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3 days agocryptodaily
How Will Gnox (GNOX) Affect Other 'Hold To Earn' Projects, Like Pancakeswap (CAKE) And Biswap (BSW)?

Competition is natural. Within the world of crypto, competition is even fiercer than in other asset classes because of the discreet nature of blockchains, with even protocols based on the same chains competing for liquidity from investors. New players constantly enter the fray, and the old contenders must defend their titles. Analysts are curious as to how Gnox (GNOX), a new type of reflection token coming to the BSC (Binance Smart Chain), will affect other Hold To Earn protocols in the ecosystem, such as PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Biswap (BSW). A Brief Overview of the ProtocolsGnox (GNOX) Gnox is simplifying the process of DeFi (decentralised finance) investment and making earning within DeFi easy. The developers at Gnox have designed a low-touch solution to a complicated problem. DeFi yields have alluded many ordinary crypto investors, and Gnox is bringing equality to the current paradigm. The protocol features the first treasury designed on behalf of the investor, funded via buy and sell taxes; this protocol leverages economy of scale to provide monthly stablecoin reflections for investors. PancakeSwap (CAKE)PancakeSwap is the seventh largest protocol within DeFi and the go to DEX (decentralised exchange) for investors who cannot afford the obscene Ethereum gas fees. Launched in 2020 by anonymous developers, it is one of the best places to earn and swap digital assets. CAKE is the native and reward token that is distributed to investors in return for providing liquidity. It trades at $3.86, and investors earning now on the platform are hoping to see CAKE tackle its prior peak of $44. Biswap (BSW)Biswap features the lowest trading fees of any BSC exchange and was the first DEX to introduce a referral programme meaning traders can earn when their friends make swaps. This marketing tactic was highly effective and saw an influx of users to the platform who remained after witnessing the swap efficiency. Biswap also features a great launchpad where investors can get early access to projects.BSW trades at $0.36, targeting its next level of critical resistance at $0.63.The Affect of Gnox (GNOX) upon PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Biswap (BSW)Gnox will undoubtedly draw more liquidity to the BSC ecosystem and has already been a target of whales who loves to utilise their existing assets to generate income. This influx of capital will help the ecosystem grow as an organic whole. The Gnox treasury may even use PancakeSwap to generate revenue for its investors, delivering liquidity to the platform and becoming a friendly protocol whale. Gnox’s mechanics show that this protocol is in it for the long haul, and therefore, the continuing succes of the other ecosystem giants is in its best interests. Liquidity is abundant in crypto; what is important is how much of this liquidity blockchains can attract. With Gnox increasing the overall value proposition of the BSC, its addition to the ecosystem will be a boon for both PancakeSwap (CAKE) and Biswap (BSW), helping the foundations grow and develop by drawing TVL from other chains and strengthening the entire ecosystem. Find Out More Here: Join Presale: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
5 days agocryptodaily
Mega DeFi Projects To Invest In During 2022: Gnox (GNOX), Fantom (FTM) And Pancakeswap (CAKE)
Regardless of prevailing market conditions, DeFi (decentralised finance) continues to swell with more projects being released every day, and the current projects adding new utility. DeFi currently represents a haven for investors; with the current price of crypt assets, not only are they generating yields, but those yields will soar in value in the coming months. This article features three crypto projects heavily active in the DeFi space and ready to explode in value. Gnox (GNOX) Gnox is a protocol offering yield farming as a service and has created a single investment vehicle for DeFi exposure. The developers have called this stratagem Hold To Earn and brought much-needed simplicity to the rapidly evolving landscape. Securing yields in DeFi is possible; however, ensuring long-lasting and profitable yields is highly difficult with the constant flux in the sphere meaning investors must constantly monitor and adjust their holdings. Gnox has built a treasury to earn for investors, funded via buy and sell taxes; this treasury is doing all the hard work for investors. Deployed in battle-tested DeFi protocols all the generated proceeds are swapped into stablecoin each month and split amongst GNOX holders. Gnox has entered its final presale stage. When this token launches on the open market and trading activity begins, the treasury will steadily accumulate and increase its yield-generating potential. When investors begin to receive stablecoin reflections and realise the passive income machine Gnox is, the desirability and thus the