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1h agozycrypto
ECB Reaffirms Its Focus On The Harmonization Of Crypto-Asset Regulations
The European Central Bank has restated its commitment to push for an all-around regulation on crypto assets to boost confidence in the financial system and protect consumers from nefarious players. In its latest communication, the Bank stated that it was committed to working closely with national supervisors to ensure a consistent approach to drafting crypto […]
1h agocoindesk
Canadian Bank Regulator Details Crypto Liquidity, Backing Rules
Canada joins U.S., European central banks in explaining how their supervised entities can engage with crypto.
7h agocryptodaily
GazeTV Launches Phase 2 “Gazer-lization”
Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 19th August, 2022, ChainwireGazeTV announces today the launch of its Phase 2, dubbed “Gazer-lization”, a new phase of the GazeTV project emphasizing peer-to-peer interaction, social networking, and content discovery. Last year, GazeTV was first launched with Phase 1 GazeAge. While GazeAge primarily focuses on the video aspect, the emerging GAZE tokenized ecosystem has proven to be a solid way of not only embracing content creation but also connecting content creators and their audiences to support and interact directly with each other. Harnessing the power of blockchain technology, the built-in reward mechanism plays a significant role in supporting the GAZE ecosystem, where the Upload Reward Pool allows content creators to build their content economy and the Engagement Reward Pool promotes user engagement on the platform. Upcoming in Phase 2 Gazer-lization, we are taking the GAZE tokenized ecosystem to the next level, turning GazeTV into an all-rounded social entertainment platform. While the reward mechanism remains, a lot more new features will be introduced in Gazer-lization to achieve the ultimate goal - bringing the Gazer community closer. In Gazer-lization, our primary focus is no longer just on videos but on social and entertainment as a whole. After nearly a year of preparation and features development (see GazeTV’s milestone), new functions such as live streaming, social networking, referrals, P2P transfer, and voucher system will be rolling out altogether in this phase. New Features at a Glance Social Networking Space - Interaction and connection between Gazers can now be more direct and instant. The “Zone” section allows Gazers to express themselves and connect with other Gazers who share the same interests. This will enable creators to reach out to their fans and vice versa. Once the users add each other as Zonemate, they may view each other’s updates at the Zone and perform live chatting. Stay connected. Live Stream - This long-awaited new feature will soon be available on GazeTV. Live streaming makes the interaction between content creators and audiences happen in real-time. Creators can host public or private live streams for multiple purposes, from streaming a music show, an event or just casually chatting with fans. Private live streams allow creators to control the audience capacity and set the ticket price. To make streaming more entertaining, GazeTV live stream involves participated features, such as fun sharing and super chat, for audiences to get involved in the live stream more than just watching. Creators receive revenue from ticket sales and Super Chat purchases. User Tier - GazeTV introduces multiple levels of user tiers to encourage on-platform user engagement. User tier involves four levels, from GazeBie, GazeSeed, GazeTank to GazeStar. As the user level goes up, Gazers can enjoy increased incentives and privileges, including additional rewards on content revenue, access to more social features, free vouchers, and more. Referrals - In this new phase, GazeTV provides an alternative revenue stream for every Gazer, from content contribution and engagement. By referring family and friends to join GazeTV, Gazers can earn referral rewards for every successful referral. Rewards are uncapped. The more referrals the user makes, the more referral rewards they can get. Extra incentives are distributed to referrers once the referee completes the required tasks. Channel Membership Subscription - A membership subscription on GazeTV lets content creators publish their member-exclusive content on their channel. Creators can set the pricing on the channel membership to ensure a steady income on content monetization. This feature does not require any qualification. Every creator is eligible to activate the channel membership. P2P Transfer - GazeTV offers on-platform transfer for Gazers to send and receive GAZE instantly with no fees. Gazers can send GAZE to their Zonemates directly without leaving the platform with a few clicks. Every transaction is recorded and protected on the blockchain. Gazepon - Gazepon is the voucher system on GazeTV for Gazers to redeem exclusive offers on the platform. Gazepons distributed by GazeTV or Creator offers different discount rates, which can be applied to ticket sales, content transactions, and more. At the Gazepon center, it lists all the available and valid Gazepons. Gazers can grab and save the Gazepon of their choice on a first-come-first-served basis. MetaMask Integration - For crypto-savvy users, GazeTV makes everything easier for them. Once the users have their MetaMask wallet connected to their GazeTV account, they can conduct platform transactions, such as P2P transfers, deposits, withdrawals, and balance check, directly from the MetaMask wallet on the GazeTV platform. The wallet connection works as a hybrid model consisting of both decentralized and centralized exchange transaction flow. Regardless of the roles, from a content creator, a regular user, or just an affiliate, Gazer-lization provides the best possible social entertainment experience. In terms of content monetization, Gazer-lization empowers content creators to build and expand their content economy in multiple channels. In addition to the existing content upload reward mechanism, where creators are awarded GAZE tokens based on the duration of their uploaded content, creators can monetize their content through live streaming, content transaction on a single video or collection purchase, channel membership subscription, or direct support from audiences. As for users, GazeTV serves as an ideal space for them to socialize, express themselves, and stay connected with their favorite creators or loved ones. Users are incentivized based on the platform's level of engagement and involvement. Those interested in starting their Gazer journey can sign up at Refer to the User Guide for tips to get started with GazeTV. About GazeTV is a revolutionary new social networking and entertainment platform that combines the best of Web 3.0 and blockchain technologies to deliver a community-owned and socially conscious experience that empowers content creators and incentivizes users. Powered by the GAZE tokenized ecosystem and its emerging DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance structure - The GazeTV Foundation - GazeTV utilizes built-in tokenomic incentives and reward functions for interacting and growing its community like never before. GazeTV Dapp: Foundation Site: For more information, visit: Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Instagram | Medium | [email protected]
