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23h agocryptodaily
Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), And The Hideaways (HDWY) Are The Best Staking Cryptocurrencies To Invest In For 2023
Staking is a common practice among cryptocurrency investors since it allows token investors to place their tokens to use while simultaneously earning incentives. Since staking possibilities exist for Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), it's only natural that they'd be considered. But a brand-new and fascinating venture is currently in its final presale stage and attracting a lot of interest. This article will examine whether The Hideaways (HDWY) represents the finest staking cryptocurrency investment opportunity in 2023. Investors See Some Growth Potential in Cardano (ADA) The Cardano (ADA) blockchain platform, which is third-generation, allows programmers of decentralized applications to build smart contracts. It is one of the fastest and most adaptable blockchain networks because of its capacity to handle hundreds of transactions per second. When compared to other blockchain networks, such as BTC and ETH, Cardano's (ADA) scalability is a major advantage. The network was able to achieve decentralization and security without sacrificing scalability. Cardano (ADA) is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency in which token holders vote on whether or not transactions should be confirmed by staking their coins in the network. Solana (SOL) Staking: A Win Without Cuts Since the company's launch in April 2019, Solana (SOL) has been able to amass a sizeable portion of the blockchain industry thanks to the growth of an extremely engaged community of software developers. Slashing is the risk that many holders are unhappy with when it comes to staking for 6% yields on Solana. Slashing is the process by which the token quantity is reduced if the validator operates improperly. A significant number of SOL holders consider this to be an unacceptable risk because users do not have control over the validator. Fantastic Investment Potential in The Hideaways (HDWY) Fractionalized NFTs of luxury mansions, villas, and penthouses are available on The Hideaways, a revolutionary cryptocurrency that provides investors with access to alternative investment opportunities. The Hideaways (HDWY) quickly disproved its doubters in the first month after its release. If you were looking for the best place to put your money in 2023, why would you put it in The Hideaways (HDWY)? Simply because: Having liquidity locked in will reassure investors. With a two-year lockout on token sales, investors are protected from a possible "rug pull." Investor confidence was sought by having The Hideaways' smart contract audited by Solidproof, and that firm has now given that assurance. For the first time, investors may get their hands on fractionalized NFTs guaranteed by authentic properties worldwide, and the price is super low. Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
3 days agocryptopotato
Circle Warns About Scammers Baiting USDC Users
During the second quarter of the year alone, CertiK registered 290 phishing attacks, up 170% from 106 in the first quarter.
3 days agocointelegraph
Programming languages prevent mainstream DeFi
Asset-oriented programming makes fundamental functions native to the programming language. DeFi needs more of that to improve security.
3 days agocryptodaily
World's Biggest Web3 Conference DCENTRAL Miami Going All Out for 2022 Edition
Florida, Miami, 25th November, 2022, ChainwireDCENTRAL Miami is thrilled to host a legendary speaker lineup and reveal a dedicated Fashion & Culture track, a “Day of DAOs”, the Minerva Circle’s Women’s Lounge and its initiatives in diversity, and a new immersive experience for its 2022 edition. Last year's event attracted more than 5,000 Web3 enthusiasts to Miami, making it the first and the largest combined Web3 conference ever. Regardless of current market conditions, the organizers have gone all out to top that this year and accounted for even more attendees by booking double the capacity. Returning for its second installment over Nov. 28 and Nov. 29, 2022, DCENTRAL Miami will host a legendary lineup with guest speakers that include producer, rapper and songwriter extraordinaire Timbaland; R&B star and Grammy-winning singer Miguel; UFC Hall of Famer Michael Bisping; former Buccaneers and Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp; and two-time NBA All-Star Baron Davis. Also appearing will be "Tattoo God in LA" Romeo Lacoste, YouTuber Ben "Bitboy" Armstrong, and pro wrestler PJ Black. Together with the Fashion DAO and Jing Meta, this year's DCENTRAL Miami premiers a Fashion & Culture track. The new, full-day event builds on last year's edition, where DCENTRAL created the world's first dedicated digital fashion area at a Web3 conference. Taking place during Nov. 29, the ten talks and panels cover the latest in digital and metaverse