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20 days agocryptopotato
Web 3 Wallet Omni Partners With MEXC Ventures
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] According to media sources, Web3 wallet Omni announced that it had completed an equity financing of $11 million USD at a valuation of $50 million USD in May this year. The investors included MEXC Ventures, a fund under MEXC, as well as the Spartan Group, GSR Markets, Eden Block, […]
21 day agocryptodaily
Infinity Exchange Raises $4.2M Seed To Accelerate Institutional DeFi & Create The Next Trillion-Dollar Market
London, England, 15th September, 2022, ChainwireInfinity Exchange, a decentralized finance protocol that provides institutional grade capital efficiency for traders, yield farmers and global fixed income investors, has closed a $4.2 million seed round, paving the way for the institutionalization of DeFi. The round was led by top-tier financial institutions, including market makers and funds GSR, SIG, CMS, C-Squared, and Flow Traders. Proceeds will be used to grow headcount and further develop Infinity’s product offerings, including fixed and floating rate markets, as well as futures and spot trading markets, eventually forming the first complete financial markets protocol in DeFi. Founded by ex-Morgan Stanley Head of Structuring, Kevin Lepsoe, Infinity Exchange, with its litepaper, is the foundational interest rates and risk management protocol enabling institutional investor participation in DeFi. Developed on Ethereum, Infinity’s hybrid protocol incorporates well-established mechanics from traditional financial markets and is capable of handling the trading of trillions of dollars of assets that will be tokenized in the new, institutionalized world of DeFi (“DeFi 2.0”). “Crypto interest rates or Lending Protocols have been built in isolation, and on economically weak foundations that do not align with the core tenets of traditional finance. To gain institutional adoption, we need to completely rebuild these foundations, change the narrative, and show market participants through our protocol that Lending, Interest Rates, and Credit Risk Management must work in concert for a robust crypto financial system to flourish, ” said Lepsoe. Critical Infrastructure for DeFi 2.0 Infinity Exchange debuts market-driven floating interest rates used for both lending and borrowing, to form the crypto industry’s benchmark interest rates. Coupled with fixed interest rates, Infinity pioneers the first full crypto yield curve where liquidity can flow evenly across all maturities and investors holding Complex Tokens have easy access to financing. Fixed Income Markets Key for DeFi Traditional fixed income markets are substantially larger than their equity counterparts, yet in crypto markets, it’s the reverse with spot or token swapping markets being 100 times greater than lending counterparts. This highlights the nascency and inefficiency of lending protocols in today’s DeFi (“DeFi 1.0”) and market recognition that DeFi 1.0 has failed to fully properly price, deliver, and integrate the time-value of money for investors. “The majority of lending protocols that exist today are designed to bypass limitations in network architecture and virtual machine constraints, but not true deficits in capital markets. Utilization-based lending is likely going to become antiquated quickly, owing to the disparity between the true on-chain and off-chain cost of capital,” said C-Squared, in a statement. Pioneering Interest Rate Arbitrage Infinity Exchange enables borrowing and lending supported by a comprehensive risk management system running market-derived risk-measures and protocol-based analytics including value-at-risk. Beyond major cryptocurrencies, Infinity provides financing against “Complex Tokens”, including Aave’s aTokens, Compound’s cTokens, Uniswap V3 LP Tokens, and Curve LP Tokens. Infinity Exchange has pioneered the ability for investors to deposit Complex Tokens, borrow against them, and iterate the process facilitating large-scale interest rate arbitrage in DeFi for the first time. “Building out a complete yield curve with both floating and fixed rates will unlock new use cases and pockets of liquidity for the crypto markets. Infinity’s success should effectively lower volatility and add stability to the larger DeFi ecosystem. We believe Infinity has the right team to execute on this mission and look forward to supporting them as they progress,” said CMS Holdings in a statement. Infinity Exchange launched its testnet in September 2022 and is currently in pilot with select institutional investors. They are also looking to provide a smart contract interface to their credit risk management system so that other protocols may offer much greater capital efficiency to their end users - a smart-contract-enabled risk-management as a service feature or Risk Management Protocol. “A crypto yield curve will allow for a more robust suite of products around stablecoins, ultimately helping lower crypto volatility and helping pave a way for more traditional institutional investors. While most protocols offer either a fixed rate or floating rate product, Infinity Exchange tackles fixed rates, floating rates, and collateral/risk management to build a fully integrated yield curve solution. Utilizing past experiences as both a second time entrepreneur and as an ex-head of Structuring at Morgan Stanley, in Kevin we saw a founder aptly suited to build a DeFi market that institutions can embrace,” said Vir Anand, Investor at SIG DT Investments, in a statement. About Infinity Exchange Infinity Exchange is a hybrid interest rate protocol on Ethereum that's building the foundation for the next generation of DeFi. Developed by veteran traders, quants, and financial engineers, Infinity marries theoretical finance with distributed ledger technology and enterprise-grade risk management to enable broad institutional investor adoption. ContactsInfinity [email protected]
38 days agocryptodaily
Bitcoin Depot plans to list in the US in a deal valued at $885 million, Crypto Daily TV 29/08/2022
