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1h agocryptodaily
The Hideaways (HDWY) Presale Threatens Cardano (ADA) And Flow (FLOW)
Cardano (ADA) and Flow (FLOW) are among the top 50 biggest cryptocurrencies in market cap. However, many investors and traders are abandoning the coins in favor of new projects with better real-world utilities. The Hideaways (HDWY) is anticipated to climb to the top 50 cryptocurrencies in 2023. Is Cardano Under Selling Pressure? Active address usage on the Cardano (ADA) network has increased dramatically by 90% daily. It has been reported that there are now over 1.2 million allocated wallets on the blockchain. The price of ADA has decreased by 5% during the past week. The current price of Cardano is $0.304558. However, a look at the token's 24-hour chart reveals that bulls are in command, leading the ADA/USD pair toward a bullish momentum. Yesterday, ADA bulls pushed the price to $0.318917, but they could not maintain momentum. Since ADA has been doing poorly, there may be more on-chain action related to Cardano. One possible explanation for the uptick in on-chain activity is traders cutting their losses and reducing their exposure to a faltering market by selling their holdings or taking profits. Flow Is Not Worth Your Money‒Here’s Why The FLOW utility token helps the Flow economy function by functioning as both a means of trade and deposit. Despite its many utilities, FLOW had fallen this week after earlier in the week when it showed a more unexpected pattern of minor gains. After dropping 5.1% last week, the currency is trading at $1.11. During the past 30 days, FLOW has decreased by more than 34.5%. Do not make any new purchases of FLOW coins right now, advised veteran crypto traders. The Hideaways Is A Once-In-A-Lifetime Investment The Hideaways (HDWY) is a wonderful choice for anyone looking to invest in real estate during the inflation and economic downturn. With the Hideaways, investors will have access to the first platform that brings together NFTs and the $230 trillion real estate industry. Possibilities for earning a passive income at The Hideaways are very exceptional. Join The Hideaways To Enjoy These Benefits The Hideaways provide the means to begin investing in your ideal home for as low as $100. Invest in the stock market without leaving their houses. Come be a part of a wonderful community of thriving property investors. Join a fool-proof investment. SolidProof, a top security and auditing organization, ensured that all HDWY smart contracts were secure. Take advantage of the low presale price now because it is expected to increase by 4,000% over the next few months. So get yours now! Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2 days agocryptodaily
Bulls & Apes Project Announces New Initiative to Tokenize 1000's of Communities
Southington, United States, 7th December, 2022, ChainwireBulls & Apes Project LLC (B.A.P.) introduces Community Tokenization, an industry-changing initiative. B.A.P., a web3 company with a vision to create a world of infinite opportunities, launched its inaugural collection on May 31, featuring an industry-first 6-Month ETH-Back Guarantee, and has defied bear market conditions by continually delivering value and building a robust community. Many NFT projects provide utility for holders of their native NFTs. Community Tokenization, on the other hand, leverages the public nature of the blockchain to provide B.A.P. utility to individuals who hold NFTs from other projects. Through this initiative B.A.P. will be rewarding holders of an ever-growing list of Tokenized Communities with their erc20 token, Methane, simply for holding NFTs from those projects. B.A.P. plans to tokenize larger projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang and Cool Cats, but also smaller projects with thriving communities such as Bubble Gum Kids, Nonconformist Ducks, and more. Shortly after acquiring Bulls On The Block, B.A.P. tokenized that community and is already seeing great levels of adoption and engagement. "When we started the Bulls & Apes Project we wanted to build a project we would be proud to be a member of, but we also wanted to build something bigger than ourselves and bigger than B.A.P." said Anthony Mongiello, CEO of Bulls & Apes Project. "Community Tokenization is the next step for us to realize our vision. We are building the web3 way, decentralized, permissionless, removing gatekeepers and intermediaries to provide opportunity to individual holders. This is web3." A huge part of the success of B.A.P. is the robust and scalable tokenomics structure backed by their in-game utility token, Methane. B.AP. invested heavily in the technology and gamification design to provide a simple, fun, and rewarding own-to-earn model where holders receive rewards simply for holding and engaging. Additionally, B.A.P. funded five layers of audits and ongoing legal consultation to ensure a safe, secure, and sustainable framework the community can trust and rely on. "We are proud of the tokenomic structure we have built," said Mongiello. "And now we are excited to share that structure with communities beyond our own holders. We have big plans for Methane and creating a robust environment for 100’s and maybe 1000’s of communities to engage with. Stay tuned for big announcements coming very very soon." For more information on the Bulls & Apes Project, visit as well as their Twitter and Discord feeds. About Bulls & Apes Project Bulls and Apes Project (B.A.P.) is a web3 company on a mission to empower communities to create worlds where they can live their best life. B.A.P. is helping community members build and retain wealth through education, tokenomics that encourage sound financial strategies, venture capital deal flow, and networking with like-minded people. B.A.P. provides top-notch art and creativity that draws consumers into their ecosystem; fun gamification, events, and media that keep consumers engaged and connected; professionalism that instills confidence in our products, ability to deliver, and dedication to consumer appreciation.ContactCEOAnthony MongielloBulls & Apes [email protected]
