proofs, but not their zero-knowledge property, so while they may not initially share all the details of a transaction in the transaction hash, it is often decodable and not as private as users may think. The primary reason for doing so is to be able to reconstruct the rollup chain in case of failure. Playtime in the Digital Sandbox - Virtual Machines intro A virtual machine (VM) is a software program that emulates a computer, allowing users to run programs in a simulated environment. Think of it like a playpen: just as how children can play in a safe and contained environment without disturbing the rest of the room, developers can run programs on a VM without needing to worry about the physical hardware that is running the code. This can be useful for a variety of reasons, such as providing a consistent development environment across different devices or operating systems. The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) is a specific type of virtual machine that executes smart contracts on blockchains that are compatible with Ethereum. Smart contracts are self-executing programs that can perform various tasks, such as managing digital assets, validating digital identities, or executing financial agreements. To continue on the restaurant metaphor, think of the EVM as the chef in a kitchen. The chef has a set of available ingredients and follows various recipes to prepare different dishes. Just like a recipe, smart contracts can use and combine the available instructions to define complex tasks that the EVM then executes. The ZK-EVM is a special version of the EVM that uses zero-knowledge proofs to provide additional security guarantees for smart contract execution. In a ZK-EVM, the zero-knowledge proofs are used to verify that a smart contract has been executed correctly, which has been a large problem for most ZK-rollups that are currently live. Many ZK-rollups couldn’t leverage the existing Ethereum tooling and ecosystem to build smart contracts and instead had to build their own languages and VMs to support smart contracts. ZK-EVM designs are determined to solve this and prove that a smart contract has been executed correctly according to the EVM specification. Zero-knowledge proofs here are used to verify the correct computation of any arbitrary EVM instruction. How does all of this relate to Dusk? As the leading blockchain platform for confidential smart contracts and regulatory compliance, Dusk Network is at the forefront of leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to ensure privacy and security for its users. By utilizing zero-knowledge proofs, Dusk Network is able to keep transactions private, hiding both the assets and amounts being transferred from other participants on the network. At the core of Dusk Network is the Piecrust VM, a virtual machine that has been designed to be as optimized and efficient as possible when accessing, storing, proving, and verifying zero-knowledge proofs. This VM is specifically designed to be ZK-friendly, meaning that zero-knowledge proofs play a crucial role in every aspect of the network. Dusk Network is not a ZK-rollup or a ZK-EVM, it is a ZK sovereign L1 blockchain that has its own Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism and doesn't rely on third parties for settlement. Additionally, Dusk Network has its own VM implementation that does not enforce EVM-compatibility, thus allowing the platform to avoid all legacy limitations and trade-offs of the EVM. In fact, smart contracts on Dusk's Piecrust VM compile to the much more modern and portable WebAssembly (WASM) bytecode. For third parties looking to extend Dusk Network's existing ecosystem, creating ZK-rollups and ZK-VMs would provide great ways for Dusk to offload computation from the main blockchain and provide verifiable computation from external sources onto the main blockchain. A ZK-WASM VM could provide a pathway for a ZK-EVM equivalent solution for Dusk, enabling everyone to prove that a certain computation took place and is provably correct. In conclusion, ZKPs have a significant impact on the blockchain industry by enabling more efficient and secure systems. With their potential to improve privacy and scalability, it is worth paying attention to how ZKPs will continue to shape the blockchain landscape in the years to come. ZKP-enabled dApps are still few and far between but will become more common as ZK-friendly blockchains like Dusk enable confidential smart contracts to be built. We encourage readers to learn more about ZKPs and explore the potential applications of this innovative and revolutionary technology. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
18 days ago cryptodaily
Japanese popular manga Captain Tsubasa NFT sale starts on March 2, 2023
Florida, USA, 2nd March, 2023, Chainwiredouble has partnered with TSUBASA Co., Ltd. to launch an NFT project based on the popular Japanese manga "Captain Tsubasa." The project, called Ball is our Friend Project, will be available for purchase starting March 2, 2023. The project has received global attention since it was announced on February 7, 2023, and has been featured in over 1,000 media outlets in North America, Europe, China, South America, and beyond. Shinji Kagawa, one of the greatest Japanese professional soccer players, supports this project as an ambassador. Inspired by Captain Tsubasa’s "Football World Peace Declaration" quote, the Tsubasa NFT merges the digital and physical worlds, bringing fans together. The first edition of the NFT will feature limited physical soccer balls decorated with original illustrations by the Captain Tsubasa creator, Yoichi Takahashi, given to children in 12 countries and buyers. The Tsubasa NFT combines legendary scenes and unique parameters, including 283 iconic scenes from the manga on a centerpiece soccer ball. The background features 333 special moves, randomly combined to create one-of-a-kind NFT art. The NFT will be available for purchase in two stages: a limited presale from March 2, 2023, at 2 AM to 4 AM PST, during which Allow List holders can purchase a limited gold edition Tsubasa NFT for 0.08 ETH, and a public sale from March 2, 2023, at 4 AM to March 14, 2023, at 7 PM PST, during which anyone can purchase the NFT at 0.1 ETH from the official