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1 day agocryptosrus
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, UNI, LINK, CHZ
Covered: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies Top 5 Cryptocurrencies To Watch The S&P 500 rose for the fourth successive week as investors cheered on signs that inflation may have peaked. Bitcoin (BTC) and select altcoins also extended their recovery, suggesting that investors are increasing their exposure to risk assets. A similar trend has played out in the […] The post Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, UNI, LINK, CHZ appeared first on CryptosRus.
1 day agocryptodaily
Crypto News Flash - Why Shiba Inu, Chiliz, and Supontis Token Are A Portfolio Dream
If you’re like most traders in the crypto space, you’re most likely looking for the best crypto tokens that offer you a chance of success. Every trader keeps a portfolio of different items. Well, the content of each person’s portfolio will depend on the crypto coins they’ve identified with. The type of tokens in traders’ portfolios will determine the level of success that they’ll enjoy. Are you interested in finding out the best tokens for your wallet? You’re at the right place. This piece will review why you should add Shiba Inu (SHIB), Chiliz (CHZ), and Supontis Token (PON) to your portfolio. It Pays To Be Cute – Shiba Inu (SHBI) The meme sector of the coin market is undoubtedly one of its most controversial. In the past, many people have referred to meme coins as useless and unable to drive any real commercial value. That story changed when Dogecoin rose to greater heights and stormed the market. It gave people the impression that more success would follow. Shiba Inu was released following the success of Dogecoin. As many people couldn’t get over the dog-themed coin that had just made its way into the top 10 list of crypto coins, an anonymous group of developers decided to spring up the ideal of Shiba Inu. According to the developers, Shiba Inu was designed as the ‘Dogecoin killer’. This means that it was introduced to the market to replace Dogecoin. The development team of Shiba Inu has ensured that they point out all the deficiencies of this Dogecoin and use it to improve what they offer. There are several reasons why Shiba Inu should be added to every trader’s portfolio. Having replaced Dogecoin as the biggest meme coin, Shiba Inu is set for great things. This crypto coin was designed with a community-driven approach. This approach would ensure that the cryptocurrency's future is in the hands of its users. Shiba Inu has a limited supply. SHIB is the trading symbol of this meme coin. There are 1 quadrillion SHIB tokens in circulation. Giving Us Chills – Chiliz (CHZ) The truth is that blockchain technology can affect every aspect of life. It has already made its way into the finance and tourism sectors. It’s the next field to enjoy the benefits of crypto technology in sports. Chiliz is a crypto token that’s set to optimize the relationship between sports clubs and their favorite fans. This cryptocurrency was developed in 2018 to provide sports fans with a token that will allow millions of sports fans to show their love and support for their favoriteteams. Chiliz serves as the main token of the socio platform. This token allows users to vote on club surveys and polls. Crypto users can easily swap their tokens for CHZ through the platform’s dedicated marketplace. Its most impressive feature is that it focuses on allowing fans to become vital contributors and stakeholders in their favorite teams. This cryptocurrency is different from other offerings on the market because it utilizes a proof-of-authority mechanism to confirm its transactions. It also runs on the Ethereum and Binance Chain. CHZ is the native token of this network. It’s the exclusive on-platform currency that will facilitate the actions of most users. Supplanting the Competition – SupontisToken (PON) While Supontis may be one of the most recent additions to cryptocurrency, it has already leaped far ahead of many tokens. Why? Because of its impressive use case. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that focus on improving their speed and becoming the best, Supontis is concerned predominantly with ensuring that users can send assets across different blockchains. This innovative blockchain-based bridge will connect individual networks and enable transfer to a completely different infrastructure using smart contracts. Supontis will ensure that transactions are transferred as quickly as possible using a two-step process. This process will ensure that the same value of tokens is made available from the initial blockchain to the destination blockchain. PON is the native token of this network protocol. If you’re interested in bagging some PON tokens, you can participate in its presale and enjoy some lucrative offers. For instance, users will get a 12% bonus when they make their purchase deposit in LTC and XRP. Supontis Token (SUP) Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
1 day agocointelegraph
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, ADA, UNI, LINK, CHZ
Bitcoin price is targeting $25,000 and holding this level could trigger breakouts in ADA, UNI, LINK and CHZ.
7 days agocryptodaily
X Open Hub Adds 30 New Cryptocurrencies and 2 Emerging Market Indices to its Vast Asset List
Global provider of cutting-edge liquidity and technology solutions for financial institutions, X Open Hub has announced additions to its vast multi-asset offerings. The company has introduced 30 new cryptocurrencies and two emerging market indices, CH50cash and IND50cash, to the 5000+ global instruments it already offers. With 12+ years experience offering world-class technology and transparent liquidity solutions for banks and brokers, X Open Hub is committed to supporting financial firms. The company aims to help them achieve cost-optimized business models through improved operational efficiency and increased profitability. The Crypto Winter Is Ending Say AnalystsDespite the ongoing cryptocurrency winter, millennials and Gen Zs are increasingly looking at digital assets for investment purposes. A rise in awareness and education regarding this class of assets, along with their low correlation with price moves in traditional investment instruments, has been driving this interest. Increasing regulatory oversight across numerous countries is expected to lend stability to the digital asset class. Additionally, the rise of DeFi projects is also likely to drive interest in cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the decline in crypto prices in recent months has many investors wondering whether to buy the dip