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AFRIDEX SOUTH AFRICA 2019 in the crypto calendar by Coin360: Blockchain conferences, Cryptocurrency forums, Summits and Other events



September 24, 2019 - September 29, 2019


Cape Town, South Africa


Afridex 2019 brings you:

Apart from an adventurous Edutainment experience that includes Blockchain seminars and discussion panels, for the true adventurer, we offer an optional game drive. But, there’s more!

Why Africa?

Being the first continent to effectively apply Cryptocurrency to supply and demand, Africa is again a global leader.

Employing expertise in encryption, technology, software, legislation and finance are among the cutting-edge skills enabling micro- and macro-economies to sustainable demonstrable growth.

Afridex Key Agenda Topics

- The Face of the Future: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Fintech

- Preparing for the Future: Adoption and Disruption

- An Effective Response: Entrepreneurship

- Trending Skills Development: Technology: Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence

- Global Awareness: Finance, Global Unity in problem-solving of social welfare issues

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