2 days agocryptodaily
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops, Crypto Daily TV 7/12/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Bitcoin mining difficulty drops over 7%. The difficulty of mining a bitcoin block fell by 7.32%, most since July 2021, with miners powering off machines as a brutal bear market eats into profit. Rep. Madison Cawthorn Ordered To Pay $14k After Breaking Rules Over ‘Meme’ Crypto The House Ethics Committee found the departing congressman financially benefited from a cryptocurrency that he was promoting and violated conflict of interest rules. East African Bitcoin miner Gridless raises $2M seed round. Gridless, a bitcoin mining company that helps generate new sources of energy in East African rural communities, has secured a $2 million seed investment round led by Stillmark and Jack Dorsey co-founded payments firm Block, the company announced. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair gained a moderate 0.1% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair made a minor upwards correction in the last session, gaining 0.1%. The CCI is giving a negative signal. Support is at 16559.3333 and resistance at 17627.3333. The CCI is currently in the negative zone. ETH dropped 0.3% against USD in the last session. The last session saw the Ethereum drop 0.3% against the Dollar. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 1215.5267 and resistance at 1325.8467. The Stochastic indicator is currently in negative territory. The Ripple-Dollar pair gained a moderate 0.1% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair made a minor upwards correction in the last session, rising 0.1%. The MACD is giving a positive signal. Support is at 0.3731 and resistance at 0.4032. The MACD is giving a positive signal. LTC/USD plummeted 1.7% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair plummeted 1.7% in the last session. The Williams indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 73.221 and resistance at 87.461. The Williams indicator is giving a negative signal. Daily Economic Calendar: FR Imports Imports of goods and services consist of transactions in goods and services (purchases, barter, gifts, or grants) from non-residents to residents. The French Imports will be released at 07:45 GMT, Japan's Current Account at 23:50 GMT, and the US Unit Labor Costs at 13:30 GMT. JP Current Account The Current Account measures net flow of current transactions, including goods, services and interest payments into and out of the local economy. US Unit Labor Costs The Unit Labor Cost shows the total cost of employing a labor force. It can serve as an indicator of trends in production costs, share prices, and inflation. US MBA Mortgage Applications The MBA Mortgage Applications released by the Mortgage Bankers Association presents various mortgage applications. It is considered as a leading indicator of the U.S Housing Market. The US MBA Mortgage Applications will be released at 12:00 GMT, Australia's Gross Domestic Product at 00:30 GMT, Japan's Gross Domestic Product at 23:50 GMT. AU Gross Domestic Product The Gross Domestic Product is a measure of the total value of all goods and services produced by a country. The GDP is considered as a broad measure of economic activity and health. JP Gross Domestic Product The Gross Domestic Product is a measure of the total value of all goods and services produced by a country. The GDP is considered as a broad measure of economic activity and health. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agocoindesk
Chainlink Staking Opens With Initial $51 Million Inflow
The company launched staking on its platform on Tuesday.
7 days agocointelegraph
Bitcoin miner outflow ratio hits 6-month high in new threat to BTC price
Bitcoin miners are upping sales, but BTC price metrics hint that a relief rally could be next.
8 days agocryptodaily
Telegram To Build Decentralized Exchange, Crypto Wallets
Messaging app Telegram has announced plans to build a decentralized exchange and non-custodial wallets in the wake of the FTX collapse. Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov stated that the messaging app plans to push ahead with its buildout of crypto infrastructure. Decentralized Exchange, Wallets In The Works With the crypto space rocked by the collapse of the FTX exchange, Telegram has announced plans to build decentralized and trustless alternatives. Telegram founder and CEO Pavel Durov made the announcement on his Telegram channel on Wednesday. Durov stated that the company would be building decentralized exchanges and non-custodial wallets, enabling millions to use and trade their crypto safely. According to Durov, this would be a start to fixing problems caused by excessive decentralization. “This way, we can fix the wrongs caused by the excessive centralization, which let down hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrency users.” According to Durov, the project should be feasible, citing the development of Fragment, Telegram’s decentralized auction platform, which took only five weeks, and five people to develop. Building Crypto Infrastructure Telegram has been relatively successful in bootstrapping and building out its own crypto infrastructure, having sold $50 million in usernames through Fragment, its blockchain-based auction platform. Fragment has been built on the Telegram Open Network. The Telegram Open Network was initially abandoned by Durov after coming under significant regulatory pressure. However, the blockchain’s community successfully kept the protocol alive. With the success of Fragment, Durov intends to enable Telegram to build further decentralized infrastructure, which could benefit millions of users. Pushing The Industry Back Towards Decentralization Durov called for the developer community to steer the crypto industry back towards decentralization and decentralized applications. He stressed on moving away from third parties who have led to uncertainty in the crypto space. According to Durov, the over-reliance on centralized entities has led to many users to lose their savings, as demonstrated by the FTX collapse. FTX has been accused of mismanaging funds, lending them out to its sister concern, Alameda Research. This is a strict no-no for exchanges that handle customer funds. As a result of the collapse, other exchanges are rushing to implement robust mechanisms and better checks and balances. These include proof of reserves systems that verify possession of client funds on-chain. Others Echo Durov’s Sentiments Durov’s views about FTX found support in several quarters. Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson echoed the Telegram CEO’s views when speaking at the Financial Times Crypto and Digital Assets Summit, stating, “The failures we’re having aren’t failures of protocols, aren’t failures of DeFi. They’re failures of trust, they’re failures of regulation, they’re failures of people.” Other crypto users seem to feel the same way as well. Analysts at JP Morgan stated that they had seen a significant outflow of funds from other centralized exchanges such as, OKX, Gemini, and others after the FTX collapse. Other firms, such as BlockFi, have filed for bankruptcy, while trading desk Genesis has halted withdrawals. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
8 days agocointelegraph
Don't’ believe the hype — Bitcoin price rally to $17K reflects improving sentiment
Negative newsflow continues to make headlines but BTC’s recent move above $17,000 suggests investors are finding reasons to be bullish.
9 days agocryptodaily
Solana (SOL) and Polkadot (DOT) Will Look To Improve After Plona (PLON) Raises $500 Thousand.
Why is the blockchain industry important? Before the release of Bitcoin in 2009, people had to manage their finances using banks, financial organisations, and other third-party companies. However, now with cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, we can eliminate these institutions. The recently launched Plona (PLON) token is leading the change in the finance sector. Solana (SOL) struggles after a 5% decrease. The developers of Solana (SOL) created this cryptocurrency to improve the Ethereum blockchain. Launched only in 2020, Solana (SOL) quickly gained popularity and rose to the top 10 of CoinMarketCap. The Solana (SOL) platform is known for its reliable smart contract function and for supporting developers worldwide who create crypto apps. The platform was designed to host scalable apps functioning in the decentralised finance ecosystem (DeFi). A year after its launch, Solana (SOL) scaled by 12,000% in 2021. However, this year saw its market capitalisation fall by a whopping $11.71 billion. Furthermore, Solana (SOL) dropped by another 5% this week. Polkadot (DOT) might lose its investors. Polkadot is a unique protocol that securely connects unrelated blockchains to talk and work with one another. This connection allows the data or value to flow without interruption between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BIT) or Ethereum (ETH). The Polkadot (DOT) platform allows for apps and services running a compatible decentralised web by securely communicating across various chains. Polkadot (POL) can be bought or sold through a decentralised protocol or exchanges like Coinbase and allows users to send value and data to networks that were once incompatible. Polkadot (DOT) would like to forget last week after its value dropped by 4.65%. Now worth $5.91, Polkadot (DOT) sits in 12th place on the CoinMarketCap. If you are looking for a cheaper option, Plona (PLON) might be the right investment for you. Plona (PLON) to $500 thousand in its first two weeks of the presale. Developed by a team of blockchain experts and exotic car enthusiasts, Plona (PLON) is a cryptocurrency blockchain. As an Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT), Plona (PLON) functions on the decentralised finance (DeFi) platform. Plona (PLON) is bringing the car industry into the blockchain space by allowing investors to purchase a fraction of some of the world's most luxurious cars for $29. Plona (PLON) platform is locking up liquidity for five years and donating 2% of its tokens to a charity chosen by the community. Furthermore, Plona (PLON) investors will benefit from a 2.5% transaction fee from all network transactions. Plona (PLON) phase one presale has begun, and after only two weeks, the platform has raised $500 thousand. Blockchain experts and crypto analysts have predicted Plona (PLON) to have a 3,000% gain by the end of January 2023. Find out more about Plona (PLONA) and enter the presale using the links below. Presale: Website: Twitter: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
9 days agocoindesk
Crypto Exchange Binance Sees Biggest Inflow of SHIB Tokens Since February
Data sourced from Dune Analytics shows an address supposedly owned by transferred 1.8 trillion shiba inu to Binance.
10 days agocryptodaily
Binance’s $2B BTC Outflow Triggers Alarm Bells