before the crypto winter ends. Historically, there have been four such crypto winters, including the current one. Each time, the market has reversed within around a year. So, investors might be looking at acquiring digital currencies while the prices are still low and before the market begins to rise once again. X Open Hub Adds 30 New CryptosBrokers are increasingly looking at offering their clients opportunities to trade the most popular and promising digital currencies. X Open Hub has added 30 new cryptocurrencies to its already long list of crypto offerings. The new crypto offerings available through X Open Hub’s liquidity solution are extensive and include: AAVE, ALGORAND, APECOIN, CHILIZ, COSMOS, CRONOS, CURVEDAO, DECENTRALAND, DYDX, ELROND, FANTOM, FILECOIN, FTX, GALA, GRAPH, INTERCOMP, IOTA, KILOSHIB, KYBER, MAKER, METAL, NEO, SANDBOX, STEPN, SUSHI, TRON, VECHAIN, WAVES, ZCASH and ZILLIQA. “We believe brokers need to stay abreast of trends and should perceive a wide range of cryptocurrencies as an additional tool to attract new customers or manage their retention. In the last quarter, we devoted a lot of attention to developing our asset class offering and equipping our partners with all the tools necessary to remain competitive in the market,” stated Michael Copiuk, CEO of X Open Hub. IND50cash and CH50cash X Open Hub has also added the IND50cash and CH50cash indices to its liquidity offerings. The IND50cash is based on the Nifty 50, the benchmark index that includes 50 of the most profitable companies across 12 sectors listed on the Indian stock markets. This makes it a well-diversified index. Alternatively, the CH50cash, is based on the China A50, a pan-China benchmark index that includes the top 50 companies, based on market cap, listed on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. A Global Leader Established in 2010, X Open Hub is the institutional arm of the XTB, which is listed on WSA and licensed across multiple jurisdictions, including the UK FCA, CySEC, IFSC, FSCA, and more. XOH has created a niche by providing complete front- and back-end technology and responsive support to propel growth for financial firms. X Open Hub’s solutions include deep institutional liquidity on more than 5,000 global instruments, including indices, shares, forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and ETFs, and a powerful white label platform that can be fully customised and branded for each brokerage. X Open Hub also offers multiple integration options to ease operations for brokers, such as FIX protocol, xAPI, MT4/MT5 Bridge or Gateway, and integration with Prime XM, Gold-I, oneZero, and more. This has helped the company gain over 100 clients across more than 30 countries within a decade of being launched. Speak to the X Open Hub Team about cryptocurrencies and emerging market indices. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
9 days agocryptodaily
Hectagon to Launch TGE on August 8 Aiming to Bootstrap Decentralized VC DAO
St Vincent, Grenadines, 7th August, 2022, ChainwireHectagon Finance, an upcoming decentralized Venture Capital DAO, is launching the TGE for its HECTA token, which grants holders a claim to governance rights and to the tokens held in its treasury. Hectagon is a novel platform that lets regular users get the windfall from investing into crypto startups at an early stage. They share the risks, but also receive the profits from backing projects right from the start. In both the Web2 and the Web3 worlds, average users are usually among the last in the chain of buyers, being used as “exit liquidity” for the previous round investors. With Hectagon, holding HECTA gives users a way to indirectly hold seed-stage tokens. The TGE for HECTA will launch on August 8 between 11:00 and 14:00 UTC. The tokens can be acquired directly on, or buy and stake them on PancakeSwap. The first 300 whitelisted members will receive up to 30% HECTA bonus for any purchase above $500. Sign up at: before 07:00 AM, Aug 8 2022 (UTC). Hectagon is made by the founders of VSV Capital, a Vietnam-based accelerator and VC that invested in over 80 startups, primarily in Web2. With the growth of Web3, VSV Founder and Forbes 30 under 30 Asia nominee Linh Han saw an opportunity to reinvent the VC model. Hectagon Finance is backed by Mistletoe, VSV Capital, Hub Global and LaunchZone. The vast majority of VC funds only raise capital from already rich investors, who trust the VC fund managers to invest it effectively. This was happening in Web3 just as much as it did in Web2, making tremendous amounts of money for these insiders who could get in on the best deals. There was an opportunity to reestablish some fairness in the VC mechanism, opening up the funding to everyone. Hectagon offers this opportunity, with the lineup of project pipeline, clear plan of making investment decisions by holding HECTA tokens in the Hectagon treasury. HECTA tokens can be redeemed for their value in the treasury at any point, giving additional security to holders. Unlike many other investment DAOs that raised millions without a clear plan on what to do next, Hectagon has a clear mandate of accessing the best seed-stage Web3 deals. "What I learnt from years of working in the Venture Capital industry is that creating a valuable company does not solely rely on the founders and investors,” said Linh Han, Hectagon Co-Founder. “You need a community of loyal customers and supporters who are willing to use the product, provide feedback and spread the word... All of that is better achieved through a community-owned, decentralized funding platform model. With Hectagon, we expect to revolutionize the Venture Capital funding model for Web3 and bring a new concept of investment into the blockchain and crypto space.” About Hectagon Hectagon is a decentralized VC fund that allows anyone to contribute funds and receive the windfalls of investing early in Web3 startups. It is developed by the same team behind VSV Capital, one of the most active Web2 investors in Vietnam. Hectagon’s mission is restoring the fair community-centric ideals of the early crypto years, which later were suppressed by a Web2-like Venture Fund model. ContactsCMOCatie Hang [email protected]
14 days agocoindesk
Compañía dueña de invierte $100M en el desarrollo Web3 del FC Barcelona
Chiliz ha adquirido una participación de 24,5% en Barca Studios, el área de contenido digital del gigante del fútbol.
19 days agocryptodaily
Chiliz (CHZ) and Chronoly (CRNO) have 50x potential - Here is all you need to know
