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23 days ago cryptodaily
Bitbns Finally Admits To Covering Up $7.5 Million Hack
Indian cryptocurrency exchange Bitbns has finally admitted that it was hacked in February 2022, which led to $7.5 million worth of funds being compromised. The confession comes only hours after crypto sleuth ZachXBT called out the exchange, tweeting that it was covering up the hack under the guise of system maintenance. Funds Were Compromised: Bitbns Founder Gaurav Dahake, the founder of the Indian crypto exchange Bitbns, admitted on 1st March 2023 that the exchange was hacked in February 2022. Speaking at an AMA session, Dahake stated that the funds were indeed compromised but stated that it was not an abnormal situation. He noted that the exchange was taken offline so that the team could analyze the anomalies on the platform. The admission came after crypto researcher ZachXBT called out the exchange, stating that it was covering up the February 2022 hack under the guise of system maintenance. ZachXBT shared screenshots of Bitbns tweets from February 2022 and tweeted, “Let’s call out the crypto exchange BitBNS for hiding a $7.5 million hack from their users on 1st February 2022 and then proceeding to tell them it was “system maintenance.” Dahake Doubles Down However, Dahake, despite admitting to the hack, stated that the Bitbns team took down the exchange only after noticing an abnormally high throughput on their servers. According to Dahake, the team discovered that the prices of Polygon (MATIC), BNB (BNB), and Aave (AAVE) needed to be corrected, identifying a considerable difference between the buying and selling prices of the tokens. The team was also able to discover anomalies related to withdrawals. During the course of the investigation, Dahake stated that the team discovered that specific addresses had received different tokens from the platform. These tokens were converted to Ethereum and then sent to different addresses. Dahake did not confirm the amount of funds that were compromised. However, ZachXBT put this figure at $7.5 million. Nothing Abnormal About It Interestingly, Dahake stated that this could not be considered abnormal activity, adding that the same had occurred at multiple other exchanges such as Binance, KuKoin, and others. He stated, “Most big exchanges saw such incidents. Binance had funds compromised. BitBNS, too saw a small incident. Right before that incident, we had experienced irregular activities on the platform, and that’s when we decided to take the exchange offline for a few minutes to analyze the issue.” Elaborating on the anomalies discovered during the investigation, Dahake stated, “We found issues with specifically a few token prices; there was a difference in buying and selling prices. At that point in time, some users were trying to withdraw funds. We wanted to analyze the funds and found on one particular address, a certain amount of funds went from different tokens, and those got converted into Ethereum and went to different addresses.” Dahake also added that Bitbns is currently the only exchange in India that is allowing users to withdraw their crypto. The exchange has seen a high volume of withdrawals since February 2022. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
25 days ago coindesk
Crypto Crime Hit All-Time High of $20.6B in 2022: Chainalysis
Kim Grauer, the blockchain sleuthing firm's head of research, told CoinDesk TV sanctioned activity and hacking were the driving forces behind the rise in illicit transaction volumes last year.
35 days ago cryptodaily
DeFi Protocol Platypus Compromised For $8.5M
The DeFi protocol Platypus has been the target of the latest flash loan attack, which has resulted in a loss of funds worth $8.5 million. Flash Loan Attack Results In Stablecoin Depeg The flash loan attack on the Platypus protocol was first brought to attention when blockchain security firm Certik reported on it on Twitter. The security company also tweeted out the wallet address of the attacker responsible for the flash loan attack. Soon after, the Platypus team also confirmed the attack and the subsequent fund loss. The team tweeted, “We regret to inform you that our protocol was hacked recently, and the attacker took advantage of a flaw in our USP solvency check mechanism. They used a flashloan to exploit a logic error in the USP solvency check mechanism in the contract holding the collateral.” The flash loan attack also resulted in the loss of the dollar peg for the protocol’s stablecoin. Platypus USD (USDP), the protocol’s native stablecoin, fell to 48 cents from its $1 anchor as a direct consequence of the hack. Hacker Identified The team informed that the $8.5 million were stolen from the main pool and that funds in other pools were unaffected. Furthermore, the team further informed that 35% of user deposits are covered by the protocol and are looking into compensation and reimbursement options for affected wallets. The team is also working with Binance, Tether, and Circle to also freeze the funds of the hacker, who has been contacted with the proposal to return the funds in exchange for a bounty amount. An on-chain sleuth going by the pseudonym ZachXBT on Twitter has identified a now-deleted Twitter account as being behind the flash loan attack on Platypus. According to ZachXBT, he was able to trace the wallet address of the hacker, as revealed by Platypus, back to the now-deleted Twitter account. He revealed that he had intimated this information to the Platypus team, who would prefer to negotiate a refund, before resorting to police involvement. A Hacktober “Flash”-Back The flash loan attack is similar to a stream of hacks that shook the market in October 2022. The “Hacktober” attacks affected protocols like QuickSwap, Vee Finance, Ankr, Mango Markets, and others. In fact, it is interesting to note that both the CFTC and the FBI have taken severe legal action against Mango Markets exploiter Avraham Eisenberg, who claimed that his actions were perfectly within the bounds of legal trading strategy. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
35 days ago coindesk
Trader Frontruns Gains Network's Listing on Crypto Exchange Binance to Profit $100K
A trader bought $208,000 worth of Gains Network (GNS) tokens less than 30 minutes before the token was listed on Binance, making a profit of $106,000 according to blockchain sleuth Lookonchain.
