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Is There a Future for Private Stablecoins in the World of CBDCs? CVA Stablecoin Roundtable


June 22, 2021 - June 16, 2021


Zurich, Switzerland


CVA's upcoming Stablecoin Roundtable will bring together regulators and industry stablecoin issuers to discuss the outlook of the stablecoin space.
Different variants of stablecoins are entering the market, from simple coins tied to the national currency, to complex hybrid projects with alternative assets. Traditional custodian providers are reluctant to support such projects due to increased risk.
How to develop a project under such conditions? Who to rely on to manage client money? Will banks be ready to work with existing stablecoin issuers or will they create their projects or will they wait until central banks launch their stablecoins? What can we expect from regulators?
These are some of the questions they will discuss at the upcoming hybrid event:

The event will consist of two parts with the following panelists.

Regulatory Session: we have invited regulators or central banks from Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, and the European Union. We are also expecting a FINMA representative to give us an explanation of the new standards and the implications for stablecoins.

Private & Industry Session: The session will be attended by representatives of major projects, banks that are involved in the issuing process, and offer infrastructure.

Participants can join in person in Zurich and Geneva, as well as online.


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