The cryptocurrency market has struggled over the last year to provide investors with good returns. Despite the recent bear market there are still opportunities to make big gains in the right projects with (CRNO) and Chilliz (CHZ) being two that offer promise. Chilliz is a platform for sports and entertainment fan tokens, while Chronoly provides asset-backed investing in luxury watches. Both projects operate in a niche area of the crypto investing market and we discuss how they can provide 50x returns in the years ahead. Chilliz (CHZ) Moves to NFT Memoribilia Chilliz (CHZ) is the native token of the Socios ecosystem where fans can interact with their favourite sports teams and other entertainers. Chilliz is now rolling out another feature in the form of sports moments and memorabilia NFTs. A recent soccer match between AC Milan and AS Roma allowed fans to purchase special commemorative NFTs in the form of video highlights through the ACM fan token. Chilliz has also been added to the Bitpanda exchange with access to 3.5 million traders on the platform. Chiliz confirmed the listings of some of its soccer fan tokens via Twitter. Some of the listed tokens are CITY, BAR, ATM, PSG, and JUV. These tokens are minted on the Chilliz network and are the official fan tokens of the likes of Barcelona and Paris St Germain. The addition of NFTs will open up a new revenue stream that can be rolled out across each fan token for every match and that could be big business. Chilliz has since expanded from soccer to include entertainment names such as the UFC fighting tournaments. The CHZ token can increase strongly as the ecosystem grows and users seek access to the fan engagement platforms. Brings Asset-Backed Digital Investing The project is also operating in a niche area by providing a marketplace for investment in NFTs that are backed by luxury watches. This will provide a bridge between old and new investment worlds for investors who like to diversify their portfolio into digital assets that are backed by real-world items. These NFTs will be broken into fractions allowing investors to buy the assets for as low as $10. provides a modern and intuitive blockchain marketplace that allows investors to set stop and limit orders so they can wait patiently for the right price. There is also historical and real-time price data so that investors can make better decisions on the luxury watch market. Investors have recently shunned cryptocurrency for safe investments but the Chronoly (CRNO) project brings that opportunity into the digital age. NFTs are a core feature once more as the watches are held in safe storage and fully insured. In the roadmap, the project has earmarked a move into the metaverse in the future with its own Chronoverse offering. That could involve partnerships with luxury watch brands and analysts see the potential for big gains once the project is well-known. The marketplace’s native token, Chronoly (CRNO), currently trades at $0.066 after starting at $0.01 in the presale and investors should look to get involved during phase 2 before it’s too late. Experts expect the price to rise over 4000% once the token releases officially. For more information about Presale: Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
23 days agocryptodaily
Best Investment Opportunities 2022: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Chiliz (CHZ) and Degrain (DGRN)
Despite the recent market downturn, retail and institutional investors alike are always on the hunt for potentially lucrative ventures to help them achieve their long-term financial goals. Three cryptocurrencies fit this category in July 2022: Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Chiliz (CHZ), and exciting newcomer Degrain (DGRN). Here’s how. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) could a recovery be in sight? Bitcoin Cash is one of the most established digital currencies trading on every crypto exchange. Its passionate community and status as one of the OG Bitcoin forks bode well for its recovery before 2022 ends. Despite a poor showing in June (and a bit of drama involving its CEO Roger Ver), BCH has recorded a 14.5% gain in the past two weeks as of this writing, and its uptrend has crypto analysts predicting a bullish trend likely continuing for the Bitcoin fork to recover its lost gains. Experts tip BCH to do a strong finish to close out 2022. Buy the dip. Chiliz (CHZ) investors begin to pile into Degrain presale Malta-based fintech company Chiliz (CHZ) is expanding its decentralized digital currency for sports by partnering with some of the biggest football clubs in the world, such as English champions Manchester City, Spanish giants Barcelona, and perennial French champions Paris-Saint-Germain. Through its Chilliz (CHZ) token, users can interact with their favorite teams and win prizes through the company’s Socios fan platform. Chiliz has since gone beyond football teams by collaborating with MMA promotion UFC to launch the brand’s fan token, which will benefit the Maltese company’s long-term success. Chilliz (CHZ) hit an ATH of $0.87 last March 2021 and is currently trading at the $0.10 level. With all its recent developments, experts predict a recovery to the $0.30-0.40 level in the next bull run. Chilliz (CHZ) is definitely on many investors’ watchlists. Degrain (DGRN) Is one of the most talked about cryptos One of the best investment opportunities in 2022 is Degrain ($DGRN). Degrain is building the first actual cross-chain NFT marketplace enabling users to trade and transact across various blockchains, as opposed to its competitors OpenSea and LooksRare, which only allow transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. Degrain is bucking the bear market by already having done a 300% price increase three weeks since its ongoing presale launched last July 7 with a token price of $0.01. As of this writing, its native token, DGRN, is now at $0.04, much to the delight of its early investors, who already tripled their initial investment in just two weeks. Presale phase one sold out weeks early and it looks like the same will happen for Phase Two. And it’s not too late to get in, either – DGRN is expected to do a 6,000% rise once all is said and done and its presale ends on September 30, 2022. With a certified and audited smart contract, liquidity locked for ten years, and no VC participation during its presale, it’s no wonder why Degrain is one of the most highly anticipated token presales of 2022. Here’s how to get into the ground floor of one of the year's most promising projects that wins our award for top investment in 2022. Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
44 days agocryptodaily
Fintech-Ideas brings blockchain functionality to its range of platforms
