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Radio Caca(RACA)

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5,922 BTC
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15 days agonulltx Ecosystem Registers Almost 830,000 Visitors and Sets New Record
The (Native Token: $RACA) ecosystem hit a new record of visitors on its metaverse and Web3-facing platforms. According to its month-end report, has had 829,599 visitors since its inception between Metamon Island, the United States of Mars (USM) metaverse, and the ecosystem’s native NFT marketplace. ($RACA) ecosystem has sustained substantial growth since […] The post Ecosystem Registers Almost 830,000 Visitors and Sets New Record appeared first on NullTX.
16 days agonulltx
NOAA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) announced their researched trend conclusion that the crypto market continues to innovate, develop, and build more capabilities gradually, despite the current state of the crypto market. Therefore, Citizens of have many reasons to celebrate in 2022. Dr. Tracy Fanara, the SpaceX Moon Travel Mission finalist, has joined RACA […] The post NOAA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
16 days agonulltx
NASA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) announced their researched trend conclusion that the crypto market continues to innovate, develop, and build more capabilities gradually, despite the current state of the crypto market. Therefore, Citizens of have many reasons to celebrate in 2022. Dr. Tracy Fanara, the SpaceX Moon Travel Mission finalist, has joined RACA […] The post NASA Scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Chooses to Develop Its Actions in the Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
20 days agonulltx ($RACA) Announces a Live Concert With 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses (Native Token: $RACA) recently announced on Twitter (@USMVerse) their first of many live concerts that will be held in partnership with Apollo Theater on August 5th at 12:00 UTC at the USM Bowl (coordinates: “4650,4350”). The live Seiyuu concert will feature 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses: Aya Uchida, Anna Suzuki, and Emi Nitta. USM […] The post ($RACA) Announces a Live Concert With 3 A-List Japanese Voice Actresses appeared first on NullTX.
20 days agocryptodaily
Geopoly Launches Alpha Version Of Blockchain-Based Game
Geopoly has announced the launch of a blockchain-based alpha version of the game, which will be playable via desktops. This is a game in which players can interact with the blockchain along with their respective Geopoly non-fungible tokens while simultaneously enjoying the gameplay and earning an income at the same time. Moreover, NFT holders who are actively playing the desktop game are also entitled to receive $GEO tokens on a weekly basis as compensation for their time and efforts. In addition, Geopoly also has a mobile and freemium version which enable users to play the game for free. Afterwards, if the players wish to do so, they can even ‘win and earn’ by shifting to the blockchain version with the same credentials which will allow them to pick up right where they left off in the desktop version. In terms of what it is, Geopoly may hence best be understoodas an economic simulator which enables people to rent, purchase, improve, and actually sell estate as well as business assets based on their geolocation. Geopoly has been constructed through a system which relies on both off-chain and on-chain layers which are then utilized to provide users with a real-world-oriented dynamic, immersive and memorable gaming experience. What else is there to know about Geopoly? Beginning in July, the ‘Geopoly Auctions’ market shall open, allowing players to sell their NFTs at a price they choose while others can bid on them for a minimum of 24 hours. The NFT will then be awarded to the highest bidder. This is a brand new and exciting way for NFT holders to sell their non-fungible tokens and profit, in addition to also being able to buy an NFT from another player or through Geopoly itself. This month's auctions include landmarks such as the Hollywood Sign, Ponte Vecchio, Flame Towers, London Eye,, Seul Tower and Maracana Stadium. Moreover, a number of popular NFTs have already been sold including the likes of Louvre Museum and even world-renowned stadiums such as Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Old Trafford, and Wembley. Furthermore, Geopoly has recently partnered up with NextNav, which will provide the technologythat Geopoly shall implement into its framework in the future. This shall include NextNav's 3D geolocation functionalities, allowing for more dynamic virtual experiences linked to users' real-world environments and leveraging location verification in order to confirm transactions as well as interactions within the metaverse. Essentially, building the metaverse requires 3D geolocation technology. With that in mind, NextNav's technology would not only power in-game experiences, but it shall additionally be a critical authenticator of location-oriented activities such as exclusive exhibitions, NFT scavenger hunts, and transactions pertaining to digital land and real estate. Last but not least, Sebastian Borget, one of the main advisors, will also be working with Geopoly which is additionally a proud member of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA). Sebastian is also the COO of The Sandbox (SAND), one of the most popular P2E metaverse-based games today. Past accomplishments and future goals Geopolywas released on mobile in 2018 and was included in the list of the four most innovative mobile games on iOS by the Apple Latam team during the soft launch period. Additionally, it was chosen from 1,700 applicants from 37 nations to take part in the 2019 Global GOOGLE Indie Games Accelerator. Geopoly has also collaborated with Seedify, Enjinstarter, Poolz, and NFTPad by Trustpad to launch the public sale of $GEOtokens, which can also be earned through Geopoly NFTs. It is additionally supported by leading blockchain platforms such as GD10, AU21, X21, Polygon, and various other notable entities. Lastly, within 48 hours of its launch, the private sale had reached its hard cap of $3 million. This achievement demonstrates that investors regard Geopoly as a platform with great promise to become one of the biggest gaming hubs within the blockchain space going forward. In terms of future goals, Geopoly will continue to develop and improve their product while also expanding their player base. In order to make the game more fun and exciting, the team is also working on introducing a PvP mode, where players would be able to attack each other's 'Branches', steal non-tokenized resources, and defend their own territories in this upcoming new game mode. About Geopoly Conventional finance-based simulation games have various flaws because only publishers tend to reap the rewards. In such situations, gamers usually only act as end-users who buy in-game items with no opportunity to earn rewards outside of the game. The industry has since been transformed by the innovative usage of blockchain technology, which allows all kinds of assets within the game to be successfully traded for different tokens which may be subsequently turned into fiat currencies. Geopoly, with its groundbreaking gaming ecosystem, is among the platforms at the forefront of this new digital revolution. Geopoly has selected Polygon as the foundation for its on-chain game. Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain protocol which provides scalability as well as low transaction costs via the Ethereum blockchain. Now, thanks to the launch of the aforementioned alpha version, Geopoly is ready to take the next step as per its official roadmap. For more information and regular updates, visit Geopoly’s official websiteand the Twitter, Telegram, Mediumand Discordchannels. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
