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1h ago cryptodaily
What Is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization? How Does It Change the Game?
Crypto has come a long way, that is for sure. Ever since the first cryptocurrency launched and the first pizza bought with Bitcoin, the technology that empowers the crypto field has evolved in a way and with a surprising speed. These days, there are almost 25,000 cryptocurrencies in existence, and the number keeps growing. Plenty of crypto projects are launched daily, and most aim to solve various issues in the industry during the past years. Among all the new platforms launched every day in the crypto space, decentralized autonomous organizations seem to be making quite a buzz lately. Thus, what is a decentralized autonomous organization, how does it work, and why has this concept become so popular? What Is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization? Also called DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization is an entity with no central leadership. The members of a DAO usually have the same goal, and they all contribute to the decision-making process. Usually, decentralized autonomous organizations work based on a set of rules enforced on a blockchain. The first DAO was launched in 2016 when a group of developers came up with the idea of an entity that has and promotes one of the most valuable and popular blockchain-related characteristics: decentralization. This feature is what makes the whole DAO concept work the way it does and maintains its relevance in the crypto space. The simple fact that no central authority governs the decentralized autonomous organization encourages members’ participation in the project’s ecosystem. This way, such community-driven organizations can build incentivized communities around their concepts, allowing users to interact with other crypto enthusiasts from all over the world. Furthermore, a DAO constantly works to maintain its transparency. To do that, each vote is made publicly viewable so that every user can research how each vote goes, who votes for what, and which are the most active members. How Does a DAO Work? Usually, decentralized autonomous organizations rely on smart contracts that can streamline the whole decision-making process while also maintaining transparency. Those able to vote share the voting power according to the number of tokens they hold. For instance, while a user who holds 50 tokens will have a certain amount of power, one who holds thousands of that specific token will most certainly have a much bigger voting power for every vote occurring in the DAO’s ecosystem. And there is one simple reason for that: users who have invested significant amounts in a particular DAO will be encouraged to act in a way that will benefit the whole community, while those who hold fewer tokens will be incentivized to buy more to have more power in the ecosystem. And if there is a possibility that the users with higher power act badly and affect the community, they will put their investments at risk. Pros and Cons of DAOs Undoubtedly, DAOs have become popular for a reason: they are concepts that can benefit crypto users and the whole cryptocurrency industry. And one of the most essential and useful benefits of DAOs is the fact that such community-driven cryptocurrencies maintain a remarkable level of decentralization. The Pros of a DAO In the ecosystem of a decentralized autonomous organization, there is no leader, and no single user or entity controls everything. Instead, the power is distributed across the entire network, thus assuring that the project is achieving one of the 3 most popular crypto features: decentralization. When integrated with Web3, the DAO concept can do wonders. When every crypto project aims to revolutionize a specific topic, a decentralized autonomous organization focusing on Web3 will increase the level of decentralization in such spaces and will build new perspectives for Web3 users. A good example is MetFi, a DAO developed on Binance Smart Chain that aims to be the world’s first Metaverse and Web3 incubator, significantly investing in the next wave of Metaverse and Web3 unicorns. Launched in May 2022, MetFi constantly works to introduce increasingly more projects to its community and global network of advisors while also giving individuals the opportunity of experiencing the benefits of the Metaverse, Web3, and NFTs. And with decentralization usually comes equality. Each user can contribute to the evolution of a DAO’s ecosystem, no matter their holdings in the community. Any stakeholder can and is encouraged to share their ideas, while everyone will be able to see and vote for them. Furthermore, the fact that a DAO relies on smart contracts results in a high level of neutrality, as no user or entity controls the rules of such an ecosystem. Instead, after being built, the smart contracts are implemented, and there is no need for a third party to control or manage the activity of a decentralized autonomous organization. The Cons of a DAO However, there are some downsides to DAOs, too, and they cannot be forgotten. First, the fact that users have a specific voting power given according to their investment can lead to a concentration of voting power. For instance, assuming that a user holds over 50% of the circulating supply of a DAO and decides to vote in a particular way, their power will be able to cancel the other votes. Another downside of decentralized autonomous organizations does come as a result of one advantage of such projects. The fact that such community-driven cryptocurrencies get a good level of decentralization through the fact that every user has voting power affects the overall quality of transactions. When each transaction has to pass a voting process, the transaction time can be considerably higher. Final Thoughts Crypto is gaining remarkable popularity, which is not surprising, considering the innovations this field brings and the tremendous number of users open to learning more about the cryptocurrency industry. DAOs, or decentralized autonomous organizations, are community-driven cryptocurrencies not controlled by any central authority. Instead, all users have voting power according to their token holdings and can actively contribute to the decision-making process. DAOs aim and manage to maintain high levels of decentralization, equality, and neutrality, advantages that will incentivize increasingly more users to join such ecosystems. On the other hand, decentralized autonomous organizations have some downsides. For instance, the fact that every change in the ecosystem implies a vote in which all the users should participate can affect the transaction time. Moreover, sharing the power according to the tokens held can lead to a concentration of power and affect the community long-term. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day ago cointelegraph
Sushi sets up legal defense fund after SEC subpoenas head chef Jared Grey and DAO itself
The DAO said it would not be commenting on “ongoing legal investigations,” but its existing $100,000 defense fund was apparently not enough.