fashion, culture and trends. DCENTRAL is also presenting for the first time DAO Summit, a “Day of DAOs” together with DAO Planet on Nov. 28. The more than six and a half hour of presentations cover a huge range of topics relating to protocol governance, including public goods funding, legal considerations and organizational models. Furthermore, DCENTRAL Miami, with the help of AllStarsWomen DAO, is proud to welcome over 130 prominent female speakers sharing their expertise in Web3 across all the stages and workshop spaces. Minerva's Circle — DCENTRAL’s new diversity initiative — is hosting a Women’s Lounge with support from Mythic Games that features a packed and exclusively female-led workshops on diversity, inclusion and empowering the underserved. As guests arrive at the James L. Knight Center in downtown Miami, they are greeted by a 20-foot LED entry cube, but at the heart of the DCENTRAL Miami experience is a fantastical immersive room featuring three entirely screened walls that explore the intersection of art, fashion, technology and culture through immersive experiences, collaborative commissions, NFT drops, living labs and participatory design. DCENTRAL’s NFT Gallery, hosted in partnership with NFT frame company MetaSill, brings yet more surrealism to the conference and will showcase works of digital art pushing the boundaries and steering Web3 culture. Finally Binance Live, CoinMarketCap and Dextools will be live streaming main stage presentations from the eclectic lineup of guests, ranging from native Web3 projects, traditional finance, venture investing, influencers and other niches. About DCENTRAL Miami DCENTRAL Miami is a Web3- and crypto-focused event that takes place over two days in the heart of downtown Miami. The event unites Web3 enthusiasts, industry thought-leaders, creators, artists, builders and degens for a packed program of presentations, parties and networking opportunities. Scattered across the James L. Knight Center will be interactive art displays, product demonstrations and workshops hosted by representatives of influential NFT, DeFi, metaverse and GameFi projects. With a focus on community empowerment, the event embodies the ethos that makes crypto and Web3 special. Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | YouTube | Discord ContactItai [email protected]
5 days agocryptodaily
BinaryX Releases Concept Art for World Building MMO CyberLand
Singapore, Singapore, 24th November, 2022, ChainwireBinaryX has confirmed that it is working on a new free-to-play, play-to-own game, CyberLand, an open-world MMO powered by blockchain technology. The team just released the concept video which gives a first look of the terrains and features of the game. Free-to-play, Play-to-Own CyberLand marks BinaryX’s official transition away from play-to-earn models, and is their first-ever play-to-own game in the metaverse. As a play-to-own game, players have a high degree of freedom in resource production. Players can choose to develop their own assets, construct their own buildings and farm their own products and materials to build their empire. These assets can also be fully traded on the open market. The team wanted to make a game that is not only visually impressive and entertaining to play, but also lets players create value incrementally, so that players can feel a greater sense of ownership and be able to enjoy the game for much longer than the typical Web3 games. The Story of CyberLand The player’s journey in the game begins in a pristine open world with rich natural resources. The player must then explore the vast lands to find resources, invent technologies and develop their land to survive, and eventually build an empire. The game is similar to traditional 4X strategy games. Players get to write their own stories and determine their own fate within the game. Players will face off against dangerous monsters within the lands. The stronger the monsters, the more precious the resources. Players must fend against the threat of monsters while collecting resources. The Four Lands of CyberLand CyberLand currently consists of four terrains: snowfield, plains, desert, and swamps. Each type of land has its own unique resources and is guarded by different monsters. The resources are not known to the player at the beginning of the game, and it is up to the player to search, mine or hunt their own resources. The name of the game is asset ownership, which means that the player gets to own the land that they purchase as an NFT. 100% Player Driven, Off-chain Trading Economy The game consists of an in-game trading marketplace which is completely off-chain. All transactions of in-game resources can be completed within the game without incurring any gas fees. They can also be transferred to on-chain assets and can be traded on DEXes and CEXes respectively. The marketplace is also completely player-driven, which means players can trade their land on the marketplace, and determine prices of land and resources by