47 days ago cryptodaily
FBI Seizes NFTs and Crypto Worth $250k From Scammer
The U.S.' Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued an official notification today which involved the seizure of crypto, digital assets, and NFTs worth roughly $250,000 from at least two different locations. First among these is about 2.2 BTC valued at $39k, seized by the agency in Houston, Texas for forfeiture. The total value of Bitcoin was seized from three different wallets. Another filing reported 86.5 in ETH worth $116k seized from a person of interest named Chase Senecal on October, 2022. An Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch worth $41,000 was also seized The same person also held NFTs worth $104k, which included Bored Ape Yacht Club #9658 and a Doodle #3114. According to profile details from OpenSea, both of these belonged to a user named "C55047" who still had activities on the platform as recent as two days ago. On-chain sleuth ZachXBT started the investigation on this scammer now known as "HZ," whose actions have resulted to the forfeiture of these aforementioned digital assets. A Twitter thread from ZachXBT back on September, 2022, led to the capture of Chase Senecal/HZ. 1/ Since Dec 2021 we’ve seen 600+ Discord servers compromised & 12+ NFT related Twitter accounts hacked as well. This has resulted in millions of dollars being stolen.Welcome to part 2 of tracking down the people responsible. — ZachXBT (@zachxbt) September 1, 2022 The scammer allegedly took over a number of Twitter accounts and funneled funds to his own wallets, directing payments from the crypto projects to himself. After ZachXBT saw Senecal flaunting the high-end timepiece that had been confiscated by federal authorities in October, his true identity was exposed. The crypto space is beginning to face more and more stringent regulations, as authorities clamp down on fraudulent activities. This recent seizure of crypto assets and NFTs serves as an example of the power that the FBI wields in the sphere of crypto regulation and adjacent laws that intersperse with it. With appropriate authority, crypto scams can be caught and dealt with swiftly, ensuring, to a certain extent, a safer environment for crypto newbies. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
56 days ago cryptopotato
Beware These NFT Scammers on Twitter, On-Chain Sleuth Warns
ZachXBT warns that Twitter users @radako and @Fitz_lol are stealing from their followers using NFT scams.
60 days ago coindesk
Harmony Hackers Cover Tracks by Bridging Portion of $100M Loot to Avalanche, Ethereum and Tron
The hackers that targeted Harmony network in a $100 million hack last year have bridged their ill-gotten gains from Bitcoin to Avalanche, Tron and Ethereum, according to on-chain analysis by blockchain sleuth MistTrack.
72 days ago cointelegraph
Hong Kong watchdog aims to restrict retail traders to liquid products
When asked about Bitcoin or Ether, SFC executive Julia Leung Fung-yee did not respond but reiterated that “highly liquid” will be allowed.
