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1 day agocryptodaily
Russia’s Sber Bank Announces Ethereum And MetaMask Integration
Russian banking giant Sber, formerly Sberbank, has announced that it is integrating MetaMask and Ethereum on its proprietary blockchain. The move comes as the Russian administration continues to be under crippling sanctions and will see the lender move into DeFi and Web 3.0. Ethereum And MetaMask Integration Russia’s largest lender, Sber, has announced that it is integrating support for Ethereum and MetaMask on its proprietary blockchain. The announcement was made during the first international meeting of participants in the blockchain industry, which the Sber Blockchain Laboratory organized. Sber had officially announced new opportunities for its proprietary blockchain platform, which included compatibility with smart contracts and applications on the Ethereum Network. The move was designed to allow developers to move smart contracts and even entire projects between Sber’s blockchain and public blockchain networks such as Ethereum. The latest additions also bring integration with the Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask. Users and developers can use the wallet to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Sber’s integration with MetaMask will enable users to make operations with tokens and smart contracts on Sber’s proprietary blockchain platform. The press release stated, “The blockchain platform will also provide integration interaction with one of the most popular MetaMask wallets, with which users will be able to perform operations with tokens and smart contracts based on the Sber blockchain. Alexander Nam, head of Blockchain Lab, added, “Sber Blockchain Lab works closely with external developers and partner companies, and I am glad that our community will be able to run DeFi applications on Sber’s infrastructure.” He also added that the new features would help Sber to bring in developers, corporations, and financial institutions, helping them explore how blockchain, Web 3.0, and decentralized finance can be applied in businesses. Actively Developing Blockchain Products Sber has been quite active in developing blockchain-related products in the recent past. In 2021, It had applied with the Bank of Russia to launch a blockchain platform to support its stablecoin Sbercoin. The Bank of Russia approved this application, following which Sber announced its first digital currency deal in June 2022. Russia’s stance on crypto and digital assets has seen a considerable change over the past few years. The government had imposed a complete ban on cryptocurrency payments in 2020. However, just last month, Russia’s Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Russia threw their support behind a draft amendment tabled by lawmakers. The amendment proposed the creation of a national crypto exchange in the country. Russian Administration Optimistic About Web 3.0 According to Nam, the rapid development of Web 3.0 will see platforms supporting blockchain protocols becoming increasingly in demand. The Russian lender’s announcement also comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin came out in support of blockchain technology and crypto. The Russian President criticized the monopoly prevailing in global financial systems and expressed confidence that digital currencies and technologies based on them would drive independence from global banks. The President also hinted at developing a new global payment system based on blockchain technology, adding that the new system would be free from “interference by other countries.” This was seen as a reference to the crippling sanctions against Russia by the West after the invasion of Ukraine. Sber was also severely impacted by the sanctions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agocryptopotato
Crypto Price Analysis Dec-2: ETH, XRP, ADA, MATIC, and DOGE
This week, we take a closer look at Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Polygon, and Dogecoin. Ethereum (ETH) Ethereum had a good week, with the price managing to break above the $1,220 resistance level and booking a 6.5% increase in the process. This bullish momentum is expected to continue if buyers can manage to turn the previous […]
2 days agocryptodaily
DeFi Protocol Ankr Hit By Multi-Million Dollar Exploit
With the crypto industry’s focus on the FTX fiasco, DeFi hackers have been making merry, hitting Ankr, and as per information available, stealing $5 million. Hackers were able to exploit an unlimited minting bug. The DeFi protocol stated it is working with exchanges to mitigate the hack’s impact. Ankr Falls Victim To Exploit Ankr, a BNB Chain-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has confirmed that it has fallen victim to a multi-million dollar exploit. The attack occurred on the 1st of December and was discovered by on-chain security analyst PeckShield on the 2nd of December. Ankr confirmed the developments shortly after, stating on Twitter that hackers had managed to exploit the aBNB token. They also announced that they were working with exchanges to halt trading of the token in question. “Our aBNB token has been exploited, and we are currently working with exchanges to immediately halt trading.” Details Of The Hack According to the available details, the hacker was able to mint 20 trillion Ankr Reward Bearing Staked BNB (aBNBc) thanks to a vulnerability in the smart contract for the token. “Our analysis shows the $aBNBc token contract has an unlimited mint bug. Specifically, while mint() is protected with onlyMinter modifier, there is another function (w/ 0x3b3a5522 func. signature) that completely bypasses the caller verification to have arbitrary mint !!!” PeckShield reported that the hacker had transferred around 900 BNB, worth around $253,000 into Tornado Cash. Additionally, the exploiter also bridged USDC and ETH to the Ethereum blockchain. According to PeckShield, the hacker holds 3000 ETH and around 500,000 USDC. The 20 trillion aBNBc tokens held by the attacker make them the 13th largest holder of the token. The aBNBc token is the reward-bearing token for