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6 days agocryptodaily
Blockchain Network Platform Capabilities for Businesses, Applications and Enterprises
Enterprise-grade blockchain networks were born out of a necessity to provide solutions to the numerous challenges facing both consumers and enterprises amid a rapidly changing technological landscape. The rate of growth in the FinTech space has the dangerous potential to leave projects behind if they don’t keep pace with innovation, and that’s why developers are busy anticipating future developments, and implementing solutions to their problems in the here and now. Building the Future of Web3 Smart-contract usage revolutionized the blockchain space, and introduced us to the concept of DeFi and GameFi, but the utility of smart-contract transactions may soon be past its peak. Some projects are building a comprehensive, service-oriented architecture that allows network users to interact and transact directly. By building second-level protocols atop dedicated enterprise services like these can allow projects to side-step the common reliance on smart-contracts thanks to built-in payment systems and private shard chains. These services deliver all the features and functionality that users expect from a public blockchain network while cutting down on smart contract usage by around 90%, and retaining the security and privacy of enterprise-specific infrastructure. This results in cheaper transactions for users, and a greatly simplified development path for developers. What’s more, by removing the reliance on smart contracts, such services effectively cut out a major attack-vector which has plagued numerous popular blockchains to date. Blockchain-in-a-box solutions give enterprises a plug-and-play entry to the blockchain space - one prepared to handle applications spanning the finance, gaming, and information technology industries, and more. Thanks to the use of quantum-secure cryptography tools, enterprises get the assurance they need to launch long-lasting projects which stand the test of time.Simplicity and Composability Simplicity is key to onboarding new users and enterprises to a technology that has the potential to revolutionize a plethora of industries. In search of simplicity, many projects are foregoing complex network infrastructures and programming languages in favor of building from the ground up using common code like C, without any reliance on third-party protocols or services. Low-level architecture makes blockchain easy for other operating systems to interact with. One can easily envisage such networks being used in tandem with the simplest of consumer hardware - smart fridges, for example - because the technology is built on simple foundational principles and code. Software Development Kits (SDK) like the Cellframe SDK allows developers to build applications dedicated to a range of emerging industries - not least the gaming industry. Developers can use SDKs to easily create fair game worlds that encompass PvP (Player vs Player) and PvE (Player vs Environment) game modes, while ensuring that cheaters are exposed and removed from the network thanks to in-built security measures. Ultimately, Cellframe enables the construction of safe, secure, lightning speed blockchain networks that support the creation of distributed networks like VPN, CDN, cloud computing and video streaming platforms. Whereas most blockchain protocols which rely on a network of nodes to upload external data to the blockchain, Cellframe requires no such external or third-party service. Interoperability and Gaming Future-proofing technology involves helping projects build as close to the hardware layer as possible, removing all that is unnecessary, and simplifying the process for the end user. Since Cellframe acts as a zero-layer protocol made with compatibility and interoperability as prime objectives, Cellframe will eventually have full compatibility with WASM (Web Assembly) and EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machines), creating true interoperability between Cellframe and a range of internet and blockchain apps, services and networks. This will prove particularly relevant to the GameFi (gaming finance) space, as the end user will be able to traverse various disparate gaming worlds without having to create new sign-ups for each one. Bespoke governance solutions also make Cellframe ready for enterprise adoption, as it sidesteps many of the problems commonly encountered by blockchain projects. The Cellframe token (CELL) is emitted based on the votes of its community of DAO participants, meaning the community gets to decide on the most appropriate issuance rate for CELL. This means the protocol can’t be changed on a whim by developers. Furthermore, truly decentralized dApps (known as t-dApps) don’t allow for a single address to be in control of large CELL holdings at any one time. Rather, wealth is distributed among network participants to ensure network security, while removing any potential single points of failure. Enterprise tools are not lacking in the blockchain space; they are just waiting to be applied creatively. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
