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1 day ago zycrypto
Terra’s LUNA Sees Selloff Following Founder Do Kwon’s Arrest In Montenegro
Terra network’s native tokens dropped slightly amid reports of founder Do Kwon getting arrested in Montenegro on March 23.
1 day ago cryptodaily
Terraform Labs Co-Founder Do Kwon Arrested in Montenegro
Do Kwon, co-founder of Terraform Labs, has reportedly been arrested in Montenegro. Kwon has been on Interpol and South Korean authorities’ radar for his alleged involvement in the collapse of the Terra ecosystem. The Minister of the Interior of Montenegro, Filip Adzic, announced in a post that an individual suspected of being Do Kwon had been arrested in the Podgorica region on March 23. Following the announcement, local media outlet Vijesti confirmed that the Twitter account that posted the news belonged to the minister of interior of Montenegro. The person arrested was a South Korean national. Adzic tweeted: Montenegrin police have detained a person suspected of being one of the most wanted fugitives, South Korean citizen Do Kwon, co-founder and CEO of Singapore-based Terraform Labs. Kwon was reportedly detained at the Podgorica airport with falsified documents. The International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol) and South Korean authorities were on the hunt for Kwon for his alleged role in the collapse of the $40 billion Terra Luna (LUNC) and Terra USD (USDT) ecosystem in May 2022. Kwon became an internationally wanted man when Interpol issued a red notice on him in September. Interpol’s red notice came only weeks after a court in South Korea issued an arrest warrant for the founder, alleging that he violated the Capital Markets Act. Montenegro is geographically south of Serbia and shares a border with the Balkan nation. In December, it was reported that Kwon was hiding in Serbia. Serbia and South Korea do not share an extradition treaty. At the time, prosecutors indicated that Kwon fled to Dubai as a stopover after he exited Singapore. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day ago cointelegraph
Breaking: Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon reportedly arrested in Montenegro
The former blockchain executive is wanted by Interpol for his role in the $40 billion collapse of the Terra Luna ecosystem during May 2022.
2 days ago cryptopotato
Crypto Arena: Release Your Frustration and Fight for Rewards
Over the past 12 months, the financial markets, including the crypto and traditional finance sectors, encountered a series of catastrophic failures that left many investors scratching their heads and counting losses. For instance, more than $650 billion was wiped off the crypto market following the collapse of Terra/LUNA in May and the bankruptcy of the […]
5 days ago cryptopotato
21Shares Halts Several Crypto Products Citing Decreased Interest (Report)
The firm will supposedly close down five crypto ETPs and delist the 21Shares Terra Classic ETP (LUNA).
8 days ago cryptodaily
The 6 Best ICOs To Buy in 2023 - Top Presales March 2023
Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have become a popular way for cryptocurrency projects to raise funds and build a community of supporters. ICOs allow investors to purchase tokens in a new cryptocurrency project before it launches and join on the ground floor. Easily one of the best ways to build wealth in crypto.Here are the six best ICOs to buy in 2023 based on their potential for growth, utility, and community support. ● DigiToads (TOADS) ● Love Hate Inu (LHINU) ● Metacade (MCADE) ● Estate X (ESX) ● LunaOne (XLN) ● Sleep Care (SLEEP) DigiToads (TOADS)DigiToads (TOADS) is a utility meme coin that offers an exciting new approach to blockchain-based gaming and NFT staking. It has the potential to become one of the biggest meme tokens alongside the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Dogelon Mars.DigiToads has a strong focus on community, rewarding TOADS holders with regular airdrops and incentivizing participation through various means such as P2E gaming and NFT staking.One of the most exciting aspects of DigiToads is the inclusion of a thrilling new web3 game that allows players to collect, nurture, and battle unique DigiToads. The game provides an opportunity for players to earn TOADS tokens and even real money by ranking high on the leaderboard and winning rewards from the prize pool.In addition, 2% of every TOADS transaction goes into the staking pool, which is released to NFT holders who have decided to stake their NFTs at regular intervals. The longer an NFT is staked, the more the holder will earn in rewards.DigiToads has also made a pledge to support the environment by allocating 2.5% of profits to charities committed to replanting trees and preserving the rainforest. This reflects a growing trend in the crypto space of incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into project development.Overall, DigiToads offers a unique and exciting opportunity for crypto investors to participate in a fast-growing meme token that offers real utility and gaming features. With a strong focus on community, innovation and sustainability, DigiToads is poised to become one of the standout ICOs of 2023. USE CODE: FINTECH10 FOR 10% EXTRA TOKENS ON YOUR NEXT DIGITOADS PURCHASE >> Buy DigiToads Now << Love Hate Inu (LHINU)Love