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6,075 BTC
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235.14 BTC
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1 day ago cryptodaily
Here’s Why Spatial Domains Matter And Why OVER Made ENS Domains Accessible On Their Marketplace
The OVER (Over the Reality) platform has been spearheading the charge when it comes to technological innovation in the context of blockchain and AR-enabled metaverse implementation. Most recently, the team announced that ENS domains are now available on the OVER Marketplace, with the platform proudly announcing a new naming system for the OVER Metaverse, ‘One word DNS’ (Domain Name System). What is the purpose of this? A primary objective of the DNS system is to allow anyone to secure the unique name they desire. Moreover, this is an opportunity for businesses to get their branding and words relevant to their business, as well as a chance to anticipate the most exciting and in-demand names in the marketplace ahead of time. Additionally, in order to successfully identify their OVRLand and the experiences created on it, users can now even buy a name which accurately reflects their personality along with their individual style and preferences, thereby providing enhanced customizability. Essentially, the ENS (Ethereum Name Service) acts as a blockchain domain naming protocol designed for the Ethereum Blockchain that enables customers to create a readable and simple OVRLand name. Numerous words have gone viral since the introduction of this new feature, so the team encourages the platform's users to quickly take advantage of this unique opportunity if they want to select their respective domains. How is this useful? The DNS and Ethereum domains are two separate but related technological and market opportunities. DNS serves as the system which converts human-readable domain names into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate on the Internet. In this way, as an increasing number of devices are connected to the Internet and more services are made available online, a dependable and effective DNS system becomes all the more crucial in ensuring that users can easily access the services they require. Furthermore, DNS allows businesses to organize and manage their digital assets, as well as individuals to successfully establish their online presence. Although the DNS market is well-known and controlled by a few prominent players, there is still room for innovation and competition. The Ethereum market, on the other hand, is new and constantly evolving, with a significant market opportunity in the development and application of dApps. Why are spatial domains important and what role does OVER play? Ultimately, spatial domains provide numerous advantages, such as increased security, ownership, and control over virtual assets and identities. As blockchain technology grows in popularity and adoption, everyone is slowly but surely recognizing the significance of having specific spatial domains for both businesses and individuals. Keeping the aforementioned information in mind, Over the Reality chose to give everyone the chance to guarantee them of their spatial domain. Also, it is important to realize that the Internet is becoming increasingly crowded as businesses go digital, and those interested in a domain have nearly limitless opportunities to tap into the metaverse and spatial domains. Due to this, new opportunities for businesses to represent their digital presence in a world with new customers have emerged which makes this a perfect time to get involved. Considering the benefits listed above, purchasing a domain for individual or business use could have tremendous potential as doing so will offer greater control over digital identities while simultaneously being a safe and decentralized method of managing assets. Feel free to visit the dedicated page of the OVER Marketplace for more information about the domains and how to buy them, but remember that time is of the essence. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
1 day ago cryptodaily
Datamall Chain Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with
Singapore, Singapore, 31st January, 2023, ChainwireDatamall Chain (DMC) DMC Foundation announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with DMC Foundation and will cooperate in many aspects, including blockchain technology development and distributed storage. Both parties will cooperate and support the development of quality projects in the blockchain industry, the Ethereum community, the DMC ecology, and the DMC community. The cooperation will accelerate innovation in the blockchain industry overall and significantly enhance the progress of Web3 technology worldwide. “We’re very excited to have as a strategic partner,” said Victor Chen, DMC Foundation Chair. “Both DMC Foundation and Aleph Crypto are firm believers in the potential and promise of Web3. Having Aleph Crypto as a strategic partner adds significant technical credibility and momentum to the DMC ecosystem.” “It is our great honor to be one of the very first DMC Foundation strategic partners,” said Zainan Zhou, co-initiator of and one of the key contributors of Ethereum open standard procedure Ethereum Improvement Proposals such as authoring the ERC-1202 Voting Standard. also features a network of renowned technical advisors from the Ethereum developer community such as NFT (ERC-721) first author William Entriken to provide technical advisory and open standard review for its partners from an Ethereum compatibility point of view. “In order for Web3 to be successful, decentralized storage needs a highly efficient and fully decentralized marketplace. When we saw DMC’s technical architecture, we were super excited about the potential that it provides a much better solution for decentralized users than many of the existing options. We can’t wait to provide as much help and support as we can to DMC Foundation’s vision for Web3 and the blockchain industry, and we look forward to our ongoing collaboration.” About DMC Foundation DMC Foundation was founded in Singapore in 2020. With the technical R&D team from Silicon Valley, DMC Foundation has developed Datamall Chain (DMC), an open-source public blockchain. Datamall Chain is based on the Cyber File System (CYFS), an open-source, next-generation protocol that enables development of completely decentralized applications. Datamall Chain is a decentralized storage marketplace that provides users with secure, efficient, and authenticated decentralized storage services. DMC aims to promote the development of next-generation Internet infrastructure and blockchain technology, focusing on building the underlying storage architecture in Web3. DMC adopts a unique Proof of Storage Service (PoSS) consensus mechanism to incentivize nodes to improve their own storage capacity and ensure DMC is a high-performance public chain. The DMC ecosystem consists of three layers: the storage transaction layer, which matches decentralized storage supply with decentralized storage demand; the storage service layer, which helps enforce storage deals; and the storage application layer, which consists of applications that use decentralized storage. One of the first applications on DMC is Foggie, the world’s first all-in-one Web3 virtual appliance from Fog Works. With Foggie, users can obtain additional storage capacity via DMC, or they can share idle storage on DMC capacity and earn crypto rewards. For more details, please visit the DMC official Twitter and DMC official website. Twitter | Discord | Website About Aleph Crypto is a series of initiatives rooted in Silicon Valley. It is initiated by Zainan Zhou (author of ERC-1202 Voting Standard) and co-founded by several seasoned investors and entrepreneurs of Web1 and Web2 Internet. focuses and services three areas of interest: Blockchain Infrastructure Layer, “Blockchain+” of Traditional Web, and New Applications Exclusively Enabled by Blockchains. In May 2022, a key contributor to the Ethereum ecosystem, lead author of NFT (ERC-721), William Entriken, also joins as its Technical Advisor. The founders of deeply believe Web3 will advance humanity by improving the collaborations of people through communities. champions the spirit of community by establishing its own, including Builder Club, Investor Network, and Media Hub, to support and service everyone who is interested in building Web3 in all the ways we can. The Aleph Crypto also features an early-stage investment fund for angel and seed rounds.ContactDMC Press InquiriesDMC [email protected]
2 days ago coindesk
VitaDAO Closes $4.1M Funding Round With Pfizer Ventures for Longevity Research
The decentralized autonomous organization is raising funds for research on technologies that target human aging.