website. Each Tsubasa NFTs can be converted into soulbound tokens (SBTs), which can be redeemed for original goods, including a real soccer ball designed by Yoichi Takahashi. Additionally, buyers who purchase three NFTs at the same time will receive an extra NFT as a bonus. For more information visit: Official Site | Twitter | Project Movie About double, Inc. Founded in 2018, double is the leading startup in Japan that specializes in NFT solutions and developing blockchain games, such as “My Crypto Heroes” and “Brave Frontier Heroes.” double has partnered with some of the largest gaming companies including Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and SEGA CORPORATION, as well as LINE and bitFlyer Holdings. In 2022, the company launched 2XJ "WEB3 Tech Studio", which specializes in WEB3 projects such as blockchain games and NFTs, and aims to create exciting new projects with the power of WEB3 technology in collaboration with world-renowned IP brands. The studio will focus on developing yet-to-be-seen, exciting projects using cutting-edge technology.ContactCaleb HarperOtter Public [email protected](720) 936-4480
19 days ago cryptodaily
The currency of tomi’s alternative internet is now available on Huobi
tomi, an anonymous project led by eight big names in crypto, won the third Huobi PrimeVote contest by a wide margin thanks to community support and enthusiasm from Huobi voters who are excited about tomi’s alternative internet network that prevents surveillance while offering a governance mechanism to strike down violence. tomi token broke the record for biggest margin of victory in the competition at 17,963,115 votes, beating out the second-place JOT token’s 3,700,7001 and 23 other projects. As the token with the most votes, TOMI lists on Huobi and becomes available to hundreds of thousands of users on the exchange daily. Government and corporate surveillance have become some of the most widely discussed issues in both traditional and alternative media. Polls repeatedly show Americans are fed up with being watched, but it wasn’t until the massive success of alternative-media podcasts, such as The Joe Rogan Experience and Making Sense with Sam Harris, started to drill into these issues regularly that the genuine fear and frustration about surveillance really surfaced. Of course, the threat is even clearer in the more totalitarian parts of the world, as journalists and activists are detained in the likes of Iran, Russia, and China. The problem, however, is there hasn’t really been a viable alternative to the censored internet that has become so integral to our lives beyond the dark web. Of course, the dark web doesn’t really offer a viable alternative either considering it allows the most horrifying forms of violence. Sure, activists won’t necessarily get caught voicing their opinion there. But that moral good is counterbalanced by illicit drugs, human trafficking, and child sexual exploitation imagery. tomi tackles that challenge with its alternative internet network, governed by its community-driven DAO. Users will leverage the native TOMI tokens, now available on Huobi, and Pioneer NFTs to vote on network governance, including shutting down pages that violate the network’s “blacklist” community guidelines: terror, child sexual exploitation imagery, and other forms of violence. The tomi team holds weight equal to average users in voting about the community guidelines and censorship, though it will hold enough tokens to have stronger influence over the technological direction of the project in the initial stages. tomiNet is structured in a way that creates a path for the citizens of the new web to out-vote the core developers and technological leadership within three years. That’s intentional on the part of tomi, which doesn’t seek the kind of power held by the leaders of projects such as Ethereum or Cosmos. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
25 days ago cointelegraph
How to teach cryptocurrency to your children
While teaching cryptocurrency to your children, make it relatable, use examples, start simple, emphasize security, and encourage curiosity.
28 days ago cryptodaily
NvirWorld Continuing CSR Efforts, Launches 'BLUE ROSE' Donation Campaign to Support Developmental Disabilities and Turkey-Syria Earthquakes
Singapore, Singapore, 20th February, 2023, ChainwireNvirWorld is pleased to announce the launch of its donation campaign, "BLUE ROSE", in collaboration with "Sandol School", an alternative school for people with developmental disabilities located in Gunsan, Korea. The aim of this campaign is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in becoming healthy members of society. The company is also expanding its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities worldwide by participating in emergency relief donation campaigns for the Turkey-Syria earthquakes. The "BLUE ROSE" campaign is a CSR initiative that aims to help people with developmental disabilities achieve their dreams and hopes. The blue rose, known for its symbolic representation of making the impossible possible, will serve as inspiration to encourage people to live independently in their local community. During the campaign period from February 16th to April 16th, digital art will be created from the "BLUE ROSE" artworks drawn by students at "Sandol School", while calligraphy artworks of "Message of Hope" will be created from the campaign participants' written messages. These artworks will be displayed at the online gallery "N-Ground" and "NVIRGALLERY" located in Gangnam District, Seoul. All proceeds from the sale of the artworks in the exhibition will be donated to "Sandol School" to support the social independence of people with developmental disabilities and to encourage their healthy integration into society. To participate in the campaign, individuals can log in to "Nvir Market" and leave a "Message of Hope" in the comments section at the bottom of the "BLUE ROSE" campaign page. The messages will be selected through a raffle draw, and the selected messages will be recreated as calligraphy artworks by calligraphy artist Lee Sang-hyun, who volunteered to join this campaign. Actor Kim Yeong-ho, the ambassador for "Sandol School", shared a message in the "BLUE ROSE" campaign