Hate Inu is a new cryptocurrency that offers a unique utility that goes beyond just trading and investing. It is a meme token that focuses on voting on important issues within its community. Users can stake LHINU tokens to vote on the issues that matter and earn rewards for doing so. The community can also create their own polls, allowing for a decentralized and democratic approach to decision-making.Love Hate Inu is built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, ensuring security and transparency for its users. With blockchain technology, all transactions and voting records are permanently stored on a public ledger, making them immutable and tamper-proof.The LHINU token is currently in its presale stage and plans to launch its staking and voting features in 2023. The team behind Love Hate Inu has a clear roadmap for the development of its platform, which includes the implementation of smart contracts for voting and the integration of additional features to enhance user experience.One of the main advantages of Love Hate Inu is its ability to provide a platform for democratic decision-making, where all users have an equal say in the direction of the community. This type of governance system is becoming increasingly popular in the cryptocurrency space, and Love Hate Inu aims to be at the forefront of this movement.Furthermore, Love Hate Inu is not just a project focused on governance. It is also a unique meme token that has the potential to become a popular choice among traders and investors. As with many meme tokens, the value of LHINU can fluctuate rapidly, making it a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for those who are willing to take on the risk.In summary, Love Hate Inu is a cryptocurrency that offers a unique utility in the form of a voting system based on blockchain technology. It aims to provide a secure and transparent platform for democratic decision-making, and its value as a meme token also makes it an attractive investment opportunity. With a clear roadmap and plans to launch its staking and voting features in 2023, Love Hate Inu is a project to keep an eye on in the coming year.Metacade (MCADE)Metacade (MCADE) is a new project by GameFi that has generated significant interest in the cryptocurrency world. It is a gaming platform built on blockchain technology that aims to provide multiple ways for users to generate income, build careers in Web3, and connect with the wider gaming community. The heart of the Metacadeecosystem, and one of its most valued components, is the play-to-earn (P2E) model, where users can earn rewards for participating in games and completing tasks on the platform.According to the project's whitepaper, Metacade will offer a range of games with different themes and styles, catering to a wide range of interests. Each game will have its own unique reward system, allowing users to earn tokens by completing quests and challenges. These tokens can be used within the Metacade ecosystem or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on external exchanges.One of the most exciting features of Metacade is its career-building potential. Users can become game developers, artists, or streamers and earn income by contributing to the platform. Metacade will also offer tools and resources for users to learn more about blockchain technology and Web3, providing an opportunity for personal and professional growth.The Metacade platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain, providing a secure and transparent platform for users to participate in gaming and earning rewards. The team behind the project consists of experienced professionals from the gaming and blockchain industries, including developers, marketers, and designers.Overall, Metacade offers a unique and innovative approach to gaming and Web3. Its play-to-earn model, career-building potential, and focus on education make it a promising project with potential for significant growth. However, like all cryptocurrency investments, it is important for investors to conduct their due diligence and thoroughly research the project before investing.EstateX (ESX)EstateX is a crypto project that focuses on real estate investment. Users can buy fractional ownership of properties using ESX tokens and earn passive income from rent or capital appreciation. EstateX also plans to launch a decentralized exchange for real estate NFTs.Real estate is a multi-trillion-dollar market, and EstateX aims to tap into that market by offering a unique platform for real estate investment using blockchain technology. By allowing users to buy fractional ownership of properties, EstateX can make real estate investment more accessible to a wider audience.LunaOne (XLN)LunaOne is a web 3.0 integration technology that enables users to access decentralized applications (DApps) without installing any browser extensions or wallets. Users can also earn XLN tokens by using DApps or providing feedback. LunaOne aims to make web 3.0 more accessible and user-friendly.As the use of decentralized applications continues to grow, LunaOne has the potential to become a leading player in the space by providing a user-friendly platform for accessing DApps. By offering rewards for using DApps, LunaOne can incentivize users to adopt the platform and help drive the adoption of decentralized