selling the goods they produce from their land in the marketplace. The game also mimics the actual trading economy in a peer-to-peer marketplace, where the supply and demand of resources being sold on the market directly affect the prices of resources in the marketplace. CyberLand will use $BNX as the main native currency. $BNX can be used in the game for buying land, or as a reward from player participation in leaderboard competitions. Upcoming Features In preparation for the beta release, the BinaryX team is working on developing more cool features for the game, including introducing SocialFi features where players can create, manage, and upload monetized content on a shared network while expanding their empire. The team is also working on an on-chain wallet for seamless cryptocurrency transactions within the game, and designing new playable areas and maps for future DLC releases. “CyberLand is our attempt at making Web3 games bigger and better. The industry has built a bad rep for various reasons, but we hope that CyberLand will be the first of many great games on the Web3 ecosystem. The team is working hard on the beta version of the game so that players can try it and see for themselves the potential of new free-to-play, play-to-own games. We thank everyone in our community for their support and we’re here to stay.” - Chun Sim, Global Head of Business Operations and Development of BinaryX. Watch the concept video here About BinaryX BinaryX is the GameFi platform behind play-to-earn games CyberDragon and CyberChess, both of which run on the BNB chain. BinaryX began as a decentralised derivative trading system. The team gradually evolved into developing decentralised video games, and is now transitioning to becoming a GameFi platform offering IGO services to bridge Web2 developers to Web3. As one of the top 10 projects on the BNB Chain, BinaryX has a vast community of more than 100k coin holders and 17K monthly active wallets. It is also one of the largest metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with more than 400 million in market cap. BinaryX also has a token, $BNX, that has consistently demonstrated strong performance despite the bear market. For more details and information about BinaryX, please visit BinaryX whitepaper About BinaryX deck Find us on social media: BinaryX | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | YouTube | MediumContactCommunications LeadSammi [email protected]
7 days agocointelegraph
Sam Bankman-Fried deepfake attempts to scam investors impacted by FTX
A faked video the FTX founder created by scammers has circulated on Twitter with users poking fun at its poor production quality.
7 days agocryptodaily
WAHED Announces Strategic Partnership With The Creator’s Group
Cranfield, England, 21st November, 2022, ChainwireWAHED is delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Creator’s Group. Bringing years of experience in the real estate and property management sector, the Creators Group can look forward to enjoying a number of advantages that the blockchain can add to this industry. Established by CEO Eng. Ali Al Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 2016, Creators Group has established itself as a leader both in local markets and overseas. Serving the best interests of investors, homeowners, corporate clients, developers and landlords, the Creator’s group streamlines investment activities for all those looking to get involved in real estate. Creator’s Group offers the following services to clients in Saudi Arabia and abroad Buy and selling of land and property Commercial and residential leases and rentals Feasibility studies Project development Property brokerage Investment guidance and opportunities Real estate valuation WAHED is a next-generation investment and philanthropy platform powered by WAHED Coin. Based in the United Kingdom and headed by Shaikh Abdulla Bin Ahmed Bin Salman AlKhalifa, WAHED has a vision of improving the world by nurturing business activities. Serving as a blockchain and investment partner, WAHED aims to bring all the advantages of the decentralized economy to businesses seeking to deliver value at a greater scale, and with improved efficiency. How The Partnership Will Bring Value The WAHED Ecosystem is built on the Binance Smart Chain, an innovative blockchain that enables the deployment of smart-contracts. With the ability to program actions on a publicly-viewable and permanent blockchain, it will be possible to implement greater transparency and accountability across the entirety of activities. Transparency and Efficiency in Operations The proximity of the real estate world with existing legal and government frameworks make drafting contracts and obligations a critical and cost-intensive process. Blockchains and smart contracts can significantly reduce costs by utilizing templates that can be adapted to the end user’s requirements. Thanks to this innovation, the entire scope of operations stands to benefit from