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9 days agonulltx
Significant Pendle Token Transactions By Major Holders Impact Market
A noteworthy transaction involving a major holder of Pendle tokens has emerged in the cryptocurrency market. Yesterday, an early investor deposited 447,350 PENDLE, valued at approximately $1.74 million, into Binance. This investor had received 562,500 PENDLE tokens two years ago and had not sold any until now. 5 hours ago, […]
15 days agocoindesk
DeFi Tokens Plunge 10%-20%, Led by Pendle Amid Weak Crypto Price Action This Week
Pendle has recently lost $3 billion of its TVL with the June expiry as a result of diminishing airdrop farming hype and lower yields amid muted crypto activity.
36 days agonulltx
Pendle Drops 7% Amidst Significant On-Chain Movements
Pendle’s value plunged 7% today, coinciding with notable on-chain activities involving major $PENDLE holders. A previously inactive whale moved 755,000 $PENDLE, valued at $3.83 million, to Binance. This whale still holds 4.27 million $PENDLE, worth approximately $21.7 million, with an estimated total profit of $22.8 million, reflecting an 843% gain. […]
74 days agonulltx
Pendle Price Resurgence: Whale Activity And Market Dynamics
After experiencing a notable decline of up to 18% over the past week, the price of Pendle has staged an impressive comeback, surging by 9% in the last 24 hours. The resurgence in Pendle’s price coincided with intriguing activity from Whale 0x982, who appears to be a significant investor in […]
81 day agonulltx
Pendle Sees Minor Decline As Smart Trader Makes Strategic Move
Today, the value of Pendle experienced a slight setback, with a 5% decrease bringing its current trading price to $5.4. Despite this dip, recent on-chain data from Lookonchain has unveiled an intriguing development involving a savvy trader’s strategic deposit into Binance. According to Lookonchain, this astute trader made a significant […]
93 days agonulltx
Pendle Defies Market Crash With 22% Surge; Dormant Wallet Reawakens
Despite the recent turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, Pendle stands out as a beacon of resilience, boasting a remarkable 22% gain today and showcasing bullish behavior across all timeframes. Amidst the surge in price, Wallet 0x01f, believed to belong to a seasoned investor, has sprung back to life after nearly […]
97 days agonulltx
Pendle Approaches $2B Market Cap Amidst Bullish Surge
Pendle, the decentralized finance (DeFi) token, is edging closer to the $2 billion market cap milestone, currently standing at $1.75 billion.  The token’s trajectory remains decidedly bullish across all timeframes, with a remarkable 17% gain today and a staggering 147% surge over the past month, culminating in an all-time high […]
98 days agonulltx
Pendle Token Shows Resilience Despite Minor Decline, Bullish Momentum Continues
Despite a slight dip of 2.5% in the past 24 hours, Pendle token remains resilient and continues to exhibit bullish behavior across various timeframes.  Over the past 7 days, Pendle has surged by 30%, followed by impressive gains of 122% in the last 30 days and a remarkable 282% over […]
104 days agonulltx
Pendle Yield Platform Surges To Record Highs, Attracting Whale Attention
Pendle, a prominent yield platform, has experienced an extraordinary surge in activity, boasting a Total Value Locked (TVL) of $4 billion and trading volume reaching $10 billion. In the past 24 hours alone, Pendle’s price skyrocketed by 27%, reaching an all-time high of $6.629. Amidst this bullish momentum, notable whale […]
104 days agonulltx
BlockDAG: Crypto Growth Payment Card Vs Aave, PENDLE Trends
Whitepaper V2 Launch: BlockDAG Potential of 20,000X ROI Amid Aave’s Uplift & PENDLE’s Momentum Cryptocurrency investors are always searching for promising opportunities, and BlockDAG stands out amidst fluctuations in Aave prices and PENDLE reaching all-time highs. This unique project captures attention with its innovative Crypto Payment Card and a presale […]
106 days agonulltx
Pendle Hits New All-Time Highs, Surges To $5.783 As Solana Integration Talks Spark Investor Interest
Pendle has hit a significant milestone in its market performance, reaching new all-time highs at $5.783 within the last 24 hours.  This surge in value coincides with reports of Pendle’s team discussing implementation on the Solana blockchain, leading to increased interest and trading activity on the platform. Amidst Pendle’s price […]
160 days agocoindesk
DeFi Platform Pendle Nears $1B in Total Value Locked
Pendle crossed the $100 million TVL mark in mid-June 2023.
164 days agocryptopotato
Chainlink Defies Market Sentiment With 5% Jump as Bitcoin Remains Wobbly at $43K: Market Watch
RON, PENDLE, and FLR have soared the most from the mid- and lower-cap alts.
252 days agocointelegraph
Crypto VC firm Spartan Capital invests in Pendle to drive DeFi growth
After actively supporting Pendle since its launch in 2021, Spartan Capital has made a follow-on investment in Pendle Finance via an OTC purchase.
329 days agocoindesk
Pendle Finance Users Can Now Profit From Real World Assets
Pendle will use MakerDao’s boosted Savings (sDA) and Flux Finance’s fUSDC in its first real-world assets (RWA) based product.
365 days agocryptodaily
Crypto Market Analysis for H1 According to CoinMarketCap
