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3 days ago cryptodaily
MetaMask Launches 'Learn' Web3 Education Initiative
Web3 wallet project MetaMask has launched MetaMask Learn, a Web3 education initiative that offers a full introductory course on Web3 and general crypto use and concepts. The ConsenSys-backed wallet project has shot to industry recognition and widespread use ever since its launch in 2016. During its inception, it was initially designed to be a wallet that would directly interact with Ethereum and decentralized applications built on top of the proof of work iteration of this blockchain. Later developments in 2019 led to the wallet opening support for various other blockchains and cryptocurrencies. In 2021, MetaMask introduced its first builds for mobile devices, further widening its reach among users trying to interact with decentralized apps (Web3) or those simply wanting. To date, the wallet also has a built-in DEX aggregation tool and token swapping utility. The launch of MetaMask Learn marks a significant effort on the part of ConsenSys to support and create better learning opportunities for new users, as well as provide a proper avenue for learning what Web3 is all about, where it's going, and what all of it means for the future of the crypto and blockhain industry. "Our world is increasingly digital and interconnected. It’s taking place on devices: our screens are our windows, our data is our identity, and more and more of our lives take place online," says a description from the platform's introductory course dubbed 'The Web3 101 Course'. Funnily enough, there's a certain sense of authority imparted by its insistence on this course being the course for anyone looking to undergo a roughly formalized learning path towards Web3 and its current state. We can give that to MetaMask, though, what with their track record and current market penetration rate. In the Web3 world, if anything else, numbers talk. "Events in 2022 rightfully undermined confidence in custodial finance, and more crypto investors are looking to use self-custodial products. While we strive to make the product speak for itself, users were often disoriented when searching the web to understand topics more deeply. MetaMask Learn gives users a beautiful and information rich foundation for taking their next steps into the web3 ecosystem by combining visual learning with action-oriented testing," shares Dan Finlay, co-founder of MetaMask. According to MetaMask, the project is envisioned as a way of navigating the ever-expanding horizon of Web3 projects, protocols, and tools. In this sense, MetaMask supports the distribution of access to resources and information about Web3, ushering in a platform that operates from the principle of inclusivity and openness. These are, of course, values that reflect the ethos of crypto and blockchain technology: decentralization and autonomy. The learning platform will initially be available in various languages aside from English, with a preferential option (or prioritization, at least for how it's currently localized) for Bahasa (Indonesia), Tagalog (Philippines), Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, and Vietnamese. MetaMask promises that more languages will be supported in further builds. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
4 days ago cryptodaily
Bitcoin-Based Payments App Strike Announces Philippines Expansion
Bitcoin-based payments network and financial application Strike has announced that it is expanding its Bitcoin Lightning Network-powered money transfer services to the Philippines. The announcement sees Strike make its foray into one of the world’s largest remittance markets, valued at a staggering $35 million. Expanding Into The Philippines Digital payments firm Strike has announced that it is expanding its international money transfer services to the country of the Philippines. According to a press release, the remittance service called Send Globally is set to be available in the Philippines as early as Tuesday itself. The service is powered by the Bitcoin Lightning Network and enables faster and cheaper international payments compared to existing methods in the traditional financial system. Strike CEO Jack Mallers announced on Twitter, “Strike users can now send US Dollars direct to banks and mobile money accounts in the Philippines!” Users of the service can send funds through the service, which can then be received in the recipient’s bank account in the local currency. Mallers stated, “The Philippines is one of the biggest remitting markets in the world, especially from the United States. As far as the technology we build, it’s one of the lowest-hanging fruits — international payments are a huge pain and always have been. There’s been incremental innovation from SWIFT and Western Union, but it’s still incredibly difficult.” According to data by Statista, in 2021 alone, around $12.7 billion in cash remittances were sent by US-based Filipinos to their home country. Instant Payments Traditional cross-border money transfer services are cumbersome, with banks taking several days to transfer the funds from one account to the recipient account. Thanks to the Lightning Network, Strike is able to use instant, low-cost micropayments, enabling the facilitation of billions of transactions per second through the platform. The Strike app also allows users to transfer USD into local currencies, such as the Philippine peso in the case of the Philippines, at extremely low fees. Maller stated, “None of our users have to touch Bitcoin. The aspiration of the business is to hide Bitcoin under the hood” so users could benefit from its payment network.” The Strike app converts dollars into BTC and sends a Lightning payment to the partner in the recipient country. In the Philippines, Strike has partnered with Bitcoin payments firm This is then converted to the local currency and sent to the recipient’s bank account. According to Mallers, the entire process is shielded from users so that they are spared the complexity of Bitcoin payments and can avoid any potential tax implications. There’s all sorts of tax consequences involved – if I wanted to remit money from here to the Philippines, I have to tell the IRS about it. That’s ridiculous. We use the properties of Lightning under the hood. So our users don’t even know we’re using it. They’re just sending dollars and receiving pesos.” Expansion Plans And Partnerships Strike has already been in