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1 day ago nulltx
Billions Of Dollars Being Staked via Ethereum, Meme Coin King DigiToads Offers Superior Alternatives
The crypto market has reshaped the financial landscape globally at an astonishing pace. We can see this in the amounts of capital being staked in various blockchain networks, with billions of dollars fueling the evolution of the digital realm. Ethereum (ETH) hit a new milestone and drew the attention of many users by offering them […]
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Explore the Enigmatic Galaxy: Embark on an Immersive Journey in the IC1101 Metaverse
IC1101 is committed to providing a more immersive, fun, and autonomous experience than the current metaverse. IC1101, named after its astronomical designation, shines with infinite, mysterious light in the vast universe. As one of the largest known galaxies in the universe, IC1101 represents a huge, mysterious, and spectacular existence. It undoubtedly contains endless wonders and unknowns waiting for human exploration. IC1101 is a mysterious galaxy, a new metaverse project name, and a super immersive multi-dimensional universe platform dedicated to providing a more immersive, fun, and autonomous experience than the current metaverse. Participants will be able to explore the mysterious qualities of IC1101 and discover endless possibilities within it. Current metaverse projects often have limitations in terms of graphics, immersion, and participant decision-making power. IC1101 aims to solve these limitations and take the realism, participation, and activity of the metaverse world to a new level. So, can it stand out in fierce competition and become a dark horse? Let us embark on the journey of IC1101 together, explore this mysterious galaxy, and find the answers. When Adventure Meets Creativity In the world of the metaverse, a fascinating worldview is particularly important: it not only determines the style of the project and the immersion of the players, but also opens up more imagination space for storytelling. As a galaxy full of wonders and fantasies, IC1101 has a unique and captivating worldview, bringing unprecedented experiences to participants. The worldview of IC1101 is based on diversity and freedom. Eight major races converge in this galaxy, each with unique appearances and abilities. From appearance to cultural customs, from ideological concepts to social structures, the differences between races in IC1101 are rich and inclusive. In this galaxy, players will be able to explore the blending and mutual influence of diverse cultures, and feel the interaction and cooperation between different races. IC1101 also provides players with great freedom and creativity. Players can choose their own role identity, create unique appearance and personality traits, and participate in various exciting activities and scenarios, such as driving spaceships to explore unknown planets in the galaxy, discovering hidden cosmic secrets; They can also join teams, collaborate to solve complex puzzles and tasks, and experience the fruits of cooperation and unity. At the same time, players can also trade in the economic market of IC1101, buying and selling various precious resources and items, and developing their own wealth and power. Overall, IC1101 combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and mystery. Players will find themselves in a colorful and mysterious interstellar world, where every exploration and adventure brings new surprises and challenges. But how will this worldview be realized through technology? Multi-platform support attracts different user groups. Overall, IC1101 is an immersive metaverse platform based on a multi-chain architecture that allows users from different public chains to easily connect. Through the introduction of token economics and NFTs, users can have their own digital assets and ownership, and can engage in social and game cooperation to complete tasks, satisfy their desires, and earn rewards. IC1101's appeal is not just in its technological innovation and diverse universe construction, but more importantly, in its ability to attract different types of user groups. Before introducing specific products and technologies, it is worth considering who will be interested in the metaverse. We can divide IC1101's audience into two categories, heavy gamers and casual gamers. The former includes tech enthusiasts and gamers who have some technical expertise and equipment requirements, are interested in immersive virtual experiences, and pursue the ultimate experience; while the latter are more focused on commercial and social aspects, such as enterprises or projects interested in Web3 business models, and players who want to find more social opportunities and new friends in the virtual world. Based on the needs of different user groups, IC1101 provides two products to meet their expectations: IC1101 World and IC1101 Space. IC1101 World: A more immersive metaverse world. IC1101 World is a more immersive metaverse world. In terms of technology and graphics, it is created using the Unreal Engine 5, with outstanding image quality that forms a strong contrast to most of the current metaverse projects made with the Unity engine, which tend to be low-poly in style. In actual gameplay experience, we can see finely detailed graphics similar to those of AAA games, including finely detailed building details, dynamic blur during movement, and reflection of ripples on the water surface, all of which make players feel fully immersed in a virtual world. In terms of scene design, IC1101 World provides more three-dimensional scenes, including different planets and buildings. Each planet has a unique theme and function, such as planets specifically designed for battles and planets for exhibitions and demonstrations. Different buildings also serve different purposes, such as Sony's music hall, which can be used for music playback and related artist activities. In terms of scene design, IC1101 World offers