4 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection MPL Official Price, Stats, and Review
The Martian Premier League is a collection of 10,000 unique human and Martian characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. These characters are your route into the Martian Premier League game: a ‘football manager’ style game where holders can train, trade and compete in the MPL league. Over time there will be further application for these genesis characters outside of the first MPL game. Visit for more details and t&cs. The total number of owners has reached 2350. NFT Collection MPL Official Price and Sales The market capitalization of MPL Official NFT collection is 1,667.49 ETH. For all time, 18,047 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.20 ETH (~$319.35 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,579.481 ETH. The floor price of MPL Official is 0.0888 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 34.21 ETH. The payment tokens of the MPL Official collection are ETH, WETH. MPL Official traits list Background Turquoise 2521 Mustard 2424 Red 2453 Cream 1626 Space 82 Orange 809 Domes 85 Background_dirt Dirt_1 2054 Dirt_4 1992 Dirt_2 2028 Dirt_3 1939 Background_pattern Splat1_cream 206 Splat4_grey 108 Splash2_cream 192 Memphis_cream 433 Dots_mustard 421 Dashes_black 478 Splat1_mustard 212 Memphis_black 463 Dots_black 430 Splat1_grey 204 Dots_cream 370 Dashes_mustard 450 Splash_yellow 194 Splat5_grey 102 Splat3_grey 83 Splash3_yellow 183 Splash2_yellow 191 Splash4_yellow 196 Net 23 Splash4_cream 189 Memphis_mustard 494 Dashes_cream 526 Splash_cream 212 Splat6_grey 85 Splash3_cream 187 Splat2_cream 110 Splat2_grey 110 Beard Shaved 1865 Full_long 303 Full 691 Chin 345 Clothes Hoodie_black 360 Tracksuit_yellow 66 80spartyjacket 121 Dungarees_brown_cream 80 Tshirt_red 235 Dungarees_black_brown 86 Jersey_orange 215 Pineapple 222 Mpl_red 211 Jumper_cream 242 Cantona_collar 188 Jacket_brown 182 Tshirt 309 Jumper_black 288 Jersery_green 173 Jacket_blue 121 Refreee 107 80s_party 147 Red 68 Ilovecats 84 Jumper_yellow 313 Jacket_red 165 Tracksuit_turq 142 Ref_trash_cream_chain 19 Shirt_red 169 Retro_england 336 Dungarees_black 91 Dungarees_brown_red 87 Jacket_green 194 80s_party_pink 81 Retro_kit 234 Jersery_red 207 Sgtpepper_ringo 57 Shirt_basic 201 Dungarees_black_cream_winchainred 9 Hoodie_red 308 Bond_tux_dark 52 Jersey 284 Football_suit 57 Jersey_basic 150 Shirt_basic_brown 178 Jumper_black_casual 238 Jersey_green 64 Sgtpepper_john 55 Dungarees_black_red 88 Referee 111 Tshirt_solarsystem 201 Bond_tux 45 Tshirt_martian 151 Spacesuit_red 74 Dungarees_brown_brown 79 Spacesuit_cream 78 Gaffa 126 Ref_win_cream_chain 12 Stardust 110 Tshirt_why_always_me 67 Tracksuit 108 Sgtpepper_george 32 Footballsuit 25 60s_coat 132 Scuba 23 Ref_win_red_chain 15 Dungarees_black_cream 101 Jacket_blue_win_red_chain 5 Ref_mars_chain 13 Jacket_brown_mars_chain 8 Tshirt_whyalwaysme 23 Jacket_green_trash_red_chain 6 Sgtpepper_paul 57 Jacket_blue_trash_cream_chain 7 Jacket_blue_win_cream_chain 8 Panda 15 Jacket_red_win_red_chain 7 Jacket_green_mars_chain 6 Jacket_blue_trash_red_chain 3 Jacket_green_win_cream_chain 9 Dungarees_black_cream_trashchainred 4 Jacket_green_trash_cream_chain 3 Jacket_red_win_cream_chain 6 Jacket_green_win_red_chain 3 Ref_trash_red_chain 11 Jacket_red_trash_cream_chain 4 Jacket_red_mars_chain 3 Spacesuit_graffiti 1 Jacket_red_trash_red_chain 2 Jacket_blue_mars_chain 4 Eyebrows Friendly 1140 Normal 4597 Nice 1342 Clean 483 Bushy 338 Raised 655 Uni 229 Unibrow 76 Clown 25 Thin 79 Face Green 7869 Red 1095 Features Scar 701 Tattoo_neck_eagle 279 Wrinkles 1219 Tattoo_neck 338 Tattoo_chin 708 Tattoo_neck_eye 164 Tattoo_eyes 358 Tattoo_forehead 352 More_wrinkles 1034 Tattoo_nails 100 Wrinkles2 218 Nails 277 None 86 Tattoo_head 15 Tyson 107 Glasses Allman_black 179 Pablo 277 Sport 134 Pablo_sun 252 Elton 196 Elton_black 246 It 213 Library 239 Allman 181 Goggles 362 Elton_sun_green 43 Edgar_1 106 Pilot 401 Sun 340 Elton_sun_red 199 It_yellow 86 Elton_sun 208 Pilot_sun 67 Madge 74 Edgar_2 77 Vr 38 Hair Shaved 899 Megan_blonde 73 Short 601 Afro 502 Bob 302 Becks_dark 164 Megan_black 83 Wavy 338 Iro 135 Long_wavy_blonde 200 Tiedback 619 Scurry 79 Sideparting 100 Becks_red 38 Gullit 161 Bowl 157 Long_wavy_black 218 Centre_parting 278 Tiedback_visor 174 Ross 45 Megan_pink 81 Afro_large_black 129 Shoulder_length 191 Afro_sideburns 142 Monk 256 Afro_blonde 67 Mullet_short_black 84 Mullet_blonde 69 Beanie_long_blonde 99 Mullet_brown 19 Sideparting_red 78 Fisher_shoulder 23 Beanie_sun 113 Ronaldo 244 Dolly 65 Side_parting 344 Mullet_black 83 Afro_black 97 Brianna 31 Cap_black 91 Sun 273 Serena 83 Hat 84 Cap_duo 86 Ratking 47 Cap_trucker 104 Long 81 Long_wavy_red 140 Beanie 93 Becks_blonde 83 Cap_beanie 54 Afro_ratking 23 Afro_large_blonde 73 Hat_becks_light 41 Afro_red 10 Leia 78 Mullet_red 22 Hat_becks_dark 16 Fisher_mullet 34 Afro_large_red 12 Fisher_long_wavy 10 Fisher_bob 22 Badhairday 18 Mouth Laugh 1368 Snarl 511 Gold_teeth 172 Normal 2651 Piercing_smile 397 Waters 204 Smile 1667 Funny_smile 84 Pout 342 Grills_gold 94 Peircing_smile 259 Gnarl 240 Madge 219 Trucker 278 Goldteeth 75 Grills_diamond 55 Funny 188 Whistle 137 Nose 2 1695 Nose_01 677 1 1726 Nose_03 695 4 1777 3 1039 Nose_02 712 Nose_04 643 Character_type Human 8982 Martian 1001 Astronaut 17 Face_shape Oval 3041 Round 3270 Chiseled 2671 Skill_level Novice 2891 Passable 2302 Excellent 1520 Outstanding 988 Solid 1790 Legendary 415 God_like 94 Eyes 3 1230 4 1308 1 1043 8 172 2 1353 5 1272 6 666 Bionic 74 7 178 Bionic2 56 Specials Nose_ring 103 Earring_right 756 Eyepatch 156 Earring_left 789 Hoop_right 263 Hoop_both 54 Hoop_left 262 Eyepatch_x 130 Earring_both 48 Multi_piercing 18 Nosering 24 Quirks Vegetarian 954 Dairy_free 524 Gluten_free 513 Vegan 338 Intermittent_faster 101 No_coriander 