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3h agocryptodaily
Web3 Aims To Foster Creator-Fan Economies Driven By Real Value
Sparked by millions of content creators and their legions of fans, the Web2 ecosystem laid the foundation for a creator-focused economy. As smartphone penetration continued to rise and the internet became easily accessible to billions of users across the globe, this fledgling ecosystem of creators has positioned itself at the epicenter of Web2. However, Web2, due to its overly centralized nature, hasn’t been able to deliver on its promises of a creator-focused ecosystem fully. As of now, dominant Web2 platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and dozens more effectively control both user-generated content (UGC) and the means of monetization. Web2 Platforms Don’t Really Care About Creators and Fans The hype centered around the creator economy has gradually eroded across the Web2 spectrum, primarily because of the shortcomings of the Web2 model. Historically, most Web2 platforms have forever opted for a more “hands-off” approach toward creator monetization. Creators spend thousands of hours and put in unlimited efforts to create content that they use to build an audience. Unfortunately, existing content-sharing platforms offer little to no support for creators who wish to monetize their content. A few scenarios, such as YouTube’s ad revenue program or TikTok’s billion-dollar creator fund, are exceptions, but they, too, come with several caveats. Meanwhile, mainstream platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have forever ignored opportunities to facilitate transactions between creators and their audiences or between creators and brands. The problem here is that most platforms either want to be directly involved in the process, meaning they want to control the entire monetization spectrum, or they want to create models where content creators become fully dependent on their Web2 gatekeepers. For now, content creators only have a handful of options to monetize their content. One option is to strike brand deals and sponsorships. Another potential option is to embed third-party solutions (external links) like Patreon to raise funds. Most social platforms don’t encourage embedding third-party links and sometimes even block such accounts or restrict the reach of their content. This leaves the majority of content creators at the mercy of the platform itself. For example, YouTube content creators have become overly dependent on the platform’s ad revenue model. After all the work and meeting stringent qualifications, creators only receive roughly 45% of the ad revenue. While this sounds enticing, it also means that YouTube essentially controls the content. If content doesn’t meet community standards defined by a handful of executives, creators can be demonetized or lose their channels. And in this tug-of-war between content creators and content-sharing platforms, the fans are generally overlooked. These fans who spend countless hours across platforms, consuming content from their favorite creators, receive nothing in return. Shifting The Web2 Paradigm With Novel Incentivization Models This is where Web3 initiatives come to the rescue. Driven by new-age technologies like blockchain, digital currencies, and NFTs, these platforms are gradually transforming the Web2 approach by granting more power, control, and ownership to both content creators and fans. These initiatives aim to remove centralized authorities and intermediaries from the process, thereby unlocking novel monetization models for creators and their fans. Take, for instance, the community-first approach of Snapmuse. As a full-fledged Web3 ecosystem, Snapmuse overcomes the shortcomings of Web2 platforms by empowering content creators and fans to build (and foster) communities supported by genuine value. The platform takes an uncanny approach towards monetization by allowing content creators to mint NFTs of their content and embed a portion of their ad revenue in these NFTs. This approach works in favor of both content creators and their fans. On the one hand, fans can purchase the NFTs from their favorite content creators, which allows the content creators to unlock an additional revenue stream. This means that creators no longer have to depend on one single monetization source but can instead generate passive revenue streams by both direct NFT sales and subsequent sales across secondary marketplaces. Simultaneously, this approach unlocks potential revenue streams for fans. In the Web2 model, content consumers are largely overlooked. Via Snapmuse’s Web3 model, fans gain their fair share of passive income by supporting content creators they like. Every time a fan purchases an NFT, they unlock a share of the creator’s ad revenue directly embedded in the NFTs. This means fans receive a share of the creator’s ad revenue as well. Snapmuse’s approach lays the foundation for redefining Web2 standards by allowing creators and fans to come together and forge communities driven that are value-added while also revolutionizing the social media experience for millions of creators and fans. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
3h agocryptodaily
Cramer says sell - is this the bottom for crypto?
