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0.00028015 BTC
Market Cap (Rank#128)
8,320 BTC
Vol 24h
79.6241 BTC
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About Ethereum Name Service?

The live price of Ethereum Name Service (ENS) today is 7.4269 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Ethereum Name Service at 29,698,074.61 ENS, its market capitalization stands at 220,565,070 USD. In the last 24 hours ENS price has moved -0.1055 USD or -0.01% while 1,713,345 USD worth of ENS has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of ENS puts it at #128 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Ethereum Name Service blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency ENS and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized domain name system built on the Ethereum blockchain. It aims to enhance the user experience in the Ethereum ecosystem by replacing long, complex Ethereum addresses with simple, human-readable names. This innovative solution not only simplifies interactions within the Ethereum network but also paves the way for a more user-friendly decentralized web.

Technology & Mechanism

Consensus Mechanism

ENS operates on the Ethereum blockchain, which uses a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism ensures the security and integrity of the network while allowing for faster and more energy-efficient transactions.

Blockchain Technology

ENS is built on the Ethereum blockchain, a public, open-source blockchain known for its smart contract functionality. ENS leverages this technology to automate the process of domain name registration, renewal, and management, making it more efficient and transparent.

Key Features


ENS is designed to be scalable, capable of supporting a large number of domain names without compromising performance.


ENS employs the security features of the Ethereum blockchain, including cryptographic hash functions and digital signatures, to ensure the security of domain names and transactions.


ENS provides privacy features that allow users to register domain names without revealing their personal information.


As a decentralized domain name system, ENS is not controlled by any single entity. This ensures that the system is resistant to censorship and manipulation.

Development Team & Governance

The ENS project is managed by a team of experienced developers and blockchain experts. The project operates under a decentralized governance model, with decisions made through community voting.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

ENS has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with the Ethereum network and the decentralized web. It can be used in a variety of applications, including decentralized websites, decentralized applications (dApps), and blockchain-based services.

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

ENS domain names can be purchased through the ENS app or through various Ethereum wallets that support ENS.

Wallets & Storage

ENS domain names can be stored in any Ethereum wallet that supports ERC-721, a standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Partnerships & Collaborations

ENS has collaborated with various organizations and projects in the Ethereum ecosystem to enhance its functionality and reach.


The ENS project has a clear roadmap that outlines its future plans and objectives, including the development of new features and enhancements.

Risks & Challenges

Like any blockchain project, ENS faces potential risks and challenges, including regulatory hurdles and technological obstacles. However, the project is committed to overcoming these challenges and continuing to innovate in the domain name space.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


ENS has a vibrant community of users, developers, and supporters who contribute to the project and participate in its governance.

Regulatory Compliance

ENS is committed to complying with all relevant regulations and laws, and works closely with legal experts to ensure its operations are compliant.

In conclusion, Ethereum Name Service is a groundbreaking project that brings the benefits of blockchain technology to the domain name system. With its innovative features and strong community support, ENS is poised to play a key role in the future of the decentralized web.

Ethereum Name Service Price7.4269 USD
Market Rank#128
Market Cap220,565,070 USD
24h Volume2,110,880 USD
Circulating Supply29,698,074.61 ENS
Max Supply100,000,000 ENS
Yesterday's Market Cap219,485,670.28 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close7.4961 USD / 7.3906 USD
Yesterday's High / Low7.5282 USD / 7.2556 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.01% ( 0.1055 USD )
Yesterday's Volume1,713,344.53 USD
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