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15 days agocryptodaily
GeniuX on Uniswap: Way to Invest  in Tokenized Real-World Assets
The twenty-first century folks have realized that entering the real estate, art, and even aviation markets do not need a substantial initial investment. They may, however, completely participate provided they invest their present resources in the appropriate platforms. Genius Assets is an investment platform powered by Polygon. The key of the platform's core mission focuses on giving users access to its many exciting investment options. Further, Genius Assets Marketplace is the world's biggest marketplace to buy, sell and trade high-value assets in the digital realm. Leveraging the Genius Assets platform, users can invest in real estate. The platform deals with real-world assets and tokenization, enabling its customers to access various asset classes by diversifying their portfolios in a streamlined and expedited manner to generate passive income effortlessly. Simplified Access to Real Estate Investment Opportunities Genius Assets users in a new season in the housing market. The platform puts a user's financial resources to better use in purchasing real estate investments with small amounts. Additionally, owing to the adoption of a smart contract, real estate may be acquired with no middlemen, notaries, bank transfers, etc. GeniuX is a pioneer in the tokenization of actual assets. Interestingly, investing in real estate projects and NFTs may be done in the same place on Genius Assets, eliminating the need to open several accounts on various exchanges. On the other hand, tokenization enables owners to bypass financial intermediaries who might underwrite their projects while raising capital. Consequently, by cutting out these middlemen, tokenization streamlines the real estate investment and financing processes for investors and Developers/owners. Because of this, investors can trade tokens with each other almost instantly for a small fee. Hence, instead of depending on a few wealthy investors to fund a project, real estate developers may use the platform to attract many smaller investors through tokenization. The team is composed of experts in a wide range of subjects, including management, marketing, and cryptocurrencies. Claudiu Buda is the founder and has built an immense community with more than 200.000 customers in 17 countries and sales of more than 75 million euros. Other key team members include Flavius Cocora, the CMO, Mădălin Mije, the Project Manager, and Raluca Ioana Vaceff, the Marketing Specialist. As with other crypto enthusiasts, the team’s goal is to build a sustainable business model for the cryptocurrency industry. The Geniux Token Is the Basis of the Whole Ecosystem Particularly, the $IUX token issued by Genius Assets serves as the ecosystem's backbone, making it possible for anybody to diversify their cryptocurrency holdings. The system's foundation is the Genius Assets token, a utility token worth a portion of the total investment. It may be purchased on cryptocurrency exchanges (CEXs) and decentralized exchanges (DEXs). In order to tokenize valuable assets in the real world, Genius Assets (a totally legal, doxxed team) uses the $IUX token. Using tokenization, Genius Assets will allow ecosystem players to own digital shares in properties and other assets via fractional ownership and get a proportionate percentage of the revenue such assets create. Genius Assets does this with the partnership of AVENTA, an Austrian company that has been publicly listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange for two years. Users now profit from investments in tangible assets. The $IUX token's advantages stem from the innovative business strategy, the platform's ease of use, the caliber of partners, and the expansive reach of the founder's personal network. The team primarily addresses tokenization/fragmentation, the most difficult aspect of crypto. $IUX Live On Uniswap The listing will go live on Uniswap at 8 AM UTC on September 25, 2022. However, that's not all of it. Afterwards Uniswap and $IUX will introduce the Farming Program which enables customers to earn incentives. The exact launching date will be announced shortly. Users will be able to earn UNI rewards passively by constructing a pair of $IUX/USDC and placing them on the Farming Program. This token can be used to buy a wide variety of real-world assets, such as those associated with the housing market, professional sports, the arts, the transportation industry, and the building of new roads. Reflection Typically, a person would require tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to participate in a real estate project. However, a platform such as Genius Assets makes it possible to invest with less capital. The main focus of Genius Assets is the creation of passive income for customers, which may be accomplished by facilitating the purchase of various investment assets. This is accomplished via the Genius Assets Marketplace, which is not restricted to real estate alone. In addition to generating ripples around the globe, the project has also received tremendous attention in Russia,Asia, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey. Genius Assets website Social media Telegram Channel Announcements Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
20 days agocryptopotato
Crypto Custodian HyperBC Obtains Lithuanian Finance License, Pushes for Regulatory Framework 
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] HyperBC Group has acquired a Lithuanian financial license no. 305790868 to expedite its global compliance operations. The company has obtained a license that will enable it to provide crypto custody asset solutions within a regulatory framework. As a pioneering asset custody solution provider, HyperBC facilitates businesses to securely store […]
21 day agozycrypto
South Korean Authorities Seek To Revoke Terra Co-Creator Do Kwon’s Passport To Expedite Deportation
Following an ongoing investigation into the spectacular implosion of the Terra ecosystem, South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wants to void the passport of Do Kwon, the co-founder of the now-defunct Terraform Labs.
