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81,768 BTC
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461.548 BTC
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5 days agocoindesk
A16z Leads $15M Round for Game Studio Roboto Games
The studio, founded by Web2 veterans, plans to add Web3 elements to its forthcoming survival/crafting MMO game.
9 days agonulltx
Top 3 IoT Tokens to Watch in November 2022
The phrase “Internet of Things” refers to “physical things” that communicate with other electronic devices or the internet to exchange data. The general Internet Of Things (IoT) token’s total market capitalization is at $2,970,007,248, with VeChain (VET) at the top of this list and a total trading volume of $225,267,407. Note: This List is sorted […] The post Top 3 IoT Tokens to Watch in November 2022 appeared first on NullTX.
11 days agocryptodaily
$100m EOS Fund Aims to Usher in New Era for OG Blockchain
Image source: Twitter The recent announcement of a $100m war chest for EOS projects caught the crypto community by surprise, not least due to an otherwise gloomy picture in the markets following the collapse of FTX. Just two days after FTX and Alameda Research filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, EOS Network Foundation (ENF) CEO Yves La Rose took to Twitter to let the cat out of the bag, promising that the $100m ecosystem fund would be ring-fenced for investment in purely EOS projects. With the dust having settled on that announcement, how will this significant capital investment position EOS in 2023? Particularly given the increasing competitiveness of the space, as new blockchains like Sui, Aptos and Midnight vow to take the fight to OG networks like Ethereum, Cardano and EOS itself. Funding From Within According to La Rose, the goal of launching the ecosystem fund is to make EOS the number one choice for web2 businesses transitioning into web3, and for developers keen to launch new projects. Interestingly, the ENF founder also suggested that the $100m was merely starter capital, noting that the Foundation expects “to grow the size of the fund significantly as we continue to foster positive relationships with crypto VCs.” The fund will be exclusively managed by a newly-created VC, EOS Network Ventures (ENV), a long-mooted pillar of the ecosystem first cited in an ENF report at the turn of the year. In accordance with this community-centric approach, the capital was tabled as a multi-signature proposal on-chain, with a majority of EOS Block Producers green lighting the move. So, what can we expect from the fund? Since the announcement was made, we have gained a better understanding about how the capital will be deployed. In a detailed FAQ, ENV explained that it aims to attract capital investment and deploy that capital for the benefit of EOS as a whole; projects it is specifically seeking to target include those related to blockchain gaming (GameFi), the metaverse, eSports, NFTs, and fintech/DeFi. The FAQ also clarified that both the EOS Network Foundation and EOS Network Ventures will operate as independent entities, following distinct but complementary mandates to serve the EOS blockchain. An essential component of the fund will be a buyback-and-burn program, intended to drive value back to holders of EOS’ eponymous digital asset. “One problem we’ve seen all too often in the crypto community is a misalignment of incentives between VCs and the community,” says La Rose. “What makes EOS Network Ventures unique is that their incentives are aligned with the EOS community. As a result, ENV has a vested interest in helping the EOS ecosystem.” As to the personnel tasked with vetting and backing web3 projects, that is yet to be decided. In the aforementioned FAQ, it is stated that the EOS-focused VC has not yet been formalized, with the early priority being approval of the fund itself. In the coming months, the EOS Network Foundation will recruit experienced financiers to manage the fund, with existing EOS Fund Management (EFM) multisig members acting as both custodians of the treasury and limited partners in the VC. A Watershed Moment However you slice it, this fund is a major statement of intent from EOS and a necessary step if the network hopes to grow and succeed. As La Rose says, making $100m available for projects in light of current market conditions is great news for the smart contract platform first launched in 2017. 2022 has been a banner year for VC investment in blockchain, and other networks have unveiled similar war chests over the past 12 months; most notably the NEAR Foundation’s $100m fund announced in September. The key, of course, will be for EOS Network Ventures to back the right horses, winning web3 protocols that drive people to EOS instead of its countless competitors.
12 days agocryptodaily
Is a dark web without violence possible? Tomi says yes