1 day ago cryptodaily
Crypto exchange Sushiswap receives SEC subpoena
The Securities and Exchange Commission has served a subpoena on the Sushi DAO and its Head Chef Jared Grey. SEC after a DEX scalp The SEC is continuing its enforcement push on crypto, targeting some of the more important infrastructure in the crypto ecosystem. Crypto exchanges are certainly that, and decentralised exchanges (DEXes) are likely to be far more difficult for the SEC to attack than centralised exchanges (CEXes) However, the SEC has obviously decided that it has a good chance to score an enforcement victory here, and if successful may use the case for further DEX enforcements in the future. Sushi DAO votes on defence fund Sushiswap has now become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) and so all important matters are decided by a community vote. Therefore a vote has gone up on the Sushi forum, with the goal of establishing a legal defence fund. If approved this will enable core contributors (who the SEC are going after) to be able to cover their legal expenses. The Sushi DAO Legal Defence Fund aims to provide reasonable expenses for attorney fees and costs, and the voting proposition recommends that the value of $3 million be made available to this end. The proposition lays out that the funds should come from a combination of 3 areas. These are Kanpai fees (50%), grants (35%), and Sushi TWAP market sells (15%). As at time of going to press, the vote has been in operation just one hour and only 15 respondents have voted, giving a 93% in favour of the fund so far. A troubled past Sushiswap is a spin-off from Uniswap, but after initial success it has now dropped to become the 16th biggest DEX by trading volume according to Coinmarketcap. It has had its problems in the past, with its creator and former Head Chef Nomi draining more than $14 million in $ETH from the protocol. However, he later thought better of his act and returned all the funds to the Sushi treasury. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day ago coindesk
Sushi DAO, Key Contributor Served With SEC Subpoena
Sushi DAO and Head Chef Jared Grey were served with a subpoena by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the DAO revealed Tuesday.
1 day ago coindesk
'Alternative Internet' Builder Tomi Raises $40M to Attract Content Creators
Tomi's aim is to "kick off a clean slate for the internet," using its DAO governance model to promote freedom of speech and access to uncensored information.
1 day ago cointelegraph
Anonymous DAO tomi raises $40M for 'surveillance-free' internet
The anonymous group of crypto developers is promoting the use of a decentralized autonomous organization to govern an alternative version of the internet.