technology.Sleep Care (SLEEP)Sleep Care is a healthcare project that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to improve sleep quality and wellness. Users can track their sleep patterns, get personalized recommendations, and access professional services using SLEEP tokens. Sleep Care also rewards users for healthy habits.Sleep is a fundamental aspect of health and wellness, and Sleep Care aims to use blockchain technology to help people improve their sleep quality. By providing personalized recommendations and access to professional services, Sleep Care can help users achieve better sleep and improve their overall health.The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Year?DigiToads (TOADS) has several unique features that make it a potentially great investment for 2023. Here are some reasons why:High-growth potential: DigiToads is considered a high-growth token and aims to be one of the biggest meme tokens alongside the likes of Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Dogelon Mars. With its P2E gaming platform and NFT staking, DigiToads offers various opportunities for its token holders to earn residual income.Community-focused: Community is a big focus for DigiToads, and the project is built to continuously reward the community of TOADS holders. TOADS holders will be rewarded monthly from the prize pool, with 10% of funds raised being airdropped to token holders. Additionally, DigiToads has pledged to support the environment, with 2.5% of profits made from the project being pledged to charities committed to the replanting of trees and the preservation of the rainforest.Trading competitions: DigiToads' goal is to bring in more users and trading volume daily. There will be monthly trading competitions on-chain, with prizes of a Platinum Toads each month. These competitions will take place over the course of a year, meaning there are 12 Platinum Toads up for grabs. If you are one of the 12 trading the treasury with a Platinum Toad, you will receive 10% of all trading profits you make for the treasury as an incentive to increase the treasury size.Overall, DigiToads offers a unique and engaging ecosystem for its token holders, with various opportunities for earning residual income and community rewards. DigiToads presale has the potential to explode, and with a dynamic supply driven pricing mechanism in place throughout the presale, the earlier the investor, the greater their returns will be. Don&rsquo;t miss out; join the presale of our number one ranked ICO DigiToads today. Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
9 days ago cointelegraph
1 year after $11M LUNC bets; Do Kwon wanted, funds paid, hedge stuck on FTX
Terra Luna's former co-founder, Do Kwon, who lost $11 million in the bet, is currently wanted by Interpol and is reportedly hiding in Serbia.
10 days ago cryptodaily
FBI Investigates Do Kwon And Terraform Labs
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is the latest agency to commence an investigative probe against Terraform Labs and its disgraced founder and CEO, Do Kwon. FBI Probes Do Kwon After the Singapore police, South Korean law enforcement, and the SEC launched their own enforcement actions against the disgraced founder of Terraform Labs; the FBI has also decided to look into the matter. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a few prosecutors from the Southern District of New York (SDNY) are questioning former employees of the now-defunct company, which was behind the Terra-Luna stablecoin that collapsed in May 2022 and wiped out billions of dollars of value from the crypto market. Do Kwon Still In Hiding The company&rsquo;s founder, Kwon Do-Hyung or Do Kwon, who is a South Korean citizen, has been the target of many investigations from countries across the world. He is also on the Interpol Red Notice as his location is not known to any of these law enforcement agencies and government bodies. Intelligence reports have claimed that he is hiding out in Serbia. However, in an interview in October 2022, Do Kwon claimed that he was not hiding and had not disclosed his location to protect his safety. He also claimed that he had personally not received the arrest warrant released by South Korean law enforcement. Do Kwon had also categorically denied all allegations of fraud at the company and claimed that he himself had lost funds as a result of the stablecoin crash. The Chai Factor The FBI&rsquo;s investigations are raising the same questions as that of the SEC lawsuit filed against the company and its founder. In their February 2023 lawsuit against the company, the regulatory body alleged that Do Kwon knowingly misled investors regarding certain transactions on the Terra blockchain. The involvement of the South Korean payment platform Chai has been questioned by the SEC and the FBI. In fact, the SEC alleged that Do Kwon falsely claimed to investors about Chai transactions being processed on the Terra blockchain when in fact, Chai had used more traditional channels. The SEC alleged that Do Kwon lied about this to investors in order to bring a false sense of legitimacy to the business. Since the FBI and the SDNY are both agencies within the Justice Department, the latter is also involved in these investigations. However, the DoJ has not addressed if any charges will be filed against Do Kwon and his firm. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
