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0.00003615 BTC
Market Cap (Rank#43)
49,445 BTC
Vol 24h
3,787 BTC
Circulating Supply
Max Supply
4 days ago cryptopotato
Solana Skyrockets 8% Daily, Bitcoin Taps New 9-Month High: Market Watch
Aside from SOL, STX, CRO, and VET are the other significant gainers from the larger-cap alts.
5 days ago cointelegraph
These 5 cryptocurrencies may continue to surprise to the upside
Bitcoin, ETH, BNB, STX, and IMX remain strong on the charts, increasing the likelihood of more gains in the near term.
6 days ago cryptopotato
Stacks Soars 115% Weekly, Bitcoin Eyes $28K: Weekend Watch
STX continues with its massive gains, surging by triple-digit on a weekly scale.
7 days ago cryptopotato
Bitcoin Soars Above $26K on Fed’s $300B Injenction into US Banks (Market Watch)
STX is today's top performer, having surged by almost 20% to above $1.
19 days ago cointelegraph
EOS, STX, IMX and MKR show bullish signs as Bitcoin searches for direction
BTC price is attempting to stage a recovery, while EOS, STX, IMX and MKR are beginning to flash bullish signals.
24 days ago coindesk
Crypto Market February Roundup: Bitcoin Layer 2 Protocol Stacks, Ethereum Staking Derivative Tokens Surge
Stacks’s STX token was the biggest winner among 160 assets in the CoinDesk Market Index, soaring 216% during the month.
24 days ago cointelegraph
Stacks (STX) surges as Bitcoin NFT hype grows, but its blockchain activity raises concern
The possibility of hosting Bitcoin NFTs on Stacks pushed STX price to new yearly highs, but there are concerns on whether the bullish thesis becomes reality.
24 days ago cointelegraph
Here’s why STX, CFX, SSV, AGIX and GRT are the top performing assets in February
Despite Bitcoin’s muted monthly performance, STX, SSV, CFX, AGIX and GRT surged higher, likely because of popular market narratives.
25 days ago coindesk
STX Perpetual Futures Open Interest Doubles to $80M as Traders Take Shorts
I suspect traders are betting that there isn't a follow-up to Bitcoin NFTs and this is more of a flash in the pan, one analyst said.
25 days ago coindesk
Allure of Bitcoin Ordinals, DeFi Drives Crypto Funds to Bitcoin Layer 2-Token Stacks
The price of Stacks’ native STX token has doubled in two weeks on the back of strong growth for Bitcoin-based non-fungible tokens.
25 days ago cryptopotato
BTC Bounces Off $23K, STX Soars Another 23% as Rally Continues (Market Watch)
Stacks continues to be the best performer from the top 100 crypto assets.
26 days ago cryptopotato
Stacks (STX) Soars Another 12%, Bitcoin Flat at $23K: Weekend Watch
STX continues with its impressive performance as of late, with another double-digit price surge.
29 days ago cryptopotato
Here’s Why Stacks (STX) Exploded 160% in a Week
The price of STX has exploded by a whopping 160% in just a week. Some experts believe it still has room to grow. Here's why.
32 days ago coindesk
Bitcoin Layer 2 Stacks Network's STX Token Spikes 50% as 'Ordinals' Boom
Stack Network is a Bitcoin layer 2 for smart contracts aimed at unleashing the world's oldest blockchain's potential as a programmable platform.