33 days agocryptodaily
Indonesia To Launch Crypto Stock Exchange By End 2022
The government of Indonesia plans to establish a crypto stock exchange by the end of this year, according to news reports from DealStreetAsia. The Indonesian government sees the exchange as a way of protecting consumers as interest in virtual assets have risen globally. The Indonesian government has returned to its plan to set up a digital asset exchange which it first announced back in 2021. The country’s deputy trade minister confirmed the information. The so-called “crypto bourse” is planned to be established by the end of 2022. According to local news outlet DealStreetAsia, Indonesian Deputy Trade Minister Jerry Sambuanga confirmed during the NXC International Summit 2022 in Bali that the country is continuing with its plans to launch the crypto bourse, but the project has been delayed due to additional preparations: We will make sure that every requirement, procedure and the necessary steps have been taken. He added: Creating a bourse needs many preparations. We need to see which entities should be included in the bourse. Secondly, we need to validate the said entities. Thirdly, there is a minimum capital and other requirements related to custodian, depository, technical things. The exchange will list companies in the digital asset industry such as some of the 25 exchanges that have already been granted licenses by the Indonesian financial watchdog Bappebti. Despite global skepticism from regulators, Indonesia is keen to take advantage of the emerging industry of virtual assets. A few days ago, PT GoTo Gojek Tokopedia Tbk, one of the largest technology firms in the country, acquired a local cryptocurrency firm, PT Kripto Maksima Koin for $8.4 million. The CEO of GoTo said the move intends to diversify Indonesia’s currency management hub. The total transaction volume of crypto assets in Indonesia in 2021 grew by more than 1,000% compared with 2020, rising to $57.7 billion according to data from Indonesia’s Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency. About 4% of the country’s population has been investing in cryptocurrencies. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
37 days agocoindesk
Indonesia's Biggest Tech Firm Enters Crypto With Purchase of Local Exchange: Report
GoTo Gojek Tokopedia, Indonesia's biggest tech company, has entered the cryptocurrency market with the purchase of local crypto exchange Kripto Maksima Koin, Reuters reported Monday.
55 days agocryptodaily
Hackless Pioneers B2B & B2C Security Tool for DeFi, Saving Nearly $500,000 for Clients
designed a comprehensive security platform which aims to protect the decentralized finance (DeFi) world from targeted exploits, as well as safely migrate funds from individual wallets and protocols under attack. Hackless works at the infrastructure level of EVM-compatible blockchains, uniting several elements from the blockchain ecosystem in order to strengthen a DeFi protocol’s security from the lowest levels of its ecosystem. The platform has three core services which it uses to help defend against exploits and recover funds: Watchdog – A mempool monitoring tool which tracks suspicious transactions. SafeMigrate (B2B) – The first-to-market service which ensures that funds can be successfully migrated from a paused DeFi protocol that is being attacked. Conductor (B2C) – A private mining provider that ensures the safe and undetectable migration of user's funds from compromised wallets. The Hackless team believes this type of active protection is critical to the future innovation in the DeFi space given the substantial increase in the value of assets being locked up in DeFi applications. Serhii Androsiuk, co-founder and CEO of Hackless, commented: “The daunting thing about DeFi right now is that the rising tide of recent security exploits seems to out-speed the adoption and development of DeFi as such. Seven of the ten largest crypto thefts from January 2021 to March 2022 involved DeFi protocols. Frequent brutal exploits of flash loan protocols, cross-chain bridges and individual crypto wallets stress the need for a powerful security tool which is capable of boosting industry’s security level right away. We envision Hackless as a comprehensive platform that offers solutions both for DeFi protocols and individual investors. When used by all types of DeFi players it will enhance the overall