When Cramer of CNBC tells his audience to sell, shouldn’t they be buying? Cramer urges his viewers to sell The eternal joke is that when you hear Jim Cramer of CNBC urging his audience to buy or to sell then this is the time to do the complete opposite. In Monday’s video for CNBC, Cramer told his viewers that there was still time to sell their cryptocurrency holdings. He expanded on this by saying “it’s never too late to sell an awful position”. "You can't just beat yourself up and say, 'hey, it's too late to sell.' The truth is, it's never too late to sell an awful position, and that's what you have if you own these so-called digital assets," It might appear that Cramer is giving some fairly sound advice. He is pointing at the Fed tightening going on and saying that investors shouldn’t be in speculative assets whilst this is happening. Not too many people would disagree with this, given that in this kind of environment, the more speculative the asset, the more likely it is to take a bigger hit than safer assets such as gold for example. Other factors to consider However, there are always other factors to consider. Fed Chairman Powell is starting to signal that further interest rate rises may be less steep than they have been so far, perhaps getting the market ready for the inevitable pivot that could come at some time in 2023. As some analysts are saying, a market rally nearly always comes before the Fed makes its pivot, and it usually plummets right afterwards. Crypto could be boosted by this, especially given that it has been the hardest hit asset class so far. It might also be said that the worst time to sell an asset is when it is near its bottom. Cramer would probably argue that crypto will fall a lot further, and of course, he may be right. But if crypto led all asset classes into a bear market, wouldn’t it be more likely that it might lead them out? From a technical perspective, the total crypto market cap does look as though it is making a double bottom, and if this is so, then Bitcoin might well have hit its own double bottom. Promising technologies This isn’t to say that of the more than 20,000 cryptocurrencies, maybe 99% of them will go to zero. However, among them, there are extremely promising technologies that may one day completely revolutionise a monetary system that is sorely in need of it. Cramer spoke on Monday about what happened to bad stocks during the dotcom collapse. But he didn’t spend any time talking about what happened to the good ones that ended up becoming the mainstay of stock markets from then on. When Mr Cramer tells his audience to sell he must certainly be doing so by listening to his inner conviction telling him that he is right. However, markets don’t usually follow the expected course. Trading in these uncertain times is extremely perilous. Take much care. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5h agocryptopotato
Crypto Capital Reset Underway Following Final Flushout: Glassnode
Crypto markets have been flushed out for what many believe is the final time for this bear cycle.
14h agocointelegraph
Bitcoin price recovery possible after record realized losses and leverage flush out create a healthier market
On-chain analysis highlights a slow down in selling and improving investor sentiment which could help BTC price recover.
22h agocryptodaily
Tamadoge (TAMA), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Cosmos (ATOM) Leave Holders Disappointed, While Massive 525% Price Spike Indicates Huge Interest in Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)
On-chain data shows that Tamadoge (TAMA), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and Cosmos (ATOM) holders are flocking to Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) by the masses. But why did this newcomer in the crypto space draw their attention? Moreso, why do analysts predict that ORBN, still in the second stage of its presale, will surge by over 6000% to $0.24 per coin before the end of the year? >>BUY ORBEON TOKENS HERE>BUY ORBEON TOKENS HERE<< Tamadoge (TAMA) is Underperforming Although Tamadoge (TAMA) was supposed to be our gateway token to the Tameverse, where we should be able to mint, breed, and battle with our Tamadoge pets, Tamadoge is down over 90% from its all-time high and experts don&rsquo;t see the token recovering any time soon. In search for better yields, many Tamadoge investors have bought in the Orbeon Protocol presale. Tamadoge has therefore faced scrutiny from investors in face of its dropping value, with many suggesting that Tamadoge lacks any major utility outside of being a meme token. Shiba Inu (SHIB) Holders are Looking for Better