21 day agocryptodaily
Wonderland Founder’s Controversial Return To DeFi
Wonderland (TIME) founder Daniele Sestagalli has announced his return to DeFi with a disconcerting tweet. The Return Of Wonderland Sestagalli has been away from the DeFi market for a few months. In January 2022, the industry witnessed the downfall of the Wonderland DeFi platform due to the scandal associated with the protocol’s treasury head, Michael Patryn. Sestagalli had openly quit working in the DeFi market following this incident. He had even declared that the “Wonderland experiment is coming to an end.” However, on July 26, Sestagalli announced his return along with that of the defunct DeFi protocol. He tweeted, “Wonderland is back with more tech and less talking. I am back too. And I don't care if you like it or not, TIME is now for MAGIC to happen.” Video Teases TIME, MAGIC Comeback Sestagalli’s tweet also included a short video that teased his followers about the comeback of the Wonderland protocol. The video contained a cryptic voiceover that narrates, “Wonder, the land of wonder. You’ve forgotten yourself, bro, and so you’ve forgotten TIME. You have grown immensely. Remember who you are. You are now a ‘frog,’ and perhaps, the true explorer seeking to rebuild the one true realm. A grain of sand isn’t strong; an avalanche of sand is much stronger. But what is moving sand without the one who spends time with it? Such a waste. Consider this - in the line of time, when the forest awakens, the nation of frogs will prevail. You have decided and this isn’t over.” The post did not reveal any further details about the nature of the comeback. However, the mentions of TIME and MAGIC indicate that the Wonderland native token and the Abracadabra-based stablecoin Magic Internet Money (MIM) could feature in the comeback. The Michael Patryn Saga That Took Down Wonderland The Wonderland DeFi protocol was built on the Avalanche blockchain network and was launched as a fork of Olympus DAO in late 2021. Soon after its launch, the protocol hit its peak of $1 billion in assets under its reserves. However, trouble started when the news broke that the protocol’s treasury head, who used to identify by the pseudonym Sifu or 0xSifu, was actually Michael Patryn, the co-founder of collapsed crypto exchange QuadrigaCX. Unfortunately, Patryn was also a convicted felon. Apparently, Sestagalli had found out about Sifu’s true identity and criminal past but opted to remain quiet, all the while allowing him to continue his role as Wonderland’s head of treasury. When the community caught wind of this information, all hell broke loose on the protocol. Patryn was formally ousted from his Wonderland role by a community vote, and the TIME token crashed. Following another deeply divided community vote, Sestagalli decided to shut down operations of the Wonderland DeFi protocol in January 2022. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
32 days agonulltx
With French Montana, NASA Scientists, and 5 Olympic Medalists, Is Among the Largest Metaverses in the Crypto Market
Citizens of (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) has many reasons to celebrate in 2022. Despite the current state of the crypto market, continues to innovate, develop, and build more capabilities. Thanks to the team’s dedication, our ecosystem already has thousands of active users trading and playing daily. The behavior data provides our dev team with requirement insights […] The post With French Montana, NASA Scientists, and 5 Olympic Medalists, Is Among the Largest Metaverses in the Crypto Market appeared first on NullTX.
53 days agonulltx
Big Success: Family Membership NFT Launched With Attendance of Mayor Eric Adams
New York Mayor Eric Adams recently attended with rapper French Montana and Jeff Watney, the visionary of (Native Token: Radio Caca, $RACA) to celebrate the launch of one of the biggest NFT collections of 2022, the French Family Membership NFT. The French Family Membership collection of NFTs is a production of, whose native […] The post Big Success: Family Membership NFT Launched With Attendance of Mayor Eric Adams appeared first on NullTX.
61 day agocointelegraph
Magic Internet Money token depegs as Terra (LUNA) domino effect persists
Citing an insider scoop, Autism Capital claimed that Abracadabra accrued $12 million in bad debt as a direct result of Terra’s sudden downfall, which has been refuted by founder Daniele Sestagalli.
68 days agocryptopotato
BC Game Takes Home the Sigma Award for Crypto Casino of the Year
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] This is by far the most historic moment for BC.Game, which is pleased to announce that they have won the Crypto Casino of the Year Sigma Award in Curaçao in June 2022. Every year, the most deserving online casino platform receives the prestigious Sigma Award. Aside from this award, […]
83 days agonulltx
RACA on CoinMarketCap’s Top 10 Among All Play-To-Earn Projects and Announced Exclusive Deal With Johannes Ludwig
The three-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Johannes Ludwig, has entered an exclusive ambassador partnership with Radio Caca (RACA). Later this year, he will build a Luge Stadium inside RACA’s USM Metaverse and have a crossover NFT collection. Ludwig is a German luge athlete who comes from a sports family. His father, Jörg-Dieter Ludwig, was also a […] The post RACA on CoinMarketCap’s Top 10 Among All Play-To-Earn Projects and Announced Exclusive Deal With Johannes Ludwig appeared first on NullTX.
84 days agonulltx
RACA’s Play-to-Earn Game Metamon World Records Over 1.46 Billion Cumulative Battles and Is One of the Biggest on BNBChain
RACA’s play-to-earn game Metamon World continues to grow despite the 2022 setback in the value of the cryptocurrency market, which, according to data from Coinmarketcap, has lost more than $1 trillion in value since the start of the year. However, in the same period, Metamon World has continued strong with more than 1.46 billion cumulative […] The post RACA’s Play-to-Earn Game Metamon World Records Over 1.46 Billion Cumulative Battles and Is One of the Biggest on BNBChain appeared first on NullTX.
90 days agonulltx
Sebastien Buemi to be RACAFeller
RACA, a Metaverse platform for game studios (the United States of Mars, USM), announced a partnership with Swiss professional racing driver Sébastien Buemi, who competes in the FIA World Endurance Championship and Formula E. According to the announcement, RACA and Sébastien Buemi will partner and build a racing gaming experience inside the USM Metaverse (United […] The post Sebastien Buemi to be RACAFeller appeared first on NullTX.
91 day agocointelegraph
Two credit card firms in Israel to let cardholders buy Bitcoin
Two Israel-based credit card companies, Max and Isracard, have started working on Bitcoin investment and cashback solutions via a credit card.
92 days agonulltx
Following French Montana, Son Tung M-TP, One of Vietnam’s Top Celebrity Singers, Joins Radio Caca’s USM Metaverse
The Vietnamese music celebrity’s videos have garnered close to 2.5 billion lifetime views on Youtube. RACA Hits a High Note Radio Caca (RACA), one of the world’s leading Web 3.0 companies, today announced the collaboration between Radio Caca and Vietnamese celebrity singer Son Tung M-TP, who will join its United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse. […] The post Following French Montana, Son Tung M-TP, One of Vietnam’s Top Celebrity Singers, Joins Radio Caca’s USM Metaverse appeared first on NullTX.
93 days agocoindesk
Bitcoin enfrenta siete semanas seguidas de pérdidas por primera vez
Los temores por la inflación y el sentimiento macroeconómico deficiente han provocado que bitcoin fracase como escudo contra la inflación en las últimas semanas.
108 days agocryptodaily
CryptoGames: Play and Win Huge Rewards and Jackpots!
