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20h agocointelegraph
1inch plugs into Klaytn as Asia continues to climb aboard
The 1inch Network has integrated its aggregation and limit order protocols to the burgeoning Klaytn blockchain mainnet.
1 day agocoindesk
Korean Blockchain Project Klaytn Commits $20M to Asian Universities for Blockchain Research
The funding will to support industry research at two of Asia’s highly ranked technology schools.
2 days agocointelegraph
Korea Blockchain Week, Aug. 8: First-day takeaways from the Cointelegraph team
The first day of the main stage event included a keynote presentation from Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, 1inch Network's Sergej Kunz, and Klaytn Foundation’s Sam Seo.
2 days agocointelegraph
Web2 adoption key to Metaverse success, Klaytn Foundation founder — KBW 2022
“Even though it's hard, adapting Web3 technologies to Web2 platforms could be a way to bring mass adoption,” says Klaytn Foundation director Sam Seo.
4 days agocryptodaily
Klaytn (KLAY), Stellar (XLM) Lag Behind, While Pre-sale Records Huge Success
The crypto market is going through a series of bearish phases. In the last few weeks, most cryptocurrencies have fallen hard, while some have been able to withstand the market downfall. However, there are also a few relatively rare projects that have recorded tremendous growth during the market crash. Klaytn (KLAY), Stellar (XLM), and (CRNO) tokens are examples of different crypto projects. The prices of Klaytn (KLAY) and Stellar (XLM) have been in the red zone for quite some time now, whereas the new project, (CRNO), has risen extraordinarily during the same phase. Chronoly's CRNO token has increased by over 500% in its pre-sale phase. Let's dwell deeper into these three cryptocurrencies. Klaytn (KLAY) Finds Current Market Situation Harsh Klaytn (KLAY) is a blockchain-based public platform built for the metaverse, gaming, and the creator economy. It is intended to be a launching platform for real-world metaverse solutions. Klaytn network’s token is KLAY. The token is used for all transactions on the platform and all other blockchain applications on the network. However, Klaytn is relatively small and faces a lot of competition. Besides, at this time, most metaverse-related activities are being built on more well-known networks like Enjin or Decentraland, keeping the adoption of the Klaytn network low. Above all, KLAY has been developed for metaverses; it does not have any real-world utility, making it highly sensitive to market speculations. Hence, the current crypto market downfall has made the KLAY price lag behind. Stellar (XLM) Sees Reduction in Investors Stellar (XLM) is an open-sourced network used for transactions in different currencies. The decentralized platform allows trading in all types of currencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and others. It supports the exchange of money between users and countries, and is accessible to all. Even those who do not have access to banking services can use this platform. It considers all currencies equal and does not favor any specific one, although it has its own native token Stellar Lumens (XLM). Yet, Stellar (XLM) has been following the general market sentiments and going downhill for the last few weeks. Its value relies heavily on trade volume without real-world use cases, making Stellar (XLM) susceptible to the macro-economic environment. Even the recent decisions by the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) to increase the use cases of XLM have not been able to make a significant impact due to an overall bearish environment. The current market downfall has also deterred investors from putting money in projects that have low trade volume and no real-world use. (CRNO) Becoming More Valuable Day-by-Day has introduced a new and unique concept in the cryptocurrency market. It is the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based fractional watch marketplace in the world. lets people make small purchases and gain fractional ownership of high-end luxury watches from brands like Patek Philippe, Richard Mille, Rolex, and others. The way Chronoly’s CRNO works is its USP. The company first buys physical versions of luxury watches and then mints NFTs against them. The watches that buys are kept in secured vaults across the world. This means all the NFTs minted by are backed by real-world luxury watches, making the NFTs highly stable and secured against real assets. Thus, crypto traders worldwide have placed among the market's top newcomers. Its popularity and acceptance can be understood by the fact that Chronoly's CRNO token registered a growth of over 500% in just two months since its launch in May 2022. Its price has increased from $0.01 to $0.06 during its pre-sale phase, and analysts are speculating that the price could increase once the token officially launches on a centralized exchange. For more information about presale Website: Telegram: Presale: Twitter:
6 days agocryptodaily
Klaytn Portfolio Rebalancer Klex Finance Launches Live Testnet
