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Origin Protocol(OGN)

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3,697 BTC
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1,196 BTC
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1 day agocryptodaily Expansion Continues, Now Registered In Canada has acquired the approval of the Ontario Securities Commission to become the first global cryptocurrency platform to be legally registered for operations in Canada. To Offer Services In Canada’s global expansion continues. The latest country on the list is Canada, where the crypto exchange became registered to operate as its first global cryptocurrency platform. already has a presence in Canada and is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) and the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF) of Quebec. Most recently, the platform signed a Pre-Registration Undertaking with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Canada, under which the regulatory body and all Canadian jurisdictions will jointly recognize the platform’s right to provide a suite of products and services. Speaking on the subject, CEO Kris Marszalek stated, “Compliance underscores everything that we do at The North American market, and Canada specifically, represent a significant area of potential growth for the crypto market, and we are proud to work with the OSC and the CSA in providing Canadian customers access to a safe, secure, and reliable global platform.”’s Global Expansion has been on a roll, acquiring regulatory licenses in different countries and jurisdictions around the world. Due to this, it is fast becoming the most rapidly growing crypto platform in the world. Not only has the platform spread its ecosystem in the global crypto hotspots, but it has also scaled up with a 50 million-strong global userbase. In August alone, the platform gained regulatory access to the Cayman Islands and South Korea. In the latter, acquired two locally registered companies, which subsequently provided it with the EFTA and VASP registration in the country. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulatory body also approved the company’s VASP application, making it a registered provider of virtual asset services. The month before that, was granted an operational license by the Organizmo Agenti e Mediatori (OAM), a regulatory body that oversees anti-money laundering efforts in Italy. Soon after, it also secured regulatory approval from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) to officially operate in Cyprus. The company has also received licenses and approvals from regulatory bodies in other countries like the Monetary Authority of Singapore, the Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority, and the Hellenic Capital Market Commission (Greece). Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day agocryptodaily
Lovely Inu introduces a new meme token to the global crypto market
All world, USA/Europe/Asia, 15th August, 2022, ChainwireLovely Inu, is a project that is brought to revolutionize the industry of meme tokens. At first sight, all meme-inspired tokens seem useless: they often have no application, no liquidity, and no long-term perspective. To ruin this stereotype, the team of crypto enthusiasts decided to launch a project called Lovely Inu with its primary purpose to revolutionize the meme token industry with the creation of its own unique ecosystem. Lovely Inu is a utility token key to products such as V3 Swap on BNB Smart Chain, a gaming platform with live casinos, a launchpad, crypto wallet, and more. For now, Lovely Inu founders' main goal is to enter the global crypto market. To do so, they are going to launch 5 buyback events and list their token on 5 more crypto exchanges. The events will take place in August, September, and October: the exact dates are published on the Lovely Inu website. Furthermore, the Lovely Inu project will become a Titanium sponsor of the Crypto Expo Asia 2022. The startup was also mentioned on a New York Times Square Areas Billboard, as well as by Tv8 int and Beinsport. Public recognition of the project confirms Lovely Inu's popularity, liquidity, and perspectives. Find out more about the project and its latest news using the links: Beinsport Ads: Billboard in New York: Tv8 int: Website: Also expanded community in: ENGLISH: TURKISH: Announcement Channel: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: About LOVELY V3 Swap LOVELY V3 Swap is a Multi Chain Supported Automated Market Maker, Implemented first on the Binance Smart Chain. In comparison to V1/V2 Swap of the protocol, LOVELY V3 Swap provides increased capital efficiency and fine-tuned control to liquidity providers, improves the accuracy and convenience of the price oracle, and has a more flexible fee structure.ContactsLovely Inu teamLovely [email protected]
