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EOS chain undergoes a successful hardfork
September 23  |  2 min read

EOS Successfully Conducts a Hardfork

The COIN360 Editorial Team

Block.One, the company behind open-source software for EOSIO platform, has executed what EOS Nation, one of the vivid Block Producers, says was the “largest software upgrade in their history,” less than two years after EOSIO launched.

29 of the top 30 block producers have upgraded according to data from EOS Nation.

This system-wide upgrade happened three weeks after EOS Tribe, previously the leading Block Producer, said it would quit. Citing financial challenges, EOS Tribe said it was hard to support the network without funding from EOS whales who preferred to fund Chinese Block Producers.

Eugene Luzgin, a member of EOS Tribe, complained that the rewards for technically proficient contributors were low and that there was a “brain-drain” at EOSIO.

Aaron Cox from Greymass chimed in, noting that “rent-seekers” are taking over:

“I can’t help but think that’s the new trend. This downward spiral (which ultimately is just a race to the bottom) isn’t a good situation to be in, as rent-seekers continue to take over. And if it continues will probably become more dire as more of us are cut off.”