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1 day agocryptodaily
"Hidden Under $1 Gems: Stacks (STX), Everlodge (ELDG), and Immutable (IMX) - Affordable Tokens with Strong Fundamentals!"
According to experts’ forecasts, Stacks (STX), Immutable (IMX), and Everlodge (ELDG) are among the most promising hidden gems in the crypto world. With prices below $1, they boast robust fundamentals and unique value propositions. These tokens possess significant growth potential, positioning them as altcoins to watch.
4 days agocryptopotato
Chainlink Whales Accumulated Over $50M Worth of LINK in 2 Weeks: Data
Chainlink continued to post bullish performance in September, boasting a 40% YTD surge.
4 days agocointelegraph
The metaverse is real: Zuck's 'incredible' photorealistic tech wows crypto twitter
Often roasted for his metaverse tech demos, Zuckerberg appears to have blown away internet users with his latest avatar tech.
19 days agocryptodaily
Telegram Integrates With Self-custodial Wallet TON Space
Telegram Messenger has incorporated a self-custodial crypto wallet based on The Open Network (TON) for its vast user base, which boasts over 800 million monthly active users.
21 day agocryptopotato
These Bearish Signs Spell Trouble for Bitcoin Amid Rollercoaster at $26K (BTC Price Analysis)
Bitcoin’s price has once again been supported at a key level. However, the downtrend may not be over yet, as there are some very bearish signs on the chart. Technical Analysis By Edris The Daily Chart On the daily timeframe, the price has been grappling with the $25K support level for quite a while now. […]
21 day agocryptopotato
Almost $200 Million Liquidated Amid Bitcoin’s Rollercoaster: Market Watch
Optimism's native cryptocurrency has soared the most today, being up by 7%.
22 days agocryptodaily
Oasys Launches New Wallet App To Drive Blockchain Gaming Adoption
The new wallet app, Oasys Passport, will help new users navigate the blockchain gaming space, pushing for mass adoption of blockchain games across the world.
23 days agonulltx
The Crypto Conundrum: Bitcoin vs. VC Investments
In recent months, the world of cryptocurrency has witnessed a fascinating and somewhat paradoxical trend: while the price of Bitcoin (#BTC) has been on a rollercoaster ride, venture capital (VC) investments in crypto startups have steadily declined, reaching multi-year lows in August. Surprisingly, the correlation between Bitcoin’s performance and VC interest in the crypto space […]
25 days agocryptopotato
Nicegram Messenger Announces Its Crypto Way with TwinGPT — AI-Based project on BNBchain and Chat2earn Features
[PRESS RELEASE – Vilnius, Lithuania, September 8th, 2023] AppVills Introducing TwinGPT — a groundbreaking AI communication crypto project that seamlessly merges state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with user personalization and a dynamic token-based economy. TwinGPT is anchored to the Nicegram Messenger, a platform built on the Telegram API. Boasting 2.6 million monthly active users (MAU) and over […]
29 days agocryptodaily
Bitrock Blockchain – A Cut Above the Rest
Bitrock is an L2 Ethereum Proof-of-Authority side chain boasting near-zero native gas fees and lightning-fast block times. In addition to having a cost-effective, scalable, and high-speed infrastructure, Bitrock will soon have a unique multichain DEX swap where users can trade cryptocurrencies without unnecessary hassles.
32 days agocryptopotato
Grayscale Wins in Court but SEC Delays All ETF Applications, BTC Pumps and Dumps $2K (This Week’s Crypto Recap)
Bitcoin went on a rollercoaster this week amid the latest developments on the SEC-ETF front.
34 days agocryptodaily
The King of All Markets: Liquidity
Introduction If financial markets are an ocean, then liquidity is the water. Although definitions of liquidity vary between the availability of cash and the cash itself, one thing is for certain; just as an ocean cannot exist without water, a market cannot function without liquidity. Meanwhile, the flow of liquidity between markets can make or break them. Furthermore, the liquidity of a particular asset, cryptocurrency for example, is an important indicator of their viability as well as an essential element of their tradability. Thus, in financial markets, liquidity truly is king! Understanding Markets: Why Liquidity is King Before jumping into its importance, let us define the concept. Liquidity, in its most fundamental sense, refers to the ease with which an asset can be bought or sold in the market. This tradability often correlates with the availability of the asset and is therefore conflated with the relative quantity of the asset itself. Accordingly, liquidity is discussed in relation to an individual or group allocating their funds to an opportunity in addition to the liquidity of an asset or market itself. Nevertheless, liquidity in both forms is critical, with its importance having been recognised by numerous economists and financial theorists throughout history. For instance, Nobel laureate Eugene Fama highlighted liquidity's role in ensuring that asset prices fully reflect all available information, as stated in his Efficient Market Hypothesis. The concept of liquidity is multifaceted, encompassing aspects such as market depth, immediacy, and tightness. Market depth refers to the exchange’s ability to handle large orders without significant price changes that occur following a trade, known as slippage. Immediacy is the speed at which orders can be executed. Finally, tightness