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Majority of Interviewed Russian TON Investors Agree to Wait
October 23  |  2 min read

Most of Interviewed Russian TON Investors Agree to Wait Longer

The COIN360 Editorial Team

Today is the day when the first and second round TON investors have to decide whether to agree with the new launch date or to ask for their money back. Forbes has asked Russian investors about their plans, and 7 out of 9 respondents shared that they will agree to wait longer for the project launch. Investors will get 77% of their money back if the holders with the majority of the tokens don’t agree to the new proposed date.

According to one TON investor, it is highly unlikely that the first and second round investors will vote for the termination of the contract with TON, since the majority believes in Pavel Durov’s idea. A partner of one investment fund shared these views and added that if there are changes, they may only come from the American investors.

Co-founder and partner of Token Box Vladimir Smerkis shared that he believes in Pavel Durov’s project and will sign the new TON agreement. Founder of “Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods” David Iakobashvili did not elaborate his personal plans but shared his optimism regarding the project’s success.

Presidential Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev even believes that the battle with regulators will eventually be beneficial for TON, as it will ultimately legitimize Telegram’s Gram coin. In his opinion, TON investors are willing to patiently wait for this to happen.

Not all investors share this kind of optimism. One investor stated that he had lost hope in the project but will not ask for his money back and try to break even with his investment. In his opinion, 25% investors share his views, 25% believe in the project and 50% will try to get back at least a part of their investments. The uncertainty lies mostly with large investors who could take a risk-averse strategy.