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 Gram Wallet on TON Testnet Is Live
November 01  |  2 min read

TON Releases Gram Wallet on Testnet

The COIN360 Editorial Team

On November 1, TON released the Gram Wallet on the testnet for MacOS, Windows and Linux 64. The open-source code is available on GitHub.

The test wallet is available for anyone interested on the webpage. The wallet app, like many other blockchain apps, asks to create 24 seed words for the user. Users can set up the wallet, ask a bot to send test coins, and try out transactions.

The TON testnet was released earlier in September in preparation for the launch at the end of October. As COIN360 reported earlier, after the US Securities and Exchange Commission obtained an emergency restraining order to halt the launch of TON, planned for October 31, Telegram offered a new agreement to the investors. The Telegram Open Network first and second round investors have voted to postpone the launch day till April 30.