Gains Shiba Inu (SHIB) is just a meme coin and has no utility compared to Tamadoge and it seems like the glory days are over for Shiba Inu. Shiba Inu is in the same state as (TAMA) currently, being down over 90% from its ATH. Analysts expect that Shiba Inu (SHIB) might go 50x in the next bull run though, but until that time, crypto investors are searching for less speculative tokens, as Shiba Inu has been criticized as being primarily driven by hype instead of real utility. As such, Shiba Inu&rsquo;s current price rests at $0.000009, and more concerningly, Shiba Inu&rsquo;s 24 hour trading volume is down by over 25% at time of press. Cosmos (ATOM) - No Blockchain 3.0 After All? Dubbed Blockchain 3.0, Cosmos (ATOM) had the goal to connect multiple blockchains and allow for seamless interoperability. However, with many other cryptocurrency projects offering exactly the same function, such as Ethereum&rsquo;s ERC-20 and Binance&rsquo;s BEP20 for example, it doesn&rsquo;t really seem Cosmos (ATOM) is needed anyway. Investors are slowly getting hold of this, on-chain data shows Cosmos holders are slowly but steadily allocating their capital elsewhere. To make matters worse for Cosmos, its recent tokenomics proposal for Cosmos (ATOM) 2.0 was rejected. For many investors the failure of Cosmos&rsquo; proposal has come as a final nail in the coffin, as the Cosmos (ATOM) community voted against the new tokenomics framework put forward by Cosmos&rsquo; development team. Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale Website: Presale: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
22h agocryptodaily
The Hideaways (HDWY) Becomes The Best Crypto To Buy Next To Shiba Inu (SHIB) And Solana (SOL)
A new cryptocurrency called The Hideaways (HDWY) appears to have more promise than some of the more established coins like Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Solana (SOL). For the same reason, a lot of people are moving forward with plans to put money into The Hideaways (HDWY). Shiba Inu (SHIB) Stacking Rewards Will Eventually Be Profitable Unlike Dogecoin, which benefits from Musk's support, Shiba Inu does not. The staking benefits offered by the 'Dogecoin killer,' however, set it apart from other cryptocurrencies and could prove to be a major factor. Investors can participate as validators and contributors to the cryptocurrency pool simply by staking or "burying" Shiba Inu coins. Then, as time progresses, they are rewarded with one of three tokens: BONE, SHIB, or LEASH. Therefore, investors can still earn a healthy return by simply holding onto Shiba Inu, even though the cryptocurrency is now experiencing a rough patch. On top of that, since Shiba Inu (SHIBA) is often associated with Dogecoin, Shibas' value may rise with its canine competitor's. Solana (SOL) A Leading Blockchain Platform Since its launch in 2017 on the cryptocurrency market, Solana (SOL) has been a fan favorite among crypto traders. Since then, there has been a dramatic increase in the coin's popularity and user base. Compared to other cryptocurrencies on the market today, Solana (SOL) stands out thanks to its unparalleled combination of security, decentralization, and scalability&mdash;it can process up to 65,000 transactions per second. In addition to its impressive transfer rates, the Solana (SOL) network also has several other distinct advantages. It's rare among blockchains because it offers such low-cost transactions. Many cryptocurrency investors consider Solana (SOL) to be one of the best purchases one can make because of the market's emphasis on its practicality. The Hideaways (HDWY) The Next 200x Project According to our crypto specialists, a 200x return is expected for The Hideaways holders by 2023. The Hideaways have paved the door for investors to purchase luxurious properties by offering fractionalized NFTs. More justifications for putting money into The Hideaways (HDWY) are: The German firm Solidproof has previously conducted an audit of the platform to evaluate its efficacy and reliability. The Hideaways (HDWY) developers have taken extra precautions to protect their project by freezing tokens for two years and locking away the liquidity forever. We can confidently predict that The Hideaways (HDWY) will continue to be a successful investment. We strongly advise you to go to the pre-sale for The Hideaways right now and take advantage of the cheap entry price. Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
23h agocryptodaily
Tron (TRX) Falls Behind Litecoin (LTC) And Both Fall To The Hideaways