increased efficiency and lower recurring costs. Transparency in Transactions By using the blockchain’s permanent ledger, all parties involved in a transaction will be aware of the requirements, costs and procedures to ensure that the deal is concluded efficiently. Using smart contracts to factor in costs such as travel time, office supplies, legal counsel and auction bidding can make requirements clear to every party involved, making significant savings in time and money. Transparency in Obligations When a property moves from one owner to another, they may be conditions that affect the terms of sale. These obligations may include alterations to abide with legal requirements such as material quality and fire safety, or aspects relating to design and/or function. The immutable recording of these requirements on a smart contract that executes when the terms are met will be a significant time saver. Transparency for Brokerage Agent and broker commissions can be between 1%-6% of the cost of the transaction. While there may be significant costs leading to fees being this high, the lack of transparency can affect buyer trust. Blockchains enable trustless transactions, and the ability to reduce the number of middlemen. End users can enjoy quicker turnaround time and lower fees. Permanent Records of Ownership and Property Rights Blockchains are ideal to show ownership of property. These tamper-proof and permanent records can be updated when assets change hands, and further details such as stipulating the commercial and usage rights for a specified plot can also be added. Due diligence and the registering of ownership with the Federal Registration Service and notary payments will all happen on the blockchain, and fees will be included as part of the services package. The partnership between Creators Group and WAHED stands to provide a range of benefits that will undoubtedly elevate the experience and cost savings of the end users. By utilizing blockchain as a tool to promote efficiency and transparency, WAHED aims to raise the bar on how businesses can be conducted, and how lives can be improved. About WAHED WAHED Coin will be available for trading on LBank on the 5th of December 2022. Join the WAHED community to get all the latest updates regarding partnerships, new features and more. Visit our official website for more information and join our Twitter, Discord, Facebook and Instagram.ContactWahed Projects [email protected]
8 days agocryptopotato
Crypto Scammers Hiring KYC Actors to Build Trust and Defraud Investors: Report
The report uncovered fake crypto KYC actors who earn between $8 and $500 per gig, depending on the requirements.
9 days agocryptodaily
Vitalik Buterin Warns Against Singapore’s Approach to Crypto
Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, recently commented on Singapore’s ambition to become a digital asset hub saying that it might not work out due to the country’s skeptical attitude towards cryptocurrencies. During a video interview with The Strait Times published on Sunday, Buterin said the city-state’s “willingness to make a distinction between blockchain usage and cryptocurrency is like one of those weird things.” Adding, The reality is if you don’t have cryptocurrency, blockchains that you’re going to have are just fake and nobody’s going to care about them. Singapore is currently seeking to clamp down on retail-investor access to cryptocurrency trading in an attempt to reduce risks to consumers from the market’s volatility. In October, the country unveiled proposals to restrict customers’ participation in digital assets, including introducing a ban on small investors from borrowing to fund coin purchases. Buterin’s Advice on How To Deal With the Crypto Winter During the interview, Buterin also offered up some advice to investors on how to deal with the ongoing bear market, saying that cryptocurrency market participants should invest in “simpler stuff.” Buterin urged investors not to trust “individual hotshots.” He also added that his investment strategy is not to speculate on cryptos and rather prefers to “buy and hold things,” saying that he does not even track the price of Ethereum very closely. Commenting on issues within the crypto community he said that one of his main issues with the Bitcoin community in particular is that its members “automatically” love everyone rich and powerful who supports Bitcoin. Recently, Buterin famously made the remark that cryptocurrencies are a “better bet" than gold, slamming gold as “incredibly inconvenient” and “difficult to use, particularly when transacting with untrusted parties.” He further argued that gold does not “support safe storage options like multisig” stating that “gold has less adoption than crypto, so crypto is the better bet.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
10 days agocryptodaily
Kutee Kitties- The First Kitties NFTs That Will Save the World from Plastics to Be Released Soon