price of GNOX will soar. Fantom (FTM)The Fantom Network was launched in 2018 and has quickly become one of the most exciting chains for all things DeFi. The Fantom Incentive programme directly rewarded investors who built protocols that managed to reach certain liquidity thresholds, and as a result, developers migrated in mass to build on the network. This long-term effect has been the creation of one of the most organic and versatile ecosystems within crypto. A DeFi mainstay, the Tomb Finance protocol, lives on the Fantom chain and has recently built a layer two scaling solution on top of the already rapid Fantom network known as Tomb Chain. SpookySwap is the network's most popular DEX (decentralised exchange) and another great earning opportunity for investors. The potential of the Fantom ecosystem is nearly limitless, and the network has rightfully earnt its moniker: ‘The Unnoficial King of DeFi.’PancakeSwap (CAKE)PancakeSwap is ranked eighth by TVL (Total Value Locked) and is a giant within the sphere of DeFi. Any DeFi investor has visited this food-themed DEX (decentralised exchange) and seen all the earning opportunities. CAKE is the rewards token of the protocol and is used to incentivise users to provide liquidity to the platform. CAKE now trades at $3.27 and can single staked on PancakeSwap. If investors choose to lock their stake, they can earn 83% APR; with the current price of CAKE, this is one of the simplest and best plays within DeFi. Set to target its prior ATH (All-Time High) of $44 in the next bull market cycle. Investors earning CAKE now are locking in enormous future profits. Find Out More Here: Join Presale: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
15 days agocryptodaily
Avalanche Ecosystem To See Influx Of Big Name Brands, Reveals CEO John Wu
Ava Labs president John Wu recently sat down for an interview with Anthony Pompliano and discussed what the future holds for Avalanche (AVAX). The Avalanche CEO revealed that several “Big Name Brands” are set to enter the Avalanche ecosystem over the next year. Big Things In The Offing The President of Ava Labs, John Wu, was obviously excited as he spoke about the prospects of the Ethereum challenger. In the interview, he revealed that several partnerships were in the works and could come to fruition over the next 12 months. He revealed that several mainstream companies from the world of gaming and finance were in talks with Avalanche and would be onboarding with Avalanche and its ecosystem soon. He stated in the interview with Anthony Pompliano, It’s still that same theme of real-world assets coming into this ecosystem and growing the ecosystem for everyone, both on the side of financial services as well as on the gaming side. We have a lot of visibility to gaming as well because the subnets have been really adopted by a lot of gamers to basically create their own execution environment in a very quick manner. Those are two areas that we’re super excited [about]. I wish I could give you specific names, but to the audience, just stay tuned, and they’ll hear about it very shortly.” Traditional Finance Is Bogged Down Wu also spoke about traditional finance and the inefficiency that is hindering it. He stated that traditional finance is bogged down due to a lack of inefficiency and glaring inconsistencies in the interconnectedness of databases, leading to data siloing. “The financial institutions are very aware that the power of the blockchain, or the crypto system, is that when you need information and money to move at the same time, blockchain is a very powerful tool for that. When you settle a stock, there are so many intermediaries. Credit cards, there are so many intermediaries. And they’re all working off of their own respective databases, and lots of reconciliation has to happen.” Blockchain Will Be Hugely Beneficial He stated that he believes traditional financial companies need to implement blockchain technology, which would be hugely beneficial as it would simplify the transaction process by eliminating any links in the transaction-settling chain. “A lot of the financial services players are actually experimenting with blockchain. The amount of experimentation of blockchain development – not just experimentation, innovation labs – but the amount of development They are looking at the technology as a way to create efficiency and create more productivity and squeeze costs out.” Avalanche's Contagion Troubles Avalanche had earlier revealed that the Luna Foundation Guard, the company behind the failed reserve fund for the UST stablecoin, had not outlined any plans for the over 2 million AVAX tokens it holds. Avalanche had shared the update with its community amidst an increasing number of inquiries from the Avalanche community about the AVAX tokens in custody with the Luna Foundation Guard. With the value of the AVAX tokens around $30 at the time, the value of AVAX that was held with LFG was around $60 million, making it the second-largest holding in the foundation’s reserve. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