refers to the spread between the bid (purchase) and ask (sale) prices. A market is considered highly liquid if it possesses depth, immediacy, and tight spreads in the order book, allowing for efficient price discovery and minimal transaction costs. In the burgeoning world of decentralised finance (DeFi), liquidity takes on a newfound importance. Liquidity in these markets is often provided by liquidity providers (LPs) who pool their assets in smart contracts. These liquidity pools are used to facilitate trading activities on decentralised exchanges (DEXs), with LPs earning fees in return. The concept of Automated Market Makers (AMMs), pioneered by platforms like Uniswap, hinges on this principle of liquidity provision. The importance of liquidity in these markets cannot be overstated. It is the cornerstone upon which the promise of DeFi - a truly open, inclusive, and efficient financial system - is built. The Role of Liquidity in Driving DeFi Innovation The management of liquidity and the maximisation of capital efficiency have been pivotal in driving the continued innovation of DEXs in the DeFi landscape. As the backbone of DeFi, DEXs have had to constantly evolve and adapt to the challenges posed by the unique characteristics of the crypto market, particularly its volatility and the fragmentation of liquidity. The quest for efficient liquidity management and capital utilisation has led to the development of novel mechanisms and protocols. Uniswap, one of the pioneers of the AMM model, serves as a prime example of this liquidity-driven innovation In its initial iteration, Uniswap V1, the platform introduced the concept of liquidity pools, where users could deposit equal values of ETH and any Ethereum Request for Comment 20 standard token (ERC-20) to create a market. While this model was revolutionary, it had its limitations, particularly in terms of capital efficiency. The 50/50 liquidity provision requirement meant that capital was often underutilised, especially for pairs with significant price disparity. In response to this, Uniswap V2 introduced several improvements, including the ability to create direct pairs between any two ERC-20 tokens, thereby improving capital efficiency. However, the most significant leap came with Uniswap V3, which introduced concentrated liquidity. This feature allows liquidity providers to specify price ranges for their liquidity, thereby maximising capital efficiency. Using this model, LPs can provide liquidity only at price levels where they anticipate trading activity, ensuring they are constantly making use of the liquidity in pools. This innovation has not only improved capital efficiency but reduced slippage, benefiting traders. The evolution of Uniswap and the broader DeFi landscape underscores the critical role of liquidity management and capital efficiency in driving innovation. As the DeFi space continues to mature, the quest for improved liquidity and capital utilisation will undoubtedly continue to shape its trajectory. From the development of more sophisticated AMM models to the integration of cross-chain and layer 2 solutions, the pursuit of liquidity and capital efficiency will remain at the forefront of DeFi innovation. The role of liquidity in driving DeFi innovation is not only significant yet concurrently transformative, shaping the future of finance in profound and novel ways. Taking the Next Step with Elektrik Despite the progress made by protocols such as Uniswap V3, liquidity in web3 is still critically underutilised. While DeFi boasts a number of protocols that offer high levels of capital efficiency, the relatively small amount of liquidity present in the market often causes issues, particularly as it pertains to the cold start problem. At its core, the cold start problem refers to the challenge of launching a new product or service in a market where network effects are prevalent. In such markets, the value of the product or service increases with the number of users, creating a virtuous cycle of growth. However, this also means that when a product or service is first launched, it has little to no value as there are no users yet. Subsequently, at a fundamental level, the cold-start problem can be understood through a question - in an environment where users extract value from the existence of other users, why would the initial wave of users remain in the environment? This problem is faced not only by newly minted protocols aiming to facilitate the liquidity of their own token, but also newly created DEXs looking to establish a base of liquidity providers for trading. Without this base, tokens would be untradable and the DEX would subsequently be rendered ineffective. Hence, the importance of implementing effective measures to foster the highest level of capital efficiency possible becomes clear, DEXs are seeking to overcome the cold-start problem with as little liquidity as possible whereby traders always face a positive experience. Elektrik is one such DEX looking to solve this problem, implementing effective capital efficiency measures to facilitate high volume trading from its inception. Incidentally, this necessitates the adoption of novel and creative mechanisms to attract LPs and manipulate liquidity so that it is always available where needed. While traditional DEXs, such as Uniswap, have taken strides in this regard, Elektrik represents a new wave of DeFi protocols that can achieve more with less liquidity. How Does Elektrik Work? Elektrik is a DEX protocol built on the Lightlink