1 day ago coindesk
Seed Club Ventures Emerges With $25M to Back DAOs
The investor collective, also organized as a DAO, includes noted crypto firms Multicoin Capital, Delphi Digital and Dragonfly.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Fall In Love With DigiToads (TOADS): The New Holy Grail of the P2E Market
With new coins and initiatives appearing daily, the cryptocurrency industry is in a perpetual state of flux. One of the latest trends in the market is the rise of play-to-earn tokens, which allow users to earn rewards while playing games. Speculators consider play-to-earn tokens as viable investment prospects due to their rising popularity. Visit DigiToads Website Why is a Play-To-Earn token a good investment? Play-to-earn tokens have several benefits that make them an attractive investment option. Firstly, they provide users with an enjoyable and entertaining way to earn rewards. Unlike traditional investments, which can be time-consuming and complex, play-to-earn tokens allow users to cash out while having fun. Secondly, these tokens are often highly innovative and are designed to leverage the latest blockchain technology. This makes them highly scalable and able to adapt to changing market conditions. Moreover, play-to-earn tokens often have strong communities and are highly decentralized, less prone to manipulation, and market volatility. >> Buy DigiToads Now << DigiToads - Introducing the revolution in the P2E market One of the most exciting new P2E tokens on the market is DigiToads (TOADS). DigiToads is a meme coin with a unique web3 game in its ecosystem. TOADS is the native token of DigiToads, and it can be used to buy in-game items, TOAD NFTs, which serve as digital pets in the game, train these pets, combat, and compete for ranking in the top 25% of players to earn rewards. What sets DigiToads apart from other play-to-earn tokens is its innovative reward system. Players who make it to the top 25% of the game are rewarded with the prize fund raised from in-game sales. The top 25% of players receive 50% of the prize fund proportionally, while those who do not rank in the top 25% still receive prizes of 10% of the prize funds. This reward system ensures that players are incentivized to play and improve their skills while ensuring that all players are rewarded for their efforts. In addition to its innovative reward system, DigiToads has several other features making it an attractive investment option. DigiToads is a DAO, meaning that community decisions govern it. Therefore, the community will decide on the main mascot of the project through a meme competition DigiToads will host on its social channels. Furthermore, TOAD NFT holders can stake their NFTs for higher passive revenue. The NFT staking pool is supported by a 2% tax for each transaction, and whoever stakes longer gets a bigger share. TOAD NFT also serves as a ticket for Toad School. Whoever holds three or more NFTs gets access to an advanced trading course held by the masters. DigiToads is also committed to wildlife protection. 2.5% of the project's profits will directly support charity organizations that protect and recover the Amazon rainforest. DigiToads will also have its own digital merchandise, and 100% of the profits from the merch will support the charity organizations for the Amazon forest. DigiToads is scheduled to launch on Uniswap after ten presale stages, each concluding with a price increase. The project team has also revealed plans to release their DEX once the community and project popularity expands. Therefore, room for growth in DigiToads is large, and joining early means reaching financial freedom in the nearest future. Bottom line With its unique features and innovative reward system, DigiToads is quickly becoming the new holy grail of the play-to-earn market. Its strong community and commitment to innovation and sustainability make it a compelling investment opportunity for those wishing to diversify their portfolio and earn rewards while having fun. So, fall in love with DigiToads and join the exciting world of play-to-earn tokens today! USE CODE: FINTECH10 FOR 10% EXTRA TOKENS ON YOUR NEXT DIGITOADS PURCHASE For More Information on DigiToads: Visit The Website: Join The Community: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2 days ago coindesk
IoTeX Blockchain's DAO Votes to Add Ether Liquid Staking Derivatives
A newly passed improvement proposal will add native support for representing staking buckets as NFTs on the IoTeX blockchain.
5 days ago cryptopotato
MakerDAO Passes First Vote on Proposal to Increase US Treasury Investments to $1.25 Billion
A MakerDAO proposal to increase the DAO's real-world asset vault debt ceiling from $500 million to $1.25 billion has seen favorable votes.