Over the previous 24 hours, Litecoin (LTC) had a 28% increase. After several weeks of significant losses for cryptocurrencies, Tron falls behind LTC's price increase, falling behind 12.7% in the last week. Litecoin continues to lead the crypto market, leaving Tron and other cryptocurrencies behind. But there still might be hope for TRX. Stop investing in dino-coins like Tron and Litecoin and research new coins such as The Hideaways (HDWY). Is There A Chance For Tron Revival? With a market value of almost $4.7 billion, Tron (TRX) was trading at $0.051675 and had experienced a negative 4.5% increase over the previous day. The oversold reading on TRX's RSI appeared bullish. This gave TRX a good impression since it suggested that the trend would soon reverse. Moreover, during the past week, TRON's development activity has seen positive progress, which is a good indicator of the coin. The remaining metrics, however, were against a price increase. Over the past week, TRON's NFT ecosystem has seen a downturn as its overall NFT trade count and trading volume in USD decreased after peaking. As bears surround TRX, it might struggle to reach a price reversal in the coming months. Litecoin Shoots Up 28.9% Litecoin (LTC) is the 13th largest cryptocurrency in market capitalization. Users are starting to think of LTC as a store of value as the coin's trading volume has increased by 123.12% in the last 24 hours. LTC Foundation stated last week that over 60 million Litecoins had been kept in deep freeze for over a year, guaranteeing bullish signs to investors. To reach the $5 billion market cap, Litecoin will decrease its fresh issuance of LTC from 12.5 to 6.25 for every transaction. Veterans are claiming LTC as the next Bitcoin due to the coin being a low-risk investment. Why The Hideaways Is The Best Utility Token Are you looking for a crypto investment to help you buy your dream property? Thanks to The Hideaways' fractionalized NFT, you can start investing in your dream house for an incredibly cheap price. The team decided to put a two-year time limit on HDWY tokens and a 999-year liquidity freeze, so your investment will be well-spent! Let go of your fear of crypto scams. With the Hideaways, your investment is 100% safe and fool-proof. A leading security and auditing firm, SolidProof, ensured that HDWY smart contracts were safe. The Hideaways Give Investors The Means To Start investing in your dream house for as little as $100. Make stock market investments from the comfort of their own homes. Join a remarkable group of successful real estate investors. If you&rsquo;re looking for a good investment opportunity, you should look into The Hideaways presale. Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
23h agocryptopotato
Bitcoin Hash Ribbon Metric Fails for the First Time Following FTX Crash
The metric flashed a buy signal a few months back but has failed to capitalize for the first time.
23h agocryptodaily
This Crypto-Based Sports Betting Platform Gives You Cashback on Lost Bets
Traditional sports betting platforms win when their players lose. Betero turns this centralized concept upside down with a DAO-governed sports betting platform that wins when its players win. &ldquo;We all love to bet, and we all love crypto. Alvaro and I saw the opportunity to create a decentralized sports betting platform that gives back to its players instead of maximizing profits for its owners. A fair platform. And people seem to REALLY love it.&rdquo;&mdash;Frederic Betero raised over $1,000,000 from more than 1,500 contributors in its presale. The community is strong and ever-growing. Now, Betero wants you to be a part of the decentralized future of sports betting. The Sports Betting Industry Is Designed to Rip You Off &ldquo;Centralized sports betting platforms are strong now, pocketing most profits. Their goal is just to serve their shareholders, not the players. Once there is a feasible alternative for the players, they&rsquo;ll switch over without a second thought.&rdquo; &mdash;Bruno When you place a bet on a traditional sports betting platform, your bookie doesn&rsquo;t match it. It just acts as an intermediary that connects bettors against each other, charges a fee for doing so, and takes little risk. What makes this exploitative is that they hide their fee by manipulating the odds. Instead of representing real-world probabilities, the odds are set to balance the betting pools to make as much profit as possible. The usual profit margin is between 5&ndash;10% for bets on which team would win a match. Bets on the scoreline of a match have a profit margin greater than 20%, while bets on who would score first climb up to more than 30%. Multiple bets that combine different types of odds, such as the first scorer and