Well before talk of crypto-powered Web3, the vision for an alternative, surveillance-free internet hinged on the success of the so-called dark web, a popular name for web content that exists on overlay networks that use the Internet but require specific software, configurations, or authorization to access. Through the dark web, private computer networks can communicate and conduct business anonymously without divulging identifying information, such as a user's location. The point was to empower communication free of the watchful surveillance eye of governments and corporations, and to that end it worked. The problem, however, is it quickly became hijacked by criminals and terrorists. The most popular dark web network, Tor, is filled with child sexual exploitation imagery, arms dealers, human trafficking, and drugs. Regardless of where you fall on the free-speech spectrum, we can all agree much of the content on the dark web is more of a bug than a feature that should remain. Until now, cryptocurrency has been used only as the currency by which to exchange goods and services on the dark web. But one anonymous project that goes only by Tomi has found a way to harness blockchain to tackle the censorship question. The project is building TomiNet, a secure and encrypted protocol empowering journalists, activists, and ordinary citizens to surf the web free of government and corporate surveillance. Led by eight senior crypto veterans working with 72 developers, the network leverages DAO governance to foster community-driven censorship of the more illicit activities that run rampant on the most prominent alternative internet networks today. The idea behind TomiNet is simple: Governments and corporations can’t be trusted to govern the network—just as they aren’t on the dark web. Instead, let the community itself strike down violence and exploitation anonymously. TomiNet is governed by a community-led DAO, which votes on decisions via “Pioneer” NFTs and Tomi tokens about running TomiNet and censoring content that doesn’t meet the network’s “blacklist” community guidelines. Terror, child-sexual-abuse imagery, and other forms of violence are among the categories on the blacklist to be voted down by the DAO. The Tomi team holds weight equal to average users in voting about the community guidelines and censorship, though it will hold enough tokens to have stronger influence over the technological direction of the project in the initial stages. TomiNet is structured in a way that creates a path for the citizens of the new web to out-vote the core developers and technological leadership within three years. That’s intentional on the part of Tomi, which doesn’t seek the kind of power held by the leaders of projects such as Ethereum or Cosmos. The question of how to reign in the dark web’s most dangerous elements will surely be debated for years to come, but what’s for certain is blockchain mechanisms aren’t the enemy, and in fact can potentially be part of the solution, as Tomi suggests in building TomiNet. It will be worth watching how far DAO governance goes in terms of cleaning keeping the elements that gave the dark web its name out of TomiNet. Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.
19 days agocryptodaily
AIBC Europe Summit Kicks Off With Highlight Full Agenda
Saint Julian's, Malta, 15th November, 2022, ChainwireThis November, the AIBC Europe Summit is returning to shake Malta awake from its Autumn-blues stupor. Prioritising quality over quantity, special care has been taken to ensure delegates get the biggest bang for their buck; from premier networking opportunities to KOL-led panels and keynotes and maximised visibility for all startups. Read on for the top highlights you don’t want to miss at Malta Week 2022’s AIBC Summit. The agenda A lot of effort went into crafting the event’s agenda. It has been calibrated to be as strategic yet smooth as possible. Day 1 will be kicked-off by the VNTR Capital Breakfast, where delegates will get the opportunity to connect and discuss the latest tech trends with active Venture Capital investors, business angels, and HNWI. The conference of the day is set to start early and is packed with key insights on the recent 2022/2023 bear and bull market trends. Top VCs will then take over from 10:40 onwards to cover the best market and investment strategies. The AIBC Startup Pitch will immediately follow, ensuring maximum visibility from VCs for the up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Conferences will be taking place across two stages on both days and have been structured to cover a wide variety of topics at any given time. From Crypto and Blockchain technologies to GameFi and Web3 education, delegates stand to benefit from keynotes and panels featuring the brightest minds of the industry. The AIBC Europe Pitch More than just keynotes and panels, the AIBC Summit is about visualising and building an exciting future for innovative tech. SiGMA Group is all about honouring the vision, grit and determination required to level up any company from a localised idea to a worldwide phenomenon. It does this by providing startups with the stage to showcase their exciting ideas, ensuring maximum visibility from high priority investors. We sent out the call and over a 100 startups answered, now set to benefit from a highly coveted spot at the AIBC Summit grounds! The top startups will also get to