6 days ago cryptodaily
Arbitrum To Airdrop New $ARB Token, Begin Transition Into A DAO
The wait for one of the most highly anticipated events in the cryptocurrency industry over the past couple of months is finally over with the announcement of the long-awaited ARB token. The news means that Arbitrum, one of the biggest players in the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution landscape, will finally get a token. The ARB Token Airdrop Date Set The Arbitrum Foundation, on Thursday, announced that it would be airdropping ARB, Arbitrum&rsquo;s new token, to the community on the 23rd of March. According to the foundation, the launch of the ARB token officially marks the beginning of Arbitrum&rsquo;s transition into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This means that ARB token holders will be able to vote on key governance decisions around Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova. Both networks allow users to conduct transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, but with far greater speeds and lower fees. In a statement, the Arbitrum Foundation stated, &ldquo;Arbitrum DAO will have the power to control key decisions at the core protocol level, from how the chain&rsquo;s technology is upgraded to how the revenue from the chain can be used to support the ecosystem.&rdquo; The Arbitrum Foundation is planning to issue around 44% of the tokens to investors and core contributors. However, Offchain Labs, the creator of Arbitrum, believe that the ARB token would make Arbitrum far more decentralized than other competing chains. CEO of Offchain Labs, Steven Goldfeder, stated, &ldquo;For me, the most exciting part is the decentralization &ndash; the fact that Offchain Labs will no longer have any control over the future of this chain. We will be a service provider, and if the DAO calls on us to build software, we will.&rdquo; User Eligibility According to Goldfeder, Arbitrum worked closely with crypto analytics firm Nansen to create snapshots of user activity. These were carried out to determine which users were eligible to receive ARB tokens. Factors taken into consideration were the number of transactions conducted, the number of applications used, and how long the user used Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nitro. Users can check their eligibility for claiming the ARB token during the airdrop by visiting However, Arbitrum also warned users to be careful while claiming their tokens. This is because hackers and scammers frequently use airdrops for phishing people by sending them to fake websites. The ARB Token According to the details available, the ARB token will have a supply of 10 billion, out of which 56% would be controlled by the community. The 23rd of March airdrop will see 11.5% of the total supply go to Arbitrum users and 1.1% to DAOs operating in the Arbitrum ecosystem. The remainder of the community tokens will be sent to a treasury which the new Arbitrum DAO will control. The remaining 44% will go to investors and employees associated with Offchain Labs. The ARB token, unlike ETH, will be used only for the protocol&rsquo;s governance. The Arbitrum DAO will feature a self-executing governance process, meaning votes can be used to alter Arbitrum&rsquo;s core code directly. But Why Now? Currently, Arbitrum holds around $3.69 billion locked in its Ethereum rollup network, Arbitrum One, making it the clear market leader. However, the project is one of the largest crypto projects that does not have the token, meaning the community has been clamoring for a token since the project went live in 2021. Arbitrum&rsquo;s primary competitor, Optimism, launched its OP token almost a year ago and successfully made its transition to DAO governance. Explaining the delay in launching its own token, Goldfeder stated, &ldquo;The tech came first. And based on our technical road map, now was the right time.&rdquo; Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days ago cointelegraph
LinksDAO wins bid to buy its first golf course, says CEO
The successful bid comes a month after 88.6% of LinksDAO token holders voted in favor of putting in a “compelling offer” for the golf course in its governance vote.
6 days ago coindesk
ArenaDAO's Governance Token Surges Almost 50% Amid Vote to Authorize Paradigm Purchase
A vote to sell 15% of governance token ARENA’s total supply to crypto investment firm Paradigm began earlier Thursday.
6 days ago cointelegraph
MakerDAO passes proposal for $750M increase in US Treasury investments
The emergency proposal increases MakerDAO’s holdings of United States bonds by 150%, aiming to diversify the Dai stablecoin’s collateral exposure.
6 days ago coindesk
LinksDAO Inches Closer to Closing Scottish Golf Club Deal
The decentralized special interests organization could pay nearly $1 million for its first golf club.