7 days agocryptodaily
3 Cryptos To Buy During The Dip Season: Dogeliens, Cardano, And Synthetix
Blockchain-based assets like cryptocurrencies have paved the way for seismic shifts in the investment and financial services sector globally. As per Deloitte's 2021 Global Blockchain Survey, around 76% of the respondents claimed that digital assets like cryptocurrencies are likely to either replace or evolve as an alternative for fiat currencies globally over the next 5-10 years. The sentiment is mirrored by the rally in cryptocurrency prices and the launch of new products. Promising benefits like high returns that are immune to external factors, data privacy, and low transaction fees, these assets are disrupting the financial markets with global applications. For rookie investors who are looking for cryptocurrencies that could yield good returns even when crypto prices are going down, Dogeliens (DOGET), Cardano (ADA), and Synthetix (SNX) are good options. Here's a brief description of their key features. Dogeliens combines meme community power with utility In an effort to replicate the success stories of digital goods derived from dog memes, Dogeliens aims to catalyse the cryptocurrency universe with its niche features. Users can look forward to accessing cool DeFi features on the peer-to-peer platform without any interference from third parties. The open-source platform is built on Binance Smart Chain. The decentralized platform also has its own native token, DOGET, that can be used for a host of transactional purposes like staking and yield farming and also to earn rewards and voting rights. Users will be able to purchase it on presale. The platform's unique feature is that it takes a playful and engaging approach to users' experiences, right from amusing names of features to witty references to dogs, the platform is fun galore. For instance, the platform will offer free educational resources and courses to its users on blockchain technology, decentralized finance, and cryptocurrencies via its two initiatives, University of Barkington and Dogeliens Academy. At the University of Barkington, users could enroll themselves in a diverse program to learn everything under the sun about NFTs, DeFi, and blockchain technology. Meanwhile, at the Dogeliens Academy, users will be able to access a well-managed virtual classroom to educate them about cryptocurrencies, their scope and the course content would include informational videos and articles. A few areas of the facility would only be accessible by paying a fee or by token holders, but the majority of the facility would be free to use. The platform aims to donate 3% of the earnings made on each transaction to its charity wallet. At the end of each month, the Dogeliens community members would vote on the charities to which the assets would be sent. Cardano: Empowering developers with high-performance dApps The Cardano platform uses a proof-of-stake consensus protocol to enable its users to deploy scalable dApps. The network has its own native token, ADA, that can be used for staking, yield farming, and a host of other transactional purposes on the platform. Token holders also get to decide on key proposals concerning the platform's future development and how the treasury funds are utilised. ADA Token holders can earn rewards by participation either through their own stake pool or by delegating the task of staking to a third party. The quantum of rewards earned by a user depends on the number of tokens that are staked. Synthetix: Permissionless futures trading The platform enables its users to create synthetic assets with decentralized features and grants them exposure to real-world assets on a blockchain system. This way, investors can look forward to permissionless and hassle-free derivatives trading on blockchains. Users can also leverage Synthetix's liquidity and debt pools to get optimal prices with little scope for slippage. Synthetix members can use its native token, SNX, for any transactional purpose that they might encounter on the platform. Investors can earn weekly rewards and collateral with their staking activities. Dogeliens (DOGET) Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
9 days agocointelegraph
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, FLOW, THETA, QNT, MKR
Select altcoins such as FLOW, THETA, QNT, and MKR could rally if Bitcoin breaks above the stiff overhead resistance at $24,668.
