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1h ago cryptodaily
LBank Exchange Will List LiveGreen Coin (LGC) on February 10, 2023
INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, 2nd February, 2023, ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list LiveGreen Coin (LGC) on February 10, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the LGC/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 11:00 UTC on February 10, 2023. With the power of blockchain and its community, LiveGreen Coin (LGC) is here to help reverse the impacts of climate change, enabling users to save the world while being rewarded financially. Its native token LGC will be listed on LBank Exchange at 11:00 UTC on February 10, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision. Introducing LiveGreen Coin Happy Panda Handels GmbH is an Austrian telecommunications company with several subsidiaries around the world, including Romania, Turkey and Tanzania. The company is newly founded, but has also provided an outstanding performance on the Western European markets in the past year. It deals with the trade of telecommunications equipment as well as the sale of solar panels. The head of the company considers it extremely important to give back to nature and the community. To make the planet greener, healthier and livable in the long term with the huge potential of cryptocurrency, LiveGreen Coin (LGC) was developed by HAPPY PANDA Handels GmbH, with an experienced team consists of cryptography experts, developers, business specialists and advisors, who have worked in companies and projects like Hungarian Vizsla Inu, VizslaSwap, Lamea, Neckermann, CryptoChip, BabyVizsla. Giving back to the community is the main goal of LGC project. The team wants to make a great impact on the environment, but not the way most people do. They want to make a change and make carbon footprint smaller. Happy Panda Handels GmbH has been working in the field of solar panels for years, but they wanted to do something different, something that not many companies have done before, enabling users to help the Earth and use their cryptocurrency at the same time, with the potential of earning money. Specifically speaking, LGC aims to focus on restoration and conservation practices, to both educate and communicate the importance of ecology in climate change. LGC also plans to help the wider public to better understand the importance of biodiversity and its role in a stable climate. The team is applying a financial incentive structure to restoring and protecting the environment, harnessing the power of blockchain and its community to help reverse the impacts of climate change. Additionally, in order to address the problems of fake news saying climate change is a hoax, the team is creating a new social network, where information and advertisements are carefully overviewed all the time, keeping users safe. LGC believes a key element of creating a more environmentally aware, sustainable society is through sensitizing local-scale communities and reconnecting them with nature and its ecosystems. The team would like to give the opportunity to every holder to take part in its non-profit grant program, where they can do small things to help the planet by becoming LGC holder and apply for their funds. The grant will be used by winners in order to benefit the future of the Earth. About LGC Token LGC is the native token of LiveGreen Coin project. CoinPhone will be the first place where users can use their LGC as an everyday mean of payment. The online shop is starting very soon, with a wide range of products to choose from. The biggest advantage is that users can get electronic devices at wholesale prices with LGC tokens and can even collect LGC tokens as part of a loyalty program. Based on BEP-20. LGC has a total supply of 1 billion (i.e., 1,000,000,000) tokens, of which 4% is allocated to founders, 5% is provided for salaries, 5% is provided for CEX liquidity, 12% will be used for marketing and development, 12% is provided for DEX liquidity, 20% is allocated for staking pools, 20% is provided for burn events, and the remaining 24% is allocated to investors. The circulating 678,232,114 LGC now (67,8%) and 321,767,886 (32,2%) LGC tokens burned. It collects a total of 8% tax on each buy/sell, of which 2% will be used for marketing, 3% will be rewards for the holders, 2% is provided for LP, and the remaining 1% will be burned. The LGC project is a CERTIK-audited project: LGC token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 11:00 UTC on February 10, 2023, investors who are interested in the LiveGreen Coin investment can easily buy and sell LGC token on LBank Exchange by then. The listing of LGC token on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market. Learn More about LGC Token: Website | Telegram | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube About LBank LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges, established in 2015. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and safe crypto trading to its users. The platform holds over 7 million users from more than 210 regions across the world. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users' funds and aims to contribute the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Start Trading Now: Community & Social Media: Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l LinkedIn l Instagram l YouTube ContactLBK Blockchain Co. [email protected]
17h ago cryptodaily
How Big Eyes Coin Is Leading The Way With High-Tech Innovation: How It Fares Against Bitcoin And Ethereum?
New entrant Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is raising the bar high for crypto players in the adoption of high-tech innovation. As we know, BIG is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that has taken the world by storm with its advanced technology. The meme coin has already stunned experts by raising a staggering more than $20.50 million in its presales. Innovation is the Name of the Game The innovative approach to blockchain technology has proven to be a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrencies. The innovation has rewarded the meme coin with many advantages over current leading cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at a few of them below: a) Enhanced Security One of the key features of Big Eyes Coin is its increased security. It uses a unique combination of cryptographic algorithms that makes it nearly impossible for hackers to compromise the system. This provides users with peace of mind knowing that their investments are secure and protected. The enhanced security is likely to add more value to the trust quotient in the minds of potential traders who are yet to experience the crypto world due to major security concerns. b) Reduced Transaction Time The use of high-tech innovation gives Big Eyes Coin a major advantage of high speed. Transactions are processed in a matter of seconds, making it one of the fastest cryptocurrencies available on the market. This is in stark contrast to many current leading cryptocurrencies, which can take several minutes or even hours to process a single transaction. The higher speed by BIG has set the bar high for its peers to expedite their transaction time. This will only help the overall crypto industry by shortening the transaction time, thereby resulting in bigger volumes. c) Highly-Advanced Consensus Algorithm Big Eyes Coin also boasts a highly advanced and efficient consensus algorithm, known as Proof of Stake. This algorithm allows for faster and more secure transactions, as well as lower energy consumption compared to other leading cryptocurrencies. This not only makes the network more environmentally friendly, but it also reduces the cost of transactions, making it more accessible to the masses. d) Ability to Handle More Transactions at Once The innovation gives Big Eyes Coin the ability to handle a large number of real-time transactions at once. This means that it can handle high levels of traffic without slowing down or experiencing any technical difficulties. This makes it ideal for large-scale applications and projects, where a high level of scalability is crucial. Innovative Approach to Win the Day Big Eyes Coin’s technology has proven to be more advanced than current leading cryptocurrencies in terms of security, speed, efficiency, and scalability. This is going to give BIG a major advantage over existing players like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other new entrants in the crypto world. The innovative approach by Big Eyes Coin to blockchain technology has made it a highly sought-after cryptocurrency that offers numerous benefits to its users. Why High Technology Innovation is the Way Forward for Crypto World The continued growth and success of the crypto industry rely heavily on the adoption of high-technology innovation. The following points will shed more light on why high-tech innovation will lead the way for cryptocurrencies in the years to come. a) Increased Security As the crypto world gets closer to high-tech innovation, it adds to the general popularity across the globe. People like to believe that their trading association with cryptocurrencies is secure against the threats of fraud and hacking. It goes without saying that innovations in blockchain and cryptography technology have given rise to the creation of more secure and hacking-proof systems, thereby making them more lucrative to both investors and businesses. b) Faster, Easier Transactions Stakeholders leave no stone unturned in making sure that more people are inclined to trade in cryptocurrencies. To make it happen, decision-makers have been rolling out ways to make the process easier and worthwhile for traders. In this regard, innovations in consensus algorithms and network infrastructure have enabled faster and more efficient transactions. Back in the day, major cryptocurrencies faced a stiff challenge to ensure their growth because users found it hard to complete their transactions quickly. Now, with high-tech innovations, users feel more convenient in completing their cryptocurrency transactions in little to no time. c) Better Scalability Scalability is a major challenge facing the crypto world, as networks struggle to keep pace with growing demand. Innovations in blockchain technology and network infrastructure are enabling cryptocurrencies to handle increasing amounts of traffic, making them more suitable for large-scale applications and projects. d) New Use Cases High technology innovation is opening up new and exciting use cases for cryptocurrencies, beyond traditional financial applications. For example, blockchain technology can be used for secure and transparent voting systems, supply chain management, and identity verification, to name a few. Why Wait When You Can Earn a 200% Bonus? Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started in the world of cryptocurrencies, Big Eyes Coin is definitely worth considering. Now you can make use of promotional code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 to get an unbelievable 200% bonus as part of BIG’s presales. High-technology innovation is a crucial factor in the continued growth and success of the crypto world. It is enabling the development of more secure, efficient, scalable, and versatile systems that will continue to drive the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. Find out more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG): Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
17h ago cryptodaily
Dogecoin (DOGE) Remains Turbulent After Mid January Crash, Is Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) A Safer Option?
Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of the most recognised cryptocurrencies in the world, best known for the Shiba Inu (SHIB) face on its coin. Dogecoin (DOGE) rose to fame in 2021, after receiving celebrity endorsements and going viral on social media platforms. Since the initial hype, the value of Dogecoin (DOGE) has decreased dramatically, with one Dogecoin (DOGE) being worth $0.08547. After a turbulent start to the year and a below average price increase, some investors now believe Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) could be a safer option that offers greater returns, with some forecasts suggesting a total 6000% increase. >>BUY ORBEON TOKENS HERE>BUY ORBEON TOKENS HERE<< Can Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Outperform Dogecoin (DOGE) In 2023? Talking of headline cryptocurrencies, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) has burst on the scene with price increases of over 1400% during its presale. Showcasing a revolutionary DeFi launchpad, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is on track to break records as one of the fastest growing presales in the market. The Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Launchpad is designed to change how startups raise money. The traditional route involved going to banks or venture capitalists, with just 5% of applicants ever being accepted. With the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Launchpad, founders can raise funds by selling equity backed NFTs to everyday investors. This unprecedented investment method offers a whole new opportunity for startups and everyday investors, who would normally be locked out of the startup market. To expose startups to as many investors as possible, NFTs are fractionalized and can be purchased for as little as $1. To limit investor risk, NFTs come with a &ldquo;Fill or Kill&rdquo; mechanism, which will refund OrbeonProtocol (ORBN) investors if their chosen startup misses its funding goals. This keeps investors protected and ensures the best startups get the funding to expand. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is already 50% sold out during its fourth presale stage, and is expected to sell out before the end of January. So far its native token ORBN has increased from $0.004 to $0.06, with analysts predicting highs of $0.24 before the Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) presale ends. This price increase, alongside lucrative rewards for ORBN holders like governance rights and access to exclusive investor groups, has made Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) a must-have for investors who want to win big in 2023. Find Out More About The Orbeon Protocol Presale Website: Presale: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
19h ago cryptodaily
Betts issues RecruitCoin to disrupt the recruitment sector
Cryptocurrencies are on their way to solving problems in many sectors across most industries. Now RecruitCoin is about to become the first cryptocurrency with a solid use case for disruption of the recruitment industry. Up to now, rewarding network participants with gift cards and not so well thought out referral programs haven&rsquo;t really done what they set out to do, which was to properly incentivize the participants so that they stay in the network, and that they actively work to bring others in. Betts Recruiting,a leading recruitment firm with thousands of clients across the technology space, is prioritising technology, specifically from the cryptocurrency sector, to help it to keep its professionals, use them to attract others, and as a consequence, grow its Connect talent network. With today&rsquo;s new launch, whenever a new participant signs up for Betts Connect, they receive RecruitCoin for doing so. By referring others to join the talent network they receive more RecruitCoin. Those who work to engage and bring others into the Betts Connect talent pool are rewarded, and as those who they&rsquo;ve brought in engage with the Connect network, the referrer can also benefit from earning residual RecruitCoin. As well as referrals, the type of engagement that qualifies for RecruitCoin rewards is specified as; responding to new job opportunities, interviewing, and getting placed. Betts is currently working with Earnity in order to provide other ways in which holders of RecruitCoin can exchange it for tangible rewards. Carolyn Betts, Founder and CEO of Betts Recruiting commented: &ldquo;We are so thrilled to announce the launch of RecruitCoin. We believe that the recruitment process as a whole is in need of innovation in order to continue to build trust. Betts is changing the landscape of recruiting by being the first recruit-tech company that compensates people for their engagement, referrals, and data. RecruitCoin positions Betts at the forefront of this transformation, as blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies play a crucial role in shaping the future of the recruitment industry as a whole.&rdquo; Should Betts Recruiting be successful in implementing RecruitCoin into its talent network, and those who receive and use it recognise the utilities that it brings and seek the rewards that it offers, then RecruitCoin has the potential to really kickstart the recruiting industry. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
20h ago cryptodaily
Lebanese central bank devalues currency by 90% - Bitcoin anyone?