Network. In its first iteration, Elektrik V1, the DEX plans to implement itself as a fork of the revolutionary Uniswap V3 architecture. As a fork of Uniswap V3, Elektrik carries forward the proven AMM model, enhancing it with the unique capabilities and features of the Lightlink network. This AMM model allows users to trade directly with the smart contract on the platform. Users can also become LPs by depositing assets into the liquidity pools and earn fees from the trading activity. This design is intended to provide efficient and flexible trading opportunities for all users. The protocol is built on Lightlink, a layer 2 blockchain secured by Ethereum, purposefully built for Metaverse, NFT, and Gaming applications. By harnessing the power of the Lightlink network, Elektrik is able to offer an efficient and seamless trading experience for its users. Most importantly, Lightlink offers a unique feature referred to as ‘enterprise mode’ which allows organisations to pay a monthly fee, covering its users’ gas costs, to simplify users' experiences when transacting with ERC20 and ERC721 smart contracts, effectively bypassing native gas costs. This feature, combined with Lightlink's low transaction fees and high speed, provides Elektrik with a significant advantage over other DEXs built on more traditional blockchains. Elektrik's design as a Uniswap V3 fork also brings with it a number of benefits. For instance, Elektrik, like Uniswap V3, provides higher capital efficiency compared to its predecessors by allowing liquidity providers to provide liquidity in concentrated price ranges, which, for sophisticated and active LPs, can potentially lead to higher returns. Furthermore, Elektrik supports single-sided liquidity provisioning, enabling LPs to deposit only one type of asset in a trading pair, reducing the risks associated with price fluctuations. In terms of fee structure, Elektrik implements an adaptive fee structure that dynamically adjusts fees based on market conditions and liquidity utilisation. This is achieved through the introduction of multiple fee tiers for each pair: 0.05%, 0.30%, and 1.00%. These options allow LPs to adjust their margins based on the expected volatility of the pair. For example, LPs can choose to take on more risk with non-correlated pairs like ETH/DAI, or minimal risk with correlated pairs like USDC/DAI, and select the fee tier that best compensates them for this risk. This ensures competitive fees for users while maintaining incentives for liquidity providers. By adapting fees to market conditions, Elektrik aims to promote efficient market participation and attract liquidity. Moreover, Elektrik introduces enhanced capital efficiency by utilising multiple fee tiers within liquidity pools. Liquidity providers can allocate their funds to different fee tiers, optimising their capital allocation and earning potential. This feature encourages efficient capital deployment and enables liquidity providers to maximise their returns. Understanding Elektrik V2’s Liquidity Model Although Elektrik is initially being released via the aforementioned Uniswap V3 model, Elektrik V2 plans to implement an innovative AMM. The Elektrik V2 platform represents a significant advancement in the realm of decentralised exchanges, distinguished by its incorporation of abstracted AMM, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Reinforced Learning (RL), and dynamic smart contracts. Central to Elektrik's proposition is its commitment to capital efficiency, ensuring that liquidity is not merely present but is deployed judiciously for optimal trading outcomes. The Dynamic Liquidity Provision (DLP) mechanism is pivotal in this regard, meticulously adjusting liquidity with each block on the LightLink network to meet the precise requirements of liquidity providers. While Elektrik V1 allows for LPs to add liquidity to particular price ranges, Elektrik V2 harnesses the power of AI to anticipate and modulate liquidity in the inherently unpredictable cryptocurrency market. While conventional AI models may falter in such volatile environments, Elektrik's model is characterised by its dynamic adaptability. It undergoes continuous training on a diverse array of data, both internal to Elektrik and from external sources, ensuring its models remain contemporaneous and pertinent. This perpetual refinement is instrumental in ensuring that liquidity is judiciously allocated, responding adeptly to market fluctuations and safeguarding optimal trading conditions. The decision-making prowess of this AI is further enhanced by the principles of Reinforcement Learning (RL). To elaborate, RL operates on a paradigm wherein the system discerns optimal actions through a process of iterative trial and error. Within Elektrik's operational framework, RL assists in determining the most efficacious deployment of liquidity, harmonising the dual objectives of return maximisation and risk minimization. By synergizing dynamic AI with RL, Elektrik underscores its commitment to the judicious management of liquidity, thereby promising an unparalleled trading experience driven by precision and efficiency. Comparing Elektrik to the Competition Since 2021, the DEX landscape has been dominated by Uniswap V2-style DEXs, with many implementing the tried-and-tested x * y = k algorithm and spreading liquidity evenly across all price ranges. This can lead to inefficiencies, especially those associated with use of capital. If liquidity is dispersed across all price ranges, each pool