protection giving a boost to industry’s growth.” Hackless In Action Earlier this year, A.I. and blockchain-powered virtual assistant services platform VAIOT was subject to a brutal exploit. Attackers tried and succeeded to take ownership of several of the platform's operational wallets, containing its native currency VAI, which are critical for the functioning of its services. This resulted in the theft and freezing of several million VAI and tens of thousands worth of ETH and BNB, belonging to both their users and VAIOT itself. The Hackless team integrated with VAIOT, contributing their expertise to the effort to safely migrate the frozen assets from the contract owned by the attacker. Using a variety of techniques and tools utilized in the Hackless product itself, the team were able to successfully help VAIOT recover $400,000 in frozen assets, whilst ensuring both the techniques and their employment remained undetected to the attacker. This successful case study was followed in quick succession by other examples of Hackless in action. The first involved a user who had their private keys stolen (a theft all too common in the crypto space) following a phishing attack. The attacker then monitored the wallet, draining all funds as soon as they appeared, leaving the user unable to access their NFTs worth ~$4,000. In this case, Hackless was able to deploy two key features of its product, the Conductor and SafeMigrate. The team were able to retrieve all the user’s NFTs to an uncompromised wallet without the attacker being aware. The second was a similar case, only the amount stolen was significantly higher at $87,000. Deploying the same features, Hackless was able to recover this amount quickly, proving again not only that there is demand for this service, but that their tools work. Consequently, both the Conductor and SafeMigrate form part of Hackless’ core offering, which is now available to the public. Securing the Future of DeFi with Hackless Hackless has demonstrated its DeFi security pedigree in the wild. Its mission to provide a robust security layer between Ethereum and its many DeFi protocols, is inspired and facilitated by the experience of its Ukraine-based team. Co-Founders Serhii Androsiuk and Pavel Radchuk have extensive experience in the blockchain space, with both having worked with various DeFi and NFT projects since 2017. Androsiuk is also a veteran of the banking sector, lending his expertise in growing projects to scale to the Hackless team. This year has seen the beginning of the architectural design for its modular platform, as well as production-ready services. The roadmap this year still has a number of exciting developments to come, including its staking program (Q3 2022), V1 Conductor (Q3 2022) and V1 SafeMigrate (Q4 2022). Combined with partnerships with leading DeFi projects such as Blaize and Zokyo, Hackless is well positioned to deliver a much needed security solution for the DeFi space. To read more about Hackless and its pioneering solution to protect DeFi assets, visit their website here. Follow Hackless on Twitter Join the Hackless community on Telegram Connect with Hackless on LinkedIn Read the Hackless blog on Medium Media Contact Details Contact Name: Nataliia Maslennykova Contact Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
56 days agocoindesk
South Korea's Financial Watchdog to Expedite New Crypto Rules: Report
The head of the country's Financial Services Commission said 13 bills related to virtual assets are to be debated in parliament, a local news outlet reported.
72 days agozycrypto
Bitcoin HODLers Not Selling As BTC Sharks Heavily Accumulate Sats In The Dip
Nevertheless, as indicated on a Santiment chart, Bitcoin sharks appear to be expeditiously accumulating Satoshis in the dip triggered by the persistent Crypto Winter.
72 days agonulltx
How Cross-Chain Bridges Are Impeding Blockchain Adoption
Blockchain, the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, is undoubtedly among this century’s most versatile technological innovations. In short, it’s a decentralized ledger for recording information and transactions in a hacker-proof and censorship-resistant manner. While Bitcoin and other blockchain networks offer low-cost, high-speed, peer-to-peer transactions, they have some limitations. Due to working […] The post How Cross-Chain Bridges Are Impeding Blockchain Adoption appeared first on NullTX.