the news thanks to its work with El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender. Following El Salvador’s lead, we may see other countries such as Panama also adopt BTC as legal tender, where Strike could play a crucial role. Strike has stated that its goal is to disrupt the traditional remittance industry, which is plagued with high fees and slow processing times. “When you think cross-border, you don’t think very fast, very cheap, and very good experience. We’re using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network under the hood to achieve some stuff that has never been possible before.” Strike is also planning on expanding in other areas in Latin America and Africa, thanks to growing global demand. Mallers stated that Strike is seeing demand from areas in the United Kingdom and Europe and plans to add twenty new countries in the African region in February. Last month, Strike’s Send Globally saw its launch in Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana. Strike had also announced a partnership with payments provider Finserv to expand its services. The platform also raised $80 million in a Series B funding round to grow its payments solutions for marketplaces, merchants, and financial institutions. Strike also announced a partnership with Visa in 2022, offering users a reward card paired with its application. Companies such as Twitter have also enabled Bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network with Strike. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days ago cryptodaily
Kin Foundation Launches 'Kinetic', A Low-Code Solana On-ramp Tool
The Kin Foundation, the blockchain development group behind Kin Labs and the Kin Ecosystem, has announced the launch of Kinetic, its flagship middleware (integration ramp/tool) that's built off of the Solana ecosystem. Kinetic can be described as a "no-code" app that would help developers (yup, even those without prior extensive experience) to "easily integrate cryptocurrency use cases" into apps, effectively creating Web3 experiences across a widening ecosystem. In technical terms, Kinetic is both an SDK (software development kit) and API (application program interface) suite. To date, Kin's ecosystem has integrations across 50 applications for web, mobile, and gaming use cases, among which are notable projects such as Kik, Mimoto, Avana Wallet, Metaforo, Raydium, and Navi. According to an announcement from Kin, the new suite provided by Kinetic will replace Agora, the previous iteration of its SDK/API offerings. The difference here is that Kinetic is specifically designed to interact with Solana, and is released as open-source (can be self-hosted by any developer), whereas Agora was built to interact with other blockchains but was designed as a proprietary suite. "With Kinetic, we wanted to create a tool that could benefit any developer in the Solana ecosystem. The magic of Kinetic is that Kinetic SDKs can be seen as a convenience layer on top of the existing Solana SDKs," shares Bram Borggreve, Kin Foundation CTO and lead developer for the Kinetic initiative. Integrating the Kinetic suite into an app would not require interested developers to have extensive knowledge of blockchain interfaces and ecosystems, ensuring that the packages and libraries would remain useful for all types of app developers, whether they are crypto-native or not. In this sense, Kinetic moves forward by ensuring the implementation of token management and transfers are as easy as possible for all stakeholders, while maintaining backwards compatibility with older token account creation standards as well as the latest standards maintained by current inter-blockchain initiatives. "It’s great to see that underneath Kinetic, developers have access to the complete underlying Solana SDK supporting any SPL token. This makes it easier for developers to implement functionality outside of Kinetic’s standard offering and also opens-up the possibilities for the Solana ecosystem." shares Chase Barker, Head of Solana Developer Ecosystem. According to the Kin Foundation's released statement, apps developed on Kinetic will all be eligible for the Kin Ecosystem's rewards and grants. App developers interested in the suite are encouraged to submit through the project's Developer Portal. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days ago cryptodaily
Red Pill Studio Announces Private Round for TrainCraft Game
Following the positive reception of the in-development Metaverse game Chimeras, RedPill Studio has announced a private funding round for an up-and-coming game TrainCraft. A total of $2,490,000 is sought in this initial round. 31st January, 2023, Mahe, Seychelles - Experienced blockchain development studio RedPill has been hard at work developing their newest release - an NFT-based P2E game, TrainCraft. Earlier RedPill created a mobile NFT-based game Chimeras Metaverse, collaborated with industry-leading companies and top crypto funds and became the grantee of the BNB Grant in the Metaverse category. TrainCraft is a mobile game set in an underground post-apocalyptic world that combines easy-to-access gameplay mechanics with NFTs and GameFi. Red Pill’s Game Design team ensured that the core gameplay and artwork appeal to the mass markets, with the goal of acquiring casual gamers to bolster the game and crypto community as one. The project is powered by AAA GameFi Developers and has been developed fully in-house. Scope of the Market Market Research conducted during the project ideation stage shows that the revenue of the Play-to-Earn NFT Market is projected to increase to $2.85 Billion by 2028, while the revenue of the Casual Gaming market is projected to hit $24.71 Billion by 2026. By comparison, TrainCraft stands at the intersection of both of those markets, and looks to capture a significant amount of market share with gameplay that casual and crypto users will come back to, time and time again. TrainCraft offers an engaging casual gameplay loop and a unique setting to the players, while the free-to-play model offers a low barrier of entry. In addition, cross-chain support and user-generated NFTs are designed to attract crypto enthusiasts. TrainCraft’s well-designed monetization model will provide multiple streams of revenue for players and token holders alike, and the tokenomics have been well thought out to ensure ecosystem balance. The game is now available on iOS and Android, and despite the fact that it is still in