The $2 billion of Bitcoin funds moved by Binance was a part of a proof-of-reserve audit conducted by the crypto exchange. FUD Spikes With BTC Outflow A significant outflow of crypto funds from the Binance exchange was reported on Twitter on Monday. The account called Whale Alerts reported that 127,351 BTCs were pulled out of the exchange in a single transaction and deposited in an anonymous wallet address. The value of the funds moved amounts to just over $2 billion. Understandably, this triggered community-wide fear and panic as everybody jumped to the conclusion that Binance was either hacked or was on the verge of shutting down. As a result, the market catapulted, with a sharp drop of 5% of the BNB token. CZ Explains Funds Transfer However, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) tweeted out a clarification that the funds moved were part of Binance’s proof-of-reserve audit. He claimed that the auditor needed to receive a certain amount of BTC to demonstrate how the Binance wallets were controlled. CZ tweeted, “This is part of the Proof-of-Reserve Audit. The auditor require us to send a specific amount to ourselves to show we control the wallet. And the rest goes to a Change Address, which is a new address. In this case, the Input tx is big, and so is the Change. Ignore FUD!” FUD refers to Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, a phenomenon that has increased, especially in the 2022 crypto market, due to the many hits taken by the industry. CZ’s comments cleared up the confusion faced by the community and put a pause on the steeply dropping value of the Binance Coin. CZ Under Fire? However, CZ’s explanation of a PoR audit shines a spotlight on another rather contrasting comment he made on the subject just a few weeks ago.On November 13, he tweeted, “If an exchange have to move large amounts of crypto before or after they demonstrate their wallet addresses, it is a clear sign of problems. Stay away.” He has claimed that the audit required funds to be transferred to demonstrate that it did not affect the operability of the exchange and has appealed to the masses to not buy into the FUD. However, his previous tweet contradicts his statement. Naturally, even VC-level investors are not convinced by the explanation and are seeking further details. One such example is VC investor and billion-dollar equities fund manager, Mira Christanto, who claimed that the methodology used by most auditors does not include making any kind of transaction on the network. CZ has also been criticized by former Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, who said that the exchange had failed to implement proper external audits and include liabilities in its Proof-of-Reserve reports. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
10 days agonulltx
Bitcoin Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 29th) – BTC Remains Calm, Trading Flat for Next Shockwave
While Litecoin, Binance coin, Dogecoin, and other top coins have jumped to a new weekly high, Bitcoin has remained calm as the price continues to trade flat. The continuous drop in its dominance has transitional enhanced volatility flow into altcoins. This week, Bitcoin quickly recovered from the low of $15476 following a 7% price cut. […] The post Bitcoin Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 29th) – BTC Remains Calm, Trading Flat for Next Shockwave appeared first on NullTX.
10 days agocoindesk
DeFi Giant MakerDAO Voting on Hiking DAI Stablecoin Rewards
Increasing the DAI savings rate would make Maker’s stablecoin more competitive among rivals and help mitigate capital outflow from crypto to traditional financial markets, MakerDAO contributors said.
10 days agocoindesk
Buy the Dip, Sell the Bounce: Crypto Funds Have Biggest Outflows in 12 Weeks
Total asset under management (AUM) in digital-asset funds dropped to a new two-year low of $22.2 billion, according to CoinShares.
11 days agocryptodaily
Cutting Down On Pool Fees Becomes a Necessity For Bitcoin Miners
Ongoing bearish market conditions continue to drive crypto prices down further. For Bitcoin miners, that means a fine line between breaking even or turning a loss. Finding any advantages, including reduced pool fees, can make a tremendous difference. Crunch Time For Bitcoin Miners When the price of bitcoin continues to decline, it triggers a ripple effect throughout the crypto industry. There is still some unease following the FTX bankruptcy filing. If anything, the next sell-off is around the corner, which will likely drive prices down even further. That is a problem for investors, but it also impacts the future of bitcoin mining. As Bitcoin block rewards are cut by 50% every four years, the BTC value tends to increase accordingly. For Bitcoin miners, it ensures their operation continues to either break even or become profitable. However, it creates an issue when the BTC value plummets - from $69,000 in 2021 to barely above $16,100 today. Miners must recuperate their hardware investment and operational costs as quickly as possible. Of course, that is easier said than done when the mined asset loses value. In addition, the overall Bitcoin mining difficulty has increased enormously in the past few years. As a result, significant companies and mining operators have pointed their hardware at the network to mine BTC and provide security. More mining hardware results in greater mining difficulty, impacting the revenue of all Bitcoin miners. Combined with dwindling BTC prices, it can force many operations out of business. Whether Bitcoin mining is profitable or not is a tough question to answer. There has been an increase in miner outflows - the amount of BTC sent to exchanges from known miners' wallets - indicating many are forced to liquidate every scrap of mining rewards. As a result, it will be paramount for miners to explore every advantage they can. That may lead to various miners switching mining pools, depending on where they can get the most bang for the buck. Reduced Pool Fees Are Beneficial Those who engage in Bitcoin mining have over a dozen pool options. Depending on which option they choose, the payouts will occur through PPLNS, PPS, FPPS, or other systems. In addition, Bitcoin miners must remember there is often a fee to be paid. That fee can be as high as 4%, although the industry average is closer to 2.5%. Cutting down that fee will benefit all Bitcoin miners. However, to do so, they may need to explore alternative mining pools, including PEGA Pool. The upcoming mining pool - launching in early 2023 - focuses on renewable energy mining to reduce the industry's carbon footprint. In addition, users joining the early access waitlist will get a lifetime 50% reduction on pool fees, allowing them to pocket more money from their activities. Mining fees can differentiate between keeping an operation going or being forced to shut down. PEGA Pool provides an attractive incentive to existing and future miners by slashing those fees for the lifetime of one's account. In addition, its focus on renewable energy sources aligns with a broader industry push to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