Kutee Kitties is a typical collection of non-fungible tokens NFTs, but one with a strong mission– to save the world from plastic. With such an innovative aim to accomplish, Kutee Kitties will be released in the second week of November. The Kutee Kitty NFT project was born with the awareness of how plastic has pervaded the air, the ground, water and vegetation and so much so that it is now within us too. The project will breathe a new life into plastics polluting the oceans by creating usable items from recycled plastic. About Kutee Kitties The Kutee Kitties collection consists of 10,000 NFTs with over 100+ different traits to create a ‘rare’ and uber-cool Kutee Kitty. The rare attributes will be depicted in the NFTs metadata and will be displayed with other NFTs featuring that specific attribute.The team members explain in their white paper, “Technology has fashioned our world into a global village, and one of the biggest and growing marketplaces in this village is the world of NFTs.” Thus, Kutee Kitty's goal is to be something larger and more significant than a simple collection of tokens. Six phases of the Kutee Kitty Project: The first phase includes mining of NFTs at 0.03 ETH and the collection will be launched on the secondary market, OpenSea. With this, the project will also release themed t-shirts made entirely from recycled material. The second phase includes launching of a 3D cats collection with more monetary rewards, travel donations for the holders. Additional batches of t-shirts and hoodies (made from eco-friendly materials) will be released, with 50% of the proceeds going to charity for the cause of conserving our oceans and 50% to the holders. The third phase includes the launching of a YouTube channel, with demonstrations of all the charitable initiatives adopted globally. As the project members embark on a global trip, they will plant many trees. Also, 50% of the channel's proceeds will be donated to charity, while the remaining 50% will be redistributed to holders within the community. The fourth phase includes launching a proprietary e-commerce for sustainable products and/or made with recycled material. The e-commerce will be a passive income system, and will be run using the store's earnings. 20% of the revenues from this e-commerce will be returned to NFT holders every month. The fifth phase includes funding a project called, Kanesis, which will produce novel bioplastics from hemp and other agricultural waste. Perks of Membership: The first 100 members will be whitelisted who have their profile pictures of the Kutee Kitty NFT. Whoever wins their extraction will be gifted ETH. 5 members of the whitelist will get a trip to a natural place paid for by the team. A $ 10,000 CONTEST To win the prize of $10,000 in ETH, participants will have to make a video in which they demonstrate that they have improved the environment by planting a tree, growing flowers, adopting a needy animal, and creatively reusing plastic. 10 lucky winners will be chosen at the end of the contest, and the top reward is $10,000 in ETH!Note: The contest is initially for NFT holders for the first phase, but will be later open to everyone. Mission: The mission of the Kutee Kitty NFT project is to create non-polluting materials, like T-shirts from recycled plastic. The platform will also tap into great investments to create innovative materials. The project attempts to use trashed plastic from land and oceans to create rare and valuable NFTs. Each Kutee Kitty's revenue will be reinvested back into the project to pay for contractors to get rid of junk or plastic remains from the land and seas. The used plastic will then be sent to an expanding network of recycling facilities. The more Kutee Kitties are sold, the more money will be invested in plastic cleanup and recycling initiatives. The project also intends to inspire other projects to come up with such cause-centric long term goals as the project uses self-sustaining strategies with positive and attainable ripple effects. Note that NFT holders will earn 20% of investment revenue in funding any programmer involving environmental preservation. Website: Discord: Instagram: Twitter: Sito: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
11 days agocryptosrus
Crypto-scammers are using this new tool to avoid detection now
Blockchain security company CertiK has discovered that crypto-scammers have discovered a “cheap and easy” black market. The company found that they can hire people to put their name and face on fictitious enterprises — All for the modest sum of $8. These people, whom CertiK referred to as “Professional KYC actors,” voluntarily accept the position […] The post Crypto-scammers are using this new tool to avoid detection now appeared first on CryptosRus.
11 days agocointelegraph
Crypto scammers are using black market identities to avoid detection: CertiK
The blockchain security firm has uncovered a new tactic used by crypto scammers as the industry continues to improve its fraud detection capabilities.