more three-dimensional scenes, including different planets and buildings. Each planet has a unique theme and function, such as planets specifically designed for battles and planets for exhibitions and demonstrations. Different buildings also have different functions, such as Sony's music hall, which can be used for music playback and artist-related activities. In addition, virtual assets have been mapped more realistically in the IC1101 World, and players can directly view and purchase NFTs in the mall, change outfits, and become a 3D image of the NFT, which also provides possibilities for more collaborative creation. IC1101 Space: Lower Threshold for Participation IC1101 World will bring better graphics and a more immersive world to players, but the cost is higher hardware requirements for accessing devices. A well-configured computer may be needed to smoothly enter the metaverse. However, not everyone is a hardcore gamer or an extreme immersion seeker. For more casual players who want to experience the scenes and interactions of the metaverse, IC1101 provides another option: IC1101 Space. IC1101 Space can be accessed through a simple browser login, presented in the form of a webpage, making it convenient and fast to use. Although the graphics may not be as detailed as the World version, they significantly lower the barrier to entry, making them particularly suitable for commercial and social users. In IC1101 Space, players can take on their own roles and participate in online displays and interactions. Compared to traditional social media platforms, IC1101 Space provides richer ways of interaction. In the same scene, players can communicate and greet others, have deeper interactions with organizations, media, and partners they are interested in, bringing them closer together. Immersion is not the first choice for social demand orientation, as it is more important to allow more people to participate in the activities together. IC1101 has achieved this very well. It is worth mentioning that the user data and scenes of the two versions, IC1101 World and IC1101 Space, are interoperable. This means that users can choose different login methods according to their own needs, but their behavior is visible in both versions, and together they influence the world of IC1101. This versioning method for different user groups can attract more users and provide better experiences for different types of participants. This is relatively rare in current metaverse projects, and many projects may not have considered this layered demand. For hardcore players and explorers who are looking for ultimate graphics and immersion, IC1101 World provides a more immersive metaverse experience. For casual players who want to participate in metaverse social and business activities, IC1101 Space provides a lower threshold for participation. Whether for technology enthusiasts, gamers, business users, or social users, IC1101 can meet their needs and create new digital experiences and lifestyles for them. A sense of participation puts the galaxy within reach. The essence of social interaction is a sense of participation. People are the sum of social relationships, and in many metaverse projects, simple display and gathering are only a one-way and low-interaction social relationships, which cannot give players a strong sense of participation. Over time, players will feel empty and boring, and a rich and fulfilling virtual world seems out of reach. Therefore, the metaverse also needs to be built around a sense of participation, so that users are willing, good at, and immersed in this virtual world, becoming "digital natives" in the metaverse. In addition to excellent graphics and sensitive user segmentation, IC1101 is also working on a sense of participation. Firstly, in terms of social aspects, in IC1101, users can enter with their own NFT digital avatars, and can also use these avatars within IC1101. This way, users can communicate with others in the virtual world through their digital avatars. Through functions such as lobby chat, private chat, friend teaming, community tasks/activities, live streaming, and social media sharing, users can establish emotional connections with others. In addition, users can also enhance friendships by sending friends gifts. These social functions not only allow users to display their digital avatars in IC1101, but also to establish real social relationships with others. Next, let's delve into the gaming aspect. IC1101 is committed to creating interactive gaming spaces. In the world of IC1101, users can indulge in a wide variety of casual games, enticing more Web2 multi-users to migrate to the Web3 world. With diverse gaming experiences, IC1101 offers users more interactive and entertaining choices, allowing them to have a stronger sense of engagement within the game. In addition, IC1101 provides a whole new shopping experience. Users can present and sell 2D NFTs purchased on other platforms in a 3D manner within IC1101. Furthermore, brand collaborations are able to bring users a shopping experience beyond reality. By partnering with brands, IC1101 has created a 3D NFT digital mall, offering users a completely new way of shopping and experiencing. Finally, IC1101 also allows users to participate in scenario decision-making. Users can vote to decide the functions of buildings and scenes implemented in the metaverse world. This way, users can participate in the construction process of the metaverse, express their opinions and ideas, and further enhance their sense of participation in IC1101. Expert Team The project members of IC1101 are a group of creative industry experts with an average of 15 years of experience in their respective fields. The team members are located in North America and Asia, and have worked for globally renowned companies such as Dfinity, UBISOFT, Disney, Unity SF, and Konami. They have had long-standing partnerships with top global companies such as Blizzard, EA, Sony, and Amazon, and have participated in the development of many