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7,312 BTC
Vol 24h
664.706 BTC
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18 days ago cryptodaily
Playboy’s MetaMansion To Launch In 2023
Lifestyle magazine Playboy’s metaverse initiative, dubbed the MetaMansion, has been scheduled to launch later this year. 2023 The Year For MetaMansion In 2022, the men’s entertainment magazine announced its foray into the metaverse. Recently, the company’s Web3 lead, Liz Suman, revealed that the MetaMansion project would be going live in 2023. However, other than confirming the year, Suman did not specify the launch date or a tentative timeline for the Web3 project. She also revealed that the virtual world would not be limited to the magazine’s Rabbitar NFT holders; instead, the company will be looking into bringing the metaverse experience to an audience beyond the Rabbitar customer base. She said, “It’s been the plan all along for the Rabbitars to be the VIPs of the MetaMansion experience…That is still very much the case, while also opening it up in this way that’s integrating The Sandbox’s community, maybe onboarding other people who are interested in web3 [...] and making a space that is a place for everyone.” Playboy’s Web3 Moves The Playboy company has been making moves into the Web3 space since 2021. Its first foray into this space was an NFT collection featuring key photography and artwork from its decades of archives. The company followed this up with the Rabbitar project in 2022. These digital collectibles featured an original 3D rabbit character in different avatars. The total number of NFTs dropped in this collection amounted to 11,953, with a total trading volume of 2,779 ETH or $4.5 million. Talking about its Web3 projects, and the growing interest among media companies in the metaverse, Suman said, “A lot of things are changing and evolving in real-time, and I think it’s too soon to have a verdict. There’s a real opportunity for storytelling that is not traditional. To me, that’s what’s interesting.” MetaMansion Not Exclusive To Rabbitar Holders However, as Suman claimed in her recent comments, the company is prioritizing its MetaMansion project for now, which was announced back in July 2022. The company has teamed up with the virtual world, The Sandbox, to bring the Playboy experience to the metaverse. An initial teaser video revealed that the MetaMansion design was inspired by the actual Playboy Mansion based in LA, with many voxelated playmates welcoming the player into the virtual world. From her comments, it is clear that although access to the MetaMansion would not be exclusive to Rabbitar holders, visitors would not be able to access the “cool parts” without these digital collectibles. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
22 days ago cryptopotato
Crypto Miner Hive Blockchain Posted Net Loss of $90.4M for Q3 2022
Ethereum's transition to PoS significantly hurt Hive, but it still managed to increase its mining production by 13% year-over-year.
24 days ago cryptodaily
Serenity Shield Partners With Contentra Technologies To Transform Digital Content Storage With Blockchain
Singapore, Singapore, 23rd February, 2023, ChainwireDigital asset specialist, Serenity Shield Labs, has partnered with educational publisher Contentra Technologies to store archival content using web3. Once Contentra’s hardcopy archives have been scanned and converted, they will be permanently stored using Serenity’s web3 technology. Contentra offers a wide range of content conversion, digital preservation and digital content development services to national libraries, educational publishers, news media, governments, archives, libraries and corporations. It provides specialized solutions for mass content conversion and transformations from legacy or born-digital formats such as hard copy, images, and PDFs. Serenity Shield’s web3 data storage solution will allow this content to be uploaded and permanently saved. The partnership will expand the services Contentra can offer its clients and enable Serenity Shield to tap into a new market while showcasing a practical application for web3. With this partnership, Contentra can offer its customers a broader range of services downstream of the value chain. Until now, the company enabled its customers to digitize and preserve documents in all advanced formats. In the future, using the technical collaboration and integration between Contentra's digitization services and Serenity Shield's blockchain storage solution, customers will be able to store their digitized data in blockchain-based archives. The different technological bricks used guarantee more advanced data and content storage than traditional solutions on servers or in the cloud, with unmatched storage volumes and security levels embedded with intelligent data retrieval processes, enabling data monetization. This alliance is the first large-scale B2B partnership for Serenity Shield and paves the way for the implementation and realization of its web 2.5 positioning, which was affirmed as early as 2022 when the beta version of its StrongBox product was released. Serenity Shield is a storage solution on the blockchain, for any documents, even and especially for the most sensitive and voluminous ones. While the B2C solution is to be finalized in H1 2023, the B2B solution will follow a few months after and will be commercialized worldwide. Contentra Technologies Founding Director, Shiva Kumar Saikia, noted: "This partnership enables us to offer new solutions based on web3 to our global clients. This will also enable us to bring the latest web3 technologies to our clients requiring innovations and security to solve their content lifecycle challenges." Venket Naga, CEO of Serenity Shield, added: "We are delighted with this partnership, which allows us to accelerate our B2B business by reaching out to industry-leading corporations and following our roadmap faster and more efficiently. In our vision, blockchain storage is one of the long-term trends and revolutions enabled by web3, and we are excited to lead the way in this. This step will emphasize Serenity Shield's stance to act as a bridge between the worlds of web2 and web3, providing data storage in the blockchain space embedded with Artificial intelligence (AI), which will revolutionize the storage industry in the future." #### About Serenity Shield Serenity Shield was established in 2021 as a result of identifying a glaring and, as yet, unaddressed need in the global cryptocurrency market for the provision of secure access to and transfer of ownership of digital wallets. Leveraging advances in cryptography and private blockchain technology, it has designed a secure, noncustodial method to store and retrieve sensitive data for individuals, corporations, and institutions. Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram About Contentra Technologies Contentra Technologies is a 15-year-old company offering content transformation services and solutions to Global Internet News publishers, National Libraries, Information services companies and K12 educational publishers. It specializes in providing XML content conversion at scale for electronic news publishing, E-books, Historical Archives and Digital preservation requirements. Contentra also provides editorial development, design and layout services for English language arts, science, and social studies. Based in India, Contentra has a fully-owned subsidiary in the USA. Contentra employs over 300 people worldwide. Its operations and processes are quality certified for meeting ISO27001, ISO9001, ISO 20000 and CMMI -Level 5 standards. Contentra Technologies Shiva Kumar Saikia Director Technologies [email protected] ---- ---- ----ContactHead of MarketingNikos [email protected]
24 days ago cryptodaily
Israel Working On Stablecoin Regulation, Crypto Daily TV 23/2/202
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Israel's central bank proposes rules for stablecoins. The Bank of Israel published principles for regulating stablecoin activity in the country, which lays out the central bank's recommendations for supervising crypto linked to the value of other assets like the U.S. dollar. Crypto miner Hive Blockchain posts wider losses. Vancouver-based cryptocurrency mining firm Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. reported bigger losses in its latest quarterly earnings report, mainly due to Ethereum’s Merge and lower Bitcoin prices. Binance shifts to ‘semi-automated’ process to manage reserves of tokens it issues. Binance is moving to a “semi-automated” process for managing the reserves of tokens it issues after years in which reserves were mixed with customer funds and at least one major stablecoin, Binance-peg BUSD, was not always fully backed, according to a report. BTC/USD dove 2.7% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair plummeted 2.7% in the last session. The Williams indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 23614.6667 and resistance at 25584.6667. The Williams indicator is currently in the negative zone. ETH/USD dove 2.3% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair plummeted 2.3% in the last session. The ROC is giving a negative signal. Support is at 1591.7233 and resistance at 1750.2233. The ROC is giving a negative signal. XRP/USD gained 0.3% in the last session. The Ripple gained 0.3% against the Dollar in the last session. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 0.3792 and resistance at 0.4082. The Ultimate Oscillator is giving a negative signal. LTC/USD traded sideways in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair traded sideways in the last session. The RSI is giving a negative signal. Support is at 89.1233 and resistance at 99.1033. The RSI is currently in negative territory. Daily Economic Calendar: US Gross Domestic Product Annualized The Gross Domestic Product Annualized shows the annualized monetary value of all the goods, services and structures produced within a country. The US Gross Domestic Product Annualized will be released at 13:30 GMT, the US Chicago Fed National Activity Index at 13:30 GMT, the Austrian HICP at 08:00 GMT. US Chicago Fed National Activity Index The Chicago Fed National Activity Index, released by Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, is a monthly index designed to gauge overall economic activity and related inflationary pressure. AT HICP The HICP is a measure of price movements or inflation harmonized across EU Member States. It is similar to the national Consumer Price Indices (CPI). EMU Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices The HICP is a measure of price movements or inflation harmonized across EU Member States. It is similar to the national Consumer Price Indices (CPI). The Eurozone's Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices will be released at 10:00 GMT, Japan's National Consumer Price Index at 23:30 GMT, Japan's Foreign Bond Investment at 23:50 GMT. JP National Consumer Price Index The National Consumer Price Index is a measure of price movements obtained by comparing the retail prices of a representative shopping basket of goods and services. JP Foreign Bond Investment The Foreign Bond Investment refers to bonds issued in a domestic market by a foreign entity in the domestic market’s currency. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
26 days ago coindesk
Crypto Miner Hive Blockchain's Posts Q3 Loss as Ethereum Merge Cuts Revenue, Mining Margin
The Canadian miner is launching its high-performance computing cloud business, which is 25 more profitable than mining.