BNB tokens staked on the Ankr platform. Vulnerabilities In The Smart Contract Code Blockchain security firm Beosin confirmed the source of the exploit, stating that it was likely due to vulnerabilities in the smart contract code, along with compromised private keys. According to Beosin, these vulnerabilities could have emerged from a technical upgrade carried out by Ankr. “@ankr has been exploited. $aBNBc has dropped -99.5%. The hacker minted tons of $aBNBc and made a profit of 5,500 BNB (~$1.6 million). The deployer changed the implementation contract to the vulnerable contract address before the attack (possibly due to private key compromise).” A spokesperson for the security firm stated, “It is possible that the deployer’s private key was exposed in this upgrade, leading to an attacker using deployer privileges to modify the contract.” Binance Investigating The Exploit Binance, in a post on the 2nd of December, confirmed that its team was engaged with Ankr and other related parties and was investigating the matter further. It also added that no Binance user funds were at risk. “We are aware of the attack targeting @ankr’s aBNBc token. Our team is engaged with the relevant parties and @BNBCHAIN to investigate further. This is not an attack against #Binance, and your funds are SAFU on our exchange. This thread will be updated should there be any updates.” ANKR And BNB Price Drops As a result of the developments, both ANKR and BNB saw a considerable drop in price. At the time the news of the exploit broke, the ANKR token dropped around 6.6%, falling to $0.0211. However, it has since recovered and is currently trading at $0.0216. The token is already over 90% down from its all-time high of $0.213. The BNB token also dropped, falling by 3.1%. However, this decline was attributed to a wider decline in the crypto markets. DeFi hacks had shot up drastically over the past couple of months, with October becoming the worst month in DeFi history. Several DeFi protocols, such as the Ethereum Alarm Clock Service, Polygon’s QuickSwap, Mango Markets, and others, fell victim to exploits. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
3 days agocryptopotato
NFT Sports Prediction App Maincard Launches on Mainnet Ahead of FIFA World Cup 2022
[PRESS RELEASE – Los Angeles, California, 1st December 2022] Maincard is thrilled to announce its main net launch. The Polygon-based, NFT-powered, Web3 sports prediction game went live on Nov. 19, the day before the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicked off in Qatar. Maincard features various novel gameplay dynamics, reimagining the Web3 gaming space. To ensure […]
3 days agocryptodaily
Web3 Sports Prediction App Launches on Polygon Ahead of World Cup
Maincard has just announced its main net launch just in time for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. The sports prediction app enables users to guess the outcome of games to win prizes in crypto and NFTs. Maincard is an innovative take on sports betting, which typically involves equal parts risk and potential reward. With Maincard's NFT voting approach, players do not need to worry about losing money but still enjoy the thrill of having something riding on a game. Maincard takes to the main net ahead of Qatar 2022 Polygon-based Web3 sports prediction game has just announced its main net launch via a recent press release. The application went live on Nov. 19, one day before Qatar took on Ecuador to open the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Maincard's main net launch follows months of playtesting. The project operated various test nets, which attracted more than 14,000 sports fans to try out the app. Maincard's gameplay focuses on its NFTs, known as Maincards. Players use Maincards to vote on match outcomes for popular sports like soccer and basketball. Although limited for this initial launch, additional sports will be added in the future. Early project backers have already received rewards in Maincards for their support and can start playing the game immediately. Meanwhile, cards are available on Maincard's in-built NFT marketplace. Despite only being live for a couple of days, activity on Maincard is already booming. The current number one spot on the leaderboard has a 90% prediction success rate from 52 votes. In addition to revenue generated through MainCoins — Maincard's in-game currency — there will be weekly prizes of between 3,000 and 1,000 MATIC for gold, silver and bronze leaderboard finishes. Little risk, big rewards Maincard combines the thrill and engagement of traditional sports betting while minimizing the risk. When betting on sports with a bookmaker, the bettor must put up some money for a chance to win their stake and additional money. Therefore, they can always lose money and that's where financial issues and even addiction potential arise. With Maincard, players can moderate their risk via their choice of game mode. In the "Battle" game mode, guessing an outcome correctly earns MainCoins. Meanwhile, guessing incorrectly costs lives. Losing too many lives results in fewer MainCoins distributed as rewards for voting on correct outcomes but does not result in any immediate financial loss. For now, MainCoins only have utility within the app itself. However, exchange listings planned for Q1 2023 will further monetize the action. The second game mode, "Calls," provides a slightly riskier alternative. Rather than compete for MainCoins, players bet the cards themselves against each other. Guessing an outcome incorrectly surrenders the card used to your opponent. While this naturally carries some financial risk — Maincard NFTs are not free — the staggered process of betting individual cards per game should help prevent users from getting carried away and wagering too much, which is how most problem gambling begins. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
3 days agocoindesk
Polygon APIs to Soon Deploy on Web 3 Indexing Service The Graph
The Graph is a decentralized protocol for indexing and querying data from blockchains, starting with Ethereum. It makes it possible to query data that is difficult to query directly.