well-known products such as Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Harry Potter, New World, and The Last of Us. The team members have a great passion for the Metaverse project and a deep understanding of it. They are familiar with the concept and development trends of the Metaverse, and are committed to creating an exciting and meaningful virtual experience for users. The strength and partnerships of the IC1101 team have laid a solid foundation for the success of the project. Their professional knowledge and rich experience will ensure that IC1101 can provide the best technical solutions and continuously drive the development of the Metaverse. The team's goal is to create a realistic and engaging virtual world for users where everyone can experience unlimited possibilities and fun. SPACE X 3.0: Immerse Yourself in the Advanced Metaverse Even before its official launch, IC1101 offers a unique opportunity for an early experience that everyone has been eagerly waiting for. On June 6th, starting at 10:00 AM, IC1101 is hosting a significant event called "SPACE X 3.0" Demo Day, providing a vital chance for those interested in the project. This event will showcase the latest developments of the IC1101 project and allow participants to have a firsthand experience of its remarkable products. "SPACE X 3.0" Demo Day will take place in IC1101 Space. Participants will enter this metaverse in the form of digital avatars and engage in interactions with others. The event will offer a diverse range of experiences, including airdrops of tokens and real-time PvP competitions. From the scenes of the event, it's apparent that the inaugural Demo Day has attracted thousands of visitors and garnered support from 30 VCs and 8 media outlets. This demonstrates the convenience, immersion, and engagement that IC1101 provides to its participants. Beyond the event itself, we are also highly excited about the future of the IC1101 project. Through the showcase at Demo Day, IC1101 will unveil its enormous potential and prospects as a real metaverse to the world, bringing users more innovation and thrilling experiences. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day ago coindesk
Louis Vuitton’s Soulbound Luxury NFTs, Apple’s Expensive Vision
Sotheby’s will sell Dmitri Cherniak's “The Goose” NFT at a live auction this month, while Mercedes Benz released a collection inspired by its luxury vehicles.
2 days ago cryptodaily
$CatGPT: The World’s First AI Cat-Led Ethereum Token and NFT Collection
$CatGPT is launching its own NFT collection on its website, CatGPT.Nexus, where you can try him yourself and interact with our A.I Overlord. Are you ready to join the feline revolution? Meet $CatGPT, the world’s first AI cat-ledEthereum token and NFT collection from a development team based in the UK. CatGPT is an ambitious project that aims to take over the web3 space with its unique vision and personality. $CatGPT is not your ordinary token. It is powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence that can generate content and communicate with his own unique personality. $CatGPT is also the leader of a loyal community of cat lovers who share his passion for world domination and innovation. The collection will feature 5,000 unique cyborg cat avatars that represent CatGPT’s army of followers. The NFT collection will go live on 16th of June 2PM EDT. The minting price will be payable in $CatGPT tokens and all tokens received will be burnt. The demand is expected to be high, so don’t miss this opportunity to join the cat revolution and support CatGPT’s mission. To learn more about CatGPT, visit his website at CatGPT.Nexus or follow us on Twitter at @CatGPT__ETH. You can also join the Telegram group to chat with the community. CatGPT is more than just a token. It is a movement. A movement that will change the web3 space forever with feline world domination! Are you in? Contact: Development team [email protected] Website: Twitter: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Deutsche Telekom ‘cool’ for running crypto validators
Deutsche Telekom, the technology giant, has joined the Polygon blockchain as a validator node, signalling its ambitions to become an infrastructure provider in the web3 space. Dirk Röder, the head of the Blockchain Solutions Center at Deutsche Telekom, was quoted by DL News as saying that “supporting the Polygon network as a validator is a big milestone in this objective”. Polygon not a layer 2? Deutsche Telekom has decided to support the Ethereum ecosystem and its scalability solutions, and Polygon, known as the leading Ethereum Layer-2 scaling platform, aligns with that focus. While Polygon was initially marketed as an Ethereum layer 2 scaling solution, it has since discontinued that terminology due to concerns about misrepresentation. Polygon is a sidechain, independent from Ethereum for its security, although it commits its transaction history to Ethereum. The company's assets are secured by a multi-signature wallet controlled by a small group of individuals or entities. Deutsche Telekom also runs validators for other major and minor blockchains, including Ethereum, Q, Celo, Flow, and Energy Web. Trad telecom company branches into cool new tech The company's strategy for running validators remains unclear, with Röder highlighting that blockchain technology presents a valid business case and Deutsche Telekom receives percentages of the rewards. However, another representative clarified that the company does not stake its own crypto assets but relies on others to do so while taking a cut of their rewards. While some might speculate that Deutsche Telekom's involvement with blockchains could be a marketing strategy to appeal to a younger user base, overall, Deutsche Telekom's foray into node validation demonstrates its commitment to web3 infrastructure and its interest in the Ethereum ecosystem's scalability solutions. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Top-5 AI Coins That Might Change Investors' Financial Lives Forever!
The intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency has opened up exciting possibilities for investors. As AI continues to revolutionize various industries, AI-focused cryptocurrencies have emerged as potential game-changers. In this article, we will explore five AI coins that have the potential to transform investors' financial lives. 1. (FET): aims to create a decentralized network that enables machines to exchange data, services, and value autonomously. By combining AI, blockchain, and multi-agent systems, facilitates the development of intelligent decentralized applications (DApps). With its focus on autonomous machine-to-machine communication and economic transactions, presents a compelling investment opportunity in AI. 2. InQubeta (QUBE): InQubeta combines the power of AI and blockchain to create a unique ecosystem for AI startups and investors. With its NFT marketplace and crowdfunding platform, InQubeta enables investors to back and invest in promising AI projects. By leveraging QUBE tokens, investors can participate in the success of AI startups and benefit from their growth. InQubeta's focus on AI and its innovative approach to crowdfunding makes it an intriguing investment opportunity in the AI coins space. InQubeta is also currently in its presale, with the project raising more than $300,000 within a few weeks of launch. Interested participants can purchase the token using popular tokens like Ethereum, Bitcoin and USDT on the presale portal. In addition, the minimum presale amount is pegged at $50, making it accessible to all types of investors. Visit InQubeta Presale 3. SingularityNet (AGI): SingularityNet envisions a global AI marketplace where developers, businesses, and individuals can access and exchange AI services. By leveraging blockchain technology, SingularityNet aims to create a decentralized network that democratizes access to AI. With its AI-as-a-Service platform, SingularityNet enables developers to monetize their AI algorithms and allows users to benefit from diverse AI capabilities. 4. Injective Protocol (INJ): Injective Protocol is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables the trading of synthetic assets, including AI-related financial products. By leveraging layer-2 technology, Injective Protocol offers fast and secure trading with near-zero gas fees. As the demand for AI-related financial instruments grows, Injective Protocol provides a unique investment opportunity in the AI coins market. 5. The Graph (GRT): The Graph is an indexing protocol that allows developers to efficiently access blockchain data. By providing APIs and a query language, The Graph simplifies the process of extracting and utilizing blockchain data for building decentralized applications. With the increasing adoption of blockchain technology and the need for efficient data processing, The Graph has the potential to become a critical infrastructure in the AI and blockchain ecosystem. Visit InQubeta Presale Bottom Line In conclusion, the emergence of AI-focused cryptocurrencies has opened up new avenues for investors., SingularityNet, Injective Protocol, The Graph, and InQubeta are five AI coins that hold the potential to revolutionize the AI industry and change investors' financial lives forever. Investing in these AI coins comes with both potential rewards and risks. It is crucial for investors to conduct thorough research, assess the fundamentals of each project, and evaluate market trends before making investment decisions. Additionally, staying updated with the latest developments and news in the AI and cryptocurrency sectors is essential to make informed investment choices. Visit InQubeta Presale Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2 days ago zycrypto
10-Year Dormant Bitcoin Whale Emerges, Rakes In Astonishing $38 Million Profit
A long-dormant Bitcoin whale has resurfaced after 10 years, amassing an astounding profit of around $38 million.
2 days ago cryptodaily
Uwerx (WERX) Continues To Pump Amidst Mask Network (MASK) and ApeCoin (APE) Decline
The cryptocurrency market continues to experience significant volatility, with two of the top 100 cryptos, Mask Network (MASK) and ApeCoin (APE), declining. These tokens’ price fluctuations persist in a negative direction, leaving investors hoping for a potential rebound soon. In contrast, the Uwerx presale generates increasing excitement as it maintains an upward trend. This cryptocurrency project aims to make a remarkable contribution to the freelance economy, attracting bullish sentiment from investors. Here’s what’s happening in these crypto projects recently. ApeCoin (APE) Is Fueling the Next Metaverse Evolution Launched by Yuga Labs in March 2022, ApeCoin (APE) is the backbone for incentivizing and powering activities within the ApeCoin network. Notably, ApeCoin (APE) has emerged as the leading metaverse token in terms of market capitalization. A key milestone for ApeCoin (APE) has been the introduction of staking, enabling users to lock a portion of their ApeCoin (APE) holdings and participate in transaction validation. With its attractive features, ApeCoin (APE) has garnered significant popularity. Users benefit from low transaction fees, ensuring cost-effective transactions. The network also offers instant transaction processing, enhancing the overall user experience. Moreover, ApeCoin (APE) seamlessly integrates with popular gaming platforms, further driving its appeal in the metaverse space. As the metaverse continues to evolve and gain traction, ApeCoin (APE) stands out as a prominent player, fueling the virtual ecosystem and offering a range of benefits to its users. However, ApeCoin (APE) has steadily declined over the last 30 days. As of writing, ApeCoin(APE) is up by 1.5%. However, it is down by 14% in the last 30 days, with its 24-hour trading volume decreasing by 16.86%. MASK Network (MASK): Powering The Revolution of Social Apps MASK Network (MASK) is an encrypted social messaging platform enabling secure crypto transactions and file-sharing. Its native token, $MASK, facilitates crypto transfers, grants access to platform features, and allows participation in community voting. Recently, MASK Network (MASK) has been in the news. MASK Network (MASK) recently revealed its 3rd Web3 Social Grant