The central bank of Lebanon has announced that it has devalued the Lebanese pound by 90%. Has Bitcoin&rsquo;s time truly arrived? Lebanese central bank governor Riad Salameh announced on Tuesday that the new official exchange rate for the Lebanese pound (LBP) is 15,000 pounds per U.S. dollar, to take effect from 1 February. This is a 90% debasement from the official rate that has been in effect for the last 25 years. However, according to an article on Reuters, this devaluation still does not come close to matching the unofficial rate on the &ldquo;parallel market&rdquo; of 57,000 pounds per U.S. dollar. The Reuters article only discussed the impact of the devaluation for the commercial banks. Salameh was quoted as saying that in order to account for the impact, the banks would be given 5 years in which to &ldquo;reconstitute the losses due to the devaluation&rdquo;. The IMF, like a buzzard hovering over its prey, has told Lebanese authorities to just deal with the $70 billion in financial sector losses. The Lebanese ruling elite are currently in discussions with the IMF for a $3 billion bailout. How much suffering will have to be imposed on the Lebanese population in order to swing the deal is anybody&rsquo;s guess. The Lebanese people already have to cope with the banks&rsquo; imposition of withdrawal controls, which are severely restricting their ability to take their own money out of the banks in order to survive. Opinion It is to be wondered just how much financial suffering it will take before people realise that the traditional monetary system is deeply, deeply flawed, and is set up in a way that transfers their wealth away from them and into the hands of the ruling elites. One of the mantras of central bankers is that 2% inflation is where we all need to be, and they supposedly engineer all their rate rises and cuts in order to hit somewhere very near to that figure. Of course, the basket of goods that is used to measure inflation can never be trusted to stop going up in price. Therefore over many years the central bankers take the more troublesome items out of the basket and insert new ones whose price does not go up so fast. The website &ldquo;; is a good source for tracking how inflation figures have been manipulated in this way over many decades. One further food for thought is that even if central banks are able to keep inflation at 2%. Just 2% inflation a year over the lifetime of a generation is enough to steal 50% of its entire wealth. In the current crypto bear market, Bitcoin lost as much as 77% of its value. Given its recent recovery, this has reduced to 66%. Even if Bitcoin should fall again and perhaps go as low as $10,000, the potential upside of a new bull market might make this a very interesting alternative to holding fiat currency in the bank. Of course, it is very debatable, but surely a rise in a store of value that is completely outside of the traditional monetary system could be preferred to the 100% certainty of fiat currency trending down to zero. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
22h ago cryptodaily
Squid Protocol Raises $3.5m, Introduces Native Cross-chain Swaps
Squid Protocol, an interoperability protocol for DeFi applications, has raised $3.5 million in a seed funding round led by North Island Ventures, with participation from Distributed Global, Fabric Ventures, Galileo, Chapter One, and Noble Capital. The protocol describes itself as a bridge between dApps and a host of blockchains with varying use cases, working as an interoperability layer for various Cosmos ecosystems, as well as current EVM-compatible blockchains (Ethereum Virtual Machine). Squid is now currently live on Ethereum, Moonbeam, Binance Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Injective, Fetch, Ki, Regen, Umee, Terra-2, Agoric, Secret Network, Juno, Kujira, Osmosis, Crescent, EVMos, and Celo, among others. Forthcoming integrations include BitKeep, Ledger, QuickSwap, and Pangolin. Further integrations are also being worked on for SpookySwap, StellaSwap, and Trisolaris. According to Axelar, the secure cross-chain messaging infrastructure for Web3 over which Squid was built on top of, their primary investment with the Squid protocol is a strategic move, especially given what has happened with centralized exchanges such as FTX, Celsius, and related firms that collapsed in 2022's drastic, industry-wide decline. These events, taken together, have led to of the worst bear downturns yet in the crypto and blockchain industry's recent history. These issues are, however, are supposedly being addressed by experimental features from within Squid Protocol's development roadmap. There's a point of contention here, though. Native swaps, for example, are said to be readily available on the protocol. At the same time, native swaps have often been the target of the largest and most recent DeFi hacks, employing attack vectors such as front-running bots and flash-loan exploitation, among other methodologies. The protocol's GitHub documentation reveals that it has been ramping up engineering efforts with the introduction of finely-tuned software development kits and API integration packages set to provide multiple swaps and on-chain function calls to be linked across EVM-compatible and Cosmos-integrated chains. "[The] failure of centralized trading platforms has highlighted the need for secure decentralized alternatives. Squid powers this future by enabling decentralized, secure, and simple to use cross-chain swaps," shares Sergey Gorbunov, a co-founder at Axelar. The DeFi sector is increasingly looking towards interoperability solutions that can bridge any two DeFi protocols that would otherwise have been natively incompatible by design. On a personal note, this writer sees these movements towards interoperability as an opportunity for blockchain ecosystems and tools to further widen accessibility and usability, especially given how we might consider DeFi and Web3 as emerging sectors which, in about a decade more or so, would reach a more rapid pace in terms of infrastructural maturity and long-term viability. In principle, Squid lets users swap any compatible token between blockchains, acting as both a router and bridge. With this process, Squid provides cross-chain liquidity and opportunities for scaling projects well beyond their initial reach and access. Theoretically, however, cross-chain liquidity is limited in that it can only provide additional liquidity for DeFi transactions involving borrowing and lending, a method that virtually flattens the field of competition among exchanges, given how it leverages movements in DeFi through decentralized exchanges, as compared to centralized exchanges. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Opinions stated herein are solely of the author's, and hence do not represent or reflect CryptoDaily's position on the matter.
1 day ago coindesk
India Keeps Restrictive Crypto Tax Rules In 2023 Budget
Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has unveiled the 2023 budget for the nation.