3 days agocointelegraph
MATIC attack: How smart crypto traders “got out” before a 35% price drop
Polygon (MATIC) and Green Satoshi Token (GST) provide the perfect examples of how quant analysis can help cryptocurrency investors shield themselves from volatile markets.
3 days agocoindesk
Web 3 Content Delivery Network Fleek Raises $25M
Crypto-focused venture capital firm Polychain Capital led the round.
3 days agonulltx
Crypto-Millionaire’s Top Three Tokens for 2023: Oryen Network, Axis Infinity, and Polygon
Although the cryptocurrency market has been severely bearish for the majority of 2022, adoption will continue to rise. New coins are emerging, and existing ones are upgrading their fundamentals to satisfy the market’s ever-changing needs. This suggests that investors could see significant gains in 2023. On this basis, we examine the top cryptocurrency expected to […] The post Crypto-Millionaire’s Top Three Tokens for 2023: Oryen Network, Axis Infinity, and Polygon appeared first on NullTX.
5 days agonulltx
Polygon Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 29th) – MATIC Remains Bullish, Likely to Drop to a Six-Month Low if This Demand Zone Flips
After MATIC skyrocketed to $1.3 this month, it rolled back near a demand zone and bounced back to $0.1.16. The price fell to a low of $0.765 this week and recovered again to $0.89. It’s down by 1.1% over the past 24 hours. The recent positive sentiment around MATIC is still much valid. However, it […] The post Polygon Price Analysis & Prediction (Nov 29th) – MATIC Remains Bullish, Likely to Drop to a Six-Month Low if This Demand Zone Flips appeared first on NullTX.
5 days agocoindesk
Solana’s Top Crypto Wallet Looks to Ethereum, Polygon Next
Phantom is moving forward with its long-delayed multichain expansion plan.
6 days agocryptodaily
VRJAM Announces The Initial Exchange Offering Of Its Revolutionary Metaverse Currency, Vrjam Coin
London, United kingdom, 28th November, 2022, ChainwireVRJAM, the leading platform for Web3 live events, today announced the launch of its revolutionary new digital currency VRJAM Coin will IEO on the 30th of November via exchanges and MexC. VRJAM’s and metaverse crypto-coin is currently valued at $US40M and has attracted investment from 15 of the world's leading web3 focussed VC’s and investors. VRJAM first came to market with an ‘alpha state’ product in 2019 and then bootstrapped the business for 4 years, producing double-digit growth year after year. The founder’s tenacious approach ultimately grew the business to become a UK market leader for immersive live events, servicing hundreds of premium content creators and brands along the way. At the start of the month, VRJAM’s public content platform was released after 4 years of development and market validation, download the VRJAM platform app now and dive into the virtual world of 5th Dimension, or create an account on the VRJAM browser application to render a custom avatar and buy VRJAM NFT’s. VRJAM offers a premium content platform for high quality, immersive live events that’s been built based on years of experience servicing clients like Red Bull, Glastonbury Festival’s Shangri La, Twitch (an Amazon-owned company) and even the UK Government’s Creative Industries Council. VRJAM’s technology has also caught the attention of blue-chip tech brands including Google (VRJAM is a member of the elite Google Campus startup accelerator) and the world’s biggest game publisher Epic Games (Epic provided funding and financial support to VRJAM through the prestigious Epic Mega Grants program). The quality of VRJAM’s native currency has been firmly validated by the investments made in the currency to date which total $US2.2M in invested capital, a list of the VCs and investors who've backed VRJAM Coin to date include, NGC Ventures, Sky Vision Capital, DWF Labs, EnjFi, Ventures, Animal Concerts, AU21, Stablenode, Axia 8, Enjin, Eight Rings Ventures, Panony, TPS Capital and Oracle Investment Group. VRJAM Coin is somewhat unique in the web3 vertical due to its focus on the consumer use case. VRJAM Coin is also intended to be used by consumers, brands, and content creators to buy and sell products, content and services inside the rich, virtual world built on the VRJAM platform. This fact means that demand for the coin is magnified by its use by consumers and brands. By way of this extra demand, the token price is somewhat insulated from the storms of the crypto markets, offering investors a safer, more stable opportunity. The VRJAM platform offers a wide array of use cases for its cryptocurrency including buying and selling tickets, avatars, backstage passes, premium content and virtual real estate. VRJAM’s virtual real estate model is also unique