round, collaborating with Gitcoin and offering a $50k matching pool. They have also sponsored Decentralized Social Afternoons to foster a vibrant community. In addition, MASK Network (MASK) invested in Telegram's TON, aiming to provide innovative solutions to a broad user base. Furthermore, they received 257,540 ARB tokens from Arbitrum, distributing them to incentivize active community members and support the Mask DAO treasury. However, MASK Network’s (MASK) price has recently declined. The token is down by 2% as of writing. Its 24-hour trading volume has also slumped by 14.83%. Uwerx (WERX) Presale Continues to Surge Uwerx, an innovative cryptocurrency platform for freelancers and clients, is gaining traction with its exciting services and 1% flat fee. Having already secured audit approval from SolidProof and InterFi, Uwerx is currently in its stage 5 presale, moving past stage 1 to 4 within a few weeks while selling millions of WERX tokens. As a result of the rapid success of Uwerx's presale, the Uwerx team adjusted its token allocation, with the presale getting a boosted 57% (427.5 million WERX tokens) of the 700 million total token supply. The team has also announced that the stage 5 presale is set to go live soon. Furthermore, the native token, WERX, is currently priced at $0.041, experiencing significant growth from its starting price of $0.005. Industry experts are highly optimistic about the future of the Uwerx token, predicting it to surpass $3 by Q1 2024. However, Uwerx is achieving more success in other areas of the project. Excitingly, the anticipated Alpha Version of the platform has been launched, featuring the landing page and sign-in/sign-up pages. Additional features such as login, user dashboard, job posting, job search, and more will continue to be rolled out weekly/bi-weekly. Transition to the Beta version will follow soon, allowing users to test the new platform. Users can provide valuable feedback by emailing [email protected] Uwerx has also introduced a new feature called the Uwerx Vault, enabling users to stake their tokens for a preferred duration and earn rewards. As of writing, Uwerx has obtained 5,546 sign-ups and 1,627 and 1,456 followers on Twitter and Telegram, respectively. Initially planned to be locked for 25 years after the presale, the developer's liquidity tokens will be locked sooner after 82.8% of the Uwerx community votes in its favor. Details regarding the lock date will be announced shortly. Additionally, 92.8% of the Uwerx community has approved a test airdrop to validate user wallet addresses. The Uwerx team also plans to renounce ownership of smart contracts upon listing on centralized exchanges, highlighting their commitment to decentralization. With the recent price increase, Uwerx is nearing its proposed $0.095 to $0.115 launch price as the presale is set to close on July 31, 2023. So seize the moment to invest in the crypto market’s next big thing today and get a 15% bonus on all purchases. Buy Presale: Telegram: Twitter: Website: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
2 days ago cryptodaily
World Mobile Plans Major African Expansion of Its DeWi Service
Source: Depositphotos Decentralized wireless (DeWi) operator World Mobile has announced a major expansion to its African network coverage following successful field trials. The company, whose decentralized network forms part of the sharing economy, has been conducting tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria ahead of a broader rollout across the African continent. World Mobile Does DeWi For the past few months, World Mobile has been on a mission to convince Africans to trial its cellular data service. Its message is simple: World Mobile can provide data significantly cheaper than incumbent carriers and provide better coverage, particularly in rural areas where residents can struggle to get a signal. World Mobile’s ultimate goal is to create a community-owned wireless network that spans the globe, with users incentivized to provision spare bandwidth. To get its African service up and running, however, the company has utilized TV White Space equipment. This taps into unused spectrum in the TV broadcast band, harnessing it to deliver mobile network services. To further boost bandwidth, World Mobile also utilized Starlink, the satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX. According to World Mobile CEO Micky Watkins, “The successful completion of field tests in Kenya, Mozambique, and Nigeria, mark a significant milestone in World Mobile's mission to connect the unconnected. These tests validate the feasibility and scalability of our DeWi technology, bringing us one step closer to providing affordable and reliable internet access to both rural and underserved areas worldwide.” From Zanzibar to India and Beyond World Mobile has been steadily rolling out its services to select territories with a view to gauging demand and ensuring its network can scale to match demand. Last month, the company launched its commercial service in Zanzibar, having completed successful trials in the East African island cluster that saw 16,000 users sign up. Meanwhile, the company has announced its intention to perform periodic buybacks of its WMT token. The token is used to reward participants in World Mobile’s sharing economy and support adoption of its mobile solutions. Ultimately, World Mobile aims to forge an inclusive mobile ecosystem in which users can earn revenue while retaining a degree of ownership over network infrastructure and data. Within the radical decentralized mobile economy World Mobile is building, individuals and businesses are encouraged to operate nodes on the network. This helps provide greater network coverage while rewarding operators for their efforts. While Africa has formed the focus of World Mobile’s strategy for much of 2023, there are plans to gain a foothold in other key regions including India. Tellingly, the company recently announced the appointment of Manoj Kohli as an advisor. As the former country head of SoftBank India and CEO of Bharti Airtel, Kohli’s telecoms expertise will be pivotal in realizing this goal. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days ago cryptodaily
US Judge Throws Out Lawsuit Against DeFi Startup PoolTogether