Casinos around the world have drastically evolved ever since the deadly pandemic altered entertainment sectors in all corners of the world. The casinos have now moved on to online platforms to offer classic gambling experiences to curious audiences. The use of Cryptocurrencies in the casinos has also increased since the casinos have been adapting according to the modern expectations of their players. Now from the complete safety of their homes, cryptocurrency users can enjoy the fun of classic gambling on their devices. They no longer have to visit physical casinos to enjoy their favorite casino games. From several competent casinos, players can now choose their preferred online casinos to partake in the crypto form of classic entertainment. The expectations for strong features and reliable systems have created a huge demand for efficient online crypto casinos in the market. Of many casinos that have now emerged on the internet, CryptoGames is an exemplary online casino, that became the choice of many ardent gamblers around the world. The casino sets itself apart by offering every element that is in high demand for efficient gambling. For all gamblers, it provides all the necessary attributes that are expected from a top-notch online casino. The list of attributes contains extravagant games, an aesthetic UI, competent deposit and withdrawal options, powerful security protocols, rewarding features, events and so much more! About CryptoGames: From the city of Curacao, an organization called MuchGaming B.V is operating CryptoGames under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. The casino has an extremely capable team of moderators and administrators who are always monitoring all the activities of the users as well as the transactions made on the casino. With undoubtedly trustworthy services and transparent entertainment, CryptoGames has become a top choice for gamblers from all parts of the internet. Although the casino is already doing great in offering great entertainment for its players, it aims to update its services to the max and provide players with safe gambling experiences for a lifetime. Given below are some of the elements one can enjoy at CryptoGames: Simple UI for All To make the browsing experience as easy and hassle-free as possible, CryptoGames kept its UI extremely neat. This means, that when a player accesses the user interface of CryptoGames, they can immediately find all the necessary links and tabs. This ensures a clearly positive impression of the interface along with a flawless browsing experience. The features are also laid out along with the games neatly, so new players don't have to install any of them separately. All the games are completely free of any distracting designs so players' concentration will be undivided at all times. Following the amazing designs, CryptoGames developed a chat box that players can use to effectively interact with each other and build a stronger community. Now, if any player is curious if all these facilities will require a heavy-duty device to get loaded or run then CryptoGames is proud to say that its super light interface allows most devices to load and run the games with ease. On top of that, all betting history can be easily traced and checked right from the home page of every game. An Exclusively Extravagant Library of Games There is no doubt that the main attraction of any online casino is its set of games for mass gamblers. Especially if it is a modern-themed crypto-based casino then the developers need to cater to the audience with the most unique set of games. This is why CryptoGames offers a list that contains a few games that are extremely rich in quality but less in number. The 9 games offered at CryptoGames are the perfect gateways for worldwide gamblers to win a great amount of riches in 10 different cryptocurrencies. The library of classic games delivers top-notch entertainment with the simplest guidelines and the most engaging concepts. None of the games seem repetitive or flashy. Through super easy guidelines, the casino assists its all new players to learn about all the features and additional elements that every game offers. The house edge of the games offered is also extremely impressive and reasonable. Many gamblers consider the house edge offered at CryptoGames as the lowest in the industry. In addition, all players have equally fair chances of winning due to the provably fair gaming policy that CryptoGames has enabled. The modern gaming policy produces unbiased and impartial results through Cryptographic techniques. This means, that every game developed by CryptoGames is Provably Fair and leaves no scope of cheating for any party. The fair gambling policy also ensures that the players get to take home their rewards immediately after the winning bets are processed. And that the bets can be validated using seeds and hashes. Set of Games offered by CryptoGames Dice Dice is the first crypto-oriented game that is displayed on the set of games offered by CryptoGames. It comes with a range of potential winning chances ( 0.000-99.999 ) that make the game great for beginners to try. The game has a very easy set of rules which can be followed even by gamblers with no prior knowledge about the game. Dice requires the players to preselect their bet amount and a payout multiplier at the start. Then they will have to have to predict whether their Dice roll will return a greater or lesser value than the number they have chosen. If the prediction is made accurately then the bet is considered a winning bet and the player will be able to claim their payout immediately. The game also has keyboard hotkeys for the players who prefer using their keyboards for the games. There is also the "Auto Bet" option for placing multiple bets. Slot In the CryptoGames version of Slot, the game is played on five turning wheels Once all the bet amount is set, the Slot machine is enabled by clicking 'Spin'. The reels will show symbols when they spin and will show a line of 5 symbols once the machine stops. The five symbols will line up in the center of the Slot machine and create a combination. If the combination is one of the winning combinations, then the player can claim their payout. The level of difficulty for Slot is really low and it is also one of the easiest games to achieve more rewards with. On top of that, the game offers great winning chances to its players and more fun at the same time. Out of the 7 winning combinations, players can hopefully land any one in a spin. Roulette From the French word "roulette" which means 'little wheel', to a widely played game in the casinos, Roulette is one of the most evergreen games for gamblers. This fascinating game has ruled the gambling world for years and it is still highlighted in all its glory. At CryptoGames gamblers play the European version of this renowned game for an American version of the payout table. Although it has a similar payout table to the American Roulette, the European version has half the amount of house edge. Before spinning the wheel, players place their betting chips on the numbers they think will come up after the spin. Once they are done, they start spinning the wheel and if the numbers come up then they are compensated according to the payout table. Blackjack Blackjack or 21 is a game of luck that is known to every card game lover and is one of the favorite banking games among the gamblers of CryptoGames. Like all other games, players must place their bet amounts before the cards are dealt. The game is played against a house dealer. The player must try their best to beat the house`s card combination by gaining a combination of 21 or lower points. Learning about the card values is helpful when it comes to adding up the total points. The cards such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks have bigger card values, thus it is advised that the players learn about them beforehand. This will also help the players not let their total exceed 21. If it does, then the full amount wagered by the gambler will be lost. Lottery Lottery is an extremely easy game that requires players to only purchase tickets to partake in the game. The drawing of lucky tickets will be the way to determine the winners. To buy the tickets, players have to click on the "Buy Ticket" tab and select their preferred cryptocurrencies for the purchase. There are four cryptocurrencies to choose from. While purchasing their tickets, players can also check the total number of tickets available and the possibility of winning