1 day agocryptodaily
Draper Dragon: Bullish on Web3 projects like IoTeX and MachineFi
Kavan Canekeratne, Draper Dragon Senior Associate, whose company is significantly bullish on Web3 projects like IoTeX and its MachineFi vision, said his investment firm believes many projects have failed tokenomics and should focus on making them sustainable. Web3 is here to stay. We've heard this phrase before, mainly when crypto advocates speak of the future of blockchain and digital assets. And there is evidence to support that it is true. Eleven months ago, a Bitcoinist report revealed that institutional investors owned 8% of the total supply of bitcoin. Late last year, according to a Reuters report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) conceded that "crypto assets are potentially changing the international monetary and final system in profound ways." On 26 April this year, Bitstamp published a survey showing that 80% of institutional investors believe crypto as an asset class will surpass traditional investment tools in the next decade. The same study, covered by Euronews in an 11 May 2022 article, indicates that 88% of the 28,000 institutional investors interviewed believe crypto will go mainstream within the next decade. Draper Dragon launched in 2006, a couple of years before the bitcoin genesis. Its founders, Larry Li, Andy Tang, Bobby Chao, and multi-billionaire Tim Draper, initially invested in traditional tech firms from Silicon Valley, Toronto, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangalore. However, today, “we only invest in Web3 and companies that will bring the next wave of people into crypto,”said Kavan Canekeratne, Senior Draper Dragon Associate. He also said crypto projects should focus more on sustainable tokenomics. “Currently, very few products have this figured out but should focus more on this issue.” The Draper Dragon portfolio includes "unicorns" such as Microport Medical, Coinbase, Otter, VeChcain, IoTeX, and Ledger, a crypto hardware wallet provider, which just recently closed a $100 million funding round at a $1.5 billion valuation. Video insert: IoTeX to Enable Widespread Web3 Use: In Conversation with Kavan Canekeratne The next wave of people into crypto Draper Dragon has a dedicated digital asset fund that focuses on all things web3, explained the California-based company's Senior Associate Kavan Canekeratne. "We have four main tracks, which are infrastructure, where IoTeX and its MachineFi vision fits in, and NFTs, DeFi, and metaverse-gaming," he added." So, it's a pretty broad thesis within web3, but that's all in which we invest." He said that on the infrastructure side," we also invested in Ledger, which is one of the best selling cryptocurrency hardware wallets." "What we look for are companies that will help bring the next wave of people into the crypto economy," said Canekeratne. "And what I mean by that is that (web3) right now it's been built by developers for developers. So, how do we make it an ecosystem that's usable by everybody? And I think those will be the next great companies." In that sense, said Canekeratne, "IoTeX fits really well into what we are looking for but also just like an actual concrete use case for web3 and crypto because data is super important. Everybody is trying to figure out more ways to collect data. And then what we can do with that data and the insights are typically very powerful." Video insert: IoTeX Models Sustainable Demand & Tokenomics: Problem: Very few control consumer data "But today we're in a world where very, very few people control that data, whether it's consumer data, like our user behavior, or also for machines and how we're using them, and how they are used," the investment expert pointed out. And this is where IoTeX's MachineFi is significantly relevant. It is about empowering users and enabling their access to the data economy. "That's only going to grow in importance in the coming years," he said. In Canekeratne's opinion, IoTeX's MachineFi is a powerful proposition. "There is always going to be somebody looking for what you guys (IoTeX) are supplying," which is data. "And I believe that is a powerful ecosystem for users to get involved in," he said. The Draper Dragon Senior Associate spoke of one example where users could monetize weather sensors in their spare time thanks to IoTeX's technology and its MachineFi platform. "The weather data flow is fascinating because it is a pretty capital-intensive thing to do," he said. "Weather flow is a weather collecting sensor that could bring more users into the IoTeX ecosystem." How does MachineFi benefit users? MachineFi Lab is IoTeX's core developer. It has built the most cutting-edge technology to power all kinds of intelligent devices and machine networks and create the most groundbreaking web3 reward economy for the benefit of users. As Canekeratne said, currently, only tech firms benefit and profit from the billions of smart devices and machines connected to the internet. But with MachineFi technology, that will no longer be true as it decentralizes the intelligent machine connectivity with blockchain. It gives the user back control over their devices and their data. Today's data economy could mean up to $3,000 in extra cash each year for users, and currently, there are only about 20 billion devices connected to the internet. That value is expected to increase significantly by 2030, when IHS Markit estimates that people will have 125 billion IoT smart devices and machines. "For any MachineFi network to exist, you need adapters to grab the data, computing resources to process that data, a trusted way to serve the data, and a machine-friendly blockchain to power assets," he said. "And, of course, decentralized identities are indispensable." IoTeX has built the blockchain to decentralize the IoT, to democratize it so that users can profit from their data instead of the big corporations as is now the case. "We have built a fast, extremely low-cost, secure, and scalable multichain," Guo added. "IoTeX supports IoT-friendly crypto curves, SDKs, and bridges to connect other blockchain and blockchain assets. We are also close to releasing W3bstream for data streaming, gathering, and serving." W3bstream is poised to be one of the most advanced technologies to deal with machine data, Guo added. The conclusion in IoTeX's CEO's words "Web3 represents a significant paradigm shift that could fundamentally change how people interact with smart devices and machines and how IoT businesses work," said Chai. "MachineFi technology decentralizes the IoT and gives people and businesses back ownership. It returns data ownership to users unlocking rewards and benefits never seen before." Web3 comes with many challenges, and it is still at its early stages, but those who decide to get involved with it and, particularly with MachineFi, will reap the benefits it brings, Chai concluded.