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Bitcoin Depot plans to list in the US in a deal valued at $885 million Fintech Bitcoin Depot plans to list in the United States by merging with blank check company GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp in a deal valued at $885 million, the companies said. Post-merge changes. Antpool to stop supporting Ethereum assets after Merge. Popular bitcoin mining pool, Antpool has announced its intention to stop managing Ethereum-oriented accounts after the completion of the merge. Antpool directed every participant in its mining pool to integrate Ethereum withdrawal addresses before September 3. According to the protocol, this will enable them to receive their accumulated Ether tokens. 33 gigawatts. Texas crypto-mining rush may need as much power as entire state of New York. Enough miners have applied to connect to Texas’s power grid to use up to 33 gigawatts of electricity, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which runs the system, said in an email. That’s a third more than what the grid operator’s chief executive officer said in April that officials were preparing to handle over the next decade. BTC/USD saw a minor dip of 0.1% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair saw a minor dip of 0.1% in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 19573.3333 and resistance at 20593.3333. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a positive signal. The last session saw ETH fall 0.4% against USD. The Ethereum-Dollar pair dropped 0.4% in the last session after rising as much as 1.1% during the session. The ROC's positive signal contradicts our overall technical analysis. Support is at 1417.0933 and resistance at 1554.9533 The ROC is giving a positive signal. XRP/USD rose 0.3% in the last session. The Ripple rose 0.3% against the Dollar in the last trading session. The Stochastic-RSI indicates an oversold market. Support is at 0.3196 and resistance at 0.3524 LTC/USD exploded 3.8% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair skyrocketed 3.8% in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 51.1767 and resistance at 54.2967 The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a positive signal. Daily Economic Calendar: JP Jobs / Applicants Ratio The Jobs to Applicants Ratio released by the Japan Institute of Labour is obtained by dividing monthly active job openings by monthly active applications. Japan's Jobs / Applicants Ratio will be released at 23:30 GMT, Australia's Retail Sales at 01:30 GMT, the US Dallas Fed Manufacturing Business Index at 14:30 GMT. AU Retail Sales The Retail Sales measures the total receipts of retail stores. Monthly percent changes reflect the rate of change of such sales. US Dallas Fed Manufacturing Business Index The Dallas Fed conducts the Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey monthly to obtain a timely assessment of the state's factory activity. FI Consumer Confidence The Consumer Confidence is a leading index that measures the level of consumer confidence in economic activity. Finland's Consumer Confidence will be released at 05:00 GMT, Japan's Unemployment Rate at 23:30 GMT, the US 3-Month Bill Auction at 15:30 GMT. JP Unemployment Rate The Unemployment Rate measures the percentage of unemployed people in the country. A high percentage indicates weakness in the labor market. US 3-Month Bill Auction Treasury bills are short-term securities maturing in one year or less. The yield on the bills represents the return an investor will receive by holding the bond until maturity. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
41 day agocryptodaily
Bitcoin ATM Provider Bitcoin Depot Plans To Go Public
Cryptocurrency ATM provider Bitcoin Depot announced that it plans to go public following a merger with the special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) GSR II Meteora (GSRM) in a deal valued at $885 million. US-based cryptocurrency ATM provider, Bitcoin Depot, announced today that it has reached an agreement to merge with the SPAC GSRM in an $885 million deal to go public. The merger would result in Bitcoin Depot becoming a publicly listed company that will trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker BTM. The deal is expected to close by the first quarter of 2023. The ATMs allow users to purchase cryptocurrencies with cash or debit cards and wire the tokens directly to a wallet of their choice without the need of having to go through a crypto exchange. Bitcoin Depot has a network of over 7,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada with a market share of 19.1%. According to data firm Coin ATM Radar, there are about 38,000 crypto ATMs installed in almost 80 countries. Bitcoin Depot CEO Brandon Mintz says that despite the ongoing cryptocurrency bear market, the company has thrived as a growing number of use cases for crypto-like payments persist. Mintz says: We’re actually doing fantastic right now regardless of the market. The CEO also added that the company plans to pursue acquisition after going public. The GSRM SPAC reportedly has over $320 million that Bitcoin Depot could use to accelerate its growth. Gus Garcia, co-CEO of GSRM and former SPAC banker at Bank of America says that he is confident in Bitcoin Depot’s financing options given the company’s steady growth. He added: With its significant BTM footprint, key strategic relationships, and feature-rich mobile app, we believe Bitcoin Depot is well positioned to take advantage of the highly fragmented BTM market both domestically and overseas. SPACs have become an increasingly popular way of going public accounting for more than half of all initial public offerings in 2020-2021 according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
42 days agocoindesk
Crypto ATM Operator Bitcoin Depot to List on Nasdaq in $885M SPAC Deal
Crypto ATM operator Bitcoin Depot plans to go public on Nasdaq by merging with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) GSR II Meteora.