depending on the number of tickets they have purchased all in the same tab. Other important details like the countdown timer showing the time remaining for the draw and rewards based on winners' positions will also be given there. Lottery has two draws per week based on the cryptocurrencies for the purchases. CryptoGames depends on a third-party generator called RandomPicker to ensure the unbiased draws of Lottery tickets. Plinko CryptoGames decided to bring this one to the limelight as it is one of the underrated games in the world of online gambling. Plinko follows the same rules as the version from the show “The Price is right". The game is played on a pyramid-shaped digitally pegged board where four kinds of payout multipliers will be present for four different colors of balls in the game. The four colors of balls are: green, red, blue, and yellow. For Plinko, players can place 10 credits minimum, for each round. Their bet amount will return rewards depending on the color of the ball, the number the winning slot represents, and the house edge for the ball. Once the ball is dropped, players have to wait for it to fall into a slot which is fruitful for the bet. Video Poker Another extremely loved card game in the online gambling world is undoubtedly Video Poker. CryptoGames version of this game is easy to master due to the detailed instructions provided by the casino. The objective of the game is like the objective of any normal poker game. In Video Poker, players get five cards that they need to use to achieve the strongest possible hand. Here as well, it is well-advised that the players learn about the rankings of the cards thoroughly to perform well. There are three versions called Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker for the game. This means players will be able to play any one of the versions at any time. There will be different house edges, and payout tables depending on the three versions. Players will also have the option of holding better cards using the automatic feature called Smart Hold. Minesweeper Even before it was introduced in the casinos, Minesweeper had unfading popularity among computer gamers. It is tough to find any computer game lover from all parts of the world who hasn’t played Minesweeper at least once in their lives. CryptoGames version of Minesweeper allows the players to win a great sum of Cryptocurrencies with the help of flexible rules. The game is played in a field filled with boxes, where some of the boxes hide mines. Players can freely select the number of mines the boxes will hide and the lowest number of mines is 1 while the highest number of mines is 24. If the number of mines is increased then the payout will also be increased. There will be an option to cash out instantly if the players don’t hit any mine. DiceV2 A completely revamped and upgraded version of Dice is known as DiceV2. As their 9th addition to the set, CryptoGames decided to bring the most lucrative design of their own classic game. DiceV2 comes with an entirely new design where the players aim to fulfill a similar objective to Dice. In this version, players must make a correct prediction about the result so that the result gets displayed on the green zone located on the slider. The green zone gets locked when a player chooses their bet size and payout multiplier. Then the game will show two options for the players to choose from. There will be an Auto Bet feature, Jackpots for DiceV2 as well. It also has a great winning range and the same house edge as the first version. Outstanding Rewards Options CryptoGames offers very rewarding programs and events for its players. When registered at the casino for the first time, all players get a referral link for sharing the word about CryptoGames. Referral links are claimed from the "Rewards" under the "Invite A Friend" tab. Any referrer will be given 15% of the house edge for every single referral. The referral reward remains unaffected by how the bet result of the referred player goes, Which means, as long as the player keeps on betting, the referrer will keep on receiving the reward based on the wagered amount. Moreover, the casino also offers monthly contests and rewards through VIP memberships. As a VIP member, players can Play Dice with 0.8% house edge. Place bets with no server delay regardless of the bet's size. Place their bets with better and higher exchange limits Enjoy VIP access to an exclusive chatroom dedicated to VIP players, where experts and the managers of CryptoGames will engage with them for a chat. Show off their exclusive VIP tag beside their user name tag. Enjoy monthly vouchers sent through email. Shortest Time Needed for Registration At CryptoGames there is no unwanted delay in the registration process. It takes lesser time than any other casinos out there. The casino has no popups or redirect links that stall the registration process. The basic registration is completed when the players provide a unique account name and agree to the terms and conditions. The username or account name can be changed later on. To enjoy full privileges like making transactions on the website, players must complete the full registration process. Basic registration will grant the players the permission to get free access to all the games, Play Money, and the faucet feature. At the "Rewards" tab located under the "Your account" tab, players will have the option to request more Play Money. New players will have their account level set to 0 at first which means, the number of requests they can make in a day will be less and then gradually increase as they will increase their player/account level. When the players will finish the complete registration process, they will be able to explore and make the best use of CryptoGames' swift and seamless transaction system. By using a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, players will be able to convert, deposit and withdraw at the casino. There are modern methods for the transactions and more details on that can be found on the website. Fully registered players can do financial transactions by using any of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Dogecoin Ethereum Litecoin Dash Gas Monero Bitcoin Cash Ethereum Classic Solana Necessary Security Measures Entertainment mediums on the internet need to always offer extra security measures to their players since horrendous hackers and scammers are lurking around the platforms. Needless to say, these individuals are constantly looking for ways to break into the online casinos and get their hands on the user funds. Therefore, CryptoGames has always decided to take all the proper measures since day one. The casino is capable of stopping these lurking hackers even if they try to do considerable damage to any of the user funds. Their security measures protect both the User account and fund through Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption. These two measures have been integrated into the system to raise the level of security according to modern demands. Besides that, the Email verification process guarantees that no fund can be accessed or transacted without the users' consent. This means, that even when a user deactivates the Two Factor Authentication, any outsider will still be unable to get their hands on the user’s funds as email verification will be mandatory for the withdrawal. Register and Play Today: With an impressive list of services like this, there is no doubt that CryptoGames is a sublime spot for everyone who is looking for fun gambling experiences. Under the monitoring of an expert team of moderators and admins, gamblers here will be able to interact with each other in the safest environment. And since the overall structure of the casino is founded by developers who are fully dedicated to their respective fields, there is a guarantee that the players will always have unmatched customer service. They will also get to explore the extravagant library of games at any time using their funds as well as Play Money. The security measures are also there to ensure maximum reliability and safety for those who are playing at the casino. With all of these services, it is a guarantee that for anyone looking for an enriched gambling experience, CryptoGames is the top place to explore and to make the time and assets spent worthwhile. Links of interest CryptoGames: Forum: Facebook: Blog: Twitter: BitcoinTalk ANN: Discord: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
127 days agocryptodaily
What Are Stablecoins & What Makes Them ‘Stable’?