Klex Finance, a Klaytn portfolio management protocol, has launched its testnet. The move sets the stage for an imminent mainnet launch that will extend the DeFi capabilities of Klaytn’s EVM-compatible network. On August 2, Klex announced the successful deployment of its testnet, signaling that the wait for a Balancer-style DeFi protocol on Klaytn is almost over. The testnet deployment arrives just three weeks after Klex exited stealth mode with its maiden blog post. In the “Hello World,” announcement, Klex noted that Klaytn “lacks a native and efficient automated portfolio management and swaps protocol that supports all types of AMM pools.” Klex Finance has been designed to drive greater capital efficiency that will connect the entire Klaytn ecosystem. More Liquidity, Less Slippage One of the greatest challenges facing users of decentralized finance platforms is liquidity fragmentation. Having multiple DEXs and AMMs on a network might be good for decentralization and censorship resistance, but it leaves liquidity in shallow pockets rather than deep pools. There are a couple of solutions to this problem. One is to create an aggregator that splits orders across multiple DEXs to ensure less slippage and better pricing. And the other is to create more efficient pools. Klex Finance has gone for the latter approach, emulating Balancer’s tried and tested design to offer three options for DeFi traders: Weighted pools that can support up to eight different tokens Stable pools for swapping stablecoins or synths at size Liquidity bootstrapping pools for launching new tokens All this will come bundled with Klex protocol when it debuts on mainnet, together with such features as reduced gas fees and better LP incentives. Liquidity providers will earn a share of the fees generated from each Klex pool, while traders can look forward to more efficient swaps between assets such as USDC, WBTC, and KLAY. Krew Flexes Its Muscles Klex is the second product to be developed by Klaytn accelerator Krew. It follows the success of Klaytn Lending Application (KLAP), which grew to become the second most popular dApp on Klaytn within weeks of its launch. More than $47 million in assets are now locked into the KLAP platform according to data from DefiLlama. Krew will be hoping it can pull off a similar feat when Klex goes live. While there’s lots to be done with Klex Finance before a native token can be discussed, it’s inevitable that the protocol will follow KLAP in launching one. In late July, the KLAP token was issued to early users of the lending and borrowing protocol, together with a veKLAP provision for stakers, who can earn additional rewards. Klex will follow suit once its platform has been suitably battle tested. In a blog post describing the user experience that Klex will provide, it was explained that “KLEX holders will vote on proposals relevant to the Protocol, such as…protocol fees to how KLEX tokens themselves are distributed, like the allocation of tokens towards the Klex Liquidity Mining program.” Once the testnet program has concluded, Klex Finance will announce its mainnet launch, ushering in a new era for portfolio management on Klaytn. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
14 days agocryptopotato
Klaytn Protocol KLAP to Launch KLAP Token to Power DeFi Lending
[PRESS RELEASE – Seoul, South Korea, 26th July 2022] KLAP (Klaytn Lending Application), a DeFi protocol operating on the Klaytn blockchain, is set to launch its native token. The KLAP token will be made available for trading on popular decentralized exchange ClaimSwap on July 25th, 10pm ET. The KLAP token will power a range of […]
15 days agocryptodaily
Klaytn Lending Platform KLAP Launches Its Native Token
Klaytn Lending Application (KLAP) has released its native token. The second largest dApp on the Klaytn blockchain, KLAP grew to become the leading lending and borrowing protocol within days of its May launch. Now, its eponymous KLAP token is being distributed to early users of the platform. Klaytn Users Catch KLAP The native token of KLAP protocol will have a total circulating supply of 1 billion, but just a fraction of that will be distributed initially – 6% to be precise. That’s calculated to be enough to seed initial liquidity pools, and to reward early users of the KLAP platform, leaving the bulk of the tokens to be distributed as rewards over time. The token became available for trading on decentralized exchange ClaimSwap on July 25 at 22:00 ET. KLAP will serve as a governance token, as is standard practice for protocols issuing a native token. This will enable KLAP holders to vote on key decisions concerning new liquidity pools, reward rates, protocol upgrades and suchlike. There’ll also be a lot more that can be done with KLAP however. The KLAP team has decided to go down the “ve” token route that was made famous by Curve and then adopted by such protocols as Frax Finance. In this system, users who lock up their tokens through staking for a lengthy period of time will be awarded ve tokens which are a virtual representation of their holdings; veKLAP in this case. While ve tokens can’t be sold on the open market, they do entitle the owner to other benefits such as yield boosters on liquidity mining rewards for both lending and borrowing. DeFi Gains Ground on CeFi Decentralized finance, which stagnated through late 2021 and early 2022, has begun to show signs of innovation once more. Trust in DeFi protocols has also risen, stirred by the spectacular collapse of CeFi apps such as Celsius and lenders like BlockFi and Voyager. The mantra “not your keys, not your coins” has been brought sharply into focus, sending retail users flocking to DeFi lending platforms such as Aave, Compound, and KLAP en masse. The