1 day agocryptodaily
Revolut Granted Crypto License in Cyprus
The U.K.-based crypto firm Revolut has been granted crypto authorization from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CYSEC) to provide additional crypto services to its 17 million European customers. The crypto firm has been working at the intersection of crypto and institutionalized finance and has recently been ramping up its crypto asset plans this month, adding an additional 22 crypto tokens to its platform as well as posting 13 job listings for crypto-related positions. The regulatory approval in Cyprus will help the company establish its European crypto asset hub. Cyprus is a member of the European Union, and therefore Revolut’s Cypriot authorization will fall under the scope of the EU crypto asset regulatory framework. A spokesperson for the company said, We welcome the EU-wide regulation and wholeheartedly embrace the European Parliament’s clear intention to support innovation whilst requiring strong customer protection measures to prevent any type of market abuse. They added: In establishing a hub for our crypto operations in the EU, we recognise that CYSEC has in-depth knowledge of crypto and its efforts to be a leader in crypto regulation. Cyprus has granted approval to operate to a number of companies, including Bitpanda, eToro and Revolut has also been granted authorisation in Singapore by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and in Spain, by the Spanish Central Bank. Revolut has said that it picked Cyprus after an “in-depth survey of all EU countries,” with the CYSEC chosen due to the country’s “sophisticated and robust regulatory regime, as well as the strength of the existing crypto industry in Cyprus.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agocryptodaily
DFG bets on crypto startups despite bear market
After the biggest VC boom in crypto history last year, venture capital funding in the industry fell38% between April and May of this year,according to Dove Metrics. This came on the heels of the Terra-induced crypto crash that spiraled the industry into a bear market. But even though this crypto crash has seen prices fall just as hard as any other crash, things are different this time around. It seems no serious observer is under any illusion that crypto or DeFi are going away any time soon. Digital Finance Group(DFG), a global blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firm, recognizes that, and is actively working to prepare blockchain and Web 3.0 startups for the next bull cycle. Founded by CEO James Wo, DFG manages more than $1 billion assets, with a particular emphasison the Polkadot ecosystem such as Astar, Acala,, Efinity, Moonbeam, Unique,and. The firm has grown to become among the largest holders of Bitcoin, Avalanche, Polkadot, and Near tokens in Asia. Out of the many proof-of-stake (POS) networks, Wo sees Polkadot as fair, secure, and resilient. Polkadot’s heterogeneous multi-chain network allows for developers to create new projects more easily and affordably, and with its cross-chain interoperability, Polkadot can communicate with external networks such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beyond just focusing on Polkadot as a POS ecosystem, it’s proof-of-stake that DFG is betting on as the future of blockchain. Another POS network the fund has its eye on is Cosmos, the energy-efficient blockchain enabling blockchains to transfer value with each other through IBC and Peg-Zones, while letting them retain their sovereignty. DFG maintains a diversity of investments More than just establishing the Venture Equity Fund for investing in CeFi service providers, DFG has established Crypto Fund and the Polkadot Ecosystem Fund. The idea is to support projects that are innovative enough to prosper with the adequate funding. Currently, the fund has its eye on investing in up-and-coming infrastructure providers, such as ChainSafe and CypherMod. Although cryptostartups are some of the most high risk projects in which to invest, they can also reap the highestrewards.Bitcoin plunged to a value of one pennyright after hitting $1.00 a few days prior in 2011, losing 99% of its value in a few days. Yet, Bitcoin’s price rose again to $29.60 within three months, a 2,960%increase. Throughout the bear and bull cycles of the market, Bitcoin peaked at $67,566.83in November 2021. Ethereum’s success has fluctuated over the years as well. Still, with the help of venture capital investments including those of