winner, are merged and yield even higher margins for the bookie of up to 50%. When Decentralization Meets Sports Betting, Everyone Wins Betero eliminates capitalism&rsquo;s stranglehold on the betting market and distributes profits back to the players and token holders. It breaks up this margin-based marketplace economy into a decentralized market that rewards the participants. The Betero system calculates the platform&rsquo;s profit each month and redistributes 25% of it among the players who have a negative betting balance. The integrated DAO allows Betero token (BTE) holders to submit proposals or vote for existing proposals to change the platform&rsquo;s mechanisms. This includes data providers for the odds, profit redistribution percentages, and supported cryptocurrencies. The Decentralized Future of Sports Betting &ldquo;Betero will become one of the leading betting platforms. It&rsquo;s easy to use, and when the crypto market gets even bigger, we&rsquo;re already here. Each new partnership with a famous athlete helps us gain popularity and with it trust.&rdquo; &mdash;Frederic In its presale, Betero raised over $1,000,000 from more than 1,500 contributors. The total staked value of BTE has since risen to around $3,500,000, with the community&rsquo;s spirit going strong. Be among the first to invest in the future of sports betting and enjoy: ● Early investment ROI. Get the best token prices before the platform&rsquo;s launch. ● Yield farming. Betero&rsquo;s yield farming just opened with APYs of 100&ndash;300%! ● Profit-share. BTE token holders automatically join Betero&rsquo;s profit-sharing system at its launch. In short, Betero is creating a betting platform that aligns the interests of everyone. If the players win, Betero wins, and so do the token holders. The best time to become a BTE holder is right now. Learn more about Betero on the official website and become part of a fair betting future: Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
23h agocoindesk
Most Influential Artist: Trevor and Violet Jones
The artist couple collaborated for the first time ever on their painting of Alexey Pertsev, the developer arrested for his role in creating Tornado Cash.
1 day agocoindesk
The Everyman of Crypto Twitter
The host of “Up Only” podcast has tracked the scams and issues with crypto in real time, even taking down an inside trader at Coinbase. That’s why Jordan Fish aka Cobie is one of CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2022.
1 day agocoindesk
He Who Should Not Have an Impact on Crypto
Crypto aspires to function without monetary oversight, but this year the U.S. Federal Reserve’s chair proved how far from reality this goal is at a time of high interest rates. That’s why, once again, Jerome Powell is one of CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2022.
1 day agocryptodaily
The Fabricant Launches Wholeland: The Ultimate Web3 Fashion Experience
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 5th December, 2022, ChainwirePioneering startup The Fabricant has gone live with its boundary-pushing digital fashion storytelling project Wholeland, with a trailer that sets the scene for a provocative world that splices digital couture, mythology and the rave scene. The ambitious move is designed to raise the bar for the wider digital fashion industry, and lead a shift in focus away from the bear market to building Web3 experiences that create long-term, high-value engagement. The OG digital fashion player is famous for its world-leading craftsmanship, gaining global prominence when it was founded as the world&rsquo;s first digital fashion house in 2018. It sold the first-ever digital garment on blockchain for 54 ETH in 2019 ($9,500 at the time). Notable collabs with physical brands such as Off-White, Adidas and World of Women contributed to it raising $14M in Series A funding in April this year. Wholeland is described as a digital fashion story and a visually rich journey of self-discovery that unfolds across 7 chapters. Each chapter includes digital couture, AR wearables, co-creation, fashion shows, metaverse meet-ups and airdrops. Access to Wholeland can only be gained through minting one of The Fabricant&rsquo;s pieces of AR facewear, called XXories, that act as a key to the wider experience. Anyone can apply to Join the waitlist to mint an XXorie through The Fabricant website. The WHOLELAND concept asks participants to fearlessly express all that they are through digital fashion, exploring parts of their identity that they might not share in the physical world. Digital fashion fans will see the story unfold as they journey through the different