16 days agocryptodaily
COINZIX Announces $300,000 Investment from Legion Ventures
Bucharest, Romania, July 25, 2022 - COINZIX, an emerging cryptocurrency exchange is announcing a raise of $300,000 in new funding from Legion Ventures, the largest community-driven crypto venture capital firm in Eastern Europe. This transaction is boosting COINZIX's total investment up to $1 million. The additional capital infusion is planned for new features and projects, like COINZIX's own cryptocurrency, a launchpad, a debit card, and the expansion of its crypto ATM network. All these are outlined in stages, according to market demand and overall community feedback. COINZIX is processing transactions over $ 10 million in total and offers more than 60 crypto assets for trading while having several payment options that facilitate access to different consumer segments. COINZIX's mission is to make crypto easy, safe, and reliable for the diverse EU crypto market. Its main goal is to address problems like complexity for crypto newcomers or the lack of mass adoption due to trust or security knowledge gaps. Thus, COINZIX is providing an easy solution for buyers in this region. Since its market launch in October 2021, COINZIX has received a lot of positive feedback from regional crypto communities. With the new influx of investments, the company is looking to expand this selection further in response to customer demand. "We are extremely pleased and honored by the support we have found in the crypto community at this stage of our project. We created COINZIX to contribute to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in Eastern Europe and the EU generally. We are ready to offer great opportunities to investors," says Ovidiu Chirodea, co-founder and CEO of COINZIX. The company will release more details in the coming months. About COINZIX Founded at the beginning of 2021 by three partners with long-standing financial and cybersecurity experience, COINZIX is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency exchange that operates primarily within the European market. With over 60 crypto assets in its offer, COINZIX allows users to trade via bank transfer, debit card, and much more, offering seamless mobile and desktop experiences. The company boasts a wide network of crypto ATMs across Europe, with more to come. Media Links: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Telegram international: Telegram national: Medium: Reddit: Media Contact: [email protected] CEO Ovidiu Chirodea Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
21 day agocryptopotato
Asia-Focused Multi-Currency Stablecoin Protocol, Bluejay Finance, Raises $2.9M
[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 20th July 2022] Bluejay Finance, a capital-efficient decentralized stablecoin protocol for issuing stablecoins pegged to real-world currencies, has raised $2.9M in funding from Zee Prime Capital, C2 Ventures, Stake Capital Group, RNR Capital, Daedalus Angels, Moonlanding Ventures, Oval Ventures, and more, with operator-angels including DeFi projects like Ribbon Finance, Flux, […]
22 days agocryptodaily
Asia-focused multi-currency stablecoin protocol, Bluejay Finance, raises $2.9M in funding
Singapore, Singapore, 20th July, 2022, ChainwireBluejay Finance, a capital-eff icient decentralized stablecoin protocol for issuing stablecoins pegged to real-world currencies, has raised $2.9M in funding from Zee Prime Capital, C2 Ventures, Stake Capital Group, RNR Capital, Daedalus Angels, Moonlanding Ventures, Oval Ventures, and more, with operator-angels including DeFi projects like Ribbon Finance, Flux, Voltz, and Alpha Venture Dao. Founded in 2021, Bluejay Finance aims to build an avenue for investors to have more stablecoin solutions centered around currencies other than USD in the DeFi space. It plans to use its funds for team development and stablecoin deployment, focusing on Asian stablecoins, such as the Singapore Dollar and the Philippine Peso, and will distribute them through partners like DeFi protocols, decentralized exchanges, centralized exchanges, and fintech companies. In doing so, this will allow investors to have a more inclusive, locally-familiar medium of exchange that limits foreign exchange risk and exchange fees. Highlighting financial inclusion in Asia With 60 percent of Southeast Asians being underbanked or unbanked, and 70 percent of Southeast Asian workforce lacking in bank accounts, there’s a clear need to prioritize financial inclusion. Often, there’s been a lack of formal credit history hindering access to capital for MSMEs, and a general lack of urgency and awareness around possessing a personal savings account. Fortunately, there have been recent opportunities for Asia, thanks to the region’s strong mobile penetration driving a variety of financial services and payment gateways for both individuals and businesses. Improving financial inclusion with Asia-focused stablecoins Stablecoins can play a meaningful role in the future of financial services in Asia. However, most stablecoin solutions