98 days ago cryptodaily
Happy Holidays for the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 Winners
Geneva, Switzerland, 16th December, 2022, ChainwireThe winners of Season 3 of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 got an early holiday gift this Friday. The recipients of each of the 107 prizes being distributed for this season’s HackaTRON were announced. There were 1185 participants who formed 272 teams that submitted projects in one of six tracks: Web3, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, Ecosystem, and TRON Academy. Season 3 submissions began on September 20 and ended on November 14. The judging period lasted from November 29 to December 12. In addition, a second group was chosen by Hackathon participants who were active in the TRON DAO Forum. That voting period lasted from November 29 to December 4. Then, the winners of both groups were announced on December 16. The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 winners selected by our judges are: Web3 1st Prize (60K): OpenATM 2nd Prize (50K): Journey by Tron Magicians 3rd Prize (40K): Hextopus 4th Prize (30K): JustPush by Team Push 5th Prize (20K): Falt by Renaissance Labs DeFi 1st Prize (60K): Meson-To by Meson Team 2nd Prize (50K): Bunny Notes by StrawberryChocolateFudge 3rd Prize (40K): Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers 4th Prize (30K): Elk-Finance by Team Elk 5th Prize (20K): goStables by goStables Team NFT 1st Prize (60K): Lazara 2nd Prize (50K): The TREE Token by The TREE Foundation 3rd Prize (40K): Artbeat by 4thfloor 4th Prize (30K): Fractron 5th Prize (20K): Metastore by Void GameFi 1st Prize (60K): Galaxy Throne 2nd Prize (50K): TuruVerse by TuruGlobal 3rd Prize (40K): 4th Prize (30K): Zombieland by Team Zombie 5th Prize (20K): Mushroom by 0xCatbox The Ecosystem Track was split into two categories – technical and creative. Ten total Ecosystem winners were selected with five from each category and the same prize structure for both. Ecosystem (Technical) 1st Prize (15K): WaveData 2nd Prize (12.5K): Tronql 3rd Prize (10K): Paylock 4th Prize (7.5K): GETO.Finance 5th Prize (5K): Interpool by Irruption Lab Ecosystem (Creative) 1st Prize (15K): B4B.World 2nd Prize (12.5K): Road Incident Predictor 3rd Prize (10K): MetaVote Poll by Raph Strategy 4th Prize (7.5K): Xeat by BatamPride 5th Prize (5K): Nature Foretold All projects whose team members participated in the TRON DAO Forum were eligible to vote in the peer evaluated selection of winners. The TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3 winners selected by the TRON DAO Forum are: Web3 1st Prize (10K): TronHub by TronNinjas 2nd Prize (9K): dCloud by cctechmx 3rd Prize (8K): Oracula 4th Prize (7K): TsTron by Sterliakov 5th Prize (6K): Web3-scheduler by tokeniz DeFi 1st Prize (10K): T-Boost by USTX 2nd Prize (9K): Synergy by 3rd Prize (8K): Inheritokens by Team Tokinhers 4th Prize (7K): Garble.Money by GoblinLab 5th Prize (6K): TRON unlimited Oracle by RedStone NFT 1st Prize (10K): Fuzzy Ocean 2nd Prize (9K): Fractron 3rd Prize (8K): Lazara 4th Prize (7K): TBlocks 5th Prize (6K): PalmT by JustRug GameFi 1st Prize (10K): Turuverse by TuruGlobal 2nd Prize (9K): 3rd Prize (8K): Zombieland by Team Zombie 4th Prize (7K): Mushroom by OxCatBox 5th Prize (6K): Galaxy Throne Ecosystem 1st Prize (10K): InterPool by Irruption Lab 2nd Prize (9K): NatureForetold 3rd Prize (8K): MetaVotePoll by Raph Strategy 4th Prize (7K): Snake Bite by Team Hero 5th Prize (6K): Shatranj by Web23 The TRON Academy Track was new this season and involved a face-to-face competition called the “Hacker House.” That portion of the Season 3 HackaTRON was held in person on the campus of Harvard University during the weekend of November 12–13, 2022. Two categories of winners were selected – technical and non-technical. The winners were: TRON Academy Technical 1st Prize (15K): Pneumatic 2nd Prize (10K): Keystream 3rd Prize (9K): DeForms 4th Prize (8K): GroupBy 5th Prize (7K): Dazzle 1st Runner Up (5K): Groot Club 2nd Runner Up (5K): Level 3rd Runner Up (5K): ECO Honorable Mention (500): PLedger Honorable Mention (500): Bountiful Honorable Mention (500): Fawna Honorable Mention (500): CRUD Honorable Mention (500): EduBloc Honorable Mention (500): EcoRypto Honorable Mention (500): FoodPrint Honorable Mention (500): JustPass Honorable Mention (500): TicketTRON Honorable Mention (500): Tronify TRON Academy Non-Technical 1st Prize (2K): LSP (Tron: Legacy) 2nd Prize (1K): SuperSets 3rd Prize (500): Arcus 1st Runner Up (250): DeTrove 2nd Runner Up (250): Axies 3rd Runner Up (250): BWS 4th Runner Up (250): Autonoma 5th Runner Up (250): Imperia 6th Runner Up (250): Compute Allocation TRON Academy Community Forum Winners 1st Prize (5K): Tronify 2nd Prize (4K): Project PLedger by Muffin 3rd Prize (3K): VooDoo Finance by Elvolution 4th Prize (2K): GreenDAO 5th Prize (1K): StackChain by Team Chain There were three additional bonus prizes