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others can be excellent investments for those looking for a big return, but their incredible volatility can also be a drawback at times. Because the value of Bitcoin and other cryptos fluctuates so wildly, often gaining or losing thousands of dollars in the space of a few hours, it can cause big headaches for investors at the wrong end of a price movement. So much so that they need a way to exit their position quickly, rather than risk maintaining it overnight when anything could happen. Previously the best thing investors could do was cash out overnight. But transferring crypto to fiat is a time-consuming process that often incurs not insignificant fees. Hence, the world’s first stablecoins were born. Stablecoins are the crypto-equivalent to fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar, Euro, or Japanese yen. They can be trusted to hold their value over time and also provide a way to easily transfer that value. For example, Bitcoin investors can quickly convert their holdings to a USD stablecoin, then invest that amount elsewhere when they feel the time is right. It can be transferred to a different exchange or wallet with ease, much faster than Bitcoin transactions occur. It can also be withdrawn more easily or spent at certain vendors. Stablecoins were a big boon for crypto traders when they first emerged in the middle of the 2010s. It provides a way for them to instantly cash out and sleep peacefully without needing to stress over how their position might be affected in the morning. They also give investors a way to hold part of their portfolio in cash, so they’re ready to buy whatever asset they need at a moment’s notice. The vast majority of stablecoins peg their value to the U.S. dollar, though there are many that peg themselves to alternative fiat currencies such as the Euro, the GBP, the IMF’s SDR, assets such as gold, and even to other cryptocurrencies, such as the unique Wrapped Bitcoin crypto. That said, there are a number of stablecoins that appear to stand out from the crowd, proving extremely popular with investors. We’ve highlighted a few of them below. Acala (aUSD) aUSD is the stablecoin of Acala, which is an emerging DeFi hub project on the Polkadot blockchain. It is designed to allow users to transfer value that’s pegged 1:1 with the USD across any parachain within Polkadot’s ecosystem. The stablecoin is based on the Honzon protocol, which is similar to other protocols in that it requires collateralization before new tokens can be minted. However, aUSD is notable for being a multi-collateralized token that can be backed by Polkadot’s native DOT token, BTC, ETH, KSM and various other ERC-20 tokens. To mint new aUSD, users must take out a loan from Acala using one or more of those cryptocurrencies as collateral, and they’ll be required to pay interest on the loan. However, unlike other protocols, Honzon uses various mechanisms that ensure stability and manage the risks that arise from the fluctuating value of the underlying assets. The advantage aUSD has over other stablecoins is it has full access to Polkadot’s ecosystem of parachains, allowing it to transfer value across them in seconds. It can therefore perform many functions easily. For instance, aUSD allows users to earn interest by lending aUSD via several different DeFi protocols within the Polkadot ecosystem. Users can also trade aUSD through various decentralized exchanges, benefiting from higher liquidity thanks to its cross-chain nature. Finally, aUSD is secured by the shared security model of Polkadot TerraUSD (UST) The primary stablecoin of the Terra blockchain, TerraUSD is not backed by any on-chain asset, but rather maintains its 1:1 peg with the USD by using an algorithm that manages its money supply. So, when 1 UST falls lower than 1 USD, the system mints and auctions mining power to buy back and burn UST to reduce the overall supply and increase its value. On the other hand, it can also expand its supply when 1 UST overtakes 1 USD, buying back mining power with UST until the target peg is reached. TerraUSD is trustworthy as its source code has been successfully audited by third-party security firms. The protocol can also support other stablecoins, so if the community decides to do so it can create TerraEUR, TerraJPY and others. Furthermore, atomic swaps are also supported, meaning those stablecoins can be exchanged at their market exchange rate. That makes Terra stablecoins highly scalable and liquid. TerraUSD’s anchor protocol allows stablecoin holders to borrow and save, while other users can take out loans in exchange for other cryptocurrencies. It also boasts a mirror protocol for users to issue and swap synthetic assets for real-world assets, without any physical backing. Terra is working to add cross-chain functionality to TerraUSD so it can work with other blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Chain. Magic Internet Money (MIM) The protocol enables users to collateralize digital tokens, including interest-bearing tokens, and mint MIM, a stablecoin that runs on multiple blockchains, including Avalanche, Arbitrum Binance Chain, Ethereum and Fantom. MIM’s goal is to give users a way to farm yield more efficiently. It relies on a special protocol that allows users to provide collateral using interest-bearing coins, known as ibTKNS. Users can obtain ibTKNS by staking regular tokens to yield farms such as Sushi and Yearn. For doing so, they receive illiquid ibTKNs (like yvUSDC) that are essentially receipts of their deposits. These must be returned back to the yield farm to claim back the original deposit plus interest. MIM uses ibTKNS because they accumulate interest over time, thus increasing their value slowly but surely as users pay back the interest on the MIM loans they take out. This is different from other stablecoins, which are minted via deposits of liquid assets. Some examples of ibTKNS include yvYFI, yvUSDC, yvUSDT, xSUSHI and yvWETH, which can be collateralized and then injected into the system in return for newly minted MIM. MIM can then be linked to all of the above blockchains and traded. In this way, MIM enables DeFi users to transform stranded capital back into liquid assets that can be traded or used in other ways. Previously, interest-bearing tokens had no use cases. Tether (USDT) Tether is the best-known stablecoin in the crypto world but despite this, it has fewer use cases and is somewhat less trustworthy than the proven protocols we’ve covered so far. Tether was created by Tether Holdings Ltd., a Hong Kong-based company. It runs on the Omni protocol, a second layer on Bitcoin’s blockchain, and on other chains such as Ethereum and EOS. Tether Holdings claims that each USDT token issued is backed by fiat deposits in its traditional bank accounts, thereby maintaining its 1:1 peg with the USD. Tether allows its assets to be evaluated once a quarter (four times a year) by an independent auditing firm. It also publishes daily reports on its bank balances, though these are unaudited. Despite these measures, Tether was previously fined for lying to its customers that it had sufficient fiat holdings to back all USDT it had issued. Tether’s popularity stems from the fact it had first mover advantage as the first stablecoin in existence. It has also built up a strong ecosystem simply from being the first and is traded on all major cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. There is one concern regarding Tether that may dissuade some users. USDT is somewhat unique in its ability to be able to blacklist wallet addresses if it believes they are involved in fraudulent activities. While some users may appreciate Tether’s attempt to combat fraudsters and money launderers, they may be less than happy if their own USDT wallet becomes blocked for unsubstantiated reasons. Tether hasn’t publicly explained what kind of activity might lead to a wallet getting blocked, but the very fact it can block specific users goes against the ethos of decentralization that many crypto users favor. USD Coin (USDC) Similar to Tether, USD Coin is fully backed by cash and equivalents and short-duration U.S. Treasuries, according to its parent companies Circle and Coinbase. USDC, like Tether, is available on multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Solana, Stellar, TRON and Algorand. USDC is also audited on a monthly basis, more consistently than USDT. Moreover, its code is completely open-source and available to all. Notably, USDC’s backing from two of the biggest crypto/payments companies in the U.S. gives it a lot of credibility, and use cases and has, in turn, helped to accelerate adoption. For instance, USDC is already available on more than 50 crypto exchanges, including most of the biggest ones. That being said, some users may be concerned that, like Tether, USD Coin also reserves the ability to blacklist wallets that it deems to be involved in fraud or money laundering. Frax (FRAX) Frax proudly proclaims itself to be the world’s first fractional-algorithmic stablecoin, which means it uses characteristics from both the collateralized and algorithmic stablecoin models. Whereas collateralized stablecoins simply maintain deposits equal to the amount of tokens minted, algorithmic stablecoins use mathematical algorithms to maintain their peg. Typically, this is done through automated monetary policies that are used to manage coin supply, in order to alter the value of the token to match its pegged asset. Frax’s unique fractional-algorithmic model is built on two assets - the FRAX stablecoin, which is pegged to the USD at a 1:1 ratio, and Frax Shares (FXS), a governance and utility token. While FXS is used for governance, voting, and staking, its main purpose is to enable minting of FRAX stablecoins. The minting and redeeming mechanisms are the keys to FRAX maintaining its stable USD peg. Any user who supplies FXS tokens can mint FRAX, receiving a number of tokens according to whatever the Frax collateral ratio is at that time. So, if the ratio is at 50%, they can mint 1 FRAX by supplying $0.50 worth of FXS tokens. The mechanism applies the same in reverse if a user wants to redeem their FRAX for USDC or the FXS they initially supplied. What’s key is that when new FRAX are minted, the FXS tokens are burned proportionally to the uncollateralized amount. So, by minting FRAX, the circulating supply of FXS is reduced. However, there is a constant flow of FXS being minted by numerous liquidity providers in the Frax ecosystem, so the supply is actually growing continuously to exert downward price pressure. This explains why the Frax collateral ratio is constantly adjusted. Though the theory is that as adoption increases, more FRAX tokens will be minted, meaning that more FXS will be burned and removed from circulation. So if the circulating supply of FRAX increases as expected, the balanced supply and demand should create a more resilient tokenomics model that ensures price stability for FRAX.