are centered around USD and are not suitable for real world usage where transactions are denominated in local currencies; this means that users do not have a choice of having exposure to currencies other than USD in the DeFi space, which exposes users to extra costs, forcing them to use unfamiliar currency. By having stablecoins of different currencies around the world on the blockchain, Bluejay Finance lowers the barrier for businesses and individuals in these countries to transact and minimizes currency exchange risk, making payments and access to capital easier and more efficient. “DeFi summer was the first wave of innovation, driven by yield farming. Despite the current state of the markets right now, we are incredibly bullish that the next cycle will be driven by sustainable, real use cases that solve a true need. Therefore, Bluejay remains focused on building products and partnerships that will enable these sustainable use cases of stablecoins and bring in the next billion users into DeFi,” says Sherry Jiang, founder of Bluejay Finance. Julien Bouteloup, founder of Stake Capital Group, comments, “Over the course of the past few years, stablecoins have proven to be a fundamental primitive within DeFi. However, most stablecoins have revolved around the US dollar. For crypto to branch into use cases like real world payments and money markets, it needs to have stablecoins that people in local economies can seamlessly transact with, such as the Euro and Singapore Dollar. Bluejay is positioned to address this need, which will only continue to grow as DeFi matures.” Recently, Bluejay Finance announced its partnership with Silta Finance, a protocol focused on sustainable real world assets, and plans to announce more partnerships in the coming weeks on both its Twitter and Discord communities. About Bluejay Finance Bluejay Finance is building an Asia-focused capital-efficient protocol for multi-currency stablecoins. The aim is to mirror the foreign exchange market in the fiat world onto the blockchain, in order to accelerate financial inclusion and access to DeFi for all users and businesses. Pre-seed investors include Entrepreneur First and Global Founders Capital.ContactsGeoff [email protected]
33 days agocryptodaily
Bearish Market Conditions Create Tremendous Bullish Growth For KuCoin
The first half of 2022 hasn't offered much excitement for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Market prices are in the dirt, although the support levels are being solidified as we speak. KuCoin, one of the biggest global crypto exchanges, shows not all is doom and gloom for crypto in 2022. KuCoin Growth is A Bullish Sign One can use various metrics to determine whether cryptocurrency is in a bullish or bearish spell. The price momentum for bitcoin and other assets has been very bearish, but the industry is about so much more. Overall, blockchain development continues to soar, and exchanges noted a substantial influx of new users. More people seeking exposure to cryptocurrencies confirm the industry hasn't lost its appeal. If anything, it may be the opposite. Judging by KuCoin's H1 2022 report, this year shapes up to be very bullish for service providers. Exchange and trading platforms are still the gatekeepers to mainstream crypto adoption. Having more people sign up for a platform and deposit funds confirms these companies are checking the right boxes and have struck a chord with onlookers. KuCoin notes a user growth of 9.85 million users in six months, more than doubling its registered customer base. That growth further extends to hitting a new milestone in employees - over 1,000, with roughly 300 more positions to be filled - and a cumulative spot and futures trading volume of over $2 trillion. It is remarkable to see KuCoin hire more staff, whereas other companies continue to lay off people due to bearish circumstances. Additionally, the company secured $150 million in pre-Series B funding, allowing it to remain healthy and continue to attract talent. Following the funding, the company is now valued at $10 billion. Solid Growth In Key Markets Sustaining this growth will prove tricky, although KuCoinnotes strong uptake in critical regions. Cryptocurrencies are a global initiative, and KuCoin targets key markets across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The report confirms Europe is the fastest-growing region for trading volume, whereas Asia tops the charts in new user registrations. It is interesting to see Asia hold that position, as the region has had some interesting regulations on cryptocurrency. For example, Japan and South Korea virtually prevent privacy coin listings, yet that doesn't affect industry growth too much. In addition, the emergence of Africa and the Middle East is a healthy sign, as those markets remain largely untapped in the crypto world. Beyond the traditional growth, KuCoin pushes the boundaries in innovation. More specifically, the launch of the WindvaneNFT marketplace is a strong signal. There is also the $100 million Creators Fundto focus on broader Web3 development. Additionally, the KuCoin Wallet went live to support multi-chain aggregation, providing a crucial tool for newcomers and advanced users. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