CoinMarketCap has released a report on the global crypto market after H1. The report delves into a general market overview, recent key events, and what it expects H2’s key themes will be. Today, CoinMarketCap, the world’s leading price-tracking website for crypto assets, released its 2023 H1 Crypto Market Analysis Report. Crypto Market Kicks 2023 Off Strong The crypto market started this year with a bang witnessing the bitcoin price doubling, the rise of L2s such as Arbitrum and ZK, and the NFT market showing signs of improvement. By the end of Q2, the global crypto market capitalization reached an impressive $1.17 trillion, marking a 48% YTD increase. Q1 and Q2, however, concluded with similar total market caps, meaning Q2 showed much less growth. Q2 was instead characterized by trends such as the “memecoin” frenzy and the rise of BRC20 tokens, which, despite being noteworthy, did not garner the same excitement as the previous quarter’s developments. Market sentiment improved significantly by the end of Q1, with the CMC Crypto Fear and Greed Index registering at a neutral 52 – a vast improvement over the start of the year, which registered a fearful 30. According to CMC’s report, the Total Spot Trade Volume of the Top 20 Crypto Exchanges peaked in March but declined by around 36% quarter-on-quarter. Top Growing Sectors Despite what can only be called challenging market conditions, certain industry sectors witnessed remarkable growth in market cap year-to-date. VR/AR (704%0 and AI & Big Data (323%) exceeded expectations, while blue-chip decentralized finance (DeFi) projects appear to be making a strong comeback. The “memecoin” frenzy saw the sector add over 260 new coins YTD, with AI & Big Data taking second place, adding 61 coins. DeFi ranked third, adding 47 new listings YTD. Bitcoin and Ethereum Developments The market’s top tokens, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) experienced several events, resulting in noteworthy price fluctuations. CMC’s Top Views CoinMarketCap saw a surge in views from the memecoin sector as $PEPE took the industry by storm. PEPE’s explosive rally of over 3700x from April to May sparked particular interest in the sector, and it joined CMC’s “Most Added to Watchlist.” Memes also registered the most engagement in CMC Community. The DeFi sector registered sustained interest throughout the year’s first half to become the second most viewed. Sector interest largely focused on Terra Classic (LUNC) as Binance burned 2.65 billion LUNC tokens, worth approximately $236,000. AI and Big Data have undoubtedly marked 2023 following the launch of OpenAI’s revolutionary ChatGPT, and it is reflected in views. Best Performing Coins Arbitrum ecosystem tokens such as Pendle (PENDLE) and Radiant Capital (RDNT) appeared to be H1’s top gainers, along with Optimist ecosystem tokens such as Velodrome Finance (VELO). Other top gainers include layer-one blockchains, including Dione Protocol (DIONE), Conflux (CFX), and Injective (INJ). AI-related tokens such as SingularityNET (AGIX) and Render (RNDR) also performed well. Key Themes for H2 CoinMarketCap identified the key themes for the second half of 2023. Bitcoin ETFs The crypto news cycle has recently been dominated by talks of Bitcoin ETFs after BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, filed for a Bitcoin spot ETF with the SEC. News of BlackRock’s application spurred a host of other firms, such as Valkyrie, Fidelity and 21 Shares, to announce they are also seeking ETF approval. The SEC has yet to approve any of the applications. Should the regulator grant these ETFs, they could unlock substantial investor demand by offering regulated products for asset allocation. Decentralized Public Infrastructure Networks One of H2’s key themes will be Decentralized Physical Infrastructure (DePIN). DePIN is still in its early stages of expansion and aims to provide solutions for access sharing of physical assets or services like warehousing and data networks. Real World Assets (RWAs) The tokenization of assets has become an increasing focus for the crypto asset industry. Projects focused on making RWAs tradeable on-chain largely consist of credit market protocols such as Maple Finance and Goldfinch allow businesses to use DeFi to secure financing and loans. Liquid Staking Derivative (LSDs) Liquid Staking Derivative witnessed a dramatic surge in activity in H1 owing largely to Ethereum’s Shapella upgrade. Market leaders such as Lido and Rocket Pool saw their TVLs rise 138% and 220%, respectively. By the end of June, LSD platforms secured over a third of Ethereum’s Total Value Staked. Restaking The introduction of EigenLayer – a middleware platform which allows staked ETH or liquid staked ETH tokens to be reused on the consensus layer, prompted restaking as an emerging theme in H1. Restaking was in demand after EigenLayer’s Restaking Smart Contracts were deployed and reached their maximum limits within a day of the mainnet launch. zkSync zkSync, a zero-knowledge roll-up solution, emerged as a popular Ethereum-based layer-2 solution and strong competitor against Ethereum optimistic roll-ups, including Optimism and Arbitrum. zkSync utilizes zero-knowledge technology to offload traffic from Ethereum to an efficient second layer, helping to increase Ethereum’s throughput while enabling an array of new applications. Modular Blockchains (Celestia) Most layer-1 blockchains are monolithic chains that result in issues surrounding efficiency, stemming from the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, security and scalability. Modular blockchains like Celestia address these issues by separating blockchains into three layers: execution, settlement, consensus and data availability. In doing so, modular blockchains provide developers with modular data availability and consensus layers which dApps and sidechains can leverage to bootstrap development. FTX Bankruptcy Developments After FTX collapsed, its depositors could not determine how much of the almost $9 billion shortfall could be collected during the liquidation process. In January, it emerged that more than $5 billion in liquid assets were collected, and this number subsequently increased to $7 billion. The firm overseeing FTX’s restructuring recently contacted creditors, giving them a “Customer Bar Date” of September 29, 2023. Debtors are, however, unlikely to receive a payout until at least H2 2024. Bitcoin Remains Most-Viewed Crypto Across All Regions Regional differences in interest in various crypto sectors were insignificant. Bitcoin continues as the most-viewed crypto across all regions in H1 2023, similar to data from Q4 2022. Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins increased by 25% from 40.09% at the beginning of the year to 50.39% at the end of H1. As expected, the US continues to dominate the distribution of crypto users worldwide. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
372 days agocryptodaily
LBank Exchange Lists Three New Tokens
Road Town, BVI., July 12th, 2023, ChainwireAs a leading digital asset exchange, LBank is focused on providing its users with quality tokens to trade. This week it is listing three new assets: SFL, AGF, and USHA.On July 10, LBank listed SFL, the native token of Shuffle. Shuffle is an O2O hybrid blockchain-based mobile payment solution operated by THE HUMANPLUS Inc., a system integration and development company headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Shuffle is striving to create new economic opportunities by connecting FinTech and blockchain. SFL is its mainnet coin, with the network based on a fork of EVMOS.On the same day, LBank listed AGF, a Sharia-compliant utility token targeting the Halal economy and based on gold assets. This ERC20 token is geared at the market of 2 billion people in the halal economic zone. It will operate as an Asian economic token that will be developed in cooperation with the Indonesian government and the Indonesian royal family.On July 16, the next asset to be listed on LBank will be USHA. uShark (USHA) is striving to become the cryptocurrency equivalent of Nasdaq, serving as a universal exchange for numerous companies worldwide in the angel, pre-seed, and seed stages, while offering exceptional opportunities for its investors.For the week running from July 3-9, LBank listed multiple tokens including GPX, WOOO, and BOBO. The latter climbed 92% after opening for trading on LBank. DOGE20, another new asset, also did well, climbing 25% in a week, while VMPX soared an impressive 47%. Other newly listed assets that hit the ground running include SHIB2 (73%), PIG2 (52%), WPEPE, and PENDLE (86%). Finally, last week saw LBank list LBR (63%), LINA (103%), TYPE (an incredible 24,864%) and Naxion’s NXN.About LBankLBank is one of the top crypto exchanges, established in 2015. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and safe crypto trading to its users. The platform holds over 9 million users from more than 210 regions across the world. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users' funds and aims to contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.Start Trading Now: lbank.comCommunity & Social Media:Telegram l Twitter lFacebook lLinkedIn lInstagram lYouTubeContactLBK Blockchain Co. [email protected]
379 days agocoindesk
Ethereum-Based Yield Powerhouse Pendle Finance Expands to BNB Chain
Value locked on the liquid staking derivatives platform has grown nearly tenfold this year.
434 days agocryptodaily
TABOO Emerges as Key Player in Entertainment Industry with $10M Funding
TABOO announces its achievement of raising a fund of $10 million with a valuation of $250 million. It is an entertainment and media platform that has shown tremendous growth during the first quarter of 2023. Following its potential growth, the platform has secured a $10M fund round from the private office which is led by a former JP Morgan senior Executive. Significantly, TABOO is revolutionizing in producing unique content creation, curation, and distribution by leveraging blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). TABOO provides a more credible and transparent option for content providers and customers across the globe by using the security and efficiency of the blockchain. Its unique approach attracted major investors and users of the industry. Moreover, this fund will be used for major acquisitions, marketing, new feature integrations and security enhancements. TABOO's dedication to its investors and community is demonstrated by its growth, which assures them that the brand will hold to improve visibility and will continue to expand. The platform has exhibited constant growth with a market value of $600 million at its all-time high, indicating its endurance even in global bear markets. Additionally, data from CryptoRank states that TABOO token is one of the top performing tokens that outperformed BTC. On May 9, CryptoRank, a platform that provides crowdsourced and professionally curated research on crypto market, revealed TABOO to be the top three tokens that surpassed the BTC performance 11.8 times since March 2023. COINS THAT OUTPERFORMED #BITCOIN $BTC THIS SPRING$ROOK $STRD $TABOO $DEXT $SILO $PRT $TOMI $TOMO $WIT $MX $KAS $MCB $INJ $PENDLE $XRD —
469 days agocoindesk
High Ether Yields Drive $50M to DeFi Protocol Pendle Finance
The total locked value of assets on the platform has risen over 300% since the start of this year, DeFiLlama data shows.