will require a larger amount of liquidity to facilitate the same amount of volume. Consequently, more trading fees are dispersed to a greater number of parties and traders must be charged higher fees in order to provide LPs with the same level of yield. With the advent of Uniswap V3 in 2022, the DEX landscape has likewise undergone a subsequent evolution, with concentrated liquidity models becoming increasingly prevalent in DeFi. Nevertheless, these types of models often require manual rebalancing of liquidity or custom automated strategies by LPs, which can be relatively inefficient. Thus, even the relatively recent AMM models possess inherent flaws with regards to their management of idle liquidity that make them ineffective solutions when compared to next generation AMMs such as that implemented by Elektrik V2. Elektrik V2 and similar DEXs will offer far greater flexibility than their contemporaries. The greater capital efficiency facilitated by the continuous rebalancing and concentration of liquidity will allow protocols to handle high volume trading with relatively insignificant liquidity. Thus trading fees for users can be reduced and those which are earned can be dispersed between fewer LPs, providing incentives for the participation of users and LPs alike. Another key advantage of an automatic liquidity rebalancing model is the potential reduction in impermanent loss. Impermanent loss is a risk faced by LPs in traditional AMMs when the price of the assets in a pool diverges. By automatically adjusting liquidity to follow price movements, a DEX implementing this model can ensure that a LP’s liquidity is never concentrated in one side of a pool, mitigating the effects of impermanent loss. This means LPs are less likely to be holding the wrong asset when prices change, which can lead to more stable and predictable returns. Notably, this model does possess some inherent challenges, particularly associated with the potential incorporation of machine learning for liquidity rebalancing. After all, if the AI makes an incorrect judgment, then the actual price range will have less liquidity than if the prediction were correct. However it is important to note that any particular price range would never be completely devoid of liquidity due to the use of a price weighting model by the AI, which allocates liquidity to certain price ranges depending on the likelihood that the price will be achieved. Furthermore, the learning curve for LPs in actually understanding and grasping this system may pose some challenges to adoption. Nevertheless, these challenges can be solved via frequent rebalancing and user interface abstraction for a more seamless user experience. Conclusion The very definition of liquidity as the ability to quickly and effortlessly buy or sell assets, is the essence of a functional market, be it the financial markets at large or the intricate DeFi space. Its influence extends throughout history, where liquidity has ruled the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of markets and as we have found, continues to influence the modern financial system - even in the context of DeFi. Therefore, it's evident that DeFi markets, such as Elektrik, which foster liquidity and allocate it efficiently, are likely to remain at the forefront of their respective industries. Therefore, it's evident that DeFi markets, such as Elektrik, which foster liquidity and allocate it efficiently, are likely to remain at the forefront of their respective industries. Consequently, as one of the principal determinants of market and asset success, liquidity, as championed by platforms such as Elektrik, will continue to drive innovation, incentivize adoption, and remain paramount in financial markets. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
34 days agocryptodaily
Core Quickswap Members Launch 50x Leverage on Kava Chain
Georgetown, Cayman Islands, August 30th, 2023, Chainwire Multiple core contributors of Quickswap, celebrated for their success on Polygon, have launched their next venture: Kinetix Finance on Kava Chain. Kava Chain is a Layer-1 Cosmos-Ethereum interoperability blockchain. The Kinetix Finance perpetual exchange is tailored for users eager to leverage trade without the limitations of traditional centralized exchanges. Kinetix's innovative Perpetual Market allows users to leverage trade on the Kava Chain. The Perpetual Market meets the rising demand for decentralized trading solutions, offering users leveraged exposure to crypto assets like KAVA, axlETH, axlWBTC, ATOM, and USDt all while ensuring utmost transparency and security. "The Perpetual Market is not just another trading platform — it is a reflection of Kinetix's dedication to providing decentralized solutions that empower our users. With this platform, we're offering a unique, secure, and efficient way to leverage trade on the Kava Chain," said Kinetix team lead Alexi Atlas. At the heart of Kinetix's Perpetual Market is the distinctive liquidity pool system, KLP. LPs can offer any of the initial five supported assets: KAVA, axlETH (ETH), axlBTC (BTC), ATOM, and USDT. In return for contributing these tokens, participants receive KLP, a special liquidity token representing the entire basket. This decentralized structure, combined with the protocol's AMM, facilitates leverage trading, allowing users to borrow based on the value of their collateral. “Kinetix's Perpetual Market boasts a suite of features tailored to cater to sophisticated DeFi users. Its decentralized nature