EVM-compatible Klaytn blockchain has been a huge hit in Asia, with more than a million wallets created since launch, even if it is less known in the West. The maturation of smart contract blockchains can be seen in the time it takes them to acquire a complete set of DeFi primitives including platforms for trading, derivatives, lending, and NFTs. With KLAP taking care of the borrowing and lending side of things, Klaytn now has a full stack, and it’s got the users too. Tokens such as ETH, KLAY, and WBTC can already be posted as collateral on Klaytn Lending Application, whose TVL stands at $106 million. KLAP will soon be added to that list, enabling depositors to provide liquidity to earn a passive income, and borrowers to obtain collateralized stablecoin loans. Only KlaySwap DEX has more liquidity locked on Klaytn. KLAP will be hoping the launch of its native token can propel it to the top of the dApp charts. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
33 days agocryptodaily
NEOPIN signs strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment
Singapore, Singapore, 7th July, 2022, ChainwireMutual agreement on information exchange, joint marketing, and service development Collaborative efforts in the establishment of global blockchain business and ecosystem NEOPIN, a blockchain subsidiary of NEOWIZ Holdings(KOSDAQ: 042420), announced on July 7th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment (hereinafter “Cube”) to establish a global blockchain ecosystem. The two entities plan to cooperate in all areas of blockchain business and ecosystem through the exchange of information on blockchain technology, cooperation in service development, and marketing campaigns to expand into the global market. Cube, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea with top-notch artists such as BTOB, (G)I-DLE, and PENTAGON has added blockchain to its business portfolio and founded AniCube Entertainment last February as a joint venture with Animoca Brands—the parent company of a metaverse platform provider, "the Sandbox". The first NFT airdrop held by Cube last April drew keen attention in the blockchain industry, attracting over 2.3 million applicants. Cube plans to introduce new businesses including the “Music Metaverse”—an open K-pop platform—and a Korean cultural complex within the “Sandbox Game” in the second half of the year. Launched last January, NEOPIN is an open blockchain platform that offers staking services for cryptocurrencies including TRX, KLAY, and NPT, and yield farming services for tokens earned in P2E games such as "Crypto Golf Impact" and "Brave Nine". NEOPLY, the parent company of NEOPIN, is known to have a solid technical background and extensive experience in the blockchain business; Apart from its node operating experience since 2018, NEOPLY has participated in the Klaytn Governance Council and operated a virtual asset wallet service named “nBlocks” since 2019. NPT(Neopin Token), a key currency within the NEOPIN ecosystem, has been listed on a number of major exchanges, namely Huobi Global,, MEXC Global, Bittrex Global, Bitget, and Probit Global. “We expect a synergic effect between NEOPIN’s DeFi technology and entertainment-based IP and metaverse platform by Cube,” a NEOPIN representative stated. “With the two business entities playing complementary roles, we will expedite our progress in establishing a global blockchain ecosystem.” A Cube representative added, “Our partnership with NEOPIN will enable us to develop a DeFi ecosystem along with our metaverse blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to globally launching an open metaverse business based on advanced blockchain technology.” About NEOPIN NEOPIN is a one-stop crypto finance platform that provides a variety of DeFi services such as Swap, Yield Farming, and Staking in TRX, KLAY, and NPT for effortless asset accumulation. Unlike address-based DeFi projects vulnerable to external security threats, NEOPIN has applied strict security guidelines such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identification system and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies since the service was launched last January. NEOPIN’s parent company, NEOPLY, has obtained the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification and operated a number of blockchain services including nBlocks Wallet and EOSeoul for many years. As part of its strategy to enhance its competitiveness and optimize user experience, NEOPIN plans to further reinforce its DeFi services by launching a NEOPIN web service this July with a more intuitive and user-friendly UI(User Interface)/UX(User Experience), which the NEOPIN mobile app service is known for among its users. NEOPIN will keep pursuing innovative ideas to connect a fragmented blockchain world into one, and eventually progress into an open blockchain platform for all. The NEOPIN app is available to download at the Google Play Store and the App Store. For more information on NEOPIN and its services, visit its recently renewed official website and join the community: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | MediumContactsManagerCelina [email protected]
36 days agocryptopotato
‘Aave of Klaytn’ KLAP Protocol TVL Soars $102 Million in First Week of Launch
KLAP - a DeFi lending protocol on Klaytn, has managed to attract over $100 million worth of total value locked during the first week of its launch.