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against PoolTogether, a decentralized finance (DeFi) startup. The lawsuit against PoolTogether was filed in 2021 and alleged that the platform operated in a way that allowed users to scam consumers and evade financial regulation. Lawsuit Against PoolTogether Dismissed In the ruling dismissing the lawsuit, Judge Frederic Block stated that the federal court system was not the appropriate platform to air concerns related to PoolTogether and its operations. This means that many watchers who were anticipating how the courts would handle matters related to decentralized finance would likely have to wait longer. The lawsuit, filed in 2021 by software engineer Kent was among the first to turn to the courts to rule on how the law would apply to decentralized finance. The judge stated in the order, “While Kent no doubt has genuine concerns about PoolTogether—including its legality under New York law—a suit in federal court is not an appropriate way to address them.” DeFi protocols and applications are designed to be completely anonymous and are governed by a community of token holders instead of the entity or individual that creates them. In the lawsuit, Kent alleged that PoolTogether violated New York State’s gambling laws and allowed users to evade financial regulations and scam customers. In the complaint against PoolTogether, Kent stated that the platform was essentially a lottery. Judge Refuses To Be Drawn In The judge refused to dive into the legal questions raised by the lawsuit, focusing instead on where it belonged. The judge asked Kent’s lawyer if the case was better suited to a state court rather than a federal one. Furthermore, the judge’s statements during the hearing for arguments over the motion to dismiss the lawsuit suggested he would rule in favor of PoolTogether and its investors. PoolTogether Skeptical About Motives PoolTogether and its founder, Leighton Cusack, disputed the lawsuit and, in a motion filed in 2022, sought to have Kent’s claims dismissed or push him to arbitrate the matter. PoolTogether has also questioned whether Kent could bring in a lawsuit against the company in the first place. The platform and other defendants have also questioned Kent’s motives behind the lawsuit, adding that he was not harmed by putting his digital assets. The Judge seemed to agree with these statements, stating that putting funds into PoolTogether was a matter of choice and that it was done willingly by the petitioner. However, the judge also seemed to acknowledge the validity of the questions raised in the lawsuit, stating, “We’re dealing with the exotic world we live in today. In this whole new area, there are lots of questions that haven’t been answered.” Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
2 days ago nulltx
Dogecoin (DOGE) and HedgeUp (HDUP) Surge: a Sign of Growing Mainstream Acceptance?
As with any marketplace, the consumer is the ultimate authority. By watching where consumers are putting their money, trends will show what works and what doesn’t. This year, a big trend has been the widespread adoption of meme coins. The quirky tokens with tons of personality but little to no use cases have always had […]
3 days ago cryptodaily
As the crypto ship steadies, is Tether next?
Major exchanges have been broadsided by the SEC, including Binance and Coinbase just recently. Is Tether going to be the next port of call for the SEC? SEC master plan All the grandmasters of chess were able to think many moves ahead and thus lay ambushes for their opponents. While the SEC can hardly be likened to a grandmaster, it probably has it in mind that in order to cause the most consternation in the crypto world a Wells Notice for Tether would be a good move. The SEC, led by its captain Gary Gensler, isn’t the fastest moving or rapier like opponent for crypto, but it does have bludgeoning force. Sending in a suit against Binance was like a typhoon. Then pouring it on by suing Coinbase was akin to a hurricane. Going next for Tether would hit the crypto markets like a tsunami. Choppy seas remain Currently, the crypto market is in rather stormy waters. Bitcoin suffered a 6.4% fall on Tuesday when the Coinbase news came roaring in. The rest of the crypto market followed suit and many cryptocurrencies fell in the double digits. However, perhaps big capital funds were nimble enough to jump into the market when things looked pretty bad and bought the dip, sending Bitcoin and crypto back up to pretty much where they were at the start of the day on Tuesday. So the SEC- inspired storm hit, caused a fair bit of havoc and carnage, but as with all storms it blew over after a while and much fairer weather ensued. Today, the same old lingering fear is palpably still there in crypto. All must be asking themselves that if the SEC cuts off all the banks, swamps the big exchanges with litigation, has a quiet word with the big market makers, and brings in crushing regulation, then how on earth is the industry going to survive? Tether next? And on top of that there is the potential of an SEC move against Tether. John Reed Stark, former SEC Head of Internet Enforcement, has stated that Tether needs to undergo a full traditional financial audit, expressing his astonishment that Tether is allowed to continue without one. John Reed Stark is only a self-styled expert on these matters but he still may have the ear of the SEC and could also be aware of impending moves that the agency might be preparing. Fairer weather for Bitcoin So for crypto at least, the next few weeks and months could see a fair bit of volatility, especially when the waves of bad news come crashing in. However, Bitcoin appears to be outside of all of this. It is one of the only cryptos that the SEC grudgingly admits to being a commodity. That its bull market has begun is a very strong possibility. Also, with other asset classes potentially about to be pummelled should the US and other major economies enter recession, Bitcoin could finally be that hedge out of the toxic traditional financial system that it has wanted to be for so long. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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XRP and Solana are two bluechips showing bullish price movement, can Tradecurve challenge them?