video, urging individuals to participate in this campaign and make a difference in the lives of these children. He stated that their small acts of kindness can contribute to significant social changes. Furthermore, NvirWorld announced that all profits from the solo exhibition of media artist Lee Lee Nam, "조우: Encounter", currently held in "NVIRGALLERY", Gangnam District, South Korea, will be donated to World Vision as an emergency relief donation for Turkey and Syria, where people have been suffering since the earthquake happened. It is noteworthy that NvirWorld's patented technology, which enables transactions and payments in areas without an internet connection, is set to be integrated into the mainnet that is scheduled to be launched in the fourth quarter of this year. This feature will prove to be particularly beneficial in situations of natural disasters. About NvirWorld NvirWorld is a pioneering company that specializes in the development of blockchain technology and the provision of advanced services. NvirWorld currently operates various Ethereum and Solana multichain platforms such as the NFT Marketplace "Nvir Market", the DeFi Virtual Synthetic Asset Investment platform "N-Hub", "NWX" NFT, and their deflationary token "NVIR". Of particular note, NvirWorld has successfully addressed fundamental problems in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model and has incorporated its patented technology into its upcoming Decentralized Exchange - INNODEX, scheduled to launch in Q1. With over 40 developers working tirelessly on expanding the ecosystem, NvirWorld is expected to make significant strides in the blockchain industry with its mainnet, which can even be utilized without an internet connection, planned for release in Q4. It is also worth noting that "NVIR" will serve as the designated gas fee upon the launch of their mainnet.ContactJiEun SiaNvirWorld [email protected]
28 days ago cryptodaily
Yuga Labs Takes Down BAKC Logo After IP Issues
Yuga Labs, the creators behind the NFT community responsible for such crypto art hits such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, recently had to take down the logo for Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) after intellectual property issues were raised. The issue was first raised by COLOMBO, an NFT artist. After COLOMBO's disclosure, the owners of the illustration swiftly responded confirming that the figure in question was indeed theirs. Thanks for bringing this up @Jdotcolombo. @yugalabs doesn't have a license to the wolf skull drawing. The intellectual property rights for the drawing belong to Easy Drawing Guides as it's our original drawing and protected by our Terms and Conditions. — Easy Drawing Guides (@easydrawinguide) February 17, 2023 This prompted Yuga Labs to remove all usage of the image across its platform and social media presence. Easy Drawing Guides is a design firm focused in drawing tutorials for children and beginners. The drawing was first advertised by Easy Drawing Guides as "an easy step-by-step drawing tutorial" for trying to draw a wolf skull. According to Yuga Labs, they hired a freelance artist to create the drawing. No license or permission was secured from the original artist who was signed with Easy Drawing Guides, even if the firm's terms and conditions explicitly prohibits its proprietary content from being used for commercial contexts. The BAKC collection saw initial release in June 2021, with a trademark for the logo applied in November of the same year. The wolf skull sketch was first posted in April 2021. This event is both shocking and ironic in that the core idea behind NFTs is to help resolve the very issue that is now at hand: intellectual property, and the protection of artists from theft. Yuga Labs co-founder Greg Solano has issued a statement on the matter confirming the takedown of all advertorial materials. Saw the claims today about the BAKC logo. This was news to us and we're still investigating the situation. Have reached out to the freelancer we hired for that design and Easy Drawing Guides. We’ll be changing the logo and updating it on our site / ask marketplaces to change as… — Garga.eth (Greg Solano) (@CryptoGarga) February 18, 2023 Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
28 days ago cointelegraph
Nifty News: Yuga in doghouse over Kennel Club logo, NFT marketplace wars rage on and more
The logo for a popular Yuga Labs NFT collection is being changed after it was seemingly ripped off from a follow-along children's drawing creator.
30 days ago cryptodaily
Blockchain company NvirWorld signs MOU with World Vision: Donate to the earthquake in Turkey-Syria
Singapore, Singapore, 18th February, 2023, ChainwireNvirWorld - a blockchain technology innovation company, and World Vision - a non-governmental organization (NGO) for international relief and development, have signed a business agreement at the World Vision Korea headquarters. The MOU with the world's largest NGO aims to develop a transparent and healthy donation culture using NvirWorld's self-developed blockchain patent technology, which is expected that will contribute to activating the transparency and reliability of the current donation system. In particular, NvirWorld's patented technology enables transactions and payments in places without network connection or natural disasters such as earthquakes happened this month on the 6th in Turkey and Syria. Through this patented technology, it is expected that payments and transactions can be made even without an internet connection or when a disaster happens. The technology also provides a foundation for anyone to enjoy economic benefits equally and freely, even in situations where opening a bank account is difficult, and it is expected to create a transparent donation culture by incorporating it into the donation system and operating more donation campaigns that are free and fair. NvirWorld, which is specialized in blockchain has been operating public-interest donation campaigns based on blockchain technology since its foundation to spread the positive effects of blockchain. Through various CSR activities, such as the UNICEF International Children's Fund campaign for children in Afghanistan and Haiti, the Dokdo NFT donation campaign, and the Myanmar