41 day agocryptodaily
KLAP Finance Wins Applause Of DeFi Investors As It Amasses 2nd Highest TVL On Klaytn
Image source: A new DeFi application on the Klaytn blockchain has begun life with a bang, accumulating what is now the second-largest total value locked in its ecosystem just days after its launch. Known as KLAP (Klaytn Lending Application), it has so far amassed an impressive $79.3 million in TVL since launching on June 21, putting it second only to KlaySwap, which has been around for more than three years already. KLAP bills itself as a decentralized and non-custodial liquidity market protocol on the Klaytn blockchain that allows users to participate either as depositors or borrowers. Like many DeFi protocols, depositors gain greater utility from their idle token holding by earning a passive income. Meanwhile borrowers can seek both over- and under-collateralized loans. In a blog post on Medium, KLAP explains that it’s trying to differentiate among DeFi protocols by leveraging the inherent advantages of the Klatyn blockchain, with a focus on metaverse adoption, protocol interactivity and the broader cohesion of all interactions on Klaytn. It also claims to benefit from a distinct first-mover advantage as the prime liquidity market protocol on Klaytn. KLAP is very closely associated with the new Klatyn-based DeFi incubator Krew, which also launched this month armed with a $4 million fund to create, incubate and support emerging projects on the blockchain. Krew aims to support projects building on the Klaytn blockchain with access to funding, marketing assistance, advice on tokenomics and go-to-market strategy. The Klaytn blockchain is backed by South Korea’s Kakao Corp., creator of the KakaoTalk messenger app. One of Krew's primary goals is to expand adoption of Klaytn beyond its stronghold in Asia. The initial reaction to the community suggests that Krew has done a good job of that, with KLAP’s promise of $KLAP and $KLAY token rewards attracting plenty of interest from the DeFi crowd so far. In addition to the hefty TVL it has accumulated, KLAP boasts more than 30,000 followers across Discord and Twitter, and over 100,000 pre-registration entries. The achievement is all the more impressive considering that many had assumed DeFi to be in a death spiral. Some of the crypto world’s most popular protocols and blockchains have leaked billions of dollars in TVL in recent months amid a much wider crash in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The collapse of Terra’s Anchor protocol, which famously promised APY of 20% for all depositors, and the announcement by Celsius that its prohibiting withdrawals from users had badly damaged confidence in the wider DeFi ecosystem, causing many investors to escape to safer havens. However, KLAP’s no nonsense-style discourse appears to have won plenty of skeptics over. In a blog post on Medium it freely admits that capital on Klaytn is “not maximally efficient” due to its lack of essential primitives. KLAP says it’s goal is to provide those primitives one product at a time, pointing out that by unlocking the capital capability of billions of dollars worth of tokens will simultaneously unlock “vast amounts” of rewards for market participants. Equally important is the effort that’s gone into designing KLAP, which has focused on incorporating modern innovations in DeFi architecture and tokenomics. “We have spent a lot of time researching the many iterations of token launches, Pool 2, emission rates, and simulated countless times to reach more optimal numbers,” KLAP says. “Users will be able to experience Solidly-style veNFTs, Platypus Finance-esque PvP yield boosters, decentralized governance via veNFT voting on emissions and important protocol-level decisions, Geist-like penalties for mercenary capital / farm & dumpers, significant rewards and yield boosts for long-term holders and liquidity lockers. Add to that KLAP’s solid team of experienced builders and researchers and its tight integration with Klaytn, and it’s easy to see why a DeFi crowd that’s crying out for relief has embraced its cause. “We see KLAP in a great spot to leverage Klaytn’s technical architecture enabling high TPS, fast finality, and cheap transactions,” said Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma, an investor in KLAP. “We are confident in Klap’s compelling protocol design features and veteran builders to serve the nascent Klaytn DeFi ecosystem and scale it for retail adoption.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
41 day agocryptodaily
Blockchain Network Backed by Japanese Content Giant Launches to Build a Sustainable Metaverse Ecosystem
Singapore, Singapore, 30th June, 2022, ChainwireRecently numerous new blockchain networks have emerged, but only few have had both strong technical expertise and rich content to fill the ecosystem from the beginning. Since it’s impossible to create an ecosystem with infrastructure alone, new blockchain networks usually seek partnerships with Dapp projects. MOOI Network, developed by blockchain company POST VOYAGER, has already succeeded in securing both technical strength and a content-rich ecosystem even before its launch. While POST VOYAGER focuses on the technical aspects, Cocone, a well-established Japanese mobile game giant, will bring its metaverse content to the network. The launch date of MOOI Network is June 30. Technical Strength The developer of the MOOI Network, POST VOYAGER, is a subsidiary company of Cocone, a well-established Japanese mobile app company. Established specifically for blockchain projects, POST VOYAGER has been exercising its expertise since 2019. The company has been a Governance Council member, or a node validator, of the Klaytn network. While actively participating in the governance process, the POST VOYAGER team has been steadily building up its knowledge of blockchain. It has also been serving to provide technical support and advice to its affiliate companies. With