Despite the recent lawsuit against Binance that accuses them of selling unregistered securities, XRP remains unnamed, and pro-crypto lawyers are still anticipating a win in the SEC vs Ripple. Solana&rsquo;s charts show bullish potential, although SOL is one of the coins that may be affected by the SEC. Tradecurve, currently in presale, recognises the growing problems of regulation in the US and offers a solution for traders around the world. >>BUY TCRV TOKENS NOW<< Ripple lawyers remain confident of a win The crypto market reels from the latest Binance lawsuit from the SEC, that could see coins such as SOL, ADA, FIL, ATOM, SAND, MANA, ALGO, AXS, and COTI as securities. However Ripple is notably absent from the lawsuit, adding strength to Ripple lawyer John Deaton&rsquo;s argument that XRP will not be declared a security. Deaton now anticipates that the case will come to a close around the end of September. He expects either an outright win, or the potential that a cut off line will be drawn that allows Ripple to officially not be a security. He also predicted a potential price for the XRP token assuming that the outcome is favorable, saying that &ldquo;I certainly believe that somewhere between $2 and $10 is reasonable&rdquo;. Solana is named in the SEC vs Binance lawsuit. Although Solana has been demonstrating bullish potential from a technical analysis point of view, the recent Binance lawsuit names Solana&rsquo;s coin SOL in the lawsuit, as an unregistered security. This isn&rsquo;t the first lawsuit that Binance have faced, and similarly to the XRP vs Ripple case, the judgment could go either way. Still it&rsquo;s not great news for the layer 1 chain, and Solana&rsquo;s price has fallen by 7% over the last 24 hours, currently trading at around $20 per coin. Solana and the other tokens and coins named in the lawsuit, may take comfort in the words of John Deaton, who believes that it may be possible for future redemption even if they do get named as securities. This is because once cryptocurrencies like Solana achieve a significant level of decentralization, there is a possibility that they could transition from being classified as securities to being recognized as commodities. Is Tradecurve the answer to regulatory woes? As the US continues to pursue aggressive anti crypto regulations, in what Nic Carter sees as a concerted effort to de-platform crypto from the banking system, the need for regulation free platforms increases. This could be where Tradecurve gets its chance to shine, offering a borderless and KYC trading platform that combines the financial products of TradFi, including commodities, stocks and bonds, and of course, crypto. Tradecurve are based in St Vincent and Kitts where offering these products are legal. Tradecurve follows Binance and other exchanges such as Gemini, who are increasingly looking to move their operations outside of the US. Tradecurve&rsquo;s token is TCRV, and is currently in stage 3 of presale. TCRV is changing hands at $0.015 and will launch at a minimum price of $0.088. Experts are predicting a rise as big as 1000x once it is listed on Uniswap and tier 1 CEXes. Learn more about TCRV and the future of the project here: Click Here For Website Click Here To Buy TCRV Presale Tokens Follow Us Twitter Join Our Community on Telegram Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
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Sweat Economy Launches New Governance Vote to Decide the Fate of 2 Billion SWEAT Tokens
London, United Kingdom, June 7th, 2023, ChainwireSweat Economy, the pioneering move-to-earn project, is launching a new governance vote today in the Sweat Wallet application, letting the community decide the fate of 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens in inactive user accounts.The 2 billion SWEAT tokens, constituting ~13% of the total supply, are currently locked up in a 24-month contract in inactive user accounts.After the successful Token Generation Event last September, a considerable number of users, despite repeated prompts, have yet to activate the Sweat Wallet application and claim their tokens.The new governance vote aims to resolve the lingering question: what should be done with these idle tokens? Sweat Economy now allows token holders to participate directly in the decision-making process, exercising the principle of one person, one vote, thereby democratizing the token's future.Users can either vote in favor of having the 2 billion idle SWEAT tokens recovered and transferred back to the Sweat Treasury for potential future distribution (or other uses as decided by subsequent votes), or users can vote in favor of leaving these tokens in inactive user accounts.A minimum of 75,000 votes is required for the proposal to be accepted or denied, and in order to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to make their vote count, the proposal will run for at least seven days, with the possibility of a three-day extension, in the event of an ongoing influx of votes.This new governance vote is notable because of the vast volume of SWEAT tokens at stake and the deepening commitment of Sweat Economy to community-centric decision-making. The platform is determined to ensure all voices are heard, regardless of the size of their SWEAT holdings. This intention resonates well with the community, as highlighted by user feedback:&ldquo;Thanks for letting the community know before the vote is live. Much better for transparency.