11 days agocryptodaily
Crypto continues to rally into the teeth of central bank interest rate hikes
Central banks across the world are hiking up their interest rates, some by record margins, as they attempt to bring inflation lower. At the same time, the crypto market is continuing to rally higher. Is crypto a bellwether for the global equity markets? Crypto puts on a spurt With ethereum leading the way, the crypto market is starting to turn what many thought was a dead cat bounce, into a sustained rally that could even end up being a trend reversal. The combined crypto market cap has put on $146 billion since it dipped below $1 trillion in mid-June. It’s still a long way short of the highs of around $3 trillion that were achieved in November 2021, but the start of the recovery has arguably been made. Ethereum has far outpaced bitcoin this time around. At time of writing, the number 2 ranked cryptocurrency by market cap is flirting with the $1700 level. This is a major level, and consolidation above this, together with piercing through a trendline in force since early April, would potentially mean a surge up through $2000. Bitcoin is also climbing nicely, although the fact that the price is moving within a bear flag should send a warning to speculators to be extremely cautious. The top of the bear flag could be around $25,000 to $25,500. Central banks use their tools We are always told gravely by leaders of central banks, such as U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, that the bank will deploy its ‘tools’ in order to manage the economy. We all now know that that particular toolbox only has one or two tools in it, and they consist of interest rate hikes or lowers, and quantitative easing or tightening. Extremely blunt tools to say the very least. Nevertheless, central banks around the world are using them in an increasingly desperate effort to somehow get a cap on inflation. Today, the Reserve Bank of India raised its repo rate 50 basis points to 5.4% in an attempt to stem inflation that has been above an upper tolerance level of 6% for the last 6 months. Yesterday, the Bank of England raised interest rates 0.5% to 1.75%, the biggest increase in interest rates that has been seen in the country over the last 27 years. As well as admitting that the rise would have the largest effect on the least well off, Governor Bailey was unrepentant, saying: “If we don’t act now to prevent inflation becoming persistent, the consequences later will be worse, and will require larger increases in interest rates,” he said. “Returning inflation to its 2% target remains our absolute priority, no ifs, no buts.” Crypto first to dive but first to surge In the face of decreasing economic activity, higher interest rates, and a very uncertain geopolitical scene, perhaps inflation will now begin to turn. Given that crypto was the first asset class to take a nosedive, wouldn’t it be likely that it will be the first to take the path to recovery? Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
12 days agocryptopotato
It’s Time to Buy Bitcoin But Also Prepare For One More Dip Below $20K: Analyst
According to a CryptoQuant analyst, it's time to start scaling in a BTC position but also be prepared for another dip below $20K.
13 days agocryptodaily
Is the ethereum bitcoin flippening on the way?
As the ethereum inspired rally continues, the image of the long-dreamt of flippening is beginning to be talked about again. The eth merger is also just on the horizon, and should it go well, and the sell-the-news event done with, why shouldn’t a newly high-powered ethereum overtake bitcoin in market cap? Perhaps bitcoin has found the bottom at $17,500. Since that time it has rallied up and now sits at between $23,000 to $24,000, with many hoping that it will reach the huge resistance at $28,000 to $30,000. However, the real star of the show has been ethereum. Where bitcoin put on nearly 40% from the bottom, ethereum went up around 100% to $1780 from its local bottom at $880. With such a heavy gain on bitcoin, and with the ETH merge to proof-of-stake just around the corner, the signs are there that should ethereum complete its milestones successfully, and without too many postponements (it has a history of these) then the flippening could well be on the cards. Quoted in a Forbes article earlier today, Mati Greenspan, founder of analytics platform Quantum Economics, said of the flippening: "I keep hearing people repeating the question, 'wen [sic] flippening? Even though there’s no guarantee this will ever happen, just looking at the numbers, it does seem like this event is getting closer by the day." Bitcoin owes its value to the perception that it is the digital version of gold. It does indeed have many important advantages over gold, and many say that it will equal gold’s market cap over the next few years. Some might well argue though that the market does not fully understand bitcoin’s place in the current economic downturn, which is increasingly looking like it might be quite severe. Bitcoin has the store of value proposition, but ethereum could have an even greater value due to its smart contract capability, and a far broader swathe of utility than bitcoin. Joe DiPasquale, the CEO of BitBull Capital, was also quoted on the Forbes article as saying that ethereum was a “differentiator”: "We do like ether, and we think it’s a major differentiator. Bitcoin has been the hundred-pound gorilla, but ether is really the other hundred-pound gorilla. Everything else trails behind." A lot will need to go ethereum’s way if it is to overtake bitcoin in value. However, all being well, bitcoin’s halving effect would be trumped by ethereum’s upgrade, which would vastly reduce the inflation rate of ether, leading to an even sharper supply reduction than the bitcoin halving. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
16 days agocryptosrus
Who is Sam Bankman-Fried?