active development TrainCraft already shows great stats in in-game retention and social outreach. Creating Partnerships & Fundraising Opportunities The studio is currently in negotiations with major Blockchain funds, and is creating partnerships to ensure the success of the project. In addition, Red Pill is launching an Ambassador Program to establish valuable connections with industry-leading professionals and influencers to assist in building partnerships and connecting with top-tier VCs. The studio has already integrated blockchain technology into TrainCraft and brings their previous experience of creating NFT Marketplace, 3D NFT Generator and Token Purchasing System into the project. RedPill plans to have a Public Release of TrainCraft in Q2 2023. More details about TrainCraft can be found on the game’s website. Contact Details Name: Juli Email: [email protected] Investment Requests Telegram: @redpillbd Marketing Requests Telegram: @TrainCraft_PR Game Download Links: iOS | Android. Pitchdeck | Game Website | Twitter | Telegram Channel | Discord TrainCraft is the source of this content. This Press Release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
8 days ago cryptodaily
Azuki’s Official Twitter Account Hacked, Over $750,000 Drained
NFT collection Azuki’s official Twitter account was compromised on Friday afternoon, according to an update released by the Azuki team. The team has assured users that it is in contact with Twitter officials as it attempts to regain control of the account. Official Twitter Account Compromised Azuki’s official Twitter account was compromised on Friday, allowing the hackers to post a malicious link, leading users to fall for a wallet-draining scam. The link encouraged users to “claim land” in the collection’s native metaverse, The Garden. As a result of the hack, over $750,000 worth of USDC was compromised, along with 11 NFTs and 3.9 ETH, thanks to the malicious land mining links posted by the attacker. The link to mint land sent unsuspecting users to a drainer contract, tricking them into signing a transaction and enabling the hackers to swipe the assets from the compromised wallets. One user who fell for the hack inadvertently ended up sending over $750,000 worth of USDC to the attacker’s wallet, according to data from EtherScan. Users on Twitter were quick to warn each other about the hack, “Scam Alert! The Azuki Twitter is hacked and has shared a fake land minting site that is a wallet drainer.” Azuki In Touch With Twitter NFT traders and Azuki users quickly realized that the tweets from the Azuki account referring to the “surprise mint” were malicious and that the account had been compromised. With the Azuki team reaching out to Twitter, the official Twitter account seemed to have been removed from Twitter search results, along with the deletion of the malicious tweets. Furthermore, the Azuki community manager confirmed that the official account had been compromised to users on Twitter. “AZUKI OFFICIAL TWITTER ACCOUNT IS HACKED. DO NOT CLICK LINKS FROM OUR ACCOUNT. PLEASE RETWEET.” The project’s co-founder, Hoshiboy, confirmed that Azuki is in contact with the relevant authorities on Twitter and is actively trying to regain control of the account. Others on Twitter, such as MetaMask security researcher Harry Denley, were quick to notice the scam and immediately warned users. Denley also revealed that MetaMask had blocked the compromised domain. “Azuki Twitter account takeover - the offending tweet was tweeted on the Twitter web app on a mobile device MetaMask will soon block the domain when the cache clears.” The Phantom wallet team also alerted their users and marked the malicious domains as unsafe in an attempt to warn users trying to connect their Phantom wallets to the sites in question. “Azuki’s Twitter has been compromised. Do not visit any links posted from their account. We’ve already blocked several sites to keep our users protected. Stay safe out there!” Not The First Attack On Azuki Azuki, the highly popular anime-inspired profile picture (PFP) collection, only recently introduced its native metaverse, “The Garden,” as a platform where NFT holders could interact with one another. In April 2022, scammers had targeted the platform with several compromised verified Twitter accounts that promoted an airdrop scam, trying to scam unsuspecting users. Just earlier this week, Robinhood’s Twitter account was similarly targeted by hackers in an effort to promote another scam. However, they did not see much success, making off with only around $8000. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days ago cryptodaily
Top 6 Crypto Loan Services in 2022
Cryptocurrency lending takes many forms, but the core principles are intuitively understandable to anyone familiar with traditional bank loans. A lender provides a specific amount of crypto based on the borrower's collateral, and the customer repays the principal and interest at a predetermined rate. They are free to use the funds received in any way they like. There are many uses for crypto loans. For example, one may buy goods or services, refinance existing debt, invest in business development, or purchase other cryptocurrencies expected to gain value. Why use crypto loans? Crypto loans benefit both lenders and borrowers. In the P2P model, lenders generate additional income from the funds they hold but do not use. They make their dormant holdings work and earn a yield that may be much higher than that on fiat bank deposits. For borrowers, these loans are quicker, more flexible, and more accessible than conventional services. They may get cash for everyday needs without credit checks or selling their crypto. Moreover, keeping ownership of the collateral means that future gains may eclipse the borrowing costs. Understanding crypto collateral As the crypto market is still experiencing growing pains, volatility may spike, and miscalculations may bring losses for both parties. To minimize such risks, crypto lenders require collateral — a safeguard adopted from conventional finance. Typically, unlike a consumer fiat loan, crypto loans are overcollateralized. Hence, an applicant must pledge funds whose value exceeds the amount they want to borrow. This proportion is determined by the LTV (Loan-to-Value) rate — for instance, 50% LTV means one may get an amount equal to half the value of their collateral. Upon full repayment, the customer gets their collateral back. Failure to pay the debt and/or