35 days agocryptodaily
BSC Analyst Explains How Gnox (GNOX) Could Become The New Binance Token (BNB)
A BSC analyst has recently weighed in and explained the potential for the new GNOX token to become the new BNB, and this article examines both tokens and why GNOX holds so much potential. Gnox (GNOX)Gnox is the first of its kind, a new reflection token that introduces a ‘Hold to Earn’ strategy generating passive income for its investors just by holding. Slated to release later this year the project has drawn significant attention from both crypto news outlets and investors. Promising to simplify DeFi (decentralised finance) earning, many investors have already partaken in the presale and locked in a 10% token bonus at launch. Binance Coin (BNB)Ranked fifth by market capitalisation, BNB has enjoyed tremendous success, and its early investors saw huge gains. The token was launched via ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in July 2017 and offered at $0.15 per token. BNB now trades at $220 and has traded as high as $690. The popularity of BNB is directly linked to the popularity of the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) being the native token it is needed to pay gas fees on the network, and the popularity of the world’s largest CEX (centralised exchange) Binance where it is the utility token and entitles holders to trading fee discounts. With more and more investors entering DeFi, coupled with the BSC being the second largest ecosystem after Ethereum, demand for the coin has skyrocketed. Ordinary investors are also introduced to this token early on through the Binance platform, further feeding demand. Why Gnox Could Become the new BNB?According to the BSC analyst, the potential for the Gnox protocol to grow is staggering. This is all due to the growth-orientated design of the protocol and, more specifically, its treasury fund. Gnox’s tokenomics feature a buy and sell tax, meaning 6% of every token transaction goes towards building the protocol’s treasury fund. This treasury is used to generate yield within DeFi protocols, and every 30 days, the proceeds are split amongst GNOX holders. The great area of potential is the long-term growth of the protocol and the potential upside for increasing payouts in stablecoin. The analyst noted that because the principal of the treasury is never touched, only the proceeds when Gnox hits the open market and is traded, there will be an influx of capital to the treasury. The accrual of funds to the treasury will only increase, meaning that in a few months, the protocol’s treasury could become highly capitalised and, depending on how it is utilised within DeFi protocols, could generate astonishing reflections for GNOX holders. If these returns continue to grow, the token and its passive income stream will naturally become more desirable, meaning more buy orders. Not only will this drive the value of GNOX up, but it will also lead to more funds entering the treasury, further increasing its capital value and the potential payout to GNOX holders. Find Out More Here:Join Presale: https://Gnox.ioTelegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease, andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
37 days agocryptodaily
Ethereum Gas Fees Drop To Record Low As Market Downturn Continues
Ethereum’s gas fees have plummeted, hitting a 20-month low as the market downturn saw a sharp decline in user activity. The market slump has resulted in a significant reduction in network congestion, although the demand for block space remains high. The average transaction fee on Ethereum is just over $2. Gas Fee In Freefall Ethereum saw gas fees drop to as low as 69 cents on Saturday. This has been the lowest gas fee in 19 months as the market downturn has a visible effect on costs. The prices pushed back up the following day, rising to $1.57 or 0.0015 ETH. This price level was last seen in December 2020. The decline can be attributed to a fall in the price of ETH and a drop in network activity. Data from Etherscan shows that the average fee to make a transaction on Ethereum is currently 21 Gwei, which is equal to 0.0021 ETH. ETH is currently trading at around $1100, which comes up to around $2.31. High Gas Fees In 2021 Gas fees on Ethereum had skyrocketed to record highs in 2021, with the price of ETH surging during the crypto market rally. This was compounded by a surge in interest around NFTs, which saw a majority of NFTs and NFT collections traded on the Ethereum blockchain. At the height of its popularity, minting a single NFT set users back by hundreds of dollars, with more complex transactions costing even higher as the network struggled to deal with increased congestion. This led to several competing blockchains gaining prominence, including the likes of Avalanche, Solana, and the ill-fated Terra blockchain. These blockchains offered