Berlin, Germany, 3rd July, 2022, ChainwireEnterprise software developer Fintech-Ideas has integrated a suite of blockchain tools to its SaaS offerings. The provision will enable businesses to utilize powerful web3 features such as tokenization, NFTs, and distributed storage. The integration of blockchain functionality into the company’s fintech and marketing platforms will deliver web3 services on demand. Customers will be able to gain exposure to crypto-based technologies, including blockchain, with minimal setup costs and lead time. Flagship Fintech-Ideas products such as Pushnoti, LiberSave, and ITTechAV are relied on by millions of customers for payments and marketing. The incorporation of web3 features will further extend their functionality and unlock new revenue streams for forward-thinking businesses. Fintech-Ideas also services the media industry through a brace of products. Aussiedlerbote Zeitung offers readers a wide range of media content and TechZeitung supports the convenient and high-scale exchange of entrepreneurial skills and expertise. Liber Save is a software-as-a-service solution for digital coupon issuers. Users can buy unlimited coupons from issuers and use them to purchase items from partner stores and marketplaces. Pushnoti, meanwhile, helps business owners identify regular visitors for engagement purposes, and PushnotiAds is a push notification monetization platform. These, together with Fintech-Ideas products such as IT Technologie, will benefit from blockchain integration. The cost and complexity of introducing and maintaining blockchain functionality serves as a deterrent for many companies. Fintech-Ideas’ Blockchain-as-a-Service offering will give companies exposure to web3 and the upside it offers, without being lumbered with prohibitive maintenance costs. Web3, presented as a new internet standard, utilizes innovations that are synonymous with blockchain including the use of key pairs, encryption, digital IDs, and tokenization. Web3 technologies support such applications as micropayments, decentralized networking, IoT, and censorship-resistant social media platforms. About Fintech-Ideas Home to 200 employees across nine countries, Fintech-Ideas specializes in sourcing, financing and developing in-house products aimed at fintech and marketing industries. The Berlin-based company is focused on proprietary projects, which it prioritizes over software sales and contracted full-stack development. Fintech-Ideas solutions help businesses achieve their goals by freeing them to focus on their core operations.ContactsEugen GeptinIT-Technologie A.V. [email protected]
83 days agocryptodaily
A $1000 Investment In These Cryptocurrencies Could Make You A Millionaire Overnight
Any investor should consider cryptocurrency as part of their portfolio. The technology being created with web 3.0 looks set to revolutionise the way we live our daily lives. With crypto still very much in its earliest days and only around 4% of the entire world's population invested, now could go down in history as one of the greatest ever times to start investing. Many cryptocurrencies saw exponential growth throughout 2020 and 2021. If you had invested $1000 into tokens such as Solana (SOL) or Shiba Inu (SHIB) you would be living in your mansion as a multi-millionaire right now. Three cryptocurrencies that have the potential to see extraordinary results over the next few months and years are XRP (XRP), Chiliz (CHZ) and Mehracki (MKI). Let’s take a look at what makes these tokens stand out from the rest and why a $1000 investment in any of them could make you a millionaire. Will XRP Be Bigger Than Bitcoin (BTC)? XRP is the native coin of Ripple Labs and all of its products. XRP is utilised for payment settlement, asset exchange, and remittance systems that operate like SWIFT, a service used by a network of banks and financial intermediaries for international money and security transfers. Since December 2020, Ripple Labs have been embodied in a lawsuit with the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) over the reported sale of unregistered XRP tokens in the company's earliest days. The lawsuit is predicted to come to an end towards the end of 2022 with many believing Ripple Labs will be victorious. The end of the 2018 bull run saw XRP with the same market cap as Ethereum (ETH). If that were the case today, the price of XRP would currently be around the $6 range. This means that a $1000 investment right now should in theory be worth $12,000. With the financial system slowly shifting towards decentralisation, the technology provided by Ripple Labs could result in XRP becoming one of the powerhouses of the cryptocurrency world. Within the next couple of years, we could see every major bank and financial institution using XRP to facilitate cross border payments. What Is Chiliz (CHZ) Used For? CHZ is a cryptocurrency that enables sports fans to participate in exclusive activities with their favourite teams. Chiliz employs blockchain technology to provide a new type of direct involvement between sports fans and their favourite teams, modelled after the socios of Spanish soccer teams, in which a yearly membership grants supporters access to early tickets and voting privileges. Fans may purchase fan tokens for their favourite teams using CHZ tokens, the Chiliz ecosystem's native cryptocurrency. Each club that collaborates with Chiliz can personalise the real-world experiences its Fan Tokens offer to holders. Another feature that is slowly being introduced by Chiliz is sports moments and memorabilia in the form of NFTs. At a recent match between AC Milan and AS Roma, fans were able to purchase special commemorative NFTs in the form of video highlights via the ACM fan token. The sports industry is one of the biggest in the world. With many fans feeling that owners are distancing themselves from the fans and the traditions of the club, it is possible that blockchain technology could be used to bridge this gap. NFTs and fan tokens provide a great way for fans to feel like they are part of their beloved club as well as allow unique items to be collected. Chiliz is already laying down the foundations for this industry and CHZ could benefit greatly from that. What Is The Best Meme Coin For 2022? Since the unprecedented success of Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB), there has been a multitude of new meme coins released looking for a quick buck. Whilst 99% of these end up being worthless, there are a handful of projects that go the extra mile by providing utility for their users. Mehracki (MKI) is one such coin. Mehracki is just a few days into its existence having only just launched its much-anticipated presale. With this, you are provided with a chance to buy into a project at one of its lowest prices. In comparison, had