1 day agocoindesk
Bitcoin Mining Hardware Firm Canaan Sees 'Prolonged Headwinds' After Challenging Quarter
Supercomputing services provider Canaan (CAN) said Q2 revenue increased by 53% from the year-earlier quarter, but warned of the downward pressure on its performance from the tougher market conditions in the quarters ahead.
2 days agocointelegraph
Fed adds a new layer of bureaucracy for US banks engaging in crypto asset activities
The U.S. Federal Reserve Board has issued new instructions for banks engaging in crypto asset activities that include running their plans past their Fed supervisor.
2 days agocryptodaily
FDIC Accused of Blocking Crypto Companies’ Access to Banks
Whistleblowers in Senator Pat Toomey’s office have accused the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) of stifling banks in their efforts to expand on crypto work. Federal regulators may have taken a step too far in their efforts to stop banks from working with cryptocurrency companies according to Republican Senator Pat Toomey. In a letter addressed to the Acting Chairman of the FDIC Martin Gruenberg, whistleblowers in Senator Toomey’s office have come forward to say that the FDIC “may be improperly taking action to deter banks from doing business with lawful cryptocurrency-related (crypto-related) companies.” The FDIC is one of the most important banking regulators in the U.S. and ensures retail customer deposits and supervises banks to establish their safety. According to the letter, the FDIC has asked member banks “requesting that they refrain from expanding relationships with crypto-related companies, without providing any legal basis for doing so.” The letter asks Gruenberg to account for these actions and to turn over documentation relating to the FDIC’s work with cryptocurrencies. The FDIC sent a letter in April directing all insured banks that do business, or are looking to do business with crypto firms to inform the agency of their actions. The regulator expressed concern “that crypto assets and crypto-related activities are rapidly evolving, and risks of this area are not well understood given the limited experience with these new activities.” Toomey says in the letter that one whistleblower reports that officials at the FDIF headquarters urged regional offices to downgrade their classification of one bank’s loan to a crypto firm. The letter continues to say that: It is my understanding that it is highly atypical for FDIC headquarters personnel to be involved in reviewing an individual loan. If reports are true that there was nothing unusual about this loan (other than that it was to a crypto-related company) and that the loan amount was too small to affect the bank’s supervisory rating even if it had to write off the entire loan, this episode raises important questions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agozycrypto
Ripple Case May Have Just Exposed SEC’s Shortcomings As XRP Outlook Flips To ‘Super Bullish’
Ripple Labs appears to be seeing the bright side of the ongoing lawsuit with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
2 days agocryptodaily
Ripple Targets Japan-Thailand Remittance Corridor
In a new partnership with SBI Remit, Ripple Net has launched a remittance payment service for the Japan-Thailand corridor. Ripple Partners With Japan’s Largest Payment Provider The Ripple-SBI Remit partnership will introduce RippleNet technology to Japanese-based Thai-origin workers who want to send money back home in a streamlined and cost-effective manner. Since SBI Remit is Japan’s largest payment provider, it will give Ripple access to a large pre-existing user base in the country. The Siam Commercial Bank will be handling the Thai end of the venture. Speaking on the partnership, Nobuo Ando, Representative Director at SBI Remit, commented, “It is our duty to continuously search for superior technological solutions to deliver ever improving remittance services for our customers. With the steady rise of remittance flows, we see Ripple helping us open up new revenue potential for our business and a better overall experience for our customers.” RippleNet To Make Remittance Payments Easier Currently, there are around 47,000 Thai nationals living and working in Japan who send money home on a regular basis. The introduction of the RippleNet technology to this significant userbase will allow real-time remittance payments to Thailand. Thanks to the technology, SBI Remit’s customers in Japan can use ATMs to send money in Japanese yen to an SCB savings account in Thailand. The recipient will receive the funds instantly and in Thai bahts. The service will eliminate the need for any intermediate agency or individual. The Global Ripple Effect The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has been a prime target of crypto services because of its rapid rise to prominence in the crypto market. In addition, the new pro-digital asset rules in the region have made it a very lucrative market for companies like Ripple Labs, which has been on a roll of bringing crypto-based payment services around the globe. The company and its proprietary RippleNet technologies have been especially targeting the major remittance corridors in the world. Just last year, Ripple worked with cross-border payment solutions company, Tranglo to address customer demand issues in the existing payment corridors in the APAC region. A few months later, it partnered with financial services provider LuLu Exchange and a leading Pakistani bank, Bank Alfalah, to introduce the RippleNet platform to enhance the cross-border remittance corridor along UAE and Pakistan. The company has also launched the first of its kind On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) service in the Middle East in partnership with blockchain-based financial services technology company Pyypl. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days agocryptodaily
400% Growth in Bear Market, MDB Launch Xenia with Superb Results