32 days ago coindesk
Bitcoin Miner Hive Delays Latest Financial Filings Till Feb-End
Hive has applied the British Columbia Securities Commission for a management cease trade order, which restricts its CEO and CFO from trading shares until the filing has been completed.
51 day ago cryptopotato
FBI Announces Takedown of Hive Ransomware Network
The cybercrime group targeted infrastructure and persons of interest, encrypting their data and demanding cryptocurrency in exchange for decryption.
51 day ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Chumbi Valley Official Price, Stats, and Review
Chumbi Valley is an enchanting RPG Play-to-Earn game being built on BSC & Polygon. Chumbi Valley features NFT creatures and original art inspired by Pokemon, and Studio Ghibli. Learn more about Seed Chumbi NFT benefits: The total number of owners has reached 1718. NFT Collection Chumbi Valley Official Price and Sales The market capitalization of Chumbi Valley Official NFT collection is 444.24 ETH. For all time, 4,556 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.71 ETH (~$1,141.04 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,228.768 ETH. The floor price of Chumbi Valley Official is 0.0895 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 10 ETH. The payment tokens of the Chumbi Valley Official collection are ETH, USDC. Chumbi Valley Official traits list Generation Min 0 Max 0 Breed Count Min 0 Max 0 Type Tier Min 1 Max 4 Pattern Plain 195 Striped 196 Polygons 231 Orb 209 Masked 188 Tears 191 Birth mark 207 Spots 213 Speed lines 219 Tribal 215 Lotus 212 Beauty marks 194 Keyhole 210 Zigzag 199 Spirals 207 Circles 182 Scarred 219 Belly patch 205 Tri star 203 Rings 201 Coat Tabby 36 Burning 58 Fluorite 51 Chilly 35 Emerald 55 Cave 43 Umbra 41 Flaunt 42 Lunar 53 Powered 34 Fritzy 45 Feather 45 Spark 52 Nightmare 53 Modern dragon 53 Foggy 57 Insect 64 Wiseman 44 River 63 Floral patch 52 Sunny 53 Dishevelled 35 Pebbles 42 Blue bird 44 Gills 45 Ghostly wisp 39 Flower 48 Diver 53 Straw 29 Icicles 43 Forest 58 Creature 55 Fiery 52 Trawler 44 Vines 32 Neutral 67 Glowing spines 46 Potpourri 41 Spirit 55 Shell jockey 41 Mosaic wings 55 Evolved 35 Creek dweller 41 Cinders 54 Ancient beast 53 Ruby 31 Sun drops 46 Energized 49 Bones 46 Taboo 46 Dark shawl 40 Crystal 45 Mountain 47 Fly 40 Survivor 45 Ragdoll 46 Wooly 51 Moss 60 Charged 32 Bearded 48 Rubble 49 Lillies 47 Twigs 54 Pupa 37 Static 52 Aurora 44 Fluff 31 Nether ghost 28 Flame 52 Blossoms 51 Frost 46 Void 40 Puffy 55 Solar 59 Royal arthropod 37 Magma 37 Mystic 31 Fungus 50 Sunflower 38 Rose quartz 38 Astral 41 Night watch 41 Proud 40 Trail mix 26 Microcosm 39 Shadows 57 Bedrock 37 Scaled armor 45 Neighbour 49 Amethyst 37 Eyes Guise 105 Lilac 21 Mossy 18 Amber settler 15 Cheerful sparkle 23 Golden stare 10 Worried 99 Silver sightseers 13 Sapphires 21 Sky drops 13 Peep 119 Squinch 114 Sheepish 124 Curious 118 Lapis 15 Mad 124 Shy 122 Ocean blues 18 Embarrassed 115 Beady 115 Stunned 131 Sentinel 128 Pleased 126 Unamused 141 Honest orbs 18 Modest 118 Slink 130 Plums 19 Affection 130 Shrimpy 117 Excited 115 Sunset 19 Happy 138 Peepers 133 Cloudy 19 Tabby blush 117 Violet viewers 13 Stressed 109 Lovely 89 Pleasant sight 17 Envy 137 Pretty peridots 13 Snitch 138 Tired 121 Lookers 108 Caramel cuties 18 Deep embers 10 Warm 114 Hopeful 13 Anxious 121 Innocent 18 Jade 12 Rubies 16 Cosmos 15 Sudds 18 Berries 10 Lemon drops 19 Sunken seas 17 Toxic lovers 13 Polished pearls 16 Mouth Gentle 232 Shocked 199 Silly 208 Kitty 211 Teddy 213 Fangs 206 Bored 206 Teething 207 Underbite 192 Awed 198 Joyous 216 Mesh 215 Surprised 206 Confused 197 Smug 191 Cheerful 203 Overjoyed 195 Puppy 215 Stitches 205 Queasy 181 Ears Classic 218 Vulpes 239 Headwings 231 Chiro 163 Lanky 244 Pumbo 174 Alert 179 Whistler 221 Shaggy 221 Quick 231 Blades 196 Lupis minor 247 Lapori 173 Lupis major 181 Droopy 171 Tufts 233 Nocturnal 170 Wibbles 187 Splits 160 Murid 257 Horns No horns 3565 Branches 64 Antlers 57 Pointers 59 Bicorn 49 Baby drake 55 Majesty 70 Prince 52 Pillars 60 Stubby 65 Main Type Creature 353 Void 480 Flower 311 Spirit 367 Cave 215 Forest 221 Crystal 279 Spark 216 Mountain 213 River 221 Frost 307 Feather 282 Insect 200 Neutral 222 Flame 209 Shade Medium 1379 Dark 1331 Light 1386 Seed Mythic 400 Legendary 800 Epic 1200 Rare 1696 Size Standard 3543 Mini 553 Coat Type Neutral 284 Flame 294 Crystal 257 Frost 268 Cave 269 Void 245 Feather 265 Spirit 281 Spark 264 Creature 287 River 306 Insect 274 Mountain 243 Flower 276 Forest 283 Shiny Not shiny 3543 Shiny 553 Main Attack Sharp claws 119 Pitch black 159 Shadow curse 162 Dark thoughts 159 Seed shot 99 Chilling whisper 121 Soul scream 122 Stone smash 80 Endless rage 110 Leaf lash 86 Diamond cut 87 Beastly roar 124 Wailing banshee 124 Overload 79 Boulder throw 80 Mineral mania 94 Wild waters 74 Freezer burn 116 Gem toss 98 Sky dive 107 Thorn grip 113 Petal gale 99 Hive mind 67 Permafrost 81 Feather blade 97 Pounce 71 Tectonic shift 66 Storm slush 70 Claw 87 Fireball 68 Thunderclap 78 Falling rocks 67 Blazing slam 68 Branch bash 68 Maelstrom 77 Snow shock 110 Cave tomb 72 Flare 73 Swarm 77 Acid spit 56 Strike 64 Deafening squawk 78 Earth shaker 63 Lightning bolt 59 Woodwind 67 Second Attack Head crash 36 Flash fire 58 Shimmer shine 51 Aurora pulse 35 Gem shard 42 Wall rumbler 43 Dark curse 41 Pecking spree 42 Moon beam 53 Gigawatt punch 34 Laser burst 45 Talon slash 45 Lightning strike 52 Horrify 53 Eldritch blast 53 Rainstorm 57 Burrow 64 Echoing boom 44 Pressure blast 63 Honeypot blast 52 Shriek 53 Hi-jump strike 35 Rough tumble 42 Birdsong 44 Water breath 45 Wisp burn 39 Pollenate 48 Deep dive 53 Ambush 29 Snowfall 43 Leaf storm 58 Armor break 45 Fire wave 52 Rock crusher 44 Ivy whips 32 Cutter 67 Quartz crush 51 Molten pierce 46 Binding earth 41 Magic bolt 55 Tail pierce 41 Swarm sting 55 Elder's breath 35 Flood 41 Cinder 54 Cursed claws 53 Dazzling light 31 Nectar stream 46 Radwave 49 Cave buster 46 Steel cutter 46 Abyssal blast 40 Glowing rush 45 Landslide 47 Hover strike 40 Misty wind 45 Amrmor break 10 Swipe 46 Hailstorm 51 Cloak of weeds 60 Thunder chain 32 Icicle drop 48 Cliff dive 49 Pond skip 47 Lumber fist 54 Venomous bite 37 System shock 52 Haunting 44 Chomp 31 Night slice 28 Hot coals 52 Seed burst 51 Freeze fog 46 Shade shot 40 Kick 55 Solar flare 59 Multibite 37 Smolder 37 Nowhere strike 31 Spore