significantly lower fees to users, which led to a massive influx of users. A Steady Decline However, since the market’s peak, there has been a steady decline in gas fees. Since the market peak in 2021, ETH has lost around 77% of its dollar value. This has led to the dollar cost per transaction also falling significantly. The last time gas fees on Ethereum made their way below the $2.50 mark was in November 2020. At this time, ETH was trading around $500. Etherscan data shows that there has been a decline in the average number of daily transactions as well. The rising adoption of Layer-2 solutions such as Optimism and Arbitrum have also helped in easing congestion on the Ethereum network. Both Layer-2 solutions have a collective total value locked (TVL) of around $2.7 billion. However, the network has consistently managed to process 1 million transactions over the past two years. This suggests that demand for block space remains significantly high, regardless of prevailing marketing conditions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
47 days agocryptodaily
How Clash of Coins is Moving Forward, Changing Trends and Market Issues Aside 
This is a very exciting time for the gaming industry. Thanks to the influx of blockchain in the last decade, GameFi is fast on the rise and exploring all the gaming capabilities of blockchian-based products. The space is fast-changing and often finds itself in the crosshairs of happenings in the crypto industry. The recent market issues with stablecoins like UST, for example, have seen some people call the future of GameFi into question. But one GameFi project, Clash of Coins, is undeterred and is moving forward with new developments despite the naysayers. How Clash of Coins Works Besides being a GameFi project, Clash of Coins is also the world’s first blockchain-based massively multiplayer online real-time strategy (MMORTS) game. This means that its players can interact with and compete with one another in real-time across the digital landscape. On top of this, Clash of Coins is also a GameFi. In traditional games, players get digital rewards like coins and trophies and the joy of gameplay as their reward. But GameFi’s go a step further by giving players spendable cryptocurrency as a reward. Clash of Coins, for example, is based on this concept and gives tokens like ETH to players. This, naturally, has proven to be popular with players and the beta game secured 20,000 players in just 3 weeks of its introduction to the global English-speaking market after sustainable regional growth of 2 years on its home turf. At the center of this is a game that truly feels like it was made for the players and not for profit. Players can join different clans (often named after popular cryptos), gather virtual assets for themselves, compete with other players, and so on. Clash of Coins is rolling full steam ahead on its development plans, with mid and high-game parts coming soon. These will allow players to upgrade their in-game buildings, merge NFT cards with other players, and have even bigger map-wide wars with other clans. In-game characters and assets are often offered in the form of NFTs and with Clash of Coins’ incoming NFT collaborations, there will be a wider variety of NFTs to choose from. The game has also teased plans to launch a mobile version as well as its own native token to make in-game transactions easier to facilitate. Now, the game is aiming for 200,000 users by the end of the year, though with its popularity so far, this seems within view. Navigating the Blockchain Market While Clash of Coins is moving ahead with its new plans, it is also navigating the complexities of the blockchain market. Founder, Stepan Sergeev, was asked about how the current issues with popular stablecoins like USDT and UST and how these could affect the future of blockchain gaming. According to him, the blockchain industry is not in any significant danger from any of these events and will continue to grow. This, of course, extends to the GameFi sector. As he explained, Clash of Coins has taken the time to develop an actually good product rather than just baiting customers with the promise of play-to-earn. Projects that do otherwise might actually have reason to worry, Stepan said, and should take a page out of Clash of Clan’s book. "If regulations in the crypto industry are needed, then only in order to check whether tokenomics is solid at the heart of the project. While Clash of Coins is in the public beta with BNB and ETH, there are projects that launch their token before they have at least a playable demo, let alone a working product in public beta. Now with those projects, one needs to take a closer look,” Stepan explained. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
86 days agocointelegraph
US agencies warn against the influx of North Koreans in IT and crypto jobs online
The public advisory warned private firms to do their due diligence before hiring freelance workers, as North Koreans often use illicit tactics and stolen identities to hide their nationality.