1 day ago cryptodaily
Here’s Why Spatial Domains Matter And Why OVER Made ENS Domains Accessible On Their Marketplace
The OVER (Over the Reality) platform has been spearheading the charge when it comes to technological innovation in the context of blockchain and AR-enabled metaverse implementation. Most recently, the team announced that ENS domains are now available on the OVER Marketplace, with the platform proudly announcing a new naming system for the OVER Metaverse, &lsquo;One word DNS&rsquo; (Domain Name System). What is the purpose of this? A primary objective of the DNS system is to allow anyone to secure the unique name they desire. Moreover, this is an opportunity for businesses to get their branding and words relevant to their business, as well as a chance to anticipate the most exciting and in-demand names in the marketplace ahead of time. Additionally, in order to successfully identify their OVRLand and the experiences created on it, users can now even buy a name which accurately reflects their personality along with their individual style and preferences, thereby providing enhanced customizability. Essentially, the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) acts as a blockchain domain naming protocol designed for the Ethereum Blockchain that enables customers to create a readable and simple OVRLand name. Numerous words have gone viral since the introduction of this new feature, so the team encourages the platform's users to quickly take advantage of this unique opportunity if they want to select their respective domains. How is this useful? The DNS and Ethereum domains are two separate but related technological and market opportunities. DNS serves as the system which converts human-readable domain names into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate on the Internet. In this way, as an increasing number of devices are connected to the Internet and more services are made available online, a dependable and effective DNS system becomes all the more crucial in ensuring that users can easily access the services they require. Furthermore, DNS allows businesses to organize and manage their digital assets, as well as individuals to successfully establish their online presence. Although the DNS market is well-known and controlled by a few prominent players, there is still room for innovation and competition. The Ethereum market, on the other hand, is new and constantly evolving, with a significant market opportunity in the development and application of dApps. Why are spatial domains important and what role does OVER play? Ultimately, spatial domains provide numerous advantages, such as increased security, ownership, and control over virtual assets and identities. As blockchain technology grows in popularity and adoption, everyone is slowly but surely recognizing the significance of having specific spatial domains for both businesses and individuals. Keeping the aforementioned information in mind, Over the Reality chose to give everyone the chance to guarantee them of their spatial domain. Also, it is important to realize that the Internet is becoming increasingly crowded as businesses go digital, and those interested in a domain have nearly limitless opportunities to tap into the metaverse and spatial domains. Due to this, new opportunities for businesses to represent their digital presence in a world with new customers have emerged which makes this a perfect time to get involved. Considering the benefits listed above, purchasing a domain for individual or business use could have tremendous potential as doing so will offer greater control over digital identities while simultaneously being a safe and decentralized method of managing assets. Feel free to visit the dedicated page of the OVER Marketplace for more information about the domains and how to buy them, but remember that time is of the essence. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Bitcoin Difficulty Rises By 4.68%, Hits New All-Time High
Bitcoin difficulty saw an increase of 4.68, marking the second-largest adjustment in difficulty level in over a year and reaching a new all-time high. The adjustment further secures the Bitcoin network, making attempts to attack the network more energy intensive. A New All-Time High The Bitcoin blockchain&rsquo;s difficulty saw a considerable increase, rising by 4.68% and reaching a new all-time high, marking the second-largest positive adjustment in over a year. The blockchain&rsquo;s difficulty is based on the mining activity on the network and is set automatically. A higher difficulty indicates a more secure blockchain because it makes it significantly harder and more energy-intensive for any malicious actor to attack the network. Furthermore, it also becomes more difficult to mine new blocks because of the increased difficulty. A More Secure Network And Consistent Block Times The difficulty automatically adjusts relative to the miners&rsquo; hashrate, keeping the time to create a new block consistent at 10 minutes. As a result, the difficulty would continue to increase along with the hash rate should the network come under attack by any malicious entity or new miners. Because the difficulty adjusts every 2016 blocks, which means any malicious miners would have just two weeks before the network would adapt to reduce their control on it. Increased difficulty indicates consistent block times thanks to increased competition among miners. However, there is also a downside, as increased difficulty puts considerable stress on mining as it requires more computing power to earn rewards. As a result, the ROI on mining hardware goes down. Bitcoin Becoming More Centralized Bitcoin&rsquo;s hashrate is also becoming increasingly centralized, with a few mining pools controlling most of the hashrate. Data from Mempool has shown that over 50% of the total hashrate is held by Antpool and Foundry USA. Foundry has maintained a hashrate of over 30% for several weeks. It also became the first non-Chinese origin mining pool to lead Mempool&rsquo;s list in 2021, thanks to the ban on Bitcoin mining in China. At the time, Foundry USA held 17% of the total Bitcoin hashrate, with its share increasing to an average of 34.1% of the mining power. Behind Foundry USA comes Antpool with around 18% of the total hashrate. Antpool was the largest Bitcoin mining pool but was severely impacted by the Chinese ban on crypto mining. What&rsquo;s Behind The Centralization? Today, five pools dominate the Bitcoin mining landscape. Several factors have contributed to this, such as the location of the servers of the pools in question. The closer the servers, the lower the latency when it comes to the transfer of information. Miners stand a chance of earning more BTC if they connect to servers closer to their location. Another important factor is the financial incentives offered by the mining pools. Larger pools are able to offer more profits to their members, leading to more miners joining the ecosystem. The dominance of these larger pools makes it more difficult for smaller mining pools to turn a profit. A Risky Development? The increased centralization of Bitcoin&rsquo;s mining system does pose some risks, such as a 51% attack. 