campaign, they have donated a total of $146,144. Meanwhile, NvirWorld announced that it will donate all the profits from the exhibition sale of media artist Lee Lee Nam's solo exhibition, "조우: Encounter" currently being held at NVIRGALLERY in Gangnam District, South Korea to support emergency relief efforts in Turkey and Syria, which are suffering from the aftermath of the earthquake through World Vision. About NvirWorld NvirWorld is a pioneering company that specializes in the development of blockchain technology and the provision of advanced services. NvirWorld currently operates various Ethereum and Solana multichain platforms such as the NFT Marketplace “Nvir Market”, the DeFi Virtual Synthetic Asset Investment platform “N-Hub”, “NWX” NFT, and their deflationary token “NVIR”. Of particular note, NvirWorld has successfully addressed fundamental problems in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model and has incorporated its patented technology into its upcoming Decentralized Exchange - INNODEX, scheduled to launch in Q1. With over 40 developers working tirelessly on expanding the ecosystem, NvirWorld is expected to make significant strides in the blockchain industry with its mainnet, which can even be utilized without an internet connection, planned for release in Q4. It is also worth noting that "NVIR" will serve as the designated gas fee upon the launch of their mainnet.ContactJiEun SiaNvirWorld [email protected]
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XRP Leads Crypto Donations For Earthquake Relief
Ripple has pledged to donate $1 million in its native crypto XRP for the earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria. Ripple Pledges Million Dollars Cryptocurrency company Ripple has committed upto a million dollars of XRP coin to several organizations collecting funds for relief operations. On February 6, an earthquake rating 7.8 on the Richter scale hit Turkey and Syria. The calamity has already taken over 40,000 lives and injured many others. Relief operations are still ongoing as many victims are still stuck under the city's rubble, with volunteers pulling out survivors daily. The company announced through Twitter that it would directly donate around $250,000 (approximately 654,000 XRP) through its Ripple Impact Earthquake Relief fund, hosted by Crypto for Charity. The fintech firm has also announced that it would match all other crypto donations to the fund in a 2:1 to a limit of $750,000. This means that for every dollar of crypto donation, Ripple will contribute $2 till the upper limit of $750,000 is reached. 4 NGOs Benefiting From Ripple Fund According to the fintech company, the Ripple Impact Earthquake Fund will equally distribute all the funds received to four non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - CARE, World Central Kitchen, Mercy Corps, and the International Rescue Committee (IRC). CARE is providing food, shelter, hygiene kits, warmth supplies, and cash assistance in Syria and Turkey. World Central Kitchen is distributing meals for survivors and first responders in Turkey. For this purpose, they are working with field kitchens, local chefs, restaurants, and food trucks. Mercy Corps is delivering essential supplies to impacted communities in Syria. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is amping up its efforts to provide support to affected communities in both countries by providing hygiene supplies and healthcare and creating safe spaces for women and children. Crypto Community Rallies For Turkey-Syria Crypto donations have pooled in, with the global crypto community rallying support. Over $9 million of crypto has already been donated for relief efforts for the areas most affected by the natural disaster. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has sent around 250 ETH (around $394,000) to different earthquake relief organizations in the area. The Tezos Foundation is also donating around 50,000 XTZ to the cause. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Legal Expert Says MetaBirkin Project Intended to Use Hermès’ Brand for Economic Gain
Olta Andoni, chief compliance officer at financial firm Enclave Markets, says that Mason Rothschild was looking to “piggyback” off of the French luxury brand’s reputation. But even artists who are creating digital art aren't free of consumer protection laws.
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Hermès wins case against Mason Rothschild’s Metabirkins
A nine-member jury found Rothschild liable for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and "cybersquatting," awarding Hermès $133,000 in damages.
40 days ago coindesk
Hermès Wins Trademark Lawsuit Against MetaBirkins NFTs, Setting Powerful Precedent for NFT Creators
The verdict, which the jury delivered on tk date, ends a year-long battle between the French luxury house and NFT artist Mason Rothschild over his Metabirkin NFT collection.
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Justin Aversano makes a quantum leap for NFT photography
Artist name: Justin AversanoLocation: Los AngelesDate minted first NFT: Feb. 15, 2021Which blockchains? Ethereum Bio: Unintentionally, the healing process of losing his twin sister at birth sparked Justin Aversano’s career to become the poster child for NFT photography. His most famous collection, “Twin Flames,” has 5,900 ETH in total sales volume on OpenSea and multiple […]
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Hermès vs. MetaBirkins: The NFT Case That Could Have Major Trademark and Artistic Consequences
The French luxury house has taken NFT artist Mason Rothschild to trial over his digital collectibles inspired by the iconic Hermes Birkin bag in a case that could have major implications on trademark law and NFTs.
48 days ago coindesk
Jim Henson's Beloved Children Series Fraggle Rock Releases NFT Trading Cards
Fans of the 1980s fantasy puppet television show can collect digital trading cards and connect with other fans through an app.
49 days ago cointelegraph
Hermes v MetaBirkin: NFT trademark stoush heads to trial in Manhattan
Luxury brand Hermès filed a suit against digital artist Mason Rothschild after the artist released his Metabirkins NFT collection depicting the company's Birkin bag product without permission.