given for Season 3: The Devpost Community Prize of $1,000, which was determined by popular choice voting on Devpost by Devpost community members. WINNER: Elk Finance The Project Engagement Prize of $5,000, which was determined by the TRON DAO team based on how well a project engaged on the TRON DAO Forum. WINNER: TRONJoy The Community Contributor Prize of $5,000, which was determined by the TRON DAO team based on an individual’s valuable contributions during the hackathon. This prize was distributed in $500 increments to ten individuals who did not win another prize. WINNERS: antonio, constantinpricope201, Deba215, Fabsltsa, H_P, Hirangi, Nana66419, Prince-Onscolo, Simon, strxfinance On December 20th 2022, TRON DAO leaders will hold their monthly Community Call and this month’s focus is the Hackathon and its winners. It’s a chance to congratulate all of the winners for their hard work and innovative ideas, which made this season’s HackaTRON one the best yet. “From cutting-edge solutions to real-world applications, the projects developed during this Hackathon demonstrated the true potential of blockchain technology,” one TRON DAO team member noted. TRON DAO strives to empower blockchain projects in alignment with its vision of building a decentralized web. The TRON Grand Hackathon is one essential approach toward that goal. CONGRATULATIONS to the winners of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 3! Many thanks to all of the participants, judges, and sponsors who made Season 3 of the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 such a huge success. We can't wait to see the innovations developed in the 2023 Hackathon. Stay in the know about the upcoming TRON Grand Hackathon Season 4 in 2023 by following the official social media outlets of TRON DAO on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, Discord, Reddit, and GitHub. Be sure to subscribe to the Around the Block Podcast for insightful interviews and informative content. About TRON DAO TRON DAO is a community-governed DAO dedicated to accelerating the decentralization of the internet via blockchain technology and dApps. Founded in September 2017 by H.E. Justin Sun, the TRON network has continued to deliver impressive achievements since MainNet launch in May 2018. July 2018 also marked the ecosystem integration of BitTorrent, a pioneer in decentralized Web3 services boasting over 100 million monthly active users. The TRON network has gained incredible traction in recent years. As of December 2022, it has over 129 million total user accounts on the blockchain, more than 4.4 billion total transactions, and over $9.7 billion in total value locked (TVL), as reported on TRONSCAN. In addition, TRON hosts the largest circulating supply of USD Tether (USDT) stablecoin across the globe, overtaking USDT on Ethereum since April 2021. The TRON network completed full decentralization in December 2021 and is now a community-governed DAO. In May 2022, the over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin USDD was launched on the TRON blockchain, backed by the first-ever crypto reserve for the blockchain industry - TRON DAO Reserve, marking TRON's official entry into decentralized stablecoins. Most recently in October 2022, TRON was designated as the national blockchain for the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is the first time a major public blockchain partnering with a sovereign nation to develop its national blockchain infrastructure. On top of the government’s endorsement to issue Dominica Coin (“DMC”), a blockchain-based fan token to help promote Dominica’s global fanfare, seven existing TRON-based tokens - TRX, BTT, NFT, JST, USDD, USDT, TUSD, have been granted statutory status as authorized digital currency and medium of exchange in the country. TRONNetwork | TRONDAO | Twitter | YouTube | Telegram | Discord | Reddit | GitHub | Medium | ForumContactHayward [email protected]

About Stacks?

The live price of Stacks (STX) today is 0.99477 USD, and with the current circulating supply of Stacks at 1,367,673,243.75 STX, its market capitalization stands at 1,360,520,734 USD. In the last 24 hours STX price has moved -0.1458 USD or -0.13% while 105,957,103 USD worth of STX has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of STX puts it at #43 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the Stacks blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency STX and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

Stacks Price0.99477 USD
Market Rank#43
Market Cap1,360,520,734 USD
24h Volume104,195,086 USD
Circulating Supply1,367,673,243.75 STX
Max Supply1,818,000,000 STX
Yesterday's Market Cap1,389,115,868.15 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close1.1615 USD / 1.0157 USD
Yesterday's High / Low1.1731 USD / 0.984252 USD
Yesterday's Change
-0.13% ( 0.1458 USD )
Yesterday's Volume105,957,102.53 USD
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