chapters, with the ability to take advantage of various benefits as they progress. Wholeland&rsquo;s opening chapter has multiple points of interaction for participants: The XXories, 7 pieces of bold digital facewear that elevate virtual self-expression, and act as a key to the experience The Kappers - headpieces that mix historic Dutch style with a contemporary clubland aesthetic ready for co-creation The Looks, Couture garments that invite fearless digital fashion expression Secret Drops and groundbreaking collabs with the hottest digital artists and innovative brands And ultimately, the Wholeland metaverse - an immersive digital fashion world of highly crafted visual storytelling It all starts with the mint of the XXories in February, so sign-up to the waitlist to get access to the most innovative fashion experience in Web3. About The Fabricant | @thefabricant | @the_fab_ric_ant | The Fabricant is a digital-only couture house that splices fashion with tech to redefine craftsmanship for the virtual space. It was founded in 2018 from a desire to sabotage the fashion world&rsquo;s cultural complacency and reimagine what fashion could be as an entirely non-physical experience. Through its co-creation platform, it is leading a digital fashion revolution that puts creators first and is committed to building a sustainable and equitable fashion industry where everybody thrives.ContactTheo LasserreThe [email protected]
1 day agocoindesk
Putting TIME in Web3
The president of old media’s flagship magazine leaned into Web3 and created new divisions that are rejuvenating the 99-year-old brand. That’s why Keith Grossman is one of CoinDesk’s Most Influential 2022.
1 day agocryptodaily
Crypto set for huge clear out and inflation won’t be tamed
Black Rock CEO Larry Fink says that most crypto companies will not survive and is worried that inflation will not be brought back to even 3 or 4%. An economic malaise Larry Fink is the CEO of Black Rock, the world&rsquo;s largest asset management company. He may know a thing or two about the way the economy is looking heading into the future, and in his view, we are headed for an economic &ldquo;malaise&rdquo;. The Federal Reserve is tightening by steadily increasing interest rates, and by making a start on reducing a balance sheet that looks just too huge to even contemplate. War is still raging in Ukraine, and supply lines across the world are extremely fragile due to this, and also sanctions, which have imperilled the energy needs for many countries even as winter is just beginning. To these woes Fink adds the macro economic factors of a global collapse in birth rates, and China going back to a more ideological stance on its economy. Inflation woes Fink is not positive on the chances of the Federal Reserve achieving its long-term goal of price stability by bringing inflation back to 2%. He states: &ldquo;My biggest worry is not that we are not going to see a fall in inflation back to 3-4%. My biggest worry is that the world is losing hope.&rdquo; Fink added the following bleak summary of the cost of central bank mismanagement: &ldquo;After we get out of this burst of inflation, it is my fear that we are not going to have the ability for any fiscal stimulus for any time soon. Deficits do matter, and at the same time, the central banks are going to take years in which they&rsquo;re going to have to unwind all their quantitative easing, all their bond purchases that they did over the last ten years, and aggressively over the last few years.&rdquo; Downbeat on crypto On crypto the Black Rock CEO was also downbeat. His company had $24 million invested with FTX through one of its funds. He believes that there was major wrongdoing going on. &ldquo;We&rsquo;re going to have to wait to see how this all plays out &hellip; I mean, right now we can make all the judgement calls and it looks like there were misbehaviors of major consequences.&rdquo; He is extremely bearish on the crypto sector overall, saying that he didn&rsquo;t think most crypto companies would still be around, although as a counter to this he does believe that certain crypto technologies such as securities tokenisation will be of huge importance going forward. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day agocryptodaily