cloud 50 Sun dance 38 Lava spill 41 Bomb dropper 41 Nutcracker 40 Fist of everest 26 Evil's effigy 39 Shadow beam 57 Rolling blunder 37 Armored bash 45 Deep growl 49 Refract 37 Eyes Effect Facade 105 Slow down 21 Envelop 18 Halt 15 Happy noises 23 Analyze 10 Dishearten 99 Reveal 13 Enchant 21 Quick fall 13 Fall down 119 Recharge 114 Hidden talent 124 Experiment 118 Feeling blue 15 Grumble 124 Decoy 122 Sinking feeling 18 Hide 115 Judgment 115 Play dead 131 Always watching 128 Bamboozle 126 Ignore 141 Trust breaker 18 Tippy toe 118 Concentrate 130 Sweet tooth 19 Worship 130 Scan 117 Zoom 115 Low light 19 Dance 138 Discomfort 133 Haze 19 Idle 117 Run away 13 Alarm call 109 Tail wag 89 Fluster 17 Snake tongue 137 Distract 13 Lurk 138 Fatigue 121 Piercing gaze 108 Betray 18 Warm glow 10 Comfort 114 Blue skies 13 Daunt 121 Submit 18 Return home 12 Befriend 16 Travel 15 Clean stare 18 Stomach ache 10 Sour 19 Drown 17 Corrupt 13 Bright light 16 Mouth Effect Nuzzle 232 Tremble 199 Misbehave 208 Purr 211 Hug 213 Devour 206 Cold shoulder 206 Gnaw 207 Startle 192 Celebrate 198 Encourage 216 Copying machine 215 Shout 206 Hesitate 197 Confidence boost 191 Prance 203 Happy tears 195 Obey 215 Frighten 205 Grimace 181 Ability Typical 195 Encapsulate 196 Calculate 231 Noble 209 Faceless fighter 188 Doll face 191 Hypnotize 207 Camouflage 213 Doppelganger 219 Warrior spirit 215 Float 212 Stimulate 194 Lockdown 210 Criss-cross 199 Vertigo 207 Turntable 182 Endurance 219 Soften 205 Blind 203 Early warning 201 Chumbi Valley Official fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points Chumbi Valley Official editors list The approved editor's accounts of Chumbi Valley Official collection are 0x1f4989ca0536368223e884ea924c01e96b0e1f81. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
52 days ago cointelegraph
US Justice Department seizes website of prolific ransomware gang Hive
The group is known to have targeted critical infrastructure, healthcare providers and more over the past two years.
59 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse Price, Stats, and Review
Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse is not just a simple collection of 8,999 male and female NFTs, it is a jumping-off point for a narrative story world that will be told through a series of future drops and unique mechanics. The total number of owners has reached 3010. NFT Collection Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse Price and Sales The market capitalization of Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse NFT collection is 1,968.95 ETH. For all time, 17,148 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.28 ETH (~$433.10 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 4,848.195 ETH. The floor price of Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse is 0.1589 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 61.84 ETH. The payment tokens of the Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse collection are ETH, WETH. Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse traits list Token_id Min 47 Max 8991 Rarity Level Min 77 Max 1110 Gender Male 4493 Female 4494 Background Nuclear midnight 478 Nuclear haze 817 Nuclear sunset 2001 Nuclear rainbow 1504 Nuclear winter 1044 Nuclear glow 1137 Nuclear sand 1810 Nuclear sludge 152 Nuclear shadow 44 Mystery Trait Berzerker 43 Mary 44 Vulture 43 Archimedes 44 Caterpillar 44 Schroedinger 42 The Twelve Number three 1 Number twelve 1 Number eight 1 Number one 1 Number four 1 Number nine 1 Number eleven 1 Number six 1 Number five 1 Number ten 1 Number two 1 Number seven 1 Skin (Female) Rhubarbed 427 Diet grape 448 Five leaf clover 439 Pink lemonade 444 Creamed soda 440 Avocado 418 Ice green 465 Banana yellow 417 Orangecicle 440 Limeade 408 Liquid plutonium 32 Radioactive swirl 71 Radioactive glow 23 Radioactive green glow 6 Radioactive orange glow 6 Radioactive purple glow 5 Radioactive yellow glow 5 Eyes (Female) Black wraps 262 Cat eyes 97 Ski goggles 166 Herbal-eyes 310 Skull eyepatch 359 Deadpan eyes 439 Angry eyes 427 Pink cat-eye glasses 244 Paintball goggles 171 Salt and pepper goggles 133 Orange mars goggles 81 Pyromaniac eyes 150 Coke bottle glasses 261 Side-eye 392 War grease 163 Fool's gold shades 81 Glowing eyes 37 Walter's shooting glasses 239 Iridescent goggles 78 Filter goggles 149 Mirrored aviators 233 Glowing yellow 3 Glowing purple 3 Mirrored aviators glowing 1 Fools gold shades glowing 1 Glowing green 5 Coke bottle glasses glowing 1 Glowing orange 3 Paintball goggles glowing 1 Skull patch glowing 2 Pink cat eye glasses glowing 2 Headwear (Female) Colander 203 Top o' the morning hat 94 Bomber hat 117 Bone scrunchy 269 Short dreads 252 Baseball cap 213 Cat ear beanie 164 Golden earring flow 178 Wild wide hair 39 Army antler helmet 45 Rainbow mowhawk 103 Coonskin cap 110 Fallout umbrella 198 Cowgirl hat 134 Ombre spiked pigtails 167 Spiked headband 190 White wig 248 Saw blade helmet 66 Long dreads 258 Batter's helmet 142 Cat ear headband 193 Pixie cut 261 Buzz cut 247 Skull cap 169 8-bit bandana 172 Spiked pippy braids 102 Dreaded beehive 39 Evil beaver 39 Radioactive tattoo 56 Medic helmet 26 Clothing (Female) Magic numbers t and jeans 214 Skirt and blood red suspenders 470 Orange puffer 221 Bikini and rainbow skirt 82 Jean jacket and ripped leggings 480 Poncho and bullet necklace 103 Skull tank and post-apocalyptic peter 164 Apoc-t with skirt and kneepads 451 Fishnet top and skull shorts 494 Hoodie and striped leggings 464 Weaponized red union suit 96 Prison jumper 123 Mechanic suit 166 Over it overalls 153 Middle finger t and jorts 228 Off-duty waitress 125 Happy holidazed 38 Satin jacket and tutu 111 Prom gone wrong dress 29 Fast food uni 133 Evil gear and leather pants 60 Not a white wedding dress 23 Leather jacket and six shooter 42 Fur coat and bear trap 24 Mouth (Female) Shit eating grin 259 Side smirk 244 Vampire 180 Un-pacified 210 Grille 159 Tootsie pop 214 Skull smoke pipe 155 Tongue out 263 Bandaided 238 Nose ring 237 Jaws 202 Gold tooth 186 Lit match 210 Varmint bone 181 Straw 210 Regular 291 A nice chianti 82 Homemade respirator 110 Sniper 207 Blow my bubble 218 Hard as nails 200 Radioactive lips 38 Armed to the teeth 46 Dino beak 74 Grafitti breather 43 Not my teeth mask 37 Footwear (Female) Pink checks 476 Ballslay slippers 182 Plague slippers 226 Oxbloods 409 Chuck-tee'd offs 