Ever wanted to learn about Sam Bankman-Fried? Here’s your chance in our “Who Is Sam Bankman-Fried?” guide.  COVERED: Who is Sam Bankman-Fried? Early Life Bankman-Fried’s Relationship with Crypto Legacy WHO IS SAM BANKMAN-FRIED? Sam Bankman-Fried is the CEO and co-founder of FTX, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, and Alameda research, a quantitative trading firm. China’s Hurun […] The post Who is Sam Bankman-Fried? appeared first on CryptosRus.
18 days agozycrypto
The Bottom Is Near As Data Shows Market Makers And Institutions Have Resumed Accumulation: CryptoQuant
In a blog post on Wednesday, CryptoQuant analyst Dan Lim writes that market makers and institutions have once again started accumulating Bitcoin at levels similar to May 2021, indicating that the end of the current bear market is near. “After the peak in May 2021, accumulation for a new cycle has begun, and now, the […]
20 days agocryptodaily
Uniglo (GLO) Burn Mechanism Could Create Astounding Token Deflation And Bring Price Action Ethereum (ETH) And Polygon (MATIC) Investors Would Envy
In a world where new currencies can be printed on demand---inflation is a massive issue. This is an issue that crypto has tried to solve, but it's unfortunately still present in the space. And in the fiat world, it's an even bigger problem. That's because currency can be released into the market at any time, whenever it's needed, thanks to quantitative easing. This makes the current money in circulation worth less over time, and inflation is a huge issue right now. Fiat currencies were once backed by a gold standard. Which meant for every dollar in circulation, an equivalent amount had to be stored in reserve to back up the price. Most major economies de-pegged from the gold standard a long time ago, and price became one that was only based on sentiment. While this sentiment will not disappear completely, it can become eroded over time because of an increase in supply. That's why your dollars are becoming worth less and less, and that's why prices have increased in the supermarket to help combat it. But there's one new crypto project that looks to solve all these issues and more, and that's GLO. It has an incredibly strong set of features that make it arguably the most deflationary currency in existence. It's also one that could become the next big thing in the crypto world, and rival bigger market players like Ethereum and Polygon. Unligo's extremely deflationary model Not only does Uniglo has a strong store of value thanks to 1:1 asset backing with a range of different investments, it also has next-level burn mechanics to help make it even more scarce as time goes by. These features make it truly deflationary. Its store of value is made up of investments into a range of other products that include both crypto and real-world gold. It's completely diversified, and not over-reliant on the performance of any one asset. Scarcity is also built in to the system, and GLO will continue to reduce supply over time. This set of features make it completely deflationary and give it a strong store of value and a price that isn't prone to massive dumps. It's also community-driven and DAO votes will take place on every major decision. Experts believe GLO could be the perfect answer to the world's inflation problems. Ethereum and Polygon investors are taking note GLO has the potential to rival the positive gains Ethereum and Polygon have made recently. These projects have been around a lot longer, so you've got more potential to ride the gains from the ground-up with GLO. But both ETH and MATIC have had a strong bear market season. Etheruem managed to hold strong and has recently actually started gaining in price gain. Polygon is also up thanks to adoption by Disney. There's still tons of potential with ETH and MATIC, but perhaps not as much as with GLO. Experts love GLO's burn mechanism, and its potential to become the best option to help fight inflation in the crypto world. It could be one that people are talking about alongside ETH and MATIC in the future. Find Out More Here: Join Presale: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
21 day agocryptodaily
Analysts Predict The Top Bullish Cryptos For Market Reversal; Gnox (GNOX), Ethereum (ETH) and Quant (GNT)
Crypto analysts claim we are currently in a market reversal, and there will be digital assets that will present excellent trading opportunities in the coming days. With many cryptos demonstrating bullish signals, analysts believe Gnox, Ethereum, and Quant will go into an uptrend position. Gnox (GNOX) Gnox is a new cryptocurrency that has increased by more than 63 percent in recent weeks. It is one of the top picks of the experts to perform even better when the market turns bullish because of this. Gnox's recent success is even more astounding when you consider how much the majority of other cryptocurrencies have lost. Furthermore, Gnox is essential to promoting the advantages of DeFi investment. It is a unique platform created to offer ordinary investors real passive income in cryptocurrencies, even if they are unfamiliar with the space and do not