half of the team as developers, including its founder, POST VOYAGER is a very tech-intensive company and understands the importance of ever-changing technologies. While POST VOYAGER is quite confident about its technical competence, the team decided to take extra steps to protect the assets of users. To further ensure the integrity of its security, MOOI Network will undergo multiple audits. According to POST VOYAGER, “it’s never enough to stress the importance of the integrity of the network. We will take every necessary measure to ensure it.” Metaverse full of contents MOOI Network will be featured with various metaverse services. Cocone, POST VOYAGER’s parent company, plans to launch at least 4 new services on MOOI Network within this year. Cocone has pioneered a completely new genre of gaming called Character Coordinating Play (CCP), where players can customize their characters and communicate with others. The core of CCP is very similar to that of metaverse: immersion into a virtual world to break the boundary between real and virtual worlds. Cocone strived to provide such experiences to its users. As a result, it has been dominating the Japanese avatar service market for 14 years, and its services have been loved by 42 million users around the world with multiple awards. Cocone itself is also a renowned app publisher. It has been ranked in the top 10 across multiple categories. With their deep understanding of users, Cocone aims to pour all their know-how into pipelining their Web2 services into Web3 services, as well as developing brand new projects for MOOI Network. The first service to launch is Meta Livly, a Web3 version of Livly Island. The original service, Livly Island, currently has around 200,000 DAU. While almost identical to the original service, Meta Livly will feature its own unique universe. It will also feature the P2E aspect where users can earn from playing the game, as well as NFTs so that players can actually own and trade their items. Meta Livly is scheduled to launch by the end of July. Recently another service was unveiled to launch on MOOI Network. ClawKiss, developed by Cocone Connect, another subsidiary of the Cocone Group, has revealed its official website and social media accounts. ClawKiss will be a dress-to-earn GameFi vampire game utilizing blockchain technology and Selfy, an avatar generator that has been loved in over 170 countries around the world. ClawKiss will be released by the end of 2022. Starting with Meta Livly and ClawKiss, Cocone Group is planning to release more than 10 games on MOOI Network within a few years. Besides Cocone’s IPs, POST VOYAGER is also actively seeking more metaverse services to be onboard on MOOI Network. Value-based economy MOOI Network is built to support a sustainable metaverse economy. POST VOYAGER’s approach when designing a blockchain economy is slightly different from the conventional approach. MOOI Network’s economy will be built first with the players who see the real value of playing services and owning digital assets. After the value has been established, the expansion of the ecosystem will naturally follow. With a record of over 590,000 types of digital items with 9 billion items already in circulation from Cocone Group’s services, POST VOYAGER believes that the value has already been proven in the Web2 market, and so will the Web3 market. The network's economy will be built around its governance token $MOOI, while each individual service also has its own tokenomics. POST VOYAGER has a special team called the "crypto finance team". The team is dedicated to designing and monitoring the economic system of the MOOI Network. The team is also more than willing to provide advice to any Dapp projects onboarding the MOOI Network to build a better tokenomics of itself, eventually building a sustainable metaverse economy together. One member of the team said, "We consider each project's tokenomics as important as our own. Sustainable economy is not going to work if either one fails." POST VOYAGER’s ingenious approach has captured some pioneers in the blockchain industry. POST VOYAGER has successfully finished the MOOI token’s first round of private sales. Block Crafters Capital, a venture capital located in Singapore, decided to make an early investment in the MOOI Network. Another company Ozys, a leading blockchain tech company in South Korea, has established a strategic partnership with POST VOYAGER to expand MOOI Network’s ecosystem. Vision of MOOI MOOI Network has many metaverse services to be onboarded, but POST VOYAGER's vision is not limited to digital apps. The team envisions expanding its ecosystem with any project, real or digital, that fits with the core value of the MOOI Network. At launch, MOOI Network will be bridged with the Klaytn network first. Thereafter, the network will have more bridges with other blockchains such as Polygon and Ethereum to further expand the ecosystem. For more information: Official Website: Medium : Discord : Twitter : Cocone Official Website : MOOI Network Official Website: [email protected]
49 days agocryptodaily
Krew Launches Klaytn-based DeFi Accelerator to Support Next Wave of DeFi Startups