51% attacks have occurred on other Proof-of-Work blockchains such as Ethereum Classic. Furthermore, large mining pools could also face scrutiny from regulatory agencies as Bitcoin, and the larger crypto ecosystem comes under increased regulatory scrutiny. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days ago cointelegraph
Best January since 2013? 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
Multi-month BTC price highs keep trickling in, but Fed volatility looms as the FOMC coincides with the Bitcoin monthly candle close.
4 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection MPL Official Price, Stats, and Review
The Martian Premier League is a collection of 10,000 unique human and Martian characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. These characters are your route into the Martian Premier League game: a &lsquo;football manager&rsquo; style game where holders can train, trade and compete in the MPL league. Over time there will be further application for these genesis characters outside of the first MPL game. Visit for more details and t&cs. The total number of owners has reached 2350. NFT Collection MPL Official Price and Sales The market capitalization of MPL Official NFT collection is 1,667.49 ETH. For all time, 18,047 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.20 ETH (~$319.35 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,579.481 ETH. The floor price of MPL Official is 0.0888 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 34.21 ETH. The payment tokens of the MPL Official collection are ETH, WETH. MPL Official traits list Background Turquoise 2521 Mustard 2424 Red 2453 Cream 1626 Space 82 Orange 809 Domes 85 Background_dirt Dirt_1 2054 Dirt_4 1992 Dirt_2 2028 Dirt_3 1939 Background_pattern Splat1_cream 206 Splat4_grey 108 Splash2_cream 192 Memphis_cream 433 Dots_mustard 421 Dashes_black 478 Splat1_mustard 212 Memphis_black 463 Dots_black 430 Splat1_grey 204 Dots_cream 370 Dashes_mustard 450 Splash_yellow 194 Splat5_grey 102 Splat3_grey 83 Splash3_yellow 183 Splash2_yellow 191 Splash4_yellow 196 Net 23 Splash4_cream 189 Memphis_mustard 494 Dashes_cream 526 Splash_cream 212 Splat6_grey 85 Splash3_cream 187 Splat2_cream 110 Splat2_grey 110 Beard Shaved 1865 Full_long 303 Full 691 Chin 345 Clothes Hoodie_black 360 Tracksuit_yellow 66 80spartyjacket 121 Dungarees_brown_cream 80 Tshirt_red 235 Dungarees_black_brown 86 Jersey_orange 215 Pineapple 222 Mpl_red 211 Jumper_cream 242 Cantona_collar 188 Jacket_brown 182 Tshirt 309 Jumper_black 288 Jersery_green 173 Jacket_blue 121 Refreee 107 80s_party 147 Red 68 Ilovecats 84 Jumper_yellow 313 Jacket_red 165 Tracksuit_turq 142 Ref_trash_cream_chain 19 Shirt_red 169 Retro_england 336 Dungarees_black 91 Dungarees_brown_red 87 Jacket_green 194 80s_party_pink 81 Retro_kit 234 Jersery_red 207 Sgtpepper_ringo 57 Shirt_basic 201 Dungarees_black_cream_winchainred 9 Hoodie_red 308 Bond_tux_dark 52 Jersey 284 Football_suit 57 Jersey_basic 150 Shirt_basic_brown 178 Jumper_black_casual 238 Jersey_green 64 Sgtpepper_john 55 Dungarees_black_red 88 Referee 111 Tshirt_solarsystem 201 Bond_tux 45 Tshirt_martian 151 Spacesuit_red 74 Dungarees_brown_brown 79 Spacesuit_cream 78 Gaffa 126 Ref_win_cream_chain 12 Stardust 110 Tshirt_why_always_me 67 Tracksuit 108 Sgtpepper_george 32 Footballsuit 25 60s_coat 132 Scuba 23 Ref_win_red_chain 15 Dungarees_black_cream 101 Jacket_blue_win_red_chain 5 Ref_mars_chain 13 Jacket_brown_mars_chain 8 Tshirt_whyalwaysme 23 Jacket_green_trash_red_chain 6 Sgtpepper_paul 57 Jacket_blue_trash_cream_chain 7 Jacket_blue_win_cream_chain 8 Panda 15 Jacket_red_win_red_chain 7 Jacket_green_mars_chain 6 Jacket_blue_trash_red_chain 3 Jacket_green_win_cream_chain 9 Dungarees_black_cream_trashchainred 4 Jacket_green_trash_cream_chain 3 Jacket_red_win_cream_chain 6 Jacket_green_win_red_chain 3 Ref_trash_red_chain 11 Jacket_red_trash_cream_chain 4 Jacket_red_mars_chain 3 Spacesuit_graffiti 1 Jacket_red_trash_red_chain 2 Jacket_blue_mars_chain 4 Eyebrows Friendly 1140 Normal 4597 Nice 1342 Clean 483 Bushy 338 Raised 655 Uni 229 Unibrow 76 Clown 25 Thin 79 Face Green 7869 Red 1095 Features Scar 701 Tattoo_neck_eagle 279 Wrinkles 1219 Tattoo_neck 338 Tattoo_chin 708 Tattoo_neck_eye 164 Tattoo_eyes 358 Tattoo_forehead 352 More_wrinkles 1034 Tattoo_nails 100 Wrinkles2 218 Nails 277 None 86 Tattoo_head 15 Tyson 107 Glasses Allman_black 179 Pablo 277 Sport 134 Pablo_sun 252 Elton 196 Elton_black 246 It 213 Library 239 Allman 181 Goggles 362 Elton_sun_green 43 Edgar_1 106 Pilot 401 Sun 340 Elton_sun_red 199 It_yellow 86 Elton_sun 208 Pilot_sun 67 Madge 74 Edgar_2 77 Vr 38 Hair Shaved 899 Megan_blonde 73 Short 601 Afro 502 Bob 302 Becks_dark 164 Megan_black 83 Wavy 338 Iro 135 Long_wavy_blonde 200 Tiedback 619 Scurry 79 Sideparting 100 Becks_red 38 Gullit 161 Bowl 157 Long_wavy_black 218 Centre_parting 278 Tiedback_visor 174 Ross 45 Megan_pink 81 Afro_large_black 129 Shoulder_length 191 Afro_sideburns 142 Monk 256 Afro_blonde 67 Mullet_short_black 84 Mullet_blonde 69 Beanie_long_blonde 99 Mullet_brown 19 Sideparting_red 78 Fisher_shoulder 23 Beanie_sun 113 Ronaldo 244 Dolly 65 Side_parting 344 Mullet_black 83 Afro_black 97 Brianna 31 Cap_black 91 Sun 273 Serena 83 Hat 84 Cap_duo 86 Ratking 47 Cap_trucker 104 Long 81 Long_wavy_red 140 Beanie 93 Becks_blonde 83 Cap_beanie 54 Afro_ratking 23 Afro_large_blonde 73 Hat_becks_light 41 Afro_red 10 Leia 78 Mullet_red 