guarantees that positions of any size can be taken with clarity and safety,” said Scott Stuart, Kava Chain Co-founder. “And the KLP token is a nod to traditional liquidity pool systems, ensuring familiarity and ease of use for traders.” For more updates, follow Kava Chain and Kinetix Finance on X (fka Twitter). About Kava Kava Chain is a secure, lightning-fast Layer-1 blockchain that combines the developer power of Ethereum with the speed and interoperability of Cosmos in a single, scalable network. Committed to fostering innovation and growth, Kava Chain is a trusted choice for developers and users worldwide. About Kinetix Kinetix Finance is building a DeFi Hub featuring perpetual futures trading and the most sophisticated trading instruments on Kava, connecting the major building blocks of decentralized finance. Your best trade, every trade. Contact Media ManagerGuillermo [email protected]
36 days agocryptodaily
Staynex Announces Exclusive Partnership with Miss Grand International in Vietnam
HCMC, Vietnam, August 28th, 2023, Chainwire Staynex has officially announced its collaboration with the highly-acclaimed Miss Grand International in Vietnam. Spanning across major cities, this event promises to be an exhilarating fusion of culture, beauty, and hospitality. "Established based on the goal of 'elevating the travel-resort experience', Staynex hopes that collaborating with a global ambassador will quickly spread the unique and different experiences brought by the platform to customers worldwide." says Tim Duong, COO at Staynex. Highlights of the Partnership: - Pan-Country Presence: The beauty pageant, renowned globally, will be hosted in major cities across Vietnam. Staynex's platform will serve as the hospitality backbone, with its affiliated hotels providing premium accommodations for pageants and organizers. - Global Representation: The event boasts of participation from many countries, celebrating the diverse tapestry of beauty and culture from every corner of the globe. - Innovative Engagement: Upping the ante in audience engagement, each contestant will be provided with a unique referral code. Their followers can utilize these codes to register for a Staynex subscription. This not only offers the followers a 12-month subscription at the price of 10 months ($10 a year or $1 a month), but they also get 2 additional months absolutely free. - Empowering Votes: Staynex is weaving its user acquisition drive seamlessly into the pageant process. Every successful referral and subscription through the contestant's code will be counted as one vote. This adds a fresh dynamic to the traditional voting mechanism, allowing fans to directly influence the competition's outcome while benefiting from Staynex's offerings. "We are excited to provide a platform where fans can actively participate in the success of their favorite contestants. This initiative is not just about crowning a winner, but also about expanding the Staynex community in a meaningful and engaging manner," adds Tim Duong, COO at Staynex. With beauty, talent, and hospitality coming together under one banner, the Miss Grand International in Vietnam promises to be a truly grand spectacle. Staynex's partnership further cements its commitment to promoting exceptional experiences and forging community ties on a global scale. --- About Staynex™ Staynex™, operating as part of the Labs Group Ecosystem, is a global vacation club platform aiming to reshape the travel and hospitality industry. It utilizes advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and Web3 to improve individual travel experiences and streamline corporate travel bookings. Staynex™ is committed to continuous service enhancement and global expansion, fostering a vision of making travel more accessible, efficient, and enjoyable for everyone. --- About Miss Grand International Miss Grand International (MGI) Pageant is a world-class center of creativity and entertainment, raising the level of the world’s beauty pageant industry, creating Soft Power to be the leader in the international beauty pageant arena, and expanding branding to all over the world. Miss Grand International (MGI) is regarded as an international beauty pageant with an increasing number of followers and popularity on social media and the fastest growing beauty pageant. Miss Grand International (MGI) has now become the world’s leading international beauty pageant and one of the 5 Gland Slam Beauty Pageants along with Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International and Miss Supranational. For Partnerships & Investing: [email protected] Contact CEO of Staynex™Bernard [email protected]
38 days agocryptodaily
GBTC Will Beat SEC, Spot Bitcoin ETF Shows Promise, $ROE's Rally To $1