83 days agocryptodaily
Celo Network Plagued With Outages
Celo has been struggling with on-and-off network outages that lasted over a 24-hour span. Outage Halts Block Production For 9 Hours For the first time since its mainnet launch in April 2020, the Celo blockchain suffered extensive network outages across a 24-hour period. The open-source blockchain runs on a Proof-of-Stake network and acts as a proxy payment server for users who want to make crypto payments using their phone numbers instead of public keys. The first outage occurred when the network stalled block production in the early hours of Thursday. The Celo team updated the public through a Twitter post about the outage while also assuring that all funds were uncompromised. According to the announcement, the protocol had stalled at 12.04 am UTC at block 14,035,019. The team also expressed that it had started a thorough and expedited technical analysis to get to the root of the problem. The outage lasted nine hours, during which the network could not validate new transactions. Second Outage Follows Soon Even though the network resumed briefly, the second outage followed soon after as the blockchain process was halted at block 14,035,045. The team addressed the community again via a tweet, saying, “Validators are working to restart the network. Block production resumed briefly, however, stalled again. Validators, please join the validators-operators channel on Discord and follow the posted instructions to update your node. As previously stated, all funds are secure.” Since then, the team has addressed the issue by upgrading the network validator nodes to version 1.5.8. and getting the network back to running again. After almost 24 hours since the first outage started, the team informed the community that the network was functioning. Could Uniswp V3 Be Responsible? The team has not disclosed the reason or factors contributing to the outages. The fact that the sudden downtime occurred soon after the Uniswap V3 update seems significant. However, it is interesting to note that despite the outage on its network, the CELO token was not affected adversely and has gone up in price to $0.9 at the time of writing. Even though this was the first time the Celo Network suffered a complete network outage in the two years since its launch, the protocol has faced its share of technical issues. In November 2021, the Celo team had to address security issues that affected its bridge. Optics, which is Celo’s bridge with Ethereum and Polygon, was targeted by a critical security bug. The team had to swoop in and fix the situation by implementing an emergency upgrade. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
85 days agonulltx
Nested Intends to Democratize Crypto Investment
The wilderness of DeFi and its consequent lack of accessibility has warded-off too many potential CeFi users – and makes the possibility of mass adoption all but a sweet dream. A hard-to-digest user experience that narrows users to diehard crypto fans, steep fees that exclude many, a dire lack of technical guidance leading to expedited liquidations, […] The post Nested Intends to Democratize Crypto Investment appeared first on NullTX.
91 day agocryptodaily
NEOPIN signs strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment
Singapore, Singapore, 7th July, 2022, ChainwireMutual agreement on information exchange, joint marketing, and service development Collaborative efforts in the establishment of global blockchain business and ecosystem NEOPIN, a blockchain subsidiary of NEOWIZ Holdings(KOSDAQ: 042420), announced on July 7th that it has signed a strategic partnership with Cube Entertainment (hereinafter “Cube”) to establish a global blockchain ecosystem. The two entities plan to cooperate in all areas of blockchain business and ecosystem through the exchange of information on blockchain technology, cooperation in service development, and marketing campaigns to expand into the global market. Cube, one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea with top-notch artists such as BTOB, (G)I-DLE, and PENTAGON has added blockchain to its business portfolio and founded AniCube Entertainment last February as a joint venture with Animoca Brands—the parent company of a metaverse platform provider, "the Sandbox". The first NFT airdrop held by Cube last April drew keen attention in the blockchain industry, attracting over 2.3 million applicants. Cube plans to introduce new businesses including the “Music Metaverse”—an open K-pop platform—and a Korean cultural complex within the “Sandbox Game” in the second half of the year. Launched last January, NEOPIN is an open blockchain platform that offers staking services for cryptocurrencies including TRX, KLAY, and NPT, and yield farming services for tokens earned in P2E games such as "Crypto Golf Impact" and "Brave Nine". NEOPLY, the parent company of NEOPIN, is known to have a solid technical background and extensive experience in the blockchain business; Apart from its node operating experience since 2018, NEOPLY has participated in the Klaytn Governance Council and operated a virtual asset wallet service named “nBlocks” since 2019. NPT(Neopin Token), a key currency within the NEOPIN ecosystem, has been listed on a number of major exchanges, namely Huobi Global,, MEXC Global, Bittrex Global, Bitget, and Probit Global. “We