81 day ago cryptodaily
BTC Developer Loses 200 BTCs In Hack
One of the core developers of Bitcoin, Luke Dashjr, has claimed that he lost almost his entire Bitcoin holding on December 31. PGP Keys Compromised Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr revealed that he lost over 200 BTCs when his wallet was compromised just before the new year. Dashjr addressed the community via a Twitter post, stating that a PGP key compromise resulted in the loss of his funds. He stated that the alleged hackers had somehow gained control of his Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) key and accessed his wallet. The PGP key system is a common security method with encrypted information hidden behind two private keys. Dashjr tweeted, “PSA: My server was accessed this morning by an unknown person. Full analysis in progress, but take extra care that you PGP-verified any downloads.” Dashjr also tweeted a wallet address to which some of the stolen Bitcoin had been sent. Even though he did not disclose the total amount stolen, the wallet address he reported has received four transactions between the hours of 2:08 and 2:16 pm UTC on Dec. 31. These transaction amounts totaled 216.93 BTC, which is worth $3.6 million at current prices. Twitter And Reddit Sleuths At Work When a Twitter user asked what the connection with PGP was, Dashjr responded, “That's how you might verify that your Bitcoin Knots or Core download isn't infested with malware. So to be clear: DO NOT DOWNLOAD BITCOIN KNOTS AND TRUST IT UNTIL THIS IS RESOLVED. If you already did in the last few months, consider shutting that system down for now.” He addressed another user on Twitter and revealed that he had only noticed the hack after getting emails from Coinbase and Kraken about login attempts. Even though Dashjr claimed that he did not know how the hackers gained access to his key, some Twitter users have pointed out a potential connection with a previous Twitter post from him. On November 17, Dashjr tweeted about his server being undermined by “new malware/indirect accesses on the framework.” CZ Expresses Condolences A Reddit user has suggested that Dashjr did not take the November 17 security breach seriously enough and failed to take measures to separate his different activities. According to this user, Dashjr kept his hot wallet on the same computer that he used for all his other activities. The event has come to the attention of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, who tweeted, “Sorry to see you lose so much. Informed our security team to monitor. If it comes our way, we will freeze it. If there is anything else we can help with, please let us know. We deal with these often, and have Law Enforcement (LE) relationships worldwide.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
95 days ago coindesk
Crypto Twitter Delves Into Strange, Sloppy Side of Trump’s NFT Collection
Online sleuths analyzed blockchain data and assets in the former president’s NFT collection, finding evidence of stolen art and shady wallet addresses, painting a picture of how the digital collectibles came to be.
108 days ago cryptodaily
Are The Twitter Coin Rumors True?
Speculations have been rampant about an upcoming Twitter Coin that could potentially take over Dogecoin’s current mantle as the native currency of the social media platform. Online Sleuths Uncover “Twitter Coin” Several self-appointed online technical sleuths have pointed out that a new native crypto token is in the works at Twitter. The crypto is being dubbed Twitter Coin, and word around the blockchain is that it could push out Dogecoin from the position of the native currency of the social media platform. Security researcher Jane Manchun Wong was the first to bring the possible new coin into the public eye. She extracted a code from a recent version of the Twitter web app, which featured a vector image of the “Twitter Coin.” She shared the image on her Twitter account along with an image of the Coins tab within Twitter’s Tips feature. Granted, Wong clarified that the Twitter Coin icon might not represent a native token necessarily, instead just be a visual representation of the platform’s crypto tipping feature. However, soon after, Wong’s Twitter and LinkedIn profiles were disabled. This added more fuel to the rumors about Twitter Coin, with some users claiming that she had been kicked off of Twitter because of what she shared. Twitter user Nima Owji, who runs an app-focused information leak account, also posted a screenshot of what appears to be a prototype Twitter interface showing a “Coins” option for tipping, along with a vector image showing a coin bearing Twitter’s logo. DOGE Accounts Suspended Other incidents on Twitter have also raised suspicion among the community. For instance, on December 3, Dogecoin CEO Billy Markus pointed out several DOGE-related accounts have been banned from the platform. He tweeted, “A whole bunch of accounts of people who, as far