96 Nut_allergy 189 Hates_mondays 1 Knitter 61 A_star_student 13 Karaoke_master 8 No_carbs 85 Good_bants 9 Colour_blind 14 Diy_guru 15 Optimist 12 Pet_whisperer 14 Vertigo 10 Homesick 8 Extroverted 9 Emotional_intelligence 11 Meditator 14 Salsa_hips 9 Poor_timekeeping 5 Moustache Split 780 Moustache 628 Shaved 498 Pins 4th_rock_pin 380 Pin_lioness 102 Keeper_pin 340 Life_on_mars 327 66_pin 338 Up_pin 346 I_love_gaffer_pin 401 Michio_pin 411 Makeup Ziggy 217 Vitiligo 33 Sideburns Small 650 Large 427 Headgear Headband_cream_cuddle 60 Headband_cuddle_yellow 46 Headband_mars_blue 34 Headphones_green 178 Cap_black 34 Cap_duo 28 Headphones 155 Headband_cuddle_blue 69 Kittyhat_brown 61 Kittyhat_blue 56 Cech 53 Headphones_yellow 144 Headband_blue_mars 46 Headband_mars_red 24 Headband_blue_nice 38 Helmet 129 Headband_cuddle_red 53 Spacesuit_red 74 Spacesuit_cream 78 Visor 26 Hijab 6 Kittyhat_mpl 39 Headband_nice_blue 27 Headband_cuddle_cream 24 Scuba 23 Headband_red_mars 49 Headband_cuddle_white 63 Martian 8 Panda 15 Umbrella 15 Cap_trucker 15 Spacesuit_graffiti 1 Color Cream_silver_teeth 114 Cream_cream_teeth 374 Blue_eyes_cream_teeth 220 Cream_gold_teeth 136 Blue_eyes_gold_teeth 105 Blue_eyes_silver_teeth 52 Fur Red 183 Cream 344 Glitter 65 Green 268 Multicoloured 141 Skin Cream 311 Red 204 Green 486 Stuff Scarf 132 Featherboa 152 Bigfur_blue 20 Vulcan 48 Captainband 55 Retro_trikot 30 Snake 64 Mpl_hoodie 18 Spacesuit_puff 45 Jersery_orange 38 Hoodie_red 46 Jersery_green 49 Spacesuit_puff_blue 52 Spacesuit_red 13 Bigfur_cream 26 Hoodie_black 60 Retro_trikot_green 42 Spacesuit_pressurised 5 Jersey_red 38 Spacesuit_white 6 Parka 4 Spacesuit_balls 2 Fur_duo Cream 213 Green 188 Pets Cat_light 32 Cat_dark 40 Ferret 61 Owl 55 Over_shoulder Emotional_support_dog_dark 73 Emotional_support_dog_light 64 Suits Spacesuit_cream_graffiti 1 Spacesuit_sticker_mars 2 Spacesuit_red_dark 2 Spacesuit_cream_mars 2 Spacesuit_red_mars 3 Spacesuit_cream_dark 5 Spacesuit_sticker_dark 1 Spacesuit_sticker_graffiti 1 MPL Official fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 750 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 1000 basis points MPL Official editors list The approved editor's accounts of MPL Official collection are 0xc45a4b3b698f21f88687548e7f5a80df8b99d93d, 0x29b07dd797f0895784dc45fdedc016990a4226b8. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Gangster All Star Evolution Price, Stats, and Review
*Do Not Bid on Boxes! (Read below) REVEALED GANGSTERS COLLECTION GANGSTER ALL STAR GENESIS GANGSTER ALL STAR UNIVERSE GANGSTER ALL STAR SPECIAL GANGSTER ALL STAR GOLDEN CHIPS Gangster All Star: Evolution is a collective of gangsters from 50 different gangs in the Gangster All Star universe. Every gang houses individuals who dare to be different and strive to make their presence known. Dream with us, and ride with us! If you offer for Boxes you may receive a revealed box, please note! If you bid on boxes, you may get a revealed equipment! Join our Discord Server to use our bot to check the most accurate box revealed statuses! The total number of owners has reached 1392. NFT Collection Gangster All Star Evolution Price and Sales The market capitalization of Gangster All Star Evolution NFT collection is 261.92 ETH. For all time, 8,943 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.37 ETH (~$597.34 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,317.840 ETH. The floor price of Gangster All Star Evolution is 0.075 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 19.73 ETH. The payment tokens of the Gangster All Star Evolution collection are ETH, WETH. Gangster All Star Evolution traits list Type Box (unrevealed) 3201 Equipment 4576 Equipment Metal bat 78 Unrevealed 3201 Brick hammer 105 Piggy mask 108 Vinyl 119 Playing cards 115 Poisonous snake 44 Brass knuckles 107 Tools 110 Rose 110 Shuriken 83 Bandana 103 Large soda 108 Scarf & ammunition 91 Black katana 124 Dagger 90 Evil totem 122 Spiked mace 38 Hair gel 92 Fountain pen 113 Bomb 109 Ammunition 47 10 kg hammer 102 Used bandages 109 Conductor gloves 112 Red katana 50 Stylish shades 89 Hard drive 95 Boxing gloves 93 Microphone 111 Cigar & ring 93 Mask & gloves 114 Pizza box 106 Skateboard 33 Gas chips 55 Soju 103 Skull 51 Motorcycle helmet 93 Feathers 114 Pills 109 Speed goggles & cigar 105 Speed goggles & keys 112 Bloody jacket 91 Stack of cash 99 Package 33 Pocket knife 106 Diamond-tipped stick 98 Broken shackles 93 Handgun & cigarette 33 Green katana 44 Wooden katana 114 Gang Mr. orange 33 Bushido jo 124 Bloodspillers 91 Diamante famiglia 98 Jyu-san ban no koroshiya 83 Furyo's honor 114 Demon's head 122 Demolisher 105 Four cards 115 The bat for hire 78 Sasin 103 Mad mechanic 110 Morde del toro 92 Snap punch 107 Pain deliver 106 Goo goo gals 90 Mr. kill 33 Salary revengers 113 Death mark 106 Crime power organization 99 Taiyo no ken 109 The head hunter 112 Beat' down 119 Road warriors 105 Rozu group 110 Big gulp 108 Black wing 114 Maze mess 95 Sweet debonair 93 Raiden 112 Gold saucer 55 Trainspotting 109 Esqueleto 51 Blackboy 33 Hebi onna 44 Rule smasher 102 The thief club 103 Dark pulse 114 Alcatraz 93 Fists of fire 93 Machine gun girls 47 Six-sided star 89 Raijin 50 Black blitz 93 Fujin 44 Piggy blinders 108 Gigantic sasquatch 91 Kuruma clan 38 Anarchy revolt 111 Pretty relentless 109 Gangster All Star Evolution fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points Gangster All Star Evolution editors list The approved editor's accounts of Gangster All Star Evolution collection are 0xa2bf321c61bd655a085d01d2881efea9138ffaa4, 0x052a5cc32aa8b219ddbeaf63fd80aa67948d1918. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection Fatales Price, Stats, and Review