you invested $1000 in Dogecoin at the same stage that Mehracki is at now, you would have hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in your bank account. Meme coins have the potential to go on explosive runs. In just 12 months Shiba Inu grew by a mouthwatering 74 million% without providing its users with any real utility. With MKI you will be able to stake and farm your tokens for rewards and incentives as well as purchase feel good Mehracki NFTs. If meme coins with no real utility can moon in price then meme coins with utility should in theory moon even further. A $1000 investment in MKI at this early stage could see gargantuan returns if the project picks up traction and gains a following on social media sites such as Twitter and Reddit. To become a millionaire with cryptocurrency you ultimately need a bit of luck. The markets are extremely volatile with coins going up and down like a rollercoaster regularly. Long term investments tend to be one of the better ways to go. With crypto expected to be more universally accepted by 2025, investing now should see the value of your portfolio worth considerably more if you can wait until then. An investment of just $1000 into coins such as Mehracki could even make you a millionaire. Find Out More Here: Presale: Website: Telegram: Twitter: Instagram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
89 days agocointelegraph
Socios fan tokens rally 40%+ after Chiliz rolls out mainnet upgrade and token burn plan
A new exchange listing, mainnet launch and competitive token burn mechanism led to a sharp rally in Socios fan tokens.
123 days agocointelegraph
Here’s why Chiliz (CHZ) multi-team NFL partnership and Web3 expansion plan could be bullish
Bullish momentum builds for CHZ following a new partnership between and multiple NFL teams.
137 days agocointelegraph
Chiliz launches public testnet for its new layer-1 blockchain
Focused on the sports and entertainment industries, the Chiliz Chain 2.0 blockchain network was birthed in collaboration with decentralized infrastructure protocol, Ankr.
143 days agocryptosrus
What is Chiliz?
Check out our “What Is Chiliz” guide to learn about this sports-focused cryptocurrency project. COVERED: What is Chiliz? Who Created Chiliz? How It Works? What is CHZ? Concerns WHAT IS CHILIZ? Chiliz is a new and unique blockchain platform that brings cryptocurrency to the world of electronic sports and entertainment. It is a platform for […] The post What is Chiliz? appeared first on CryptosRus.
149 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Weekly Roundup: EU Rejects Regulations, Terra CEO Bets On Luna, ConsenSys Raises $450M, Ukraine Legalizes Crypto, APE Launch, And More
The raging Ukraine-Russia war has seen financial support pouring in, in the form of BTC and other cryptocurrencies. In a monumental move, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy has signed the Virtual Assets Bill, resulting in the legitimization of cryptocurrency in the war-ravaged country. Keep reading to learn more about the bill and other events in crypto and blockchain from this week. Bitcoin Arthur Hayes writes about the end of the petrodollar/eurodollar monetary system and the biggest wealth transfer into gold and bitcoin that the world has ever seen. Canadian authorities have seized and frozen BTC donations received by the truckers protesting in Ottawa against vaccine mandates. The European Parliament has voted down a set of bills that would have introduced regulations to the cryptocurrency market, like imposing restrictions on proof-of-work mining. Ethereum Ethereum scaling startup Optimism has raised $150 million in its latest Series B funding round, putting the company’s total valuation at $1.65 billion. The Ethereum Foundation announced that the Merge was successfully completed on the Kiln testnet, which is the final public testnet, before Ethereum finally transitions to Proof-of-Stake later this year. DeFi Daniele Sestagalli has announced the launch of Expecto Patronum, which incentivizes Wonderland rage quitters quitting through Patronum. After recovering from the flash loan attack, Deus Finance enforces measures to ensure user funds safety and improve protocol security. Decentralized exchange protocol, SushiSwap has announced the launch of Trident DEX on the Polygon network. Coinbase's wallet browser extension now supports Solana and SPL tokens, thus opening up Solana's expanding ecosystem to a broader audience. Altcoins Terra CEO Do Kwon has matched 2 bets that wager the LUNA price will be below $88 and $92.48 in a year from now. The $22 million amount of both sides of the bet are now in an escrow under the control of Crypto Cobie, co-host of the UpOnlyTV podcast. Technology Crypto payments firm Ripple has announced that it is giving out 1 billion XRP as part of a grants programs aimed at helping support up-and-coming developers for the open-source XRP Ledger. Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus has reportedly been holding back payments in order to maintain the price of the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency used by the Socios community. ConsenSys’s latest report disclosed details of its latest funding round, which raked in $450 million in capital, pushing the company’s valuation to $7 billion. British bank HSBC has purchased a plot of land in the Sandbox metaverse to engage with sports, esports, and gaming enthusiasts. ETC Group and HANetf have partnered up to bring Europe's first metaverse ETF, which has since been listed on the London Stock Exchange. Billionaire businesswoman and singer Rihanna may be taking her cosmetic line Fenty Beauty to the metaverse after filing for a trademark to sell her Fenty brand as virtual cosmetics. Regulation Senator Elizabeth Warren’s crypto sanctions bill receives criticism, with industry experts calling it unconstitutional, unnecessary, and overboard. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has signed the virtual assets bill, legalizing cryptocurrency in war-ravaged Ukraine. According to local reports, Argentina is planning to tighten regulations of cryptocurrency companies by including them in the country’s anti-money laundering efforts. The SEC vs Ripple drama continues as District Court Judge Analisa Torres rejected motions filed by the Securities and Exchanges Commission and the Ripple team both. Binance Holdings Ltd., which operates the crypto industry's largest exchange by volume, is reportedly undergoing deliberations for a license to operate in Dubai. NFT Pro-wrestling organization WWE has announced its upcoming NFT marketplace, WWE Moonsault, which will be launched just before WrestleMania 38. Bored Ape Yacht Club creator, Yuga Labs, has announced the launch of the eagerly awaited token ApeCoin, which will be used for culture, gaming, and commerce. The ApeCoin launch announcement has triggered a flurry of scammers targeting gullible users through hacked, verified accounts and a phishing website. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Socios CEO Responds To Accusations Of Non-Payment