There has been a degree of uncertainty within the cryptocurrency realm as of late, with the current bear market seeing Bitcoin tumble from over $68,000 in November 2021 to lows below $20,000 this summer during this crypto winter. The market overall has been a difficult one, with many cryptocurrencies taking a hit. This is mirrored in the general markets too, with ‘fear’ by far outweighing ‘greed’. The sensational crash of Terra Luna saw many moving away from top 10 cryptocurrencies and finding new places to invest their assets. That hasn’t stopped MDB, or Make DeFi Better, however. Currently outperforming ‘fiat’ investments strategies such as the DOW, NASDAQ and the S&P 500, along with top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Polkadot, MDB has seen a huge price boom in the last couple of months, with a 400% rise in the last month. MDB has been the top performer during this bear market. As of today, the price has hit an all-time high for several consecutive days in a row. Following the current trend, predictions suggest MDB will continue sky rocketing, up 200% again in the coming weeks. When you compare the chart of BTC to MDB, the bucking of the trend is both staggering and completely clear. MDB have just launched Xenia, their dApp and staking/farming platform, and have also announced that they are due to launch the newest token in their ecosystem, Infinity, next month. So far we know that Infinity will operate on the Binance Smart Chain, and there are two confirmed key industry partners so far. More information is due to be released in the coming days. MDB operates in a relatively similar fashion to a more traditional hedge fund, with an investment (currently sitting at over $2million - up $500,000 in just 3 months) backing the project, of which the yields are directly used to grow the fund and benefit holders. The method is working, with the price appreciation significant, particularly in the so-called ‘crypto winter’. Buying MDB offers exposure to a wide range of cryptocurrency investment strategies, currently managed by experts within the field, with less risk. Cryptocurrency experts have praised MDB for the strategy, adding that the proof is clear in the performance of the token itself. MDB also offers the option to earn additional passive income by staking or farming tokens, as well as a BUSD backed stable token offering currently offering over 50% APY, on a token that cannot go down in value. There’s something available for all investment and risk appetites - from 400% growth to 50% APY on stable coins. With a relatively low market cap that’s sitting around $9million, experts feel the current price is still low and predict the huge growth curve of MDB to continue throughout 2022 and into 2023. Website: Twitter: Discord: Telegram:
3 days agocoindesk
Fed Reminds Banks to Check for Legal Permissibility Before Offering Crypto-Related Services
The Federal Reserve published an open letter Tuesday, signed by Director of Supervision and Regulation Michael Gibson and Director of Consumer and Community Affairs Eric Belsky, directing Fed-supervised banks to make sure they check that any crypto-related activities they want to undertake are legally allowed first.
3 days agocryptodaily
Emergents TCG Bursts Onto The Trading Card Scene Super Rare NFTs
Image source: InterPop The next great trading card game, Emergents TCG, is launching its public beta today and it’s giving fans of the genre lots of reasons to be excited. Not only does the game bring an entirely new economic model to the digital trading card game space, but the cards themselves feature stunning visual art from some of the best artists within the InterPop comic book universe. Emergents TCG is a unique digital trading card game that lives on the Tezos blockchain and is based on the popular InterPops comic book series titles, including The Nine, Emergents Presents, #ZOEMG, The Abyss, and The Rejects. It makes use of non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, that represent each card, giving players a way to actually own their cards. The game has been under development since 2018 and is based on a free-to-play model, with players able to obtain a set of “free” cards and upgrade their decks by purchasing additional cards each week. It’s not an entirely new model as similar games have appeared on the blockchain before, but where Emergents TCG differs is with its promised ease-of-use. Users won’t need to create a digital wallet, nor will they need to know how one works. They won’t even have to buy cryptocurrency, as Emergents will accept payment in both fiat and XTZ, the native token of the Tezos blockchain. The game is aiming to take on the likes of Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon, with the main difference being it will live in the digital realm. Trading will remain an important aspect of the game, with players able to buy and sell cards on various NFT marketplaces. Some, of course, will be much rarer and more valuable than others, adding to the excitement. For instance, Emergents TCG has already launched a batch of highly exclusive cards through its Super Booster packs, which are on sale now to coincide with the launch of its public beta. These packs are said to include at least 6 NFT cards of varying levels of rarity. Buyers are guaranteed to get their hands on at least one Rare Super Booster Exclusive NFT card and at least 4 Super-Booster Exclusive NFT Cards. They’ll also obtain a Player Avatar NFT and a digital NFT comic book that’s available to read on the InterPop Comics site. Those who’re willing to spend more can obtain a Rare Super Booster pack that contains at least one Epic Super Booster Exclusive NFT Card and up to 3 Rare Super Booster Exclusive NFT Cards, plus two player avatars and comic books. Moreover, there are just eight Epic Super Booster packs going on sale via auction, which are guaranteed to include at least one first-minted, edition of one, Super Booster Exclusive NFT cards (these will be incredibly rare) and also an original Scot Kolins Comic Art NFT that can be redeemed for a physical comic. Each of these NFTs represents a specific, physical piece of art by Scott Kolins from Interpop’s comic book series, and can be redeemed for the actual IRL art, which will be then shipped to the user who redeemed the NFT. What’s more, all of the NFT cards in the Super Booster packs will feature art that cannot be found on any of the standard Emergents TCG card packs that are currently on sale. The packs are ready to open, and the cards can be played the moment players get their hands on them. Pro trading game player Corey Burkhart liked Emergents TCG to working on a puzzle, only one where players lack all of the available pieces. As a result, they’ll have to work hard to keep getting those pieces to put the puzzle together. “The cards as you design them make up the individual puzzle pieces, but you quickly notice, there's not just 1 solution to the puzzle,” Brukhart said. “It's a constant learning adventure, challenging what you think you know and what you expect, and growing both who you are and the game you're putting together. And that's what we're doing with Emergents. We've challenge the status quo on how a turn works.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