expect a synergic effect between NEOPIN’s DeFi technology and entertainment-based IP and metaverse platform by Cube,” a NEOPIN representative stated. “With the two business entities playing complementary roles, we will expedite our progress in establishing a global blockchain ecosystem.” A Cube representative added, “Our partnership with NEOPIN will enable us to develop a DeFi ecosystem along with our metaverse blockchain ecosystem. We look forward to globally launching an open metaverse business based on advanced blockchain technology.” About NEOPIN NEOPIN is a one-stop crypto finance platform that provides a variety of DeFi services such as Swap, Yield Farming, and Staking in TRX, KLAY, and NPT for effortless asset accumulation. Unlike address-based DeFi projects vulnerable to external security threats, NEOPIN has applied strict security guidelines such as Know-Your-Customer (KYC) identification system and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policies since the service was launched last January. NEOPIN’s parent company, NEOPLY, has obtained the Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification and operated a number of blockchain services including nBlocks Wallet and EOSeoul for many years. As part of its strategy to enhance its competitiveness and optimize user experience, NEOPIN plans to further reinforce its DeFi services by launching a NEOPIN web service this July with a more intuitive and user-friendly UI(User Interface)/UX(User Experience), which the NEOPIN mobile app service is known for among its users. NEOPIN will keep pursuing innovative ideas to connect a fragmented blockchain world into one, and eventually progress into an open blockchain platform for all. The NEOPIN app is available to download at the Google Play Store and the App Store. For more information on NEOPIN and its services, visit its recently renewed official website and join the community: Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | MediumContactsManagerCelina [email protected]
98 days agocryptodaily
Cryptos That You Should Add to Your Portfolio Xchange Monster (MXCH) and Ripple (XRP)
The way the world once operated is not how things are operating now, with technology evolving in ways we never would’ve imagined. Since 2008 when Bitcoin made a name for itself and shed light on the cryptocurrency market, it is now estimated that corporations and institutions will spend approximately 20 billion dollars on blockchain services by 2024. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the crypto community experienced a bull run. One community that benefited a lot from the pandemic was the GameFi Sector, as people were forced to stay indoors gamers were making money whilst doing what they loved. In 2020 we saw the emergence of Axie Infinity which was deemed to be revolutionary for gamers as the incentives were enticing. Blockchain gaming allowed players to monetize while also receiving lucrative rewards for their participation. One gaming crypto that is on the rise is Xchange Monster (MXCH), let's take a look at them and Ripple XRP to see what they have to offer. Xchange Monster (MXCH) Trade and Exchange Anywhere and Anytime Xchange Monster (MXCH) is a trusted and well-protectedcrypto platform that is pertinent for the growth and evolution of the blockchain gaming market. As a progressive organisation, Xchange Monster is meticulously designed with a strong sense of understanding of the importance of regulation in blockchain technology. Xchange Monster (MXCH) is a practical crypto platform that brings together both the crypto gaming community and gaming publishers through the creation of a value-driven ecosystem. Xchange Monster will make it a priority to strengthen the liaison between gamers and operators for a renovated gaming experience. The Xchange Monster native token, MXCH, will be available for sale on the main exchange platform. Xchange Monsters users can store these tokens and cryptocurrencies in their Monster Wallet which will be accessible in the Monster App. Is Ripple (XRP) One of the Best Exchange Platforms in Crypto Ripple is a decentralised network that expedites Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions in an extremely efficient and rapid manner. The XRP ledger can execute transactions of around 15k per second, it is scalable to a global level as its transaction fees are less than a penny. XRP is the native token of Ripple, with its main function being a medium of exchange. The token will be used as a pool of liquidity, allowing users to transact from one currency to another without the need for a central authority. For example, if a business or a bank needs to send money to a financial institution in another country, the bank would have to make a wire transfer and convert their money to another currency to pay the recipient in their respective currency. This probably sounds normal as things have been this way for years but this process takes many days to complete and it is quite costly due to the amount of movement needed to make the transaction happen. Final Thoughts The play-to-earn structure within the GameFi sector is attracting a lot of gamers, as it provides them with a means of making money and gaining rewards. The future is looking bright for the blockchain gaming industry, with experts estimating it to grow to $50 billion by 2025. Xchange Monster (MXCH) are building up a name for themselves in the gaming industry and also have notable features that not a lot of gaming cryptos have; it will be interesting to see the growth of Xchange Monster over the upcoming months as they plan to launch in the fourth quarter of the year. Xchange Monster Links: Presale: Website: Discord: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