maintain a certain LTV throughout the life of the loan results in liquidation — passing their collateral to the lender. Top 6 platforms Over the past few years, the crypto lending model has solidified, and the sector is growing rapidly. Exchanges and platforms have already issued loans worth millions. The teams running them are confident that crypto lending will only become more popular in the future due to such benefits as the absence of verifications and the opportunity to borrow fiat in a tax-free arrangement. Many more startups could enter this promising market soon. Here is an overview of six prominent crypto loan platforms in 2023. YouHodler YouHodler is a trusted crypto lending platform offering a simple, secure, and transparent way to borrow and earn passive income on digital assets. Based in Switzerland, it offers crypto-backed loans in cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat. The collateral options include 50 top cryptocurrencies. On YouHodler, one can apply for loans with a minimum amount of $100 and a repayment period of up to 364 days. The company also offers crypto savings accounts, trading solutions, and web and mobile wallets. As it accepts credit cards, stablecoins, and bank wires, moving funds into and out of their accounts is easy. The YouHodler wallet app is free and intuitive. At press time, the wallet app supports 8 stablecoins and 52 cryptos. Generally, the fees and exchange rates are comparable with other platforms. YouHodler's key advantages are a transparent legal setup, attractive yield rates, LTVs reaching 90%, and highly rated customer service. However, it is not available in the US due to legal restrictions, and the company could be more transparent about its profitability model. Finally, fiat transactions carry higher fees than other methods. CoinLoan CoinLoan is a pioneering crypto lending platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. A licensed financial institution regulated in the EU, it prides itself on its zero-incident track record. As the name suggests, crypto loans are the company's main focus, although it also offers interest accounts, an exchange, and a wallet working within its ecosystem. With enough collateral, borrowers can take out loans in fiat, stablecoins, and crypto. Moreover, fiat-to-crypto loans work both ways: one may choose fiat as the loan or the collateral currency. LTV rates reach 70%, while the duration ranges from one month to three years, with an opportunity to customize it. On CoinLoan, "everything is just one click away" thanks to an intuitive interface. As of this writing, loans are available in 15 different currencies, including BTC and ETH, leading stablecoins, EUR, and GBP. In addition, the deposit feature (fixed and flexible) supports over 20 assets, both digital and fiat. CoinLoaners manage their funds in a trusted crypto management environment with multi-layer security, and the company is more open about its yield generation processes than before. Staking the company's own token (CLT) unlocks the most attractive yield rates, but this requirement may be viewed as a disadvantage. This prominent platform based in Singapore offers loans with LTV of up to 50% and customizable repayment schedules. Users may also reduce the interest rate by staking Cronos (CRO), the company's native token. After entering your deposit amount into the online calculator, you can see how much you can borrow, the annual percentage, and the monthly interest in USD. is a well-established name in the crypto space, with over 70 million users in 90 countries. Aside from borrowing, customers can use an exchange, a DeFi wallet, and the Crypto Earn service bringing interest on 37+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The mobile app supports payments for goods and services, crypto transfers, and more. On the downside, the lowest interest rates are only available to those who stake CRO. All cash-back rewards and other perks are also denominated in the native token. MakerDAO One of the most famous decentralized environments, MakerDAO, has a unique lending model. Its internal economics is based on two tokens — MKR and DAI. The latter is a stablecoin, the only loan currency whose value is supported by multiple mechanisms. Upon launch in 2017, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) accepted only one collateral currency — Ether. Since then, it has become more versatile, and users may now pledge different Ethereum-based assets. One of the advantages of loans in Dai is predictable value — the token has generally remained true to its soft peg to the US dollar. Therefore, wherever the crypto market goes, borrowers have peace of mind knowing that the amount they owe does not see-saw following dramatic bearish or bullish swings. Ledn Ledn is a Canadian crypto lending platform that helps you "experience the real-life benefits of your Bitcoin without having to sell it." Users can borrow dollars against Bitcoin, earn a yield on a savings account, or grow their Holdings using B2X loans that are available exclusively on Ledl. B2X loans require BTC collateral worth $1,000 or more and come with an LTV rate of 50% and a maximum term of 12 months. The platform matches the collateral value, providing an amount twice as big. This feature combines a BTC-backed loan with buying an equal amount of BTC. Once repayment is complete (users can repay earlier without penalty), the borrower gets their collateral and the newly purchased coins. Standard Ledl loans work similarly, but they may be denominated in USD, USDC, or the user's local currency. As the platform is incorporated under the federal laws of Canada, its operations and security measures comply with local laws. On the downside, Ledl only supports two cryptocurrencies —Bitcoin and USDC, and the borrowing costs are above average. Combined with a 2% admin fee, the 9.9% annual interest rate brings the total costs to 11.9% APR. In addition, the USDC savings account has a withdrawal fee of 15 USDC. Drops Coins and tokens are not the only digital assets that can be turned to collateral for loans. Drops, a decentralized protocol focused on supporting the NFT economy, accepts collateral exclusively in non-fungible tokens. Pledged NFTs are accumulated in pools. The Drops platform works with popular collections of digital art, including Bored Ape Ya and CryptoPunk. Even exotic collectibles are accepted. At press time, the LTV rate reaches 30%. There are no due dates, and users may also refinance existing loans at interest rates close to 0%. Like other decentralized lenders, Drops operates without a human team, as all procedures are coded in smart contracts. However, it claims to have a "battle-tested foundation." The bug bounty program encourages the community to contribute to protocol security. Is it worth a try? The crypto loan industry is evolving and maturing, and the range of providers is growing daily. Crypto loans give quick access to new funds without credit checks, proof of income, or having to sell coins or tokens that may gain value. Therefore, those interested in innovative ways of passive income should take a closer look at this instrument. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are still susceptible to market swings. Lenders that are less open about their internal procedures may pursue risky strategies putting customers' funds at risk. Thus, the availability of specific coins or tokens is one of many considerations. Borrowers should also weigh up the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized lending. Centralized platforms like CoinLoan comply with fund and data protection laws, while the DeFi landscape is largely unregulated. Unlike CEXs conducting KYC and AML checks, decentralized finance relies on smart contracts — self-executing agreements with terms written in their code. DeFi interfaces may be confusing for newbies, but they can learn how smart contracts, oracles, and other innovative features work. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
12 days ago cryptodaily
MixMob Releases Racing games to Enable players to compete for rew
Crypto fans and developers have struggled for some time to find a way to bridge the gap between the NFT and blockchain gaming spaces. Significant NFT collections try to include utility and provide value to their holders. However, developing a full-fledged game is frequently beyond the fiscal capacity of such initiatives. MixMob Racer 1 is an ambitious racing game project developed by MixMob on the Solana blockchain that lets players battle for rewards, stream, and wager on racers and can be played at any time owing to mobile capabilities. Although blockchain technology is still relatively new to the gaming industry, it has significantly impacted the sector's development. There is no disputing that Web3 gaming is still in its infancy; multiple indicators point to a lengthy road ahead before it goes mainstream. In a nutshell, Web3 gaming is revolutionizing the industry by giving gamers myriad new ways to earn a living from their passion. Fungies' internal estimates place the global Web3 gaming industry at around $30 billion by 2030, up from a 2021 value of $5 billion. MixMob In-Game Economy Driving Stability According to an announcement on January 24th, users may use SUD$ to enter Arenas and compete for extra SUD$ in various gameplay modes, including Rookie, Hero, and Degen. With the release of the mobile version of MixMob: Racer 1, powered by Solana, the developer anticipates a significant uptick in the game's user base. Non-racers can earn SUD$ thanks to the game's new and improved streaming and wagering features. Later on, users can trade in the SUD$ for digital collectibles, season game passes, and other cool perks. According to the release, MixMob's in-house data scientists ran hundreds of simulations of the economy and came up with a model that works for the project and its players. SUD$ is an abbreviation for Subdomain Dollars, the currency used in the MixMob universe and named after the Subdomain where all MixMob members live. The SUD$ are used in the game to enter racing contests, wager, purchase digital items, and more. The major goal of SUD$ in this release is to improve the game's in-game economics; hence, they can only be won or purchased in packs via MixMob's MixLab. SUD$ may be won through playing the game, referring new players, or holding one of MixMob's Gen0 Masks. Those who have previously competed in MixMob competitions, staked their Masks, or battled to become MixMob MVPs have all earned SUD$ that they can use in the game. On January 24, 2022, the public will be given a URL to the game via which they can access it. Members of the community will also be given a referral link that they can use to challenge their friends and increase their chances of winning rewards. During Alpha V3, players can access PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
15 days ago zycrypto
China’s Automobile and Healthcare Amongst Sectors To Benefit From Metaverse Developments – Report
A Deloitte report, “The Metaverse in Asia- Strategies for Accelerating Economic Impact”, estimates that the impact of the metaverse on GDP in Asia could be between US$0.8-1.4 trillion per year, roughly 1.3-2.4% of overall GDP per year by 2035.  Whilst there is no universally agreed definition, the metaverse is envisaged as a highly immersive virtual […]
15 days ago cryptodaily
TABOO Kick Starts the Bull Market with a 300% Price Increase
Amidst mutterings of the crypto market starting it’s road to recovery in 2023, following one of the worst downturns in many years, some tokens have not only survived the storm, but have emerged triumphant and ready to take advantage of the space left bare of competition. Fast emerging as one of the leading players in the blockchain space, Taboo has managed to create quite a name for itself and has built quite a community, boasting over forty-six thousand loyal investors currently behind the project. It has so far managed to get things right, and the market cap is a testament to this fact. While thousands of other projects perished and went bankrupt, Taboo went to work and ramped up its investment, knowing there would be an opportunity to rise from the ashes. Market volatility and the recent crash seemed to have little effect on the project, often referred to as the Playboy of Crypto. And just as the recent rally took the TABOO brand to the top of the trending lists on platforms such as Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko, the news of further marketing came. Not only will the hugely successful billboard campaign take place once again, but the second Mansion Event is set to be bigger and better in 2023 with the Tier 4 holders and celebrity guests all queuing up for a place. Think Dozens of Supermodels, Luxury Villas, Super Yachts and Celebrity DJs and you’ll start to realize just what Taboo has in store for any investors holding more than $10k