According to claims, Alexandre Dreyfus has been holding back payments in order to maintain the price of the Chiliz (CHZ) cryptocurrency used by the Socios community. Report Of Non-Payment Plague Socios Fan token website Socios partners with 55 football clubs and sporting leagues, which include Lega Serie A, AS Monaco, New England Revolution, New England Patriots, LA Lakers, Brooklyn Nets. It has been the target of an investigation led by a football finance intelligence service, Off The Pitch. The investigation, which lasted five months, has revealed that many key advisors and staff members did not receive the crypto payments owed to them by the company. The accusations are primarily against the CEO and founder of the site, Alexandre Dreyfus, who allegedly held back these payments to maintain the value of CHZ, which was the crypto used by the Socios community. CEO’s Texts Revealed Users of the Socios platform can purchase fan tokens by buying CHZ to get holder access to exclusive fan clubs, where they can cast decision-making votes within the community. However, certain advisors, who were supposed to be paid a predetermined amount of CHZ for their services, have reportedly not received their due payments for two years. Further, there have also been reports of Dreyfus avoiding all communications since September 2020. However, the real scoop is the alleged internal texts from Dreyfus as reported by Off The Pitch, where he explains that he did not want the value of CHZ to drop, claiming that “real investors” could lose money if the advisors started selling their CHZ. The screenshotted message reads, “We also need to protect the investors. When you give free tokens, people can sell at any price — it doesn't matter for them.” Response From Dreyfus And Socios Dreyfus himself addressed the accusations by tweeting, “Today, spurious claims were made about me and Chiliz, some of which have already been corrected. But for the sake of clarity, I want to share the facts and respond fully.” The tweet is linked to a statement released by Team Socios on its Medium page, which cited core parts of the report calling them based on erroneous data. The statement revealed that the percentage of CHZ awarded to the advisors would be a very minor percentage (almost 0.4%) of the overall CHZ in circulation and is therefore incapable of driving any movement in price. An excerpt from the statement reads, “Just like other currencies and cryptocurrencies, any change in the price of CHZ is predominantly driven by prevailing market conditions. With such a significant market capitalization of CHZ, any reward structure for eligible employees has a negligible impact on its price.” The statement also revealed that the team would be looking into other accusations levied against it by the Off The Pitch report. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
216 days agocryptodaily becomes official partner of Italian Serie A football league, the sports fan, influence and reward app, has been chosen as the official partner for Serie A, including becoming the main Sponsor for the main Italian football competitions, Supercoppa Frecciarossa and Coppa Italia Frecciarossa. Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of, will make the first act of the new partnership when he presents the MVP award at the end of today’s Supercoppa Final between Inter Milan and Juventus at the San Siro stadium. Luigi De Siervo, CEO of Lega Serie A said of the partnership: “We are extremely pleased to announce this partnership with, a leading brand in its sector that has been working with the excellence of sports for several years now. With this agreement Lega Serie A proves once again to be ready to seize the opportunities offered by new markets, projected towards the future and innovation and careful to respond to the needs of fans around the world” Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz and, said: “In 2021 we grew our network by over 500% and welcomed over a million new users to our platform. We’ve got bigger aims for the next 12 months, so we’re delighted to begin 2022 with this major announcement that further solidifies our commitment to the Italian sports industry. We look forward to working closely with Serie A, spreading the message about and building up our community of superfans both in Italy and across the world.” now has an extensive slew of partnerships across football and other major world sports. For football, some of the biggest include Manchester City and Arsenal from England, FC Barcelona and Atletico Madrid from Spain, and Paris Saint Germain from France, most major Italian teams as well as the national team. In other sporting arenas enjoys partnerships with UFC, Formula 1 racing, 25 NBA franchises, NFL, NHL, esports, and cricket. The fan tokens are now being used by 1.3 million fans from these diverse sports across the world. The tokens are digital assets, minted on the Chiliz blockchain, and give voting rights in polls, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, AR-enabled features, games and competitions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Fan token market cap surged over 60% since June: Data
All fan tokens across Socios and Chiliz’s fan token ecosystem have sold for $250 million so far, founder and CEO said.
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Chiliz (CHZ) gains 170% after launching live in-game NFTs for fan token holders
The launch of live in-game NFTs and a rapidly expanding ecosystem boosted the price of CHZ and showcased the project’s strong fundamentals.
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eToro adds four new tokens: Sushi, Chiliz, AXS and Quant
There are now 40 crypto-assets available for trading on the popular platform  The post eToro adds four new tokens: Sushi, Chiliz, AXS and Quant appeared first on The Cryptonomist.
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Chiliz Price Up 16% As Socios Onboards 80 Sports Properties
One of the top gainers today on is Chiliz (CHZ), it’s currently on a bull run testing its previous all time high of $0.58. At the time of writing CHZ is trading at $0.52 boasting a market cap of over $3b. Let’s take a closer look at Chiliz and see what all the hype […] The post Chiliz Price Up 16% As Socios Onboards 80 Sports Properties appeared first on NullTX.