100 days agocryptodaily
Three Arrows Capital defaults on Voyager loan
Voyager Digital had not received the $670 million loan it had made to Three Arrows Capital by today’s deadline. Voyager has said that it will pursue recovery of the loan, but with Three Arrows Capital facing potential insolvency, Voyager could also come under threat. Before it became commonly known that the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital was in difficulties, Voyager, a digital asset brokerage, had already lent the distressed fund 15,250 bitcoins, together with $350 million in USDC stablecoins. The deadlines to pay both amounts were June 24 for $25 million in USDC, and June 27 for the entirety of both bitcoin and USDC loans. Both deadlines have passed with neither amount having been paid. On today’s news of the non-repayment, Voyager’s shares plunged more than 20% to reach a price of $0.45. The shares of the company have continued to bleed ever since the crypto market top in November of last year, going from nearly $21 down to $0.45, a 98% fall. Voyager has let it be known that it will be pursuing 3AC for recovery of its funds, and to that end it is talking to advisors on the subject of the “legal remedies available”. Sam Bankman-Fried’s Alameda Research has provided credit lines to Voyager in order to help with its current liquidity demands. Voyager has said that it has already accessed $75 million, and that it would potentially ask for more so that it can honour customer withdrawals etc. According to Bloomberg, Voyager’s chief executive Stephen Ehrlich stated: “We are working diligently and expeditiously to strengthen our balance sheet and pursuing options so we can continue to meet customer liquidity demands,” It might appear that the whole crypto sector is waiting for the 3AC, Celsius, Voyager, Blockfi situations to play out. Some of them have links with various of the others, and some of them were negatively affected by the Luna/UST collapse. It’s looking likely that 3AC may go down, and if it does then the contagion could spread to other crypto companies besides the ones already mentioned. All will be holding their breath for the coming days and weeks. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
105 days agocryptodaily
Korea Blockchain Week to Hold First Live Event in Seoul After Covid Hiatus
Seoul, South Korea, 23rd June, 2022, ChainwireKorea Blockchain Week 2022 (KBW2022) is holding its first live event since the dawn of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, finally bringing the most respected leaders in the blockchain field to Seoul, on August 7-14, 2022. KBW2022 will take place in the heart of Seoul at the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas between August 7th-14th. Hosted by FactBlock and co-hosted by Hashed in partnership with ROK Capital, the highly anticipated event will see many speakers from leading L1 ecosystems, dApps, games and venture funds. The 80+ speakers confirmed include Anatoly Yakovenko, founder of Solana; Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon; Yat Siu from Animoca Brands; Kevin Seqniqi from Ava Labs; Alex Svanevik, CEO of Nansen; Illia Polosukhin, co-founder of NEAR; Robbie Ferguson, co-founder of Immutable X; Jason Choi, founder of Blockcrunch as well as many other representatives from leading games, companies and venture funds. The full, updated list can be found at Korea Blockchain Week. The schedule includes two packed days of speeches on two stages called BLOCK and HASH. Participants will be able to learn and exchange new ideas on the future of NFTs, DeFi, infrastructure, and crypto investment. The speeches will be followed by a number of networking dinners and parties hosted by the event organizers and sponsors. Seoul FESTA, a global festival for lovers of Korean culture, offers an interesting interlude on August 10 The main event will close just before the Formula E World Championship on August 13-14th, the first time this competition lands in the streets of Seoul. The 2022 World DJ Festival will open the E-Prix with music from the best international artists. "For years, South Korea has been the hub of innovation and its ongoing passion and interest for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology present a plethora of opportunities for the global world," said Seonik Jeon, founder of FactBlock and Korea Blockchain Week. "We are thrilled to open our doors to Korea Blockchain Week, a platform where entrepreneurs, investors and pioneers can collaborate and grow under one roof." “We’re very excited to hold the first live Korea Blockchain Week ever since the pandemic struck,” said Edward Hong, Head of Platform at Hashed. “This year, KBW offers the perfect mix between business and exchange of ideas, followed by excellent opportunities for networking.” The event’s official media partners include MarketAcross, Cointelegraph, Yahoo Finance and others. A few sponsorship and media partner slots remain