and offers a smart alternative to the traditional ‘metaverse land’ investment modelo, find out more about this on the VRJAM website. However the most important part, of the consumer use case that VRJAM Coin addresses, is how consumer conversion from Web2 to Web3 happens. VRJAM’s user acquisition strategy relies on collaboration with global brands and content creators, whereby consumer audiences are offered free access to magical experiences on the VRJAM platform. By cooperating with top creators and brands to offer premium content fans can't get anywhere else, VRJAM gains access to a powerful user acquisition strategy that turns the consumer audiences into account owners and coin holders on the VRJAM platform. A few brands and creators VRJAM already works with to activate live events and content on the platform are Animal Concerts, Polygon Studios, Snoop Dogg, Billy Ray Cyrus & Avilla Brothers ‘Hardworking Man’ metaverse project, Roger Sanchez, Umek, DJ Craze, Jay Worra and Stanton Warriors. This strategy is enhanced and accelerated by VRJAM’s play-to-earn rewards program, whereby over $US20M in cryptocurrency will be distributed as consumer rewards and incentives to drive adoption of VRAM's technology. On the 30th of November, a number of key events will combine to create a successful market entry for VRJAM Coin including; the activation of VRJAM’s NFT marketplace via the offering of a range of super rare NFTs from top-tier music artists. The launch of VRJAM’s native.staking pools including farming pools and traditional, time-locked pools to give the VRJAM community opportunities to grow their investment and the launch of VRJAM Coin on 2 of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, MexC and The VRJAM Coin initial DEX offering is live now on 3 of the world’s leading IDO launchpads, Trustpad, Kommunitas and Erax. Head to one of VRJAM’s IDO launchpads to invest and join the VRJAM Community About VRJAM VRJAM is an award-winning real-time platform for premium virtual events and immersive social gaming. The VRJAM platform empowers creators and brands to offer fans inspiring immersive experiences that redefine fan engagement within the Web3 environment. Over the last 3 years, the platform has empowered some of the world’s leading brands and artists to redefine fan experience in digital space including Carl Cox, Ultra Records, Twitch, Red Bull and Fatboy Slim to name a few. These experiences are monetized using VRJAM’s native cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin and also by way of the creation of revolutionary new types of NFT’s that are native to the virtual world of VRJAM. The live experience features of the platform combine with elegant smart contract infrastructure and crypto native feature sets to create new ways for brands and content creators to render digital content and engage with fans. VRJAM’s community of partners, advisors and investors includes some of the leading brands in the blockchain space including Polygon, and as well as an array of top tier consumer brands including the world’s leading game publisher, Epic Games. Web Links Website | Twitter| Telegram | LinkedIn | Reddit | Discord | Instagram | Facebook | CoinmarketCap Content Links VRJAM LOGO Cinematic Trailer In-App Gameplay Video Metaverse Live Event Video In-App Images Header Image LeadAshley [email protected]
6 days agocryptodaily
Robert Kiyosaki Bullish on Bitcoin - says ditch paper assets
According to the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the economy is in a bubble and he suggests that investors “get out of paper assets.” DO NOT listen to what I have to say World famous author and billionaire entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki tweeted some advice on Friday. He did however include the plea “Please DO NOT listen to what I’m going to say next.” In the present culture of suing over just about anything, he probably thought it was better to be safe rather than sorry, as he no doubt knows that only “qualified” persons can give such advice. Be that as it may, the entrepreneur suggested that investors “get out of paper assets”, and said that in his view “the world economy is not a “Market”. Perhaps he was implying here that the world economy is not currently acting like a free market and that there could be some manipulation going on. He ended the tweet by saying “I believe economy is the biggest bubble in world history”, and followed this with: “God have mercy on us all.” Many of you know I do not invest in equities, bonds, ETS or MFs. Please DO NOT listen to what I’m going to say next: “I would get out of paper assets.” The world economy is not a “Market.” I believe economy is the biggest bubble in world history. God have mercy on