6 days ago cryptodaily
ThunderCore and YGG SEA Launch Web3 Gaming Developer Program for Southeast Asia
March 16th, 2023 &ndash; Coinscribble / ThunderCore has partnered with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), Southeast Asia's largest blockchain gaming guild, to launch a developer program that will tap into the growing demand for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds. The partnership is a manifesto of our commitments to bridge the South East Asia developer talent into Web3 and attract global Web3 talent into the region. It&rsquo;s going to be a game-changer in the Web3 world of Southeast Asia. Partnership to boost SEA Web3 gaming development ThunderCore is a blockchain platform that provides a scalable and fast infrastructure for decentralized applications (DApps). YGG SEA, on the other hand, is a gaming guild that has evolved into a community driven ecosystem player, establishing strong grass roots presence, connecting and engaging a deep relationship with their community members in the SEA market. For developers, YGG SEA&rsquo;s massive reach in the region and ThunderCore&rsquo;s strong user retention skills offer the perfect tools to enter the SEA market as effectively as possible. The developer program is expected to help YGG SEA open opportunities beyond &lsquo;just playing&rsquo; games to its community of gamers & creators within the metaverse; and at the same time, provide go-to-market access for ThunderCore and Blockchain game developers into the region. As YGG SEA continues to grow its user base in Southeast Asia, YGG SEA has partnered with over 80 games and has more than 175 K community members and deployed more than 20,000 scholarships to date. In line with YGG SEA efforts to be the friendly gateway into the metaverse for ANYONE, YGG SEA provides language specific support on its platform. It has a stellar track record of helping games establish market presence in SEA and features some of the biggest success stories in blockchain gaming to date. South East Asia is a key market for global economic growth and will be a key driver for Web3 community growth as pioneered in 2021/2022 by Axie Infinity, the region&rsquo;s home-grown blockchain game. Thanks to its battle-tested fast and secure infrastructure, ThunderCore is perfectly positioned to support the development of high-performance Dapps required for blockchain gaming. It excels at acquiring and retaining new users, frequently clocking over 100,000 daily active users (DAU) according to DappRadar due to its entertainment-first approach to growing its ecosystem. This proven ecosystem retention mechanism will help developers retain users and build a strong community around their projects in the long term. Future Plans With its mission to create the biggest and most sustainable play-to-own (P2O) virtual economy focused on Southeast Asia, the partnership between ThunderCore and YGG SEA is expected to create a more diverse and vibrant game ecosystem in the region. Roger Hsu, CEO of ThunderCore, had the following to say: "Our YGG SEA partnership is an important step for ThunderCore as we expand our presence in the SEA market to help grow the blockchain gaming industry and create new opportunities for ourselves as well as developers, investors, and gamers in the region.&rdquo; About ThunderCore ThunderCore is the only platform growing DApp users organically through ecosystem retention, which will be the key driving force behind the real mass adoption of blockchain. Its proof-of-stake (PoS) architecture, EVM compatibility, entertainment-first ethos, and deep developer support provide a battle-tested home for the next generation of crypto innovators across Web3, DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, and the metaverse. Thanks to its unique PaLa consensus mechanism, ThunderCore can handle 4,000+ TPS with sub-second confirmation times and ultra-low gas fees kept at a fraction of a cent. ThunderCore Token (TT), the chain&rsquo;s popular native asset, can be stored in the feature-rich TT Wallet, together with other supported ecosystem assets. About YGG SEA YGG SEA is a gaming guild with a strong community presence in SouthEast Asia. The DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organization) is YGG&rsquo;s first guild partner (previously called as SubDAO) and its aim is to become the friendly face in onboarding anyone into the metaverse through gaming, education and providing access to yield earning opportunities in the metaverse. We believe blockchain technology is here to disrupt many aspects of lives and the biggest challenge for the entire ecosystem is ease of access. s part of the ecosystem, YGG SEA believes that gamification is the way to onboard the next billion users and that &ldquo;playing&rdquo; is everyone&rsquo;s birthright. T YGG SEA alongside our ecosystem partners like Thundercore and game developers within this program wants to create opportunities for our communities to have a real job and impact within the metaverse. - Irene Umar, Co Founder of YGG SEA. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
7 days ago cointelegraph
How DAOs could cause the death of the CV
With the rise of remote work and a shift in attitudes towards work, DAOs provide an alternative approach to finding and participating in work opportunities.
