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TRON and Samsung Bring TRON Blockchain to Samsung’s dApp Store’s SDK
October 29  |  2 min read

TRON Network Now Available in Samsung Blockchain Keystore

The COIN360 Editorial Team

TRON announced today that its blockchain will be integrated into the Samsung Blockchain Keystore’s software development kit (SDK).

The TRON blockchain, which is currently one of the largest decentralized ecosystems, will be integrated via the updated Samsung Blockchain Keystore software development kit (SDK), which means that developers will be able to build TRON-powered apps, and users to store their TRON coins right on their Samsung devices.

According to studies, around 2.5B people around the globe currently have access to smartphones. Considering that Samsung is among the top smartphone manufacturers, and that blockchain is rapidly gaining popularity, one could argue that up to 1B people might take advantage of Samsung Blockchain Keystore, which launched last March to help consumers control their private information and digital keys from their devices. This appears a little more reasonable that TRON founder Justin Sun’s recent tweet about billions of potential future users.

Justin Sun, who will appear at the Samsung Developer Conference to announce the new partnership (SDC19) this Wednesday, Oct. 30, expressed his excitement about working with Samsung: “We are totally in line with and will support Samsung’s vision and strategy on blockchain technology exploration.”