ahead of the event, as well as the opportunity to throw official side events. About FactBlock FactBlock is a leading blockchain consulting arm focused on accelerating blockchain adoption by connecting global companies to the Korean market. Since 2018, FactBlock has hosted the yearly Korea Blockchain Week with the aim of bringing together the greatest minds from across the globe to demonstrate the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. With years of experience and expertise, FactBlock is widely recognized as one of the top blockchain media consulting companies in Korea. About Hashed Hashed is a global venture fund focused on backing founders pioneering the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Led by serial entrepreneurs and engineers, Hashed is expediting global blockchain adoption through strategic investments and community building. Based in Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, and Bangalor, Hashed has cultivated industry-defining web3 founders. ContactsWooster [email protected]
116 days agozycrypto
Lithuania to Ban Anonymous Wallets As Government Tightens Crypto Restrictions
Amid the geopolitical tensions, institutions within the European Union have been expediting processes to regulate cryptocurrencies. This is “in consideration of the increasing number of the crypto asset and service providers across Europe, global financial challenges, increased money laundering activities, and possible financing of terrorism associated with virtual currencies”, according to the Lithuanian government.  Against this […]
119 days agocryptodaily
Secure Peer-To-Peer Communication Based On Blockchain
From hand-written letters transported by horse-drawn carriages to a few taps on a screen, the ways in which people communicate change as technology evolves. Blockchain, the defining technology of the decade, is the next leap forward. The Power Of Blockchain Effectively, blockchains are long lists of transactions that are maintained and added to by groups of people connected over the internet. These groups are typically called networks, and they ensure that the data stored in blockchains is accurate using automatic processes called consensus mechanisms. Consensus mechanisms settle disputes in the case that attackers were to add counterfeit transactions to a blockchain. In this case, network members compare their blockchain records with the counterfeit transactions, and reject them. Consensus mechanisms enable cryptocurrency networks to settle transactions without central authorities like banks and payment processors, making fraud virtually impossible, and enabling people to save on fees. Blockchain’s Role In Communicatio A new secure messaging app, TokLok, is supporting its development with blockchain. TokLok uses two-layer encryption and advanced privacy techniques to ensure that all message contents, including attachments, are completely private. All communications are contained within private rooms that hosts have full control over. Users can only join these rooms if they are invited, ensuring that prying eyes never catch a glimpse of information that isn’t intended for them. TokLok works well for individuals that need to discuss sensitive topics, or simply don’t want others snooping through their private lives. Businesses and institutions, too, benefit from the level of privacy and security that TokLok provides – trade secrets and mission-critical plans are totally safe. Though these features already make TokLok the most secure and private messenger in the world, TokLok’s leading team of industry experts is pushing the envelope even further. TokLok’s next phase of development involves a secure bluetooth mesh network. Enabling users to send messages directly between phones, this mesh network will entirely remove the need for cellular networks, SIM cards, GMS, WiFi, or ISPs. To support the development of their secure mesh, along with future features and security updates, TokLok is going public via an ICO, or Initial Coin Offering. According to Investopedia, ICOs are the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent of an IPO, or Initial Public Offering, which is the process by which companies traditionally go public. ICOs utilize blockchain technology and smart contracts to safely and efficiently distribute tokens, saving on processing times and costs. During TokLok’s ICO, the company is selling TOL tokens. Holders with any amount of TOL tokens may see their investments grow as more users sign up for TokLok’s service. Holders with 1000 or more TOL tokens gain lifetime free access to the app, and holders with 5000 or more TOL tokens are entitled to a share of TokLok’s total revenue. After making their purchase, investors will receive tokens via the blockchain. TOL is an ERC-20 token, so all distribution will be efficiently and safely handled by the Ethereum network. By holding TOL tokens, investors are playing a key role in creating a future where people can have truly private and secure conversations, free of censorship, surveillance, and hackers. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
125 days agocoindesk
2TM, unicornio cripto de Brasil, despide a más de 80 empleados
La compañía mencionó “el cambiante panorama financiero global”. Su principal competidor en América Latina, Bitso, había despedido una cantidad similar la semana pasada.