About Chiliz

The live price of Chiliz (CHZ) today is 0.209649 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Chiliz at 6,000,387,492.75 CHZ, its market capitalization stands at 1,257,974,678 USD. In the last 24 hours CHZ price has moved 0.014168 USD or 0.08% while 296,463,170 USD worth of CHZ has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of CHZ puts it at #52 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Chiliz blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency CHZ and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Chiliz is a leading digital currency for sports and entertainment which runs on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Founded by current CEO, Alexandre Dreyfus in 2018, the company is part of the Malta-based Mediarex Group which was established back in 2012. The platform has partnered with some of the biggest sports and e-sports teams, such as AC Milan, Manchester City, NAVI, PSG, and many more. Chiliz has also brought on board some well-known personalities in the sports and gaming industry such as Sam Li, former Vice President (VP) of the NBA, Nicolas Maurer, CEO of e-sports team Vitality, and Dr. DisRespect to help promote the platform's native CHZ cryptocurrency while lending expertise in their respective fields.  

Leveraging blockchain technology, Chiliz provides a platform where fans can engage directly with their favorite sports teams. Fans can purchase fan tokens for their favorite team through using their CHZ tokens. Fan tokens give their respective holders the ability to vote on decisions presented by the club, such as starting lineups, new kit designs, stadium names, and much more. 

Fan tokens give sports enthusiasts the chance to have more influence and presence over the operations and decisions of their favorite teams. They also give sports franchises who partner with Chiliz the opportunity to customize the real-world experiences their fan tokens provide while allowing them to monetize their audiences in new and more creative ways. 

In 2018 Chiliz hosted a private token sale, raising just above $66 million with Binance, OK Blockchain Capital, and FBG Capital being the top participants. 

CHZ price

According to our CHZ/USD live price chart, the token started trading in 2020 with a high of $0.007 on January 1, and went up to $0.02 by February 13. However, the Coronavirus pandemic throttled the global economy and crypto markets in mid-February with BTC dropping as low as $3,700 and CHZ price falling to $0.003.