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NFT Collection fRiENDSiES Price, Stats, and Review
fRiENDSiES are your forever friend. Your new digital companion and inclusion into the kindness community aka the garden. This collection of 10,000 NFTs is made possible with love from FriendsWithYou. Choose from infinite character combinations including custom heads, bodies, sprouts, handheld items, tails, and more! These traits contain dozens of special 1/1s and extremely rare attributes to collect. Each fRiENDSiES is custom built during the mint by the collector with our one-of-a-kind character builder, FRENGEN. The entire collection will be built & curated simultaneously by our community. The fRiENDSiES universe begins by generating your fRiENDSiES and will extend into the metaverse, real-life experiences & art installations, and limited edition items. Ultimately, your fRiENDSiES will become an AR AI companion that will bring you joy. Join us on this journey as we build a better world where generosity, care, and altruism are rewarded! The total number of owners has reached 3368. NFT Collection fRiENDSiES Price and Sales The market capitalization of fRiENDSiES NFT collection is 168.42 ETH. For all time, 12,778 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.29 ETH (~$474.09 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,762.508 ETH. The floor price of fRiENDSiES is 0.015 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 3.84 ETH. The payment tokens of the fRiENDSiES collection are ETH, WETH. fRiENDSiES traits list Build Status Built 10000 Back Golden ttt burger 15 Golden bat 6 Burger bud 222 Star pack 487 Taco 283 Travel cat 467 Ghostin 431 Pretty wings 120 Rainbow ttt 6 Slitheran 40 Flame 398 Star bag 498 Marmat 165 Skate or die forever 30 Hugbug 281 Rainbow tail 330 Rocket 117 Aqualung 120 Little cloud 497 Beaver 10 Wings 119 Amethyst shell 60 Peacock 31 Rainbow 119 Egg 258 Rainbow bag ttt 120 Ocky 291 Wishes 396 Pip 60 Monkey 402 Flowery 284 Ocean 366 E girl 224 Prop 119 Bat 119 Grabber 60 Fox 215 Butterfly 118 Shruken 20 Pill 259 Scorpio 58 Adventure gold sword 16 Captain love 120 Panda 263 Lion 10 Skate or die 20 Eco cleanse 60 Bbboi 30 Butterfly samurai 10 Slime bat 58 Bone death 29 Bustiin 119 Fairy 21 Little golden cloud 33 Bomba 6 Happy ryder 20 9tails 20 Juice 60 Ttt burger 20 Gold shruken 10 Bumbud 41 The bag 10 Chesh 30 Rainbow wings 6 Adventure sword 20 Rainbow bag 3 Hard shell 3 Sk8brdp 1 Chard 9 Golden fairy 10 Devil 5 Red ruby shell 1 Turtle power 10 Gm girl 2 Pretty gold wings 9 Goldberg 2 Sprout Gold death 26 Little golden cloud 15 Happy cloud 131 Little cloud 391 Crown up 173 Sprout ii 35 Zap 183 Paris hat 3 Drone 49 Chef 30 Devil 287 Tom 49 Little sprout 46 Wizardance 20 Sapphire 14 Rainbow punk 22 Bunbun 33 Black kitty 89 Summer 40 Pop 69 Cyan kitty 47 Bow red 63 Cowboy hat 119 Cherry 15 Frogger 76 Kodak 15 Flower light 37 Rainbow antenna 61 Stem2 53 Friends key 61 Bright 39 Flubi 83 Blip 1 66 Magic 181 Puff 28 Rainbow ears 83 Connector 48 Happy cap 93 Yellow heart 26 Veggy 44 Sacred gnome 9 Booboo 2 101 Leaf 58 Blue shell 32 Spirit horns 55 Pop top gold 9 Cactus horns 26 Princess crown 27 Datboi 54 Blue daisy 40 Orange cone 23 Pop top red 61 Resting golden leaf 9 Brain 43 Friend key 90 Good night 74 Holy yellow hat 10 Blue kitty 40 Red heart 112 Star power 101 Ruby2 57 Island boy 83 Princess gold 27 Yellow kitty 44 Custer 40 Big frog 40 Purple kitty 37 Leaf long 67 Daisy 40 Garbonzo 23 Toads 55 Black pyramid 8 Krikit 40 Red shell 9 Green kitty 56 Alien eyes 28 Stem 2 3 Swirly 45 Hayao 67 Stem 52 Flame 9 Antenna 82 Tomato 36 Floofy 7 Swivel 38 Ocky rocky 29 Resting green leaf 43 Mantis 66 Wagmi 53 Catalan 46 Rainbow horn 42 Green heart 49 Tulip 9 Blip 2 90 Red balloon 15 Kaku 37 Slime 27 Crown down 9 Pink heart 15 Sapphire2 28 Warp 28 Rainbow crown 42 Gold bloom 27 Pink kitty 51 New hair 55 Luminati 15 Dish 15 Sleathering 45 Bonzo 53 Blue heart 45 Worm hole 13 All seeing 9 Bloom 15 Pie 15 Holy hat 8 Bones 10 Gold leaf 34 