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Verizon introduces blockchain-based virtual SIMs
September 20  |  2 min read

Verizon Is Granted a Patent Which Introduces Blockchain-Based Virtual SIMs

The COIN360 Editorial Team

Telecommunications conglomerate Verizon announced that recently the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) granted it a patent for a technique that will allow the wireless service provider to replace branded pre-inserted SIM cards with encrypted blockchain-based software called virtual subscriber identity modules (vSIM).

As per the patent, “only one copy of the vSIM can exist on any one device at a time.” The vSIM can “be retrieved and used by anyone of different devices associated with the user account or loaned to other users.” Every vSIM will be transferable between devices, and any linked account can be assigned to different mobile devices.

The new method will allow devices to create one or more storage accounts for a vSIM on Verizon’s distributed consensus network called the vSIM blockchain. The device will then link all the associated services the client is subscribed to, and register critical records of the vSIM on the blockchain maintained by participating nodes.

The patented method involves International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), and the network services’ vSIM certificate. In terms of use, a vSIM certificate first will be linked to a user account and activated on a mobile device. Every detail will then be updated on the blockchain.

Besides maintaining the network’s records, participating nodes will secure the blockchain’s time-stamped blocks.