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Ethereum Classic successfully forked at block height #8,772,000
September 12  |  3 min read

Ethereum Classic’s Atlantis Fork Is Live

The COIN360 Team

Ethereum Classic, the 17th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has successfully upgraded at block height #8,772,000. After implementing the system-wide upgrade dubbed “Atlantis”, the platform is now more interoperable with Ethereum, the dominant competitor which spun off from the network in 2016.

The main idea of the upgrade was to apply changes from the Ethereum ETH fork to ETC, to keep compatibility on a smart contract level. Previously, ETH smart contracts were incompatible with ETC for some of the cases.

“Huge thanks to everybody who has been involved in the mammoth undertaking which is a hard fork! Thanks to the developers, those who have helped with community outreach, to exchanges, miners, wallets and users.”

In an earlier press release, the Ethereum Classic Labs said that the successful upgrade is a culmination of “months of community decisions and collaborative work to upgrade clients, nodes, miners and dApps,” coordinated by “ETC Labs, Chainsafe System, ETC Cooperative and other members of the community.”

Bob Summerwill, Ethereum Classic Cooperative’s Executive Director, highlighted the obstacles acknowledging that the Atlantis hard fork was “not easy”, noting that nonetheless, he is “very proud” of this milestone.

“Coming to consensus across stakeholders in a decentralized community like ETC is not easy, but we continued communicating, and we got it done. Everybody can be very proud of what we have achieved here.”

Igor Artamonov, a team member of the ETCDEV, that started to prepare the upgrade last year, shared with COIN360 that it is too early to conclude that the hard fork has been a success.

“Regarding the fork itself, it's not clear yet if it's successful or not, it may take several days to make sure all critical nodes are upgraded to the new chain. So far, it's not clear, and by recent stats slightly less than 50 percent of the network has upgraded, which is not enough. But it's expected that in the following days, the rest of the network will follow the upgrade.”

At the time of writing, more than 20 blocks have been mined on a network that is now more stable, robust, and upgraded with inbuilt privacy features.

Yaz Khoury, the Director of Developer Relations at ETC Cooperative, congratulated the community saying:

“Congratulations on the successful activation of the Atlantis Hard fork! Was one of the longest debates to reach consensus along with a lot of the immutability politics. Learned a lot about the beauty of decentralization and a distributed community.”

Several exchanges including Coinbase, OKEx, and Binance have already confirmed the transition to Atlantis.