Death king 30 Bubii 3 Wagm ll 57 Angel 13 Turk 39 Booboo 38 Crown 1 9 Witch2 22 Space eyes 15 Zip 9 Sprout 56 Rainbow death 10 Usb 8 Brown kitty 62 Purp eyes 3 Laspadas 9 Bow green 23 Purp mush 3 Bow yellow 16 Neon boo 9 Tulip red rose 3 Cookiti 53 White kitty 51 Wagm l 31 The child 25 Pop top blue 37 Flower top 40 Totem 13 Rainbow tulip 9 Mt 44 Curnucopia 12 Simon 3 Wagm lll 39 X-mass 20 Stew 9 Magic power 9 Butt head 36 Wizzy 14 Mad heart 25 Bud 28 Red dunce 9 Boiboi 8 Wagm 5 Blooming tree 30 Flower top daisy 16 Wagmiii 15 Hammer time 15 Job of the hun 9 Blue dunce 9 Red mush 3 Browny 14 Snow white 17 Bum head 9 Ruby 15 Gold boot 15 Yellow dunce 7 Little pop 3 Pink daisy 1 Head Super 7 deemon god 9 Gold tree man 3 Roboto 177 Ying yang twin 136 Grey cloud 21 Power up 113 Little chick 33 Glory 43 Angel cloud 119 Bella 120 Ye 4 Gil 41 Goldy 02 169 Head in the cloud 212 Frosted cloud boy 30 Burnt potato 80 Kizzi 418 Bonni 109 Mr chukus 31 Lucy 100 Potato dad 60 Gold gem 15 Puffi white 79 Donnie 20 Happy 102 Deli 60 Koala 115 Frenbear orange 15 Grape 88 Diamond head 5 Head in the rainbow 38 Mr universe 59 Frosted blue cloud boy 148 Rainbow god 242 Starry night 184 Mr ttt 50 Block head 64 Rooborto 10 Apple sport 46 Lucky 10 Aquaboy 59 Kuktis 20 Stixx 47 Carrot 43 Metaphysical toadstool 159 Coco 57 Bone head 9 Fluglur 60 Michel 65 Mengi 62 Marlin 19 Muffy 34 White elephant 120 Grey 60 Windows 35 Frenbear pink 5 Rainbow angel 20 Mooni 99 The boy 69 Seeds 43 Greg 3 Mikey the rookie 88 Ocean 20 Power up gold 16 Star blazer 167 Strawberry kid 58 Full skeleton 20 Queen 43 Rookie lll 10 Toadstool 125 Alive 20 Frenbear green 15 Sheeple 20 Cloudots 124 Atom 59 Ar1 104 Red rider 52 Drip 53 Cleopatra 20 Moss head 43 Johnny 4 Spectrum 51 Enoki 9 Lex 9 Mauri 20 Death 30 Martha 59 Amor 5 Chippi 10 Chico 18 Fuzzy 20 Bros 20 Pott 46 Caramelito 42 Strawberry boy 35 Bread 41 Bb bear 86 Sam blue 15 Frogo 20 Roger 41 Flower kid 78 Mookmook 10 Buster 119 Rocket 17 Colors 11 Avo 64 Lola 29 Plasma head 10 Hearts 106 Gale 30 Rob 19 Burble 33 Mom garden 66 Turtle king 10 Fluffy pop 37 Pea head 45 Bob 44 Le bear 47 Sunset cloud boy 11 Trippy 14 Butane 69 Whilli 63 Sali mue 20 Patrick 79 Jackie 101 Elon 10 Sussie 81 Bebe 47 Booboo 3 Rainbow brain 36 Golden 56 Zzz top 10 Alex 8 Algae fro 20 Bauzli 4 Golden hearts 11 Big ben 11 Mountain head 3 Rookie iii 10 Lord 8 Fliper 31 Mushi jr 41 Steve 20 Gordo 62 Brother egg 40 Mushi 61 Lightning 21 Cleo 27 Rainbow 10 Blue 50 Tury red 16 Jelly 50 24k fish 9 Funzi 45 Kang 10 Dancing bear 10 Whimpi 3 Casper 58 Fluff 36 Golden cloud boy 16 King of heaven 1 Gold elephant 4 Frenbear brown 5 Goldfish 2 Zkuork 10 Diplo 1 Portal 5 Cool cloud boy 10 Amathyst 2 Velcro 5 Acron scout 40 Wesli 3 The devil 2 Baby 5 Xplorer b53 5 Mekacor 10 Gang 5 Hunk 10 Silver god of space 1 Goldberry kid 10 Frog helmet 94 Limiti 43 Tront 3 Dead alive 10 Porky 32 Jen 20 Rainbow tree man 10 King albino 5 Peace 3 Gus 20 Wes 1 Riddle 1 Hoodi 20 Xtinman 2 Brony 10 Ancient poison 1 Teacher 3 Island 3 Candy head 10 Sunni 5 Seed 29 Space invader 20 Hawky 20 Shiva 31 Zarconan 3 Moss 37 Akki 5 Jake 10 Johnny gold 1 Unicorn 3 Zirko 38 Saturday 20 Earthworm 20 Greeni 30 Sweety 36 Gus ii 42 Fire heart 3 Pale alien 40 Witch 5 Tree head 10 Super frogo 15 Home 10 Fred 5 Flower hill 32 Squish 5 Adams apple 36 Mr 40 Happy house 19 Kaktus 36 Warning 3 Zhu 3 Miguel 30 Ziggy 37 Shubri 20 Goldy 3 Slino 4 Kaki 3 Little beeper 34 Orangina 32 Onigiri 5 Top 5 Lucky lu 2 Simon 5 Will 6 White 4 Zork 20 Puffi 32 Fruite goon 35 Fufu 10 Tiktok 5 Ray ray 10 Bub 31 Register 21 Treeple 39 Shoebaca 19 Master ruby 2 Frenbear blue 5 Kusama 1 Rotten strawberry 10 Tea 10 Purp 33 Zorkon 20 Sunshine 3 Tomato head 3 Lime wire 27 Astro kid 2 Silverado 1 Ultra ruby 1 Steven 51 Rob 2 20 Dark grey cloud 21 Buddy chub 2 30 Buddy vibe 120 Dobule buddy chub 14 Samo 1 Andy 1 Fuzzy wuzzy 1 Sam 1 Tury 1 Body Super 7 deemon god 9 Alive golden 5 Lord 175 Xplorer suit 45 Little cloud boy 60 Infinity 400 Anderson 49 Acron scout 37 Super potato 