11 days ago nulltx
LUNA Classic Price Analysis & Prediction (Mar 13th) – LUNC Shows Sign of Continuation Amid Fresh Bearish Signal, Drops by 2.2% Today
The price of Terra Luna (LUNC) has dropped drastically over the past few days, bringing it to a low of $0.0000 during last week’s surge. It will likely resume bearish sentiments once the price breaks down from the consolidation phase. Following the period of negative actions and FUD for the past few days, LUNC has […]
14 days ago cryptodaily
KuCoin Sued By New York AG For Offering Unregistered Securities
Letitia James, the New York Attorney General, has filed a suit against cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin for violating securities laws. James claims that KuCoin sold tokens that classify as securites without registering with the AG&rsquo;s office. The suit, according to the New York Attorney General, is the first time a regulator has claimed that Ether (ETH) is a security in the court. KuCoin Sued By New York Attorney General James filed the suit after she was able to purchase and sell crypto on the exchange, which is not registered in New York. TAccording to the Attorney General&rsquo;s office, the action marks the first time that it has been claimed in court that ETH is a security. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Gary Gensler has hinted that the SEC may consider Ether as a security. However, the SEC&rsquo;s sister regulatory agency, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has repeatedly maintained its position that bitcoin and Ether qualify as commodity assets. The complaint against KuCoin was filed on the 9th of March in the Supreme Court of the State of New York County. The New York AG stated on Twitter, &ldquo;I&rsquo;m suing cryptocurrency platform @kucoincom for illegally operating in New York without registering with the state. This is our eighth action to rein in shadowy cryptocurrency platforms that disregard our laws and put New Yorkers at risk.&rdquo; Alleged Violation Of Securities Laws The suit also alleges that KuCoin issued and sold its KuCoin Earn product, which the complaint calls a security, without registering as a dealer or securities broker. It also stated that KuCoin also misrepresented itself as an exchange because it did not register with the AG to perform that function. The action by the New York Attorney General&rsquo;s Office is not KuCoin&rsquo;s first brush with regulators. In 2022, authorities in South Korea accused the exchange of conducting &ldquo;illegal business activities&rdquo; without fulfilling proper registration processes. In December 2022, the Dutch Central Bank made similar allegations against KuCoin, claiming that the exchange operated without a proper license. Details Of The Suit The suit filed by the New York Attorney General states that under state and federal authority, ETH, LUNA, and UST qualify as commodities under the state&rsquo;s Martin Act, and KuCoin failed to register as a commodities broker. The suit then stated that ETH, LUNA, UST, and KuCoin Earn are securities under Waldstein. This is a test established by the New York Supreme Court of Albany County in 1936, along with the Howey Test as well. The New York Attorney General&rsquo;s Office stated, &ldquo;The petition argues that ETH, just like LUNA and UST, is a speculative asset that relies on the efforts of third-party developers in order to provide profit to the holders of ETH. Because of that, KuCoin was required to register before selling ETH, LUNA, or UST.&rdquo; The suit also cited the SEC vs. LBRY case to support its claim and sought a permanent injunction against KuCoin selling and buying securities and commodities to and from New Yorkers. Additionally, it also asked the court to demand details of those that have used the exchange and the disgorgement of any illegally obtained funds by New Yorkers. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice
14 days ago cryptodaily
Crypto headwinds gain strength
The dominoes are continuing to fall in the crypto sector. Bitcoin has lost around 10% of its value since yesterday. Bank woes The crypto market is carrying on with its sell off as vitally important banks go under or teeter on the brink. Since Silvergate has gone down, the heat has transferred to Signature Bank, while SVB Financial Group saw its shares fall more than 60% on Thursday. While not directly linked to crypto, SVB is a bank that has partnered with nearly 50% of all the healthcare and tech VC startups in the U.S. over the last year. The failure of @SVB_Financial could destroy an important long-term driver of the economy as VC-backed companies rely on SVB for loans and holding their operating cash. If private capital can&rsquo;t provide a solution, a highly dilutive gov&rsquo;t preferred bailout should be considered. &mdash; Bill Ackman (@BillAckman) March 10, 2023 Other headwinds Within the crypto sector Kucoin is the latest exchange to come under fire from authorities as the New York attorney general sues to stop &ldquo;illegal activities including the offering of securities and commodities&rdquo;. Other headwinds also buffet the industry, and to highlight just another of them, the U.S. government has transferred $1 billion in bitcoin recovered from a dark web hack. According to Coindesk, 