DFG’s, Ethereum currently has over 90% of the NFT market and its native token remains the most well-known altcoin. Optimism in the crypto space remains Regardless of crypto’s exciting surges, the crashes are ever-present, and the industry's volatility remains strong. Within the past few months of 2022, Bitcoin and Ethereum have both dropped more than 50%from their all-time highs in 2021. Still, despite harsh market conditions, investors’ interest in crypto persists. DFG is optimistic about the mainstream potential of the crypto market. Especially in the Asian region, the fund hopes local authorities will soon gain adeeper understanding of the blockchain industryso that VC’s mainstream acceptance of the crypto market will be possible. The bear market won’t last forever, and DFG is building the foundation for a successful bull run in the months or years to come. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days agocryptodaily
LEAP - a new sports social media platform let’s youth athletes monetize their skills
In the U.S., home to many of the most prominent sports associations in the world as well as a high-class college and youth sports infrastructure, only one out of 16,000 high school athletes turns pro. In regions like Latin America and Africa, where sports are just as popular but resources more limited, the chances are even lower. By specifically working with young athletes from impoverished and isolated communities, LEAP brings together a digital community of both youth sports talent and talent seekers and fans to help the athletes, not only gain recognition, but also get rewarded based on their skill levels. In the newly released whitepaper, LEAP breaks down its $LEAP token, the tokenomics, as well as the distribution algorithm and many platform features including the marketplace, in-game experience, and NFT collections. LEAP, founded in 2021 and based in Israel, is a sports discovery and monetization platform empowering young athletes from across the world to develop and improve their talent through a gamified online experience. On LEAP’s platform, youth talent can create short-form videos of their real-life skills and use them to compete online with other talents worldwide in the digital arena in order to gain recognition from peers and talent seekers, while also getting rewarded. By leveraging blockchain technology, using NFTs, and a real-life in-app gaming mode, LEAP is building a digital sports community to democratize talent discovery across the globe and ensure their social inclusion. In the whitepaper LEAP’s introduces a sports economy powered by Web3.0 and Play-2-Earn elements, offering an alternative route to stardom for young athletes and a new way to monetize their skills “Our whitepaper serves as our manifesto and marks an important milestone for the LEAP community because it's paving the way for our platform launch,” says Omri Lachman, CEO and Co-Founder of LEAP. “Our platform approaches the sports industry from a completely new and different perspective. We are diligently building the framework to host a global network of sports talents as well as talent seekers, agents, and fans in a fun and interactive way that uses Web3.0 technology to help level the sports playing field for all, while delivering the Web3.0 visionary promise of individual ownership over data, content and digital assets.” The release of LEAP’s whitepaper signals the upcoming launch of its platform, detailing the token creation (ERC-20) process, partnerships with exchanges, launch of the prototype, and more. In the whitepaper, LEAP chronicles $LEAP utility token’s potential to facilitate the entire platform’s economy and support a global community connecting young athletes with talent seekers. An athlete using LEAP receives a unique digital player card, backed by an NFT after completing certain milestones as they engage with the platform. Player card NFTs upgrade as the athlete’s score and rank in LEAP’s gamified platform increases. Talent seekers, fans, pro athletes, and others who join the athlete’s “Fan Clan” can acquire his or her NFT player card and become active endorsers having a direct impact on the athlete’s growth. This offers an engaging way to reward and motivate digitally native, next-generation athletes and those who support them early on. Through LEAP, youth athletes get to showcase their skill-sets in short-form videos uploaded to the platform. By specifically working with young athletes from impoverished and isolated communities, LEAP brings together a digital community of both youth sports talent and talent seekers to help the athletes, not only gain recognition, but also get rewarded based on their skill levels and continuous engagement in sport activities. The app features a customized video creator—LEAP Studio—with specific filters, sticks, and add-ons to help talents better highlight their individual skills based on their sport. Talents can use the videos to challenge each other in LEAP DARE Battles, where the community votes for whoever they think performed the skill better, and winning will boost the value and rarity of the users NFT Player Card. For more information visit and Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