The showdown between Grayscale and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the conversion of GBTC into a spot Bitcoin ETF has garnered widespread attention. As industry experts anticipate a favorable outcome for Grayscale, investor interest is increasing in Borroe&rsquo;s new blockchain ICO of its native $ROE altcoin. Borroe Finance: Whales are Eyeing the Future The $ROE presale has ignited a fervor of excitement within the crypto community, drawing the attention of investors and enthusiasts as one of the top altcoins to watch this year. With each stage of the presale unlocking new opportunities, from the initial Stage One priced at $0.0125 per $ROE to the sold-out Beta Stage at $0.01 per token, anticipation is mounting for the upcoming stages. As Stage 2 approaches, the $ROE altcoin price will increase to $0.015, giving early participants some profits already. The crypto community is eagerly positioning itself to be part of a groundbreaking journey that promises to reshape the Web3 landscape and usher in a new era of financial possibilities. $ROE's meteoric rise is anchored in the groundbreaking work of Borroe Finance. This innovative platform has carved a niche for itself by bridging the gap between the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem and much-needed funding. Led by industry veterans Michael Price and Maxim Prishchepo, Borroe Finance boasts a team equipped with a wealth of experience in financial systems, NFTs, and blockchain technology. Innovating Web3 Financing Borroe Finance stands at the intersection of artificial intelligence and trending NFTs, propelling itself ahead of the curve. By leveraging AI-powered risk assessment and NFT-backed collateralization, the platform offers a unique marketplace where Web3 businesses can raise funds by minting cool NFTs representing future revenue streams. This innovative approach empowers content creators, NFT artists, and Web3 platform providers to unlock upfront cash from their recurring revenues. Borroe Finance has embraced the future with a fully audited smart contract. Top auditing firm BlockAudit has verified the integrity of Borroe's smart contract, providing investors with the peace of mind they deserve. The contract's address is readily available, a testament to Borroe'scommitment to transparency. Navigating the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency regulations is no small feat. Yet, BorroeFinance stands as a beacon of compliance and forward-thinking. With a keen eye on regulatory developments, Borroe Finance intends to seek regulation where possible, ensuring alignment with best practices and bolstering investor confidence that Borroe Finance&rsquo;s innovative features make $ROE good crypto to buy. As the crypto world faces its share of challenges, investors seize the opportunity to position themselves for success. In the midst of bearish market sentiment, $ROE is emerging as the go-to token for those who understand the immense potential of Borroe Finance. With analysts projecting a massive rally, $ROE presents itself as a prime investment for those seeking long-term gains. Borroe Finance's innovative approach to funding is a breath of fresh air in a market marred by traditional financing pitfalls. By creatively leveraging the power of NFTs and AI, Borroe Finance has created a robust ecosystem that empowers Web3 businesses to thrive. From decentralized gaming platforms to subscription-based content services, Borroe Finance addresses the unique challenges faced by these enterprises. >>BUY $ROE TOKENS NOW<< An Intriguing Legal Battle The winds of change are blowing in the epic showdown between Grayscale and the SEC over the conversion of GBTC into a spot bitcoin ETF. With industry experts predicting a decision in favor of Grayscale, the implications for the broader crypto market are monumental. A win for GBTC could pave the way for an influx of investment and accelerate the rally of $ROE. As investors looking for the best crypto investment consider $ROE, the altcoin&rsquo;s price path to $1 seems more attainable than ever. Borroe Finance continues to disrupt the traditional financing space, $ROE's rally is gaining momentum. The fusion of Borroe Finance&rsquo;s NFTs, AI innovation, and a robust Web3 funding marketplace positions $ROE as a crypto gem with untapped potential. As Borroe Finance sets its sights on revolutionizing Web3 financing, investors are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to invest in one of the top crypto coins in 2023. With Grayscale's victory against the SEC a possibility, $ROE's rally to $1 is no longer a distant dream. Learn more about Borroe ($ROE) here: Visit Borroe Presale | Join The Telegram Group | Follow Borroe on Twitter Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
39 days agocryptodaily
Shopify Integrates Solana Pay
Leading e-commerce platform Shopify will now allow users to make USDC payments thanks to its recent integration of the Solana Pay app. Seamless Integration with Shopify Shopify, a cornerstone of global e-commerce facilitating transactions worth a staggering $444 billion worldwide, has opened its doors to Solana Pay. This collaboration enables millions of businesses operating on the Shopify platform to offer their customers Solana Pay as a secure payment option. Notably, Solana Pay's initial integration will leverage USDC, the second-largest stablecoin boasting a substantial market capitalization of $25.9 billion, according to CoinGecko. The Power of Crypto Payments Josh Fried, overseeing business development and partnerships at Solana Foundation, underscored the significance of crypto payments, saying, "Some people argue the killer app for crypto hasn't arrived, but it has: it's payments&hellip;[Everyone] should be doubling down on this." Solana Pay, launched in February 2022 and built on the foundation of the layer-1 blockchain Solana, focuses on facilitating transactions involving dollar-pegged stablecoins. This application seamlessly serves both online and point-of-sale transactions and can handle any volume of digital dollar transfers on the Solana blockchain. Noteworthy entities such as USDC issuer Circle, Phantom Solana wallet, and payment processor have already embraced Solana Pay, contributing to the thriving Solana