compete on the stage in front of a panel of judges, handpicked to ensure top quality and a diversity of backgrounds and expertise. The judges panel comprises Scott Stornetta, Marianna Tavella, Efrem Borg, Johan Zammit, David Orban and Saeed Aldarmaki, converging decades of expertise in Crypto, Blockchain, BizDev, and regulation. Our best pitch competitors include Arena Games, Farcana, Encore Fans and Nanit Robot, covering innovation in SocialFi, GameFi, EdTech, robotics, Crypto, Blockchain and Web3 infrastructure. AIBC Startup Pitch | AIBC UAE 2022 Join us: 14 – 18 November for Malta Week One of the first European countries to regulate the gaming sector, Malta is a hub of global business. The island is an obvious choice for AIBC’s presence in Europe and a strong foundation for the field’s future. With a plethora of prospects for both investors and entrepreneurs looking to shape the future of this multi-billion-dollar business, Malta Week will bring together industry giants among the affiliates, operators, and suppliers of the gaming sector. What's New For Emerging Tech? | Europe 2022ContactAIBC [email protected]
19 days agocryptodaily
Europe's Top Startups Join Investors and Blockchain Community at Next Block Expo 2022
Berlin, Germany, 15th November, 2022, ChainwireWith a pitch contest, curated networking sessions and a dedicated mobile app to link people, projects and investors, Next Block Expo's ambition is to become the most promising networking opportunity for the european blockchain community in 2022. The first edition of the Next Block Expo event with a few thousand attendees will be held at the Berlin Station venue on 23 and 24 of November, linking the most influential people and projects in the web3 space. Brands that joined the event include: Ethereum Foundation, Binance Chain, Cosmos, Polygon, Near, Tezos, Solana, Aleph Zero and ohers. With presentations and talks at the main stage, roundtables, workshops and fireside chats, NBX is an excellent opportunity for startups and already established blockchain companies to discuss current challenges and new trends. For blockchain community it will be a unique opportunity to meet that many well-known brands under one roof. “We know the value of networking and collaboration in blockchain. Our goal is to facilitate the process and create friendly space and innovative tools for everyone to connect, discuss and share ideas, as well as help startups to raise capital and investors to find golden opportunities” - says Next Block Expo co-founder Tom Kopera. All Next Block Expo attendees will get access to a smart-networking app dedicated to the event where they can: Find a list of attendees that fit their needs based on match-making algorithm Chat & schedule 1:1 meetings with other conference participants Create own, personal agenda for the conference by picking relevant sessions Learn about promos, special offers and side events prepared by companies attending NBX and partners. Organizers, in collaboration with blockchain communities, prepared several special experiences, including: Dedicated content and networking coffee for Women in Web3 NFT Exhibition by Tezos & NFT Club Berlin On-site podcast studio for interviewing founders run by Wom3n.DAO Christmas Networking Session by & DAO Researcher Luxury cars exhibition by MetaDrivers One of the unique events planned to link investors looking for opportunities with startups seeking financing is the pitch contest. It is designed for early stage web3 projects to present their idea and solution they are building to a group of specialists. Web3 founders will be able to quickly pitch their idea to a group of angel investors, venture capital firms, software houses and industry veterans. At the end of the pitch contest, 3 best projects will be revealed by the jury. “This is a unique opportunity for founders to pitch their ideas, gather worthy feedback, make valuable connections and acquire funding for their future ventures.” - says Tom Kopera. About Next Block Next Block Expo is an extension of the previous event series held under the name Cryptocurrency World Expo over the last six years. The 2022 edition will be held on a scale of a few thousand attendees and 100+ speakers. Berlin Station venue, where the event will be held, will offer 6 content themes for attendees related to DeFi, blockchain gaming and GameFi, scaling and infrastructure, web3 discovery and fundraising and investing. For more information, check out the website and follow NBX on social media: Resources for participants, sponsors and exhibitors: ContactKacper [email protected]
22 days agocryptodaily
Hold Rocketize Token, Decentraland, and Ripple For Potentially Huge Returns in The Next Bull Cycle