6 days agocryptodaily
Creta, a next-generation metaverse gaming platform, sold its first private NFT collection in just under 26 minutes
Dubai, UAE — Creta, a metaverse gaming platform built with an application of the cutting-edge blockchain technology Locus Chain, has announced the sell-out of a private collection of NFT assets dubbed Genesis Pass on the 21st of July 2022. The collection of 500 NFTs available for private investors from the territory of South Korea has been purchased within 26 minutes after the official launch. Genesis Pass lives on Polygon L2 blockchain solution which shall further be swapped to native NFTs minted in the network of Locus Chain upon the live release of the mainnet of the blockchain, which is expected to occur by the end of 2022. The launch marked the release of Creta’s own marketplace solution that will serve as a library of NFTs linked to both in-game and metaverse assets that will be available for acquisition and listing by the players once the games and the marketplace go live. The collection is poised to reward the early birds, who managed to recognize the potential of Creta at the early stage of its development, with benefits related to the mint price, the number of NFTs that can go in one hand, and other in-game perks in the future. The collection of 500 NFTs is split into 10 tiers, offering premium land ownership rights, enhanced avatar skin customization, and Genesis Credits that will be airdropped to the holders of Genesis Pass NFTs with an option to be swapped to Creta’s utility token Creta Coin. The token is pegged to the value of USD and enables transactions between users on the marketplace. Following on the success achieved by Genesis Pass, Creta aims to announce more NFT sales, providing the community with an opportunity to acquire these assets. The next sale, scheduled in the early autumn, is expected to feature assets linked to the land of the sci-fi metaverse world to be released in the metaverse called Dayroot. Website: Discord: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
8 days agocoindesk
A Growing Metaverse Poses Systemic Risks Regulators Need to Recognize, BOE Researchers Say
If the metaverse grows, households might rely more on crypto and banks and financial institutions might have greater exposure, Bank of England researchers said.
8 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Daily - Crypto and Financial News 09/08/2022 US sanctions 'Tornado Cash' for laundering crypto funds for North Korea.
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: US sanctions 'Tornado Cash' for laundering crypto funds for North Korea. The US is sanctioning Tornado Cash, an Ethereum “mixing” service, for allegedly helping North Korea launder millions of dollars stolen in cryptocurrency hacks. Hackers tapped Tornado Cash to launder some of the funds stolen from the $622 million Ronin Network hack back in March. Chainlink confirms support to The Merge but not Ethereum hard forks. Chainlink, the decentralized node network that utilizes oracles to offer data from off-chain sources to blockchain smart contracts, confirmed it would support Ethereum's transition to proof-of-stake or The Merge, but not its proof-of-work hard fork. Crypto investment risks rising, but virtual technology still worth cultivating. The crypto trade bubble may burst, but the technology applications and innovation trends behind it will not. Basic technology developments such as AI, cognitive technology, blockchain infrastructure, and virtualized visual technology are still worthy of commitment. BTC/USD skyrocketed 3.0% in the last session. The Bitcoin-Dollar pair exploded 3.0% in the last session. The RSI is giving a positive signal. Support is at 22577.3073 and resistance at 23697.3073. The RSI is currently in the positive zone. ETH/USD exploded 3.8% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair skyrocketed 3.8% in the last session. The MACD is giving a negative signal. Support is at 1639.9767 and resistance at 1759.1167. The MACD is currently in the negative zone. XRP/USD skyrocketed 1.8% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair skyrocketed 1.8% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal. Support is at 0.3637 and resistance at 0.3812. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal. LTC/USD exploded 2.7% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair rose 2.7% in the last session after gaining as much as 4.9% during the session. The Stochastic-RSI is giving a positive signal. Support is at 58.931 and resistance at 63.091. The Stochastic-RSI is giving a positive signal. Daily Economic Calendar: US Unit Labor Costs The Unit Labor Cost shows the total cost of employing a labor force. It can serve as an indicator of trends in production costs, share prices, and inflation. The US Unit Labor Costs will be released at 12:30 GMT, the US NFIB Business Optimism Index at 10:00 GMT, and the US Redbook Index at 12:55 GMT. US NFIB Business Optimism Index The NFIB Business Optimism Index results from Small Business Economic Trends data collected quarterly surveys since 1974 and monthly surveys since 1986. US Redbook Index The Johnson Redbook Index measures the year-over-year same-store sales growth from a sample of large general merchandise retailers. JP Machine Tool Orders The Machine Tool Orders show movements in tool orders by manufacturers. It indicates the state of the Japanese economy. Japan's Machine Tool Orders will be released at 06:00 GMT, Japan's Producer Price Index at 23:50 GMT, and the UK's 30-y Bond Auction at 09:30 GMT. JP Producer Price Index The Producer Price Index measures the average changes in prices in primary markets by producers of commodities in all states of processing. UK 30-y Bond Auction The auction sets the average yield on the bonds auctioned off. Bond market investors set yields, which can be used to estimate investors' outlook on future interest rates. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days agocryptodaily
Binance Denies WazirX Connection
Binance CEO has claimed that his firm never finalized the deal to acquire major Indian crypto exchange WazirX. Binance Turns Away From WazirX Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has again stirred controversy with his comments about the Indian crypto exchange. According to CZ, the deal between Binance and WazirX fell through. CZ tweeted, “On 21 Nov 2019, Binance published a blog post that it had “acquired” WazirX. This transaction was never completed. Binance has never - at any point - owned any shares of Zanmai Labs, the entity operating WazirX…WazirX is responsible all other aspects of the WazirX exchange, including user sign-up, KYC, trading and initiating withdrawals.” According to him, Binance only serves as a tech solution for WazirX, providing only wallet services for the exchange. WazirX Parent Company In Trouble With Regulator The comments from the Binance CEO followed the controversies that have been dogging WazirX recently. India’s financial watchdog, the Directorate of Enforcement (ED), has brought money-laundering charges against the exchange’s operator Zanmai Labs. Reportedly, investigations led by the ED revealed that WazirX was receiving sizeable funds from questionable non-bank financial institutions and their fintech partners. The exchange has also been accused of laundering these funds abroad. The ED is also accusing Zanmai Labs of creating a “web of agreements” through different entities in order to obscure the ownership of WazirX. CZ Sides With Regulator Recognizing the severity of the matter, CZ has understandably taken a strong stand in support of the regulators, especially considering its previous dealings with the exchange. He said, “Recent allegations about the operation of WazirX and how the platform is managed by Zanmai Labs are of deep concern to Binance. Binance collaborates with law enforcement agencies all around the world. We would be happy to work with ED in any way possible.” On Saturday, CZ appealed to WazirX users to transfer all their funds to Binance. Soon after, all off-chain transfers from Binance to WazirX were also disabled, preventing users from freely transferring funds between the two exchanges. WazirX Founder Confirms Binance Deal WazirX co-founder Nischal Shetty has contributed his own two cents to the matter, claiming that Binance did acquire WazirX. In response to CZ’s vehement denial of a finalized deal with the exchange, Shetty also tweeted, “WazirX was acquired by Binance. Zanmai Labs is an India entity owned by me & my co-founders. Zanmai Labs has license from Binance to operate INR-Crypto pairs in WazirX. Binance operates crypto to crypto pairs, processes crypto withdrawal.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days agocryptodaily
What Makes a DeFi Platform Credible?