65 days agocryptodaily
The Magic Square Beta Has Arrived
Magic Square is launching Phase I of the Magic Store Beta after the completion of seed funding supported by Binance Labs, Republic Capital, KuCoin Labs, DAO Maker, GSR, alongside other leading investors in the blockchain space. The first app store in the crypto space is finally live. Over the course of the last few months, Magic Square witnessed much anticipation with over 100,000 people signing up to Phase I of the Magic Square Beta. In Phase I of the Beta, the Magic Store would be visible to everyone, and a selected group of Magic Square community members would have exclusive access to use and earn throughout the experience. In the future Beta phases, more and more Community Members would gain access to Use and Earn. The Magic Store goes beyond a decentralized solution. It is home to all crypto applications. What is the Magic Store? The Magic Store is a central place for users to discover and access all kinds of crypto apps, NFTs, DeFi, Metaverse, GameFi, Exchanges, and more, filtered through searchable categories. Up until now, discovering new crypto applications has not been easy: Apple and Android Stores feature very few crypto-related applications, and alternate “dApp store” databases have proven to be extremely limited in their utility for app users and creators alike. “Our goal as a platform is to create an integrated, interoperable, united system to make using crypto intuitive and secure.” said Andrey Nayman, CEO and founder, “The fragmented reality of the decentralized sphere is barring wider adoption of a technology that has revolutionary potential, and Magic Square is working to change that.” The Magic Store provides a utility-rich interface for crypto-app discovery. At the heart of the Magic Store vision, is the quality assurance it promises. Magic Square has introduced a unique system of community validation to ensure that all featured apps on the Magic Store are secure and of a high-quality standard. Community App Validation Decentralization is inevitable to make sure that the products, apps, and services you use are trustworthy. Verifying that the crypto apps you use are quality has not been simple, that is, until now. On the Magic Store, each app must pass through a rigorous community validation process to verify that it meets quality and security standards before it is featured on the Magic Store. The implications for this feature are huge for crypto app users and creators alike. What does this mean for you as a Magic user? The community validation process ensures the project itself is legitimate. You will find the scoring of each app before you start using it. You will be the person to decide for yourself if it will fit your needs and meet your personal standards based on the scoring of the Magic Community validators. As a Magic Square user, you can apply to become a validator yourself and earn rewards for reviewing and voting on new apps. You can also settle for use-to-earn rewards and earn tokens for leaving useful reviews, comments, and likes for other users to benefit from. The bottom line is that the Magic Store enables you to stop wasting time and energy worrying about whether an app is good enough, and instead, scan through easily searchable categories on the Magic Store to ease your crypto journey. How will developers benefit? Crypto app developers, up until now, have needed to invest disproportionate amounts of time and money into marketing campaigns, creating their own websites, building communities, establishing credibility, and more. Developers have to pass their apps through the community validation process as a first step. Once validated, the apps will be immediately made accessible, searchable, and trusted by eager crypto users. Magic Square provides additional benefits for every developer, such as grant funds to promote discovery and build traffic, as well as Magic Square sponsored contests and the use-to-earn model which promotes traffic across the entire ecosystem. What do beta users get? The Magic Store is only the beginning. Beta users in the first phase can now access the Magic Store to explore community-validated apps and searchable categories with a user-friendly interface. The Magic Square ecosystem is only getting better as it materializes. What can users look forward to? Whether you’re a beta user, a developer, or you’re learning about the Magic Store for the first time, there is so much to anticipate for the future of crypto apps and the Magic Square ecosystem. Magic Square is in the process of building onto the Magic Store with supporting features that will make the product exceedingly attractive to users and creators alike. There will be an interface called “Magic Spaces” which will be a personalized space for users to manage and use all of their apps within internal Magic Square tabs. Magic Spaces will eliminate the need to download apps onto devices or open them in external websites or platforms. Everything will be consolidated, simplified, and streamlined inside Magic Spaces. The “MagicID” will be the entry point into the Magic Spaces interface, enabling you to log in to all of your apps with one secure tap. Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) technology will keep you in control of all of your app permissions, and you’ll be able to manage your privacy easily from within the Magic Square app. Ready to show the world your App? Magic Square designed a one-of-its-kind affiliate marketing program, Magic Affiliates, to bring affiliate marketing to the next level with vast resources and funds. Magic Square is committed to build the top affiliate network in crypto, driving growth, traction and conversion for all top-quality apps. In the meantime, affiliates will find exclusive offers and abundant opportunities to enjoy the perks of what Magic Affiliates has to offer. Never before have we seen such user-facing products in the crypto space to create a symbiotic relationship between crypto app users and creators built around trust and community. Be sure to follow Magic Square closely on all official channels as the waitlist for Phase II will be opened soon. Explore the Magic Store here. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
165 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Weekly Roundup: Beanstalk Farms Hacked, Stripe Connect Announced, Binance’s Swastika Mishap, Lazarus On The Prowl, Moonbird Tops Trading Volumes, And More
North Korea’s Lazarus group is at it again. This time they are employing malicious apps to target employees and individuals in the crypto space in order to launch more sinister cybersecurity hacks. Keep reading to find out more. Bitcoin Certain sources have claimed that Michael Saylor’s Microstrategy has been selling thousands of bitcoins. In fact, one claim is that so far, at least 8000 bitcoins have been sold by channeling the sales through various wallets and exchanges. The CEO of Celsius and the founder of Bitmex have presented conflicting Bitcoin forecasts, with a bullish prediction by one and a bearish prediction by the other. The Australian markets will have two Spot Bitcoin Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and one Ethereum Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) going live as early as next week. DeFi Beanstalk Farms became the latest high-profile DeFi exploit as malicious actors hacked the protocol’s governance system to extract all of its collateral. Altcoins Cardano (ADA) developer and researcher discussed the details of the Vasil Hardfork and all the major milestones that the network is set to achieve. Technology Algorand has announced the launch of an automated carbon offsetting functionality based on a self-sustaining smart contract. TRON founder Justin Sun announced via an open letter to the community that TRON had decided to list USDD, a decentralized algorithmic stablecoin. Monero developers have announced that the privacy-focused blockchain protocol has reached a community consensus in which a mainnet hard fork will be implemented at a block height of 2,668,888. Crypto wallet MetaMask took to Twitter yesterday to warn its users of the potential of a phishing attack through their iCloud accounts. Business Payments technology firm Stripe has announced the expansion of its Stripe Connect program, with an initial pilot phase that will enable crypto payments. Nuggets News CEO Alex Saunders releases a public apology statement, clarifying that repayments have been made or are currently underway. The roll-out of a new Binance emoji was pulled by the company when it was pointed out by Twitter users that it resembled a swastika. The Ton Foundation has revealed that users have donated over $1 billion to the foundation to advance the TON ecosystem. Financial services company Robinhood is set to purchase London-based fintech app Ziglu as part of its expansion into Europe. German bank Commerzbank has announced that it has applied for the country’s Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) license for a crypto custody business. Circle Internet Financial has recently begun a $400 million investment round, resulting in a partnership with BlackRock to develop USDC standard. Regulation The Bahamas have set out a digital asset strategy in their whitepaper that will allow residents of the Bahamas to pay their tax in cryptocurrency. Binance.US has announced that it is leaving the Blockchain Association to set up its own government affairs team to engage with issues on crypto regulation and compliance with the country’s financial policies. Singapore's recent crypto license mandate has raised the appeal of other jurisdictions like Dubai for crypto companies to set up a base. The US government warns all crypto companies to beware of the North Korean Lazarus group and its plans of launching exploits through trojanized applications. NFT Sales for Ethereum-based NFT project Moonbirds reached $290 million in four days, soaring to the top of trading volume charts and stunning the crypto-sphere. The LimeWire private token sale raised around $10.4 million, led by investors like Kraken Ventures, Arrington Capital, and GSR. F&B giant Nestle has introduced an exclusive limited series of only two NFTs available for bidding, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. Louis Vuitton announces a new NFT collection tied to the brand’s mobile app game, Louis: The Game. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
167 days agocryptodaily
Over $10M Raised In LimeWire Private Token Sale