536 Trench boots 410 Holy tubers 544 Duct-tape 507 Spike toed 95 Army boots 156 Chunky buckles 182 Dead bunny slippers 223 Sneak stabies 174 Moto boots 188 Skull boy boots 64 Danger dunks 65 Roller girl skates 57 Accessory (Female) Told you so sign 361 Saiga skull charm 102 Skull machete and route 66 309 Spiked knuckles and trash lid 310 Chatty assault rifle 232 F-o skelly finger 329 Fry hard super tazer 64 Sawbat and barbedwire 218 Lunch grenades 224 Pizza dew freak 322 You're boned saw 208 Wrist rocket 314 Desert eagle 223 Mini bazooka 240 Big ass blade 293 Peace and death 345 Molotov molly 212 Bucky the butcher 60 Flame thrower and fuel 73 Gold assault rifle 21 Gold desert eagle 34 Skin (Male) Rhubarbed 433 Avocado 447 Diet grape 434 Pink lemonade 409 Creamed soda 432 Banana yellow 446 Five leaf clover 431 Orangecicle 446 Limeade 438 Radioactive glow 21 Liquid plutonium 29 Ice green 441 Radioactive swirl 64 Radioactive green glow 5 Radioactive orange glow 5 Radioactive yellow glow 6 Radioactive purple glow 6 Eyes (Male) Driving shades 269 Busted aviators 235 Readers 238 Safety goggles 155 Haf-eyes 337 Eye patch 331 Pilot goggles 170 Angry eyes 375 Stoakleys 219 Bionic eye 76 Deadpan eyes 354 My what big eyes you have 82 Skull goggles 166 Nerd glasses 247 Pyro glow goggles 63 Inuit sunglasses 160 Snake-eye glasses 89 Glowing eyes 40 Rockety man shades 251 Holographic goggles 66 X-paint 236 Rainbow blades 232 The jeweler 80 Busted aviators glowing 1 Eye patch glowing 2 Glowing orange 4 Readers glowing 2 Stoakleys glowing 1 Driving shades glowing 2 Glowing green 2 Glowing purple 2 Pilot goggles glowing 1 X-paint glowing 1 Inuit sunglasses glowing 2 Glowing yellow 1 Safety goggles glowing 1 Headwear (Male) Fade 216 Plutonium pink 151 Basic black 233 Winter's frost 158 Royal headband 140 Radioactive hair 122 Tie-died helmet 154 Flat topped 210 Leather footballer 139 Welder's mask 119 Little boy brown 213 Curled mohawk 164 Peaky b. 222 Blade beanie 151 Bazooka boys cap 144 Danger dreads 141 Fucking hippies 230 Keep on truckin' 142 Lizard mohawk 162 White sidewalls 130 Five alarm fire 137 Cowboy boomstick 110 Blight vision 97 Afro 216 Spike implants 117 Rainbow leprechaun 169 Spiked helmet 106 Brew crew hat 133 Army helmet 36 Fox helmet 31 Clothing (Male) Sweet tarts and leather apron 89 Tutu and tatts 176 Post-apoc pizza 125 Hung-overalls 406 Soy un ninja 403 Wasteland managagement 142 Duct tape sport coat 377 Tactical vest and leather chaps 207 Fireman's coat and track pants 118 Catchers vest and football pants 210 Tighty whiteys 199 Bandolero boy 60 Jersey and hefty bag pants 355 Jeff's robe 76 Duster 367 Cargos and spiked shoulder pads 189 Neverlast 192 Trashed tux 26 Lumberjacked 41 Football pads and grape smugglers 186 I want my mummy 123 Bullet proof 84 Ringer-t and sawed off shotty 69 Yellow track suit and nun-chucks 34 Chainmailed and boardshorted 212 Cyber punked 27 Mouth (Male) Band-aid 294 Shit eating grin 312 Brace face 319 Hockey-toothed grin 276 Red licorice 203 Shroom hunter 225 Straight 338 Mangy beard 224 Whistle 213 Duct tape sutures 310 Varmit skin mask 60 Shark grin 122 Dain bramage 116 Rabbit bone 205 Fully leaded pencil 203 Bandana 95 Trucker stache 225 Vampire bullets 113 Dagger 49 Metal mouth 121 Just joking 247 Bear mask 44 Spare round 112 Respirator 67 Footwear (Male) Waffle stompers 291 Checkered high tops 543 Flip flops 280 Duct tape socks 514 Snakebit boots 39 Big toe bandage 513 Air apocalypses 180 Yellow docs 202 Spiked flipity flops 255 Cleats and shinguards 172 Heavy duty moto boots 185 Croc-toes 80 Tube socks 524 Skatey 180's 292 Mukluks 78 Chuckity-t's 263 Moon boots 82 Accessory (Male) Ruger 198 Croquet shark 186 Machete and skull charm 283 Robo-hand 286 Alpoo and invisi-doge 177 Nail gun and silver(ware) bullets 221 Knuckle gun 280 One way shield and spear 212 Trap and supper 190 Cutty spear 302 Homemade gun 218 Oil filter silenced revolver 187 Apocalypse scissor hands 211 Shotgun and bayonet 171 Crossbow 188 Arrow gatling 228 T-pee 182 Axe handle and skull shield 66 Weed whacker 34 Multi-blade 286 Fudweisers 181 Silence of the uzi 53 White russian 30 Rocket yeeter 38 Shroom essentials 63 Gold ruger 22 Kidnapped Yes 2 Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 690 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 940 basis points Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse editors list The approved editor's accounts of Nuclear Nerds of the Accidental Apocalypse collection are 0xefc83375b4bf4e9011a8bc716bdaada4e043e90d, 0xefc83375b4bf4e9011a8bc716bdaada4e043e90d, 0xfdb0dee282b8d225403044d58acc87f951ba0ba3. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
59 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Fancy Bears Metaverse Price, Stats, and Review
Fancy Bears Metaverse is a Dynamic NFT collection of 8888 programmatically generated avatars on the Ethereum blockchain. Bears love yachts, good vibes --- and Honey. All the girls love Fancy Bears! We invented the Trait Swap, the first Dynamic NFTs platform, where you can personalize your PFPs with traits from different high end brands. We have 50+ partners coming from the cryptospace, fashion, lifestyle and NFT sectors, including Binance,, eToro, Vlaunch, GamerHash, Diesel and manyothers. Check our website to learn more about Fancy Bears We created Dynamic NFTs - Trait Swap | Fancy Honey Jars | Personalize your Fancy Bear The total number of owners has reached 2769. NFT Collection Fancy Bears Metaverse Price and Sales The market capitalization of Fancy Bears Metaverse NFT collection is 1,939.36 ETH. For all time, 9,995 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.47 ETH (~$722.96 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 4,717.073 ETH. The floor price of Fancy Bears Metaverse is 0.1967 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 35.45 ETH. The payment tokens of the Fancy Bears Metaverse collection are ETH, WETH. Fancy Bears Metaverse traits list Locked Honey Min 0 Max 598000 Level Min 0 Max 15 Eth Eaten Min 5 Max 5 Honey Eaten Min 35500 Max 8981500 Honey In Vesting Min 0 Max 123794 Honey In Hive Min 0 Max 1196000 Last updated Min 1646434500.058 Max 1646434951.521 Last update Min 1646485346.21 Max 1674056541 Background Yellow 541 Green 606 Bright green 672 Baby blue 707 Bright blue 497 Violet 466 Bright red 559 Blue 543 Lemon yellow 606 