Infamous All-Female NFT Collection Established August 2021 The total number of owners has reached 3692. NFT Collection Fatales Price and Sales The market capitalization of Fatales NFT collection is 72.87 ETH. For all time, 13,765 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.24 ETH (~$383.65 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,279.896 ETH. The floor price of Fatales is 0.0089 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 1.40 ETH. The payment tokens of the Fatales collection are ETH, WETH. Fatales traits list Background Sea level (irradiated) 170 Rose 1456 Slate 1495 Bone 1456 Smoke signal (hazy) 259 Planetside (inhospitable) 180 Grid (gradient) 130 Plum 1447 Smoke signal (overcast) 264 Grid (black) 136 Smoke signal (clear) 253 Night sky 250 Sea level (inhospitable) 177 Planetside (irradiated) 193 Planetside (dead) 212 Sea level (hospitable) 182 Planetside (hospitable) 188 Pink 1552 Species Human 5632 Ai 2927 Celestial 1441 Body Nougat 1381 Gold 719 Neutral 1427 Black 757 Quasar 276 Chocolate 1414 Pale 1410 Northstar 284 Nebula 283 White 708 Supernova 283 Silver 743 Meteorite 275 Black hole 40 Clothing Jumpsuit (pink) 237 Officers cape (legionnaire) 235 Cutout bodysuit (bronze) 231 Goldleaf ballgown (gold) 228 Goldleaf ballgown (red) 232 Wrapped dress (red) 236 Crossed straps (blue) 256 Offshoulder dress (house red) 259 Crossed straps (black) 226 Wrapped dress (pearl) 252 Cutout bodysuit (grey) 228 Pinstripe vest (black) 245 Mink (upper class) 235 Officers cape (imperial) 216 Offshoulder dress (black) 239 Offshoulder dress (pearl) 234 Lace bodysuit (white) 237 Offshoulder dress (emerald) 243 Suit jacket (red) 220 Jumpsuit (green) 232 Pinstripe vest (red) 236 Suit jacket (black) 230 Lace bodysuit (black) 222 Crossed straps (red) 227 Shuriken bodice (gold) 233 Wrapped dress (navy) 210 Cutout bodysuit (gold) 230 Wrapped dress (slate) 232 Mesh corset (black) 234 Jumpsuit (red) 236 Cutout bodysuit (black) 262 Mink (patrician) 218 Mink (aristocrat) 236 Suit jacket (navy) 224 Jumpsuit (white) 238 Shuriken bodice (silver) 223 Mesh corset (goldtrimmed) 257 Wrapped dress (emerald) 233 Jumpsuit (yellow) 218 Latex bodysuit 234 Admirals uniform (gold) 223 Admirals uniform (silver) 223 Helmet Sensorless (silver) 118 Carbon mask (silver) 127 C4t helmet (black) 116 Ornate helmet (black) 111 Factory new (white) 115 Factory new (black) 101 Factory new (silver) 106 Sensorless (white) 126 Royal spacebuns (gold) 113 Royal helmet (black) 109 Ornate helmet (gold) 109 Royal spacebuns (black) 99 Carbon mask (black) 131 Carbon mask (white) 124 Factory new (gold) 112 Sensorless (gold) 114 C4t helmet (white) 120 Sensorless (black) 110 C4t helmet (silver) 114 Royal spacebuns (white) 110 Royal helmet (gold) 125 C4t helmet (gold) 114 Carbon mask (gold) 123 Ornate helmet (silver) 102 Royal helmet (white) 107 Ornate helmet (white) 110 Royal helmet (silver) 109 Royal spacebuns (silver) 130 Hairstyle Braid (blonde) 135 Bald 154 Rings (andromeda) 117 Braid (black) 122 Long bob (pink) 137 Spacebuns (blue) 133 Long bob (blonde) 125 Celestial spacebuns (ethereal cyan) 75 Half shaved (black) 122 Long bob (black) 134 Afro (pink) 126 Floating (ethereal pink) 76 Rings (gemini) 135 Celestial spacebuns (light) 73 Celestial spacebuns (dark) 76 Half shaved (fade) 129 Long bob (blue) 129 Half shaved (blue) 125 Spacebuns (brown) 134 Long (blonde) 144 Bob (pink) 130 Moonshot (dark) 73 Wavy shaved (blue) 132 Long (black) 149 Bob (blonde) 141 Half shaved (pink) 158 Braid (blue) 128 Double braids (blue) 134 Bob (brown) 135 Spacebuns (pink) 135 Moonshot (ethereal cyan) 70 Bob (fade) 125 Rings (milk way) 126 Wavy shaved (pink) 133 Long (pink) 130 Floating (ethereal purple) 74 Half shaved (blonde) 136 Wavy shaved (black) 123 Bob (black) 126 Afro (black) 122 Spacebuns (fade) 132 Floating (dark) 82 Spacedust 72 Spacebuns (blonde) 128 Double braids (brown) 140 Braid (fade) 126 Long (fade) 114 Spacedust (dark) 70 Long (brown) 126 Moonshot (light) 91 Wavy shaved (blonde) 134 Afro (blue) 127 Double braids (fade) 124 Long bob (fade) 118 Eternal locks (dark) 87 Moonshot (ethereal purple) 77 Eternal locks (light) 69 Floating (light) 73 Aura Petals (dark) 353 Petals (turqouise) 304 Geometric (dark) 272 Gemstone (daylight) 271 Geometric (imperial) 304 Petals (pure) 323 Geometric (glade) 277 Geometric (light) 306 Drones 313 Petals (gold) 305 Reality glitch (frost) 300 Reality glitch (acid) 258 Gemstone (twilight) 282 Geometric (playful) 277 Face Accessory Septum piercing (gold) 94 Tiny spectacles (elitist) 100 Tiny spectacles (invite only) 114 Ceremonial jewels (crystal) 112 Nosechain (gold) 109 Chain blindfold (silver) 98 Ceremonial jewels (gold) 122 Septum and lip piercing (silver) 108 Nosechain (obsidian) 117 Eyepatch (eth) 116 Tiny spectacles (gilded) 107 Chain blindfold (gold) 103 Eyepatch (btc) 104 Fatales fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points Fatales editors list The approved editor's accounts of Fatales collection are 0x01497493ab2f6a94e1c88552becc779ea81309ac, 0x2c158f9807c6a098111e634ca5cfa181d74f5455, 0xc00ae171acd39f84e66e19c7bad7bb676c1fe10c, 0x18acaf5a29b70a659cca4768460bd04f7fd79403, 0xbc9592320497f871e2accbfea9c7e29be34580e2. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
5 days ago cryptodaily
NFT Collection The MV3 Universe Price, Stats, and Review