us all. — therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 25, 2022 Still bullish on Bitcoin The world famous personality maintains that he is still bullish on Bitcoin, saying in a recent interview on the Mark Moss Bitcoin Podcast that the FTX collapse was not Bitcoin. He said that many people in his age group were dismissive of Bitcoin, but said that in his view Bitcoin was “solid”. He thinks that Bitcoin may get to $1 million in the next five years but adds that he favours gold in the current economic climate. SBF-FTT-FTX: Crypto Code for “I see stupid people.” Stupid people who believe Brand Name Universities, can turn polyamorous wierdos into “financial geniuses.” BIG UNIVERSITIES are as corrupt as BIG PHARMA. SBF and FAUCI are both power hungry nerds. WAKE UP! We are being WOKED. — therealkiyosaki (@theRealKiyosaki) November 28, 2022 Kiyosaki tweeted again this morning, referring to “stupid people”, “financial geniuses”,”SBF”, BIG PHARMA, and FAUCI, and ending with the exclamation “WAKE UP! We are being WOKED. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
8 days agocryptodaily
Why Flasko (FLSK) Is A Better 2023 Investment Than Polygon (MATIC) And Uniswap (UNI)
Investors in cryptocurrencies are beginning to relax as 2022 draws to a close. Almost all cryptocurrencies had a value decline of 90% this year, and the recent FTX bankruptcy did not help the situation. This domino effect impacted established currencies such as Polygon (MATIC) and Uniswap (UNI). Due to the neverending crisis, investors seek alternatives to these currencies, and some new presales are currently gaining traction. Today we will discuss one such presale, Flasko! Uniswap (Uni) Sinks 18% In 30 Days The decentralized Uniswap mechanism enables individuals to exchange Ethereum tokens. Since its launch in November 2018, Uniswap (UNI) has been one of the most popular operating systems on the Ethereum network. The price of Uniswap (UNI) has been declining recently. The confidence of traders in the market has been damaged by the Uniswap (UNI) bulls' inability to push the price above its support levels. Uniswap (UNI) is currently worth $5.51, a fall of 18% in just one month. This has led holders of Uniswap (UNI) to lose faith in the project. Polygon (MATIC) Holders Appear Demoralized Polygon (MATIC) has grown in prominence due to the high platform capacity and low gas prices that users and developers enjoy. Polygon (MATIC) had to increase network use to withstand the current pricing fall. The price of the Polygon (MATIC) token is $0.8588 after falling by 4.28% in a single day. Even if Polygon (MATIC) may soon see some good price swings, analysts advise that investing early in new projects will bring you a more significant profit. Flasko (FLSK) Will Surpass Polymatic (MATIC) And Uniswap (UNI) Let's see why crypto experts predict the newcomer Flasko will be a better investment than Polygon (MATIC) and Unsiwap (UNI) in 2023. Flasko is now in Stage Two of its presale, and we can say that it is a hit. It aims to bring together crypto enthusiasts and the $13.4 trillion alternative investments industry. On the Flasko platform, you may purchase and trade fractionalized NFTs, genuine luxury investments in the most premium, continually appreciating bottle spirits. With a 100% NFT purchase, you may even get the asset backing the NFT sent to your neighborhood, free shipping included! There are three VIP categories for early investors: the whiskey, wine, and champagne clubs. Each of these tiers offers a variety of benefits, including exposure to 75 unique NFTs and entry to several champagne-tasting events globally. Another plus in Flasko’s book, it passed a thorough audit by the famous German-based auditing company Solid Proof. Flasko will also lock liquidity for three decades which proves that the team is in it for the long run. According to cryptocurrency specialists, investing in the Flasko token now will increase your profits by 30x in 2023. With a price of just $0.085, now is the ideal time to invest in this potential top-10 cryptocurrency. If you wish to take part in this project, follow the links below: Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
8 days agozycrypto
Sticking to Core Fundamentals Saved Polygon from FTX Calamity – Co-Founder Sandeep Nailwal
The impact of FTX’s downfall is being felt all across the crypto spectrum. Since the FTX crisis began to unfold, the crypto market has shed over $200 billion. Those who have commented on the FTX Fiasco include former Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, Cardano’S Charles Hoskinson, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, among […]
10 days agocryptodaily
VRJAM Reveals New Project Supported By Epic Games Ahead Of VRJAM's Coin Launch
