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0.2709 SAT
Market Cap (Rank#56)
25,918 BTC
Vol 24h
2,154 BTC
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
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About Floki Inu?

The live price of Floki Inu (FLOKI) today is 0.000173 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Floki Inu at 9,568,746,818,695.95 FLOKI, its market capitalization stands at 1,652,817,168 USD. In the last 24 hours FLOKI price has moved -0.000007 USD or -0.04% while 140,228,608 USD worth of FLOKI has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of FLOKI puts it at #56 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Floki Inu blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency FLOKI and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Floki Inu (FLOKI) is a decentralized cryptocurrency inspired by the Shiba Inu meme and named after the dog of Elon Musk, a well-known entrepreneur and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla. This community-driven project aims to create an engaging, interactive, and fun crypto environment for its users. Floki Inu is built on the Ethereum blockchain, offering a secure and efficient platform for digital transactions.

Technology & Mechanism

Consensus Mechanism

Floki Inu operates on the Ethereum blockchain, utilizing the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism allows for faster transaction times and lower fees compared to traditional Proof-of-Work systems.

Blockchain Technology

As an ERC-20 token, Floki Inu benefits from the robust and secure Ethereum blockchain. This technology ensures transparency, security, and decentralization of all transactions.

Key Features


Thanks to the Ethereum network, Floki Inu offers high scalability, accommodating a large number of transactions per second.


The Ethereum blockchain's security protocols protect Floki Inu, making it resistant to fraudulent activities and hacks.


While transactions are transparent on the blockchain, the identity of Floki Inu holders remains private, ensuring user confidentiality.


Floki Inu is fully decentralized, with no central authority controlling the network. This ensures fairness and equality among users.

Development Team & Governance

The Floki Inu project is community-driven, with a team of anonymous developers steering its direction. The governance model is democratic, with decisions made collectively by the community.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

Floki Inu aims to disrupt the traditional finance sector by offering a decentralized alternative. It also plans to enter the gaming and NFT markets, potentially impacting these industries significantly.

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

Floki Inu can be purchased on various exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Users can swap their existing cryptocurrencies for FLOKI tokens.

Wallets & Storage

FLOKI tokens can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Floki Inu has formed partnerships with various entities in the crypto space, further enhancing its credibility and reach.


The Floki Inu project has a comprehensive roadmap outlining its future plans, including entering the gaming industry, launching an NFT marketplace, and more.

Risks & Challenges

Like any cryptocurrency, Floki Inu faces potential risks and challenges, including market volatility, regulatory changes, and technological hurdles.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


Floki Inu boasts a vibrant and active community, which plays a crucial role in the project's development and governance.

Regulatory Compliance

Floki Inu complies with all necessary regulations, ensuring the project's legality and legitimacy.

In conclusion, Floki Inu is a promising cryptocurrency with a strong community backing and ambitious plans for the future. Its robust technology, coupled with its potential impact on various industries, makes it a noteworthy player in the crypto space.

Floki Inu Price0.000173 USD
Market Rank#56
Market Cap1,652,817,168 USD
24h Volume137,388,288 USD
Circulating Supply9,568,746,818,695.95 FLOKI
Max Supply20,000,000,000,000 FLOKI
Yesterday's Market Cap1,663,889,280 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.000181 USD / 0.000174 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.000186 USD / 0.000169 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.04% ( 0.000007 USD )
Yesterday's Volume140,228,608 USD
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