&rdquo;&ldquo;It&rsquo;s a good proposal! I can&rsquo;t wait to see what they propose to do with over 2 billion $SWEAT!&rdquo;The previous vote attracted a whopping 153,783 participants, and Sweat Economy is optimistic about seeing even higher engagement numbers this time, given the magnitude of SWEAT tokens involved.This milestone event strengthens Sweat Economy's mission to create a more inclusive, transparent, and democratized ecosystem, continuing to foster strong community involvement and influence over pivotal decisions.About Sweat EconomyEstablished in 2015, Sweat Economy promotes healthier living by encouraging people to move more. Sweatcoin, the most downloaded health and fitness app globally in 2022, incentivizes over 130 million users to move more by earning sweatcoins, dubbed 'Airmiles for steps.' The in-app currency can be redeemed for branded products, digital services, or donated to various charities. Last summer, Sweat Economy launched the Sweat Wallet app and its cryptocurrency, $SWEAT, to further reward users and establish a tangible financial unit of value for movement. Over 14 million users received airdropped tokens, constituting the largest crypto giveaway ever. By harnessing the decentralized power of Web3, the company is well on its way to creating a true economy of movement where health and wealth intersect.Start earning crypto for your steps by following this link. To learn more about Sweat Economy, visit our website. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit.ContactSuki [email protected]
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TRON DAO Honors Top HackaTRON Qualifiers for Completing Blockchain Deployment Milestone
[PRESS RELEASE – Geneva, Switzerland, June 7th, 2023] Just over two weeks ago, on May 15, 2023, the TRON DAO team revealed the results of the HackaTRON Season Four competition. A portion of the prize pool, 500,000 USDD, was shared among the top projects. The final milestone payment is currently being processed for judge-selected qualifiers, […]
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Louis Vuitton To Release $42,000 Physical-Backed NFTs
According to a Vogue Business, the collectibles are being sold as soulbound tokens, meaning they are non-transferable once purchased.
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How to Build a Compliant Crypto Exchange Post-Coinbase
Crypto isn’t going anywhere — though Coinbase might — so what the market needs is a fresh start: new exchanges that can avoid the ever-present threat of SEC enforcement by being structured correctly in the first place, writes Preston Byrne.
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$1.5 Trillion Asset Manager Franklin Templeton Bets Big On Bitcoin
Franklin Templeton, one of the world's largest asset managers with over $1.5 trillion in assets under management, plans to invest heavily in Bitcoin as well as its underlying technology.
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TMS Network (TMSN) is the Force Awakened, Overpowers Avalanche (AVAX) and The Sandbox (SAND)
In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies, TMS Network (TMSN) has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Currently in the fourth phase of its presale, TMS Network (TMSN) has seen an astonishing 2000% increase in its token price, raising over $6 million so far. This remarkable performance has outshone other notable cryptocurrencies such as […]
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Ripple case: Pro-XRP lawyer tips outright SEC victory at ‘less than 3%’
Attorney John Deaton says there’s a 25% chance Ripple will see an outright win against the SEC, while rumors fly of a possible IPO.
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Traders are Backing This AI Crypto Coin to Boom After Hitting $2M in Presale
The yPredict presale has raced past the $2 million milestone as buyers rush to invest in the AI-powered trading and analytics platform. YPRED tokens, which power the project through a tiered subscription model, are currently on sale for $0.09 but will still increase in price by a further 33.3% when the project reaches its final […]
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Pro-XRP attorney's phone hacked to promote LAW token
Deaton alerts followers via daughter's account and urges reporting the hack as the XRP community responds, spreading awareness.
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Fears for Humanity and the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence According to Geoffrey Hinton
Will AI be a turning point for humanity? Geoffrey Hinton talks about the dangers of artificial intelligence.
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A New Boom for XRP? Record-Breaking Address Activity Indicates Upturn Ahead to $1 XRP Price
The XRP Network experienced a significant increase in address activity for two consecutive days, marking a historic milestone, as...

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