London, United Kingdom, 24th November, 2022, ChainwireLeading immersive live events platform VRJAM today unveiled an exciting new project to empower artists to perform live in the metaverse, powered by the world's no. 1 game developer, Epic Games. Epic Games have supported VRJAM's work on this revolutionary project by way of an 'Epic Megagrant', made available to the company to help power the development of a software solution to activate live performances inside 3D graphical apps and games, thus enabling VRJAM's live event tech to be accessed by developers and app publishers using Epic's own 'Unreal Engine' software development platform. Other recipients of financial support from the Epic Megarants fund include industry leaders Pixar Studios, Cambridge University, and The Jim Henson Company. VRJAM's cooperation with Epic Games follows VRJAM's recent announcements of partnerships with major companies and brands, such as interactive metaverse concert streamer Animal Concerts, Ethereum scaling blockchain protocol Polygon, and Martian 3D mapping company Mars4. This announcement heralds the launch of VRJAM's native cryptocurrency VRJAM Coin which is scheduled to launch on the market and cryptocurrency exchanges on the 30th of November. These achievements alongside the receipt of an Epic MegaGrant all highlight the potential and capability of VRJAM's solutions. The software solution that VRJAM is building with Epic's support is a live performance toolset that empowers content creators to publish real-time computer graphical content on a wide array of platforms using advanced motion capture and CG avatar technology. By combining the power of Unreal Engine's suite of photoreal asset tools with VRJAM's creators and partners, the project will engineer experiences that rival reality in every way. In the future, VRJAM plans to engage a wide array of high-profile Epic developers to integrate with their live events platform thus creating an interoperability solution for games and apps in the Web3 vertical. This remarkable combination of technologies will create metaverse events that offer an unparalleled degree of authenticity and realism, allowing fans and performers to co-exist within a single, hyperreal space, thus bringing fans and artists closer together than ever before. At the heart of this experience, VRJAM's native currency VRJAM Coin will exist to create new ways to value and monetize these live experiences using the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. VRJAM's native currency launches and becomes available for trade on cryptocurrency exchanges on the 30th of November, to get early access to purchase VRJAM Coin head to the Enjistarter Launchpad and secure your place in the VRJAM community - To find out more follow VRJAM on Twitter ( or check out the VRJAM website, – About Epic Megagrants Founded in 1991, Epic Games is an American company founded by CEO Tim Sweeney. The company is headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, and has more than 40 offices worldwide. Today Epic is a leading interactive entertainment company and provider of 3D engine technology. Epic operates Fortnite, one of the world's largest games with over 350 million accounts and 2.5 billion friend connections. Epic also develops the Unreal Engine, which powers the world's leading games and is also adopted across industries such as film and television, architecture, automotive, manufacturing, and simulation. Epic Games has committed to providing financial grants to creative, noteworthy, and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine, and to projects that enhance the open-source 3D graphics ecosystem. Grants range from $5,000 to $500,000 and cover a variety of endeavors from game development, architecture projects, and film production, to academic uses and software tool development. About VRJAM VRJAM is a real-time platform for virtual events and immersive content creation. Our platform empowers creators and brands to offer fans inspiring immersive experiences that redefine fan engagement. VRJAM works with the world's leading content creators, celebrities, artists, and culture brands to redefine fan experience in the digital space. These experiences are monetized using VRJAM's native cryptocurrency, VRJAM Coin, and also by way of the creation of revolutionary new types of NFTs that are native to the virtual world of VRJAM. Twitter Telegram Discord Instagram facebookContactMarketing LeadAshley [email protected]+310627165641
11 days agocointelegraph
Crypto is breaking the Google-Amazon-Apple monopoly on user data
Blockchain is undermining Big Tech companies and cloud providers, particularly when it comes to the Internet of Things.