Galaxy Wins Auction To Acquire GK8, Crypto Daily TV 5/12/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Galaxy Digital wins auction to buy GK8 from Celsius. Mike Novogratz's cryptocurrency-focused financial-services firm Galaxy Digital has won an auction to buy self-custody platform GK8 from bankrupt crypto lender Celsius Network. Terms of the deal weren't disclosed, but Galaxy spokesman Michael Wursthorn said the price was materially less than what Celsius paid a year ago. Gemini trying to recover $900 million from crypto lender Genesis. The Financial Times reported that Crypto broker Genesis and its parent company Digital Currency Group owe customers of the Winklevoss twins' crypto exchange Gemini $900 million. Three Arrows Capital liquidators seize $35.6M from Singaporean banks. Liquidators for Three Arrows Capital have seized $35.6 million from the collapsed crypto hedge fund&rsquo;s bank accounts in Singapore, three months after getting the nod from that country&rsquo;s High Court to begin probing the firm's assets in the country. BTC/USD skyrocketed 1.3% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair exploded 1.3% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 167001 and resistance at 172301. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. ETH/USD skyrocketed 2.8% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair rose 2.8% in the last session after gaining as much as 3.3% during the session. The Ultimate Oscillator gives a positive signal. Support is at 1195.5467 and resistance at 1325.0067. The Ultimate Oscillator is currently in the positive zone. XRP/USD gained 0.5% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair rose 0.5% in the last session after gaining as much as 1.4% during the session. The ROC gives a positive signal. Support is at 0.3783 and resistance at 0.4014. The ROC gives a positive signal. LTC/USD rose 0.4% in the last session. The last session saw Litecoin gain 0.4% against the Dollar. The CCI is giving a negative signal. Support is at 74.0567 and resistance at 79.2367. The CCI is currently in negative territory. Daily Economic Calendar: US ISM Services PMI The ISM Services PMI shows the business conditions outside of the manufacturing sector, taking into account expectations for future production, new orders, inventories, employment, and deliveries. The US ISM Services PMI will be released at 15:00 GMT, the US Factory Orders at 15:00 GMT, and the Eurozone's Eurogroup Meeting at 00:00 GMT. US Factory Orders The Factory Orders measure the total orders of durable and non-durable goods, which can offer insight into inflation and growth in the manufacturing sector. EMU Eurogroup Meeting Eurogroup meetings are attended by the Eurogroup President, the Finance Minister of each Member State of the Euro area, the Commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, and the President of the European Central Bank. EMU Retail Sales Retail Sales measure the total receipts of retail stores. Monthly percent changes reflect the rate of change of such sales. The Eurozone's Retail Sales will be released at 10:00 GMT, Japan's Overall Household Spending at 23:30 GMT, and Japan's Jibun Bank Services PMI at 00:30 GMT. JP Overall Household Spending The Overall Household Spending is an indicator that measures the total expenditures of households. The level of spending can be used as an indicator of consumer optimism. JP Jibun Bank Services PMI The Jibun Bank Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) captures the business conditions in the services sector. The services PMI is an important indicator of the overall economic conditions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Bybit To Cut Workforce Amidst Fears Bear Market Is Here To Stay
Bybit has announced that it will be laying off nearly 30% of its global workforce, becoming the latest cryptocurrency exchange to do so. The move comes as fears grow that the bear market is here to stay for the foreseeable future, despite minor market gains. A Significant Cut In Workforce Bitcoin has been unable to push back above the $20,000 mark, signifying that the bears have the crypto markets firmly in their grasp. This has had a crippling impact on the markets, as numerous companies and trading platforms lay off staff members to align themselves with the new market reality. The latest to join this list is Bybit. With the overall cryptocurrency market vastly different than what it was just over a year ago, several companies have seen an adverse impact. Crypto exchanges have faced the brunt of these changes, and Bybit has become the latest exchange to slash its workforce. The Singapore-headquartered exchange announced plans to reduce its existing workforce by 30%. The move is seen as part of a larger reorganization of the business as Bybit looks to refocus its efforts during the ongoing bear markets. Bybit CEO and co-founder Ben Zhou made the announcement. The CEO also apologized to those impacted by the cuts, stating that the downsizing was necessary. &ldquo;Difficult decisions made today, but tough times demand tough decisions. I have just announced plans to reduce our workforce as part of an ongoing reorganization of the business as we move to refocus our efforts for the deepening bear market. It&rsquo;s important to ensure Bybit has the right structure and resources in place to navigate the market slowdown and is nimble enough to seize the many opportunities ahead.