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Crypto Glossary/Wyckoff Distribution

Wyckoff Distribution

Uncover the power of Wyckoff Distribution to predict market trends. Dive into its pattern and schematic for successful trading strategies.

TLDR - Unraveling the Intricacies of Wyckoff Distribution

Wyckoff distribution is a crucial component of the technical analysis in stock market trading, aimed at identifying large-scale price movements before they happen. Pioneered by Richard Wyckoff, it comprises a schematic and a pattern system that helps understand the market's behavior, enabling traders to anticipate potential reversals in market trends. This article delves into the depths of Wyckoff distribution, its pattern, schematic, and more.

A. An Overview of Wyckoff Distribution

Wyckoff distribution, named after its inventor Richard D. Wyckoff, is a trading strategy underpinned by the concepts of supply and demand, and the cyclical nature of markets. Wyckoff's methodology revolves around identifying the accumulation and distribution phases in the market, which are essentially periods when smart money (professional traders, institutional investors, etc.) is either buying low or selling high, respectively. In the context of this article, our focus is on the distribution phase, where stocks are sold or distributed from "smart money" to "the crowd."

B. Basis of the Wyckoff Distribution

The underlying philosophy of the Wyckoff distribution method is that the market's future direction can be anticipated by decoding the intentions of the smart money. By analyzing price action and volume, traders can spot these phases of accumulation or distribution and align their trading strategy accordingly. The fundamental aspect of Wyckoff's approach is recognizing these patterns through a defined schematic representation.

C. Components of Wyckoff Distribution

The Wyckoff distribution pattern consists of multiple sections: Preliminary Supply (PSY), Buying Climax (BC), Automatic Reaction (AR), Secondary Test (ST), Upthrust After Distribution (UTAD), and the last point of supply (LPSY). Understanding these components and their sequential progression is key to mastering the Wyckoff method.

D. Decoding the Wyckoff Distribution Schematic

The Wyckoff distribution schematic serves as a roadmap for the distribution phase in the stock market. It begins with the PSY, where large investors begin to unload their holdings. This is followed by a BC where a rapid price increase occurs, and the stock hits a temporary peak. An AR follows the BC, indicating a sudden sell-off and a subsequent drop in price. The ST confirms the trading range, and a UTAD often occurs when a breakout above the trading range sucks in the last buyers before a swift reversal. The LPSY marks the last batch of shares being distributed before a downtrend.

E. Examples of Wyckoff Distribution in Action

The Wyckoff distribution schematic isn't merely theoretical; its practical applications are seen frequently in the stock market. Observing real market data, one can often identify the stages of the Wyckoff distribution pattern, which can serve as a guide for potential future market movements.


Wyckoff distribution is a potent tool in the hands of those who can wield it effectively. Its strength lies in its ability to anticipate market trends by analyzing the behavior of smart money. This method, when employed correctly, can empower traders to make more informed decisions and potentially yield significant profits.


1. Who developed the Wyckoff distribution method?

Richard D. Wyckoff, a pioneer in the field of technical analysis, developed the Wyckoff distribution method.

2. What is the purpose of Wyckoff distribution?

Wyckoff distribution is a method used to anticipate potential reversals in market trends. It focuses on the distribution phase, during which smart money is selling stocks to the crowd.

3. What are the key components of the Wyckoff distribution pattern?

The Wyckoff distribution pattern consists of several stages, including Preliminary Supply, Buying Climax, Automatic Reaction, Secondary Test, Upthrust After Distribution, and Last Point of Supply.

4. How is the Wyckoff distribution schematic used?

The Wyckoff distribution schematic serves as a guide to understanding the distribution phase in the stock market. It helps traders identify when smart money is selling off stocks, indicating a potential downward trend in the market.

5. How effective is Wyckoff distribution in predicting market trends?

While no method guarantees 100% accuracy, the Wyckoff distribution has proven to be a reliable tool for many traders when used correctly. It assists in decoding the intentions of the smart money, thereby providing valuable insights into possible future market movements.

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