The LMWR token raked in around $10.4 million in the private sale, led by investors like Kraken Ventures, Arrington Capital, and GSR. Private Sale Ropes In Leading Investors The news about the private sale round broke on Thursday when the team announced it via a blog post on its website. Speaking on his company’s investment, Akshi Federici, Partner at Kraken Ventures, noted that, “The LimeWire team has developed a platform that’s uniquely positioned to increase participation in digital collectibles within the music industry, where many use cases are yet to be discovered. As artists perform for live audiences again, positioning NFTs as exclusive backstage passes or access to unreleased content will become an invaluable avenue to strengthen direct engagement and loyalty with fans. LimeWire’s digital collectibles marketplace provides artists with a powerful set of tools to seize this immense opportunity.” The private sale also saw participation from investors like Capital, CMCC Global, Hivemind, Hard Yaka, Red Beard Ventures, FiveT, SwissBorg Ventures, 720Mau5, and DAO Jones. The last group is a decentralized autonomous organization that includes high-profile individuals from the music industry like Steve Aoki. Public Sale Coming Soon The team intends to use the funds raised in the private sale to expand the LimeWire ecosystem by onboarding new talent, pursuing collaborations, supporting artists, and maintaining highly-curated content on the LimeWire platform. The team has also promised a public sale not too far down the road, which will open further access to the LMWR token. In addition, holders will be eligible for a token reward program to reduce their trading fees and give them access to exclusive community perks and events. The future shows even more promise for LMWR holders as the team claims they will get a voice in important community decisions like voting on musical artists featured in the marketplace. The campaign is launching in late May 2022, soon followed by the digital collectibles marketplace. Another P2P Sharing Platform Choosing Blockchain Tech The popular music-focused, peer-to-peer file sharing and downloading platform of the early 2000s, LimeWire has repositioned itself as a platform to facilitate the trading and purchasing of musical NFTs. Another popular peer-to-peer file sharing platform, BitTorrent, has also been delving into blockchain technologies in pursuit of a fully decentralized structure. Back in November 2021, BitTorrent worked with the leading public chain TRON to launch the cross-chain scaling solution, the BitTorrent Chain (BTTC) test network. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
168 days agocryptodaily
Goons of Balatroon (GOB) Raises $2.46M To Craft A Unique Free-to-Play-to-Earn (F2P2E) Card Game Metaverse
Goons of Balatroon, a 2D/3D hybrid metaverse featuring Play 2 Earn card strategy gaming and land ownership built within the Elysium ecosystem, has just closed their most recent funding round with $2.46M in seed and private financing. The funding included backers such as Merit Circle, Jun Capital, Vulcan Forged, Faculty Group, Maven Capital, and Bullperks, alongside a handful of founders of companies including the HUSL, Lovelace and Rarestone Capital. The flagship product, a Trading Card Game (TCG), is unique in its use of complex element-tile strategies, wacky characters, and deep gameplay mechanics, never before seen in the P2E environment. Alongside this project, GOB is working on a land battler game that will also play a major part in the GOB ecosystem. Goons of Balatroon Co-Founder, Mark says, “With the recent surge in play to earn games, we see an increased focus on the ‘earn’ function, and while this is absolutely an aspect of our environment, we believe a focus on making the game fun to play, first, is of utmost importance.” The project boasts some notable names in its collection of partners. Vulcan Forged and Merit Circle have both put a lot of effort into the project, alongside The HUSL, Lovelace, Unizen, GSR Capital, MEXC, Synaps, Skyvision Capital, PlayNity, and ImmutableX. Vulcan Forged and Merit Circle both have advisors helping the project reach fruition. Experienced partnership goes a long way towards turning this vision into reality. “Play to Earn gaming tends to have a very high-cost barrier of entry, we want to onboard users in a free to play manner, welcoming web2 natives to web3 without any initial need for a wallet,” Community manager Matthew states, “They can choose to scale their reward rates, through NFT ownership, at their own pace. Gamers seek to optimize and if we provide them the means, they will integrate at their own desired rate.” The current iteration of the project has been developed in-house with a view to being fun first and play-to-earn second. TCGs are the most natural fit for NFT products since unique, individual cards already hold value in paper collections. GOB intends to offer that same value system for digital assets. As a digital card game built and tested in-house, the project has great promise for the future. The company sees GOB as being a hit with competitive TCG players because of its rich strategy elements and the introduction of 2D/3D aesthetics that will appeal to gamers from multiple platforms. The cross-integration