10,000 BTC was transferred to Coinbase, while another 41,000 BTC was moved to government-controlled wallets. The sell-off of these BTC will certainly add to more downward price pressure. Bitcoin has made its way down to $19,600 at time of writing. The 61.8 Fibonacci level is at $19,200, and with so much selling activity taking place it&rsquo;s not sure if the price will even stop there. Sunday&rsquo;s weekly close will be very important for throwing light on where bitcoin might go next. Ethereum a security? Ethereum is falling, and has its own problems to navigate. Chief among these is the news that the New York attorney general filing against Kucoin contains the claim that ETH is a security. The statement read: &ldquo;This action is one of the first times a regulator is claiming in court that ETH, one of the largest cryptocurrencies available, is a security. The petition argues that ETH, just like LUNA and UST, is a speculative asset that relies on the efforts of third-party developers in order to provide profit to the holders of ETH.&rdquo; Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
17 days ago cryptodaily
Terraform’s Do Kwon Probed By Singapore Police
Singaporean law enforcement has revealed that it has launched an official probe against defunct Terraform co-founder Do Kwon. Singapore Police Launches Investigation In an email sent on Monday, local Singaporean police revealed they had begun a probe connected to Do Kwon and his Terraform Labs. The emails claim that &ldquo;investigations have commenced in relation to Terraform Labs&rdquo; while mentioning that Do Kwon is not in Singapore. Do Kwon is not in any dearth of legal trouble, considering the fact that he has faced lawsuits from multiple authorities and entities. The investigations are related to one of the biggest catastrophes in the crypto market in 2022 - the collapse of the TerraUSD (UST)/LUNA ecosystem after the UST stablecoin lost its dollar peg. As a result, Terra Luna lost 99.9% of its value. The incident sent out shockwaves in the entire industry and led to billions of dollars worth of valuation being completely wiped out from the market. It also had a domino effect, with other crypto exchanges and firms that had been exposed to the stablecoin suffering dire consequences. Of these, crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) and crypto lending platforms Voyager Digital and Celsius Network are the most notable. The SEC Lawsuit On February 16, the United States Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC) named Do Kwon and Terraform Labs in a lawsuit, alleging that the former CEO knowingly committed fraud, namely a multibillion-dollar crypto asset securities fraud. The SEC probe, although criticized by many in the industry, had unveiled the fact that Kwon removed around 10,000 BTCs from the Terra platform and the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG) and then converted them to fiat currency. The Singapore police will undoubtedly look into this information further, especially since the SEC has alleged that Kwon has laundered over $100 million worth of Bitcoin even after the Terra platform collapsed. Where Is Do Kwon? Do Kwon has not commented on the recent allegations from SEC or the Singapore police. The company and its founder have also been investigated by South Korea. The authorities of this Asian country had issued a warrant for Do Kwon&rsquo;s arrest, and even sent police forces to Serbia in order to locate him. This highlights one of the main challenges of the situation - no one knows where he is. However, that has not prevented him from being quite active on Twitter, where he has been very vocal about the entire incident up until February. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
18 days ago zycrypto
Singapore Probes Do Kwon’s Terraform Labs Amid Claims of Laundering $100M Since the Project Collapsed
Singapore police have started investigating Terraform Labs, the company behind cryptocurrency Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) and Stablecoin Terra USD (UST), together with its founder, Do Hyeong Kwon, following the events that cost investors billions worth of losses.
22 days ago cryptodaily
Silvergate Capital Stocks Drop By 45%, Crypto Daily TV 3/3/2023
In Todays Headline TV CryptoDaily News: Crypto bank Silvergate stock tumbles. Shares of crypto-friendly lender Silvergate Capital plunged 45% early on questions about its survival due to losses and numerous regulatory issues that have arisen following November's FTX exchange collapse. Australia's DIY pension funds lose millions on crypto bets. Thousands of Australians who used do-it-yourself pension funds to bet on cryptocurrencies face hundreds of millions of dollars in losses, jeopardizing their savings in a scheme originally set up to ensure adequate retirement income. NFT trading volumes hit $2B in February. According to Web3 data platform DappRadar&rsquo;s latest industry report, NFT trading volumes reached $2 billion in February &ndash; the highest number since before the meteoric crash of Terra and its UST and LUNA tokens in May 2022. BTC/USD fell 0.9% in the last session. The Bitcoin dropped 0.9% against the Dollar in the last session. According to the Stochastic-RSI, we are in an oversold market. Support is at 226121 and resistance at 244961. The Stochastic-RSI