understand how things like staking work. Gnox is crucial for the future of the entire ecosystem, which is why prices have risen despite the fact that it is still the pre-sale period. Some of these DeFi techniques have turned off newcomers. Ethereum (ETH) Since the previous week, Ethereum has increased by more than 50%. The news that The Merge has a tentative launch date gave a boost to the second-most valuable cryptocurrency in the world. This will result in Ethereum switching from a proof-of-work system to a proof-of-stake system, thereby consuming about 99.95% less energy. The cryptocurrency's creators call it "the most significant upgrade in Ethereum history." The overall crypto market returned to be above $1 trillion for the first time since June thanks to the combined surge. Quant (GNT) As the cryptocurrency market as a whole is bullish, the price of QUANT has become extremely bullish. The token is currently trading close to the $120.00 long-term supply-turned-demand zone. In the coming days, there is a chance of a swift movement as the token consolidates close to the supply zone. The significant 50 and 100 Moving Averages have been surpassed by the price of the QUANT token. Learn more about Gnox: Join Presale: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
22 days agocointelegraph
Over a quarter of Asian Pacific ‘emerging giant’ startups tied to blockchain: Report
A KPMG/HSBC survey finds NFTs and DeFi are more popular with Asian Pacific big startups than EV charging, quantum computing and a host of other new technologies.
22 days agocryptodaily
CBDCs will be the all-controlling tool that leads to central bank tyranny - bitcoin is the way out
With 105 countries now investigating the potential implementation of a CBDC as their preferred form of currency, it is looking increasingly likely that the attempt will be made to make these digital units of currency the new way of transacting. Does the population have any idea what this can lead to? Global wealth transfer As all fiat currencies continue in their race to the bottom, with ever-increasing amounts of them being injected into the economy at the whim of academics based at the central banks, the wealth of the middle class is being sucked out and transferred to the hands of the elite few. As for those at the lowest end of the scale, during the Covid pandemic, 100 million of them sank into extreme poverty, at the same time as the steepest increase in billionaires on record was taking place. All according to the World Inequality Report published this year. CBDCs to replace existing currencies So how are we going to accept CBDCs if fiat currencies are continuing to fail? They are just another form of the same thing right? In a way, yes. Central Bank Digital Currencies will be foisted onto the public as a digital form of the dollar, pound, yen, yuan etc. They will just take over from physical cash, and also from the current digital forms of currency on mobile phones and credit cards etc. However, there is one incredibly important difference in the CBDC form of digital payments as compared with existing digital currencies. CBDCs will be programmable. For central government this is perhaps wonderful news. For many decades central banks have used the incredibly blunt tool of interest rates, and more recently quantitative tightening and easing, in order to try and tame inflation. Nevertheless, as history tells us, the central banks are either too early or too late to raise or lower rates and they are almost certainly the cause of the boom and busts that world economies have experienced over the years. The shocking truth A CBDC provides the central bank with a direct line between its wallet, and the individual wallets of every citizen. Therefore it can manipulate the economy even down to the micro level. So why is this a bad thing? The technology can allow the central bank to decide what citizens spend their money on. It can put a time-limit on how long the individual has to make a purchase, before the money disappears. And in the worst case scenario, the bank can even turn off the wallets of certain individuals or groups if it is deemed that they are not acting in the interests of the State. Freedom with bitcoin Bitcoin is the complete opposite to the centralised control of the banks, and it allows all who purchase it to own their money, spend it how they wish, and transact with whom they choose. It comes down to a titanic struggle between completely centralised power in the hands of a few individuals, and the decentralised choices that owning bitcoin can provide to everyone. The mainstream media is in the hands of the central planners, and so the public is likely to be blissfully unaware of what is coming. It is therefore hoped that bitcoin can do its thing and prove that a completely decentralised asset is a far better bet than one manipulated by human hands. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
23 days agocryptopotato
MicroStrategy Selling Rumors Are FUD: CryptoQuant CEO
There's a rumor swirling that MicroStrategy is poised to sell off. Here's why blockchain analysts say the rumor is wrong.