The MV3 Universe is a collection of 6,500 characters spanning 5 unique factions within the world of Eluna City. MV3 is the next great franchise - where holders get to participate directly in the upside of the IP. Visit for more details. The total number of owners has reached 2276. NFT Collection The MV3 Universe Price and Sales The market capitalization of The MV3 Universe NFT collection is 2,024.10 ETH. For all time, 6,062 collections sales were made at an average price of 0.52 ETH (~$833.76 at the time of writing). This created a total volume in 3,139.152 ETH. The floor price of The MV3 Universe is 0.2131 and the 30-day trading volume is kept at 81.71 ETH. The payment tokens of the The MV3 Universe collection are ETH, WETH. The MV3 Universe traits list Rank Min 0 Max 20 Faction Elite male 1200 Rq 800 Elite female 900 Empath male 1000 Empath female 1100 Ax male 835 Ax female 500 Traveler 150 Core 16 Eyes Cyber yellow 126 Red 479 Yellow 566 Blue 810 Brown 707 White 29 Pink 633 Black 215 Green 425 Gray 467 Led orange 14 Cat 44 Purple 88 Teal 217 Red cyber 13 Orange 145 Cat eyes 71 Full black 18 Cyber blue 22 Red metal 15 Blue metal 16 Led green 12 Red glow 24 Yellow glow 25 Iridescent 73 Green glow 18 Blue glow 19 Led red 11 White cyber 22 Yellow cyber 41 Gray metal 18 Led pink 10 Led blue 15 Metallic blue 13 Pure black 21 Dark gray 18 Orange glow 26 Blue cyber 26 Purple cyber 14 Full white 7 Metallic red 5 Metallic gray 11 Clothing Turtle neck 185 Tuxedo 312 Off shoulder 77 Jacket 427 Casual 108 Puffer jacket 118 Tshirt 378 Suit 104 Shirt 323 Beanie hoodie 81 Bulletproof vest 266 Dress 263 Malik jacket 74 Cut-out 229 Haori 167 Leather shirt 44 Puff jacket 369 Leather jacket 87 Elite shirt 445 Morphotones shirt 59 Tc uniform 236 Utility jacket 40 Android arm 35 Bikini 55 Worn cape 55 Bondage bra 58 Carbon fiber armor 22 Hoodie 157 Turtleneck jacket 201 Cosima jacket 92 Tank top 66 Platinum shirt 68 Sleeveless top 79 Bra top 66 Hijab 13 Jeweled 18 Gold body 22 Army fatigues 68 Metal arms 12 Hoodie vest 7 Hooded jacket 4 Luxury hijab 18 Twin tiger jacket 2 Tattoo Led 1129 Print 189 Ink 900 War paint 215 Bloody hand 15 Earrings Earrings 1822 Gold 439 Piercing 178 Pearl 53 Chandelier 57 Weapons Rifle 433 Smg 350 Pistol 777 Missile launcher 82 Katanas 159 Loaded arm 96 Bayonet arm 44 Headwear Fedora 147 Backwards hat 34 Helmet 119 Vinnie hager mask 20 Sunglasses 413 Space helmet 17 Baseball cap 186 Earbuds 30 Beret 76 Sensor eye 104 Kibuki mask 71 Baseball hat 19 Sun hat 32 Motorcycle helmet 65 Ski mask 21 Sensor eyes 56 Cyber eyes 132 Cyber eye 21 Glasses 76 Gas mask 23 Bucket hat 18 Hat sideways 23 Beanie 7 Woz hat 9 Ultra kibuki mask 5 Izzy mask 14 Sunglasses Sunglasses 610 Futuristic 53 Necklace Greg yuna 78 Gold 555 Pearls 45 War necklace 178 Neck scales 21 Jaw Metal jaw 428 Jaw open 182 Base Black 116 Orange metal 15 Humanoid 466 Silver 56 Shiny white 21 Aged silver 22 Camo 209 Shiny steel 22 Gold 133 Red 101 Iron 84 Teal metal 50 Battle rusted 64 Standard r.q. 54 Pink metal 15 Yellow 39 Blue steel 56 Test dummy 26 Carbon fiber 52 Steel 25 White metal 66 Black chrome 131 Platinum - luxury line 5 Copper 24 Blue 58 Midnight - luxury line 11 Chrome - luxury line 18 Gunned camo rq 5 Shiny red 10 Ruby - luxury line 5 Gunned yellow rq 3 Green 35 Purple 15 Broken humanoid 12 Lime 29 Gunned black rq 9 Gunned blue rq 5 Onyx - luxury line 6 Gunned red rq 6 Shiny blue 11 Eluna police 30 For the cultur3 1 Rusted 6 Gunned standard r.q. 2 Gunned gold rq 1 Legendary rainbow 1 Background Green triangle 46 Orange circle 248 Yellow circle 325 Red 98 Black 325 Black circle 210 Red circle 366 Teal pentagon 143 Blue circle 239 Yellow circles 34 White circle 341 Red hexagon 8 Red squares 30 White 435 Red square 170 Orange circles 113 Green pentagon 43 Green circles 134 Teal square 249 Blue triangle 56 Blue circles 66 Red waves 28 Green circle 33 Yellow aim 122 Red circles 88 Red aim 26 Teal circle 47 Cinematic 17 Purple circle 93 Red triangle 25 Fire 6 Purple 30 Rainbow 52 Yellow 19 Purple circles 31 Strips Gold 173 Yellow leds 15 Orange leds 12 Green leds 8 Blue leds 9 Smoke Red smoke 39 Green smoke 25 Black smoke 42 Orange smoke 32 Hair Long 159 High top 451 Short 438 Classic 126 Ponytail 182 Peaky 175 Buzz 179 Slicked back 164 Beanie 231 Mohawk 115 Bun 189 Pigtails 250 Space buns 72 Shaved 51 Man bun 177 High pony 519 Jlo 144 Curly fade 75 Hat sideways 7 Curls 40 Elite 3 Beard Beard 292 Blonde 27 Half grown 267 Black 32 White 22 Strap Ammo belt 113 Grenade belt 128 Lips Pink 114 Black 339 Pink glitter 95 Blue glitter 36 Cable Cables 156 Face 94 Neck 211 Red 35 Blue 13 Mustache Mustache 21 Battle Paint War paint 229 Expression Happy 308 Crying 85 Smirk 145 Angry 212 Suprised 11 Tears 103 War cry 70 Concerned 12 Coy 108 Amused 52 Surprised 101 Rage 127 Disgust 87 Unimpressed 65 Battle cry 50 Smug 23 Suspicious 54 Accessories Face jewels 188 Arm cuffs 36 Shoulder pads 3 Modification Chin lever 93 Half face 4 Barbed wire 11 Head wires 3 Skull only 4 Face open 1 Bars 6 LEDs Orange leds 53 Pink leds 37 Blue leds 19 Teal & pink leds 10 Blue & red leds 14 Leds blue 1 Leds yellow 1 Secondary Material Red 18 Yellow 42 Scratched gold 20 Scratched red 19 Silver 23 Blue 17 Gold 12 Mask Kibuki mask 207 Horns 9 Vr headset 97 Dreads 55 Skeleton mask 110 Metal Arms Black 45 Red 37 White 61 Effect Bullet rain 21 Daily Exp 10 2057 16 685 11 1964 200 7 18 273 15 467 12 134 17 279 14 418 22 23 205 5 20 29 35 2 220 2 25 4 210 2 61 39 59 36 62 4 58 36 60 35 The MV3 Universe fees Buyer fee to dev: 0 basis points Seller fee to dev: 500 basis points Buyer fee to 0 basis points Seller fee to 250 basis points Buyer fee: 0 basis points Seller fee: 750 basis points The MV3 Universe editors list The approved editor's accounts of The MV3 Universe collection are 0x22da8dd235b1aca9a3c1980c8a11bc24712f67c1, 0x4e2b6cc39e22026d8ce21214646a657ab7eb92b3. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Top 6 Crypto Loan Services in 2022
