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Opera Browser Opens BTC Payments To 350M Users
October 22  |  2 min read

Opera Browser Launches Direct BTC Payments

The COIN360 Editorial Team

All 350 million Opera browser users can make and receive payments in BTC directly in the web browser, shared the company in an October 21 press release.

Opera, the fifth web browser by market share (3%), according to W3counter, positions itself as “the first Web-3-ready browser” with an integrated Crypto Wallet for storage and usage of BTC and TRX. This feature allows users to buy and send BTC directly via a browser functionality and use cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services.

Earlier the company added direct payments in Ethereum in February and experimented with the Beta version of the current functionality this summer, but now the company has released the version to its whole user base.

Head of blockchain-related projects at Opera Charles Hamel shared that the release represents a “logical step” for a company that tries to stay up-to-date and take crypto community needs into account.