points to an oversold market. ETH/USD dove 1.3% in the last session. The Ethereum-Dollar pair plummeted 1.3% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. Support is at 1570.1033 and resistance at 1716.5433. The Stochastic indicator is giving a positive signal. XRP/USD plummeted 1.3% in the last session. The Ripple-Dollar pair dove 1.3% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator is giving a negative signal, which matches our overall technical analysis. Support is at 0.3686 and resistance at 0.392. The Stochastic indicator is currently in negative territory. LTC/USD plummeted 2.7% in the last session. The Litecoin-Dollar pair dove 2.7% in the last session. The Stochastic indicator's positive signal is in line with the overall technical analysis. Support is at 92.011 and resistance at 101.111. The Stochastic indicator is currently in the positive zone. Daily Economic Calendar: JP Jibun Bank Services PMI The Jibun Bank Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) captures the business conditions in the services sector. The services PMI is an important indicator of the overall economic conditions. Japan's Jibun Bank Services PMI will be released at 00:30 GMT, the US ISM Services Employment Index at 15:00 GMT, and Japan's CFTC JPY NC Net Positions at 20:30 GMT. US ISM Services Employment Index The ISM Services Employment Index estimates the labour market in the services sector, taking into account expectations for future production, new orders, inventories, employment and deliveries. JP CFTC JPY NC Net Positions The weekly Commitments of Traders (COT) report provides information on the size and the direction of the positions taken. The report focuses on speculative positions. US ISM Services PMI The ISM Services PMI shows the business conditions outside of the manufacturing sector, taking into account expectations for future production, new orders, inventories, employment and deliveries. The US ISM Services PMI will be released at 15:00 GMT, Germany's Trade Balance at 07:00 GMT, the UK's CFTC GBP NC Net Positions at 20:30 GMT. DE Trade Balance The Trade Balance is the total difference between exports and imports of goods and services. A positive value shows a trade surplus, while a negative value represents a trade deficit. UK CFTC GBP NC Net Positions The weekly Commitments of Traders (COT) report provides information on the size and the direction of the positions taken. The report focuses on speculative positions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
22 days ago coindesk
NFT Trading Volumes Hit $2B in February, Highest Since LUNA Crash, Thanks to Blur
According to DappRadar’s February report, the catalysts for the huge spike include the ongoing NFT marketplace war and Yuga Labs’ loyal fans and successful launches.
26 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Lunar Moon Plots Price, Stats, and Review
What is an Lunar Moon Plots? Lunar Moon Plots are a non-fungible tokens collection built on the Ethereum network launched in 7 August, 2021. 246 items of the Lunar Moon Plots collection can now be viewed at OpenSea. How many owners does the Lunar Moon Plots collection have? The total number of owners has reached 178 within 567 days since its release. NFT Collection Lunar Moon Plots Price and Sales The market capitalization of Lunar Moon Plots NFT collection is 372.35 ETH. Since created the Lunar Moon Plots, 298 collections sales were made at an average price of 5.14 ETH (~$8,206.43 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 1,531.014 ETH. The floor price of Lunar Moon Plots is 4.5 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 15.93 ETH. The payment tokens of the Lunar Moon Plots collection are ETH, DAI, WETH, USDC. Why are some NFTs expensive and others not? NFTs are very new to the blockchain ecosystem and are still in their infancy. It is an emerging market meaning there is no historical data or precedence that can assist in determining the value of an NFT. NFT projects that started at the beginning of the market boom have garnered legitimacy purely because they had a first-mover advantage. These &ldquo;established&rdquo; NFT projects have also had the opportunity to improve and learn from the issues that have plagued the NFT market and have, in such a way, made themselves more valuable. When the NFT boom took flight, many people realized profits beyond their wildest dreams, creating a space for opportunists to take advantage of the market growth. While some NFTs can be considered digital art, created by an artist who recognizes the value NFTs can add to the creative space, others have been made purely out of greed and a need to exploit the immense market growth. NFT projects that stem from greed and exploitation often have no value and are ultimately garbage. Is the Lunar Moon Plots Collection Over or Underpriced? It is difficult to determine whether NFTs from the Lunar Moon Plots collection is overpriced or underpriced. Making such an assessment will become clearer when the market for NFTs and metaverses develops more actively. The price is also influenced by how the Lunar Moon Plots collection is developed and promoted by its creators and community. Lunar Moon Plots NFT Collection Examples Wrapped Lunar #125 Wrapped Lunar #375 Lunar #326 Lunar #366 Lunar Moon Plots fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points Lunar Moon Plots editors list The approved editor's accounts of Lunar Moon Plots collection are 0x070dcb7ba170091f84783b224489aa8b280c1a30, 0x65a7c3cb6d1c3cef361063c57936d9d4c9d7bcab, 0xdd9d7dc506a8f362df016fe67b95b18365bf0c16. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