Purple 485 Pink 565 Dark blue 355 Grey 537 Dark grey 329 Dark violet 420 Fur Black 929 Green 775 Grey 475 Dark brown 676 Creamy 419 White 585 Beige 504 Brown 1085 Pink 316 Blue 304 Violet 556 Yellow leopard 212 Wine hearts 132 Galaxy 84 Red 348 Zebra 99 Rainbow 61 Silver 278 Golden 50 Clothes Jeans vest 177 Striped hoodie 172 Skull tee 160 Heart tee 195 Basketball top 207 Doctor bear 102 Black polo 254 Rockstar top 155 Clown costume 159 Leather belt 138 Distressed top 153 Roman toga 132 Rave suit 142 Doorman suit 157 Life jacket 104 Dungarees 177 Pineapple shirt 131 Blue dress 208 Leather jacket 140 Brown coat 192 Bat suit 110 Mermaid suit 119 Silver necklace 92 Grey v neck 32 Alien top 208 Violet robe 185 White top 163 Bloody bandage 212 Flowers top 161 Super suit 99 Black hoodie 250 White wings 51 Tie die tee 122 Royal robe 60 Yellow polo 38 Star tee 28 Striped tee 144 Striped tracksuit 167 Grey hoodie 37 Gold chain 175 Dracula costume 71 Hippie tee 174 Dollar necklace 59 Space suit 35 Dotted shirt 23 None 1818 Eyes Scared 417 Monocle 353 Suspicious 387 Embarassed 479 Sunglasses 365 Buttons 412 Holes 358 Angry 420 Eye patch 385 Tired 420 Tribal 375 Eyeshadow 387 Closed 449 Red sunglasses 426 Hearts 421 Spider 107 Golden x 386 Wink 376 Shy 375 Stoned 390 Seer 114 Laser 34 Walker 52 Ears Earphones 1242 Classic 1404 Tooth 1269 Golden earrings 1344 Silver earring 1335 Patch 1294 Hat Viking helmet 194 Red bow 189 Doorman hat 198 Pink afro 166 Kids cap 166 Winter hat 184 Birthday streamer 187 Top hat 177 Blonde bob 174 Wizard hat 194 Elvis cut 175 Baseball cap 196 Arrow in apple 164 Construction helmet 151 Brown goggles 181 Rastafari dreads 186 Policeman cap 162 Jester hat 164 Paper hat 178 Black wig 37 Pointy mohawk 188 Mohawk 179 Grass 207 Blue nightcap 157 Sombrero 174 Graduation cap 188 Blue fullcap 146 Single flower 175 Cowboy hat 208 Bird 106 Firestarter cut 77 Devil horns 35 Alien antennae 90 Birthday cap 170 Pink fringe 180 Honey jar 95 Green marker 133 Red fez 25 Shining aureola 72 Royal crown 50 Yellow fringe 39 Wreath 103 Pink undercut 27 Bucket hat 31 Unicorn horn 39 None 1571 Mouth Wrinkled 208 Lipstick 191 Thinking 224 Genie 197 Cigarette 190 Smiling unshaved 219 Teeth grillz 240 Grumpy unshaved 210 Hungry 200 Romantic 202 Nose ring 216 Smile 216 Vampire 195 Fancy 1515 Toothpick 200 Mustache 173 Pipe 162 Lick 214 Birthday 182 Love 208 Tongue 182 Mumbling 227 Chewing gum 216 Surprised 203 Eating 209 Braces 204 Kiss 214 Bite 237 Grumpy 195 Sewn up 200 Golden tooth 220 Angry 219 V2 Background Turquoise 109 Light red 28 Mellow yellow 17 Sunset strip 18 Grean peas 20 Galaxy 4 Blue lagoon 31 Red dragon 20 Green peas 19 Starless night 27 Dusty green 13 Battlefield 3 Salmon pink 7 Pop star 33 Korean background 21 Yankee background 9 Confetti background 3 V2 Clothes Floral shirt 59 Royal robe 14 Space suit 10 Super suit 16 Jail suit 33 Grey hoodie 16 White wings 13 Dracula costume 7 Leather jacket 19 Striped tracksuit 13 Dollar necklace 27 Gold chain 28 Skull tee 5 Flowers top 2 Pineapple shirt 9 Black hoodie 34 Bat suit 18 Roman toga 12 Tie die tee 6 Doctor bear 6 Violet robe 3 Leather belt 3 Star tee 11 Alien top 3 Black polo 5 Bloody bandage 3 Dungarees 9 Blue dress 3 Basketball top 3 Diver suit 26 White top 3 Clown costume 5 Striped hoodie 1 Heart tee 5 Doorman suit 6 Life jacket 2 Elvis presley 3 Swat 2 Jeans vest 4 Galaxy costume 2 Thawb 1 Palm tree printed set 19 Poker bomber jacket 13 Pink puffer jacket 13 Skater hoodie 16 Circles orange jacket 18 Rainbow vest set 8 Kimono 12 Pharaoh necklace 5 Julius caesar suit 9 Dwarf suit 1 Astronaut 7 Rockstar top 2 Antivirus 3 Ironbear 3 Assassin suit 5 T-rex 2 Dark weed hoodie 23 Mariner striped shirt 6 Office after hours 10 Rainbow sweater 16 Floral pattern set 12 Rock wings 4 Stripe ortalion blouse 6 Branded polo golf 7 Suit 1 Red leather jacket 9 Baggy brown sweatshirt 3 Ramones biker jacket 15 Baseball shirt with long sleeve 14 Oversized hoodie with skull 7 Relaxed striped sweater 3 Weed logo t-shirt in pastel pink 11 Star pattern hoodie 14 Red zebra hoodie 11 Oversized shirt in mono stripe 3 Anime t-shirt 4 Illuminated green hoodie set 6 Wagmi 17 Flames sweater 6 Oversized jersey jacket with shirt 5 Varsity bomber jacket in green 15 Essential grey t-shirt with crossbody bag 3 Print shirt with tied sweater 3 Sand jacket with gold vintage necklace 6 Fuchsia blazer 10 Urban hoodie 13 Red suit 9 Contrast stitch jacket 5 Silver jeans jacket 2 Dark print shirt with tied sweater 4 Cotton monogram shirt 3 Jeanes vest 3 Orange shirt with cotton vest 2 Monogram sweater 2 Jeans rock jacket 5 Skinny suit jacket in pink 5 Tie-die violet blouse 2 Grunge neon set 7 Sand vest set 3 S print vest with gold necklace set 2 Print track jacket 3 Fb logo blouse 4 Spray jacket 1 Golden boxing robe 4 Silver puffer jacket 1 Korean set 3 Pop star vest 5 Woolen aztec sweater 1 Latex suit 2 Dark grey turtleneck 2 Peachy set 1 Silver tracksuit 3 White swag jacket 4 Neon green zebra hoodie 1 Zipper jacket 1 Brown aviator jacket 1 Snake print bomber jacket 2 Infinity metallic top 1 Haute couture digital shirt 2 Wavy organic digital top 2 Steel futuristic look 2 High fashion steel look 2 Futuristic pointed top in pastel shades 4 Multicolor wool sweater 2 Japanese yankee jacket 1 Biomechanical top 3 Purple floral futuristic coat 4 Brown blazer 1 Checked vintage suit 1 Beige suede jacket 1 B-day t-shirt 2 V2 Mouth Grumpy unshaved 2 Birthday 3 Smile 11 Pipe 17 Golden tooth 8 Chewing gum 20 Romantic 5 Teeth grillz 24 Smiling unshaved 18 Mustache 5 Hungry 6 Cigarette 4 Love 18 Toothpick 7 Fancy 13 Lipstick 7 Braces 2 Thinking 1 Nose ring 7 Tongue 1 Surprised 5 Bite 1 Angry 3 Vampire 3 Sewn up 5 Kiss 1 Lick 5 Genie 4 Grumpy 9 Smoke weed leaf 14 Mumbling 2 420 smoke 16 Strawberry smoke 15 Warrior snout 1 Cocktail umbrella 23 Gold teeth 30 Humming snout 38 Patch snout 7 Smile snout 33 Mouth with fish 4 Yankee mouth 5 B-day snout 2 V2 Hat Devil horns 9 Wreath 2 Pink fringe 5 Orange beanie 58 Pointy mohawk 6 Alien antennae 2 Alien head 10 Royal crown 14 Shining aureola 6 Green marker 5 Honey jar 19 Bandana 29 Unicorn horn 13 Doorman hat 3 Top hat 8 Mohawk 15 Red fez 9 Cowboy hat 7 Pink afro 5 Baseball cap 14 Rastafari dreads 13 Blue fullcap 5 Bird 10 Blue nightcap 1 Sombrero 2 Brown goggles 11 Graduation cap 2 Paper hat 2 Single flower 2 Arrow in apple 2 Blonde bob 2 Yellow