13 days agocryptodaily
UK and Singapore Renew Commitment to FinTech Goals
The United Kingdom and Singapore today agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at boosting financial technology (FinTech) trade and cooperation between the two nations. At the 7th Financial Dialogue held in Singapore today, the UK and the Southeast Asian nation renewed their commitment to the continued growth, investment, and technological innovation of the FinTech sector by signing an MoU on the UK-Singapore Fintech Bridge. The countries affirmed their investment in deepening the UK-Singapore Financial Partnership agreed upon in 2021 and discussed mutual priorities including sustainable finance, FinTech, and innovation, and agreed to continued cooperation in these areas. The FinTech Bridge builds on an agreement signed in 2016 and aims to provide structured engagement aiding the development of policy actions, the enhanced assessment of emerging issues including the development of distributed ledger technology and data sharing, and supports trade and investment flow between the two respective countries. The Financial Dialogue is an initiative undertaken by the Monetary Authority of Singapore – the country’s central bank, and the HM Treasury – the UK government’s economic and finance ministry. World’s Leading Spaces for FinTech Investment Confirm Commitment According to Innovate Finance’s 2022 Summer Investment Report, the UK and Singapore are two of the world’s leading jurisdictions for FinTech investment. In the first half of 2022, the total global investment in FinTech reached $59 billion, with the UK accounting for $9.1 billion of that. The country also boasts a 24% year-on-year increase from 2021 which is more than the rest of Europe combined. At the same time, Singapore was ranked as Southeast Asia’s leading jurisdiction for FinTech investment and places sixth globally. Andrew Griffith, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury said: The UK and Singapore are among the world’s leading jurisdictions for fintech investment –and today’s announcement will only accelerate growth and innovation in our respective sectors. CEO of Innovate Finance, Janine Hirt added: Innovate Finance welcomes this announcement. An MoU between UK and Singapore will deliver a strengthened framework for vital regulatory and policy discussions between the two countries, enable innovation across financial services, and ensure businesses based in both the UK and Singapore have the ongoing support for their ambitions for growth to be realised. While discussing their mutual interest in the FinTech space, the countries addressed matters of sustainable finance, affirming their strong commitment to the implementation of International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB) disclosure standards. Both countries have vowed to continue to work with the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the ISSB, and various other international organizations to implement a comprehensive global baseline of sustainability-related disclosure standards. Another key topic of discussion was the crypto-asset sector. Both countries shared their assessment of market developments, opportunities, trends, and long-term expectations for the sector. Key to this discussion was the risks and challenges associated with the industry as they pertain to financial stability and regulatory arbitrage while sharing their progress in strengthening the rules around consumer protection and developing the necessary regulatory framework for stablecoins. Both the UK and Singapore are in strong agreement in terms of the need to support the safe development of a digital asset ecosystem while ensuring risks posed by digital assets are managed accordingly. Both countries have pledged to actively participate in the shaping of robust global regulatory practices via engagement with international boards such as the Financial Stability Board (FSB), the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructure (CPMI), and IOSCO. The UK and Singapore wrapped up by agreeing to a roadmap for engagements in sustainable finance, FinTech and innovation, and other areas of mutual interest, leading up to the next Dialogue which is scheduled to take place in London in 2023. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
15 days agocointelegraph
Bitcoin price still due $12K dip, says trader as ETF guru backs GBTC
BTC price bear market bottom targets continue to flow in below $14,000 despite Bitcoin rebounding above $16,000.
15 days agocryptodaily
IMF seeks to prevent crypto growth in Africa
The IMF has called for tighter crypto regulations in Africa in order to stunt any further growth on the continent. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is using the FTX collapse to its best advantage, saying that regulation is needed soon in order to better protect consumers and to avoid stability risks for the wider financial and economic system. An article on the IMF blog cites a Chainalysis report stating that Africa is one of the fastest-growing crypto markets in the world even though it is still the smallest on a world scale. In the above chart taken from the same article it can be seen that restrictions and bans on crypto are in place over much of Africa. Only the Central African Republic has allowed crypto to be used as legal tender, much to the chagrin of the IMF. The IMF writers of the blog post acknowledge that many people in Africa use crypto assets for payments but state that their volatility makes them a poor store of value. The writers also point out the following: “Policymakers are also worried that