BVI, Tortola, 21st June, 2022, ChainwireKrew, a new DeFi accelerator housed in the Klaytn ecosystem, is launching - armed with a $4 million war chest that will be used to create, incubate, and support DeFi projects in the EVM-compatible blockchain. KLAP (Klaytn Lending Application), the first project to onboard the Krew accelerator, just came out of stealth last week and attracted tens of thousands of followers for the Klaytn-native lend/borrow protocol. Krew is launched by experienced founders and analysts from leading venture firms. These include Adam Cader, who previously worked at ParaFi Capital; Hugo Campanella, a product veteran from the likes of UBS and Rocket Internet, and Mark Shim and Seth Jeong from ROK Capital and DeSpread. Other contributing members include former Citadel, JP Morgan and Fidelity employees. Krew will support projects building on Klaytn with liquidity, marketing backing, advice on tokenomics, go-to market strategies, and other important aspects of successful launch activities. The accelerator’s aim is to grow adoption for the network outside of its Asia stronghold. Klaytn is backed by Kakao Corp, known for KakaoTalk, the most popular messenger platform in Korea. In order to further develop the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem, Krew has raised over $4M in a pre-seed round, which was led by Quantstamp and Ascentive Assets. Other leading investors including ROK Capital, Manifold, Krust and Novis also joined the round. As part of its initiative, Krew is launching KLAP, a non custodial lending market protocol similar to Compound or Aave. Users can both supply and redeem assets on the Klaytn blockchain, with the initial hook of KLAP and KLAY token rewards for early adopters. Thanks to extensive lessons learned in tokenomics, the launch tunes all token emission, staking and claiming parameters to ultimately maximize long term value. “We see Klap in a great spot to leverage Klaytn’s technical architecture enabling high TPS, fast finality, and cheap transactions. We are confident in Klap’s compelling protocol design features and veteran builders to serve the nascent Klaytn DeFi ecosystem and scale it for retail adoption,” said Richard Ma, CEO of Quantstamp. KLAP’s mission and long-term upside has clearly resonated with users, with a combined 30,000 people joining the project’s social channels across Twitter and Discord, and more than 100,000 pre-registration entries only 48 hours into their kick-off campaign. With over two million active accounts in Klaytn, it is well positioned to grow into a global leader for blockchain adoption. Klaytn Foundation, a non-profit organization established to accelerate global adoption and ecosystem maturity on Klaytn, has been focused on growing the support for the metaverse. Krew aims to further accelerate Klaytn’s growth globally, using its expertise to attract mainstream DeFi audience to the network. “The next few months will see a great reshuffle between major L1s and their users. We see Klaytn as being one of the dark horses in this race due to their tight integration with Kakao and overall presence in the Korean market,” said Adam Cader, Head of Strategy at Krew. “With these factors combined, we feel now is the perfect time to give the extra push to bootstrap the Klaytn DeFi ecosystem.” About Krew Krew is the Klaytn DeFi accelerator, deploying its liquidity and expertise to support the Klaytn ecosystem. Founded by veterans from Web2, TradFi and Web3, Krew’s thesis is that mainstream adoption will define the ultimate winners of the crypto network arms race, where Klaytn’s backing by Kakao gives it an enormous edge. Website - Discord - Telegram ContactsHead of StrategyAdam [email protected]
78 days agocryptopotato
Bluebay Launches KlayDino Limited Edition NFTs
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] Earlier this year, Delio, a licensed international crypto bank, launched its NFT marketplace named Bluebay. With no listing fees and no transaction costs, Bluebay is designed to be a playground for NFT creators. The platform has quickly gained popularity among artists, graphic designers, 3D illustrators, and songwriters as well. […]
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Earn Enormous Benefits with Parody Coin (PARO), EOS (EOS), and Klaytn (KLAY)
It's no secret that cryptocurrencies are experiencing a wild ride lately. Prices are surging and plummeting at unprecedented levels, and it can be tough to know which coins will come out on top. But there's one cryptocurrency that you don't want to miss out on Parody Coin (PARO)! With its innovative technology and massive potential for growth, PARO is poised to take the crypto world by storm. In addition to that, we will talk about Klaytn (KLAY) and EOS (EOS). Don't miss your chance to get in on the action. Invest in PARO today! You can also follow these three coins with a reliable launchpad BoostX at your disposal! Parody Coin (PARO): Parody Coin (PARO) is a deflationary utility cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and its primary purpose is to provide investors with a wide variety of passive income opportunities through printing, trading, and marketing parodies of popular NFTs. The three main benefits of Parody Coin (PARO): Parody Swap: A place where traders can buy and sell any cryptocurrency on any blockchain for the same amount of Parody Coins. Parody Bridge: This allows sending PARO tokens to other blockchains. Paroflexion mechanism: This allows traders to distribute rewards in the native Parody Coin (PARO) token. The Parody Market is defined as an NFT market that allows investors to buy and sell parody NFTs. The token can create parody NFTs from other major blue-chip NFTs. In addition, token holders will be allowed to print them. Parody Coin is located in the middle of the Paroverse ecosystem. With this, you can create Parody NFTs, or earn by locking them or spending them. Also, Parody Coin has its own unique tax system. It is possible to purchase Parody Coin on its website before the sale. The token project will be launched on major exchanges and PancakeSwap very soon. The Parody Coin (PARO) token is currently in the pre-sale phase. A total of 300 million PARO coins, will be on the pre-sale before the initial DEX offering (IDO) on PancakeSwap and the live price of PARO is around $0.002. EOS (EOS): EOS (EOS) is a coin that has managed to rise as high as $14.88 in its last one-year performance. This coin, which entered a downward trend after this and traded at the lowest price, which is $1.87, is currently hovering between $1.9 - $2 on average. EOS (EOS) shows that it is at its historical lowest price with its current value. Although these levels have made many investors lose, they create a buying