3 days agocryptodaily
Understanding P2E Gaming on Solana Blockchain With Oren Langberg
Over the past couple of years, the gaming space on the blockchain has grown exceptionally as the world became aware of the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the rise of play-to-earn games. MonkeyLeague is one of the rising blockchain games in the space, providing an AAA-quality web3 soccer game that allows users to have fun while earning passive income. Today, we are joined by Oren Langberg, Uncaged Studios Head of Marketing & Partnerships, to discuss the game, the Solana blockchain, the current state of the market and much more. Hello Oren Langberg, welcome and thank you for joining us today. First off, could you tell us about yourself, MonkeyLeague, and a little background on how and why your team started the project? Thank you for having me and sure! I am a lifelong gamer who has worked in various startups and listed companies over the last 15 years and as employee #2 at MonkeyLeague, have been here for nearly a year. Simply, MonkeyLeague is an AAA-quality web3 soccer game that’s easy to learn yet hard to master. Build your dream team of MonkeyPlayer digital assets, play matches against real people, win tournaments, and climb the ranks! First, our founders saw the unprecedented utility and benefits blockchain provides gaming as it enables a more decentralized approach to games that empowers players. This means, instead of sole ownership of assets, content, and revenues lying with the game developers, blockchain gaming allows players to own their game assets, improve them, trade or sell them because they hold value outside of the game. In addition, blockchain allows for an in-game digital currency that also holds value outside of the game to be used for transactions inside the game ecosystem and claimed as earnings for winning matches and tournaments. Having said that, the rise of play-to-earn gaming led to a lot of low-production value games that relied solely on earning as the primary incentive to play and strayed away from the core purpose of gaming, fun-first entertainment. What separates MonkeyLeague from its competition in NFT esports gaming? What separates us is our team, partners, backers, and vision, the production value, the development of sustainable game economies, our franchise of fun-first sports games that will leverage the same game assets, the use of soul-bound tokens, and much more. MonkeyLeague, and our studio UnCaged, is leading the pack with high production value and fun-first gaming. Currently, with 45 people, our studio team is one of the deepest in web3 gaming with over 100 years of combined experience designing and developing top-quality gaming experiences. The launch of MonkeyLeague was a big deal in the Web3 gaming industry at launch. The connection to football opens the blockchain gaming world to over 3 billion soccer (football) fans. Is this the market that MonkeyLeague targets and how will the game compete with current console-based football games such as FIFA and eFootball? We aim to develop high production value, super fun games that have mass adoption potential that also fill a huge void in the market. In the end, our games are casual - they won’t compete with games like FIFA or NBA Live. MonkeyLeague has been a part of OpenSea’s Beta on Solana, a thrilling aspect admittedly. Could you explain why launching your NFTs on Solana was a crucial part of your team? And how does this impact the gamers? With MonkeyLeague being the most anticipated web3 sports game on the planet, there’s no doubt that MonkeyLeague MonkeyPlayers are one of the most popular NFTs on Solana from both a collectible and utility perspective.Solana is a powerful blockchain with a top-tier team that represents the foundation of the future of web3 gaming. Their infrastructure, speed and flexibility for developers, not to mention their ecosystem made it a clear choice for us. The long-term plan is, of course, to be chain agnostic because in the end with MonkeyLeague you have the game off-chain and the economy, game assets, and other infrastructure on the chain. What are your thoughts on the Solana-based NFTs, could the blockchain challenge Ethereum’s dominance in the near future? We definitely believe in Solana and where it’s headed. They have the team, product, and vision to really take blockchain infrastructure and technology to the next level and beyond. We are proud to work closely with them. If yes, how long do you think it will take Solana to outshine Ethereum? It’s hard to say but what I do know is that they have a deep team, deep philosophy and vision for web3, and are super proactive about being innovative and delivering. There have been several Solana blockchain outages in the past. How does this affect MonkeyLeague, and is it a trigger for concern? Being pioneers comes with its risks but I have full faith in the Solana network. In addition, we have a separation between the game itself and the web3 components which alleviates any potential issues. Away from MonkeyLeague for a bit. A rising number of gamers, especially among the millennials and Gen Z, are favouring esports as a career and play-to-earn games over traditional gaming. Do you see P2E esports gaming as the gateway to massive crypto adoption? I think the key to massive crypto adoption is high production value and fun first games. For web3 gaming to go mainstream it needs to build on top of the best of web2 games and then add blockchain components. In addition, it's a pretty substantial transition