cryptocurrencies can be used to transfer funds illegally out of the region and to circumvent local rules to prevent capital outflows. Widespread use of crypto could also undermine the effectiveness of monetary policy, creating risks for financial and macroeconomic stability.” Opinion The IMF is never happier than when it is negotiating the terms of loans with developing countries. Many countries have been lured into debt slavery by agreeing onerous terms for more dollar loans that impoverish their populations and keep them enslaved for as long as it takes to repay those loans. John Perkin’s book, “Confessions of an economic hitman” details the author’s views of how the IMF played its part in furthering U.S. dominance across the world. Africa is hugely significant for both the U.S. and China. Its fast-growing population and potential to become a major exporter of food over the coming decades make it a target for these world powers. Allowing the growth of cryptocurrencies that might be used as alternatives to the dollar or the yuan would likely not be something that the U.S. or China would countenance. Central bank digital currencies are the preferred option here, and this technology has the potential to cancel financial privacy completely and to enslave the populations that use it. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
15 days agonulltx
Litecoin Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 24th) – LTC Activates Bull-Run Above $74, Will It Last?
The global market cap surged by 6% today, and Litecoin appeared to be enjoying the volatility flow as it returned an insane 30% profit over the past hours. This astonishing rally has put the coin amongst the 24-hour top-gainer in the market. Shortly after Litecoin formed the daily candle (at $60.7) yesterday, the price started […] The post Litecoin Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 24th) – LTC Activates Bull-Run Above $74, Will It Last? appeared first on NullTX.
16 days agocointelegraph
Crypto awakening: Researcher explains ETH exodus from exchanges
On-chain analytics show that ETH and stablecoins have been flowing out of centralized exchanges in the aftermath of FTX’s collapse.
17 days agocryptodaily
Mattel Launches NFT Marketplace
The toy brand will be launching its own digital collectibles marketplace on its direct-to-consumer platform, Mattel Creations. Mattel Chooses Flow For New Marketplace After a few NFT collection drops on the WAX blockchain, Mattel has pivoted to the Flow blockchain to launch the Mattel Creations Digital Collectibles Marketplace. The move to the new blockchain comes from a desire to associate the brand with a more eco-friendly network. In addition, the Flow blockchain can also support consumer-scale decentralized applications that serve Mattel’s mainstream audience. Buyers will not need to hold cryptocurrency or even transact in crypto in order to make purchases on the Mattel Creations Digital Collectibles Marketplace. In fact, it will support a peer-to-peer trading platform so that collectors can trade collectibles with each other. Mattel Future Lab VP, Ron Friedman said, “Mattel is pioneering the future of play and constantly deepening connections with fans of all ages in both the physical and digital worlds. In launching our own marketplace, we’re able to translate iconic Mattel IP into digital art, engaging directly with our customers and providing a best-in-class user experience. This is the latest evolution of our digital endeavors, and we look forward to sharing more drops soon inspired by some of the world’s favorite Mattel brands.” Hot Wheels NFTs Move To Dedicated Platform The brand’s Hot Wheel NFTs have been quite popular among collectors and were launched on the WAX blockchain. Both WAXMarketCap and CryptoSlam have data showing that all previous Hot Wheels drops have brought in over $5 million in sales across 20,000 users on the WAX platform. In fact, the Hot Wheels collection is still maintaining its relevance on the blockchain. It is still one of the top 3 NFT sales by volume in the last month on WAX. However, the Mattel Creations NFT platform, which is formally launching in early 2023, will provide the marketplace needs for the toy brand. The iconic toy collection will be dropping its fourth series of digital collectibles, this time on the Mattel Creations NFT Marketplace on the Flow blockchain. The new marketplace indicates that the toy brand is determined to stick to its web3 efforts and reflects a reaffirmed interest in NFTs. Other Notable Marketplaces Quite a lot of major brands and companies have been launching their NFT marketplaces in 2022. Video game company GameStop launched its NFT marketplace back in July and quickly overtook the sales volume of the Coinbase marketplace. OpenSea, which has always been the number one NFT marketplace by trading volumes, was also overtaken by the Reddit NFT marketplace in October. Soon after, Meta announced that Instagram would be supporting the minting and sales of Polygon-based NFTs. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
17 days agocointelegraph
Iris Energy to cut mining hardware after defaulting on $108M loan
The Australian mining firm has had to unplug hardware that was producing "insufficient cash flow" to service its "debt financing obligations."
17 days agocointelegraph
FTX crisis leads to record inflows into short-investment products
The aftermath of FTX’s collapse has soured crypto investor sentiment with "record” inflows into short-investment products last week, said CoinShares.
20 days agocointelegraph
Bitcoin sees record Stock-to-Flow miss — BTC price model creator brushes off FTX 'blip'
Bitcoin price action since FTX "feels like the world has ended," says Stock-to-Flow creator PlanB.
21 day agocointelegraph
Binance sees record 138K BTC inflows as opinions differ on what Bitcoin price will do next
BItcoin exchange inflows echo 2018 crypto capitulation, but the reasons for the largescale moves from Binance remain unclear.

