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Ripple Expands Global Regulatory Team and Joins Blockchain Association
October 22  |  2 min read

Ripple Reinforces Global Regulatory Team and Joins Blockchain Association

The COIN360 Editorial Team

As Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse revealed today in a blog post, Ripple has expanded to Washington D.C., added new members to its global regulatory team and joined the Blockchain Association.

The Washington office will help Ripple “maintain a dialogue with Washington regulators and policymakers” and allow the company to be “easily accessible at all times,'' as Garlinghouse commented. New Ripple global regulatory team members include experts who “bring a wealth of legislative and policy experience.” For example, Craig Phillips, former Counselor to U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, joined Ripple’s Board of Directors and will advise the company on strategic regulatory opportunities.

Another major Ripple development is joining the Blockchain Association. The Association is focused on building, investing in, and advocating for blockchain to create deep partnerships between the technology and the government. Ripple’s Global Head of Government Relations, Michelle Bond, became a Board member of the Blockchain Association. “It’s important for the industry to come together and work with regulators in a proactive and productive manner to push the industry forward,” Brad Garlinghouse states.