of this hugely undervalued token. For those unaware, Taboo is more than just a platform offering bold content. It’s meant to empower content creators, provide them a platform to showcase their talent and earn a decent income in the process. The fiat currency part of the market is unsafe, is under strict observation of the authorities, has no laws protecting those employed in the industry, often leaving them at the mercy of the local administration, and does not offer a steady source of revenue. It is where Taboo emerges as a viable solution offering all the involved parties a safe and encouraging environment where they can explore their Taboo fantasies and heart’s desires. The start of all things Taboo The project, having been launched back in 2021, has been the talk of the town ever since its inception. Anyone even reasonably acquainted with the blockchain space knows about Taboo and the potential held by it. The Adult Entertainment industry has a conservative estimate of $15 billion in annual revenue within the US alone, but it’s never found a way into the crypto space until now. A brief overview of the project Taboo, unlike other projects, offers curated content from the finest creators in the industry. It aims to create scarcity in an oversaturated market. Not every supermodel or adult start can feature on the platform. Instead, they have to undergo a thorough screening process, and only after approval is received will they be featured. For the user part, Taboo has created a tier system consisting of 4 tiers. The higher the tier a user is subscribed to, the more content is accessible to them. Tier 1 - The first tier is free of cost and grants access to teasers from the higher tiers, as well as basic content added to Tier 1 by content creators. The transaction fee for this tier is 10%. Tier 2 - The first paid tier on Taboo, Tier 2, requires users to hold $1000 in their wallet or stake an equivalent amount on the platform. It grants access to NSFW content level, nudes, and strip teases, besides offering the option to video chat with content creators. Users on this tier get a 10% discount on purchases from the official store. Tier 3 - To access this tier, users need to hold or stake at least $5,000, which grants access to XXX areas of the platform. It includes video NFTs, explicit pictures, access to exclusive events, and a 3x chance at winning in Taboo giveaways. Tier 4 - The highest tier on Taboo, Tier 4, is where the real fun takes place. With $10,000 held in the wallet or staked, users get access to everything available on the three lower tiers, in addition to the possibility of meeting their favorite content creators at parties held by Taboo in their exclusive mansions. Users on Tier 4 are charged the lowest transaction fee, at 2.5%. Version 2 of the marketplace was launched last year offering a marketplace of delicious content as well as full staking functionality. Currently, depending on the lockup period, long term investors can see returns up to 20% APY on their stakes with interest calculated daily. Taboo is currently in talks with several top exchanges and will list on many more throughout 2023, thus providing an additional boost to the Taboo token and the overall exposure of the project. Furthermore, Taboo plans to lend out ad space on the website and across the platform to other projects, which will ensure that Taboo generates substantial revenue as the project benefits from the increased traffic. Every aspect of Taboo has been well planned and, in a way, ensures the long-term sustainability and viability of the project. For those who haven’t yet, join Taboo and be a part of the revolution sweeping the world of cryptocurrency. To find out more about Taboo, the Playboy of Crypto, visit the official website: Also, follow Taboo on their social media handles and interactive channels to stay updated with the latest developments. Twitter: Instagram: Telegram: YouTube: Discord: Media Contact Details :- Contact Person : James Lambert Company Name : TABOO TOKEN Country : UK City: London Email : [email protected] Website : Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
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LBank Exchange Will List Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023
INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, 21st January, 2023, ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list Speed Service Mobility (SSM) on January 27, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the SSM/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology, Speed Service Mobility (SSM) innovates the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem by integrating various services such as EV charging, game, NFT, and more. Its native token SSM will be listed on LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision. Introducing Speed Service Mobility Speed Service Mobility (SSM) is a project that aims to revolutionize the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry. There are four visions SSM wants to achieve. First of all, in order to solve the problem of the shortage of EV chargers, the SSM platform is applied to the existing personal chargers to convert to shared chargers, and the easy-to-use shared chargers will be developed in a similar form to personal chargers, so that individuals can easily install/operate them and become charging providers. This enables users in the EV ecosystem to form a shared community together. Additionally, in order to prevent the excessive occupation and monopoly use of chargers, monetary (points/virtual assets) compensation or royalties based on token economics are given to actively guide users to make positive changes and realize the construction of autonomous EV infrastructure. Furthermore, the chargers operated/managed by different charging operators can be organically linked with each other. By providing "roaming service" to all charging operators, they can offer services that have no difference from each other, the accessibility of users can be improved and the technical problems of linkage between charging operators can be solved. Last but not least, in order to help users actively use clean energy to achieve efficient energy use, SSM uses the battery of EV that has charged in advance as an energy storage device in case of insufficient daily power supply. Users who help to reduce the load during peak hours will get rewarded. In addition to EV charging services, SSM also expects to