About Pendle?

The live price of Pendle (PENDLE) today is 4.6354 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Pendle at 156,130,161.56 PENDLE, its market capitalization stands at 723,718,585 USD. In the last 24 hours PENDLE price has moved -0.0289 USD or -0.01% while 27,028,610 USD worth of PENDLE has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of PENDLE puts it at #100 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Pendle blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency PENDLE and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.


Pendle (PENDLE) is a novel and innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol that allows users to tokenize and trade future yield. It is a unique platform that separates the ownership of an asset from its future yield, enabling users to speculate on the future income of DeFi assets.

Technology & Mechanism

Pendle operates on the Ethereum blockchain, leveraging the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network.

Consensus Mechanism

Being an Ethereum-based token, Pendle follows the Ethereum network's consensus mechanism, which is currently Proof of Work (PoW) but is transitioning to Proof of Stake (PoS).

Blockchain Technology

Pendle utilizes Ethereum's smart contract technology to tokenize future yield and facilitate its trading. It also uses Automated Market Makers (AMMs) for liquidity provision and yield trading.

Key Features

Pendle's key features include scalability, security, privacy, and decentralization.


Pendle's protocol is designed to be scalable, allowing for the addition of more assets and yield sources.


Pendle prioritizes security, with its smart contracts audited by leading security firms.


As a decentralized protocol, Pendle respects user privacy, with no need for personal information to use the platform.


Pendle is fully decentralized, with its governance and operations controlled by PENDLE token holders.

Development Team & Governance

Pendle is developed and maintained by a team of experienced blockchain developers and DeFi enthusiasts. The governance of the protocol is handled by PENDLE token holders, who can propose and vote on changes to the protocol.

Use Cases & Potential Impact

Pendle's primary use case is to allow users to speculate on the future yield of DeFi assets. This opens up new possibilities for yield farming and could potentially disrupt the DeFi landscape.

Purchase & Storage

How to Buy

PENDLE tokens can be purchased on several exchanges, including Uniswap and SushiSwap.

Wallets & Storage

PENDLE tokens can be stored in any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, such as MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Pendle has partnered with several DeFi projects and platforms to expand its ecosystem and increase its reach.


Pendle's future plans include expanding its asset offerings, improving its user interface, and exploring integrations with other DeFi protocols.

Risks & Challenges

Like all DeFi projects, Pendle faces risks and challenges, including smart contract vulnerabilities, regulatory uncertainties, and market volatility.

Community & Regulatory Compliance


Pendle has a vibrant and active community of users, developers, and enthusiasts who contribute to the project's development and governance.

Regulatory Compliance

Pendle strives to comply with all relevant regulations and works closely with legal advisors to ensure its operations are within legal boundaries. In conclusion, Pendle is a unique and innovative DeFi project that allows users to speculate on the future yield of DeFi assets. Its unique approach to yield farming could potentially disrupt the DeFi landscape and open up new possibilities for users.
Pendle Price4.6354 USD
Market Rank#100
Market Cap723,718,585 USD
24h Volume19,950,530 USD
Circulating Supply156,130,161.56 PENDLE
Max Supply258,446,029 PENDLE
Yesterday's Market Cap706,653,824 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close4.5687 USD / 4.5398 USD
Yesterday's High / Low4.7832 USD / 4.5216 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.01% ( 0.0289 USD )
Yesterday's Volume27,028,610 USD
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