93 days agocryptodaily
Elrond Network Beefs up Security and Compliance with AnChain.AI Partnership
Elrond Network, the technology layer capable of internet-level scaling, embraces AnChain.AI. Through this partnership, Elrond's applications and protocols will become more secure and benefit from compliance-oriented aspects. AnChan's AI-driven Web3 analytics have been in high demand lately. Elrond Raises The Bar People who have kept tabs on Elrond developments will know the team has high expectations for Web3 payments. For example, Elrond acquired Utrust, a leading crypto payments provider, in early 2022. Additionally, the team made other strategic acquisitions in recent months to further push the envelope on this front. Web3 payments need to be fast, secure, and cheap, three aspects synonymous with the Elrond Network ecosystem. The acquisition of Utrust also enables Elrond's team to transform payment processing. Rather than putting a cost on merchants, the goal becomes to create an extra income stream. Payments are supposed to make life easier for merchants rather than cutting into their profits. Elrond's approach is to make payments entirely natively digital with a near-instant and global settlement at a minimal cost. Elrond Network CEO Beniamin Mincu confirms the team's long-term vision: “We are making decisive steps for the integration of blockchain technology into the global financial system. International financial institutions and national economies can operate and collaborate using our scalable architecture. It is therefore essential that they have access to the highest levels of compliance and fraud prevention. Anchain.AI is a great enabler in this regard.” Integrating the solutions provided by AnChain.AI positions Elrond as a stronger player in the blockchain-based digital payments vertical. The project encompasses an e-money license, VASP license, and the ability to issue debit cards. Focusing on payment processing infrastructure and everything that comes with it is the next logical step. More importantly, the Anchain.AI Next-Gen Web3 Analytics Suite will help Elrond applications make sense of data sets pertaining to on-chain transactions. Why Elrond Chose AnChain.AI The choice for partnering with AnChain.AI makes much sense for Elrond Network. The AI-powered cybersecurity company enhances security, risk, and cplinace strategies for the Web3 environment. Founded by industry veteerans and backed by Silicon Valley and Wall Street VCs, AnChain.AI serves over 100 customers. across nearly a dozen countries. Clients span various industry segments, including financial institutions, governments, the US SEC, etc. AnChain.AI CEO Victor Fang, Ph.D., states: “We are at an inflection point where enterprises and governments are rapidly realizing that blockchain technology has become indispensable for efficiency increase and sustainable growth. The Anchain.AI Next-Gen Web3 Analytics Suite will complement Elrond’s promising technology and give it an important edge that will enable it to meet the influx of new institutional demand.” AnChain.AI provides industry-leader blockchain analytics solutions to enhance projects and clients' forensics and compliance capabilities. The project's AML engine screens over $1 billion in daily crypto transactions, strengthening its position in the blockchain and crypto industry. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
124 days agonulltx
The Paradigm Shift Brought By Demon Ecosystem
Ever since the “DeFi Summer” in 2021, the DeFi track entered a period of accelerated growth, with a large influx of capital that boosted many DeFi projects to offer traders great APY returns (primarily due to the rise in coin prices) while the diversity of DeFi protocols continued to proliferate. Starting in 2021, accompanied by […] The post The Paradigm Shift Brought By Demon Ecosystem appeared first on NullTX.
142 days agonulltx
How Does OpenMeta Stand Out and Make a Breakthrough in the NFT Market?
According to NFTGO, an NFT statistics website, the total market value of NFT has shot up to US$16 billion. Its transaction volume has been fluctuating and hitting new highs, even the bottom daily transaction volume was around US$100 million. With the continuous influx of external funds, brands, and the continuous expansion of NFT application scenarios, […] The post How Does OpenMeta Stand Out and Make a Breakthrough in the NFT Market? appeared first on NullTX.