to expect web2 gamers to make just like that, i.e. trusting crypto and the volatility, opening a wallet, buying the digital currency and so on. Part of our strategy is to have a free-to-play version for people to play before they invest in digital game assets. And this speaks to the player trajectory within MonkeyLeague which lays out multiple ways to play MonkeyLeague. Players can play the free-to-play version but do not have the opportunity to earn or improve their NFT players. Owning at least one MonkeyPlayer asset opens the opportunity to earn and improve. Owning a full team brings extended benefits and so on. So, based on how serious or competitive they are, a player can follow multiple paths within MonkeyLeague. When it comes to opening the doors for esports, current web2 esports is typically for hardcore games like NFL Madden or League of Legends. As MonkeyLeague is a casual mid-core web3 sports game, it does open up the potential down the road for everyday people to become esports stars and reap tons of benefits and rewards from that including potential sponsorships. I’m yet to purchase any Monkey NFTs but have interacted with several Solana-based NFT communities, which were quite impressive. Could you explain to our readers how the MonkeyLeague communities and neighbourhood is? So first of all, with all the mistrust and lack of transparency in crypto, we made it a point from the beginning to create a super warm, transparent and communicative community. And we definitely accomplished that. The MonkeyTrain as we like to call it includes some of the most passionate people on the planet. People that see the vision, love the game and are with us for the journey 200%. It's a beautiful thing actually because our Discord community alone has over 80k people in it. People from across the globe, with different backgrounds, and cultures, speak different languages yet we are all united on this MonkeyTrain. Our community serves as the crux or the foundation of MonkeyLeague and we are humbled to have them. We have been in a bear market for months now and it seems to stay this way in the protracted future. How do you suppose NFTs, and MonkeyLeague in particular, will navigate the current bear market? Although many solid web3 projects suffered in the worst way from this crypto winter, in the grand scheme it's advancing the development of web3 much more quickly. Survivors will need to evolve and adapt. Gone are the days when a few people in their mom’s garage can create a low-quality 2D game and attach a simple earning mechanism and succeed. The future of web3 gaming will be high production value fun-first gaming with a balanced, skill-based rewards system. Same for NFTs, actually. Gone are the days when a random person can draw a stick figure, mint it as an NFT and sell it for millions. If it's a collectible art piece NFT, its value will derive more from the creator and its utility. For example, owning this awesome NFT piece also gives me access to x. When it comes to gaming, NFTs will have much more utility and while technically they will still be NFTs will be referred to more as digital assets. The key is utility. For MonkeyLeague, we are continuously providing more utility for our digital game assets, MonkeyPlayers, up until the game launch. What are the future targets for MonkeyLeague and what new development should gamers expect in the coming months? We have some really exciting milestones and features coming out over the next several months up until the game launch. We have Monkey Breeding season coming up towards the end of September, a Closed Alpha immediately after that, and a Closed Beta, all leading up to the full public game launch. During this time we have some crazy sports and brand partnerships we will release along the way. Any final words for the MonkeyLeague community? This is only the beginning… Oren Langberg is a graduate of business operations and has an MBA in strategic management from Bar Ilan University. He has previously worked as a Partner & Head of Marketing at M.E Care in Canada before transitioning to the tech world in 2012. Oren also spent time as the Co-Founder & Head of Marketing at ellee before becoming the head of marketing and partnership at Uncaged Studios, the developer of MonkeyLeague. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
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EU Mulling New AML Regulator To Oversee The Crypto Space
Significant Implications For Financial Institutions The crypto industry has been focused on the Markets in Crypto Assets regulation and the more controversial Transfer of Funds Regulation. However, these regulations are part of a much larger package of the EU’s new anti-money laundering (AML) policy, which is set to impact all financial institutions significantly. The regulatory body for cryptocurrencies is being created by the European Council, European Commission, and Parliament, which will have complete authority over the sector. The European Commission released its proposal for the Sixth Directive AML/CFT last July, while the European Council only released its version of the proposal only last month. The European Parliament will take it up after the August break. Once it passes its bill version, it will enter into negotiations with the European Council and European Commission. A New Regulatory Body At its center, the new legislation has the creation of a new, EU-wide regulator for anti-money laundering. While the regulatory bodies still have to negotiate and reach common ground, there seems to be little disagreement between them about the need for such a regulator. There is also agreement that the new regulator should have direct and complete oversight over crypto and crypto asset providers operating in the European Union. The European Parliament has been aggressively pushing for the regulation of crypto. As a result, it is doubtful the body would oppose any future regulator or regulatory body’s complete supervision over the industry. The new regulator, called the “Anti-Money Laundering Authority” or “AMLA,” will look to monitor high-risk crypto firms. This differs from previous money laundering regulations that only provided the framework for EU nations to gather and share information. According to