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ING survey: the majority of Europeans are aware of cryptocurrencies
September 18  |  2 min read

Survey: 82% of Europeans Know What Crypto Is, 41% Are Optimistic About Its Future

The COIN360 Editorial Team

New research from the ING International Survey, published on Sept. 18, discovered that 82% of European respondents know at least something about cryptocurrencies, while 41% of the surveyed are optimistic about the prospect of investing in digital coins.

The aim of this survey, according to ING International, was to gauge consumer attitude towards cryptocurrencies at a single point in time. It also sought to understand people’s views around the possible launch of Facebook’s Libra in the second half of 2020, and the plan of China’s central bank, the PBOC, to launch a central bank-backed digital currency (CBDC).

According to the report, 41% of the 15,000 surveyed respondents assess new digital assets positively, while 24% have low expectations about their future. 32% think that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, are the future of online spending.

Besides that, the survey revealed the sources from where the respondents learned about cryptocurrencies. 33% of those surveyed heard about digital currencies from the media, meanwhile in the Netherlands, about 46% said they learned about cryptocurrencies from the news. That number is subsequently lower in Turkey where only 15 % of respondents learned about crypto from media sources, although 55% found the information from online research. In Romania, respondents discovered crypto mostly via online research.

Answering the question about the future of cryptocurrencies, Turks appeared to be the most confident nation in crypto’s long-term prosperity: 67% of the Turkish respondents see potential in cryptocurrencies, surpassing averages in the US (31%) and Australia (18%).

Respondents from Austria were mainly skeptical: only 13% believe in the bright future of crypto and don’t support the idea of introducing new forms of currencies (60% ).