Despite being around for several years, the DeFi space is still a mystery to many. New investors often wonder what makes one DeFi platform more credible than another one and what makes them credible in the first place. That’s exactly what we’re going to explain in this article. However, to help you understand how legitimacy works in the DeFi sphere, we have to look at what CeFi credibility looks like. Read on. What Makes CeFi Platforms Credible? Suppose you want to use the services of a platform based on traditional and centralized finance. What would you do to check if the service is the right choice for you? The most likely scenario is that you would check for official certification and reviews from other people, including industry professionals. So here’s a list that we all need to pay attention to when it comes to checking the credibility of a CeFi platform. Overall reputation — First of all, we need to see what other people are saying about the platform. If a bank doesn’t have a good reputation and many agree on this, we will think twice about using its services. User and professional rating — There are many sites where users can rank businesses, including various CeFi products and services. Checking their overall ranking, including rankings from industry professionals, always pays off in the end. Official certifications from official regulatory bodies — Finance is highly regulated in all countries around the globe. Audits from independent companies — You need to check if the service is audited and, thereby, trustworthy. Security and history of security breaches — Like it or not, many platforms are under cyberattacks all the time, but some of them fend off the attackers much better than others. DeFi Works a Bit Differently DeFi adds another layer of credibility and trustworthiness, which is hard-coded in the underlying structure of DeFi protocols. Most of them are based on blockchain technology, which, by itself, is already credible and trusted by people around the world. Simply put, blockchain adds a layer of security that is next to impossible to breach. Decentralized services aren’t operated by a single entity but rather by a community, which makes them even more trustworthy. But the real question is: is that enough? Even if they’re built on the blockchain, these DeFi protocols can still have some flaws that may be exploited by individuals or organizations that are part of them. Therefore, in addition to just trusting blockchain to do its part, we also need to check for other things as well. Under “other things,” we mostly mean certificates and licenses. As the DeFi space is getting recognized in jurisdictions around the globe, many committees have been created to ensure the maximum security and trustworthiness of DeFi projects. On top of that, auditing companies and organizations nowadays also specialize in checking DeFi projects, ensuring they’re not doing anything illicit. A DeFi project called Aurigami has been audited three times and has a clean record, which means it’s safe to use its services or even invest in it. That’s especially relevant for platforms such as Aurigami, which is an online crypto protocol for lending, borrowing, and earning interest. Decentralized protocols are created to be community-operated, and that’s why we also cannot exclude the aspect of people reviewing DeFi protocols. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check what other people are saying about the DeFi service you want to start using. Final Thoughts: DeFi Platforms Will Always Have an Additional Layer of Credibility The DeFi space is expanding rapidly, and millions of people are already using many DeFi protocols, as they consider them more useful and, after all, more credible. Whenever we want to check the credibility of a DeFi service, we need to pay attention to all aspects that we would usually check in a platform based on traditional finance, including audits, security, certificates, and more. If all of these boxes are checked, we can always enjoy the additional layer added by the distributed ledger technology, which makes DeFi protocols even more credible and secure. After all, that’s one of the primary reasons why an increasing number of people are turning away from centralized and towards decentralized finance. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
13 days agocryptodaily
UK turning once more in favour of crypto?
Talk of turning the UK into a crypto hub on the one side, and the old guard with the banks on the other, the UK has generally dilly dallied until now. However, with both candidates for the job of prime minister firmly in favour of crypto, it could be that the digital asset sector finally gets the backing it needs in order to thrive. The UK - a pillar of the system From an international perspective the UK isn’t generally seen as a country to go against the party line of the global hierarchical system. It has traditional right-leaning politics and it can normally be relied upon to help snuff out anything that threatens the US-dominated world order. The Bank of England was created in 1694 with the aim of raising the money necessary to make war, and with that pursuit in mind, to rebuild the British naval war machine. So with this kind of history, it is frankly quite staggering that the UK would want to become a hub for the libertarian orientated world of cryptocurrencies. A change of heart? Of course, it just might be that there are certain more open minds in the government that recognise that the fiat financial system is done, and that the cryptocurrency revolution will succeed no matter what is thrown against it. It also could be that getting in now with some tough regulations could make sure that the UK regulator can get a firmer grip over the sector and be able to exert a lot more control. A pro-crypto Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, one of the two leadership candidates and the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, was the one who announced that the UK government wanted to make Britain a global hub for crypto asset technology and investment, and is seen as very pro-crypto. However, Liz Truss, who is currently favourite to succeed Boris Johnson in the role of Prime Minister, has even gone as far as to promote an anti-regulatory approach to crypto. She was the Foreign Secretary before stepping down to run for office, and also formerly the Secretary of State for International Trade, where she oversaw a digital trade network that promoted fintech companies that “enabled digitisation and resilience in priority export markets,” according to an article on City AM. If either of these two candidates for the highest office in the United Kingdom should win, then cryptocurrency is likely to be placed quite prominently in the new government agenda. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
14 days agocryptopotato
OutSad Launches Expressive NFTs for Exploring the Metaverse
[PRESS RELEASE – Singapore, Singapore, 2nd August, 2022] OutSad has launched a unique collection of NFTs designed to help metaverse explorers express their emotions. Recognizing the constraints on interpreting social cues within virtual environments, OutSad comprises a series of mood-changing characters that can accompany their owner as they roam parallel universes. The culmination of 700 […]
19 days agocoindesk
‘My Bet Is on Bitcoin,’ Pro Soccer Player Says
Alex Crognale of the Birmingham Legion of the USL Championship league sees the digital asset as a way to store his wealth.