fringe 2 Squidhat 20 Diver mask 10 Rice hat 14 Catmask 6 Construction helmet 1 Elvis cut 3 Birthday streamer 3 Viking helmet 4 Birthday cap 1 Red bow 3 Firestarter cut 3 Mind control helmet 1 Swat 2 Grass 3 Kefija 1 Flames helmet 2 Galaxy helmet 4 Cowboy hat 2 4 T-rex 2 Winter hat 1 Bearhartt green full cap 15 Weed leaf bucket hat 14 Ribbed brown beanie 7 Purple beanie 9 Striped baseball cap 4 Wizard hat 1 Geisha hair 5 Laurel wreath 15 Squid game mask 4 Pharaoh crown 13 Roach 10 Dwarf helmet 1 Astronaut 6 Antivirus 3 Assassin hood 8 Gas mask 2 Space hat 1 Dark weed full cap 17 Mariner hat 8 Red hood 1 Three pink horns 4 Orange flowers bucket hat 5 Red bandana 17 Slouchy beanie hat in black 14 Illuminated bucket hat 9 Logo cuffed beanie in white 19 Weed leaf logo beanie in pin 16 Bear paw baseball cap 23 Denim baseball cap 9 Short cuff orange beanie 10 Purple single stripe fisherman beanie 4 Dark green full cap 7 Lime bucket hat 3 Black full cap with star 14 Fisherman yellow beanie 8 Pink pom beanie 11 Ribbed beanie 15 Hipster beanie 8 Money heist mask 5 High green beanie 3 Beanie hat with deep turn up in yellow 5 Pop star hat 5 Old school pink cap 1 Yankee hair 13 Traditional korean hat 5 Burgundy full cap 1 Stay fancy baseball cap 2 Fbm baseball cap 3 Beige cap 1 Goalie mask 3 Reversed denim cap 3 Gray sombre short hair 1 Party hat 2 V2 Eyes Embarassed 6 Angry 16 Walker 27 Stoned 7 Welding goggles 83 Wink 1 Tribal 11 Laser 11 Holes 3 3d glasses 39 Seer 15 Sunglasses 24 Eye patch 14 Red sunglasses 30 Monocle 12 Hearts 10 Eyeshadow 11 Golden x 14 Closed 4 Shy 7 Spider 13 Suspicious 2 Scared 20 Tired 5 Buttons 1 Brown vintage sunglasses 15 Metal red light sunglasses 21 Neon sunglasses 15 Red dopy eyes 21 Sleep mask 3 Wayfarer 22 Fur glasses 10 Squared vintage sunglasses with pink lens 13 Retro brown sunglasses 6 Round old-style sunglasses 22 Blue aviator glasses in gold 21 Brown aviator sunglasses 21 Cat eye sunglasses in neon pink 2 Round vintage sunglasses 18 Sport neon green sunglasses 6 Round sunglasses with polarised lens 7 Fancy shape pink sunglasses 3 Black round sunglasses with lenses 4 Black vintage sunglasses 6 Vintage cat eye orange sunglasses 3 Dollar eyes 21 Dreaming eyes 5 Mild eyes 3 Oversize rectangle sunglasses in beige 4 Stars eyes 8 Clubmaster glasses 7 Heart eyes 6 Futuristic glasses 5 Wrap beige sunglasses 1 Black'n'white sunglasses 3 Hex framed sunglasses in blue 1 Oversized black cat eye sunglasses 5 Black square sunglasses 3 Black cat eye sunglasses 2 V2 Ears Classic 28 Earphones 20 Golden earrings 26 Silver earring 3 Tooth 9 Patch 5 Fancy pods 21 Chunky hoop 8 Single erring with emerald 15 Yankee earrings 16 Double white earrings 10 Pop star microphone 15 V2 Special Party bear 1 Ghost lightning 1 Honey bear 1 Fire bear 1 Atlantis 1 Filled with gold 1 Pink swag 1 Safari bear 1 Purple panther 1 Dark fairy 1 Fancy wintertime 8 Honey Jars Claimed 4550 Unclaimed 638 V2 (Old) Background Light red 32 Sunset strip 5 Mellow yellow 8 Turquoise 90 Green peas 11 Galaxy 2 V2 (Old) Clothes Palm tree printed set 11 Pink puffer jacket 4 Dollar necklace 19 Gold chain 17 Grey hoodie 14 Suit 1 Kimono 4 Heart tee 2 Jail suit 29 White wings 13 Space suit 13 Dracula costume 8 Skater hoodie 9 Dark weed hoodie 9 Dungarees 1 Charity 1 Poker bomber jacket 6 Floral shirt 60 Dwarf suit 1 Rainbow sweater 1 Julius caesar suit 5 Rainbow vest set 1 Stripe ortalion blouse 1 Striped tracksuit 6 Leather jacket 11 Violet robe 2 Bat suit 9 Leather belt 2 Black hoodie 12 Star tee 7 Diver suit 12 T-rex 1 Pharaoh necklace 5 Basketball top 2 Galaxy costume 2 Assassin suit 2 Skull tee 3 Tie die tee 4 Flowers top 2 Elvis presley 4 Ironbear 2 Pineapple shirt 6 Swat 3 Doctor bear 5 Super suit 8 Floral pattern set 2 Striped hoodie 4 Royal robe 10 Blue dress 2 Thawb 2 Roman toga 7 Circles orange jacket 2 White top 2 Mariner striped shirt 2 Clown costume 2 Doorman suit 1 Life jacket 1 Black polo 2 Antivirus 1 Bloody bandage 2 Mermaid suit 2 V2 (Old) Mouth Smoke weed leaf 12 Pipe 18 Hungry 5 Smile 9 Fancy 7 Mustache 7 Eating 2 Smiling unshaved 11 Nose ring 5 Wrinkled 1 Love 8 Teeth grillz 17 Lick 2 Golden tooth 12 Surprised 1 Angry 6 Thinking 1 Bite 2 Cigarette 4 Romantic 9 Chewing gum 8 Grumpy 1 Birthday 1 Toothpick 1 Tongue 3 Genie 2 Lipstick 2 Braces 2 Kiss 1 Sewn up 1 Grumpy unshaved 1 V2 (Old) Eyes Metal red light sunglasses 10 Laser 17 Tribal 15 Monocle 10 Welding goggles 89 Sunglasses 18 Angry 10 Red dopy eyes 4 Red sunglasses 21 Holes 6 Stoned 7 Brown vintage sunglasses 7 Eye patch 15 3d glasses 37 Spider 7 Walker 15 Wayfarer 3 Hearts 5 Seer 11 Shy 4 Eyeshadow 5 Golden x 1 Buttons 1 Neon sunglasses 3 Wink 2 Tired 1 Suspicious 2 Embarassed 3 Scared 3 Closed 1 V2 (Old) Ears Fancy pods 13 Golden earrings 21 Classic 20 Earphones 24 Patch 1 Tooth 5 Chunky hoop 3 Silver earring 6 V2 (Old) Hat Purple beanie 7 Royal crown 20 Bandana 28 Flames helmet 1 Geisha hair 1 Viking helmet 3 Devil horns 14 Brown goggles 5 Orange beanie 42 Bearhartt green full cap 6 Weed leaf bucket hat 15 Cowboy hat 2 Bird 8 Shining aureola 4 Pharaoh crown 8 Roach 1 Single flower 2 Laurel wreath 6 Mohawk 14 Paper hat 1 Ribbed beanie 4 Alien antennae 4 Rice hat 11 Unicorn horn 13 Diver mask 10 Dark weed full cap 4 Alien head 3 Sombrero 3 Red fez 6 Wreath 3 Galaxy helmet 2 Assassin hood 2 Honey jar 9 Yellow fringe 5 Baseball cap 4 Blue nightcap 1 Catmask 7 Cowboy hat 2 1 Green marker 5 Swat 3 Doorman hat 3 Squidhat 7 Squid game mask 1 Red bow 2 Pink fringe 4 Kefija 2 Orange flowers bucket hat 1 Top hat 2 Arrow in apple 1 Blue fullcap 3 Mind control helmet 3 Rastafari dreads 4 Mariner hat 2 Construction helmet 1 Pink afro 1 Pointy mohawk 3 Elvis cut 4 Antivirus 1 Winter hat 1 Space hat 1 V2 (Old) Special Water bear 1 Fancy Bears Metaverse fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 1000 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 1250 basis points Fancy Bears Metaverse editors list The approved editor's accounts of Fancy Bears Metaverse collection are 0xb357e7575a780980e4cee86654a6acd0cc13b77f, 0xa47a381b96a9f33997881c698437547adc2d1dac, 0xe64581f067cfdce58657e3c0f58175e638c30f2b. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
65 days ago coindesk
Hive Blockchain Deploys First Intel-Powered Bitcoin Mining Machines
The Canadian miner expects the machines to bring 110 to 130 terrash/second of computing power each.