7 days ago cryptodaily
Partnership Announcement: Oraichain X DoraHacks
Singapore, Singapore, 16th March, 2023, ChainwireOraichain is partnering with DoraHacks to advance the adoption of its Layer 1 ecosystem for AI and Data Economy. Over the coming months, our teams will work together on a number of initiatives to support the next generation of AI + blockchain innovations, including AI-enhanced dApps, AI Oracles, and key infrastructure. DoraHacks is a global hacker movement and the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer incentive platform. More than 3,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and hackathon prizes. DoraHacks has around 250,000 active users worldwide, with the platform offering hackathons, bounty, quadratic funding, privacy voting, and other resourceful community governance/funding toolkits. Oraichain is proud to partner with DoraHacks to attract talent and support new projects on the network, joining the ranks of 80+ major Web3 ecosystems currently using Dora infrastructures to successfully fund their open-source communities. Oraichain&rsquo;s IBC-enabled Layer 1 provides a complete infrastructure for an open data economy, providing tools for data scientists to structure data, train, test, and publish models to Oraichain&rsquo;s AI Oracle and monetize with maximum transparency and inclusivity. With this partnership, both teams aim to foster innovations in blockchain and AI, leading to the creation of AI-enhanced dApps on Oraichain and AI Oracle services compatible with smart contracts on many networks. To advance the adoption of this AI Layer 1 for the data economy, Oraichain and DoraHacks will work together to accomplish the following: Co-Hosted Hackathons Leveraging DoraHacks&rsquo; developer community and platform traffic, the core goal of this partnership is to promote Oraichain&rsquo;s ecosystem, tech stack, and toolkits to a wider audience, attracting BUIDLers from every corner of the world to innovate AI + blockchain use cases. DoraHacks will lend its expertise to organize virtual and in-person hackathon events, workshops, and demo sessions with the goal of creating a rich and rewarding experience for all participants. In addition, both teams will work together to identify synergies with other major ecosystems, building relationships that can further expand Oraichain&rsquo;s impact within the broader blockchain space. Planning for the first co-hosted hackathon is currently underway. Details regarding the date/time, registration, judges, and prize pool will be announced in the near future. We look forward to this event with great anticipation, excited to recognize and reward the most promising innovations in AI x Web3. Stay tuned. DoraHacks Node In addition to providing support for upcoming hackathons, DoraHacks will also join Oraichain Mainnet as a validator, actively participating to secure the network. This action reinforces long-term commitment and mutual confidence for both parties, and to support, the Oraichain Foundation will initially delegate 50,000 ORAI to bootstrap DoraHacks&rsquo; node. Join Us This is a very exciting time for the Oraichain ecosystem. We look forward to welcoming hundreds of new developers and projects over the coming year, working with DoraHacks to streamline onboarding and fund promising use cases. As the relationship deepens, we are committed to exploring the many ways DoraHacks and Oraichain can work together to support talented developers. If you are interested in learning more about Oraichain and exploring AI x Web3 technologies, we invite you to join our community! About DoraHacks DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer and one of the world's most active multi-chain Web3 developer platforms. It creates a global hacker movement and provides crypto-native toolkits to help developers around the world team up and fund their ideas and BUIDLs via hackathons, bounties, grants, grant DAOs, and public good staking. By far, more than 4,000 projects from the DoraHacks community have received over $30 million in grants and other forms of contributions from supporters worldwide. A large number of open-source communities, DAOs, and more than 40 major blockchain ecosystems are actively using Dora's infrastructure ( for open-source funding and community governance. Website| Twitter|Telegram|Discord |Binance Live|Youtube|LinkedIn About Oraichain Oraichain is the world&rsquo;s first AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains. Beyond data oracles, Oraichain aims to become the first AI Layer 1 in the Blockchain sphere with a complete AI ecosystem, serving as a foundational layer for the creation of a new generation of smart contracts and Dapps. With AI as the cornerstone, Oraichain has developed many essential and innovative products and services including AI price feeds, fully on-chain VRF, Data Hub, AI Marketplace with 100+ AI APIs, AI-based NFT generation and NFT copyright protection, Royalty Protocol, AI-powered Yield Aggregator Platform, and Cosmwasm IDE. Oraichain | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube | Discord | GitHub | Medium | Commonwealth ContactDuc [email protected]
7 days ago coindesk
Arbitrum to Airdrop New Token and Transition to DAO
The long-awaited ARB token will grant holders the ability to vote on changes to the leading Ethereum Layer 2 network.
7 days ago coindesk
Starknet DAO Heads Toward First Governance Vote
The vote, opening on March 21, will let members approve a new upgrade for the scaling solution’s mainnet.
8 days ago coindesk
NounsDAO Approves Proposal for Feature-Length NFT Movie
The decentralized autonomous organization will move ahead with plans to produce an animated film based on its popular 8-bit NFT characters.