Cryptocurrency lending takes many forms, but the core principles are intuitively understandable to anyone familiar with traditional bank loans. A lender provides a specific amount of crypto based on the borrower's collateral, and the customer repays the principal and interest at a predetermined rate. They are free to use the funds received in any way they like. There are many uses for crypto loans. For example, one may buy goods or services, refinance existing debt, invest in business development, or purchase other cryptocurrencies expected to gain value. Why use crypto loans? Crypto loans benefit both lenders and borrowers. In the P2P model, lenders generate additional income from the funds they hold but do not use. They make their dormant holdings work and earn a yield that may be much higher than that on fiat bank deposits. For borrowers, these loans are quicker, more flexible, and more accessible than conventional services. They may get cash for everyday needs without credit checks or selling their crypto. Moreover, keeping ownership of the collateral means that future gains may eclipse the borrowing costs. Understanding crypto collateral As the crypto market is still experiencing growing pains, volatility may spike, and miscalculations may bring losses for both parties. To minimize such risks, crypto lenders require collateral — a safeguard adopted from conventional finance. Typically, unlike a consumer fiat loan, crypto loans are overcollateralized. Hence, an applicant must pledge funds whose value exceeds the amount they want to borrow. This proportion is determined by the LTV (Loan-to-Value) rate — for instance, 50% LTV means one may get an amount equal to half the value of their collateral. Upon full repayment, the customer gets their collateral back. Failure to pay the debt and/or maintain a certain LTV throughout the life of the loan results in liquidation — passing their collateral to the lender. Top 6 platforms Over the past few years, the crypto lending model has solidified, and the sector is growing rapidly. Exchanges and platforms have already issued loans worth millions. The teams running them are confident that crypto lending will only become more popular in the future due to such benefits as the absence of verifications and the opportunity to borrow fiat in a tax-free arrangement. Many more startups could enter this promising market soon. Here is an overview of six prominent crypto loan platforms in 2023. YouHodler YouHodler is a trusted crypto lending platform offering a simple, secure, and transparent way to borrow and earn passive income on digital assets. Based in Switzerland, it offers crypto-backed loans in cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat. The collateral options include 50 top cryptocurrencies. On YouHodler, one can apply for loans with a minimum amount of $100 and a repayment period of up to 364 days. The company also offers crypto savings accounts, trading solutions, and web and mobile wallets. As it accepts credit cards, stablecoins, and bank wires, moving funds into and out of their accounts is easy. The YouHodler wallet app is free and intuitive. At press time, the wallet app supports 8 stablecoins and 52 cryptos. Generally, the fees and exchange rates are comparable with other platforms. YouHodler's key advantages are a transparent legal setup, attractive yield rates, LTVs reaching 90%, and highly rated customer service. However, it is not available in the US due to legal restrictions, and the company could be more transparent about its profitability model. Finally, fiat transactions carry higher fees than other methods. CoinLoan CoinLoan is a pioneering crypto lending platform based in Tallinn, Estonia. A licensed financial institution regulated in the EU, it prides itself on its zero-incident track record. As the name suggests, crypto loans are the company's main focus, although it also offers interest accounts, an exchange, and a wallet working within its ecosystem. With enough collateral, borrowers can take out loans in fiat, stablecoins, and crypto. Moreover, fiat-to-crypto loans work both ways: one may choose fiat as the loan or the collateral currency. LTV rates reach 70%, while the duration ranges from one month to three years, with an opportunity to customize it. On CoinLoan, "everything is just one click away" thanks to an intuitive interface. As of this writing, loans are available in 15 different currencies, including BTC and ETH, leading stablecoins, EUR, and GBP. In addition, the deposit feature (fixed and flexible) supports over 20 assets, both digital and fiat. CoinLoaners manage their funds in a trusted crypto management environment with multi-layer security, and the company is more open about its yield generation processes than before. Staking the company's own token (CLT) unlocks the most attractive yield rates, but this requirement may be viewed as a disadvantage. This prominent platform based in Singapore offers loans with LTV of up to 50% and customizable repayment schedules. Users may also reduce the interest rate by staking Cronos (CRO), the company's native token. After entering your deposit amount into the online calculator, you can see how much you can borrow, the annual percentage, and the monthly interest in USD. is a well-established name in the crypto space, with over 70 million users in 90 countries. Aside from borrowing, customers can use an exchange, a DeFi wallet, and the Crypto Earn service bringing interest on 37+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. The mobile app supports payments for goods and services, crypto transfers, and more. On the downside, the lowest interest rates are only available to those who stake CRO. All cash-back rewards and other perks are also denominated in the native token. MakerDAO One of the most famous decentralized environments, MakerDAO, has a unique lending model. Its internal economics is based on two tokens — MKR and DAI. The latter is a stablecoin, the only loan currency whose value is supported by multiple mechanisms. Upon launch in 2017, the DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) accepted only one collateral currency — Ether. Since then, it has become more versatile, and users may now pledge different Ethereum-based assets. One of the advantages of loans in Dai is predictable value — the token has generally remained true to its soft peg