69 days ago coindesk
Hive Earned 184 BTC From Curtailing Its Power Use in December — That's Almost As Much As it Mined
The miner has also installed the first Buzzminers, computers it designed using Intel's new bitcoin mining chip.
87 days ago cryptodaily
Tokenized Guilds: Get the Best Out of Web3 Gaming
Image Source The gaming industry has come a long way since its humble beginnings of playing Pac-Man in a dimly lit corner of the arcade. These days, it's possible to play with people from all over the world in massive, multiplayer games. From titles such as League of Legends and DOTA 2 to the increasingly popular battle royale games like Fortnite and Apex Legends – gaming has become an incredibly social experience. Enter the concept of gaming guilds. These clans of like-minded players have become a popular way for gamers to socialize and show their skills while forming tight-knit communities, and it looks as though the power of Web3 technology is about to bring a whole new spin to the idea. What are gaming guilds? To put it simply, a gaming guild (also known as a clan) is an organized group of players that play together in the same game. They often have their own distinct identities and special features, such as logos and colors, that help set them apart from other guilds. Guilds are a great way for players to meet new people, learn from each other, and compete against other guilds to prove their skills. They can also offer members rewards for playing together and taking part in events, while also uniting fans of eSports and other gaming-related content. You can find guilds that are dedicated to just one game, such as those you will find on World of Warcraft servers, or larger guilds that operate across multiple games and genres. Here are some popular examples of the latter, all of which operate as professional eSport teams in the Web2 gaming world: Fnatic – A world-renowned eSports organization focused mainly on Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends. Team Liquid – A professional eSports team founded in 2000 and based in the Netherlands, with teams for nearly all major competitive games. FaZe Clan – An American eSports organization that specializes in first-person shooter and battle royale titles such as Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, and Apex Legends. Of course, there are also more casual Web2 guilds that are perfect for people who just want to hang out and have some fun without the pressure of competition. The tokenization of gaming guilds Web3 has opened up a world of possibilities across just about every industry, and gaming is no exception. As such, for the guilds that want to take things up a notch, tokenization offers some exciting opportunities. By using blockchain technology, guild owners are able to create and manage their own digital tokens, which they can use to reward members for activities such as playing together, competing in tournaments, or even creating content. These tokens can also be used to buy and sell virtual assets, such as skins or in-game items, giving guilds a chance to generate their own revenue streams and create a secondary marketplace for their members. This is an exciting proposition for gamers, as it gives them the chance to own a piece of something bigger than themselves and potentially generate some income from their favorite games. For guild owners, it can also be a great way to incentivize and reward their members, while also providing them with more control over how their guild operates. How tokenized gaming guilds will function At a basic level, tokenized gaming guilds will work in much the same way as traditional guilds. Members will join the guild and have access to certain privileges and benefits, such as being able to chat in the guild’s dedicated channels, access exclusive tournaments and events, receive rewards for playing together, and even earn digital tokens for their activities. However, the key difference is that these tokens will be stored on a blockchain and will be transferable to other players or even outside exchanges. This means that members can use the tokens to buy and sell virtual assets, as well as earn rewards for their participation in the guild. While this is still a relatively new concept, there are already some exciting projects that are exploring how tokenized gaming guilds could function. For example, Legendary: Heroes Unchained (LHU) is a brand new, play-to-own RPG game built from the ground up for blockchain by N3twork Studios. Within LHU, which is set in the same world as the blockbuster mobile hit Legendary: Game of Heroes, players can join or create their own gaming guilds and earn digital tokens through events, tournaments, and other activities. With the help of blockchain technology, LHU's in-game items are stored as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Ethereum network, meaning that players can buy and sell their loot for real money. This raises the stakes for guilds and clans, as the game’s digital economy adds a whole new level of competition. Interestingly, Fnatic also looks like it has its eyes set on establishing a presence in the Web3 space. The eSports team recently partnered with Hivemind Capital, a Web3 investment firm, in order to ‘accelerate Fnatic’s ability to partner as well as natively develop and scale web3 applications across its award-winning esports platform.’ Speaking about the partnership, the CEO and Founder of Fnatic, Sam Matthews, had this to say: “The partnership with Hivemind represents a big step for us towards a world where every gamer owns their digital assets and most games have an app-store-like developer-user ecosystem that’s transparent, thriving and enables millions more gamers to make a living from gaming.” Final word With the introduction of Web3 to the gaming world, it will be interesting to see how tokenized gaming guilds develop. With the potential to earn rewards and compete in tournaments, as well as buy and sell virtual items, these new types of guilds could introduce a whole new level of social interaction and competition to the gaming landscape. Only time will tell whether these guilds will become popular and stay around for the long haul, but there’s no denying that they could be a game-changer for the industry. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Crypto Miner Hive Cuts Computing Power Forecast for Intel Chip-Based Rigs
The Canadian firm said it would receive 5,800 machines by end-January, raking in upwards of 630 PH/s.