of gaming on the Elysium chain opens immense possibilities for TCGs. Combining the rich lore of a well-developed game with solid mechanics and replayability packed into a competitive, community-first game is a unique approach to crypto gaming. The core of the game is its players, and GOB recognizes this, creating a unique gameplay loop that utilizes the full power of the Elysium chain alongside a vibrant community supporting its development. By integrating the game into the Vulcan Forged Elysium ecosystem, GOB opens the doors to an interchange of NFTs between other projects on the Elysium chain and their own. GOB is already partnering with Vulcan Forged to develop a wider metaverse based on the TCG and land battler. The wider metaverse is a key part of the Elysium chain and will allow for seamless use of NFTs across each part of GOB’s software offerings. Land NFTs and other small minigames are intended to form part of this extended metaverse, with collectibles being usable within the GOB TCG. At the heart of the project’s metaverse is the $GOB token. This is an ERC20 token dropped via a TGE on ETH and is currently being bridged to Elysium. GOB expects to launch the token via several public launchpads. IDO + CEX and DEX listings are scheduled to happen by the end of April. The expected total supply will be 750 million $GOB. Social Links: Twitter, Discord, Instagram, YouTube, Medium Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
172 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Weekly Roundup: MicroStrategy To Continue Bitcoin Splurge, Ethereum’s Successful Merge Trials, Circle’s $400 Million Raise, Ronin Hack, And More
The crypto space has ended yet another eventful week with some significant developments to write about. Among the week’s biggest stories was the US Treasury Department successfully identifying the group responsible for the attack on Axie Infinity and Ethereum’s successful merge trials on a shadow fork. Let’s take a brief look at all the previous week’s developments. Bitcoin MicroStrategy’s BTC Splurge To Continue MicroStrategy’s CEO Michael Saylor has stated that the firm will continue to pursue its reserve asset strategy, at least for the foreseeable future. This means the firm will continue to buy and hodl Bitcoin. MicroStrategy is already the largest single wallet holder of BTC and is in possession of 129,218 BTC, with the firm’s holdings valued at around $5.1 billion. Could Nasdaq Pull Crypto Down? With Bitcoin priced as a growth stock by the market, watchers are wary that a sliding Nasdaq 100 could pull down BTC with it, possibly crashing to $30,000. According to Arthur Hayes, the co-founder of Bitmex, BTC could plunge before the next bull market kicks in and be dragged down along with the Nasdaq 100. Ethereum Ethereum Merge Trials Successful Ethereum’s upgrade from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake looks to be going smoothly after completing the merge testing stage, which was tested on a shadow fork, a private mainnet staging area. The shadow fork test is the first of two test stages before the upgrade goes live on the mainnet. DeFi BloXroute Raises $70 Million In Series B Funding Decentralized Finance startup BloXroute has concluded a Series B funding round, raising $70 million. The funding will be utilized to develop the startup’s blockchain distribution network. The round was led by SoftBank Vision 2 Fund and saw participation from Blindspot, Flow Traders, Dragonfly, GSR, Flybridge, Lightspeed, ParaFi Capital, and Rockaway Blockchain Fund. Business Circle Raises $400 Million In Partnership With BlackRock Circle Internet Financial, the firm behind the USDC stablecoin, has raised $400 million in partnership with BlackRock Inc., Fidelity Management and Research, Marshall Wace LLP, and Fin Capital. Circle hopes the latest funding round will help the firm branch out into new areas of traditional finance. Ava Labs Valued At $5 Billion After Latest Funding Round Ava Labs’ latest funding round has pegged the company’s value at a staggering $5 billion, making the company one of the most valuable startups in the crypto space. The startup has raised $350 million in its latest funding round. Dallas Cowboys, Announce Sponsorship Deal has announced that it has successfully negotiated a sponsorship deal with the Dallas Cowboys. The deal establishes as the first crypto platform in American Football. would advertise on promotional spaces inside the AT&T stadium, according to the deal. Nexo, Mastercard Announce World’s First Crypto-Backed Payment Card Crypto Lending Platform Nexo has announced that it is launching the world’s first crypto-backed payments card in partnership with Mastercard. The card promises to enable users to spend on the card without selling any crypto assets held in their account. However, the card will initially be available only in select European countries. Celsius Announces Launch Of New Custody Solution Crypto lending platform Celsius has announced the launch of its latest custody solution. It also issued an update for its Earn Rewards Program. The platform stated that it would be barring a majority of its US users from earning crypto rewards to comply with regulatory frameworks set by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Uniswap