28 days ago cryptodaily
Liquidators To Sell Three Arrows Capital’s NFTs To Recoup Funds
Three Arrows Capital liquidator Teneo has announced that they would be selling the bankrupt firm&rsquo;s prized NFTs to help recoup the over $3.6 billion owed to creditors. The bankrupt firm&rsquo;s prized NFT collection includes a host of high-profile NFTs from various collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. Prized NFTs On The Chopping Block Three Arrows Capital liquidator Teneo is coming for the bankrupt firm&rsquo;s prized NFT collection, according to a notice published on Wednesday. The move comes as the liquidator steps up efforts to recoup the $3.5 billion owed to its creditors by the bankrupt crypto hedge fund. According to Teneo, the process of offloading the NFTs would begin after the 23rd of March, 2023. While the notice did not specify which NFTs would be sold, a research analyst, Tom Wan, speculated that it could include NFTs from high-profile NFT collections such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and Cryptopunks. &ldquo;3AC Liquidator, Teneo announced they will be selling their NFT Holdings (Excluding the Starry Night Portfolio). Potential NFTs Being Sold: - 11 Punks - 1 BAYC - 2 MAYC - 3 Otherdeeds - 3 Autoglphys - 8 PEGZ.&rdquo; Teneo clarified in its notice that the sale would be done to realize the value of the NFTs for the purpose of liquidation. Disputed NFTs Not To Be Sold However, the liquidators clarified that the NFTs that could potentially be sold would not include those from the &ldquo;Starry Night Portfolio.&rdquo; This is because the NFTs in this portfolio, while moved as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, are currently subject to an application filed in the British Virgin Islands supreme court. &ldquo;NFTs previously collected by Starry Night Capital are moving to a Gnosis Safe address. These NFTs include - Pepe the Frog NFT Genesis, sold for 1,000 ETH (~$3.5M) on the 5th of October, 2021 - Fidenza #718, sold for 240 ETH (~$1.1M) on the 13th of November, 2021.&rdquo; Community Members Upset While the bankruptcy process rumbles on, entering its eighth month, community members have expressed considerable dissatisfaction over the actions of the Three Arrows Capital team. 3AC founder Su Zhu was recently called out on Twitter when he accused Digital Currency Group (DCG) of conspiring with FTX to undermine Terra. However, community members lashed out at Zhu, pointing out his own actions. More recently, community members went after a new exchange backed by Coinflex and Three Arrows Capital, vowing never to trade on the exchange. Three Arrows Capital had declared bankruptcy in July 2022 in a bid to protect its assets in the United States, while it undertook a liquidation of assets in the Bahamas, according to reports. Three Arrows Capital has nearly $10 billion in assets at its peak. However, it was one of the first firms to file for bankruptcy following the collapse of the TerraUSD stablecoin and its sister cryptocurrency, Luna. Three Arrows Capital&rsquo;s collapse had devastating consequences on the larger crypto ecosystem, impacting a host of other firms, such as Genesis Global Trading. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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NY Attorney General Sues Crypto Exchange CoinEx, Alleges AMP, LBC, LUNA and RLY Tokens Are Securities
The New York State Attorney General's office sued crypto exchange CoinEx, arguing it was an unregistered securities broker and commodity broker-dealer under state law.
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Web3 Domain Alliance Announces New Members to Protect User-Owned Digital Identities
San Francisco, United States, 22nd February, 2023, ChainwireUnstoppable Domains commits to not assert against members of the Alliance its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance&rsquo;s interoperability and security standards The Web3 Domain Alliance, a member-led coalition dedicated to improving the technological and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services, today announced 52 new members including, Rarible, Wyre, Bitdegree, WazirX, and Klever, along with dozens of other naming systems, projects and companies. In order to support the ongoing development of digital identity technology in Web3, Alliance members including Unstoppable Domains will make contributions, including technology, to enable interoperability and security standards. As part of this commitment, Unstoppable has irrevocably agreed not to assert against Alliance members its patents that are necessary to adopt the Alliance&rsquo;s interoperability and security standards. More information can be found on the Web3 Domain Alliance website. A founding member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, Unstoppable was recently awarded a patent around resolving blockchain domains and aims to support innovation across the Web3 industry through its IP investments. Members of the Web3 Domain Alliance will engage