129 days agocryptodaily
Accessing wealth-creation opportunities through market volatility 
Cryptocurrencies are inherently and, as posterity would indicate, irrevocably volatile; writing for Forbes in 2013, journalist Timothy Lee penned a polemic about the perils of Bitcoin volatility, however sought to reassure readers that this was largely due to its relative infancy, and the fact that it was, at the time of writing, a “startup currency”. Almost a decade on, and various dalliances with a >$1trillion market cap later, one thing can be held as an immutable truth about Bitcoin; its volatility is here to stay, and can’t be attributed solely to its longevity (or lack thereof), in the wishful hope of its dissipation over time. Whilst for many (especially more seasoned) traders, volatility is the primary incentive for them to participate in the financial markets, there are those for whom the volatility inherent to Bitcoin and the wider crypto market serves as an obstacle to adoption; it can lead to a reticence and a reluctance to enter the digital asset investment space, with risk averse traders seeking the safety and security of more stable, stationary assets. Volatility; A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing However, as counter-intuitive as it may seem, disregarding crypto markets on account of their volatility is often, to amend an age-old adage, akin to throwing the bathwater out with the baby. Consider the inverse scenario, and the landscape we would find ourselves in were there to be a scarcity of volatility, and therefore price movements, within the crypto markets, as opposed to an abundance: without substantial movements in price, traders would find themselves without opportunities to achieve substantial profits. The opportunities presented by market volatility are so well established, and experienced traders have been savvy to them for so long, that Investodia have even compiled a list of the most widely used and well-known trading strategies which investors employ to capitalise on market fluctuations. Notable amongst those strategies outlined by Investopedia is the one entitled “Using Volatility Index (VIX) Options and Futures”; it stands out amongst the others in that it allows traders to profit not from the fluctuations in price of an asset, but from the very fact that the prices will fluctuate at all. In Investopedia’s own words, “VIX options and futures allow traders to profit from the change in volatility regardless of the underlying price direction.” The implications of this are profound, and particularly pertinent to the crypto markets; trading the Bitcoin VIX, for example, means that investors don’t need to speculate on which way the price of Bitcoin will move - an endeavor reminiscent of Warren Buffett’s infamous “Monkeys throwing darts” axiom. Rather, all they will need to do is take a view on whether there will be volatility in the markets at all - a far more probable proposition. Opportunity from Chaos As it stands today, the only trading platform to offer investors access to the Bitcoin VIX is Globe Exchange; a crypto derivatives exchange, offering an array of perpetual markets where traders can leverage their capital up to 100X. The methodology behind Globe’s BTC-VIX is derived from the Chicago Board Options Exchange White Paper, which relies on gathering bid and ask quotes for options expiring between 23 and 37 days from the current point in time and reversing out the volatility implied by the options prices with a structured weighting and blending methodology to settle on an 30-day forward looking implied volatility. Every individual investor or trader will have their own appetite for risk, but greater availability of data, information, and educational resources means that more well informed decisions can be made when looking to access the opportunities presented by unpredictable and constantly-fluctuating markets. For example, in late 2020 Globe Research also produced a research report showing Bitcoin implied volatility on a 5 minute time horizon is modestly predictable from price, volatility momentum and alternative data including sentiment and engagement. In addition, it’s worth highlighting at this point that the implied volatility of Globe’s VIX futures market is considerably greater than that of the S&P 500, thereby providing even greater trading opportunities. Whilst a more up-to-date report, factoring in recent volatility events, may alter the conclusions and inductions of this research, the fact remains demonstrably true that institutions are committed to educating their users, and providing traders with the resources needed to demystify markets and access previously unobtainable opportunities. Through this, and through the access they provide to exotic and novel markets such as the BTC-VIX, exchanges such as Globe are empowering a new generation of investors to achieve wealth-creation opportunities not just from speculating on future asset prices, but from the inherently volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets, regardless of the direction in which prices happen to be moving on a given day. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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