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The live price of Flow (FLOW) today is 1.0295 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Flow at 1,036,200,000 FLOW, its market capitalization stands at 1,066,722,425 USD. In the last 24 hours FLOW price has moved 0.0034 USD or 0.00% while 19,041,548 USD worth of FLOW has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of FLOW puts it at #43 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Flow blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency FLOW and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Flow is a developer-friendly, decentralized and fast Layer-1 blockchain that facilitates the easy creation of next-generation DApps (decentralized applications), games and digital assets. It was launched in Jan 2021 by Vancouver-based Dapper Labs, the same company that developed well-known products like UFC Strike, NBA Top Shot, CryptoKitties and Dapper Wallet. 

Dapper Labs faced all kinds of problems, like scalability issues, high gas fees and more, with CryptoKitties, which was developed on the Ethereum platform. Frustrated by the entire experience, the company decided to create its own blockchain, which addressed the chain-congestion problem head-on. The result was Flow, an all-in-one blockchain that is claimed to be developer-oriented, user-friendly, modular and future-proof, all at the same time.

Flow was, purportedly, designed for mainstream adoption right from the beginning. Some of the world’s leading developers and top brands are said to be currently building on the Flow blockchain, delivering fresh experiences to their users. Flow’s ecosystem comprises top venture-backed startups, established development studios and popular entertainment brands, including Opensea, Binance, Sumo Digital, Ubisoft, Warner Music, NFL, UFC and NBA. 