11 days agocryptodaily
The Hop: MOVE Estrella Galicia’s Digital Innovation Programme Makes the Leap to Web3 
Press Release: After 4 editions based on digital innovations related to Estrella Galicia’s value chain, The Hop takes another step toward the exploration and development of Web3 initiatives. 17 November 2022, A Coruña, Spain — The fourth edition of The Hop comes to a close this year, ending a cycle of 4 editions in which more than 35 pilot projects were undertaken in Spain and Brazil. The fourth edition included different leading startups and companies such as MIT, IE, Amazon, and more. In its fifth edition TheHop will focus on WEB 3, searching the entrepreneur ecosystem for use cases related to Metaverse, tokenization of assets, cryptocurrencies, NFTs and DAOs. TheHop Web3 Ventures TheHop will change its name to TheHop Web3 Ventures, placing focus on use cases related to the tokenization of assets, cryptocurrency, NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs. TheHop Web3 Ventures begins this new program with three main collaborators: Telefónica Tech, Bit2me, and AWS, with which it will begin its first projects. TheHop will also have the full support of VALHALLA as Innovation Partner. Program Evolution TheHop has evolved every year, initially focusing on key areas of the Estrella Galicia group and, since 2020, with the main focus on the use of digital solutions which bring value to hospitality and the end consumer, obtaining multiple insights of value and promoting different initiatives. The evolution of TheHop has been unstoppable, adapting to the needs and opportunities of the company and the market. For this reason, TheHop is now going a step further to become TheHop Web3 Ventures, the vehicle for Web3 innovation of MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital through which the company will approach this new ecosystem. The Move to Web3 Over the last few years, Web3 has experienced a huge growth in global adoption, and many companies are starting to position themselves in this new territory, from major technology companies to automotive companies and restaurant chains. JJ Delgado, General Manager of MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital, stated that: “In line with our philosophy of doing things differently, we are going to immerse ourselves in the Web3 ecosystem to create and incorporate solutions that bring value to our community. We recently announced our commitment to decentralise, the marketplace for artisan products which we launched a few months ago, and where we are going to identify Web3 use cases which allow us to work towards our goal”. The aim of TheHop Web3 Ventures is to develop new internal capacities, explore the new opportunities potentially offered by Web3 and co-create different initiatives with companies that are key in the Web3 ecosystem in areas such as NFTs, cryptocurrencies, tokenization DAOs and Metaverse, using the methodology, network and learnings obtained through TheHop. Gerard Gracia Arcas, Head of Digital Business Innovation at MOVE Estrella Galicia Digital, stated that: “TheHop Web3 Ventures starts this new adventure accompanied by three collaborators that are key in this sector, Telefónica Tech, Bit2Me, and AWS, and will be incorporating new allies in the coming months. Any Web3 company will be able to connect with TheHop through its new website to propose projects to bring value to the initiatives we are to undertake, and we will approach each of them based on the needs of each Project". In 2023 the public can expect to see the first Web3 projects promoted by TheHop, and with a slew of varying initiatives already in the works, next year promises to bring exciting new developments from The Hop Web3 Ventures. The Hop Socials Twitter | Facebook | Insta Media Contact Details Contact Name: Gerard Gracia Contact Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
14 days agocryptodaily
AIBC Europe Summit Kicks Off With Highlight Full Agenda
Saint Julian's, Malta, 15th November, 2022, ChainwireThis November, the AIBC Europe Summit is returning to shake Malta awake from its Autumn-blues stupor. Prioritising quality over quantity, special care has been taken to ensure delegates get the biggest bang for their buck; from premier networking opportunities to KOL-led panels and keynotes and maximised visibility for all startups. Read on for the top highlights you don’t want to miss at Malta Week 2022’s AIBC Summit. The agenda A lot of effort went into crafting the event’s agenda. It has been calibrated to be as strategic yet smooth as possible. Day 1 will be kicked-off by the VNTR Capital Breakfast, where delegates will get the opportunity to connect and discuss the latest tech trends with active Venture Capital investors, business angels, and HNWI. The conference of the day is set to start early and is packed with key insights on the recent 2022/2023 bear and bull market trends. Top VCs will then take over from 10:40 onwards to cover the best market and investment strategies. The AIBC Startup Pitch will immediately follow, ensuring maximum visibility from VCs for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Conferences will be taking place across two stages on both days and have been structured to cover a wide variety of topics at any given time. From Crypto and Blockchain technologies to GameFi and Web3 education, delegates stand to benefit from keynotes and panels featuring the brightest minds of the industry. The AIBC Europe Pitch More than just keynotes and panels, the AIBC Summit is about visualising and