ecosystem encompassing over 11.5 million active accounts. A &ldquo;Fee-Free&rdquo; Alternative Compared to the standard credit card processing fees that can soar up to 3.5% per transaction, Solana Pay presents an appealing alternative. As Fried emphasizes, "Solana Pay is effectively 'fee-free.'" Transactions conducted on this platform incur minimal costs, with a transaction fee of approximately 0.000005 SOL at the time of writing, translating to mere fractions of a penny. Despite facing network outages in the past, Solana has evolved into a faster and more cost-efficient layer-1 blockchain compared to giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Significantly, the network has remained operational without a single instance of downtime since February. Where Does The Road Lead? Solana Pay's partnership with Shopify is not the platform's first crypto-related endeavor. Shopify had previously integrated Bitcoin lightning network payments via Strike and embraced platforms like Coinbase Commerce and Bitpay. While the initial integration features USDC, Solana Pay is exploring the inclusion of additional cryptocurrencies like the native SOL token and BONK, a meme coin, in the future. Furthermore, this integration empowers merchants to design creative loyalty programs, potentially incorporating systems like NFT loyalty tokens. This means customers using Solana Pay for repeat purchases could be rewarded with discounts and other incentives. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
39 days agocryptodaily
Binance Pay Launches in Brazil
Binance, the renowned global crypto exchange, has expanded its footprint by introducing its payment solution, Binance Pay, to the Brazilian market. According to a press release from the firm, the project's launch aims to revolutionize how Brazil-based merchants process transactions by offering a viable crypto payment alternative. The surge in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Brazil has been notable, with a growing number of consumers and businesses exploring digital assets for both investments and everyday transactions. Recognizing this trend, Binance's strategic move is anticipated to further fuel the integration of cryptocurrencies into the country's mainstream commerce. Brazil's Push for Crypto Adoption Binance Pay promises merchants a plethora of advantages, most notably the benefit of low transaction fees. This feature can significantly enhance the profitability of businesses, especially those operating with thin margins. Additionally, the platform boasts real-time processing, which could drastically reduce the waiting times traditionally associated with financial transactions. This expedited processing can lead to swifter business operations and improved customer satisfaction. While the global acceptance of cryptocurrencies is still a topic of debate, there's no denying their transformative potential in specific markets. Brazil, with its dynamic economy and tech-savvy population, appears to be a ripe environment for such innovations. The country has also passed its crypto bill sometime in late 2022, with the country's own CBDC (central bank digital currency) already a work in progress. Binance Pay's launch in Brazil not only underscores the company's commitment to global expansion but also reflects its belief in the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies as a standard payment medium. Use and Integration To use Binance Pay for purchases in Brazil, consumers follow a procedure akin to the fiat payment system, Pix. Merchants can incorporate Binance Pay into their payment process. Payments can be made via web checkout or the Binance App by scanning a QR code. At each transaction, customers choose which cryptocurrency in their wallet to use. Merchants interested in using the service can access Binance Pay directly. With Binance Pay making its services available in Brazil, local merchants in the country now have access to an advanced payment solution that can potentially reshape the commercial landscape by enabling a crypto-based payment platform to connect with their customers and clients. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Web3 Domain Provider Unstoppable Domains Unveils End-to-End Encrypted Messenger
Currently, the platform boasts over 3.7 million Web3 domain registrations.
45 days agonulltx
Bitcoin Dips Below $30k: Analyst Sounds the Alarm for Further Decline while DigiToads Presale Ends on Over $ 7 Million Raised
The inherent volatility of the crypto market is no longer a secret, making it a rollercoaster ride for investors and traders. Recent developments around Bitcoin, which dropped below $27,000 at the time of writing the current price is $26,049, this has raised concerns about the leading cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, analysts are sounding the alarm for a […]
47 days agocryptopotato
TRON Joins Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (JCBA)
[PRESS RELEASE – Geneva, Switzerland, August 16th, 2023] TRON DAO (“TRON”) is pleased to announce that it has joined the Japan Cryptoasset Business Association (“JCBA”) as an associate member starting from August 1st, 2023. As a leading global blockchain, TRON is committed to building cooperation and collaboration with other JCBA members to promote the growth […]
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Unleashing the Power of DeFi with Uniswap and Bitcoin Spark: A Match Made in Crypto Heaven
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About Oasys?

