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TRON: BitTorrent File System (BTFS) mainnet is officially launched
October 01  |  2 min read

BitTorrent File System Mainnet Is Live

The COIN360 Editorial Team

The TRON Foundation has announced that the BitTorrent File System (BTFS) has completed its official mainnet launch, as planned in Q3 2019. During this roll-out, more than 3000 new nodes were added to BT Client, “bringing BTFS one step closer to becoming the world’s largest and first scalable decentralized storage system.”

Together with the mainnet launch, the team has rolled out a feature that allows for the removal of files and directories and a feature that “allows users to import a TRON private key, a 12-word BIP39 seed phrase, or generate a seed phrase to initialize BTFS nodes in a secure and convenient way.”

The announcement highlights the network’s strong points – its reliability and greater decentralization – and also expands on the Advanced Incentive Mechanism designed to facilitate “greater value exchanges of stored files in the network ecosystem.” Additionally, the team states that storage on the network will be very cheap, which could help various stakeholders reduce storage and maintenance costs:

“Unlike other platforms like EOS where storing 1 MB data might cost over $150, it’s very cheap to store files on BTFS.”

According to the BTFS roadmap, “integration is expected to be completed in 2020.” The BTFS will also be integrated into BitTorrent “to benefit over 100 million users with its network services.” The last quarter of 2019 will be dedicated to the launch of a comprehensive toolset, BTFS Accelerator and dozens of BTFS DApps.