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Daniele Sestagalli Announces Launch Of Expecto Patronum For Wonderland Rage Quitters
Daniele Sestagalli, the key figure behind projects such as Popsicle Finance and Abracadabra Money, has announced the launch of Expecto Patronum. Expecto Patronum has been designed for Wonderland rage quitters, incentivizing them to quit through Patronum. Incentivizing Rage Quitters Sestagalli took to Twitter to talk about the project, stating that it was designed to incentivize Wonderland rage quitters, giving them a 10% bonus in SPELL tokens if they rage quit through Expecto Patronum. Sestagalli further implored Wonderland rage quitters to consider the option of rage quitting through Patronum, stating that it would give them significantly more value in SPELL. He further stated that the MIM collected from the rage quit will be utilized towards strengthening the MIM peg. The Wonderland Wind Down Vote Sestagalli had proposed to wind down the Wonderland protocol, distributing its treasury to wMEMO holders. The proposal pretty much divided the community in half, with the proposal ultimately failing by a small margin. Reacting to the close split in votes, Sestagalli took to Twitter, stating, “Wonderland experiment is coming to an end. It is clear from the vote that the community is divided. The core and heart of Wonderland is still the community. If we cannot find an agreement on whether to continue or not, it means that we failed. The duty of the Team is to enact the will of the token holders. As the vote is so close to 50/50, there is only one path forward, to reimburse/unwind those who do not feel be part of Wonderland and find a new home for who feels attached & inline with the Frog Nation Vision.” The Wonderland CFO Controversy The wind-down vote and subsequent rage quit window comes after revelations unearthed by the pseudo-anonymous on-chain sleuth ZachXBT who blew the lid off a potential scandal that could significantly shake investors’ confidence. ZachXBT revealed that Wonderland’s Chief Financial Officer is Michael Patryn, aka Omar Dhanani. Patryn’s Background Michael Patryn had earlier been charged and convicted of identity theft charges in the United States and has already served an 18-month sentence in prison. He had also pleaded guilty to burglary and grand theft charges and been deported to Canada. Patryn has also changed his name twice, from Omar Dhanani to Omar Patryn, and then subsequently changed his name to Michael Patryn. Co-founder of Wonderland, Daniele Sestagalli, has worked with Patryn, entrusting the latter with looking after the treasury. He revealed that he had become aware of Patryn’s background a little over a month ago but decided that what happened in the past remained in the past and that Patryn deserved a second chance. Native Token Takes A Pummeling The native token of Wonderland, TIME, had already taken quite a drop before the developments and went on to drop considerably more. Since the developments, Sestagalli seems to have had a change of heart, releasing a statement on his views and asking Patryn to step down until the community votes on the treasurer position. However, Sestagalli received some support from Andre Cronje, who stated that he would still be going ahead with plans to work with Daniele, despite his poor judgment. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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After ‘Doxxing’ Fracas, Bored Apes Team Starts Asking for Customer ID
About a month after Buzzfeed News revealed the identities of its founders, Yuga Labs has started requesting customers’ personal information for an unspecified new project.
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Crypto Weekly Roundup: Dorsey’s New BTC Defense Fund, Ripple’s Big Win, Kim K Lawsuit, And More
The crypto market has had an extremely eventful week, involving a lawsuit against celebrities for promoting an alleged “pump and dump” scam, Rio De Janeiro’s mayor endorsing BTC, Jack Dorsey, setting up a legal defense fund to protect Bitcoin developers and much more. Let’s recap some of the most significant developments from the week gone by. Bitcoin Rio De Janeiro Announces BTC Investment Eduardo Paes, Rio De Janeiro mayor, has announced that the city will be investing 1% of its treasury into Bitcoin, becoming the first Brazilian city to do so. Mayor Paes plans to make Rio another crypto hub, alongside cities like Miami. The mayor made the comments while attending the Rio Innovation week alongside Miami mayor Francis Suarez. Mayor Suarez has been very successful in making Miami the crypto hub for North America. Rio plans to enable its citizens to pay their taxes using BTC, using a 10% discount as an incentive. Jack Dorsey Announces Legal Defense Fund For Bitcoin Developers Jack Dorsey has recently announced that he is setting up a legal defense fund targeted exclusively at Bitcoin developers. The fund will be created in partnership with the co-founder of Chaincode Labs, Alex Morcos, and Martin White, An academic from the University of Sussex. According to the email sent by Dorsey, the fund will help Bitcoin developers access a legal defense network consisting of volunteers and part-time lawyers. Klay Thompson And Andre Iguodala To Receive Part Of Their Salary In Bitcoin Golden State Warriors Stars Andre Iguodala and Klay Thompson will be receiving a portion of their salary in Bitcoin after announcing a partnership with Cash App. Cash App is owned by Block Inc., led by Jack Dorsey. The two will also be donating $1 million in BTC to fans. Cash App will enable the conversion of the player salaries to BTC while also acting as an intermediary for the donations. The development is a testament to BTC’s growing popularity, with Thompson and Iguodala joining a growling list of athletes that receive a part of their salary in BTC. Ethereum USDC Surpasses USDT On Ethereum For the first time, the USDC stablecoin’s total supply has crossed that of the USDT stablecoin. Data from Etherscan showed that USDT’s total supply on Ethereum was at 39.82 billion, while USDC’s total supply stood at 40.05 billion. The development is considered significant given that Ethereum is a significant driver in the growth of both stablecoins. However, the USDT supply across all blockchains remains higher than USDC. SEC Suffers Setback In Case Against Ripple The SEC suffered what can be called a significant setback against Ripple when the presiding judge ordered it to hand over William Hinman’s speech on Ethereum. The contents of the speech made by the former Director of Corporation Finance supports Ripple’s case. Ripple and the SEC have been engaged in a prolonged back and forth with respect to the documents that needed to be made available during the discovery process. Joe Rogan Talks BTC Vs. ETH Speaking on The Joe Rogan Podcast, comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan stated that while he doesn’t really understand cryptocurrencies, he still has a lot of hope for them. Rogan made the comments during his 8th January podcast, where he discussed cryptocurrencies and the metaverse with Adam Curry. In the interview, Curry stated that he is a huge supporter of BTC but has a problem with any cryptocurrency which can be controlled, including Ethereum. DeFi Solana’s Sky High Potential According to a research note released by Bank of America digital asset strategist Alkesh Shah, Solana’s blockchain ecosystem could potentially become the Visa of the crypto space. According to Shah, the reason behind this is the fact that Solana has an immense capacity for high scalability while also offering low fees and ease of use. Currently, Solana is the 5th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of around $47 billion. Andre Cronje Snippets Of New Project, ve(3,3) Legendary DeFi developer Andre Cronje has been sharing several snippets of new features in a series of blog posts. Cronje has teamed up with Daniele Sestagalli, with both working to launch the project on the Fantom blockchain. Cronje and Sestagalli