29 days agocryptodaily
QTUM, MKR stuck in bearish zone, bullish run speeds up by 600%
The market has been unfortunate towards cryptocurrency enthusiasts in the last few months. Several projects have nosedived, sinking millions of dollars in investments. But this notion cannot be generalized to all the cryptocurrencies trading in the market. Some crypto projects have braved the current bearish market, and some have even posted positive growth. Quantum's QTUM, Maker's MKR, and Chronoly's CRNO are the three tokens that have garnered much attention in recent times. While QTUM and MKR have been showing signs of recovery, Chronoly has taken the crypto market by storm with its success. Chronoly's CRNO, in its pre-sale phase, has registered a value increase of a whopping 660%. Let's dwell deeper to analyze these three crypto projects. QTUM Seeks Stability In a Tumultuous Market The Quantum blockchain network has launched QTUM as a cryptocurrency that is a hybrid version of Bitcoin and Ethereum. The Quantum blockchain network combines different parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum to assist and entice application developers, particularly DeFi (Decentralized Finance) app developers. However, QTUM has been undergoing a disappointing phase as its prices have dropped significantly owing to the recent market slump. QTUM is the native token of the Quantum and can be used by the holders to avail services that the platform offers. But the token does not hold any real-world use, making its usability and value highly susceptible to market sentiments and speculation. Hence, the recent crypto market crash has reduced the overall use of Quantum's QTUM, causing a steep fall in its prices. The current price of QTUM, the native token of Quantum, is hovering around $2.89, a massive drop of 97.41% from its all-time high of $100.22. Maker (MKR) Trying To Find Balance MKR is an Ethereum token that facilitates the ecosystem of the Maker blockchain network. It is described as a utility and governance token. MKR is a smart contract created to maintain the stability of MakerDAO's DAI token, whose value has been pegged equivalent to a dollar. The unique selling point of MKR is that its holders are allowed to participate in the regulation and governance of DAI directly. However, Maker (MKR) has been trading in a bearish zone recently. It is because MKR is not linked to any real-world physical asset, and its price relies heavily on the trade volume, which, at present, is hurt badly by negative market sentiments. The current price of MKR is standing at $952.92, which is about 85% below its all-time high value of $6339.02. Besides, the token of Maker, MKR, enjoys the market dominance of a mere 0.19%; hence, its trade volume is also small. Chronoly Speeds Up Its Bullish Run's CRNO has undoubtedly emerged as the most attractive token at this time when most crypto projects have fallen to the ground. Chronoly's CRNO token has registered massive gains and has been able to win the trust of investors. Its price has jumped from $0.01 to $0.06 since its launch. Moreover, analysts have predicted CRNO's price to reach the mark of $0.75 soon. Investors are quite optimistic that CRNO’s value can rise by 2500% before the end of the pre-sale. is the world's first blockchain-based fractional watch marketplace. It allows people to make a fractional investment in the NFTs of rare collectable watches, starting from as little as $10. Chronoly also utilizes a lending protocol for users to loan out their NFTs. CRNO holders can instantly take out loans against the watch NFTs they own. The working principle of is also first-of-its-kind. It first buys the physical version of luxury watches, such as Rolex, Patek Phillippe, and Richard Mille, and then mints their NFTs. Since the value of rare collectable watches is likely to appreciate over time, the NFTs minted against them are considered stable and secured for investment despite the prevailing market conditions. For more information about Presale: Website: Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
31 day agocryptosrus
Massive Short Squeeze for Bitcoin in Sight? Top Quant Analyst Looks at the State of BTC
The CEO of analytics platform CryptoQuant is revealing how a major event could impact the trend of Bitcoin (BTC). Ki Young Ju tells his 303,000 Twitter followers that he is waiting for a “big short squeeze,” similar to the one that occurred in the latter part of 2020 before Bitcoin ignited its bull cycle. A […] The post Massive Short Squeeze for Bitcoin in Sight? Top Quant Analyst Looks at the State of BTC appeared first on CryptosRus.