22 Hat_becks_dark 16 Fisher_mullet 34 Afro_large_red 12 Fisher_long_wavy 10 Fisher_bob 22 Badhairday 18 Mouth Laugh 1368 Snarl 511 Gold_teeth 172 Normal 2651 Piercing_smile 397 Waters 204 Smile 1667 Funny_smile 84 Pout 342 Grills_gold 94 Peircing_smile 259 Gnarl 240 Madge 219 Trucker 278 Goldteeth 75 Grills_diamond 55 Funny 188 Whistle 137 Nose 2 1695 Nose_01 677 1 1726 Nose_03 695 4 1777 3 1039 Nose_02 712 Nose_04 643 Character_type Human 8982 Martian 1001 Astronaut 17 Face_shape Oval 3041 Round 3270 Chiseled 2671 Skill_level Novice 2891 Passable 2302 Excellent 1520 Outstanding 988 Solid 1790 Legendary 415 God_like 94 Eyes 3 1230 4 1308 1 1043 8 172 2 1353 5 1272 6 666 Bionic 74 7 178 Bionic2 56 Specials Nose_ring 103 Earring_right 756 Eyepatch 156 Earring_left 789 Hoop_right 263 Hoop_both 54 Hoop_left 262 Eyepatch_x 130 Earring_both 48 Multi_piercing 18 Nosering 24 Quirks Vegetarian 954 Dairy_free 524 Gluten_free 513 Vegan 338 Intermittent_faster 101 No_coriander 96 Nut_allergy 189 Hates_mondays 1 Knitter 61 A_star_student 13 Karaoke_master 8 No_carbs 85 Good_bants 9 Colour_blind 14 Diy_guru 15 Optimist 12 Pet_whisperer 14 Vertigo 10 Homesick 8 Extroverted 9 Emotional_intelligence 11 Meditator 14 Salsa_hips 9 Poor_timekeeping 5 Moustache Split 780 Moustache 628 Shaved 498 Pins 4th_rock_pin 380 Pin_lioness 102 Keeper_pin 340 Life_on_mars 327 66_pin 338 Up_pin 346 I_love_gaffer_pin 401 Michio_pin 411 Makeup Ziggy 217 Vitiligo 33 Sideburns Small 650 Large 427 Headgear Headband_cream_cuddle 60 Headband_cuddle_yellow 46 Headband_mars_blue 34 Headphones_green 178 Cap_black 34 Cap_duo 28 Headphones 155 Headband_cuddle_blue 69 Kittyhat_brown 61 Kittyhat_blue 56 Cech 53 Headphones_yellow 144 Headband_blue_mars 46 Headband_mars_red 24 Headband_blue_nice 38 Helmet 129 Headband_cuddle_red 53 Spacesuit_red 74 Spacesuit_cream 78 Visor 26 Hijab 6 Kittyhat_mpl 39 Headband_nice_blue 27 Headband_cuddle_cream 24 Scuba 23 Headband_red_mars 49 Headband_cuddle_white 63 Martian 8 Panda 15 Umbrella 15 Cap_trucker 15 Spacesuit_graffiti 1 Color Cream_silver_teeth 114 Cream_cream_teeth 374 Blue_eyes_cream_teeth 220 Cream_gold_teeth 136 Blue_eyes_gold_teeth 105 Blue_eyes_silver_teeth 52 Fur Red 183 Cream 344 Glitter 65 Green 268 Multicoloured 141 Skin Cream 311 Red 204 Green 486 Stuff Scarf 132 Featherboa 152 Bigfur_blue 20 Vulcan 48 Captainband 55 Retro_trikot 30 Snake 64 Mpl_hoodie 18 Spacesuit_puff 45 Jersery_orange 38 Hoodie_red 46 Jersery_green 49 Spacesuit_puff_blue 52 Spacesuit_red 13 Bigfur_cream 26 Hoodie_black 60 Retro_trikot_green 42 Spacesuit_pressurised 5 Jersey_red 38 Spacesuit_white 6 Parka 4 Spacesuit_balls 2 Fur_duo Cream 213 Green 188 Pets Cat_light 32 Cat_dark 40 Ferret 61 Owl 55 Over_shoulder Emotional_support_dog_dark 73 Emotional_support_dog_light 64 Suits Spacesuit_cream_graffiti 1 Spacesuit_sticker_mars 2 Spacesuit_red_dark 2 Spacesuit_cream_mars 2 Spacesuit_red_mars 3 Spacesuit_cream_dark 5 Spacesuit_sticker_dark 1 Spacesuit_sticker_graffiti 1 MPL Official fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 750 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 1000 basis points MPL Official editors list The approved editor's accounts of MPL Official collection are 0xc45a4b3b698f21f88687548e7f5a80df8b99d93d, 0x29b07dd797f0895784dc45fdedc016990a4226b8. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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NFT Collection Kumo x World Residents Price, Stats, and Review
Female founder and creator of 6,666 Kumo residents, 9 classes, 500+ traits. Our mission is to make a long-lasting and positive impact in people&rsquo;s lives through imaginative story-telling and quality experiences. To inspire people to be the change they wish to see, and in doing so change the world for the better. Kumo x World remains charity-oriented with a constant interest in giving back through art auctions and project collaborations Come join us on our adventures and write the story of Kumo's World with us. The total number of owners has reached 3597. NFT Collection Kumo x World Residents Price and Sales The market capitalization of Kumo x World Residents NFT collection is 149.66 ETH. For all time, 14,782 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.23 ETH (~$371.89 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,414.300 ETH. The floor price of Kumo x World Residents is 0.0314 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 4.45 ETH. The payment tokens of the Kumo x World Residents collection are ETH, WETH. Kumo x World Residents traits list Background Mint green 371 Pink purple haze 200 Blue green haze 47 Baby blue 494 Yellow 579 Green blue haze 148 Lilac 100 Pastel pink 76 Light grey 218 Burgundy 444 Night clouds 90 Orange 575 Pastel yellow 389 Pink plants 70 Blue pink haze 99 Brown beige haze 25 Wine 140 Warm pink 31 Beige 110 Dusty blue 45 Sea green 180 Light purple 150 Dusty green 95 Dark grey 36 Light brown 57 Blue plants 70 Light red 135 Graveyard 59 Grey 40 Pink teddies 50 Light green 50 Seaweed 40 Green plants 70 Blue 60 Dusty pink 40 Pink bananas 10 Clouds 35 Yellow bananas 10 Items No items 4765 Single black katana 50 Angel wings 40 Double paintbrushes 30 Double axe 40 Double katana 45 Double forks 30 Bow and arrow 20 Single green katana 50 Double spears 35 Body Brown ape 150 Pale 1937 Brown 1008 Blue zombie ape 50 Burgundy ape 200 Blue ape 150 Yellow jellyfish 40 Red, rotting #2 50 Rainbow seahorse 25 Purple 55 Tan 1019 Purple ape 149 Dark purple ape 150 Dull burgundy, marked 15 Purple zombie ape 50 Charcoal 55 Tan, blessed 25 Blue 55 Dull blue fish 35 Mint ape 150 Grey green rotting #1 50 Blue jellyfish 25 Green ape 150 Green zombie ape 50 Purple seahorse 40 Dark green ape 150 Pink fish 45 Brown rotting #1 50 White ape 70 Grey green rotting #2 49 Grey rotting #1 50 Purple fish 30 Red, rotting #1 50 Grey rotting #2 50 Baby blue fish 30 Brown, blessed 20 Purple jellyfish 30 Turquoise 55 Dull burgundy 54 Gold ape 20 Pink seahorse 54 Purple, marked 15 Turquoise, marked 15 Blue, marked 15 Radioactive jellyfish 20 Pale, blessed 20 Charcoal, marked 15 Rainbow ape 10 Eyes Yellow, open 170 White, sad 439 Deadpan eyes 400 White, open 1435 Charcoal, sad 50 Hearts 210 Happy 685 Yellow, not impressed 110 White, not impressed 668 Sleeping 398 Mustard yellow, sad 45 Orange, open 30 Yellow, sad 