on topics including consumer protection, interoperability of blockchain naming systems, fair and open use of intellectual property in the industry, preventing naming collisions, and more. Together, the Web3 Domain Alliance will advocate for standards in the Web3 domain industry to foster innovation and a safe environment for people. Recently, the team at Web3 social trading network Metascan deprecated their NFT top-level domain to avoid a name collision and joined the Web3 Domain Alliance. &ldquo;As an early member of the Web3 Domain Alliance, we&rsquo;re honored to work alongside our new co-members to unlock potential in the Web3 domain space,&rdquo; said Sandy Carter, SVP and Channel Chief of Unstoppable Domains. &ldquo;Together, we&rsquo;ll build a Web3 domain space where new ideas and innovation can flourish and where more people can own their digital identity.&rdquo; Web3 domains have seen a rapid increase in interest, with more than 3.4 million domains reportedly created across the industry in 2022 alone. Amid this rising interest, the Web3 Domain Alliance was founded in November 2022 as the first industry group to create standards for the blockchain naming industry. The Web3 Domain Alliance also aims to proactively engage in discussions with ICANN to increase ICANN's awareness and recognition of Web3 Top Level Domains (W3TLDs). &ldquo;Digital identity is the next great frontier of Web3 and we&rsquo;re thrilled to support innovation in this space through the Alliance,&rdquo; said Lane Kasselman, President at &ldquo;We look forward to helping set standards as a community so we can protect users as the Web3 domain industry grows.&rdquo; Web3 domains provide a vital component of a person's Web3 digital identity. Domains can be used, among other things, to send and receive cryptocurrency in place of lengthy alphanumeric wallet addresses, host a website that you fully own, set up secure email forwarding, and sign into hundreds of apps, games, metaverses and more. Web3 domains are minted on the blockchain and stored in a user's wallet, putting ownership in the hands of the owner. As part of today&rsquo;s announcement, the Alliance welcomes 27 new naming systems, including Stargaze Names,, EDNS, NF.Domains [TxnLab Inc.], United Domains, Threely, Xdc Web3 Domains, Astar Web3 Domains, Tron/Bittorent Web3 Domains, Velas Web3 Domains, IoTeX Web3 Domains, Fusion Web3 Domains, Elastos Name Service, Moon Web3 Identity, Wanchain Web3 Domains, Ontology Web3 Domains, NEAR, OKC Web3 Domains, Meter Name Service, Metis Name Service, Fuse Web3 Domains, Easy IP, IAMX.ID, .CSPR Domains, Metascan, NFTR, and NFT Domains SA. Additional new members to the Alliance include, Wyre, Rarible, Bitdegree, WazirX (Bandit), Math Wallet, Guarda, Solo Wallet, My Doge Wallet, OMNI, Talent Protocol, Indacoin, Markmonitor, Revest Finance, Coreum, Cian, LunarCrush, Web23, WAM, NFTrade, XcelPay, Klever, KICA, Wirex, and Puma Browser. Early members of the Web3 Domain Alliance include Unstoppable Domains, Bonfida, Polkadot Name System,, Syscoin, and About Web3 Domain Alliance Founded in 2022, the Web3 Domain Alliance is a member-led, member-driven organization dedicated to improving the technological and public policy environments for users of Web3 naming services. It exists to promote the development of the Web3 naming industry and the functioning of Web3 domain registries with and across blockchain-based and traditional web applications. The Web3 Domain Alliance is also dedicated to the technological advancement and interoperability of Web3 domain registries.ContactWeb3 Domain [email protected]
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Jump Crypto Is Unnamed Firm That Made $1.28B From Do Kwon’s Doomed Terra Ecosystem: Sources
A complaint by the SEC against Do Kwon and Terraform Labs revealed an unnamed trading firm helped Kwon restore UST’s $1 peg in 2021 in exchange for discounted LUNA tokens.
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SEC Sues Terraform Labs and Do Kwon for Crypto Fraud Involving UST and LUNA
According to the SEC, Terra was nothing but a multimillion-dollar fraud, and Do Kwon and Terraform Labs must pay.
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Former Paxos Exec: Regulators Failed to Address Crypto Collapses, Now They’re Going After 'On-Ramps'
Jesse Austin Campbell, former head of portfolio management at the firm, says that because regulators did not adequately address the collapses of Celsius Network, Terra Luna and FTX, they are now in pursuit of on-ramps to get to Binance.
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Former CEO of TMON Gets an Arrest Warrant for Allegedly Receiving LUNA Bribes (Report)
TMON's previous boss supposedly accepted bribes in LUNA to make the token a payment method on the e-commerce platform.
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Korean e-commerce exec accused of accepting LUNA for shilling Terra Labs
The former CEO of Tmon, an e-commerce platform, has allegedly earned billions of South Korean won after selling the LUNA tokens he had received from Terra co-founder Shin Hyun-Seong for promotions.

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Terra Price1.2888 USD
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Market Cap309,249,045 USD
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