Labs To Expand Web 3.0 Presence Uniswap Labs has launched its venture arm, which will look to invest in Web 3.0 and other crypto companies in various development stages. The new initiative will look to support infrastructure, developer tools, and consumer-facing applications. Ubisoft Looks To Expand Crypto Footprint Ubisoft is looking to strengthen its position in the crypto space, with the firm investing heavily in a digital assets fund launched by White Star Capital. The fund aims to raise $120 million, which would support small to medium-sized companies that are looking to achieve mainstream crypto adoption. Regulation Russia Proposes New Cross-Border Cryptocurrency Settlement The president of Russia’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sergei Katyrin, has tabled a proposal for a new cross-border cryptocurrency settlement for import-export payments. The new proposal is expected to improve relations with African nations significantly. Secretary Yellen Acknowledges Crypto’s Disruptive Potential In a speech at the American University, Washington DC, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke on various topics that ranged from innovation and regulation to the digital assets policy. She also acknowledged the staggering potential of cryptocurrencies but also backed sovereign money. NFT Lazarus Responsible For Ronin Hack Investigations into the Ronin Validator hack have revealed the hand of North Korea’s Lazarus Group as the ones responsible for the devastating attack on Ronin and Axie Infinity. The revelation came after the US Treasury identified the hacker wallet as one that it had recently imposed sanctions on, which reportedly belongs to the Lazarus Group. Dorsey’s First-Ever Tweet Sees Muted Response Jack Dorsey’s first-ever tweet, which was sold to crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi for $2.9 million, received a muted response after it was put back on sale for a whopping $48 million. However, Estavi’s hopes for an enthusiastic response were dashed with the NFT receiving an offer of just $280. Australian Cricket Team Forays Into NFTs Australia’s cricket team has become the latest sports team to hop on the NFT bandwagon and has launched digital collectibles that will feature some of the most iconic moments in Australia’s cricketing history. The news was announced by Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Blockchain startup, bloXroute Raises $70 million in Series B Round Led By SoftBank Vision
Image: BloXroute Decentralized Finance (DeFi) company, bloXroute, has successfully completed a $70 million Series B funding round to boost the development of its blockchain distribution network. Announced Tuesday, the latest funding round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 with participation from Blindspot, Dragonfly, Flow Traders, Flybridge, GSR, Jane Street, Lightspeed, ParaFi Capital, and Rockaway Blockchain Fund. The latest funding round is expected to improve and enhance the functions of bloXroute, unlocking faster speeds and reduced latency on its network and several blockchain networks, the statement from the team reads. Furthermore, the funding will be used to expand the bloXroute team and push for wider user adoption across the globe. “We are thrilled to announce today's significant milestone as we welcome Softbank Vision Fund 2 and other new investors and thank them for this vote of confidence,” Uri Klarman, Co-founder, and CEO of bloXroute said. “This investment enables us to expand our team, extend our reach, and continue making the propagation of data more efficient and reliable.” bloXroute is a content distribution network built to scale up blockchain networks via its blockchain distribution network (BDN). The network allows users to transmit data and receive information such as pending transactions and new blocks and send their own trade orders in seconds. This enables DeFi traders to win more trades by providing infrastructure for mempool services, transactions, and block propagation. bloXroute’s unique network topology offers up to 2 seconds faster block propagation, up to 1 second faster transaction propagation, and 50-400 milliseconds faster transaction discovery (also known as mempool services). With experts predicting the DeFi ecosystem could reach $1 trillion in total value locked (TVL) by 2030, networks such as bloXroute could be crucial in pooling users to the ecosystem. bloXroute’s technological superiority is strengthened by its network effect. The more users, traders, mining pools, validators, and DeFi projects connect to the BDN, the faster it becomes by receiving data directly from its source, and the more value it provides to its customers. Aaron Wong, an investor at SoftBank Investment Advisers, believes the bloXroute network “holds the key to having faster transactions speeds, scalable blockchains, and reduced latency” in the blockchain space. “bloXroute’s global distribution network enables unparalleled transaction settlements for trading and we foresee exciting use cases to emerge in industries such as NFTs, blockchain-based metaverses, and gaming,” Wong added. “We are thrilled to partner with Uri and the team to help build a blockchain superhighway with uncongested performance.” The Chicago-headquartered platform aims to also boost peer-to-peer trading across DeFi users, making it easier and cheaper to transact across multiple blockchains. bloXroute has launched a high-performance Blockchain Distribution Network (BDN), allowing its users to avoid network congestion and reliably receive critical information about buy and sell orders, prices, positions, liquidations, and oracle updates almost at the speed of light. Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner at Dragonfly commented: “DeFi has exploded in growth over the last couple of years, but DeFi infrastructure is still in its infancy. We are excited to be in business with bloXroute, and believe this partnership will accelerate mainstream DeFi acceptance and bring real solutions to the DeFi space.” Finally, the company also welcomes fundraising round participant, Robert Kaplan, Investment Director at SoftBank Investment Advisors, as part of the board of directors. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Wombat Exchange Raises $5.25M in Series A Funding Led by Animoca Brands and Hailstone Ventures
[PRESS RELEASE – Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 28th March 2022,] Wombat Exchange, a hyper-efficient multichain stableswap backed by Binance, has successfully closed a $5.25 million Series A funding round led by Animoca Brands and Hailstone Ventures. Additional investors in the round included BNB Chain, TPS Capital, GSR, Zokyo, Lunar Station, Eureka Trading, Silverstone, Unanimous Capital, […]
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GSR partners with Chainlink to integrate price data for smart contracts
“High-quality market data is vital to the growth of the multi-chain ecosystem,” says Chainlink co-founder Sergey Nazarov.
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Okcoin launches $165M collective investment to push Bitcoin adoption
The Bitcoin Odyssey is funded by Digital Currency Group, GBV Capital, White Star Capital and GSR, among other organizations.
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Luna raises $1 billion for Bitcoin reserve fund
The Luna Foundation Guard has announced the raise of $1 billion from an over-the-counter sale of LUNA, which is the native token of the Terra blockchain. The $1 billion fund will be used as an extra layer to protect the Terra UST stablecoin in case of a major market sell-off. The sale was led by two prominent venture capital firms, Jump Crypto, and Three Arrows Capital, and other VCs participated, including Defiance Capital, Republic Capital, GSR, Tribe Capital, among others. The raise is one of the largest ever in crypto, and should go a long way towards increasing confidence in the Terra Luna ecosystem, which was shaken recently when the Anchor Protocol reserve was days from completely depleting, before a $450 million injection saved the day. The decentralised reserve was introduced as another mechanism to protect against sell-offs and the possible risk of a Hypothetical Luna bank-run. Looking to the future, Do Kwon, the co-founder of Terraform Labs, has said that he is keen to scale the Luna Guard Foundation Fund even further, and is eyeing other non-correlated assets that would complement bitcoin in the reserve. The Terra Luna ecosystem, with the algorithmic stablecoin UST as its centrepiece, is set to become a major lynchpin in the cryptocurrency sector. As more and more platforms launch on the ecosystem it will be interesting to see how this will affect the LUNA price and the strength of the system as a whole. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Neptune Mutual Completes Strategic Round to Build Decentralized Cover Protocol for the Metaverse
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] Neptune Mutual, a multi-chain decentralized cover protocol, announced that it has raised a $3M strategic round led by Animoca Brands. Other investors in this round also included Pacific Century Group, Genesis Block Ventures, Fundamental Labs, GSR, Cambium Grove Capital, and a number of other funds. Neptune Mutual uses parametric […]
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Atlas DEX Raises $6M From Jump Capital, Huobi Ventures and Other Leading Investors
Atlas DEX, a leading cross-chain decentralized exchange aggregator, has announced its fundraise of 6 million dollars led by Jump Capital. The private funding round also had participation from Huobi Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Solidity Ventures, Genblock Capital, 3Commas Capital, Solar Eco Fund, Momentum 6, GSR, 0xVentures, Bixin Ventures, AU21, and Paramount Capital. It comes at […] The post Atlas DEX Raises $6M From Jump Capital, Huobi Ventures and Other Leading Investors appeared first on NullTX.
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Derived Finance Completes $3.3M Funding Round
[PRESS RELEASE – Delhi, India, 12th October 2021] Derived Finance, a Multi-Chain Synthetics Trading Platform, successfully completed a funding round that raised over $3.3 Million across more than 30 venture funds. Some of the biggest firms in crypto investment participated in the funding round, led by GSR and including AU21, Poolz, Nabais Capital, Dweb3, Occamfi, […]

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