The live price of Oasys (OAS) today is 0.043275 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Oasys at 1,063,518,672 OAS, its market capitalization stands at 46,023,674 USD. In the last 24 hours OAS price has moved -0.000707 USD or -0.02% while 308,794 USD worth of OAS has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of OAS puts it at #361 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Oasys blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency OAS and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Oasys is a groundbreaking blockchain project specifically designed for the gaming industry. With the aim of revolutionizing "Blockchain for The Games," Oasys leverages the power of blockchain technology to enhance the gaming ecosystem. By incorporating blockchain, Oasys seeks to address the limitations and challenges faced by the gaming industry, offering a range of innovative solutions and opportunities.

Technology & Mechanism

Consensus Mechanism

Oasys utilizes the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism. This mechanism ensures fast and efficient block confirmation times, with 15 seconds of block confirmation time. The DPoS system includes Validator Accounts such as Delegator, Owner, and Operator. Delegators can stake their assets to the validator owner and receive rewards.

Blockchain Technology

Oasys operates on a multi-layered architecture, with the Hub Layer and Verse Layer handling specific transactions. The project is built on go ethereum, making it compatible with any wallet that supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This compatibility ensures seamless integration with existing blockchain infrastructure.

Key Features


Oasys aims to provide high performance and stability in the GameFi market. With a unique multi-layer architecture, the Verse Layer of the blockchain can handle over 1500 transactions per second, ensuring scalability and efficient processing of gaming transactions.


Security is a top priority for Oasys. By utilizing blockchain technology, Oasys ensures the immutability and transparency of gaming transactions. The decentralized nature of the network enhances security by eliminating single points of failure and reducing the risk of hacking or fraud.


Oasys prioritizes user privacy by implementing advanced privacy features. Through the use of cryptographic techniques, Oasys ensures that sensitive user data remains secure and confidential. This commitment to privacy enhances the overall gaming experience and builds trust among users.


Oasys is built on a decentralized and public blockchain architecture. This decentralized approach ensures that no single entity has control over the network, promoting transparency and fairness. By decentralizing the gaming ecosystem, Oasys empowers users and eliminates the need for intermediaries.

Development Team & Governance

While specific details about the team or organization behind Oasys are not provided, the project is driven by a dedicated team of experts in blockchain technology and the gaming industry. The governance model of Oasys is not explicitly mentioned, but it is expected that the project operates under a decentralized governance framework, aligning with the principles of blockchain technology.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

Oasys has the potential to disrupt and enhance the gaming industry in various ways. By leveraging blockchain technology, Oasys can provide low network resilience and validate all transactions through Hub Layer validators. This ensures a secure and transparent gaming environment, fostering trust among players and developers. Additionally, Oasys aims to enhance the user experience by allowing players to use Non-Fungible Token (NFT) data from different chains, unlocking new possibilities for in-game assets and virtual economies.

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

To acquire Oasys (OAS) tokens, interested individuals can check the project's website ( for information on exchanges where the token is listed. It is recommended to conduct thorough research and choose reputable exchanges to ensure a safe and reliable purchasing experience.

Wallets & Storage

Oasys tokens can be securely stored in wallets that support the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Users can choose from a variety of wallets, including hardware wallets, desktop wallets, and mobile wallets. It is crucial to select a wallet that prioritizes security and offers a user-friendly interface for easy management of Oasys tokens.

Partnerships & Collaborations

While specific partnerships or collaborations are not mentioned, Oasys aims to collaborate with renowned game companies to support the adoption and integration of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. These partnerships can potentially unlock new opportunities and drive innovation in the gaming ecosystem.


The future plans and objectives of the Oasys project are not explicitly outlined. However, it is expected that Oasys will continue to enhance its technology, expand its ecosystem, and forge strategic partnerships to further its mission of revolutionizing the gaming industry. Updates and announcements regarding upcoming features and enhancements can be found on the project's website and social media channels.

Risks & Challenges

While the text does not provide specific information about the risks, challenges, or hurdles faced by Oasys, it is important to note that any blockchain project faces inherent risks and challenges. These may include regulatory uncertainties, technological limitations, market competition, and adoption barriers. It is crucial for potential users and investors to conduct thorough due diligence and assess the risks associated with any investment or participation in the Oasys ecosystem.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


Oasys has a vibrant and supportive community of users, developers, and enthusiasts. Engaging with the community can provide valuable insights, updates, and opportunities for collaboration. The project's website and social media channels serve as platforms for community interaction and information sharing.

Regulatory Compliance

The text does not provide specific information about the regulatory compliance of Oasys. However, it is essential for any blockchain project to adhere to relevant legal and regulatory requirements in the jurisdictions where it operates. Compliance with regulations ensures the project's long-term sustainability and fosters trust among users and stakeholders. In conclusion, Oasys is a pioneering blockchain project focused on revolutionizing the gaming industry. By leveraging blockchain technology, Oasys aims to enhance the gaming ecosystem, offering scalability, security, privacy, and decentralization. While specific details about the team, governance model, and future plans are not provided, Oasys has the potential to disrupt the gaming industry and unlock new opportunities for players and developers. It is important for individuals interested in Oasys to conduct thorough research, assess the risks, and stay updated on the project's developments through its website and social media channels.
Oasys Price0.043275 USD
Market Rank#361
Market Cap46,023,674 USD
24h Volume358,754 USD
Circulating Supply1,063,518,672 OAS
Max Supply10,000,000,000 OAS
Yesterday's Market Cap46,165,777.72 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.044116 USD / 0.043409 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.044257 USD / 0.043272 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.02% ( 0.000707 USD )
Yesterday's Volume308,793.56 USD
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