as I know, generally don't do anything but tweet memes and positivity are being suspended.” Elon Musk responded to the tweet that he was looking into it. He soon tweeted back that the matter was resolved and that the accounts were reinstated. He claimed that the error happened because the Twitter team had been eliminating spam or bot accounts. Could This Mean Trouble For DOGE? Some Twitter users and DOGE supporters are holding on to the belief that this could be an instance of the platform formally recognizing DOGE as Twitter’s official currency and that Twitter Coin is just another moniker for DOGE. However, if Twitter Coin turns out to be a standalone cryptocurrency, it could spell trouble for DOGE and even BTC. DOGE, especially, has always benefitted from Elon Musk’s open advocacy for it. If it were dethroned by a different crypto, that could spell a major blow to the memecoin, which owes a lot of its success to Twitter and Musk’s advocacy. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
108 days ago cryptodaily
Genesis Creditor Loans Near $2B, Crypto Daily TV 6/12/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Crypto Lender Nexo To Quit United States UK-based crypto lender Nexo said on Monday it would phase out its U.S. products and services over the coming months due to clashes with regulators. Genesis Creditor groups' loans amount to $1.8B. Customers whose money is locked up on trading and lending platform Genesis and who have taken legal advice on the matter currently account for some $1.8 billion of loans, according to a person familiar with the situation. And that number looks like it will continue to grow. Another round of job cuts for Bybit. Crypto exchange Bybit will implement another round of job cuts as it tries to refocus its operations amid a "deepening bear market," CEO Ben Zhou announced, A screenshot of a message in which Zhou said the layoffs would affect 30% of staff, taken from the company's internal messaging platform, was floating around Telegram group chats on the same day. BTC dropped 0.9% against USD in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair fell 0.9% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 167581 and resistance at 173841. The Stochastic indicator is currently in the negative zone. ETH/USD plummeted 1.6% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair dove 1.6% in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 1223.931 and resistance at 1312.091. The Ultimate Oscillator is currently in the positive zone. XRP/USD made a minor downward correction of 0.1%. The Ripple-Dollar pair corrected downwards in the last session, falling 0.1%. The Williams indicator's negative signal aligns with the overall technical analysis. The Williams indicator gives a negative signal. LTC/USD exploded 3.8% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair gained 3.8% in the last session after rising as much as 8.9% during the session. The ROC's positive signal is in line with the overall technical analysis. Support is at 75.1433 and resistance at 78.4433. The ROC is currently in positive territory. Daily Economic Calendar: US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock The API’s Weekly Statistical Bulletin reports overall U.S. and regional data relating to refinery operations and the production of the four major petroleum products. The US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock will be released at 21:30 GMT, Australia's RBA Interest Rate Decision at 03:30 GMT, and the Eurozone's EcoFin Meeting at 07:00 GMT. AU RBA Interest Rate Decision The RBA Interest Rate Decision is announced by the Reserve Bank of Australia. The interest rates are a key mechanism through which the central bank influences inflation. EMU EcoFin Meeting The Economic and Financial Affairs Council, the main decision-making body of the Council of the European Union, is composed of the Finance Ministers of the 27 European Union member states. UK BRC Like-For-Like Retail Sales The British Retail Consortium Like-For-Like Retail Sales measures changes in the actual value of retail sales from participating companies with invaluable management information on a regular and reliable basis. The UK's BRC Like-For-Like Retail Sales will be released at 00:01 GMT, Australia's RBA Rate Statement at 03:30 GMT, and Japan's JP Foreign Reserves at 23:50 GMT. AU RBA Rate Statement Decisions regarding the interest rates are made by the Reserve Bank Board and are explained in a media release that announces the decision after each meeting. JP Foreign Reserves The Foreign Reserves are the total of a country's gold holdings and convertible foreign currencies held by its central bank. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
109 days ago cointelegraph
Rumors of a new native 'Twitter Coin' emerge while Dogecoiners remain hopeful
Online tech sleuths claim to have uncovered a secret new project on Twitter, which is being referred to as "Twitter Coin."