104 Sky 3 Graduation 41 Lv 60 Tuxedo 328 Milacarus 76 Frosted cloud boy 87 Prison fish 75 Green shorts 32 Eggxelent 84 Full skeleton 228 Lavender dream 5 Rainbow brain 10 Fwy camper 45 Spectrum 62 Jhony rockets 58 Big 53 Super rainbow suit 109 Hearts gang 42 Sunset 56 The rooki 21 Killer overalls 55 Farmeralls 45 Trippy 20 Kid rainbow 118 Mookmook 79 Rainbow spaceship 74 Rainbow journey man 48 Lucky white 189 Aztek 39 Cloud pajamas 96 Unifield 77 Boston 114 Fly 45 Good boy 32 Neighbor 29 Perkly 38 Woodchuck 10 Knight 96 Bauzli 56 Metaphysical spots 114 Ying master 39 Preppi 36 Cado 50 Happy blue boy 81 Waiter 19 Zirko 38 Roots 32 Cow boy 49 Joneses 49 Zikgets 26 Invader 20 Normandy 30 Yield 53 R8xp12 120 Rainbow tree man 71 Joker purp 33 Frosted blue cloud boy 61 Cloudots 120 Double brick 34 Asylum 46 Gold shorts 15 Mold 20 Heinz 109 America 20 Stark 26 Peace 21 Rider parker 43 Dead 47 Buddy chub 15 Poison glass 20 Killer prince 10 Sussie 20 Fractal 59 Kaki 3 Party shorts ii 22 Board 55 Atom 43 Wheelbarrel 49 Flame 36 Soil 45 Rolls 20 Slino 23 Star blazer 67 Starry suit 76 Robinhood 70 Rainbow vortex 119 Pox 28 Lex 18 Sun shine 67 Super 10 Farmer 50 Green fuzz 28 Whim 30 Brown 18 Quick blue 52 Limiti 37 Mushroom suit 60 Star party 27 Treeple 32 Rainbow unitard 68 Pants 76 Pop 29 Rain man 58 Orange 27 Kusama 2 94 Happy trails 19 Flower garden 30 Ice red 62 Joker suit 26 Billy bbq 36 Dots 20 Michel 21 Sticks 30 Captain 22 Zacaruyas 26 Brown blazer 44 Bathroom break 32 Golden cloud boy 20 Hunk 52 German shorts 28 Killer 61 Toga party 27 Golden hearts 10 Angel overalls 55 Serious 20 Register 24 Loco 36 Alive 20 Gold navel 39 Green 56 Zander 33 Ant army 31 Amor 5 Colors 60 Cornfield 10 Muffy 20 Earth 43 Florida 48 Mengi 112 Boy blue 10 Sauce 24 Gordo light 36 Chukus the boxer 45 Dragon 38 Xtr cloud suit 53 Bones 19 Fussi 29 Argentina 30 Loggy 35 Green mckney 10 Hatchling 28 Jobs 5 Baseman 3 Traveler 33 Shubri 33 Yellow submarine 55 Fat mushi 38 Space 10 Moebius 3 Will 26 Jones 10 Andy 2 Bear boxers 30 Star demon 61 Lucky gold 9 Amathyst 1 Samo 1 Portal 5 Burble 30 Su 1 Ceasar 24 Zipper 5 Infinity quest 20 The devil 2 Sea captain 17 Maui 18 King of heaven 2 Gang 5 Rooborto 10 Purple ranger 36 Mekacor 10 Kennedy 46 Rider 1 Fruits 22 Pentz 27 Sunset cloud boy 4 Silver god of space 1 Gold suspenders 3 Pruitt 1 Purp bunny 1 Brony 5 Ancient poison 1 Earthworm 20 Party shorts 22 Fashion 55 Drive 27 Frog suit 41 Flower hill 29 Kusama 1 Portland 38 Chicken skin 36 Tront 3 Conductor 28 Akki 39 Suspension suit 5 Crystal 3 Kizzi maru 49 Bebe 30 Island 10 Garden 57 Leaf bowtie 24 Hearts overalls 39 Johnny gold 1 Climber 22 Button 5 Lola 20 Prision fish 35 Tooker 44 Ice 3 Acrobat 19 Pink 29 Polka domino 6 Black and white 3 Lover wrestler 30 Tightie whities 32 Ocean 11 Terracota 23 Planter 38 Apple sport 27 Tippy 28 Picknick 43 Brown body 22 Bubbles 3 Polkadot boxers 17 Spider shirt 27 Fatboy 10 Tury 2 Silverado 1 Body boy 31 Green beans 22 Cinnamon bun 22 Jill 10 Yogi 27 Rainbow suspender 3 Trun 3 Couch billy 22 Bella bunny 19 Spider death 3 Sanches 20 Master ruby 1 Fire heart 1 Xtinman 2 Flashy 1 Fuzzy wuzzy 1 Sam 1 Power God hammer 60 Magic staffv 4 Punchy 500 Flower white 99 Bop 390 Death rattle 448 Pink heart wand 59 Kareoki 59 Sprinkles 138 Wubby 60 Staffv 499 Bday 30 Shark tooth 329 Kaleidoscope 500 Laser arm 30 Gator 330 Boomer 500 Laser evil 120 Bubby 388 Cupids arrow 459 Loli 119 Rocket pop 478 Swirlie 499 Adcsdcjkskdjv 405 Book of ocean 381 Moon staff 328 Fwogy 404 Guess 120 Brass knuckles 120 Flower red 120 Hoagie 20 Party 3 God hammer gold 43 Sauce 3 Gold sharktooth 40 Bear 119 Torch 119 Flower purple 58 Star wand 120 Mint swirlie 10 Weights 270 Orb 20 Saw 3 Flaming sword 21 Axe 19 Rebirth 16 Guest 20 Golden wand 11 Gold moon staff 11 Gauntlet 3 Gold book of ocean 5 Flaming golden sword 5 Laser good 10 Zubby 11 Laser rainbow saver 4 Forkd 5 Harry 11 Purple heart wand 1 Cane 20 Lagartija 10 Green heart wand 3 Cupids gold arrow 30 Gm 5 Bday p 3 Flaming blue sword 3 Heavens