108 days ago cryptodaily
DappRadar: Blockchain Gaming Activity Hardly Impacted by FTX Crypto Blast
Kaunas, Lithuania, 1st December, 2022, ChainwireDappRadar, the global dapp store, said today in a report the blockchain gaming sector showed strong resilience throughout the month of November, despite negative pressure on the wider crypto industry that resulted from the collapse of the once-popular FTX cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain games brought almost half of the blockchain activity DappRadar's latest Blockchain Games Report shows that blockchain gaming activity largely managed to brush off the events at FTX. The number of daily unique active wallets (UAW) averaged 800,875 in November, down slightly from just over 900,000 UAWs in the previous two months. All told, blockchain games accounted for a healthy 46% of all blockchain activity, ensuring it remains the biggest segment in the overall crypto space, ahead of decentralized finance. The most popular blockchain for gaming was, once again, Wax, which actually saw an increase in daily activity with an average of 344,284 daily UAWs in November, up more than 4% from October. BNB Chain was the second-most popular gaming protocol in October with an average of 171,269 dUAW but took a big hit in November and that number decreased by 35%. Taking BNB Chain’s spot as the second-most popular gaming protocol in November was Hive, which also declined from the previous month by 8%, but maintained an average of 156,369 dUAW this month. There were a number of blockchains that suffered as a result of the fallout from the FTX collapse, though. In particular, gaming on the Solana blockchain - which was closely linked to FTX - appears to have taken a big hit.In November, it saw its gaming activity fall by a stunning 89.42% to just 2,326 daily UAWs, the lowest number it has registered thus far. Top-ranking games pick up speed while metaverses take a hit in sales Most of the games ranking in the top ten in terms of users put in a strong showing throughout the month. For instance, the Wax-based Alien Worlds managed to grow its user base by an impressive 25% to emerge as the most-played game of all, with 212,000 dUAWs. Splinterlands came in at number two with 169,000 dUAWs, up 5% from the previous month, November was a busy month for metaverse gamers too, with The Sandbox completing one of its most hyped events thus far, Alpha Season 3, with more than 353,000 unique users across 98 brand-generated experiences. While The Sandbox saw its NFT trading volume fall by around 33% last month to just over $1 million, it ended the month by announcing another big land sale. The upcoming sale promises to be a big event, with The Sandbox poised to auction off 1,967 LANDs, including 50 estates, 695 regular LANDs, 134 premium LANDs and 19 one-of-one LANDs. Both standard and premium LAND sales will be allocated via a blind ballot system. The sales actually kicked off on Nov. 24 and will continue until early in the New Year, so don't be surprised to see a significant uptick in The Sandbox's trading volume next month. Another popular metaverse, Decentraland, also witnessed a decline in November, with trading volume down 54% and sales down more than 23%. The decline in metaverse land sales is almost certainly a consequence of the goings on at FTX, which helped to accelerate a decline in land trading volume that began in July. It'll be interesting to see if the new LAND sale at The Sandbox can help to arrest the slide or not. Despite the decline in metaverse sales, the health of the blockchain gaming space looks positive overall, especially if the amount of cash being thrown at it from investors is anything to go by. The report notes that blockchain games and metaverse projects raised a combined $534 million in new funding throughout November. The highlight of the month was Web3 games publisher Fenix Games, which raised a hefty $150 million in the month to acquire, invest and distribute its portfolio of blockchain games. About DappRadar Founded in 2018, DappRadar is the The World's Dapp Store: a global decentralized applications (dapps) store, which makes it easy for its base of more than 1 million users per month to track, analyze, and discover dapp activity via its online platform. The platform currently hosts more than 12,000 dapps across 49 protocols and offers a plethora of consumer-friendly tools, including comprehensive NFT valuation, portfolio management, and daily industry-leading, actionable insight. Socials: Twitter - Discord - Reddit - Telegram - FacebookContactDan [email protected]
124 days ago cointelegraph
Hive Blockchain revenue declines by 44% Y/Y despite overall mining production surge
The company mined 31% more Bitcoin than in the same quarter last year.
124 days ago cryptodaily
Paris, France, 15th November, 2022, ChainwireTeam Vitality is pleased to announce the launch of the mobile app: V.Hive, the first support-to-earn mobile app in esports based on blockchain. The pioneering mobile app is built on Tezos, the world’s most advanced blockchain and is available now on iOS and Android devices. This launch brings the Team Vitality community closer to the brand and its gaming stars than ever before, leveraging the power of Web3. The goal of V.Hive is to be the most advanced and entertaining fan engagement mobile app that rewards the community for supporting and championing Team Vitality. A seamless expansion of the eponymous Team Vitality HQ in the heart of Paris, V.Hive invites users to create their own digital identities as stylish insectoid avatars and customise them with exclusive wearables. Fans can earn rewards by engaging and supporting Team Vitality at events and on social media, and climb the V.Hive leaderboard by completing engagement quests. User rewards include limited edition merchandise, access to events, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences with Team Vitality players, such as the #1 ranked CS:GO player in the world Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut. On November 17th at 18:00 CET Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality, will host a special live session on Vitality TV to discuss the launch of V.Hive and answer any questions fans have. The Co-founder will do a live demonstration of the application and explain everything that can be done: avatar customization, quests, rewards, and more, as well as reveal some surprises for the community. Team Vitality first announced their landmark partnership with the Tezos ecosystem in January 2022, one of the biggest in European esports history, and have since been building their community-first mobile app. In addition to engaging and rewarding the Team Vitality community, V.Hive has been designed to educate its fans on the Web3 universe and onboard them in a simple and accessible way. The brands have consistently delivered engaging content and drops for free to fans to onboard them ahead of the V.Hive launch. Phase 1 began with the launch of the V.Hive Pass in July which transformed into a mysterious egg in September ahead of hatching into user’s custom digital avatars for Phase 2, which began in October and introduced wearables, and concludes now with the launch of the V.Hive app! Movie The bees are on the move Tezos is the world’s most advanced and energy efficient blockchain, using proof of stake technology which has a significantly lower impact on the environment than proof of work technology, used by other market-leaders. The ground-breaking partnership will aim to engage the esports and gaming communities with blockchain and promote the sustainable development and use of the technologies. “We are so proud to finally launch our own app V.Hive! Our fans are digitally native and incredibly discerning when it comes to new technologies and platforms, so as we design V.Hive with Tezos, every feature we make or reward we introduce has to bring them real, and exclusive value. We believe Web3 and blockchain will play an important role in the future of the esports and gaming industry, and we can’t wait to start working even more closely with our amazing community.” said Nicolas Maurer CEO at Team Vitality. "Having worked closely alongside Team Vitality over the past several months on V.Hive, it is amazing to see the first fan-engagement mobile app coming to life on Tezos. I am thrilled to be part of this collaboration that directly empowers the Vitality fans, and I'm excited to see Team Vitality set an example of what fan engagement looks like in Web3.” stated Jan Albers, Head of Gaming Partnerships, Tezos Foundation. Download the V.Hive app now on iOS and Android Download pictures and mock up of V.Hive app here Watch the movie: The bees are on the move ENDS About Tezos Tezos is smart money, redefining what it means to hold and exchange value in a digitally connected world. A self-upgradable and energy-efficient Proof of Stake blockchain with a proven track record, Tezos seamlessly adopts tomorrow's innovations without network disruptions today. For more information, please visit About Team Vitality A global esports organization, Team Vitality is dedicated to the development of excellence and forging a new generation of esports athletes. Home to the world’s best players competing across eight games, Team Vitality’s goal is to dominate the European esports scene and become a serious contender at the biggest and most prestigious global tournaments. A worldwide recognised lifestyle and entertainment brand, Team Vitality and its talents have over 14 million followers across social media and carry industry leading partners including adidas and Tezos. Founded in 2013 by Nicolas Maurer and Fabien Devide, Team Vitality is headquartered in the heart of Paris in V.Hive, their state-of-the-art public esports complex, and its players train in V.Performance, a cutting edge facility in the iconic Stade de France. Team Vitality continues to expand beyond France, with presences in India and fields athletes and coaching staff of 16 different nationalities. Learn more at, and follow Team Vitality on social media: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: TikTok: Twitch: YouTube: [email protected]

About Hive?

The live price of Hive (HIVE) today is 0.440619 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Hive at 469,832,858.91 HIVE, its market capitalization stands at 207,017,216 USD. In the last 24 hours HIVE price has moved 0.008188 USD or 0.02% while 1,429,669 USD worth of HIVE has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of HIVE puts it at #172 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

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Hive Price0.440619 USD
Market Rank#172
Market Cap207,017,216 USD
24h Volume18,818,183 USD
Circulating Supply469,832,858.91 HIVE
Max SupplyNo data
Yesterday's Market Cap194,944,927.71 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.406306 USD / 0.414494 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.417937 USD / 0.399925 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.02% ( 0.008188 USD )
Yesterday's Volume1,429,669.07 USD
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