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1h ago zycrypto
Crypto To The Rescue: Over $9 Million Pledged To Turkey And Syria In Earthquake Response
Crypto asset donations towards victims of the devastating earthquakes in Syria and Turkey surpass $9 million with pledges from Binance, OKX, and Kucoin.
1h ago zycrypto
Troubling New Bombshell: SEC Reportedly Wants To Crack Down On Crypto Staking
As the United States regulators tighten their noose around cryptocurrency, rumours are swirling that the next target for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) could be crypto staking for retail investors.
1h ago zycrypto
Bitcoin Sees Spike in Transfer Fees Following Ordinals Launch
A week after Bitcoin's controversial NFT platform rocked the centre of crypto discussions, transaction fees on the blockchain are beginning to see a significant surge.
1h ago cryptodaily
Nervy crypto holders wait for next move
Two days of red candles for bitcoin and the altcoins has perhaps put the jitters into investors. Are we at the top or is there another leg to go? A nervy market awaits the next move. Bitcoin wicked down to the strong $22,300 support on Wednesday but came straight back up to rest at $22,600. Bitcoin is still in the sideways range between $22,300 and $24,300. As long as it continues within this range all is probably fine at least for the short term. A move from bitcoin to the upside would likely trigger the final altcoin pump and so that is what the market is waiting for. Obviously, the other side of the coin to this is a bitcoin breakdown, which could lead to a cascade of far more epic proportions in the alts. The risk environment for bitcoin doesn’t look too bad. The DXY Dollar Index has been rejected from the 103.5 level and is hovering at 102.9. It could probably be imagined that the breakdown will continue to the 101.5 level, but of course everything is based on probabilities. USDT Dominance has touched the top of a channel it has been in for almost 3 weeks and which it is respecting perfectly. It is also sitting on a trendline from December 2021, as well as a strong support at 6.48%. Bitcoin Dominance has reentered the top of an upwards slanting channel and is also holding strong support at 43.20%. A break here would see a continuance of the downward trend, and allow the alts to break loose once again. All in all, the market is at an important juncture right now. A strong break in either direction could very possibly be decisive in setting the next trend. If it is to the upside then it may not be for too many more days as bitcoin will come up against the $24,300 resistance and would face very strong resistance, perhaps leading to a larger correction. However, should the break be to the downside, then it might be expected that bitcoin takes a bit of a plunge, dragging the altcoins down with it. Of course, in the grand scheme of things this would all contribute to a more stable base, allowing price structure a longer period to solidify and giving investors more confidence in the next move upwards. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1h ago cryptodaily
bitsCrunch Launches Startup Program for Devs, Startups - Including NFT Analytics APIs
Munich, Germany, 9th February, 2023, ChainwirebitsCrunch is thrilled to announce the launch of its upcoming startup program as part of its commitment to bring more awareness and transparency of data to the NFT ecosystem. The latest initiative by the startup will include a comprehensive agenda to ramp up investment of its resources and innovation in the burgeoning industry. With this, bitsCrunch seeks to make NFT data more accessible to developers and startups building projects that add value to the market. At the same time, it will allow the community to drive adoption and innovation in the future. The startup program will allow developers and early-stage startups to utilise bitsCrunch’s analytics and risk-management tools to their advantage for free or for a marginal cost. Upon acceptance to the program, participants can expect helpful feedback and guidance from the firm’s technical team and obtain integration guides that will help them get the most out of this initiative. In addition, the product team will also offer technical assistance and early access to new updates under this program. “As leaders in data forensics and multi-chain analytics for the global NFT market, any innovations in the space need to be shared for the betterment of the industry. “ - cites Kevin Conabree, Global Head of Growth. The wide breadth of use cases can’t be done by only us, so we are excited to see how deep and wide other projects can go with the platforms and APIs we have created.’’ The minimum eligibility to apply for the program is having a solid use case of NFT data for each project. Having said that, the criteria to apply to differ for startups and developers. However, both are required to have a well-researched or tested idea that keenly focuses on NFT utilisation or protection. Members of the program will have special access to free, and then discounted/tiered pricing, that will be charged only when: Their project is live and has a certain amount of users/customers. They hit a certain amount of monthly API calls or active queries. Their monthly data or speed requirements from bitsCrunch hit a certain level. Follow this link to learn more about the eligibility criteria for the program: bitsCrunch Startup Program bitsCrunch has been taking several initiatives to create awareness of issues affecting the NFT ecosystem. It recently launched a community program that seeks to onboard individuals who can join its initiative as community contributors and follow a series of quests that will help bitsCrunch spread its mission across the wider web3 community. For the startup program, applications that meet our eligibility requirements will be reviewed and considered. If you or your firm is selected for the program, you will receive an E-mail from bitsCrunch team. To learn more about the program click here. To apply for it, fill out this application form. About bitsCrunch bitsCrunch is a leading global data analytics firm specialising in multi-chain insights for NFTs and digital assets. Established in 2020, we are pioneering crypto data forensics to allow retail, institutional, and venture investors to make better financing decisions through risk management tools and an all-encompassing analytics platform. Contact us here.ContactAjay [email protected]
1h ago cointelegraph
Here’s a list of countries that love the metaverse the most
56.8% of metaverse-related tweets coming from Vietnam were positive sentiments that show support for the concept.