building an exciting future for innovative tech. SiGMA Group is all about honouring the vision, grit and determination required to level up any company from a localised idea to a worldwide phenomenon. It does this by providing startups with the stage to showcase their exciting ideas, ensuring maximum visibility from high priority investors. We sent out the call and over a 100 startups answered, now set to benefit from a highly coveted spot at the AIBC Summit grounds! The top startups will also get to compete on the stage in front of a panel of judges, handpicked to ensure top quality and a diversity of backgrounds and expertise. The judges panel comprises Scott Stornetta, Marianna Tavella, Efrem Borg, Johan Zammit, David Orban and Saeed Aldarmaki, converging decades of expertise in Crypto, Blockchain, BizDev, and regulation. Our best pitch competitors include Arena Games, Farcana, Encore Fans and Nanit Robot, covering innovation in SocialFi, GameFi, EdTech, robotics, Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 infrastructure. AIBC Startup Pitch | AIBC UAE 2022 Join us: 14 – 18 November for Malta Week One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. The island is an obvious choice for AIBC’s presence in Europe and a strong foundation for the field’s future. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multi-billion-dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the gaming sector. What's New For Emerging Tech? | Europe 2022ContactAIBC [email protected]
18 days agocryptodaily
Diversify Your Portfolio in Ongoing Bear Market with These Three Cryptos - Uniswap, Polkadot and Big Eyes Coin
The current climate within the cryptocurrency industry is one that requires careful planning and strategizing to ensure the security and continuity of businesses. This much has become evident following the continuation of the bear market. In what has become the longest bear market in crypto history, crypto regulars, such as investors and traders, face the risk of losing money to the extreme market volatility present in the industry. To curb this problem, long-term cryptocurrency investing is a suitable solution that should be explored. Long-term cryptocurrency investing is a strategy that mitigates the risk of running at a loss in the ongoing bear market and promises massive returns in the long run. However, these results are dependable on the nature of the cryptocurrency used for investment. To that effect, this piece suggests three promising cryptocurrencies that could yield massive returns. Here’s why you should diversify your portfolio with Uniswap (UNI), Polkadot (DOT) and Big Eyes Coin (BIG). Uniswap (UNI) The Popular Trading Protocol Uniswap is a popular decentralized trading protocol within the cryptocurrency industry. Uniswap (UNI) is notable for facilitating the automated trading of decentralized finance (De-Fi) tokens within the industry and providing feasible solutions to existing problems, particularly liquidity concerns and efficiency. It is an industry-leading platform within the De-Fi space and a prime example of an automated market maker (AMM). Uniswap (UNI) seeks to be an ideal environment that is accessible and completely open to anyone who holds tokens. Its native cryptocurrency, UNI, is an integral part of its ecosystem. UNI incentivizes the network and provides access to exclusive benefits, such as trading fee discounts and participation in network governance. It is a top twenty cryptocurrency by market cap with stock on prominent platforms within the industry. Polkadot (DOT) The Open-Source Protocol Polkadot is an open-source, shared multichain protocol within the cryptocurrency industry that is notable for connecting and securing a network of specialized blockchains. Polkadot (DOT) also facilitates the cross-chain transfer of any data or asset types, not just tokens. Its operations allow it to solve a major problem within the cryptocurrency industry. Polkadot (DOT) allows blockchain networks to achieve interoperability and is one of the few platforms in the industry with the capacity to rival Ethereum (ETH). Its native cryptocurrency, DOT, is an integral part of its ecosystem. DOT facilitates several crypto operations within the Polkadot ecosystem, such as staking for operations and security, facilitating network governance, and bonding tokens to connect parachains. It is a top twenty cryptocurrency by market cap with stocks on prominent crypto platforms. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) The New Meme Coin Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is an upcoming Ethereum (ETH) based crypto asset that is attracting a lot of interest within the cryptocurrency industry. The token plays an integral role in the Big Eyes crypto project, which seeks to champion the advancement and adoption of the blockchain industry and blockchain technology. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) also possesses several attractive features which make it ideal for all forms of crypto operations. These features include an exciting roadmap and a lack of transaction taxes. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently on presale, and this makes it an ideal cryptocurrency that struggling investors can consider for long-term cryptocurrency investment amid the ongoing bear market. To claim the bonus tokens, just use the code: BUYEYES183 Big Eyes Coin (BIG) Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
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Three Crypto Tokens With Long-Term Potential: Tezos, Rocketize Token, and Tron.