152 days agocointelegraph
Immutable X (IMX) gains 50% following the close of a $200M fundraising round
IMX price rallied by 50% after the successful completion of a $200 million Series C funding round and the influx of new projects planning to launch on the layer-2 NFT solution.
161 day agocoindesk
Ukraine's Airdrop Tease Spurs Influx of Microdonations
Thousands of small donations ranging from 0.0001 to 0.01 ETH are flooding the Ethereum blockchain
177 days agocointelegraph
Law Decoded: States’ crypto rights and the influx of digital money into analog politics, Feb. 7–14.
As U.S. Congress continues its crypto education at a measured pace, states race to explore the benefits of financial innovation.
195 days agozycrypto
Vitalik Buterin, Rick & Morty CEO Share Thoughts On Ways to Improve The Future of NFTs
Non-Fungible Tokens—or NFTs as we mostly called them — have outgrown the hype phase. Now there’s a massive number of creators aiming to break Beeple’s $69 million NFT sale record and an influx of institutions looking to cash in on the new technology that appears to be decentralizing museums at neck break speed. Like Ethereum’s […]
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Top 5 Most Popular Metaverse Crypto Coins Built on Avalanche
Avalanche is one of the most underrated blockchains on the market, and recently we’ve been seeing an influx of Metaverse crypto coins launching on the platform. This article looks at our pick of the top five most popular Metaverse crypto coins built on the Avalanche blockchain, ordered by 30-day users, lowest to highest. Avax Wolf […] The post Top 5 Most Popular Metaverse Crypto Coins Built on Avalanche appeared first on NullTX.
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Bitcoin Millionaires Flock To Puerto Rico To Enjoy Tax Benefits – But There Is A Downside
Bitcoin billionaires are migrating en masse to Puerto Rico for the array of tax benefits that the region offers.  Although the numbers are on the rise, the economic benefits for Puerto Rico remain divided. Locals are dealing with the rising cost of living as a result of the influx of rich foreigners.  A recent CNBC […]
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3 reasons why Harmony (ONE) rallied back to its all-time high this week
Strong fundamentals, an influx of new users and a recently launched $300 million developer incentive are just a few reasons why ONE price is chasing a new all-time high.
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Terra Flips Binance Smart Chain In TVL; Becomes Second Largest DeFi Network
The Terra network has taken off in the past week after an influx of capital poured into the network. However, despite the growth, Terra still has a long moon mission ahead. Covered: Terra Network Flips BSC In TVL LUNA Price Update It's always $luna, isn't it? — The Crypto Dog
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Cobidex: A Community-Owned Bitcoin Derivatives Exchange
Cryptocurrency trading has become mainstream, and there are no two ways around it. Apart from crypto-native trading platforms, there’s been an influx of traditional trading venues that already allow users to receive exposure to the cryptocurrency markets. At the time of this writing, the daily traded volume across cryptocurrency exchanges exceeds $100 billion. What is […]
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FLUX, SFP and Badger DAO surge even as Bitcoin price falls to $47K
BTC price continues to soften, but new exchange listings and protocol upgrades provided a much-needed boost for FLUX, SFP and BADGER.

About Flux

The live price of Flux (FLUX) today is 0.759818 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Flux at 256,849,305.70 FLUX, its market capitalization stands at 195,158,769 USD. In the last 24 hours FLUX price has moved 0.09318 USD or 0.14% while 56,234,900 USD worth of FLUX has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of FLUX puts it at #174 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Flux blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency FLUX and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Flux Price0.759818 USD
Market Rank#174
Market Cap195,158,769 USD
24h Volume18,938,500 USD
Circulating Supply256,849,305.70 FLUX
Max Supply440,000,000 FLUX
Yesterday's Market Cap193,317,870 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.659619 USD / 0.752799 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.806668 USD / 0.658225 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.14% ( 0.09318 USD )
Yesterday's Volume56,234,900 USD
Mining Info
Hashing algorithmEquihash 125,4
Pools (known)25
Pools Hashrate1.19 MSol/s
Network Hashrate1.23 MSol/s
By MiningPoolStats
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