1h ago zycrypto
America’s Oldest Bank, BNY Mellon, Affirms Institutional Investors “Absolutely Interested” In Crypto
An executive from the Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) has a broadly positive view of cryptocurrencies, seeing their growth in the face of market turbulence as proof of their viability.
1h ago cointelegraph
Tether assets exceed liabilities in new reserves report by BDO
As of Dec. 31, 2022, Tether’s consolidated assets amounted to at least $67 billion, exceeding consolidated liabilities by at least $960 million.
1h ago coindesk
DeFi Giant MakerDAO to Introduce Aave Rival Dubbed Spark Protocol
MakerDAO, the DeFi organization that facilitates the generation of the DAI stablecoin, is releasing Spark Protocol – a lending platform that will rival Aave.
1h ago coindesk
Umami Finance CEO Dumps All Tokens After Week-Long Drama, Leaving Crypto Hopefuls Stranded
The move followed on the back of Umami making changes to how its value accrual token worked.
1h ago cryptopotato
Argo Blockchain CEO Follows CFO in Stepping Down
Peter Wall will no longer be at the helm of Argo, while Seif El-Bakly will serve as Interim CEO.
1h ago coindesk
JPMorgan: Ethereum’s Shanghai Upgrade to Raise Staking Toward Proof-Of-Stake-Blockchain Average
Ethereum’s staking ratio is around 14% compared with an average of 60% for the other major PoS blockchains.
2h ago coindesk
CryptoQuant: Bitcoin Network Activity Spikes to Two-Year High Thanks to NFTs
Transactions are coming from the popularity of the recently-deployed protocol Ordinals, which allows for NFT-like tokens to be stored on-chain.
2h ago cryptodaily
SEC Prioritizes Scrutiny of Crypto and Emerging Tech in 2023
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that its top priorities for 2023 include cryptocurrencies and emerging technologies. On Tuesday, the Division of Examinations of the SEC announced its list of priorities for 2023. The Division of Examination conducts market analysis to identify potential risks. In a press release, the regulator named “crypto assets” and emerging technologies as critical areas of focus for the upcoming year. According to reports, the SEC claims it chose to focus on areas it believes pose the most significant potential risks to investors and the integrity of the U.S. capital markets. Chair of the SEC, Gary Gensler, said: In a time of growing markets, evolving technologies, and new forms of risk, our Division of Examinations continues to protect investors, Adding: In executing against the 2023 priorities, the Division will help ensure compliance with the federal securities laws and rules. SEC Will Monitor “Standards of Care” The Division will examine broker-dealers and investment advisors who use emerging financial technologies, including crypto assets, to protect investors better. The agency will assess whether the intermediaries are meeting the expected requirements of investors and whether they routinely review and update their risk management procedures. The SEC said its examination aims to ensure “adequate risk management and standards of care” are observed. According to the SEC’s statement: The division will conduct examinations of broker-dealers and RIAs that are using emerging financial technologies or employing new practices, including technological and on-line solutions, to meet the demands of compliance and marketing and to service investor accounts. Richard R. Best, director of the Division, said in a Tweet that the SEC is focusing on priorities in a “changing landscape,” as well as the risks associated with such changes. Today we announced the Division of Examinations 2023 priorities. The Division publishes its examination priorities annually to provide insights into its risk-based approach. For more: — U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (@SECGov) February 7, 2023 Other focus areas for the SEC in 2023 include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing and the cybersecurity of securities professionals. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2h ago cointelegraph
Arthur Hayes bets on Bitcoin, altcoin surge in H1 2023 as he buys BTC
The ex-BitMEX CEO announces a BTC deployment "over the coming days" amid hope that the good times will last for crypto until the middle of the year.
2h ago cointelegraph
Russian government subsidies crypto mining facility in Siberia
The facility, which is to open this year, will possess 30,000 crypto mining machines, hire 100 workers and consume 100 megawatts from the power grid.
3h ago cryptopotato
ETH Liquid Staking Coins Soar, Bitcoin Retraces Toward $22.5K (Market Watch)
Chainlink, Polygon, and LDO are today's top performers from the larger-cap alts.
3h ago coindesk
Celsius’ Proposed Extension for Wind-Up Opposed by Creditors, US Government
Plans to transform the bankrupt crypto lender into a “recovery corporation” are not a done deal, and the estate could still be liquidated, legal filings warn.