FLOW price

Launched in January 2021, amid favorable market conditions, FLOW coin hit the ground running and FLOW price in USD terms rallied immediately after its release, reaching an all-time high of $46.16 on April 5, 2021. FLOW’s fully diluted valuation was well above $55 billion at its ATH. 

According to our FLOW live price chart, the coin couldn’t hold on to its $40+ valuation for long, and its price soon retraced to under $20 within two months, and further dropped to $7 on June 23, 2021. Although the price of FLOW picked up soon afterward to close in on $30 on Aug. 30, 2021, it has since been declining constantly under bearish pressure and retreated to below $1.5 in Q2, 2022.

How FLOW works

Flow blockchain is powered by its native token FLOW, which is actively used by its users, developers and validators for participating on the network. FLOW also functions as a governance token and a medium to pay transaction fees, on the Flow network. Another important use case of FLOW is that it can be staked to earn regular staking rewards.

The Flow blockchain works with the help of four important pillars as follows:

  • Multi-role architecture: The design of the Flow blockchain is such that it allows for easy scaling to serve billions of users, without the need for reducing decentralization or opting for sharding.

  • Resource-oriented programming: Flow’s smart contracts are written in Cadence programming language, which is easy to use and enables the creation of secure dApps and digital assets.

  • Developer ergonomics: The network offers various innovative features such as the Flow Emulator, upgradeable smart contracts and more, facilitating creation of valuable products for its community.

  • Smooth consumer onboarding: As it was developed for mainstream users, Flow allows for easy on-ramping and improves user experience in all possible ways. 

The network is secured using HotStuff, a proven Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, that employs a unique validation mechanism. It follows a multi-node architecture, per which, the validation tasks are split amongst 4 different node types – collection, execution, consensus and verification. This drives dramatic improvements to its transaction throughput, speed and environment-friendliness, without the need of a ‘Layer 2’ scaling solution or the sharding approach.

FLOW news, updates and highlights

In October 2021, Flow integrated Filecoin’s storage services with its network. The collaboration allowed Flow users to easily mint new NFTs and leverage Filecoin’s IPFS (Interplanetary File System) content addressing system, to store tokens in the latter’s decentralized storage facility.

A few months later, in May 2022, Dapper Labs broke another important Flow news story. It announced a $725 million ecosystem fund to promote development on the Flow blockchain. The fund was launched with the backing of large investors in the Flow ecosystem including Greenfield One, Andreessen Horowitz, CoinFund, Liberty City Ventures, Union Square Ventures and Coatue. The fund was created to boost decentralized finance, gaming, content and infrastructure development on Flow. 

In August 2022, Meta, previously Facebook, announced the integration of FLOW NFTs in Instagram, causing the price of FLOW cryptocurrency to surge more than 40%.

Frequently asked questions about FLOW

  • Can you mine or stake FLOW?

While it’s not possible to mine FLOW as the Flow blockchain uses a Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, you can stake your FLOW tokens for staking rewards, or become a network validator to earn more FLOW.

  • What are some of the best wallets for FLOW coin?

Some of the best FLOW coin wallets are Dapper Wallet, Blocto, Finoa, Lilico and Ledger.

  • What can you do with FLOW coins?

You can use your FLOW coins to pay transaction fees on the Flow blockchain and/or contribute to its governance. The coin is also actively used for staking purposes to secure the Flow blockchain, and to earn staking rewards in return.

  • How to buy FLOW cryptocurrency?

The ideal way to buy FLOW is from trustworthy crypto exchanges, with fiat currency, or with crypto, using trading pairs like FLOW/USDT, FLOW/SOL, FLOW/BTC and FLOW/ETH.

Flow Price1.0295 USD
Market Rank#43
Market Cap1,066,722,425 USD
24h Volume20,352,319 USD
Circulating Supply1,036,200,000 FLOW
Max SupplyNo Data
Yesterday's Market Cap1,079,708,000 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close1.0386 USD / 1.042 USD
Yesterday's High / Low1.0443 USD / 1.0076 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.00% ( 0.0034 USD )
Yesterday's Volume19,041,548 USD
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