are probably the most influential figures in the DeFi space, with Cronje creating Yearn Finance, with Sestagallin having founded Abracadabra.Money, Wonderland.Money, and Popsicle.Finance. Altcoins Polygon Co-Founder Offers Thoughts On Solana Vs. Polygon Debate Co-founder of Polygon, Sandeep Nailwal, waded into the Polygon vs. Solana debate, stating that he believes marketing has played a significant role in the decentralized crypto space. He stated that he also believes Solaha has gotten more traction due to significant institutional marketing. Nailwal was responding to a Twitter thread posted by crypto analyst Spencer Moon on the Polygon vs. Solana debate. Business FTX launches $2 billion Venture Fund Crypto exchange FTX has announced the launch of FTX Ventures. The fund will launch with $2 billion in assets under management and will look to allocate to teams working on projects in Web3 and the blockchain space. The $ billion fund is second only to Paradigm’s $2.5 billion crypto fund announced in November. North Korean Hackers Carried Out Seven Major Attacks In 2021 Blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis has revealed that North Korea carried out at least seven major attacks on various cryptocurrency exchanges, leading to nearly $400 million worth of crypto assets being stolen. The UN has long accused North Korea of funding its nuclear ambitions with stolen funds. Tesla Begins Accepting DOGE Tesla has started accepting DOGE as a mode of payment in its online merchandise store. The news was announced in a tweet by Elon Musk. Customers can now buy official merchandise from the Tesla store and pay using DOGE. However, Tesla also clarified that DOGE cannot be used to buy its electric vehicles and is solely being accepted for select merchandise. The news sent DOGE surging, with the cryptocurrency surging by 14% following the announcement. Socios Now An Official Partner Of The Serie A has announced that it has been chosen as the official partner for Serie A. The partnership also sees Socios become the primary sponsor for the Supercoppa Frecciarossa and the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa. The partnership adds another feather in the cap of Socios, which already has a host of partnerships across major world sports. Regulation Tether Freezes $160 Million USDT Tether has announced that it has frozen $160 million of USDT on Ethereum, belonging to three different addresses. A spokesperson for Tether stated that Tether has frozen the addresses to enable the recovery of stolen or compromised funds. Tether has carried out similar actions in the past and has blocked 563 addresses on Ethereum. Lords Economic Affairs Committee Publishes Report On CBDCs The Lords Economic Affairs Committee Published Its Report on CBDCs, outlining what could be perceived as “significant risks” to the economy. The report stated that the introduction of the CBDC could lead “inevitably to some disintermediation of the banking sector.” The committee also recommended that the Bank of England carry out further studies to properly assess the potential impact of CBDCs on the banking system. Singapore Issues Advisory To Citizens Whilst Dealing With Cryptocurrencies With Singapore planning to become a hub for cryptocurrencies over the next few years, government officials have also outlined the need to be cautious when dealing with cryptocurrencies and investing in the digital space. The government urged its citizens to tread cautiously and nudged citizens to adopt a balanced approach and move towards crypto in a more gradual manner, mirroring the same approach that the government is taking towards crypto. Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, And Others Sued For Misleading Investors Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather, and a host of other celebrities who promoted EthereumMAX have been sued for misleading investors and making false statements in favor of the EthereumMAX token. The token was part of an alleged “pump and dump” scheme that saw investors make nothing while the promoters got away with making huge profits. The class-action lawsuit lists anyone who invested in EthereumMAX between 14th May 2021 and 27th June 2021 as plaintiffs. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Andre Cronje Teases Features Of Upcoming ve(3,3) Project
DeFi developer Andre Cronje has been teasing several new features of his new project ve(3,3), sharing several snippets of the features in a series of blog posts. Cronje had earlier announced that he has teamed up with Daniele Sestagalli to launch a new project on the Fantom blockchain. Andre Cronje and Daniele Sestagalli are two of the most influential and venerated figures in Decentralized Finance. A New Experiment On Fantom Andre Cronje had revealed in a Tweet last week that he was working on a new project on the Fantom blockchain. He had also revealed that the project would have its own token. Cronje is the legendary founder who was behind the creation of Yearn Finance. His new project on Fantom will see him collaborate with Daniele Sestagalli, who had founded Abracadabra.Money, Wonderland.Money, and Popsicle.Finance. Sestagalli is also the leader of “Frog Nation,” a crypto-native movement created to ensure the preservation of decentralization in DeFi. Sestagalli revealed details of the collaboration between the Frog Nation and Cronje in the following tweet, “If you’re asking, me and Andre are launching a new coin on #fantom and it will start Fantom Season! We started here, is natural we now come back to growth the ecosystem and tech that made me who I am today. Folded hands” Cronje Releases Details The new project is completely independent of Cronje’s official role at Fantom. Cronje has also released some details about the project over the week, describing it as an “emission-based token [that balances] ecosystem participants.” He stated that users would be able to deposit a base token and receive a non-transferable token which would be locked in the protocol. They will receive a transferable incentive token as a reward. The number of newly created tokens will depend on the circulating supply, with greater rewards if lesser tokens are locked across the protocol. The lock will be represented by an NFT, enabling the circulation of the locks should users choose to do so. ve(3,3) will also incentivize fees to create an optimized system. Protocol To Also Feature AMM Cronje also revealed that the project would feature a new automated market maker (AMM), with the project also supporting swaps between most types of assets, with a 0.01% fee for trades. He also revealed that the AMM on the project would take a different approach than existing AMMs, taking a protocol-to-protocol approach rather than acting as a competing AMM. The AMM will feature a Uniswap v2 compatible interface, with existing AMMs being able to integrate into it. Two million tokens will be made available as incentives every week, and these will be distributed depending on voting weights. However, the project will distribute tokens to the top 20 DeFi projects to begin the process as no voting will take place initially. More Details To Follow Closer To Launch Cronje also stated that the project would not feature a DAO, signaling that the government will not be done via voting by token holders. Users will also be able to add liquidity and pools in a permissionless manner. Cronje has hinted that there will be more details about the project in the future, stating that the most recent post featured only “core features” with a more in-depth look at the project scheduled for when the project is close to launching. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Terra Weekly Crypto Update: Luna Price Stability, Chainlink Partnership, Pylon Protocol Integration, OKCoin Listing