to the US dollar. Therefore, wherever the crypto market goes, borrowers have peace of mind knowing that the amount they owe does not see-saw following dramatic bearish or bullish swings. Ledn Ledn is a Canadian crypto lending platform that helps you "experience the real-life benefits of your Bitcoin without having to sell it." Users can borrow dollars against Bitcoin, earn a yield on a savings account, or grow their Holdings using B2X loans that are available exclusively on Ledl. B2X loans require BTC collateral worth $1,000 or more and come with an LTV rate of 50% and a maximum term of 12 months. The platform matches the collateral value, providing an amount twice as big. This feature combines a BTC-backed loan with buying an equal amount of BTC. Once repayment is complete (users can repay earlier without penalty), the borrower gets their collateral and the newly purchased coins. Standard Ledl loans work similarly, but they may be denominated in USD, USDC, or the user's local currency. As the platform is incorporated under the federal laws of Canada, its operations and security measures comply with local laws. On the downside, Ledl only supports two cryptocurrencies —Bitcoin and USDC, and the borrowing costs are above average. Combined with a 2% admin fee, the 9.9% annual interest rate brings the total costs to 11.9% APR. In addition, the USDC savings account has a withdrawal fee of 15 USDC. Drops Coins and tokens are not the only digital assets that can be turned to collateral for loans. Drops, a decentralized protocol focused on supporting the NFT economy, accepts collateral exclusively in non-fungible tokens. Pledged NFTs are accumulated in pools. The Drops platform works with popular collections of digital art, including Bored Ape Ya and CryptoPunk. Even exotic collectibles are accepted. At press time, the LTV rate reaches 30%. There are no due dates, and users may also refinance existing loans at interest rates close to 0%. Like other decentralized lenders, Drops operates without a human team, as all procedures are coded in smart contracts. However, it claims to have a "battle-tested foundation." The bug bounty program encourages the community to contribute to protocol security. Is it worth a try? The crypto loan industry is evolving and maturing, and the range of providers is growing daily. Crypto loans give quick access to new funds without credit checks, proof of income, or having to sell coins or tokens that may gain value. Therefore, those interested in innovative ways of passive income should take a closer look at this instrument. However, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are still susceptible to market swings. Lenders that are less open about their internal procedures may pursue risky strategies putting customers' funds at risk. Thus, the availability of specific coins or tokens is one of many considerations. Borrowers should also weigh up the pros and cons of centralized and decentralized lending. Centralized platforms like CoinLoan comply with fund and data protection laws, while the DeFi landscape is largely unregulated. Unlike CEXs conducting KYC and AML checks, decentralized finance relies on smart contracts — self-executing agreements with terms written in their code. DeFi interfaces may be confusing for newbies, but they can learn how smart contracts, oracles, and other innovative features work. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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El Salvador Bitcoin City design wins prestigious prize
When and if El Salvador builds its Bitcoin City, it has the potential to be truly stunning. Design wins top architectural prize. The doom mongers for El Salvador and its pro-Bitcoin President Nayib Bukele are basing their gloomy predictions on the king of the cryptocurrencies going to zero. However, should Bitcoin do what it has been doing for the last 14 years of its existence and now begin a new bull market surge upwards, then El Salvador stands to benefit greatly. In anticipation of exactly this, President Bukele is fully committed to his grandiose plan to build a Bitcoin City that will attract investment wealth from across the globe, and enrich his country and citizens. source: LOOP Design Awards The design of the proposed Bitcoin City has been undertaken by Mexican Fernando Romero and his company Enterprise Free, and the design they have come up with has already triumphed in the prestigious LOOP Design Awards in the category of Landscape/Urban Design. According to the description of the project on the LOOP Design Awards website, the city will be built in the east of the country, and it will benefit from having connections to a new airport and seaport. source: LOOP Design Awards Sustainability will be achieved by the city generating its own energy from the volcano at its perimeter. Foreign investment will be welcomed, and it is imagined that cryptocurrency miners and technology companies will be among the businesses that will come to the city. The citizen will be the centre of focus for the city and will have everything he or she needs to have a comfortable place to live and work. “The new public space will be the culmination of decades of research on what humans need to live well in an anti-inflationary economy.” Should Bukele’s dream live on and Bitcoin City become a reality, then the tiny Central American country of El Salvador could become wealthy beyond measure. Obviously Bitcoin would need to fulfil its potential as well, but that outcome is still hidden in the future. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
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Film review: ‘Human B’ shows a personal journey with Bitcoin
A review of a predominantly German-language film that challenges the misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding Bitcoin.