33 days agocoindesk
Three Arrows Liquidators Ask Singapore Court to Recognize Company's BVI Bankruptcy: Straits Times
Media in Singapore are reporting that Three Arrows’ liquidators are working to get Singaporean courts to recognize the British Virgin Islands (BVI) liquidation order.
57 days agocryptopotato
Brand Connector from Smart Token Labs: Connecting Brands and NFTs
[PRESS RELEASE – Sydney, Australia, 17th June 2022] Smart Token Labs, a Web3 open source software development company, today announced the launch of its newest product, Brand Connector. The first-of-its-kind solution enables any website to recognize and interact with any NFT collection, derivative, or coin. With Brand Connector, Web2 brands can customize content, rewards, and […]
61 day agocryptopotato
Sticker Culture NFT Meta Pylon to Launch the World’s First Sticker Feature
[PRESS RELEASE – Tokyo, Japan, 17th June 2022] META PYLON announced the world’s first feature to encourage NFT holders to participate in the Metaverse. This feature recognizes NFTs held by users as stickers and attaches them to 3D objects to create entirely new NFTs. This is being done through its 5,555 on-chain interactive NFT products […]
63 days agocointelegraph
Kraken reiterates hiring targets as CEO denounces 'woke activists' in corporate culture
"We recognize that hurt feelings are inevitable in a global organization that is optimizing for team outcomes above individual sentiment," said the team at Kraken.
63 days agocryptopotato
Brazil’s New Proposal Seeks to Recognize Bitcoin, Crypto as Legal Financial Assets
Amidst global finance's meltdown, Brazil is looking to accept cryptocurrencies officially as means of payment.
63 days agocointelegraph
Brazilian proposal would make crypto payments legal and protect private keys
The proposed law won’t necessarily make crypto legal tender in the country, but it’ll at least be legally recognized financial asset for investments and other uses.
70 days agocryptopotato
Despite the Bear Market, Michael Saylor Explains Why Bitcoin Is Going to $1M
Bitcoin is headed towards $1,000,000, while the US crypto-friendly regulatory bill recognizes digital assets are a "real thing that is going to be with us," Saylor argued.
70 days agocryptopotato
Singapore’s ADDX Recognizes BTC, ETH, USDC for Onboarding of Accredited Investors
As a risk management measure, it will discount BTC and ETH values by 50% and USDC by 10% to calculate the net personal assets of investors.
71 day agocryptopotato
Yeonmi Park Co-Signs Letter to Congress Explaining Bitcoin’s Importance for Human Rights
A global collection of activists have called upon Congress to recognize the real benefits that Bitcoin and stablecoins provide to the financially oppressed.
73 days agonulltx
Top 7 Ways to Promote Your NFT Project
For quite some time now, all that has been on the trend is minting and selling NFTs. The majority of good artists are out there trying to create an impression in a saturated market that is packed with other top talents. It’s critical to recognize that simply minting an NFT isn’t enough; artists must also […] The post Top 7 Ways to Promote Your NFT Project appeared first on NullTX.
75 days agocryptopotato
Japan Reportedly Introduces a Bill Focused on Stablecoins in the Aftermath of LUNA’s Collapse
Japan's Parliament will recognize stablecoins as digital money only if they are pegged to the yen or another legal tender.

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