key 15 Miami moon staff 3 Katana 5 Pink sprinkles 10 Corps 5 Cane mint 1 Kicks Wrappers gold 162 Roboot 60 High boots black 275 Convos black and white 120 Low tops yellow 348 Low tops black 304 Low tops brown 164 High boots brown 143 Goldies 417 Paris boots 1 Cloud slippers 499 Convos white 121 Low tops red 308 Trainers black 495 High boots red 266 Polka boots blue with white dot 119 White puffer boots 256 Polka boots yellow with black dot 119 Pineapple boots 60 Emeralds 119 Boggies 237 Duckies 121 Low tops white 243 Rainbow boosters 119 Polka boots red with black dot 119 Sheeeewi 316 High boots skyblue 129 High boots yellow 213 Tone boots yellow blue 118 Bouncies 60 High heels 190 Strawberry boots 59 Convos green red 118 Rainbow boots long 5 Crusto kicks 60 Low tops green 174 High boots white 246 High boots blue 125 High boots green 164 Startup 10 Tone boots white black 120 Convos pink 121 Bing bongs 21 Polka boots red with white dot 120 Rainbow boots 51 Love slippers 176 Cloud boots 60 Furfurs 20 Bunners 121 Bacas 60 Low tops blue 131 Low tops cyan 180 Low tops purple 144 Wrappers black 20 Trainers 294 Rainbow sheeeewi 10 Valenciaga 4 Richi sneakers 19 Eggplant boots 59 Tone boots rasta 120 Poop sheeeewi 60 Tone boots red purple 120 Wrappers pink 20 Wrappers blue 19 Skuglers 11 Pink chankletas 19 Cloud gold slippers 11 Wrappers green 19 High boots purple 132 Furp jords 3 Paris boots brown 1 Purp furs 2 Red sheeeewi 3 Monster boots 5 Astro boots 5 Nomnoms 5 Ruby red slippers 3 Vibe Cutie 157 Watcher 142 Open 338 Muzzy 86 Looki 80 Toots 137 Pix 2 48 Foxy 154 Berp 93 Freaky 60 Out 219 Boosy 103 Zoobie 19 Fren 243 Animal 5 Peacey 186 Frookie 76 Ha 110 Oooo 5 Kissy 78 Kit kat 5 Mow 124 Harry 74 Fight 60 Ssslimer 5 Xavier 83 King albino 229 Trust 178 Barf 60 Nope 87 Pix 165 Snickers 60 Grins 87 Lovee 149 Mako 61 Mr 19 Pak 20 God 167 Happy 5 Yow 94 Deal w it 61 Mfer 144 Glooms 65 3d 20 Head angel 20 Gm bear 10 Glork 116 Bub 97 Flippy 20 Smiles 215 Gm 82 Kitty 120 Derp 146 Vr 20 Evil 166 Bruh 4 Mitch 20 Bill 76 Godley 4 eyes 61 Cubie 111 Happy friend 94 Ace 3 Romeo 98 Boobie 101 Bruck 56 Xxyxlex 82 Mopsey 10 Meh 69 Andy 74 Bye bye 20 Birdie 94 Soulless 3 Pepe 6 Rainbow king 3 Rosey 68 Skick 3 Mork 64 Kilowat 10 Googie 2 74 Blueberry face mask 5 The shinning 20 Digibin 57 Shug 10 Psycho 75 Monster 10 Gluggy 40 Ryan 70 Astro 10 Yum 20 Rainbow eyes 3 Acid 3 Spicey 20 Golden eyes 4 Wippy 50 Fee fee 62 Boyle 20 Snowflake 10 Beelzabubba 20 6 eyes 20 Garnfoil 5 Pudding 5 Zugy 62 Gogun 2 Bryan 4 Thinker 3 Woojack 3 Killer mfer 7 Lickity 5 Flex 1 F-1000 1 Starpro 19 Zeek 3 Layla 45 The nothing 3 Boop 68 Pio 76 May may 51 Flirp 5 Veywxylyk 19 Ahhh 54 Potter 5 Baby yoda 6 Scarcrow 3 Sally 4 Zax 5 Getthy 59 Aooau 20 Bingo 5 Hii 45 Goldfish 5 Emerald 5 Cucumber eyes 3 Panaa 5 Sugar 3 True 3 fRiENDSiES fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 750 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 1000 basis points fRiENDSiES editors list The approved editor's accounts of fRiENDSiES collection are 0x9213ccca8cba95d90134f28391caf1453e12c5d2, 0x912a526852527dfb5d44c22a15b708aa493cda6b. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Tether moves to combat child abuse content marketplaces
Tether set to collaborate with anti-child-abuse network INHOPE to help the industry combat child abuse material marketplaces.
89 days ago coindesk
Metaverse-First Blockchain Lamina1 Launches Rolling Fund for Web3 Builders
The Layer 1 blockchain is the brainchild of Neal Stephenson, who coined the term "metaverse" in 1992, and Peter Vessenes, co-founder of the Bitcoin Foundation. The project will also soon launch a testnet showcasing future use cases.
96 days ago cointelegraph
Crypto blame game back on US Senators' menu following SBF arrest
While Congressman Brad Sherman saw SBF as the poster child of the crypto ecosystem, congressman Tom Emmer highlighted the crypto community's contribution to uncovering the supposed FTX fraud.

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