attract consumers by providing games. The standard practice of the game industry is in-game purchases – personal upgrades or personalized products in the form of digital goods. The more players participate, the more additional benefits these purchases will generate. This unique in-game currency often adds value through enhanced functions, making it possible to adopt the universally accepted in-game payment standard, and providing special discounts when players purchase specific points in advance. SSM will also attract subscribers with rich experience through NFT. This will help SSM create a single digital identity for all experiences, meaning that users can change their avatar skins and experience levels, or transfer other in-game items to create a more integrated SSM passenger experience. Therefore, in addition to accessing (interactive) SSM content libraries (games, experiences), subscribers can also access other functions. In short, the core of SSM project is to improve the utilization rate of infrastructure by sharing personal charging tools for charging electric vehicles. In order to solve the problem of unauthorized or long-term occupation caused by a wrong understanding of the use method of public chargers, the use of an authentication system and possession penalty are proposed to prevent misuse of public charging infrastructure and promote and seek user convenience. In addition, through the use of two-way chargers, users are guided to participate in the use of clean energy, inhibit the use of electricity during the period of maximum load, reduce power consumption, increase the value of environmentally friendly travel means, reduce carbon emissions, and directly contribute to improving the environment. About SSM Token SSM is the native token of Speed Service Mobility project. It is used as a reward and payment method in the ecosystem, and can be traded not only on the SSM platform, but also on the crypto exchange. Based on Klaytn network, SSM has a total supply of 1 billion (i.e., 1,000,000,000) tokens, of which 20% is provided for token sale, 15% is allocated to the finance department, 15% is allocated to the team, 5% is provided for the fans and supporters, 20% is provided for the community, and the remaining 25% is allocated for the ecosystem. SSM token will be listed on LBank Exchange at 7:00 UTC on January 27, 2023, investors who are interested in the Speed Service Mobility investment can easily buy and sell SSM token on LBank Exchange by then. The listing of SSM token on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market. Learn More about SSM Token: Official Website: Telegram: About LBank LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges, established in 2015. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and safe crypto trading to its users. The platform holds over 7 million users from more than 210 regions across the world. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users' funds and aims to contribute the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Start Trading Now: Community & Social Media: Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l LinkedIn l Instagram l YouTube ContactLBK Blockchain Co. [email protected]
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GroveC (GRV) Is Now Available for Trading on LBank Exchange
INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, 21st January, 2023, ChainwireLBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, listed GroveC (GRV) on Jan 19, 2023. For all users of LBank Exchange, the GRV/USDT trading pair is now officially available for trading. As a decentralized and secure green crypto, Grove is here to create a healthier and wealthier future for all. Its native token GroveC (GRV) has been listed on LBank Exchange at 12:00 UTC on Jan 19, 2023, to further expand its global reach and help it achieve its vision. Introducing Grove The energy consumption and electronic waste generated by traditional cryptocurrency mining methods has wide-reaching environmental consequences. As the world looks for greener solutions to tackle climate change, the public perception of cryptocurrency hampers its massive, untapped potential to be a driving force for positive change. Grove is a project that aims to reverse that negative view with its Grove Green Plan and help crypto realize its latent potential. It is the guiding outline for the hybrid 'green crypto' blockchain ecosystem and a planet-friendly investment business built to pursue the mission of a healthier and wealthier future for all. The ecosystem of Grove consists of 3 major components, one of which is GroveKeeper, the digital asset wallet providing an easy-to-use and secure method for investors to obtain and hold their cryptocurrencies and NFTs. With multiple layers of insurance and access to a DApps browser to facilitate buying, selling and swapping of coins and tokens as well as staking and farming for passive income generation, GroveKeeper will be a platform that maximizes usability while utilizing cutting-edge cybersecurity methodologies to protect users. There’s also GroveSwap, the decentralized exchange (DEX) utility of Grove. Users can buy, sell, swap and trade various cryptocurrencies across three blockchains with as-low-as-feasible network fees on each transaction. Investors are guaranteed a fast, reliable and safe experience as any project successfully listed on GroveSwap must be audited, interviewed and provide documentation regarding operational wallets and the deliverability of their project aims and utilities. In addition to GroveSwap, the centralized exchange (CEX) GroveX is another capstone of Grove’s crypto-industry utilities. As a robust, easy-to-use exchange for first-time investors or seasoned industry veterans, GroveX will be available online through mobile apps and support tokenomics for listed projects. This makes it more attractive to list on for developers and far more rewarding for the communities that support projects to engage with. The ‘GreenOasis’ program within GroveX is a unique support platform for Grove’s fellow ‘green crypto’ projects, offering support and partnership incentives that would help eco-friendly but potentially very niche projects receive awareness and attention in the broader market by leveraging the brand name power of Grove. With a team of professionals and entrepreneurs, known to be the best in the field, Grove strives to create wealth, for all Grovers, by harnessing the opportunities