11 days agocryptodaily
Flasko (FLSK) Is Expected To Surpass Binance Coin (BNB) And Polygon (MATIC) By 2023
The years 2021 and 2022 haven’t been kind to crypto investors. Some cryptos fell more than 90% in 2022, with no hope of rising. Since there have been a lot of ups and downs (mostly downs) in the crypto market, even big names in the crypto industry, like Binance Coin (BNB) and Polygon (MATIC), have begun losing investors to none other than the unique Flasko initiative. Investors Who Bought Binance Coin (BNB) Are Shifting Binance Coin (BNB) has been around for a while in the cryptocurrency market, and as its name implies, its primary ties are to Binance, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. While the initial goal of Binance Coin (BNB) was to be a discount token for usage on the Binance Smart Chain, its value has soared over the years. Binance Coin (BNB) pleased investors by hitting a high of $690 before plummeting by more than 60%. It is the hope of many that one day a pump like that will be installed there again. Binance Coin (BNB) investors are now selling Binance Coin (BNB) tokens and buying into the Flasko presale as it shows more promise for growth. Polygon (MATIC) Faces Difficulty In Reaching $1 Again Polygon (MATIC) is an Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution. Polygon (MATIC) enables users to conduct Ethereum (ETH) transactions off-chain, drastically reducing the cost of both transactions and gas prices. In addition, despite the growing excitement around the Ethereum (ETH) integration, Polygon (MATIC) has maintained its excellent form over the summer. After leading the current comeback in crypto prices over the last month, the price of a token for the blockchain platform Polygon (MATIC) is again challenging the $1 threshold. Despite the much smaller profit potential from Polygon (MATIC) compared to altcoins like Flasko, investors who purchased the drop in Polygon (MATIC) remain confident about the token's prospects. Flasko (FLSK) Is The Future Flasko is an upcoming NFT platform that provides crypto enthusiasts a unique opportunity to invest in expensive bottles of wines, champagnes, and whiskeys as fractionalized NFTs. Moreover, if an investor purchases the whole NFT of a bottle, Flasko will get that bottle delivered to them without additional charges. The Flasko presale has been extremely successful. The token presale price is now at $0.085, as the second stage of the Flasko presale begins. Industry analysts believe it will climb to the $2.50 mark by January 2023. Flasko has been successfully audited by Solid Proof, and the platform’s liquidity will be locked for 33 years. If you are interested in the Flasko presale then check out the links below. We believe this could an opportunity to invest early into a very promising project, this is always where the largest gains are made. Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
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Mattel Launches NFT Marketplace
The toy brand will be launching its own digital collectibles marketplace on its direct-to-consumer platform, Mattel Creations. Mattel Chooses Flow For New Marketplace After a few NFT collection drops on the WAX blockchain, Mattel has pivoted to the Flow blockchain to launch the Mattel Creations Digital Collectibles Marketplace. The move to the new blockchain comes from a desire to associate the brand with a more eco-friendly network. In addition, the Flow blockchain can also support consumer-scale decentralized applications that serve Mattel’s mainstream audience. Buyers will not need to hold cryptocurrency or even transact in crypto in order to make purchases on the Mattel Creations Digital Collectibles Marketplace. In fact, it will support a peer-to-peer trading platform so that collectors can trade collectibles with each other. Mattel Future Lab VP, Ron Friedman said, “Mattel is pioneering the future of play and constantly deepening connections with fans of all ages in both the physical and digital worlds. In launching our own marketplace, we’re able to translate iconic Mattel IP into digital art, engaging directly with our customers and providing a best-in-class user experience. This is the latest evolution of our digital endeavors, and we look forward to sharing more drops soon inspired by some of the world’s favorite Mattel brands.” Hot Wheels NFTs Move To Dedicated Platform The brand’s Hot Wheel NFTs have been quite popular among collectors and were launched on the WAX blockchain. Both WAXMarketCap and CryptoSlam have data showing that all previous Hot Wheels drops have brought in over $5 million in sales across 20,000 users on the WAX platform. In fact, the Hot Wheels collection is still maintaining its relevance on the blockchain. It is still one of the top 3 NFT sales by volume in the last month on WAX. However, the Mattel Creations NFT platform, which is formally launching in early 2023, will provide the marketplace needs for the toy brand. The iconic toy collection will be dropping its fourth series of digital collectibles, this time on the Mattel Creations NFT Marketplace on the Flow blockchain. The new marketplace indicates that the toy brand is determined to stick to its web3 efforts and reflects a reaffirmed interest in NFTs. Other Notable Marketplaces Quite a lot of major brands and companies have been launching their NFT marketplaces in 2022. Video game company GameStop launched its NFT marketplace back in July and quickly overtook the sales volume of the Coinbase marketplace. OpenSea, which has always been the number one NFT marketplace by trading volumes, was also overtaken by the Reddit NFT marketplace in October. Soon after, Meta announced that Instagram would be supporting the minting and sales of Polygon-based NFTs. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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AAG Partners With Simplex To Bring Fiat On-ramping To MetaOne® Wallet