Are you looking for cryptocurrencies to hold for a chance to make huge gains in the next bull cycle? Rocketize Token (JATO), Decentraland (MANA), and Ripple (XRP) might be what you need. Rocketize Token (JATO) is still in its presale, but it has gained a lot of attention in the crypto world. Also, one of the top gainers of the last bull cycle Decentraland (MANA), and one coin that has managed to sustain its reign through the years, Ripple (XRP), are the hot three coins to add to your portfolios, according to crypto analysts. The New Exciting Token Rocketize Token Rocketize Token (JATO) is a developing cryptocurrency that aims to merge the meme coin concept with Decentralized Finance (DeFi). It describes itself as a DeFi meme coin that will seek to catapult "Rocketize Token" users into the space of gains. Rocketize Token (JATO) is community-focused. It will leverage meme hype to attract the attention of meme coin enthusiasts. It will also offer a decentralized exchange (DEX) where users can trade cryptocurrencies at low fees. Users will also receive rewards on the platform. Another feature that developers want to incorporate into Rocketize Token's (JATO) ecosystem is NFT. Users will get to mint NFTs on the platform and trade them for gains through the marketplace. All platform interactions, including trading, NFT minting, reward, and platform governance, will utilize the JATO token. Rocketize Token (JATO) has launched a pre-sale for its project. You can get the JATO token now for a fraction of its future potential worth. There are also additional benefits for participating in the project's pre-sale. If an extra 8% to 15% of tokens sounds good to you, you should buy now with ETH, BTC, USDT, BNB, SOL, DOGE, or SHIB. Depending on the pre-sale stage and other criteria, you will also get other bonuses. One of the Last Bull Cycle's Gainers: Decentraland Decentraland (MANA) was one of the investors' favorite assets in the last bull cycle. The project received a lot of attention as the Metaverse concept became popular. The project, Decentraland (MANA), incentivizes users to run a virtual world collectively. You can buy a LAND NFT with MANA tokens and build on it, then charge other users who want access to your creation. You can also design other collectibles and trade them through the platform's marketplace. Although the token's value dropped greatly due to the bear market in 2022, it still has positive sentiment among enthusiasts. As it is, the Metaverse concept is still developing. It is a world of infinite possibilities; hence, experts believe the project and its token still have room for growth. Long-Reigning Crypto Veteran: Ripple Ripple (XRP) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies in the market that has maintained its top spot. It currently ranks 6th, according to CoinMarketCap. Ripple (XRP) was issued by Ripple Labs and is the native coin of XRP Ledger. It supports transactions on Ripple's crypto-to-fiat cross-border payment platform and XRP Ledger's decentralized public blockchain. Developers building innovative projects and applications across blockchain use cases like online gaming, asset custody, tokenization of assets, NFTs, and DeFi can leverage XRP Ledger and use XRP tokens to pay for transactions. So many coins that reached all-time highs in earlier bull cycles have faded into obscurity. However, Ripple (XRP) is still relevant in the market and working on several partnerships to sustain its reign. Also, its ongoing lawsuit with the SEC is drawing to a favorable close. When the lawsuit is finally over, Ripple (XRP) will likely see an explosion in value as its hindering factor will have been removed. The cryptocurrency market is laden with uncertainties. However, Rocketize Token (JATO), Decentraland (MANA), and Ripple (XRP) are some of the projects that one can look to with high expectations. The three tokens have market-relevant features and positive market sentiments. You can buy MANA and XRP now through crypto exchanges. JATO is only available on pre-sale right now. To find out more about Rocketize Token (JATO), visit the links below: Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
22 days agocryptodaily
Celebrity Influence in the World of Crypto - Dogelon Mars & Big Eyes Coin
Several cryptocurrencies are paying attention to memes in particular. A new meme cryptocurrency called Big Eyes Coin just advanced to stage six of its presale campaign and raised more than $9.5 million. Meme coins contribute to the seriousness that making money requires by injecting some humour into the cryptocurrency industry. A group of individuals are also carrying meme coins that support both community and individualism. In addition to its happy and environmentally beneficial character, Big Eyes Coin also promotes the idea of profiting from the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency community has grown to accept and value the meme coin market more and more over time. Dogecoin was the first widely utilised joke money, however, investors were not very interested in the meme cryptocurrency market because of its volatility and lack of use cases. Purchasing meme coins offers a number of advantages. Numerous meme tokens have benefited from the popularity of influencers and celebrities in order to maintain a high position in the cryptocurrency market. Some meme coins reserve several tokens to donate to the Tesla CEO since Elon Musk is a famous figure in the cryptocurrency world who encourages people to purchase a lot of meme coins. Brief Introduction to Dogelon Mars (ELON) Dogelon Mars is ranked third among investors' preferred meme currencies because of its connection to the well-known figure Elon Musk. The person with the most influence on the cryptocurrency industry as a whole is said to be Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla. Elon has shown increasing receptivity to meme-tokens since Dogecoin entered the cryptocurrency market. Musk's desire to found a colony on Mars and his passion for SpaceX were the driving forces behind the creation of Dogelon Mars. This currency's price fluctuation is mostly influenced by Musk's Mars mission progress. It is also a meme coin fueled by the community. Musk's courageous progress toward his goal of creating human life on Mars is essential to Dogelon Mars' success. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) The Irresistible Cat A new meme coin initiative Big Eyes is active on the Ethereum network. Because the community will operate under a DAO paradigm, owners of the DeFi-powered community will have the ability to veto choices made by the initiative. If you have a BIG token, you may contribute suggestions and cast votes to approve crucial issues and project development processes. Big Eyes wants to increase the value of the assets inside its community by using non-fungible tokens, and its adorable cat memes may help it achieve momentum in the NFT market. Big Eyes Currency is making an effort to expand its social media following, and it is predicted that this following will grow after the coin has been issued. Final Thoughts Given Elon Musk's influence over several cryptocurrencies, some of them reserve a percentage of their presale tokens in case he decides to buy them. With the right marketing and social media presence in the future especially given that Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin Elon Musk may be able to notice Big Eyes Coin. In the past, Elon used the Dogecoin logo as his Twitter profile picture, which significantly raised the value of the digital currency. How one individual can have such a big impact on the market is a fascinating question. To learn more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG) click below Presale: Website: Telegram: Disclaimer: This is a sponsored press release and is for informational purposes only. It does not reflect the views of Crypto Daily, nor is it intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, or financial advice.
23 days agonulltx
Sevilla Cryptoverse Island a Physical NFT Art Exhibition Powered by WISe.ART
CryptoVerse Island and WISe.ART, a vetted NFT Marketplace powered by WISeKey International Holding Ltd. (“WISeKey”) (SIX: WIHN, NASDAQ: WKEY), a leading global cybersecurity, AI, Blockchain, and IoT company, announced today that they will join forces to host the next Cryptoverse Island physical NFT exhibition, which takes place in Sevilla on November 17, 2022, at Sevilla´s famous Auditoriums, the […] The post Sevilla Cryptoverse Island a Physical NFT Art Exhibition Powered by WISe.ART appeared first on NullTX.
23 days agocoindesk
From Enron to FTX: Wall Street Turnaround Titan John Jay Ray III Takes Reins from FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried
Sam Bankman-Fried handed over control of his company to the veteran Wall Street  bankruptcy lawyer who will guide the company’s Chapter 11 process.
25 days agocryptosrus
VET: All there is to know about VeChain’s latest market stride
The VeChain network recently made a major announcement regarding what might possibly be its biggest change in 2022. According to the announcement, the network’s community recently voted on VIP-220, in favor of a mainnet hard fork. After many years of hard work, #VeChainThor‘s most significant mainnet hard fork is ready for deployment following the successful […] The post VET: All there is to know about VeChain’s latest market stride appeared first on CryptosRus.
27 days agonulltx
Why Vechain (VET) And Filecoin (FIL) Holders Are Stocking More Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)
Vechain (VET) and Filecoin (FIL) tokens are two projects that have suffered massive setbacks due to the crypto bear market. Market movement plummeted the prices of these tokens to their all-time lows; causing investors and traders to dump the two projects for a viable alternative. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is a new entry into the digital […] The post Why Vechain (VET) And Filecoin (FIL) Holders Are Stocking More Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) appeared first on NullTX.
28 days agocryptosrus
SEC issues subpoena to influencers promoting HEX, PulseChain and PulseX
Over several years, social media influencers have earned a bad rep among regulators for shilling risky and unvetted tokens to millions of investors. Pursuing the crackdown on such scenarios, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reportedly issued a subpoena to influencers who were found promoting cryptocurrencies such as HEX, PulseChain and PulseX. Swedish researcher […] The post SEC issues subpoena to influencers promoting HEX, PulseChain and PulseX appeared first on CryptosRus.