People that use and understand cryptocurrencies are constantly growing in number. New tokens are continually being created, all with the same goal: to replace the current leaders. Since there are no restrictions on building new cryptocurrencies, numerous innovative tokens have been released to the public. But which of these innumerable tokens can be trusted? Due to inexperience, many newcomers to the cryptocurrency market often feel lost and unsure of what coin to invest in. Picking a coin without first learning everything you can about it is a bad idea. To help you decide if Rocketize Token (JATO) is right for you, we'll be discussing its potential advantages and disadvantages in comparison to other market leaders like Tezos (XTZ) and Tron (TRX). Tezos (XTZ) The Blockchain Network The cryptocurrency market saw the introduction of Tezos in 2014. It's a blockchain network that automatically fixes any bugs it finds, and programmers may use it to create decentralized applications. As it provides its users with similar features to Ethereum, it might be compared to Ethereum. However, the Tezos coin does have some special characteristics that set it apart from Ethereum. Tezos, often known as XTZ, is a popular cryptocurrency due in large part to the network's on-chain administration. Token holders on the Tezos network are given the ability to vote on important matters pertaining to the future of the network. The Tezos token's blockchain is more adaptable and can accommodate new features because it can fix itself. Tron (TRX) The Blockchain Based Initiative TRON is a blockchain-based initiative that was released in 2017. It was created by Sun Yuchen. Tronix (TRX), TRON's native coin, was released alongside the platform and has subsequently generated considerable interest. This blockchain-based platform aims to change how we experience and share media online completely. TRX tokens can be used to pay content providers for their work. There is no governing body and no cost to access the information stored on the blockchain. The primary goal is to supply end customers with a blockchain infrastructure that is dependable, secure, efficient, and scalable. TRON provides its users with a number of different services, including the creation of smart contracts and delegated proof-of-stake consensus, as well as the development of dApps developers. Rocketize (JATO) The New Meme Coin Everyone in the cryptocurrency industry seems to be talking about a new meme coin called Rocketize Token (JATO). While most meme tokens feature dogs, the Rocketize Token has an adorable rocket blasting off into space, making it stand out in a market saturated with canine imagery. An abbreviation for "Jet Assisted Take-Off," JATO is the official acronym for this token. It's time for the Rocketize Token to blast out on its intergalactic adventure. Rocketize Token is a BEP-20 token that operates on the Binance Smart Chain platform. The primary concept of this cryptocurrency is deflation. There is no developer money or independent revenue model. The community owns the token, and they call themselves the Atomic Nation. Rocketize Token hopes to give its customers a number of options. Since it's a "meme coin," naturally, it will inspire some clever and entertaining memes. In addition to it, there may be instructional videos, cartoons, and audio recordings. Further, Rocketize Token intends to take the lead in establishing new standards for using DeFi technologies such as smart contracts, dApps for mobile devices, Web3 for game creators, and the advertising of commercial endeavours. In addition, there will be exciting, one-of-a-kind NFT mining events. If you want to learn more about Rocketize Token (JATO), check out these links:- Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
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UAE Introduces New Law to Combat Crypto Crime, Allows Licensed Cryptocurrency Offering & Promotion
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is introducing new rules to promote cryptocurrency development while curbing digital currency scams targeting investors in the country. Under the new rules, crypto scammers will face prison time for up to 5 years and a penalty of up to AED 1 million (just over $272k), starting January 2, 2022. Previously, […] The post UAE Introduces New Law to Combat Crypto Crime, Allows Licensed Cryptocurrency Offering & Promotion first appeared on BitcoinExchangeGuide.

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