Hey everyone this is KashRon here from the Intellabridge team, in exclusive partnership with CryptoDaily™. On this week’s episode of Terra Weekly. First, let’s look at the price of Luna, which is down around 18% this week to around the $41 mark today. In the crypto world, that’s a pretty bad week. However, two weeks ago the price was around $43, so that just shows how volatile the market is in general and not to focus too much on the short term price swings. Luna’s up by around 1% over the past month making for a pretty entertaining roller coast ride over not a significant price impact. Over here, you’ll see there has been around $94,000 in tax rewards collected this week, which is up from the last time I reported this number. This makes sense as there was high volume of activity, that brings revenue to terra regardless of whether it’s buy orders or sell orders. In this case with the market correction there was a lot of selling activity, and transaction fees feeding into Luna. Monitoring weekly transactions is important as when transactions occur on the Terra network, there are transaction fees that flow into the Luna token, giving it steady cash flow and intrinsic value. You’ll also see the staking ratio at 9.16%, which is incredibly high compared to other cryptocurrencies. This is due to all the airdrops that are going to the stakers from third party companies building on top of terra. Next you’ll see Anchor’s deposit and borrow ratio here. What’s interesting is that this week, for the first time ever the borrow rate actually became negative. This is notable as the net interest rate is a reflection on how healthy the system is. The more stress on borrowing behavior, the more the Anchor protocol needs to give rewards to incentivize borrowing behavior. So seeing a net positive interest rate is a good thing for Anchor as it means the system is healthy. Now for news...there was a Proposal this week in the Terra community to shorten the voting period from 14 days to 7 days and reduce the minimum LUNA deposit from 512 to 50 LUNA. This proposal has passed. What this means is that changes in the Terra ecosystem should be happening much faster and these governance proposals should be much more accessible to a wider group of people. These changes are important as Terra is a decentralized ecosystem with the largest decentralized stablecoin in the world today. That means that governance should be as democratized as possible to ensure that any changes in the Terra ecosystem are made with the express permission of the community. Next up...this is a fun one. Apparently Terrafirma is selling a house for US. This is pretty huge news as it would mark the first time an entire house was sold for an algorithmic stablecoin. THis is a key hurdle for the Terra ecosystem, whether its stablecoin will have value in the real world. Being able to purchase an entire home for UST, given its regulations, how it’s such an integral purchase to most families, and the amount of funds required to actually purchase a house, this would make for a landmark moment. There’s no date yet for this sale or price tag, so that will be something to keep an eye out for. It’ll also be important to follow how this legally works out, but it’s very promising to see if they can pull this off. Next up...this is a fun one, a video game company called GAMEVIL has entered into a strategic partnership with Terra. While Gamevil will be using its own token, C2X, in its platform, being hosted on the Terra network still presents a wide variety of benefits for both parties. For example, I can personally envision that the transaction fees from this platform will still feed into the Terra ecosystem in the form of cashflow to validators. It’s great to see Terra ecosystem adoption here as the broader NFT metaverse expands out. This is an important trend to follow in the coming months. ‘ Next up, MIM-UST is now live on Abracadabra. Even those in the Terra ecosystem might not be aware, but MIM is a pretty large stablecoin in of itself. It’s made by Daniele Sesta, who you might know as the creator of defi protocols Spell, Ice, and now most notably Wonderland, which has an insane 80,000% APY right now on the Avalanche network. While MIM and UST might seem competitive as they are both stablecoins, the ability to interop and have functionality brings value to users of both ecosystems, which strengthens the crypto community overall. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Radio Caca (RACA) and EverGrow Coin (EGC) the Fastest Rising Cryptocurrencies on Binance Chain
Since its inception in May 2021, Radio Caca (RACA) has established itself as a leader in GameFi and Metaverse. Radio Caca is one of the main facilitators of the Metaverse industry, having hosted panels with Maye Musk and Justin Sun. Radio Caca non fungible token (NFT) releases are highly sought-after. Another crypto that is set to revolutionise NFTs and is gaining a lot of attention is EverGrow Coin. Launched just 7 weeks ago, EverGrow Coin has already broken many previous crypto records. EverGrow Coin managed to achieve a $1B Marketcap, distributed more than $26 Million in BUSD rewards, and has more than 100,000 holders. EverGrow Coin rewarding system is one of its distinguishing features. Every Buy/Sell/Transfer transaction of EGC Tokens rewards 8% in BUSD to all its holders. EverGrow Coin is developing the world's first decentralized NFT lending platform. Built on BSC, The platform will allow NFT owners to readily borrow against their NFTs as collateral at fair interest rates without selling them. It implies that instead of collecting digital dust on their NFTs, NFT owners can lend them and make money. EverGrow will also be soon launching its BSC-based NFT Marketplace that will allow buying and selling of non-fungible tokens. The marketplace will provide celebrities, influencers, and creators with the opportunity to mint, sell, showcase, and even drop mystery boxes for their collection. Binance Chain is on the rapid rise due to its cheaper and faster transaction. Recently, Radio Caca (RACA) had its second Mystery Box sale on the Binance NFT Marketplace. The NFTs were centered around their new Binance Smart Chain (BSC) game, Metamon, a planned integration to their Universal Metaverse (USM). EverGrow Coin is designed to become more scarce over time, and its revolutionary new contract pays out Binance-pegged USD rewards, a regulated stable coin. The EverGrow team has talked extensively about their future plans to build an Ecosystem consisting of an NFT Lending Platform, NFT Marketplace, Content Subscription Platform, Staking pools & Play-to-Earn Games. The entire roadmap is designed to pay substantial BUSD rewards to holders whilst attracting a constant flow of new investors. The team takes just 1% from the total coins traded to fund marketing & development, and can only generate this revenue when holders are receiving their 8% BUSD rewards, meaning the team and holders have their ambitions fully aligned. 52% of the EGC token Supply has been burned and removed permanently from circulation, meaning holders receive a much higher proportion of rewards compared with other projects. Website | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

About Radio Caca

The live price of Radio Caca (RACA) today is 0.000426 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Radio Caca at 327,224,263,159.64 RACA, its market capitalization stands at 139,340,103 USD. In the last 24 hours RACA price has moved -0.000018 USD or -0.04% while 3,823,026 USD worth of RACA has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of RACA puts it at #197 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Radio Caca blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency RACA and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Radio Caca Price0.000426 USD
Market Rank#197
Market Cap139,340,103 USD
24h Volume3,761,236 USD
Circulating Supply327,224,263,159.64 RACA
Max Supply500,000,000,000 RACA
Yesterday's Market Cap140,638,030 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.000447 USD / 0.00043 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.000468 USD / 0.00043 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.04% ( 0.000018 USD )
Yesterday's Volume3,823,025.50 USD
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