122 days ago cryptodaily
Top 50 FTX Creditors Owed $3.1B, Crypto Daily TV 22/11/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: FTX owes its top 50 creditors a huge amount Bankrupt crypto exchange FTX owes its 50 biggest creditors nearly $3.1 billion, according to a court filing. The exchange — which was worth $32 billion earlier this year — filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on November 11, after a week of liquidity crisis. US court approves deadline for Celsius customers to file proofs of claim. A U.S. court has approved collapsed crypto lender Celsius' request to set a deadline for customers to file proofs of claim in the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings. Celsius' motion, approved by U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Southern District of New York last week, requires customers to submit proofs of claim on or before Jan. 3, 2023. Crypto lender Genesis says no immediate plans to file for bankruptcy Cryptocurrency lender Genesis said on Monday it has no immediate plans to file for bankruptcy, days after the collapse of crypto exchange FTX forced it to suspend customer redemptions. Shuttered AAX will close out derivatives. AAX will close out derivatives positions as it attempts to return to normal following a hack, the Hong Kong crypto exchange said in a statement. The exchange has been shuttered since Nov. 13 after a malicious attack made it impossible to verify customer balances or allow withdrawals. BTC/USD dove 4.0% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair dove 4.0% in the last session. According to the CCI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 15845.6667 and resistance is at 16959.6667. The CCI is signalling an oversold market. ETH/USD plummeted 3.6% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair plummeted 3.6% in the last session. According to the CCI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 1077.8333 and resistance is at 1258.6533. The CCI is signalling an oversold market. XRP/USD dove 1.1% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair plummeted 1.1% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal, going against our overall technical analysis. Support is at 0.3349 and resistance is at 0.4092. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. LTC/USD plummeted 2.8% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair dove 2.8% in the last session. The Williams indicator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 58.2667 and resistance is at 66.5467. The Williams indicator is currently in positive territory. US Redbook Index The Johnson Redbook Index measures the year-over-year same-store sales growth from a sample of large general merchandise retailers. The US Redbook Index will be released at 13:55 GMT, the US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock at 21:30 GMT, the Eurozone's Consumer Confidence at 15:00 GMT. US API Weekly Crude Oil Stock The API’s Weekly Statistical Bulletin reports overall U.S. and regional data relating to refinery operations and the production of the four major petroleum products. EMU Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence is a leading index that measures the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. EMU Current Account The Current Account measures net flow of current transactions, including goods, services and interest payments into and out of the local economy. The Eurozone's Current Account will be released at 09:00 GMT, the Belgian Consumer Confidence Index at 10:00 GMT, and the UK's Public Sector Net Borrowing at 07:00 GMT. BE Consumer Confidence Index Consumer Confidence captures the sentiment that individuals have regarding the economic activity. A high level of consumer confidence indicates a stronger economy. UK Public Sector Net Borrowing The Net Borrowing captures the amount of new debt held by the U.K. government, i.e., the financial deficit in the UK national accounts. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
123 days ago cryptodaily
FTX Hacker Dumps ETH On Markets, Price Plummets
Users affected by the FTX collapse now have another major problem to deal with, as it emerged the hacker responsible for the subsequent hack has begun manipulating the price of ETH. As a result of the hacker dumping ETH on the market, the price of the asset fell by over 7% in just a few hours. Hacker Moving Funds The hacker behind the attack on the FTX exchange has started offloading millions of dollars worth of ETH, resulting in a dramatic drop in the price of the cryptocurrency. The hacker had gotten away with nearly $300 million worth of crypto and, at the time of writing, was the 35th largest holder of ETH in the world. Chainalysis broke the news of the stolen funds being on the move again and urged exchanges to be alert in case the hacker tried to cash out. “Funds stolen from FTX are on the move, and exchanges should be on high alert to freeze them if the hacker attempts to cash out.” On Sunday, the hacker moved 50,000 ETH, worth over $59 million, to a new address. The receiving address swapped the ETH for renBTC, a type of BTC that can run on the Ethereum blockchain. After this, the address made separate transfers totaling around $59 million, according to data from Etherscan. According to on-chain researcher ZachXBT, the hacker is using the Ren Bridge to move the renBTC to the Bitcoin blockchain. This is the latest development stemming from the fallout of the FTX exchange that has gripped the cryptocurrency markets. ETH Plummets With the hacker dumping ETH on the market, the cryptocurrency price dropped by nearly 3% in the past 24 hours. On the other hand, Bitcoin was down only by 0.6%. Currently, the price of ETH is down by 3.09%, with the asset trading at $1099. According to available data, the hacker still possesses around 200,735 ETH, worth nearly $236 million at current prices. The hacker’s wallet was first identified by crypto sleuth ZachXBT on the 11th of November. FTX Issues Statement FTX issued a statement urging cryptocurrency exchanges to be on high alert and secure any funds they can, which can be traced back to the hacker. Any funds recovered could be used in the bankruptcy proceedings. FTX tweeted, “Exchanges should be aware that certain funds transferred from FTX Global and related debtors without authorization on 11/11/22 are being transferred to them through intermediate wallets. Exchanges should take all measures to secure these funds to be returned to the bankruptcy estate.” The trades in question came after the hacker sold a host of crypto assets, such as the DAI stablecoin, Synthetix’s SNX, Aave’s AAVE, LINK, and several other assets for ETH on the CowSwap exchange. The largest of these trades was a $48 million swap of DAI for ETH. The Securities and Exchange Commission of the Bahamas also issued a statement on the 12th of November, stating that it was facilitating the withdrawal of Bahamian funds. This led to significant speculation that the flow of funds from FTX on the 11th of November was the handiwork of the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Bahamas. However, this was refuted by ZachXBT, who tweeted, “The first clue that 0x59 was a blackhat and neither Bahamian officials nor FTX team was when 0x59 began selling tokens for ETH, DAI, and BNB and using a variety of bridges so crypto couldn’t be frozen on 11/12.” Ethereum Users Appeal For Help Some Ethereum users have started sending coded messages to the hacker, asking for a share of the stolen funds. One user appealed to the hacker, stating they had lost a significant sum due to the FTX collapse, asking the hacker to reimburse them. The user in question sent multiple small transactions to the hacker’s address in an attempt to catch their attention. Several other Ethereum users tried the same trick to get the hacker’s attention. Whether they were successful or not remains to be seen. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
124 days ago cointelegraph
Crypto sleuth debunks 3 biggest misconceptions about the FTX hack
Blockchain detective ZachXBT has provided evidence refuting recent speculation about the identity of the FTX hacker and their supposed memecoin activity.