31 day agocryptodaily
Create a Million Dollar Legacy by Investing in Uniglo (GLO), Mina Protocol (MINA), and Qtum (QTUM)
Sometimes, selecting your investment isn’t just about you. For many people, investments are for leaving something behind for their family and loved ones. As an area with strong earning potential, the cryptocurrency sphere would be an exciting place to start shaping the legacy you could leave behind. We’ve identified three cryptos with high growth potential that could augment your wealth faster than other digital assets. Uniglo (GLO) A newcomer to the cryptocurrency space, Uniglo holds strong earning potential. It adopts a hyper-deflationary token model, applying strict control over the supply of its token, GLO. This protocol will only supply 218.75 million tokens at the start. To preserve the price of GLO, it will also notably burn 2% of the tokens sold in the market. Uniglo is a protocol for asset acquisition and management as well. Token holders will indirectly benefit from the value appreciation of a range of assets acquired by Uniglo and placed in its vault. Multiple assets will, therefore, back the GLO token. The first presale phase of Uniglo will begin on July 15 and end after one month. Mina Protocol (MINA) Mina Protocol is another strong contender for building the legacy you wish to leave behind. Zero-knowledge technology powers the Mina Protocol, which means the network applies cryptography to verify data truthfulness without actually exposing any of that data. This approach offers scalability and privacy and could play a significant role in the future of Web3. Mina Protocol is also all about democracy and empowering its participants. It keeps things light by maintaining a 22 kB size regardless of transaction volume, removing the need for excessive computing force. The platform, therefore, is not limited to those users with massive computing capabilities and equipment. Over the last two weeks, the price of Mina Protocol’s token MINA surged 20%. This surge occurred after leading exchange Huobi Global announced it would be listing the token on its platform. Qtum (QTUM) Lastly, we have Qtum–a community project that connects the blockchain ecosystem with Bitcoin and Ethereum communities and the real world. Users can use its token, QTUM, to pay transaction fees and earn rewards. This network also combines Ethereum's flexibility with Bitcoin’s security. Qtum can theoretically process 70 transactions per second, faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum, respectively, by 16 and 7 times. As such, many users and developers are excited about the opportunities that Qtum presents in supercomputing and quantum processing. Final thought Cryptocurrencies are a solid bet for anyone wishing to build a million-dollar legacy for their loved ones. With the above three cryptos, however, it is worth noting that the legacy you leave behind could grow beyond millions. For More information: Join Presale: Website: Telegram: Discord: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored pressrelease andis for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
33 days agonulltx
Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Watch in 2022
Contrary to popular belief, artificial intelligence stocks are less common. While more common than Quantum Computing stocks, companies are currently attempting to increase these capabilities by creating AI-specific chips and computers that allow them to automate increasingly complex operations fully. Artificial intelligence is used by businesses primarily in two ways:  Numerous IT firms employ AI […] The post Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Stocks to Watch in 2022 appeared first on NullTX.