a parliamentary briefing, the new system has been described as follows, “EU-level supervision consisting of a hub and spoke model – i.e., supervisor at the EU level competent for direct supervision of certain financial institutions (FIs), indirect supervision/coordination of the other FIs, and a coordination role for supervising the non-financial sector as a first step.” A Strict Approach To Crypto The European Union has taken a no-nonsense approach to crypto laws. The European Parliament had recently voted in support of anti-anonymity regulations designed to significantly increase the cost and difficulty of transactions between unhosted wallets and exchanges, making them nearly impossible. Furthermore, even if a law to completely ban Proof-of-Work mining was defeated by the legislative body, the European Central Bank believes such a ban would eventually occur thanks to growing environmental concerns. For the EU, creating a global organization marks a significant change. Previous AML directives required that member countries gather and make available required data, such as details about the beneficial ownership of corporations. Implementing the new regulations will depend on the pace of negotiations between the European Parliament, Commission, and Council, and it could be years before the regulations are fully implemented. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Rewards Associated With FreeWoly Exceeds The Benefits Of Solana And Cardano
Cryptocurrency projects stimulate users' prowess through features such as staking and gaming. The new proof-of-stake (PoS) protocols and Decentralised Finance (DeFi) platforms allow participants to earn passive income with their digital assets. Moreover, traders now find engaging in the traditional games and their centralised online system uneconomical. New crypto projects such as FreeWoly (FWOLY) offer ways to explore the gaming world and earn money using blockchain technology. What Is FreeWoly (FWO) About? FreeWoly (FWOLY) is an exciting meme coin project with realistic gaming features and fascinating earning opportunities. Its designs are interactive, exciting, and seamless when processing earnings. The FreeWoly ecosystem is supported by the FWOLY coin and uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Like FarmVille, FreeWoly is a game that revolves around farming operations. It allows players to assume the role of a cyber animal who caters to the farm's operations. To get FWOLY coins, players must navigate the outside world and manage the farm. The augmented reality technology provides token holders a balanced environment that merges physical and virtual worlds. The FWOLY coins show a lot of outstanding market potential. Speculations reveal that the market value of AR games will grow at a CAGR of $21.98; by 2028, its price will hit over the $30 billion mark. Augmented reality systems' effect on games like Pokémon Go and its success is convincing conditions to accept the FreeWoly predictions. With this system, Pokémon Go generated over $580 million in its first year, with annual revenue of $917 million since its release in 2016. In addition, FreeWoly animals are mintable NFTs (non-fungible tokens) that offer fantastic trading opportunities for all holders in the ecosystem. Another profitable option in the game is the exchange of farms to get the FWOLY tokens. How Is The FreeWoly (FWOLY) Ecosystem Superior to Solana (SOL)? Solana (SOL) is a high-performance crypto project that supports smart contracts and accepts a wide range of decentralised applications (dApps). It operates on the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, and it carries out effectively timed transactions. However, although SOL is interoperable and extremely fast, its use in the gaming sector is imprudent. Solana’s network comprises a complicated distribution and emission schedule, making it unsuitable for new gamers. Moreover, Solana’s supply circulation is often disrupted by the distribution model. On the other hand, the FreeWoly network offers an ecosystem with simple navigations and readable sections. Players can easily understand its gameplay, win FWO coins, and trade with them in the gaming community. The Edge Of The FreeWoly (FWOLY) Over Cardano (ADA) Investing in Cardano (ADA) offers people several staking and trading benefits. First, it is a decentralised blockchain platform that operates smart contracts and proof-of-stake algorithms. Of course, the implementation of Cardano provides a reliable blockchain system, but its reliance on the ADA connection is discouraging. Numerous people believe that the increase in its price and the optimistic speculations are because ADA tokens are staked. Therefore, the price increase is due to high demand and low supply, not because of good prospects. However, FreeWoly has a token collection of nine hundred million with a listing price of $0.05, making investment affordable and beneficial. Furthermore, players of FreeWoly can earn a substantial amount of FWO coins and have fun with the creative and innovative metaverse game. Final Thoughts FreeWoly is a platform where users or gamers enjoy immersive and innovative game features. This play-to-earn (P2E) game allows people to win the FWOLY tokens easily, utilise NFTs and make profitable exchanges. Although Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) are creditable decentralised blockchain platforms with quick transactions, the FWO coins show a significant gaming edge. Therefore, users of the FreeWoly community will enjoy unmatched seamless navigation and a profitable gaming experience. For more information, visit: FreeWoly (FWO) Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release, and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice
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Bitcoin Washout Is Over, Analysts Say
Is the Bitcoin washout (a.k.a. dump) over? These analysts think so.  Covered: Bitcoin Washout Supercycle In Full Swing Bitcoin Washout Bitcoin is doing better lately, but as some have pointed out, not everyone is ready to dive back in. The hesitancy is understandable. A lot of pundits are calling for another leg down before Bitcoin […] The post Bitcoin Washout Is Over, Analysts Say appeared first on CryptosRus.