8 days ago coindesk
In About-Face, Crypto Exchanges Abandon Support for STG Token Reissuance
Stargate Finance’s original STG token is gaining support again after StargateDAO canceled its plans to reissue STG following a dispute with FTX liquidators.
9 days ago cointelegraph
Stargate foundation advises DAO against reissuing STG tokens
The Stargate Foundation, in agreement with FTX liquidators, has advised the DAO that issuing the STG token could put its safety at risk and may violate the automatic stay.
9 days ago cryptodaily
Metacade's Community-Driven GameFi Platform Raises Over $10M in Presale
London, United Kingdom, 14th March, 2023, ChainwirePlay-to-earn favorite Metacade continues to draw investor attention after raising more than $10m, as it now enters the penultimate stage of the presale. With confirmed listings on Bitmart and Uniswap due after the presale ends on the 30th of March, there are only 16 days left before the token goes public. MCADE is available to buy on the official Metacade website. Russell Bennet, CEO of Metacade, said of the recent presale success: &ldquo;I&rsquo;m absolutely thrilled that we&rsquo;ve continued our traction and have hit such a huge milestone. The confidence that our supporters have put in us is something that will drive the team forward as we enter our final stage.&rdquo; The accelerated interest in the project has undoubtedly been helped by the recent announcement that the project has hired Principal Product Designer, Tyler Lange. Russell further elaborated by saying, &ldquo;We&rsquo;re delighted to have Tyler on board. This puts us ahead of schedule in terms of the front-end development of our end product. We&rsquo;re now in a position to start developing the initial app concepts, which I&rsquo;ll be showcasing in an upcoming AMA.&rdquo; With the presale amount raised now passing the $10 million mark, the team has high hopes for the price of MCADE as it launches on exchanges throughout April 2023, following hot on the trail of this year&rsquo;s GameFi trend that captures international audiences made up of both investors and gaming enthusiasts. Metacade focuses on community-driven concepts and very much embraces the DAO ethos, with regular polls and AMAs offering investors and enthusiasts the opportunity to guide the direction of the project. The platform will deliver play-to-earn, create-to-earn, and compete-to-earn mechanics to deliver a GameFi product with a broad use case that can grow and develop whilst rewarding its members both financially and in terms of online and mobile app gaming experience. The Metagrants initiative in particular draws in investors as a source of funding for game developers, who are incentivized to build platform-specific projects. Following the social chats, especially on Telegram, we&rsquo;ve already seen a number of exciting concepts being sent in from users and addressed in recent AMA events. The most popular proposals will be subject to community votes on what is the best direction for upcoming development. The stamp of approval from CertiK, the leading blockchain auditors, reassures investors that the project specifications and code are reviewed and the Metacade team has passed KYC. This puts Metacade on the same level of confidence as other CertiK projects including Aave, Polygon and Chiliz. The full audit results are available on the CertiK website. About Metacade Metacade is the premier destination for gaming in the metaverse. As Web3&rsquo;s first community arcade that allows gamers to hang out, share gaming knowledge and play exclusive P2E games. The platform offers users multiple ways to generate income, build careers in Web3 and connect with the broader gaming community. Metacade will be the one-stop destination for users to play, earn and network with other passionate gamers worldwide. Once the project reaches the end of its roadmap, Metacade will be handed over to the community as a full-fledged decentralized autonomous organization, evidencing its commitment to people-led gaming. Links Website | Whitepaper | Socials | CertiK AuditContactCEORussell [email protected]

About DAO Maker?

The live price of DAO Maker (DAO) today is 1.5086 USD, and with the current circulating supply of DAO Maker at 143,942,530.56 DAO, its market capitalization stands at 217,149,760 USD. In the last 24 hours DAO price has moved -0.036 USD or -0.02% while 1,154,824 USD worth of DAO has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of DAO puts it at #164 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the DAO Maker blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency DAO and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

DAO Maker Price1.5086 USD
Market Rank#164
Market Cap217,149,760 USD
24h Volume1,327,757 USD
Circulating Supply143,942,530.56 DAO
Max Supply312,000,000 DAO
Yesterday's Market Cap213,848,841.32 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close1.5217 USD / 1.4857 USD
Yesterday's High / Low1.5217 USD / 1.4583 USD
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