3h ago cryptodaily
CoinGecko And 21Shares Propose Crypto Classification Standards
CoinGecko and 21Shares recently released a report document on policy and classification standards to bridge the gap between policy makers and digital asset investors. Dubbed "The Global Crypto Classification Standard," the document provides a brief overview of the crypto industry and its often complicated terms and taxonomies. The research document is designed to provide clear definitions of crypto assets, enabling policy makers to make informed decisions if one were to navigate the burgeoning crypto and digital asset space. The document is also available for download and perusal on the CoinGecko website. CoinGecko is an independent crypto data aggregator, market intelligence, and analytics platform which provides comprehensive information for its users, including updated (and on certain points, real-time) data on cryptocurrency price, trade volumes, market capitalization, and other statistics relevant to investment decisions. 21Shares, on the other hand, is currently the industry's foremost issuer of ETPs (crypto exchange-traded products), a suite of financial products tied to crypto exchanges. Notably, 21Shares is a subsidiary of, founded by Ophelia Snyder and Hany Rashwan. is advised by Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest, an investment management firm. While the report aims to propose a standardization of the taxonomies for the crypto market, its makers have posted a disclaimer that they do not "guarantee the accuracy or completeness" of the report. This writer, for instance, has noticed several incongruencies in the document, in particular with the classifications for infrastructure-oriented Layer 2 solutions such as Polygon and Solana. The methodology behind the research work is particularly interesting. It deviates from traditional financial systems (TradFi) and classifications in that it proposes a non-linear variance between crypto assets and other use case offshoots that have bloomed off of these. The methodology introduces three "levels" of categorization, but also fails to define the areas where certain distinctions become blurred because of overlapping functionalities. The document does not go on to fully define what "general purpose" blockchains are, nor does it provide a differentiation between what they mean by "distributed machine states" and how "virtual machines" actually work, specifically if they are built based on DLTs (distributed ledger technologies) such as blockchains. There are also several typographic errors such as on page 8 of the document, where it misspells "programmability" on the section for Smart Contract Platforms. The document forms a great visual overview of how crypto has evolved in the past decade since its inception, and it's a laudable effort at that. This would be helpful for first-time investors, journalists, and corporate researchers trying to get a foothold into the crypto industry. "Cryptois still in the early days – but it is key to have a standard way to classify the asset class so investors can understand both the commonalities and differences between the various assets," shares Eliézer Ndinga, Director of Research at Perhaps most importantly, this document will help regulators and policymakers get a solid understanding of how far the crypto industry has evolved. The section classifying "Meme Tokens" as an asset class is particularly helpful, especially given the proliferation of scams and rug pulls across the industry. The Crypto and Web3 space is expanding at an exponential rate, with a trillion-dollar economy pushing it forth. Initiatives such as these are most welcome. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Opinions stated herein are solely of the author's, and hence do not represent or reflect CryptoDaily's position on the matter. The author has no stakes in any of the digital assets and securities mentioned, and does not have any significant hold of own any cryptocurrency or token discussed.
3h ago cryptopotato
Collector Crypt Closes Competitive Seed Round
[PRESS RELEASE – San Francisco, USA / California, 8th February 2023] Collector Crypt, a revolutionary startup bringing the $402 billion physical collectibles market to the Web3 space, has successfully closed its seed round, securing investments from GSR, Big Brain Holdings, FunFair Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Master Ventures Investment Management, StarLaunch, and Telos. Collector transforms the […]
3h ago cryptopotato
BNX to Undergo 1:100 Split to Boost Investor Confidence for BinaryX Games and Products
[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 9th February 2023] BinaryX, a Gamefi and IGO platform, today announced it will split its token, BNX. The decision was made after the project team ran a DAO vote and received overwhelmingly unanimous support (99.5%) to conduct the split. The exact timeline for the split will be announced on BinaryX’s […]
3h ago cryptopotato
Gala Music Takes Over Grammys Weekend to Discover Tomorrow’s Biggest Artists
[PRESS RELEASE – Los Angeles, California, 8th February 2023] Right before one of the biggest nights for recording artists, Gala Music, a global leader in Web3 music, ran an Open Mic event to find and celebrate undiscovered talent by holding auditions to win a career-making contract with the company. Up-and-coming musicians lined the street outside […]
3h ago cryptopotato and Coin98 Partnerrship Opens a New World of IRL Shopping Experience
[PRESS RELEASE – Vaduz, Liechtenstein, 8th February, 2023] integration launched in Coin98 Super App to provide the most elegant off-ramp solution for Web3 retail consumers globally. Coin98 Super App and have launched their latest plug-in integration and collaboration: the DApp is now available straight from the Coin98’s DApp Browser under the Utilities […]
3h ago cryptopotato
TRON DAO Establishes Artificial Intelligence Development Fund
[PRESS RELEASE – Geneva, Switzerland, 8th February 2023] TRON DAO is encouraging the blending of artificial intelligence technology with blockchain technology, announcing last week the establishment of a $100M USD Artificial Intelligence Development Fund. Four areas of focus have been initially identified: A.I. Service Payment Platform, A.I. Infused Oracles, A.I. Informed Investment Management Services, and […]

About Iungo?

The live price of Iungo (ING) today is ? USD, and with the current circulating supply of Iungo at 40,000,000 ING, its market capitalization stands at ? USD. In the last 24 hours ING price has moved ? USD or 0.00% while ? USD worth of ING has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of ING puts it at #1123 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Iungo blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency ING and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Iungo Price? USD
Market Rank#1123
Market Cap? USD
24h Volume? USD
Circulating Supply40,000,000 ING
Max SupplyNo data
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