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Jito Labs Raises $10M from Multicoin Capital and Framework Ventures to Build Performant MEV Infrastructure For Solana
Austin, TX, United States, 11th August, 2022, Chainwire Jito Labs, an MEV infrastructure company building performant systems to scale Solana, has completed a $10M Series A. The round was led by Multicoin Capital and Framework Ventures with participation from Alameda Research, Solana Ventures, Delphi Digital, MGNR, Robot Ventures, and 18decimal. Notable angels Anatoly Yakovenko, Brian Long, Armani Ferrante, Austin Federa, Edgar Pavlovsky, and Nitesh Nath also participated. The Series A brings the company's total financing to $12.1M. Jito Labs will use the capital for recruitment and product development and to support the first third-party validator client for Solana, Jito-Solana. This is expected to open source later this month pending the completion of a Neodyme audit. Jito Labs is developing a suite of trading and validator tools that make MEV more democratic and accessible to traders and validators on the Solana network. Jito-Solana helps node operators earn more revenue and better utilize their hardware. It also features the first native spam-mitigation system for Solana, which helps improve network reliability. Jito-Solana also interfaces with Jito’s Block Engine, a proprietary system designed to build the most profitable and efficient blocks for the network. “Solana is built by the most talented team in the space, but trading bots spamming transactions has resulted in a degraded experience for users and traders. The tooling we’re building at Jito will help Solana scale to support millions of users,” said Lucas, co-founder of Jito Labs. “We are backed by some of the most strategic investors in the Solana ecosystem and are thankful for their support, and the warm welcome from the Solana community.” “Jito is a very capable, super technical team that is putting their efforts into optimizing a Solana validator client for MEV, which is a critical use-case for the long-term health of the network," said Anatoly Yakovenko, CEO, Solana Labs. In addition to validator software, Jito Labs develops tools for traders that are symbiotic with its infrastructure. Jito Bundles, which are similar to Flashbot Bundles on Ethereum, represent groups of transactions that are bundled together and executed in the order they are submitted by traders. Bundles improve liquidity, trading execution and network stability by circumventing expensive priority fee auctions and guaranteeing sequential, all-or-nothing execution. Applications on Solana can leverage Jito’s Bundles to improve the UX around sending multiple transactions. Jito Labs also makes two additional trading tools: a priority mempool, which enables traders to see transactions at the speed they arrive on the network, and ShredStream, which provides low-latency access to shreds from leaders running the Jito-Solana client. Collectively, these tools give searchers and traders the ability to capture arbitrage opportunities and execute trades more efficiently without degrading network performance. “Jito Labs is one of the most important companies in the Solana ecosystem. They are building critical infrastructure that improves network performance and decentralization while maximizing profits for validators around the world. Jito-Solana is a competitive advantage for validators, and an important decentralization milestone for the network,” said Tushar Jain, Managing Partner, Multicoin Capital. Validators that run Jito-Solana are eligible to earn tips from searchers and traders using Jito Bundles to submit transactions to the network. They can also access MEV insights through the Jito MEV Dashboard. About Jito Labs Jito Labs is an MEV infrastructure company that is building high-performance systems to scale Solana and maximize validator rewards. Jito-Solana, the first fully open-source, third-party validator client developed for the Solana blockchain, is a better way to earn more revenue and utilize hardware. Jito Labs’s trading tools are free for use by traders and validators. Learn more: Labs [email protected]
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Ether supera los $1.9K mientras Ethereum realiza el último ensayo de fusión
El optimismo sobre el merge ha hecho que la criptomoneda suba 60% en cuatro semanas.
11 days agozycrypto
Bitcoin Races Towards $25,000 As Traders Remain Super Bullish On Cardano, Polkadot, Solana
After a solid monthly close in July, Bitcoin bulls seem to be back in action, determined to push the price towards $25,000 despite various macro uncertainties clamping down volatility.
15 days agocoindesk
First Mover Americas: Bitcoin Unbothered by Bank of England's Super-Size Interest-Rate Hike
The latest price moves in bitcoin (BTC) and crypto markets in context for August 4, 2022.
15 days agocoindesk
Huge Traders Remain Super Bullish on Bitcoin Despite Crypto Carnage
A big player in professional finance says its trading partners see bitcoin rebounding to $32,000 this year.
17 days agocointelegraph
New York financial regulator fines Robinhood's crypto division $30M
“As its business grew, Robinhood Crypto failed to invest the proper resources and attention to develop and maintain a culture of compliance,” said superintendent Adrienne Harris.
18 days agocoindesk
Ether supera por primera vez a bitcoin en el mercado de opciones
La relación put-call de ether ha caído a un mínimo anual, lo que indica un impulso alcista, dijo Luuk Strijers de Deribit.
23 days agocoindesk
Regulador bancario de la UE dice que no consigue personal para supervisar la industria cripto
José Manuel Campa, presidente de la Autoridad Bancaria Europea, dijo al Financial Times que le preocupa que la agencia aún no tenga la capacidad de regular a los activos digitales.

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