8 days ago cryptodaily
SEC’s Hester Pierce gives her lessons for the crypto industry
In a conference speech last Friday, Commissioner Pierce gave a speech in which she recommended that the crypto industry take onboard the lessons learnt so far. Commissioner Hester Pierce spoke at the Digital Assets at Duke Conference in Washington recently, and she had much advice for those who were building out the cryptocurrency industry. Lessons for crypto The main lesson she wanted to impart was to say that crypto shouldn’t wait for the regulators to sort it out. Instead, people who promoted the industry would do better to “root out harmful practices and encourage good behaviour”. Even as a regulating commissioner, Hester Pierce advised that regulatory solutions were more likely to be “inflexible”, and that they shouldn’t be used as a first resort. She believed rather that voluntarily imposed solutions could be far more effective given that those imposing them understood their industry far better than the regulator. Her second piece of advice was to remember the actual point of crypto, which wasn’t trying to drive up prices or lending tokens to others to trade with. She said that the point was to solve various problems, and mentioned some of the multitude of use cases such as: “smart contracts, payments, provenance, identity, recordkeeping, data storage, prediction markets, tokenization of assets, and borderless human collaboration.” Thirdly, she suggested that each blockchain, crypto asset, or project should be taken on its own merits, and talking about it as just crypto obscured the important differences. Fourth, she recommended that all new protocols be tested very carefully before release into public use, given that “disastrous consequences” could otherwise ensue. Fifth, the commissioner advised that people be extremely careful when dealing with any centralised crypto entities, and should take the same precautions as with any non-crypto company. By the same token, she suggested that crypto companies be careful to keep the trust that was invested in them by the public. Sixth, Pierce laid out a list of lessons from traditional finance that were applicable to crypto. Doing due diligence on counterparties and the level of risk they would expose an investor to was highlighted as very important. An honest summation of the SEC While agreeing with Gary Gensler, chairman of the SEC on several important issues confronting the agency, one incredibly refreshing part of Commissioner Pierce’s speech was her extremely candid summation of other issues that concern the SEC. She stated her view that the SEC interpretation of the Howey test was “askew”, and said the following on the SEC’s general approach to crypto: “We tell people to come down to the office to talk to us about their projects, plug the information they give us into our proprietary security-identifying algorithms, and then send the people home with a court date. Hardly a reasonable way forward, and one that results in what one lawyer has dubbed “regulation by anxiety.” Operating in such an opaque environment is very stressful for law-abiding people.” A counter-voice in the SEC It cannot be argued that Commissioner Pierce’s views on crypto are very refreshing. She has always let it be known that she would retain her independent thought and therefore she is an excellent foil to Gary Gensler, the chairman of the SEC. Given the importance of crypto, and the likelihood that solutions for many issues in many areas of industry can be found here, it is a relief that someone of Hester Pierce’s neutrality and good sense can be found in the regulatory space. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days ago cryptodaily
IMF blog post highlights concerns on crypto
The IMF has published a blog post laying out its view on the perceived risks that crypto poses for the global financial system. The IMF has warned time and time again of the dangers that the cryptocurrency sector poses for the legacy financial system. A recent blog post lays out its perception of how crypto collapses can spread contagion to banks and other financial institutions. The blog post begins by stating that crypto “has lost trillions in market value”. At the height of the last crypto bull market the total market cap for crypto attained a value of $2.8 trillion. It is now at just over $1 trillion. A new asset class is bound to see some volatility, especially given that the lack of regulation in the sector has allowed pump and dumps to thrive. The IMF blog post also accused Bitcoin of losing money for three quarters of the investors who bought it. However, Bitcoin certainly isn’t a digital asset for quick gains. It is an asset to be held over the long term, and retail investors would do well to be aware of this. Had an investor held Bitcoin over the past few years then they would certainly have done a huge amount better than holding fiat currency in any bank or savings account. Up until the last ten years in the traditional markets it was customary to see four-year boom and bust cycles, which is pretty much what has been seen in crypto in the last 14 years since its inception. However, massive printing of fiat currency by central banks has propped traditional markets up, not allowing them to fall, and adding gargantuan piles of debt onto the shoulders of taxpayers who will one day have to bail the banks out. The IMF authors highlight the banks’ exposure to crypto and welcome the Basel recommendations that are about to be voted on by the European Parliament. However, this particular amendment requires banks to hold reserves equal to more than 100% of any crypto-related exposure, and this may have the effect of them not wanting to engage with any digital asset companies. If the crypto space was honest, it would admit that yes, there is a need for regulations to protect consumers, but only if these regulations are fair and are not designed to suppress crypto so that central banks can force citizens to continue holding fiat currencies that are losing their purchasing power at an ever-increasing rate. It might be argued that for the next monetary system to survive, it will have to be completely decentralised, managed by code that cannot be tampered with, rather than humans who can manipulate things to their own advantage. The IMF is very likely to disagree. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
9 days ago coindesk
Privacy Is a Human Right – and the 118th Congress Must Defend It
U.S. lawmakers must prevent the further erosion of our privacy rights by defending our right to use privacy-preserving tech and passing laws against unreasonable and constant digital surveillance.
22 days ago cointelegraph
Blockchain privacy groups urge new US Congresspeople to protect privacy rights
Digital advocacy group Fight for the Future has rounded up a group of prominent signatories to its appeal for digital privacy, balanced power and human rights.
25 days ago cointelegraph
Metaverse to possibly create $5T in value by 2030: McKinsey report
The success of Metaverse will rely on a greater focus on maximizing the human experience aimed at delivering positive experiences for consumers, end-users, and citizens.
27 days ago coindesk
The Fool's Game Of Annual Crypto Price Predictions
Cryptocurrencies operate on different fundamentals from traditional investments, and investor sentiment plays a much larger role in determining prices. Human sentiment is notoriously unpredictable and can be significantly impacted by unforeseen events.
42 days ago cryptopotato
Crypto Marketplace Paxful Delists Ethereum to Maintain “Integrity”
Paxful CEO Ray Youssef believes Ethereum is stealing Bitcoin’s momentum to the detriment of humanity.
65 days ago cryptopotato
The Across Protocol (ACX) to Be Launched on MEXC on November 28
[PRESS RELEASE – Please Read Disclaimer] On November 28, MEXC Global Exchange will open and launch the Across Protocol (ACX) and ACX/USDT transactions. Across Protocol is built on UMA’s Optimistic oracle machine, which supports cross-chain round-trip transactions from Ethereum L1 to Ethereum L2. It combines Optimism oracles, repeaters, and single-sided liquidity pools to provide decentralized […]
75 days ago cointelegraph
FTX collapse could trigger ‘appetite' for harsher regulation, says Andrew Yang
“This is categorically a very, very negative thing for human beings and for the regulatory environment,” Yang said.
75 days ago coindesk
Crypto’s Very Human Fatal Flaw: Hero Worship
Misplaced admiration of Sam Bankman-Fried, prior to the FTX collapse, was a natural tendency. To move forward, we must recognize this vulnerability and safeguard with appropriate regulation.
75 days ago cointelegraph
Crypto self-custody a ‘fundamental human right’ but not risk-free: Community
Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin warned that risks of having bugs in smart contracts are still present when opting for self-custody.
78 days ago coindesk
Blockchain Company AltLayer Appoints Amrit Kumar as COO
AltLayer is a layer 2 scalability product built on the Ethereum blockchain.
80 days ago cointelegraph
CZ and Saylor urge for crypto self-custody amid increasing uncertainty
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said self-custody is a “fundamental human right,” while Michael Saylor said self-custody is necessary to prevent powerful actors from accumulating and abusing power.
80 days ago coindesk
Binance CEO Zhao Pushes for Crypto Self-Custody; Trust Wallet Token Soars 80% to Record
"Self-custody is a fundamental human right," Zhao tweeted, persuading people to use Trust Wallet to take complete control of their coins.

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