109 Creepy eyes 49 Charcoal, open 150 Closed 380 Lime eyes 88 Mustard yellow, not impressed 45 Zen 244 Orange, not impressed 10 Rainbow tears 50 Green, not impressed 10 Daydreaming 250 Deadpan eye glasses, black 40 Muddy green, open 30 Charcoal, not impressed 50 Grapefruit eyes 90 Glasses, red 20 Muddy green, not impressed 30 Mustard, open 45 Glasses, black 40 Muddy green, sad 30 Orange, sad 10 Banana eye patch 50 Bleeding, creepy eyes 40 Green, open 30 Pink, open 30 Pink, sad 10 Pink, not impressed 10 Green, sad 10 Deadpan eye glasses, red 10 Clothes Dull blue t-shirt 50 Blue t-shirt 110 Painter #2 100 Pjs, yellow 110 Wally t-shirt 40 Whale t-shirt 253 Sailor shirt 80 Rainbow turtleneck 50 Lite jacket 50 Aztec cloak, turquoise 35 Mint heart dress 60 Phoenix t-shirt 255 Skeleton jumper 130 Sleeveless with scarf, purple 20 Black turtleneck 70 Kumo t-shirt 125 Mint green dress 40 Paper costume, yellow 30 Green shiney jacket 75 Shirt pjs, green 59 Deity robe #2 45 No clothes 175 Green apron 70 Sailor moon top 70 Green t-shirt 74 Black ninja jumper 85 Dark armor 20 Wolf t-shirt 254 Yellow flower dress 120 Wally jumper 60 Pink hoodie 50 Pjs, pink 110 Pjs, blue 100 Yellow shiney jacket 85 Blue flower dress 124 Oni robe #1 35 Pink heart t-shirt 105 Oni robe #3 30 White t-shirt 139 Coolcat t-shirt 100 Banana love t-shirt 60 Life jacket 40 Mummy bandages 30 Pink woolly jumper 60 Shirt pjs, blue 60 Green turtleneck 65 Pototo sack 59 Purple kimono 49 Robot top 30 Create jumper 65 Purple angel wings 30 Orange t-shirt 189 Oni robe #2 34 Blue water jacket 75 Blue apron 70 Ninja t-shirt 20 Flower deity robe, beige 20 Black open ninja jumper 59 Fluffy collar top, purple 30 Ninja robe #3 25 Rainbow hoodie 40 Blue hoodie 50 Astronaut 129 Blue heart t-shirt 90 Yellow smile tank 140 Oni robe #4 30 Blue woolly jumper 50 Ninja robe #2 25 Painter #1 90 Deity robe #3 35 Paper costume, green 30 White armour 30 Red t-shirt 110 Green old t-shirt 50 Pink turtleneck 100 Purple dead tank 110 Purple hoodie 50 Cyberpunk jacket 99 Cookie costume 60 Rainbow wheel t-shirt 29 Aztec cloak, pink 35 Deity robe #1 45 Dull pink t-shirt 60 Pink apron 70 Uniform 20 Ninja robe #1 25 White ape robe 30 Green woolly jumper 30 Ninja armour #2 20 Dark armour 30 Paper costume, pink 30 Ninja armour #1 25 Rainbow bubble body warmer 30 Deity robe #4 30 Rainbow shirt jumper 40 Sleeveless ninja armour 30 Black t-shirt 10 Sleeveless with scarf, green 15 Sleeveless uniform 15 Accessories No accessories 6236 Dark grey scarf 50 Purple bunny scarf 108 Woolly scarf, pink 30 Woolly scarf, green 30 Pink bunny scarf 107 Turquoise scarf 39 Mouth Smile, fang 170 Closed lips 469 Noodles 50 Smirk 519 Watermelon 139 Smile 1558 Tongue 580 Red lips 89 Sad 290 Pucker 150 Red fish 143 Blue fish 120 Ninja mask 399 Open 295 Deadpan lolly 95 Sad lolly 164 Raspberry jam, toast 94 Egg 59 Blackcurrent jam, toast 105 Pizza 100 Rainbow vomit 40 Drool 161 Rainbow boba 50 Coffee boba 60 Neutral fangs 119 Chocolate 20 Onigiri 75 Pink sundae 20 Smiley lolly 134 Gritted teeth 45 Rainbow fish 94 Giant sundae 20 Pho bowl 20 Radioactive ice pop 30 Neutral, fang 50 Radioactive boba 29 Strawberry boba 45 Head Wally beanie 65 No head accessories 890 Shrimp sushi hat 119 Pink bunny hat 89 Shower cap 20 White oni mask, side 85 Black cap 134 Blue cap 159 Yellow headphones 95 Green bear plush hat 130 Navy headphones 45 Hannya mask 14 Turquoise cap 100 Mint teddy plush hat 115 Double flowers, white 110 Banana peel 40 Cookie hat 69 Robot eye mask 30 Black woolly hat 185 Pirate hat 89 Yellow oni mask, full 20 Grey skull mask 60 Sailor hat 90 Black kitsune mask, side 74 Hair buns 60 Chef hat 329 Orange skull mask 60 Rainbow helmet 70 Black oni mask, half 30 White kitsune mask, side 65 Confused neko hat 90 Hair bun, rainbow 30 Black oni mask, side 30 3d glasses 50 Captains cap 35 Red cap 100 Double florets, pink 130 Flower hat 70 Toast mask 30 Old ninja mask, side 60 Spaghetti hat 79 Paper crane, blue 100 Rainbow bunny hat 179 Green helmet 69 Spin cap 50 Double florets, blue 125 Rainbow deadpan hat 110 Plague doctor mask 54 Black headphones 30 Burgundy skull mask 80 Egg hat 130 Head bandage 45 Strawberry mask 70 Ninja kitsune 60 Green bunny clip 110 Rainbow woolly hat 120 Dead face mask, side 120 Rainbow horns 4 Double flowers, purple 110 Mummy bandage 25 Halo 20 Spud mask 49 Astronaut helmet 15 Deadpan hat 40 Paper crane, gold 50 Paper crane, red 100 Bees 100 Black kitsune mask 35 Gold feather mask 30 Crown #2 20 Noh mask 15 Rainbow jelly cap 120 Astronaut helmet #2 15 Ninja mask, side 70 Blue bunny hat 55 Axe 10 Old banana 30 Gold horns 5 Crown #1 30 Arrow 20 Gold kitsune mask 4 Gold kitsune mask, side 11 Gold oni mask, side 5 White kitsune mask 10 White oni mask, half 5 Class Ape 1499 Harajuku 1495 Foodie 944 Sea creatures 374 Creative 875 Undead 349 Oni 349 Ninja 399 Deity 316 Expedition 30 Rare 20 Hair Bowl cut, mint 150 Curly pixie, blonde 147 Double braid, pastel blue 100 Long straight, lilac 149 No hair 723 Wavy short, blonde 90 Short fringe, green 40 Curly fringe, deep purple 20 Long straight, black 50 Short cut with clips, white 30 Short navy 45 Fluffy, green 110 Brown ponytail 50 Long side fringe, white 20 Long straight, blonde 50 Long straight, pink 150 Bowl cut, lilac 100 Double pigtails, black 40 Short cut with clip, rainbow 20 Curly pixie, peach 100 Short, brown 100 Long straight , mint 149 Long straight, purple-grey 25 Short back, blonde 50 Short fringe, purple 30 Short fringe, dark pink 25 Short back, red 20 Short, blonde 100 Fluffy, blue 60 Double braid, blonde 50 Long straight, brown 100 Short back, white 20 Curly pixie, pastel blue 148 Wavy short, red 90 Curly fringe, brown 90 Double pigtails, deep pink 30 Short, pastel blue 100 Long straight, white 50 Short fringe, red 35 Salmon hair 20 Short wavy, deep purple 20 Boy short, pastel pink 99 Curly fringe, orange 60 Curly pixie, navy 60 Boy short, mint green 110 Curly fringe, red 100 Fluffy, black 19 Curly pixie, light brown 150 Double pigtails, dark green 20 Curly pixie, white 41 Fluffy, brown 90 Wavy short, purple 90 Boy short, burgundy 30 Short, white 50 Curly fringe, white 35 Double pigtails, purple 29 Curly pixie, pastel pink 100 Sumo 20 Fluffy, dark pink 35 Double pigtails, blue 30 Double braid, light brown 77 Side shaved tattoo, purple 30 Fluffy, purple 25 