127 days ago coindesk
Hong Kong Regulator Calls for Tough Rules Despite Crypto Hub Ambitions
Julia Leung, deputy CEO of Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission highlighted DeFi as an area in need of regulatory solutions.
130 days ago cryptosrus CEO Explains Huge $347,000,000 Ethereum (ETH) Transfer Amid Bid for Reserve Transparency – The Daily Hodl CEO Kris Marszalek has addressed a huge transfer of Ethereum (ETH) from the exchange’s wallet that was noticed by on-chain sleuths. According to Etherscan data, about 285,000 ETH worth over $347 million was sent from’s wallet address to, another crypto exchange, before being sent back. Marszalek says that the transfer was a […] The post CEO Explains Huge $347,000,000 Ethereum (ETH) Transfer Amid Bid for Reserve Transparency – The Daily Hodl appeared first on CryptosRus.
133 days ago cryptodaily
FTX Crisis Deepens As Beleaguered Exchange Faces Potential Hack
The FTX crisis is showing no signs of abating, with the exchange now facing the spectre of a potential hack. Officials at FTX appeared to confirm the hack on Telegram and urged users to delete all apps associated with FTX and avoid the website entirely. Mysterious Outflows Point To Potential Hack FTX wallets saw a flurry of activity late on Friday, as more than $600 million left the exchange’s wallets, with no clarity around who was behind the transactions or why. The wallet address to which the funds are being transferred to revealed that it had received funds from a host of international and U.S.-based wallets linked to FTX. The wallet amassed over 83,878.63 ETH in just over two hours starting from 9.20 PM ET. FTX officials soon revealed on its official Telegram channel that the exchange had been hacked, urging users to delete any FTX apps on their devices and not to install any updates. Additionally, they also urged users to avoid the FTX website. “FTX has been hacked. FTX apps are malware. Delete them. Chat is open. Don’t go on the FTX site as it might download Trojans.” Speculations About Activities As Rumors Swirl Blockchain investigators were quick to speculate on the transfers and raise questions about the company’s intent. Some investigators saw the transfer as the beginning of the bankruptcy process before rumors of an external hack emerged. Users pointed to the fact that some of the transactions included derogatory notes and messages directed at FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried. Other users suggested that the transfer of funds was being coordinated by someone who was part of the FTX founder’s inner circle. However, Twitter and crypto sleuth ZachXBT tweeted that multiple former FTX employees confirmed that they do not recognize any of the ongoing transfers. On-chain data sources showed that Ethereum, Solana, and Binance Smart Chain tokens had been moved from FTX’s official wallets to decentralized exchanges such as 1Inch. FTX General Counsel Ryne Miller stated that FTX was investigating abnormal wallet fund movements related to FTX across exchanges. “Investigating abnormalities with wallet movements related to the consolidation of FTX balances across exchanges - unclear facts as other movements not clear. Will share more info as soon as we have it.” FTX Remains Silent Curiously, the transfers have yet to be officially addressed by the FTX leadership and come on the same day the exchange filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection after losing billions in user funds. FTX wallet holders also reported seeing their balances down to $0 in their FTX and FTX US wallets. By midnight, the FTX login portal went down, giving users a “503 error” each time they attempted to log in. The site, however, remains online. “Multiple people are saying that their FTX balances now read $0 as soon as this attack began. Previously it showed their balance but was just not withdrawable.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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