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Locus Chain(LOCUS)

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0.00000015 BTC
Market Cap (Rank#814)
303.573 BTC
Vol 24h
3.39387 BTC
Circulating Supply
Max Supply

Locus Chain Charts


About Locus Chain?

The live price of Locus Chain (LOCUS) today is 0.010021 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Locus Chain at 2,081,062,787.35 LOCUS, its market capitalization stands at 20,854,290 USD. In the last 24 hours LOCUS price has moved -0.001424 USD or -0.12% while 290,902 USD worth of LOCUS has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of LOCUS puts it at #814 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Locus Chain blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency LOCUS and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Locus Chain is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that aims to revolutionize the industry by addressing the critical issues of scalability and performance while maintaining the core principles of decentralization. With a focus on processing 4K transactions per second on a decentralized network, Locus Chain utilizes innovative technologies and mechanisms to create a high-speed, high-capacity system that caters to diverse users on various hardware devices.

Technology & Mechanism

Consensus Mechanism

Locus Chain implements a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) based Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) consensus algorithm. This consensus mechanism ensures the security and integrity of the network while allowing for efficient transaction processing and validation.

Blockchain Technology

Locus Chain operates on a unique blockchain technology that incorporates a nonlinear Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure called Account Wise Transaction Chain (AWTC). This data structure enables parallel transaction processing, enhancing the platform's scalability and performance.

Key Features


Locus Chain aims to overcome the scalability limitations of traditional blockchain platforms by processing a high volume of transactions per second. The AWTC data structure and parallel transaction processing enable Locus Chain to achieve this scalability without compromising decentralization.


Locus Chain is aware of the potential risks posed by quantum computing and has implemented post-quantum resistant cryptography to ensure the security of transactions and user data. Additionally, the platform incorporates a layered key system for account security, providing an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access.


Locus Chain prioritizes user privacy by allowing for flexible and extensible Smart Contracts configuration. This enables users to define the level of privacy they require for their transactions, ensuring confidentiality and data protection.


Decentralization is at the core of Locus Chain's philosophy. The platform utilizes a decentralized network and a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, granting voting rights to nodes based on their coin shares. This ensures that decision-making power is distributed among participants, promoting a fair and democratic ecosystem.

Development Team & Governance

The Locus Chain project is led by a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to creating a robust and scalable blockchain platform. The project's governance model is designed to grant voting rights to participants based on their coin shares, allowing for community-driven decision-making.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

Locus Chain has the potential to disrupt various industries by providing a high-speed, high-capacity blockchain platform. Its scalability and performance make it suitable for applications requiring a large number of transactions, such as financial services, supply chain management, and decentralized applications (dApps).

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

Locus Chain's native cryptocurrency, Locus Tokens (LOCUS), can be purchased on select cryptocurrency exchanges. Interested individuals can visit these exchanges and follow the necessary steps to acquire LOCUS tokens.

Wallets & Storage

To securely store LOCUS tokens, users can utilize compatible wallets that support the Locus Chain ecosystem. These wallets provide a safe and convenient way to manage and store tokens, ensuring the security of users' assets.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Locus Chain recognizes the importance of strategic partnerships and collaborations to drive adoption and enhance its ecosystem. The project actively seeks partnerships with industry leaders, platform creators, and enablers to foster innovation and create a robust blockchain ecosystem.


Locus Chain has a clear roadmap outlining its future plans and objectives. The project aims to continuously enhance its platform by introducing new features and improvements. This includes further optimizing scalability, security, and user experience, as well as expanding its ecosystem through strategic partnerships and collaborations.

Risks & Challenges

As with any emerging technology, Locus Chain faces risks and challenges. These may include regulatory hurdles, technological limitations, and competition from other blockchain platforms. However, the project is committed to addressing these challenges and ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of the platform.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


Locus Chain has a vibrant and active community of supporters and enthusiasts who contribute to the growth and development of the platform. The community plays a crucial role in shaping the future of Locus Chain through active participation, feedback, and collaboration.

Regulatory Compliance

Locus Chain is committed to adhering to legal and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions it operates in. The project ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations to foster trust and transparency within the ecosystem. In conclusion, Locus Chain is a groundbreaking blockchain platform that aims to address the scalability and performance challenges faced by traditional blockchain systems. With its innovative technologies, such as the AWTC data structure and PoS-based BFT consensus algorithm, Locus Chain offers a high-speed, high-capacity solution while maintaining decentralization. The project's focus on security, privacy, and community-driven governance further enhances its appeal. With a strong development team, strategic partnerships, and a clear roadmap, Locus Chain has the potential to disrupt various industries and drive the adoption of blockchain technology.
Locus Chain Price0.010021 USD
Market Rank#814
Market Cap20,854,290 USD
24h Volume233,146 USD
Circulating Supply2,081,062,787.35 LOCUS
Max Supply7,000,000,000 LOCUS
Yesterday's Market Cap21,935,082 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.011964 USD / 0.01054 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.012286 USD / 0.010237 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.12% ( 0.001424 USD )
Yesterday's Volume290,902.22 USD
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