About VeChain

The live price of VeChain (VET) today is 0.019396 USD, and with the current circulating supply of VeChain at 72,511,146,418 VET, its market capitalization stands at 1,406,440,242 USD. In the last 24 hours VET price has moved 0.000277 USD or 0.01% while 7,837,997 USD worth of VET has been traded on various exchanges. The current valuation of VET puts it at #35 in cryptocurrency rankings based on market capitalization.

Learn more about the VeChain blockchain network and how it works or follow the price of its native cryptocurrency VET and the broader market with our unique COIN360 cryptocurrency heatmap.

VeChain is the name of a supply chain-focused blockchain platform founded in 2015 by Sunny Lu, former chief information officer (CIO) of Louis Vuitton China, and Jay Zhang.

Powered by the VeChainThor blockchain, VET coin is the VeChain ecosystem's native coin or cryptocurrency. VET initially existed as the ERC-20 VEN token on Ethereum, and the VEN to VET swap was done in 2018 when the platform transitioned to its own public blockchain network.

VeChain's mission is to make supply chain management and the tracking of other business processes more transparent and efficient using blockchain technology. With support for smart contracts, VeChain also intends to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications (DApps) along with IoT integrations.

Some of the key areas in which VeChain aims to excel are the improved traceability and anti-counterfeiting of luxury items.

The network actually relies on two native cryptocurrencies, VET coin, which is used to vote on changes to the protocol, and VTHO, or VeChainThor Energy, used for transactions on the blockchain.

VET price

According to our VET USD live price chart, VET coin saw a significant price increase in 2020 when it went from almost $0.009 to $0.022 between June. 24 to July. 8, registering a 150%+ increase in just 14 days. VET price then went on to set an all-time high of over $0.023 on Aug. 9, 2020.

However, VET coin price in USD terms saw the most success in 2021, where it started at just above $0.02 on Jan. 1 before going to $0.06 by Feb. 12 — a gain of over 200%.

The price of VET coin continued this upward trend for the next few months, with another major spike coming in April when the VeChain cryptocurrency hit a new all-time high, going from around $0.04 on Feb. 28, 2021, to nearly $0.28 on April. 17, 2021 — a price surge of more than 670%. This high put VET’s fully diluted valuation at around $24 billion.

However, the price of VET cryptocurrency subsequently dropped and it traded as low as $0.04 in Q1, 2022.

How VET works

The VeChain platform operates on the VechainThor blockchain, a blockchain intended to provide businesses with better security, scalability, and most importantly affordability. It has two tokens, VET and VTHO. VET is used for voting on network protocols alongside storing and transferring value. VTHO, on the other hand, serves as gas used to confirm transactions on the blockchain, much like Ether on the Ethereum network.

The VeChainThor blockchain uses the proof-of-authority (PoA) consensus protocol. Users who are responsible for validating and adding new blocks on the blockchain are known as master nodes. To run master nodes, users are asked to stake 25 million VET and undergo a complete KYC/identity disclosure process.

While the way VeChainThor works allows for faster processing of transactions, it does end up receiving criticism on account of lack of decentralization.

VET news, updates, and highlights

In January 2018, Vechain announced that DNV GL, a Norwegian audit company, would be providing its customers with VeChain's blockchain services. They also announced the development of "My Story" in collaboration with VeChain, a blockchain-powered assurance solution, allowing brands to share enhanced tracking information with customers.

On June. 25, 2019, the VeChain Foundation announced that Walmart China, with the help of the VeChainThor blockchain, will launch the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform. The platform aims to ensure that customers can confidently purchase products with the knowledge that they are authentic and safe.

On Nov. 16, 2021, VeChain announced its upgrade to PoA (proof-of-authority) 2.0 consensus mechanism, with the goal to improve the network's security alongside making block verification more environmentally friendly.

Frequently asked questions about VET

  • Can you mine or stake VET coin?

While you cannot mine VET because it uses PoA consensus, you can stake your VET tokens to earn VTHO tokens which are distributed on a monthly basis. Remember VeChain uses a two-token model.

  • What are some of the best VET wallets?

Since VeChain has its own native blockchain, it is not supported by most wallets. However, VeChain offers wallets for both iOS and Android users. You can also use Atomic wallet for desktop and mobile, whereas the Ledger Nano S is a compatible hard wallet that supports VET.

  • What can you do with VET?

VET tokens can be used for staking which grants users the power to vote on network upgrades and earn VTHO tokens in return for every block.

  • How to buy VET coin?

VeChain (VET) tokens can be bought by exchanging them for BTC, ETH, and USDT on exchanges like HitBTC and MEXC Global. You can also use fiat currency to buy VET tokens on exchanges like Changelly.

VeChain Price0.019396 USD
Market Rank#35
Market Cap1,406,440,242 USD
24h Volume7,938,749 USD
Circulating Supply72,511,146,418 VET
Max Supply86,712,634,466 VET
Yesterday's Market Cap1,401,254,800 USD
Yesterday's Open / Close0.019048 USD / 0.019325 USD
Yesterday's High / Low0.019359 USD / 0.019048 USD
Yesterday's Change
0.01% ( 0.000277 USD )
Yesterday's Volume7,837,997 USD
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