opportunity as it has a solid infrastructure, and is based on a continuous project. Many indicators point to EOS' decline in the short term, which could create more clear buying opportunities. This coin shows that it is still moving in a bear trend in current analysis and charts. Especially, with the effect of the decline in other cryptocurrencies, and the contraction in the world economy. It is estimated that EOS (EOS) may move in the low price range for a while. In particular, short and medium-term investors may not find their expectations met in this coin but its long-term potential is still very imminent. Klaytn (KLAY): Klaytn (KLAY) has experienced a serious decline from $2.4 levels in the last year and has decreased to $0.6 levels. This coin, which still maintains its downward trend, has the possibility of rising. It is particularly suitable for day traders, as it creates incremental buying opportunities. Every month, Klaytn (KLAY), which hovered around $1.08 at the highest level and around $0.60 at the lowest in the last month, is a coin that is expected to lose value in the short term due to its bear trend. However, there is a possibility that the statements made by Internet giant Kakao may reverse this trend. The current cryptocurrency market is quite volatile; however, as this analysis has shown, there are some very promising projects worth looking into. We believe that Parody Coin (PARO) has a lot of potential due to its unique features and the strong team behind it. EOS (EOS) is also an excellent project with a solid infrastructure and passionate community backing it up. Finally, Klaytn (KLAY) is another exciting blockchain project that shows great promise for the future. Thanks for reading! Find Out More About Parody Coin: Presale: Website: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
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Iskra Blockchain-Powered Web3 Game Platform Chalked up $34 million, Led by a Korean Online Leviathan
One truth out of the numerous cocksureness concerning Web3 Games is that it has decentralized and permissionless play assets, restoring digital possession of in-game items to players. In fact, it is revolutionizing gaming, ushering in a paradigm shift in how players interact with and understand games. Interestingly, a rosy web3 game startup has recentlycaptured the public's attention. Iskra blockchain-powered Web3 game platform reimagines existing game publication models, restoring power to game developers, players, andinvestors. Iskra has declared that it's received a $34 million investment from Krust Universe, a Korean IT giant investment arm. Iskra is a comparatively obscure firm that appeared out of nowhere to receive significant money from well-known corporations. Although "Iskra" is a new name, the startup intends to be the future of Play, alleviating category growing pains while creating exciting chances and new game experiences for gamers, developers, and investors. The Future of Play is here to stay, collaborating with global corporations "We believe Iskra is pioneering the way to become the next-generation blockchain gaming publishing platform with unique features for game developers, users and other participants. We chose to invest in Iskra because we identify strong synergy between their ecosystem and ours. Together, we will take the blockchain and Web3 gaming industry to the next level." Henry Chang, CEO of WeMade The Future of Play is here to stay, and it is supported by some of Korea's most prominent technology and gaming companies. Iskra plans to launch next-generation Web3 experiences via its Web3 game community platform using a $200 million game fund. Its community-forward system aligns stakeholders' interests by rewarding them based on their participation while also incorporating sustainable tokenomic solutions for game developers who join its platform. By combining enjoyment, sustainability, and cutting-edge blockchain technology, the company hopes to bridge the web3 implementation gap between early adopters and the mainstream. With Krust Universe, which incubates innovative startups that are building the next generation of groundbreaking technology applications by enabling their growth and supporting their global expansion, the list of investors read like a who's who of the tech and gaming industry; WeMade, MetaBora, Neowiz, NHN Bigfoot, Fast Ventures, Liberty Investment, and Kakao Ventures. ISKRA is Coming to the Limelight in ASIA Current and prior milestones have demonstrated that the firm has the potential to be Asia's Gala and Forte. When it comes to Web3 game platforms nowadays, Gala is the American behemoth, while Forte is the jumbo in Latam. The team is confident that Iskra will soon be the other key player in Asia. A look at the company's executive staff uncovers an all-star lineup of blockchain and online game industry professionals with multiple exits from companies like Dayli Financial Group and Tencent Holdings. A closer look reveals team members who worked on some of Korea's biggest and most successful crypto initiatives (such as Icon Loop and LINE), as well as successful exits from key executives (i.e. Dayli Financial and Tencents) Iskra has been concentrating its resources on developing the company's Web3 game community platform and acquiring the best next-gen blockchain gaming content the country has to offer up till now. The majority of the initial material announced with the platform will come from the same group of investors. Krust (Iskra's principal investor) has a $200 USD million eco fund under management. This is unusual for a "startup" to be able to secure, but Iskra, on the other hand, looks to outperform expectations. Iskra's blockchain-powered Web3 game platform offers earning opportunities through games and is also developing an open economy centered on gaming. Junghoon Kim, Chief Investment Officer at Krust Universe, explained, "Iskra is a seasoned team that can combine the best of blockchain and games. During our incubation, the team successfully built a model that incentivizes various stakeholders in the community." The company further added, "Iskra is well aligned with the 2.0 strategy of Klaytn, a Krust portfolio, in which Klaytn becomes a blockchain of choice for gamefi and metaverse." The team wants to be more than just a part of the web3 future; they choose to shape it. With this goal in mind, Iskra is developing a forward-thinking devoted home for web3 gaming, and each user has a part in its success. Simply said, Iskra was created with easy blockchain integration in mind for anyone who enjoys gaming. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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OpenSea Teases Support For Solana NFTs