33 days agocryptodaily
What is the Future of Security in the Post Quantum Era? NIST Reveals First Four Quantum-Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms 
The U.S government through the Department of Commerce’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently announced that it has selected four encryption algorithms for consideration in its post-quantum cryptographic standard. According to the announcement, the initiative which has been in the works since 2016 is expected to be completed within the next two years in preparation for the quantum computing era. As it stands, the existing conventional computers use public-key encryption systems that will likely be vulnerable to decryption by quantum computers. This means that the information stored in these systems will no longer be secure once quantum computers come into the picture. No wonder both governments and private organizations are currently investing heavily in quantum computing research. “We don’t want to end up in a situation where we wake up one morning and there’s been a technological breakthrough, and then we have to do the work of three or four years within a few months—with all the additional risks associated with that,” previously said Tim Maurer, an adviser to the secretary of homeland security on cybersecurity and emerging technology. The four additional algorithms that are under consideration by NIST include CRYSTALS-Kyber, CRYSTALS-Dilithium, FALCON and SPHINCS+. Notably, the CRYSTALS-Dilithium algorithm has already been adopted by innovators in the tech space, including QANplatform (a Layer-1 blockchain ecosystem that is building a quantum-resistant environment for the development of decentralized applications (DApps).
35 days agonulltx
Top 5 Quantum Computing Stocks to Watch in 2022
As investors are still very much skeptical due to the most recent Federal Reserve update and the dreary, long-overdue decline in the cryptocurrency market, tech companies may now provide an intriguing chance. In light of this, keeping an eye on quantum computing stocks, supercomputer tokens, and distributed computing cryptocurrencies could be worthwhile. Today we look […] The post Top 5 Quantum Computing Stocks to Watch in 2022 appeared first on NullTX.
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Quantum Ledger Technology Curbs the Threat of Quantum Computers on Blockchain
Blockchain technology has been one of the most significant technological developments over the past half-century. This open-source ledger allows people to perform peer-to-peer transactions, corporate recordkeeping, and smart contracts anonymously. Despite its widespread popularity, blockchain technology is still not as secure because of the emergence of quantum computing. Quantum Ledger Technology for the Win! Various […] The post Quantum Ledger Technology Curbs the Threat of Quantum Computers on Blockchain appeared first on NullTX.
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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, UNI, ICP, AAVE, QNT
Bitcoin is trending toward a retest of its lower support and if this happens, UNI, ICP, AAVE and QNT could breakout to the upside.
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Buterin Shoots Down PlanB’s ‘Harmful’ Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow Model That Predicts 6 Figures For BTC Price
Ethereum wunderkind Vitalik Buterin has once again harshly criticized the contentious bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) model created by pseudonymous Dutch quant analyst PlanB.
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TRON DAO Reserve to Withdraw Another 3 Billion TRX to Protect USDD Peg
For the second consecutive day, the TRON DAO Reserve announces plans to withdraw substantial quantities of TRX from trading platforms.
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Here’s the Bad News for Bitcoin: Capitulation Is Not Here Yet (Analysis)
According to CryptoQuant, Bitcoin is yet to reach its traditional low point – as indicated by Spent Output Profit Ratio (SOPR).

About Quant

The live price of Quant (QNT) today is 119.888 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Quant at 12,072,738 QNT, its market capitalization stands at 1,447,370,008 USD. In the last 24 hours QNT price has moved 2.4243 USD or 0.02% while 14,055,976 USD worth of QNT has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of QNT puts it at #47 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Quant blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency QNT and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Quant (QNT) is an ERC20 cryptocurrency token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is developing the Overledger platform which will facilitate the creation and implementation of decentralized applications (dApps). The Quant Network will provide SDK for developers to connect applications through blockchain technology. The QNT coin is used to access the Quant Network. Find the real-time price of Quant (QNT) on COIN360.
Quant Price119.888 USD
Market Rank#47
Market Cap1,447,370,008 USD
24h Volume18,621,655 USD
Circulating Supply12,072,738 QNT
Max Supply14,612,493 QNT
Yesterday's Market Cap1,400,990,700 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close113.622 USD / 116.046 USD
Yesterday's High / Low117.849 USD / 111.901 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.02% ( 2.4243 USD )
Yesterday's Volume14,055,976 USD
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