of a secure, decentralized digital currency in an environmentally conscious way. By compensating nature for years of abuse, Grove will create a healthier, wealthier future for all. About GRV Token GroveC (GRV) is the native token of Grove ecosystem. Its blockchain is a fork of the BSC architecture. With its 'Proof-of-Stake' approach, this token supply protocol is counter to the environmentally harmful 'Proof-of-Work' mining approach. The GRV blockchain facilitates an entire ecosystem of digital finance utilities, as well as allowing other projects to develop on the same network. A portion of Grove Business profits will be provided for burning the GRV supply, ensuring ongoing value to holders. Holders of GRV are invited to play an integral role through community engagement in future developments within its Digital Asset ecosystem. Users can also participate in Staking and Farming, which are passive income utilities available to GRV across all networks. The Annual-Percentage-Yield (APY) structure fixes the return rate for the duration of the Staking or Farming pool. Coins held in this way will be rewarded a proportionate amount of passive token generation of GRV. GRV has a total supply of 100 million (i.e., 100,000,000) tokens. It has been listed on LBank Exchange at 12:00 UTC on Jan 19, 2023, investors who are interested in the Grove investment can easily buy and sell GRV token on LBank Exchange right now. The listing of GRV token on LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business and draw more attention in the market. Learn More about GRV Token: Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Facebook About LBank LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges, established in 2015. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and safe crypto trading to its users. The platform holds over 7 million users from more than 210 regions across the world. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users' funds and aims to contribute the global adoption of cryptocurrencies. Start Trading Now: Community & Social Media: Telegram l Twitter l Facebook l LinkedIn l Instagram l YouTube ContactLBK Blockchain Co. [email protected]
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Ferrari Terminates Its Deal with Its Crypto Sponsor Velas Blockchain As A Dark Cloud Hovers Over The Industry
Scuderia Ferrari, the racing arm of luxury automobile brand Ferrari, has decided to terminate its contract with Velas, with insiders claiming that multiple contract breaches and fears of bankruptcy fuelled the premature ending. Ferrari revealed its official list of sponsors ahead of the new season, but Velas was conspicuously absent from the exclusive bunch. Only […]
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Nifty News: Trump’s NFTs tank, NBA star’s collection gone in 77 seconds and more...
NFT gaming is at a similar stage to the early mobile gaming days, says a Magic Eden exec, while an analyst from Dune Analytics claims 58% of NFT trading volume this year has been wash trades.
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Polychain Leads $7M Funding for Hardware Wallet Developer Foundation Devices
The Bitcoin-focused startup offers the Passport hardware wallet and Envoy mobile app.
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SEC gives a thumbs up to nine WisdomTree blockchain-enabled funds
The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has given a nod to nine new blockchain-enabled funds offered by the New York-based asset manager WisdomTree. These nine digital funds, according to the firm, provide exposure to a variety of asset classes, including equities, commodities, and floating-rate treasuries. The funds will be available through a mobile […] The post SEC gives a thumbs up to nine WisdomTree blockchain-enabled funds appeared first on CryptosRus.
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Binance US finally rolls out mobile payments service to US customers
Binance’s US arm has rolled out a feature for US customers called "Pay" which was launched by its global parent to users outside the US in 2021.
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Web3 game DOGAMÍ secures $14M total funding
DOGAMÍ's team says it hopes to develop the first Web3 mobile game for mainstream audiences.
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Crypto Exchange Binance Introduces Payments Service for US Customers
Binance users in the U.S. are now able to use the exchange’s payments system, Binance Pay, to send money on their mobile app.
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Most Underreported Trend in 2022: Crypto Is Embracing Mobile
You can have your metaverse and VR headsets, writes Boyd Cohen in this op-ed. In 10 years he predicts the masses will still be in the real world using smartphones, so if you are a crypto evangelist, jump on the mobile bandwagon.
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Aave’s Social Media Protocol Lens Acquires NFT Mobile Game Sonar
With the acquisition, Lens Protocol will be integrated into a game app which claims to have 20,000 active users per month.
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Multi-Chain Wallet BitKeep Officially Connects to WalletConnect 2.0
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] The BitKeep mobile terminal is now compatible with WalletConnect 1.0 and 2.0 versions. The Web 3.0 communication protocol WalletConnect has connected to the multi-chain wallet BitKeep, regarding BitKeep as a vital part of the “Wallet + DApp” ecosystem. Users can smoothly experience BitKeep wallet with WalletConnect by scanning the […]
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Coinbase Disables Mobile NFT Trading, Citing Apple’s App Store Policies
The exchange made the announcement in a Thursday Twitter thread, saying Apple is demanding Coinbase pay a 30% tax on gas fees used to transfer all NFTs.
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The rise of mobile gaming shared a lot in common with crypto gaming
Mobile gaming had an ample number of skeptics during its early days, but today it dominates 60% of the gaming market. Crypto games are following a similar path.
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Mobile-Focused Blockchain Celo Partners with Ethereum-software Firm ConsenSys
The partnership will allow for Celo to integrate with ConsenSys’ Infura infrastructure

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