Solana NFTs could receive a shot in the arm soon, with OpenSea all but confirming that Solana NFTs are coming to the OpenSea NFT marketplace. The news is significant for the Ethereum killer blockchain which holds only a small part of the NFT market compared to Ethereum. OpenSea Teases New Addition OpenSea, in a tweet on Tuesday, all but confirmed the arrival of Solana NFTs in its marketplace, teasing the April addition. However, the platform stopped short of revealing the exact date of the launch of the Solana NFTs. OpenSea, whose valuation has jumped significantly and is currently valued at around $13 billion, tweeted, “The best kept secret in web3.” Significant Anticipation Regarding The News Industry insiders and the Solana community have been waiting with bated breath for OpenSea to announce support for Solana NFTs for most of 2022. However, there were signs pointing to the developments, as spotted by tech blogger Jane Manchun Wong. Wong had, in late January, come across a few developments on OpenSea that hinted that the NFT marketplace was readying for Solana NFTs and Solana digital wallets. OpenSea’s web code also has several mentions pointing to Solana. Fourth Blockchain Network On OpenSea Solana’s addition to the OpenSea NFT marketplace would make the protocol only the third Layer-1 and the fourth Blockchain Network that have NFTs trading on OpenSea. The move sees the protocol join the likes of market leader Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn. Among the blockchain networks present on OpenSea, Solana is second only to Ethereum when it comes to all-time NFT sales, according to data from data tracker CryptoSlam. Competition For Magic Eden OpenSea’s move to extend support for Solana NFTs could be a challenge for Magic Eden, which is currently the leading marketplace for Solana NFTs. At present, Magic Eden holds a whopping 90% of the market share when it comes to Solana NFTs, data from Dune Analytics has shown. However, Magic Eden does have the edge over OpenSea, with its transaction fee of 2% currently 50 basis points lower than that of OpenSea. However, it remains to be seen if this could play a decisive factor when it comes to Magic Eden retaining its hold over Solana NFTs. While Ethereum dominates the NFT market, Solana has also become home to some popular and significant collections, including the likes of Solana Monkey Business and the Degenerate Ape Academy. OpenSea Facing A Slew Of Problems While the addition of Solana is good news, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for OpenSea in recent months. The world’s largest NFT platform recently had a significant breach, which led to several high-value NFTs stolen from users. OpenSea did issue a resolution for the attack after hackers had exploited a bug in the code. The platform’s woes increased further when a user who lost his Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT during the attack filed a $1 million lawsuit against OpenSea. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Klaytn token down 15% in a month, but network's TVL shows resilience
KLAY's market cap is roughly 70% below its all-time high, but the network's TVL and DApp data hint that the service-oriented blockchain might bounce from its lows.
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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, LEO, MANA, KLAY, XTZ
BTC continues to lose ground, but if the $40,000 level is reclaimed, LEO, MANA, KLAY and XTZ could be the first to recover.
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Going meta: Disney, Second Life and K-pop
Second Life creator Philip Rosedale returns to the fold, Disney's patent for a "virtual-world simulator in a real-world venue” suggests an entry to the Metaverse, and Animal Concerts partners with South Korea-based Kakao’s Klaytn project.
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Animal Concerts partners with Korea’s Klaytn: K-pop in the Metaverse?
The US-based Metaverse concert organizer Animal Concerts has partnered with South Korea’s Klaytn blockchain network to bring leading global music entertainment stars to the Metaverse.
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Klay Thompson receives his salary in Bitcoin with Cash App
The NBA pro is also turning to the charms of the crypto queen The post Klay Thompson receives his salary in Bitcoin with Cash App appeared first on The Cryptonomist.
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Golden State Warriors’ Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala to Receive Salaries in Bitcoin
Two more NBA stars have announced that they will start accepting portions of their salaries in bitcoin.
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KlayCity Announces Investment from Animoca Brands
[Press Release] KlayCity, the first land NFT game built on Klaytn announced today that it has received an investment from Animoca Brands. KlayCity is a P2E decentralized game, based on future earth wrecked by years of pollution. Built on the Klaytn Network, users are able to obtain district NFTs, modeled after real-life city districts. Users […]

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