&rdquo; Details Of The Move Crypto industry analyst Colin Wu shed some light on the recent layoffs, stating that the layoff ratio was 30%. He further added that the axed employees would get three months&rsquo; salary as compensation. The move comes after the exchange had also laid off 30% of its workforce back in June 2022. The platform had seen stunning growth, with its workforce swelling from just a couple of hundred employees to nearly 2000 at the height of the bull markets. Bybit offers its users around 345 trading pairs and 265 coins and maintains a reserve of $1.88 billion. Not The Only One Announcing Cuts Bybit is not the only cryptocurrency exchange platform that has cut its workforce amidst the crippling bear market. According to data sourced from tech industry layoff tracker, 17 crypto companies have undertaken significant staff cuts in November. and Coinbase were among the first platforms to announce cuts, with the former reducing staff by several hundred employees, while Coinbase announced that it was cutting 18% of its workforce in June. The cuts in November saw Kraken announce that it was cutting 30% of its 1100-strong workforce. It stated at the time that the reduction in staff would take the company&rsquo;s team size back to what it was just a year ago. Bitso and Coinjar also announced cuts at their end, while reports stated that Bitfront was completely shutting down. Other exchanges that announced cuts were Blockfi, which also filed for bankruptcy, DapperLabs, BitMEX, NYDIG, Mythical Games, WazirX, and Australian cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx. A Cold Crypto Winter Intensifies According to Zhou, recent issues with Blockfi, which filed for bankruptcy, and Genesis, demonstrate that the current bear markets are significantly harsher than expected from both industry and market perspectives, adding that tough times demand tough decisions. Against this backdrop, the markets have made marginal gains over the past 24 hours. However, the overall picture remains extremely bearish. Total market capitalization is hovering around $900 billion but remains a far cry from their record-setting levels of over $3 trillion, achieved in November 2021. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Pakistan launches new laws to expedite CBDC launch by 2025
The State Bank of Pakistan signed in new laws for Electronic Money Institutions — non-bank entities offering digital payment instruments — to ensure the timely issuance of a CBDC in the next three years.
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Nifty News: Reddit NFT mints reach all-time high, EU’s $400K Metaverse party flops and more
With the record mint day for Reddit avatar NFTs, there are now around 4.4 million Reddit NFTs in circulation.
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Ankr Reveals Compensation Plan For Users Affected by $5 Million Hack
A security breach nearly sent Ankr underwater, but the team's timely intervention saved the day.
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Elon Musk alleges SBF donated over $1B to Democrats: "Where did it go?"
SBF made the “highest ROI trade of all time” by donating $40 million to the right people for getting away with stealing over $10 billion, said Will Manidis, the CEO of ScienceIO.
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Santiment: FTX Collapse to Benefit Bitcoin in the Long Term
The FTX exchange collapse rocking the entire crypto market could invariably be the catalyst to turn the market around, according to an analysis by Santiment.  In a tweet, the crypto market on-chain and social metrics intelligence platform said crypto thrives when exchanges are not the drivers of social engagement around the asset class.  Santiment backs […]
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Crypto Community weighs in on SBF’s ‘apology tour’
The former FTX CEO is receiving major backlash for his New York Time DealBook Summit and Good Morning America interviews.
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S. Korean Judge Dismisses Arrest Warrant for Terra Co-Founder Shin
Daniel Shin’s arrest warrant was dismissed on Saturday local time, according to Yonhap News.


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