Double pigtails, white 20 Curly fringe, dark pink 35 Short fringe, brown 30 Curly fringe, black 20 Long side fringe, dark pink 20 Bowl cut, black 30 Boy short, white 30 Shaved 20 Fluffy, white 20 Short back, dark pink 20 Side shaved tattoo, black 20 Double braids, burgundy 20 Bowl cut, rainbow 20 Teddy No teddy 972 Blue bunny 300 Pink bunny 100 Yellow cat 25 Purple bear 49 Mint green bear 49 Face Accessories Heart sticker 235 Round pink 4187 Sad post-it 10 Purple marking 80 Pink marking 80 Robot bored glasses 60 Robot heart glasses 60 Blank face post-it, yellow 30 Clock mask, pink 10 No face accessories 239 Shock post-it 20 Blank face post-it, green 30 Not impressed post-it 20 Surprise post-it 20 Clock mask, blue 10 Clock mask, purple 10 Unique Guanyin 1 Bastet 1 Asahi 1 Tsukuyomi 1 Pirate captain 1 Ninja master 1 Hibiki 1 Pirate walrus 1 Buddha 1 Pirate fish 1 Right hand ninja 1 Frieda kahlo 1 Yayoi kusama 1 Clumsy ape 1 Salvador dahli 1 Left hand ninja 1 Happy harajuku 1 Foodie town mayor's wife 1 Harajuku biker 1 Anubis 1 Foodie town mayor 1 Cool ape 1 The gatekeeper 1 Asuka 1 Monkey king 1 Ra 1 Harajuku zen 1 Harajuku sweet tooth 1 Foodie town head chef 1 Clumsy creative 1 Cuddle fish 1 Cheesachu 1 Ketty koop 1 Tribal girl 1 Hamburger coke 1 Kurmit 1 Dia de muertos 1 Elf 1 Kalphonse 1 Pink croc jumpsuit 1 Mother of dragons 1 Karley kuinn 1 Cyberpunk 1 Blue croc jumpsuit 1 Bee girl 1 No kumo 1 Green croc jumpsuit 1 Howloni 1 Onicorn 1 Kotoro 1 Special Og expedition resident 30 Kumo x World Residents fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points Kumo x World Residents editors list The approved editor's accounts of Kumo x World Residents collection are 0x4d47648f058e50a83a64c6d974d0e67ee4934606. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Keep an eye out for major company NFT trademark filings this year
NFT trademark filings by companies aren’t just a marketing stunt. According to a trademark lawyer, they have to use what’s in the application.
6 days ago cointelegraph
Opinion: Barry Silbert keeps quiet as Genesis goes down in flames
Genesis CEO Barry Silbert should have come clean after FTX imploded. Instead, he’s still deflecting responsibility for his company’s bankruptcy.
6 days ago cryptopotato
Solana is Up 6% Daily, Here’s the Key Resistance (SOL Price Analysis)
Solana continues to perform despite a decline in the buying volume, booking a 6% increase in the past 24h. Key Support levels: $20 Key Resistance levels: $27 The resistance at $27 is keeping bulls in check. They have been rejected at that level on Saturday. In the process, SOL has formed an ascending triangle, and […]
7 days ago nulltx
Dogecoin Price Analysis & Prediction (Jan 25th) – Doge Poises For More Increase But Finding it Difficult to Surpass $0.09
After the price increased by over 20% in the past weeks, Dogecoin‘s volatility dropped, making it difficult to push higher. Since then, it has been struggling under a key resistance level. So far, Dogecoin has made a nice price shift, but it seems the buying volume is not strong enough to keep the bull on […]
8 days ago cointelegraph
Opinion: Crypto exchanges keep failing, so why do we still trust Changpeng Zhao?
New data indicates Binance’s stablecoin, BUSD, has been undercollateralized at times by more than $1 billion. Yet, few have questioned CEO Changpeng Zhao.
8 days ago cryptopotato
Biggest Challenge for Cardano Ahead Following 45% Monthly Surge (ADA Price Analysis)
Cardano’s price managed to steadily push higher day after day. But for how long can the bulls keep the rally alive? Key Support levels: $0.36  Key Resistance levels: $0.40 As the price continues its ascend, ADA will face a significant challenge the $0.40, where the expectation is for sellers to make a stand. In the […]
9 days ago coindesk
In Wake of FTX, New York Reminds Crypto Firms to Segregate Customer Funds
After crypto exchange FTX's bankruptcy proceedings revealed poor segregation of customer funds, the New York regulator is reminding service providers to keep clean records.
11 days ago cointelegraph
FTX VCs liable to ‘serious questions’ around due diligence — CFTC Commissioner
The lack of recordkeeping of FTX coupled with “an auditor no one’s ever heard of” forces the CFTC to ask questions about the mindset of the institutional investors.
12 days ago cryptopotato
A Car Crashed Into the Barricade of SBF’s Current Home, Lawyers Said
"You won't be able to keep us out," the three men threatened before leaving the scene.
12 days ago cryptopotato
Bitcoin Gains Another 12% Weekly, Altcoins Lag Behind, Genesis Files for Bankruptcy: The Weekly Recap
Crypto markets are painted in green on the weekly, despite the string of bad news. Bitcoin's dominance keeps expanding, as altcoins are lagging behind.
13 days ago coindesk
MakerDAO Votes to Keep Gemini USD in DAI Stablecoin’s Reserves
In a dramatically tight voting, some 51% of votes favored ousting Gemini’s stablecoin from MakerDAO’s reserve. The result is a significant blow to GUSD, as MakerDAO has held 85% of all tokens in circulation.
13 days ago cryptopotato
BitKeep Expects to Compensate All Victims of $8M Exploit by March-End
The popular wallet provider had lost about $8 million worth of crypto assets.

About Keep Network?

The live price of Keep Network (KEEP) today is 0.23778 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Keep Network at 860,762,270.37 KEEP, its market capitalization stands at 204,672,438 USD. In the last 24 hours KEEP price has moved -0.001138 USD or -0.00% while 1,915,292 USD worth of KEEP has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of KEEP puts it at #170 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Keep Network blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency KEEP and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Keep Network Price0.23778 USD
Market Rank#170
Market Cap204,672,438 USD
24h Volume1,542,926 USD
Circulating Supply860,762,270.37 KEEP
Max Supply1,000,000,000 KEEP
Yesterday's Market Cap203,102,959.20 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.237095 USD / 0.235957 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.243756 USD / 0.216007 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.00% ( 0.001138 USD )
Yesterday's Volume1,915,291.54 USD
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