But as the stock market started to show signs of recovery in April, the crypto market followed its lead with the price of CHZ going from $0.006 in March 2020 to around $0.022 in August 2020 — registering a gain of 269%. Nonetheless, the token witnessed another drop in Q3 of 2020, before setting in motion a new rally when it went from $0.01 on Nov. 6, 2020 to $0.03 on Dec. 29, 2020 — marking a gain of 210% and finally breaking the $0.02 resistance mark. 

CHZ price saw significant gains in Q1 of 2021 when it went from $0.02 on Jan. 16 to $0.9 on March. 12, registering a whopping 4900%+ gain in just 55 days. This was an all-time high for CHZ putting the token's fully diluted valuation at $7.9 billion. However, this rally came to an end as the crypto market was hit by a severe crash in May 2021, shifting the market sentiment in favor of bears. The token saw significant losses as it dipped down to around $0.16. 

Chiliz cryptocurrency continued this turbulent ride through the rest of the year, recording two noteworthy spikes in Autumn, $0.4 on Sept. 6, 2021, and $0.6 on Oct. 30, 2021, before the crypto market crashed again and continued to plummet as it entered 2022. 

The token continues to hold a decent spot in the cryptocurrency market, ranking in the top 100 while trading just above the $0.1 mark.

How CHZ works

The CHZ token is unique in the sense that it operates both as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain and as a BEP-2 token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). CHZ powers where users can buy fan tokens of their favorite teams by spending their Chiliz tokens. However, these fan tokens are first verified and minted on the Socios sidechain which uses the proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus protocol. 

Proof-of-authority is a reputation-based consensus protocol that focuses on providing a practical and efficient solution for blockchain networks. Unlike proof-of-work (PoW) and proof-of-stake (PoS) where users stake tokens to become validators, PoA leverages the reputation of validators. This means each node/validator undergoes a complete identity disclosure and is selected as a trustworthy entity randomly. The algorithm relies on a small number of block validators who have proven their authority to verify transactions on the blockchain, making the system highly efficient, scalable, and robust with very little fault tolerance.  

While this allows for faster transaction processing, PoA has been adopted by very few blockchains like VeChain (VET) and Energy Web Token (EWT), due to the lack of decentralization it offers.

Multiple sports and entertainment organizations around the world have held Fan Token Offerings (FTOs) for their loyal fans, like FC Barcelona, Golden State Warriors, and many more. Each organization has the ability to customize its fan tokens' price, supply, rewards, and the options the fan token offers. These tokens can be used for meet and greet, voting on the future of the team, or as a collectible.

CHZ news, updates, and highlights

On Feb. 13, 2020, FC Barcelona — one of the biggest football clubs — announced that it would be diving into crypto, partnering with Chiliz blockchain to create its own Ethereum-based Barca fan token (BAR). The Spanish powerhouse said that Barca fan tokens would be available worldwide through a Fan Token Offering (FTO). The announcement was made at Barcelona's home stadium, Camp Nou, and was attended by Josep Pont, Board of Directors member and head of the Commercial Area of FC Barcelona, and Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz. 

UFC announced through its website on May 6, 2020, that it would be partnering with leading FinTech blockchain company Chiliz to launch its official Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan token. Minted on the Chiliz blockchain the token would have a maximum supply of 20 million, enabling fans the opportunity to access exclusive content, VIP rewards, fan voting, and more. Alexandre Dreyfus said, “...This exciting partnership is the first major example of how we can use blockchain technology to create incredible engagement opportunities not only for our Fan Token partners but for other leading enterprises, too.”

On July 22, 2021, Inter Milan, one of the top Italian clubs in the Seria A league, confirmed that they would be partnering with Chiliz for their 2021/2022 season. Through this partnership, the Italian club will promote its INTER fan token, which is limited to 1 million tokens and is expected to launch soon. The INTER fan token will allow Inter Milan’s supporters to interact with the club on a more personal level and become part of the club's vibrant community on

Frequently asked questions about CHZ

  • Can you mine or stake CHZ?

You cannot mine or stake CHZ since it uses the proof-of-authority consensus mechanism. However, there are various platforms where you can stake your CHZ tokens to earn passive income. 

  • What are some of the best CHZ wallets?

According to the Chiliz website, the company recommends ZenGo or TrustWallet if you are looking for a software wallet that you can also use on your phone. If you are more interested in cold wallets then Ledger Nano S and Trezor One are excellent options.

  • What can you do with CHZ?

You can use your CHZ tokens to buy fan tokens for your favorite team or organization from the platform. You can also trade them against other cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and USDT on various custodial exchanges. 

  • How to buy CHZ?

You can buy CHZ against CHZ/BTC, CHZ/ETH, and CHZ/USDT trading pairs on exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, and MEXC, or by using fiat currency with on-ramp services.

Chiliz Price0.209649 USD
Market Rank#52
Market Cap1,257,974,678 USD
24h Volume306,648,528 USD
Circulating Supply6,000,387,492.75 CHZ
Max Supply8,888,888,888 CHZ
Yesterday's Market Cap1,180,646,900 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.182594 USD / 0.196762 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.202306 USD / 0.172954 USD
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0.08% ( 0.014168 USD )
Yesterday's Volume296,463,170 USD
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