SG, Singapore, 22nd November, 2022, ChainwireAAG, developers of the new user focused digital wallet MetaOne®, has tapped Simplex to integrate convenient fiat on-ramps into its product. Through this collaboration, MetaOne® users, many who never previously owned cryptocurrency, can seamlessly and safely acquire digital assets all within the wallet. Every user of the MetaOne wallet will have the ability to purchase supported cryptocurrencies. MetaOne® is a digital and unique crypto wallet built by AAG that suits the needs of novices and experienced users. There is a substantial emphasis on security, safety, and efficiency, without compromising convenience. Integrating Simplex's payment solutions into MetaOne® makes acquiring cryptocurrencies and NFTs more accessible. Simplex has a stellar reputation in the digital payment space and provides support for credit and debit cards, which are the most commonly used payment vehicles globally. Thanks to the Simplex integration, users can conveniently buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Harmony, and Polygon (MATIC). MetaOne® supports any cryptocurrencies on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Harmony, and Polygon networks (with ongoing support for additional blockchains starting in December) and is also compatible with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart contracts, and more. It can be seen as a digital passport to traverse the metaverse and Web3. The integration will also enable the purchase of the AAG token ($AAG) directly via Simplex payment gateway. “By partnering with Simplex, users will no longer have to go outside of our MetaOne® wallet to buy crypto,” said Jack Vinijtrongjit, co-founder and CEO of AAG. “It’s part of our mission to make it easy to onboard novices to the Metaverse and Web3 by giving them all the tools they need to do so in one place. Thanks to this partnership, users will be able to start buying cryptocurrency – as well as our own AAG Token – using their credit and debit cards within minutes. It’s an important milestone in our mission of onboarding 1 billion users to the Metaverse by 2030.” "We are excited to be the trusted payment partner of AAG Ventures, making it easy for their audience to buy AAG tokens and other cryptocurrencies, all within their MetaOne® Wallet app" - said Dror Ben Eliyahu, Simplex's Head of Business Operations. "AAG provides the complete Web3 infrastructure for new and experienced users alike. For us at Simplex it was a natural fit to support AAG's users with a seamless payment experience, fueling a painless onboarding process and mainstream DeFi adoption globally" - he added. The name MetaOne® has ties to the metaverse. The wallet will provide a seamless experience-driven user experience and bring economic opportunities throughout the metaverse. In addition, it serves as a one stop shop wallet, providing a multitude of services geared toward new digital asset holders all conveniently placed within the wallet. As part of its mission to welcome the next one billion users to crypto, the MetaOne® Wallet includes the MetaOne® Dapp Store, a curated list of projects across the ecosystem that aims to guarantee safety from scams and offer an easy way for newcomers to the industry to discover the best of what Web3 has to offer. In order to educate the next billion web3 users, AAG has built the AAG Academy. Offering user-friendly, jargon-free reading materials about core Web3 concepts, AAG Academy seeks to be the ultimate learning resource for the Web3 era. AAG Academy will offer dozens of detailed articles in multiple languages, and a support network to encourage group learning via AAG Community social media, allowing learners to ask questions and join in discussions with others also on the learning journey. About AAG AAG is a web3 infrastructure company focusing on providing software that helps simplify interactions with blockchain applications and the Metaverse for mainstream users and traditional companies. AAG provides a secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet, as well as infrastructure software, such as a cross-chain search engine and GameFi SDK for enterprise companies. With the belief that education is the key to unlock the potential of web3, AAG is also exploring the concept of Learn-and-Earn with the mission of enabling economic opportunities worldwide via the Metaverse economy. AAG aims to bring 1 billion people into the Metaverse economy by 2030. About Simplex Simplex is the fiat/crypto infrastructure for the entire world. An EU-licensed financial institution, Simplexaims to change the status quo of the current crypto markets by providing simple, seamless, and secure channels to convert over 100+ fiat currencies to 170+ cryptocurrencies. Simplex has been actively supporting existing and new protocols in the industry, nurturing and expanding its portfolio of supported cryptocurrencies.ContactTal [email protected]
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NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Expands Support for Polygon-Based NFTs
The leading Solana NFT platform will welcome a new community of Web3 gaming developers and publishers on the Polygon network.
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Sam Bankman-Fried on the run after a $600M FTX ‘hack’? Polygon, Shiba Inu and Oryen are the cryptos to buy right now
Crypto enthusiasts anticipate Polygon and Shiba Inu prices to rise to $1 or higher despite the market’s general bearish outlook. Analysts also observe Oryen’s rapid growth as a potential reserve currency that is in its presale phase. The Crypto market has worsened after the collapse of FTX and the subsequent filing for bankruptcy. Additionally, more […] The post Sam Bankman-Fried on the run after a $600M FTX ‘hack’? Polygon, Shiba Inu and Oryen are the cryptos to buy right now appeared first on NullTX.
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Sensorium Teams Up With Polygon Studios to Accelerate Development and Adoption of Web3 Projects
[PRESS RELEASE – Zug, Switzerland, 17th November 2022] Sensorium, the company behind the industry-leading Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, is pleased to announce that it is entering into a collaboration agreement with Polygon Studios. As part of this wide-ranging alliance, Polygon’s blockchain infrastructure will be crucial in underpinning and furthering Sensorium’s Web3 developments, supporting token and NFT-related […]
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Heroic Story secures $6 million to build Web3 tabletop RPG world
The seed round was led by Upfront Ventures with participation from Multicoin Capital and Polygon Technology.

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